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BORLAND.—On the 30th November, at Winder-

mere, High street, Armadale, to the wife of Robert Borland—a daughter.

ROSE. -On the 22nd November, 1928, the wife of

V. C. Rose, 35 Fairview Avenue, Newtown, Ge-     long--a daughter (Hilary Dougall), j

WOOD-On the 19th October, to Mr. and Mrs.

S. A. Wood, of Bundabah, Pindimar, Port Stephens, New South Wales -a daughter (Betty Brown).  



ber, 1928, at Geelong, Charles Ellis Campbell to Dora McFarlane, youngest daughter of the late R. B. Mockridge and Mrs. Mockridge, Glenora, Candover street, Geelong.  


BANKS.—On the 16th December (suddenly), at

Melbourne, Beatrice (Billie), the dearly beloved eldest daughter of Richard and Ethel, loving sister of Pauline, Stella, Dick, and Norman

Banks, aged 28 years.  

Deeply mourned.      

BANKS.—Beatrice (Billie), dearly beloved fiancee  

of Bert Fraser, and loved intended daughter- in-law of Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Fraser, Barkly   street, St. Kilda.

BARTON.—On the 15th December, at The Nook,

No. 13 Potter street, Black Rock, Susan, relict of the late William J. Barton, second daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Pool, and loving   sister of Jennie and Harry Pool, and Mrs. Annie Seeley (deceased).

BAYLIS.—On the 14th December, at the Austin

Hospital, Gordon James, only son of Henry and Elsie Baylis, Stratford, Gippsland, and loved   brother of Muriel, aged 22 years. (Private in-


At rest

BEERE.—A tribute to the memory of our esteemed

friend, Mrs. A. Beere, who died December 16,

1928, at Yarraville.    

Ever remembered. —(Vi, Ella, Betty, Doris.)

BERMINGHAM.—On the 16th December, at her

residence, 23 Clifton street, Prahran, Elizabeth, beloved wife of John Bermingham, loving mother John and Richmond, and loving sister of   Jessie (Mrs. Stenhouse), Nellie (Mrs. Rae), Vio- let (Mrs. Grummet), Dasey (Mrs. Storey), Joseph, George, William, and Gilbert Brown.

\ At rest.

BICKETT. -On the 14th December, 1928, at his

parents' residence, 51 Brougham street, North   Melbourne, John Menton, dearly beloved youngest son of J. W. and M. Bickett, loving brother of   Harold, late of Education department.

Rest in peace.

BICKETT. - At his parents' residence, 51 Broug-

ham street, North Melbourne, John Merton, be

loved son of J W and M Bickett, loving

brother of Harold, late Education department.


BROWN. -On the 15th December, at his residence,

iurest. Upper Ferntree Gully, Albert Edward, ikirli beloved hushlnd of Louisa Broivn, Joying uncle of Peggy and Jack, loved brother of Lina (Mrs. W.ilie), aged 42 years.

At rest.

CALDWELL. -On the 16th December, Nancy, loved only child of Alan and Alice Caldwell, 47 Camp,

bell road, Balwyn, aged 2 years.

CAMPBELL. -On the 13th December, at Oakleigh,  

Eric Hutchins, the loved only child of Peter and Millie Campbell, of Mardan. South Gippsland, azed one j ear and two montlis, N

At rest.

CAMPBELL -On the 13th December, at Oakleigh,

Eric Hutchins, the dearly loved grandson and nephew of Mr and Mrs S Hutchins and Mrs

I J nitchie

Ile Mas onll n little snowdrop,

K frill little flower from birth,

So Go 1 took bim to bloom in lils garden

Bi fore he wa» soiled b\ earth

COOK-On the 15th December (suddenly), at the

Melbourne Hospital, Henry Cook, of 457 Murray   tfiri 1 relton, beloied son of Peter Cook, of Heidelberg brother of Mlmbelh (Mrs Cocks), «st \\ IllUtn dearh loi ed fit her of frances (Mrs Marr) and lad,, and dear grandfather of Jojce and Mavis Marr, aged n0 yiars

COSTELLOE. -On the 15th December, 1928, Ruth  

Victoria, dearly beloved wife of Thomas Hutchin- son Costelloe of 771 Rathdown street, North   Carlton, loved mother of Maurice, Nellie, and

Ronald, aged 32 years.  

CROOKS. -On the 15th December, at Heidelberg

"'e' Norman, dearli IH.1<AC»I husband of Lein 0 is t'iuoU, lind lol Ina; jillet ct DoroU» lind liaUll also much loved brother of Daild,' Hugh, »rd Will, aged 47 j tats ,/ .->

DAVIES. -On the 15th December, at her daugh-

1er t. rcilflence \o 5 (.alborno street, West Preston, Eliza Davies, of 53 Alexander street,       Clifton Hill widow of Robert, and loving mrthtr oí Man Ann (deceased), Ldward (de ifawd), Mrs Hegarty (deceased),. Ilobert (de m- d) Mrs. A wren (deceased), Charles, Rirhaid, Mrs McFllioun, and Mrs. Barn, aged

S vcirs. Il 1 P

DUFFY. -On the 14th December, Mary Ann, be-

loved sister of the late J M Duffy, Clifton Hill, <Iearl> loi ed aunt of Harold mid UHR HIP

GUEST. -On the 16th December, 1928, at his resi-  

i!«iee ii Orchard stn et, 1- nat Geelong, John (C1 arlie) Guest belrred huslnml of the late Mar tar't Martha Guc*t and loihtg father of Harrj, Vlbert \llce (deceased lum). Arlliur, and tratst, aged SI .unis, late of the ^ ictorlan nail


HARLOCK. -On the 15th December, at Melbourne

Hospital, William Henry Harlock, late of New Z*ahm<l (Inserted bi Socicti of xrlcnds, Mel

tfiuiw Mtg )

HISCOCK. -On the 13th December at his residence.

-I lorrett street sunshine, William George, the ú>arh; tielciid hu«l md of Mariraret Maud lils lock loilnsr Iithei of Oswald, Muriel (deceased) (iii« rnd l-ieljn beloied son of Margaret and the lût* George Hlscoek, loi lug brother of Luei, Ma (Mrs li \ lohnston), Charles, Augustus, i d Ldith Mai (Sirs G Grlmlej, W \ ).

Ile glictli Ills beloicd sleep

INNES. -On the 16th December, at a private hos-

pital, Elsternwick, William, relict of the late Adeline Innes, and loving father of Francis, Hilborn Clotilde, Arthur, and Gordon Innes,

»Seil 6"i icai.

JAMES-On the 15th December, at 29 Alexander

street. South Yarra, Richard,..dearly beloved

husband of Catherine, and much loved father of   Edward. David, Vivian, Kathleen. Lilian., and     Alan, and loved brother of John. William, Elizabeth (Mrs. Unwin). Margaret (Mrs. Davis), and loved son-ln-law of Mrs Grogan; and the   late Mr. Grogan, aged 59 years.

Requieseat in pace. -

JANE.-0n the 15th December, at the residence

o! his »liter (Mrs. Mills), Natte Vallack, Vi W. Jane, of Moonambel, aged Ü9 years.

Al rest.

JENNINGS. - On the 15th of December, at private

hospital, Richmond, Jane, dearly beloved wife of Fredrick Nicholas, and loving mother of Daphne, Enrol, Mavis, and Joyce, second eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stephens, Sailors' Falls, Daylesford, aged 39 years.  

KEMELFIELD. - On the 16th December (sud-

denly), at his residence, Ritz Mansions, Fitzroy street, St. Kilda, Barnett, dearly beloved hus- band of Esther, and loving father of Simeon, Ruby (Mrs. S. Kay), and Jack Kemelfield, loving grandfather of Joyce, Noel, and Shirley, manag- ing director of Kemelfleld and Yinder Pty Ltd., aged 57 years. (By request no flowers. Minyan   at above address, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,   and Thursday, at 7.30 p.m.).

LLOYD. - On the 16th December, 1928 at her resi-

dince, 24 Molesworth street, Kew, Elizabeth, widow ot the late Rev. Edwin T. Lloyd. (Private  


MAPHAM. -On the 11th Deecmbcr, Florence Mabel,

beloved wife of the late Joseph Mapham, and lived dmghter of the late S. A. and' A. It. t»<". and loi ins sister of A. II. Weston, St. hlidi. .

McINTYRE. -On the 12th December, at his resi-

dnire, Krilhtn, M Thompson street, Northcote South, Duncan, relict of Matilda McIntyre, loved I'tVr of Jev'sle, Alec, Tilly, Ettie, Nellie, aged bijeii'.

MERCER. -On the 15th December, Harry Thomas

of 14 Thomas street, Moonee Ponds, the dearly loved husband of Emma Mercer and loving father of Ruth (Mrs. Kift) and Nell, and loving grand father of Max, also beloved brother of Mrs. F. Burley and Mrs. R. Monteith (Sydney), aged 60

years. (Private Interment).    

Sadly mi-écil.

MOREILLON. -On the 15th December, 1928, at

private hospital, Geelong, Henry Moreillon, of Bannockburn, the dearly loved husband of the late Eliza Moreilllon, and loving father of Bert (deceased), Edith (Mrs. J. Baker), Florrie (de ceased), Beatrice (Mrs. L. Menck),Harry, Rene (Mrs. G. Egan), Olive (Mrs. L. Simpson), aged 73 years.

Bequieseat In pace.

MORRIS-On the 14th December, at Alfred Hos

pital, Ellen Annie Mary Morris, Sheffield street,       ".outh taulfle'd (late of Chandler streit,«¡lliams town), widow ot the late limes, darli loved mother ol Nellie (Mrs W t tinkum Hopetoun) lia (Mr< J Moisev, tbbotsford), hrne«t Pennj Hate K I F Prahran) Trcd Penm ( M I , de teased) William Franklin], John Mov<.ei, Mar gant Pcnnv and Bon Pcnnv, beloved frhnd ot will \eulns; (Wllllanistown) need 7i vcars

Dearlv loved, deeplj mourned

MORRISSEY. -On the 15th December, at his resi-

dence, Sydney street, Kilmore, John James, be-

loved husband of Jule and loving father of Ollie and Jack, uced r2 ven? BIP (Interred at Kilmore, I6th December )

MULQUINY. -On the 16th December, at his resi-      

dtnte, \o 2Sl Hanks street Middle Park, Michael Mulquiny, beloved husband of Jo- haniuh and In In- lather ot Margaret (Mis liunne) latriek, I mu is (dercased), Jame«, il rhael Nellie, Ldmun 1 ai d I Ulm, n¡,ed 73

i-aiv RIP

NASH. -On the 15th December, 1928 at her

daisliletsrerideilie -h Collin-, streit, 1 «eildon Edith, dearly beloved wife of Thomas, loving   molhr ot \rthur thai le« Tliulin« Décrue, thuin (Mi« Mirtin) llcnvui. uni I Ullin (deceased) aged Cfi vein

V long and patient sufferer it rest

NATHAN - On the 14th December, at 20 Loch      

street, St Kilda, Samuel, dearly beloved brother of Abe, Bennie and David, aged 78 years.


NEIGHBOUR.-On tim ICth December, Victor

Edward, bcloild son of Hubert John Neighbour, Larnoo, Wlsevvould street, Flemington, and loved brother of Margaret, Eliabeth (Mrs. . Cooper), isabel (Mrs. McNaughton), and Bobert,

nitod 21 years, (Private funeral.) (So flowers, by request.),

NUGENT.-On the ICth December, at her rcsl . dence, lil Gilltos street, Fairfield, Mar)' Eliza-

beth, relict of the late John Nugent, dearly be- loied mother of Margaret (deceased), John, Mary (deceased), William, Until, Dolly, Pal, »ntl Rose, second daughter of Stanislaus ard Bessie Hanacr de Mnmiel, ot Marberluga lístate, How --long. New South Wales.

Requieacat in pace  

O'BRIEN.-On the 15th December, at Whitehall,

Bank place. Louise Mary, relict of the late Dr. John A. O'Brien, aged 69 years. R.I.P.

O'CONNOR.-On 15th December, at his residence,

No. 9 Glenmore crescent, Black Bock, Frederick Deuis, dearly beloied and devoted husband of Sara O'Connor. R.I.P.

O'CONNOR.-On the 15th December, nt lila resi-

dence, 0 Glenmore crescent, 'Black Rock, Trcd, younger son of Mrs. O'Connor and the lato D. F. O'Connor, Ennismount, Mont Albert. K.I.P.

O'LEARY.-On the 14th December, nt Terang,

Daniel, beloved husband of the late Hannah O'Leary, aged SS years. It.I.P.

PATERSON.-On the 15th December, 192S. at

Ivanhoe. Jennie, the beloved wife of Henry Francis Paterson, of Weeroona, Greensborough, aged 72 years. (Privately Interred, Sunday.)

PORTER.-On the 15th December, 1928, nt his

residence, Dei on, 49 Fairview avenue, Newtown, Geelong, Alfred, beloved husband of the late Maria Porter (formerly of Narraport), and de . voted father of Eliza (Mrs. Theobold), Jane (Mn Wllcocks), Mnry, and Albert, in his 99th year.

BEAD.-On the 15th December, 192S, at hta resi-

dence, C2 Grey street, East Melbourne, George, Alfred, the beloied husband of Judith Read, and fond father of Isabel (Mrs. Bobirson) and the late Beatrice, and loved grandfather of Betty, Jack, and Jill, aged C7 years, late of Walhalla.

READ.-On the 15th December, at 7 Male street.

Middle Brighton, Alice M., the dearly beloied wife of the late A. W. Brad, and loving mother of Amy (Mrs. Berriman), Leonard, and Irene, nged CG years.

A patient sufferer at rest.

SAVAGE.-On the 16th December, at Freemason's

Home, Punt road, Prahran, James Samuel Savage, dearly beloved husband of Julia Ann, loving father of Elizabeth, Rosina, Richard Arthur, Stanley, and' George (deceased), William (de ceased), and Horace (deceased), aged 84 years late of Hamilton and New Zealand.

SEWART.-On the 13th December, at Caulfield

military hospital. William, late'A.I.F., the dearly beloved husband of Hannah Sewart, aged 47 years. (Interred privately Melbourne Cemetery on 14th December.)

SEWART.-On the 13th December, at Caulfield

Military. Hospital, William (Bill), the dearly beloved husband of Annie Sewart, C3 loyola , avenue, East Brunswick, eldest son of Myles and Mary Ann Sewart, aged 47 years, late 3rd Pioneers and M.M.B.W. (Privately Interred, De- cember 14, at Melbourne General Cemetery.)

SHAW.-On the 10th December, Eliza, beloved

wife of John Shaw, of 7 Gibb street, Balaclava, loved mother of Robert, Charles, Mrs. Walker (Sydney), and John Gordon, and loved sister of Mrs. S. McMahon, Mrs. C. Phillips, Mrs. V. Woodbridge (Perth), and Mrs. H. Bell, aged 73


Entered Into rest.

STANDING.-On the 7th the residence

of her son-ln-Iaw (Mr. G. Millard), Allan street, Kyabram, Ann, the beloved wife 'of the late Jonas Standing, of London, England, loving mother of Amelia (deceased), Emily (Mrs. Briant), Carrie (Mrs. Millard), Frank (Shef- field, England), loving grandma of Arthur, Ber- nard, Elsie, Edith, Ernest, Cecil, Ida, Frankie, Millie, Ivy, Lnura and Harold (deceased), aged 81 years. (Interred at Kyabram.)

Always remembered.  

TERRY. -On the 15th December, Theresa, dearly

beloved wife of Charles Edward Terry, of 45 Webster street. Oakleigh, loving mother of Arthur, and loving daughter of Mrs. R. A. O'Neill, of Korumburra, nnd late Charles John O'Neill, loving sister of C. J., A. J., W. G., T. V., P. L., and Francis (deceased).

Roquiescat In pace. ? u

WALLACE.-On the 15th October, at Austin Hns

pltal, Walter Lindsay, dearly beloved only son of Frank and Isobel, 5 Fountalne avenue, East Malvern, aged 41 years. (Privately Interred Fawkner Cemetery, 16th December.)

Sweet rest. . ? -

WARREN.-On the 13th December, 1523. Jeanette Warren, of 19 Jackson street. St Kilda, relict of the late Francis Thomas Warien, and loving mother of Lillian (Mrs. Ledbettcr) and Fairy (Mrs. Caldwell), nged 72 years.

WATTS.- On the 14th December, Frederick, loved

husband of Alice, dear daddy of Jean and George, 27 Shamrock street, West Brunswick. (Privately  


Beyond life's fitful fever he sleeps well.


Ou Active Service.

Iii hu? Corps, killed in action In trame

17th December 1H"

To hive lo love and then to part j

Al FORD -In loving memory of our dear brothers

Hector (late A I F ), who died at Hlersllo on Deceml er 17 1120, and George, -who died 1st

Oclober 1920

Fv cr remembered

-(Inserted by their loilng sister and. brother In I111 Agglo and ken Symons and nephews Hector and Ray mond Symons F Ucrsllc )

AMOR -In loving memory of my dear friend, Adi

K Amor, ivho departed this Hie on the 17th

December, 1927

Remembrance -(I Iv , Toorak )

BRITMIM -In loving memori of ^my dear dad

Alfrel who d'ed December 17 Jnoi) (Inserted bv his loving sou Charlie, and daughter In lan, Alice ) '

BRIANT-In loilng memory of mv dear wife

Jane, who passed away on iho 17th December, 1123 ''

Ti er remembered

-(Inserted by her loilng husband, lohn Bryant)1 BBS WT-Mn fond remembrance of mi deir gran I

mother and great grandmother of Gladys who I assed awav on 17th December 1123

11 cr In our thotiehts. -(Inserted bi Ethel and Glndys )

COHEN -In ead and loilng memory of Louis

Cohen, who depnrted this life 17th December     lilo loilng bust and of \delnlde, an I deiotcd father ot Rosie (Mrs. J Jackelson of Johannesburg, South Africa) Olga and loe dt ir grandpa   of Louie \lbott «lylvla, an I Daphne

God test his dear soul in peic

-(Iver remembered bv his sorrowing vvlfo and

famllv )

E\VNti-In memori of a loilng hushmd and

father, Harry who pdwcd away on 10th lie comber 1126 at Mitchell street Fairfield

Shall not the Judio of the whole earth do


-(Inserted I y lils loving wife and sous Harry

an 1 \ crnon )

I n VANS.-In remembrance "of my sincere friend,

Harry Evans, called liome December 16. 1926.

Memory lingers o\<¡r years of pleaunt asso-

ciations., \

| -(Inserted I>y Hy, 'Marsh.) *

i FltENGH.-în loving memory of mr dear wlfo 1 and our dear mother, «ho passed away on the

17th December. 1927,

Not now, hut in the coming j care,

It may be In n better land;

We'll read tlie meaning of our tears,

And there pome time we'll understand.

We'll catch the broken thrrnda ..Rain, .

And finish what vc here Logan:

llewen «111 the mjaterlea explain,

* And then, nil, then, we'll understand.

-(Inserted bv her loving husband and children, Sjlvln. Charley, and Geoff.)

GRIFFITHS.-In honour of DaUd Griffiths, of

Maldon, Castlemaine, Mornington, died 17th December« 1027. , >

Hil life uns gentle, and the clements fo r mixed In him that Ko turc might stund up

and wy to all the world, "Thto was a


HARDING,-In loving memory ot my dew friend,

Jane (Jennie) Hardlmr, of 15 Beckwith street, Coburg, who passed homo on 17th December,


Tond memories, - -(L.J.W.)

MADDURN.-in loving memory of Richard Mad.

d-Tii, who djctl at Ballarat ' 17th 'December,

li)2fi. *

MANNING.-I« loilng memory of my dear friend.

Mr«. Olhe Manning (01), who pawed away un Decombci 1C, lit26, nt Bendigo.

Sadlv missed.

-(Inserted hy lier friend. Vera Coulson.)

PRIESTLEY.-In Rid and lorlmt mentor* of my

dear wife, I'hjIlls, who pJisctf away DecemLcr

27, 1919.

Dc*ir Is the memon left behind.

ROBERTS.-lu loWmr memory of my dearly be

loied lmtJnnd and father, John Arthur (dad), who pity-ed pcaeefullv away on the 16th De comber, 1921». (Inserted hy hh> lo\ing wife and

non Ronald.)

SKCCOMHK.-In Imlng memon of our deir and

only daughter. Constance KM (Connie), who paused ¡suddenly away on the 16th December,


Thou, O Christ, art all I want, Mure than nil in Thee I find,

.sncCQMRE.-In loving memory of our dear sister.

Con, who died 16th December, 1024; «l<o our denr brother, Cci, who died 3rd December,


YA ft remembered. -(Grace and Viv, Omeo.)

SÎONB- In losing memory of our dear son and '

brother. George, who passed auaj on December

17, 1937.

&adly missed, but still lmed by nil.

-(Inserted by his loving parents, sisters, and


5TONU.-In pad memory of our nephew. George

Norman, who pawed away December 17, 1Ö27.

Still living in our thought«. -(Norman, Ethel, and children )

TURNER (nee Nellie Cooper)-In loilng menmrv

of my deir wife. Nellie, who departed this life on the 171 h December, lí»27. loxlng diughter of Elizabeth Cooper, and hiller of Annie and Millie. (Inserted by her husband, J. A.



MR« 1 MK.ÏLLHRVY desires to IHWh »11 |

kind friends and relations for letters cird* telegrams end tlonl tributes In her recent wd aul budden berpiveincnt Mill ill please nectpt this acknowledgment of m\ deepest gratitude Ulhbrldg-_ MHS C fl\Ui and iamih desire to TH\\h.|

all kind friend« for tclegmm*, letters einte, J and flonl tributes und personal expressions of two path> in their recent aad bcreai ement


BANKS.-The Friends of Mr. and Mrs. RICHARD

BANKS are informed that the remains of their late beloved eldest daughter, Beatrice (Billie), will be interred in the Cheltenham Cemetery.  

The funeral is appointed to move from their   residence, No. 651 Chapel street, South Yarra, THIS DAY (Monday, 17th December), at 2.30


APPS AND SONS PTY. LTD., Undertakers.


BARTON'.-The Friends of Mrs. SUSAN BAItTOX

(rcllct of the late Willam J. Barton) ore in- formed that lier funeral »111 leaie her residence. The Nook, Ko. 13 Potter street, niaclc Hock, THIS DAY (Monday), at 3 p m., for interment In the Coburn; GemeUry. arriiinp 4 o'clock.

HAYilOULDS, I'uneral Directors, 290 Glenhuntly road, Klstcrniiick. 'l'hune X4G05.

BERMINGHAM.-The Friends of the late Mrs

ELIZABETH HFRMIVGHAM are Informed that her remains Mill be interred in tile Brighton


The funeral lilli leal o her residence, 23 Clifton street, Prahran, To morrow (Tuesday, 18th Decem- ber), at 3 o'clock.

B. MATTHEWS PTY. LTD, Toorak road. South Yam: and Caulfield _

BfCKETT.-The Friends of the lato JOHN

MESTON B10KETT are informed that lils funeral will lcaie his parcnts'i residence, fit Brougham street, North Melbourne, THIS DAY (Monda\), at 4 o'clock, and proceed to St. Michael's Roman Catholic Church, where a short stn ice lilli bo held, and thence to the Coburg


JOSEPH ALLISON', Funeral Director, Errol street, N'orth Melbourne. 'Phone F1731.


HltOWN'.aro informed that his funeral will lemo his rw-idpnce, Aiarcst, Upper Ferntree Gully, THIS DAY (Monday), at 3 p.m., for Interment in the Box Hill Cemetery, uirliing 4 p.m. ' .

COOK.-Tho Friends of" the late' Mr. HKN'RY

COOK aro respectfully invited, to follow his remains to the place of interment, the, Xew-Mel- bourne General (Fjiwlncr) Cemetery. (A ' í ?

The funeral Is appointed to mole fro,m Walter A. Wanui'» private mortuary, 239 High street, Preston, THIS DAY (Monday), at 3 p.m., «riling; at the cemetery at 3 30 p.m.

WALTER A. WARNE, Undertaker, 291 Barkly street, Footscray. 'Phone 9 Footscray.

COOK.-nro. II. COOK, member of the Burnley

ljxlge 219, passed away on Saturday," lutli

December. Will the brethren of his Lodge attend, at the Fawkner Cemetery at '3.30 p.m., TO-DAY, to pay their respects to the memory of jn honour- able gentleman.

i V. K. SHEKLETON'. Secretary.

COSTELI.OE.-Tho Friends of Mr. THOMAS II.

COSTELWE are respectfully informed that the funeral of his dearly loicd wife, Ruth Vic- toria, will leaie l)ls residence, 771 ltntlidown street, North Carlton, THIS DAY (Monday, De- cember 17), at 10.30 a.m., for the Fawkner Ceme-


THOMAS HENRY ALLISON', Funeral Director, 1S1 Elgin street, Carlton. Tel. F1382._

CROOKS.-The Friends of the late VICTOR

NORMAN CROOKS aro notified that lils fune- ral will Ionic 275 Nicholson street, Footscray, THIS DAY (Monday, 17th December), at 2 p.n for Interment In tho Williamstown Cemetery.

DU IFS -The Friends of the late Mrs. FLI? V.

11HIH are rcsiectfullr inilted to follow r mains to the | taco of interment in ti c Melbourne General Cemetery

The fut oral is appointed to muic from St lol n the Haitlst Church Q icen s larade Clifton Hill THIS MORNING (Mondaj) at 11 o clock


GUST-The Irlends of the lale Mr TOIIV

(OH lill II ) GUPbT late of the \ ictorian rall

Innis are respertfullj Informed tint his remain« w III be interred in the I astern Cemetery, Gee


ri e funcril 1« appointed to leave hin residence. Orchard street, Fast Geolpng THIS DAY (Monda}, Deermbi r 17) nt 310 i m I

ALIA .MONRO. Fullera! Director '21 Kyrie street (lecion» 'I hone 1350

/'*."" r ,

XTUUOCli- Friends of laie \i M If HARLOCK

are informed tint his tcmains will be Interred at Filwkner Ccmcter} onTTuesda}, 18th December Train Icaics I linders street station 2 40 p m


im lied to follow 1 la remains lo the place of inter mont in the Footacra} Cemeten

The funeral is appointed to molo from his rc«l I dence 21 torrest street Sunshine THIS DO < (Mond is, 17th December) At 2 a clock p m

IIRHII-KT KINO and'ONS Lndortikors Mbert I and I aisle} stricts Foolseraj Phono 2o

TAMES -Tlie Friends of the late Mr. RICHARD ** JAMES are Informed that his remains will be Interred in the St. Kilda Cemcter}.

The funeral will leaio lils residence, 27 Alctin der street, South Yarra. THIS DAY (Mondi}, 17th

December), nt 1 o'clock.

B. MATTHEWS PTY. LTD., Toorak road, South Yarra; and Caulfield.  


N. JENNINGS are most respectfully invited   to follow the remains of his beloved wife, Jane, to the place of interment in the Cheltenham


The funeral will leave his residence, Remuera street, Caulfield, THIS DAY (Monday), at 10 a.m.

J. MONKHOUSE and SON, Undertakers, Carpen- ter street, Brighton. Ring X1162.  

KEMELFIELD.-The Friends of the late Mr.

BARNETT KEMELFIELD are infromed that his remains will be interred in the Brighton Ceme-


The funeral is appointed to move from the St. Kilda Synagogue THIS DAY (Monday, 17th De- cember), at 2.30 o'clock.  

APPS AND SONS PTY. LTD., Undertakers.

'Phones Win. 70.    


KOLBE.-The Friends of Mr. and Mrs.

ALFRED KOLBE are respectfully invited to   follow tlio remains of their late dearly loved son, Walter, to the place of Interment in the Fawkner   Cemetery.      

The funeral is appointed to move from their residence. No. 9 Wolseley parade, Kensington, THIS DAY (Monday), at 2 o'clock

ALFRED ALLISON, Funeral Director (estab.   1854), Racecourse road. Newmarket, Tel. FU5997.

\f ORRI1--The trient« of the late Mr« I UTS JJL INNIL MV!t\ M01 lill are rcpcctfullj In formed that hir remain« will IK injured In the

Williamstown Um ten

The film ni is i ppolutcd to moic from her rosi dina Shefnoll strict r-onth Clnlflild THIS IU\ (Mondii the 17th December) at 10 la a ni a lug i emolen 11.10 am

1 lINKsT l\ l\Ch--ON limerai Director

gus in stuct Willlanisloiin mil Mell ouruc roil, Newport 'thone. W ill! nnstown_

AfllQLlM -The fuiiftol nf the late ?IM-MICH U 1 MLIQLIN1 will loan, the diarite

leltwoi stition THIS o\\ (Monda}) on airluil of the 6 40 a ni train from Melbourne about 4 o clock p m for the Charlton Cemcterr

X VII-The Friends of Mr THOM I« N \SI! aro

informed that the funeral of lils bcloiel wife 1 dith will loaie the residence of lils diugh 1er 41 Collins street Is«cndin, THll D \\ (Mon dai) at 3 l*i o flock arrhlng at Bulla Cmucrv at 4 pm Moll ra

10SFIH MI ISON rmtoril Directors Mount lleMnder road, Moonee Ponds 'Phone 1 L3I31

VEIGHBOLH-1h( lunera] of the lite 11CTOR -> IDIIUID NHGHHOl R will lene Vlfrcd Milsons prliate mortuari, 219 \ letona street Mest Melbourne, THIS DO (Monda}) nt 4 o clock, for the Melbourne General Ccmeter}

"VLCINT-The friend» of the late Mr« MUVY J~> HIZUIfTII NU.VNT are rcspeclfnlli in iltcd to follow hrr Tomlins tn the pi ice of inter mont Now MiIbotirne Cemoteri luwknor

The funorll will lcaie her n id nee 1st Gtllils street lairfi Id To moirow (Tuoidai Diecml or

1SI at 2 o clock

JOHN D\Lr\ LuUrtakcr, 1 atro'ie and Siring ??ticot' Melbourne Tclcplmie S.7_ O CONNOR - Ile 1 lien's of I RM» RICK

DIMS O CONNOR an Informed tint lils tunori] will lone his residence No 9 G1 nnvm. Lie-cent llhek nock lilli (Mondai) MORNING it 10 o clock, for Intcrmmt in the Bo«; Hill Come len nrrlilng 11 o clock


remains will he interred in the Das te: Geelong.

' The funeral will leaie Ma residence, Devon, 4') Falnlcw .mernie, Newtown, Geelong, THIS DAY (Mondaj, the 17tli Decemlier, 1928), at 2 p.m.

ALEX. MONRO. Funeral Dhector, 1\ Riric street, Geelong. Thone 13S0.



The funeral will leave ills residence, 52 Grei street, East Melbourne, THIS DAY (Monday, 17th Decemlier, 192S) at 3 o'clock p.m.

JOHN ALLISON. Funeral Director. Head office, Richmond; tels. .11003, ja 115.

READ.-The rrlcnds of the late Mrs. ALICE M.

READ are most respectfully Invited to follow her remains to tho place of interment in the Brighton Cemetery. '

The funeral Mill leaie her residence, No. ? Male street, Middle Brighton, THIS DAY (Monday) nt

11.30 a.m.

J. MONKHOUSE and SON, Undertokers, Carpen- ter street, Brighton. Ring X11G2.

SAVAGE.-The Friends of the late Mr.' JAMES

SAMUEL SAVAGE aro Informed that hi» remains will be interred In the Necropolis, Spring-


The funeral will leam Freemasons' Homes, Punt road, Prahran, THIS MORNING (Monday, 17th December), at 11 o'clock:

B. MATTHEWS 1TY. LTD., Toorak road, South Yarra; and Caulfield.

TERRY. - Tlio -Friends of Mr. CHAULES

EDWARD TERRY are Informell that the re- mains of his dearly bolo\od wife, Theresa, will be Interred in the Necropolis, Springvale.

Tlie'funeral Mill leaie B. Matthews Pty. Ltd.'s Mortuary Chapel, 102 Toorak load, South Yarra, THIS D\Y (Mondnv, 17th December), al 3 OY'loik.

B. MATTHEWS PTY. LTD., Toorak road, South Yarra; and Cmilflilil._

TOOGOOD.-The Friends of Mr. and Mrs. P. H TOOGOOD are respectfully Informed that   the remains of their daughter, Edith Mary, be interred in the Box Hill Cometery.

The funeral is appointed to leave their resi- dence, 27 Mountain View toad, Box Hill, THIS DAY (Monday), at 3.30 p.m.

A. W. PADBURY' and Co, Funeral Directors, 203 White Horse road, Box Hill. Phone Box

Hill 146. ,

WARREN. - The Friends ot Hie late Mrs.

JEANETTE WARREN, of,13 Jackson street. St. Kilda, are rospcetfully~inforrncd that her re malns will he interred In tho Bendigo Cemetery, THIS DAY* (Monday, December!!?, 192S), on the oiTlial of Hie 12.43 p.m. train frota"Sipçnccr street.

ZOELLNER.-The Friend», of Mr. EDMUND

ZOELLNER arc respectfully 1m lied to follow the remains of lils late dearly beloied wife to the place of interment in the Strathallen Ceme- tery. . ',

The funeral is appointed t^^molc from his resi- dence, Belmont, Clarendon ' street, Thornbury, THIS DAY" (Monday), at h quarter to 4 o'clock.

ALFRED ALLISON. Funeral Director (estub ISM), High street. Northcote. Tel. JW1217.