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1ANTED-A m.mrried man n? gone al farm servapt, must, be a. good, hand with. horses. Apply to War. H. OLDAKxH , Oberiton,. Quamby. .(w T ANTED-An experienced brewer. 4p ply to E. NOAaRs, Longford Brewery. "'TANTED-A strong active girl as WV general servant. Reference required. Apply to Man. BAmnRarr, Frankland-sireet" WTESTERN' AGRICULTUIIRAL AS$O. . . CTATION.-Tli0p .qunaterly: meeting will be held in the Council Obhambers, W?st bury, on Friday, 7th instant, at four o'cl?ck p.m. Members are requested to attend. GEO. SCOTT,.JXN., w) Hon. Secretairy '1O, LET-That brick cottage in Balfoqr * J t.i et,' ,lat in, the occupation of Mi'. Thomas Brain. .Possession can be given im mediately. . Apply to Mr. TYsoN, Cornwall Insuranoe Offico. . (w O LET-That old established b tohdr's T shop in George-street, known as Bradn grove's." Apply on the premises. (w Cl OMPOSITORS BEWARE 1-First-l-iss hands, 72 hours' work for tbirty ahillli?ur. M US IC: ?A L_ MR. . T. S HARP, Teacher of the Violn, Pianoforte, Harmonium, and Organ; resuoes bis duties on'Thursday, Jan. 13th.' 'Piao fortos,.harmoiiums, and organs tdned by the year orfliy;ingl tunning. .- Cameron.street, Jan.. 1. . rEVANDALE. A MUNICIPAL ITY : , POLICE. :Applications, addressed to the Snperintien denit bf Police, will be 'r?eisedbt' the Counbil Cl6nitber, E6irndale;.bp' to 10 o'clock a.m. bn Monday, the 10th proximo, from,, persots desirous of filling the ollice of constable in the above municipality. Salary, is per diem. | Applicant to state whether he has at eby time been in the police foire, and if so, where ' By'o rdr, ;.'. B. a)` Counel Clerk.i CRESSY -OHURCH-SEAT ING AC COUNT, published for the informatidn' of the subscribers thereto. Da. 1869. £ . d. Dud. 29-To paid 'Mr. J. Wright,of ., ' Longford, for 20 seats, ' " i book-desk, &a .......... 37 0 0 £87 0 0 1889. Ca. Nov.'aid'Deo:--By subscriptions re aeied, .vzb:: Mlr. Jdnb~b'Archer............... 5 0o 0 'tir.Wo. Gatenby....; .......... 5 0 Mt. Tooey'nd family ...... '0 0 '',Mr. A.O'Cdtiror. ..'... ....... ... 0 Mr.Jrid.'Gdoubjy ............... 2 2e °Mr.'Chli?. 'Nichols '(of New . 'Zeatadd) 2.............. 2 2 0 Mr. H,.B. `Nickolls ............ 2 :2 l'Mr'Prtncathern, .......... .... 12 10 'Dr'TMaSteien ............... 2 Wm'Arcer ........... ...... 1 0 0 " "Mrr;'A. Parker ......0 .......... 1 0 10 'Mr. Niccolls'sen ......... ...... 0 10 0 ... Mr.'Robt. Taylor'...:..... 0 '10 0 Dso. 19--By'eolls?clon at-Chorh ... 0 '14- O, 8-1-By'balaece to be met by Church ifhlds sccruing in Treasurer's hands ....... 3 17 0 £37 u o S 'J. D. Toosay, S 'Acting:Churchwarden. Cresy, near Longford. a cT. ANDRE 'S COMMERCIA L ý. :,) , ... S .CHOOL . "Work: 'will 'be's rsihred at 'nine a;m. bb Taeliday, the'18t inesteht. ' : "'' 'Arrangijeen'ts hare been"made for 'the re .ception of three,resident punpls, who will in all respects be treated as members of the family., aOrds1of terms, '&c., can to obtained:at;:myz residence in Cameron-street, unear the Town. H all. . ." :' "B*i Sw rBTz. Jai. 3rd, 1870. (w ' O BRIOKLAYERS.--Tenders wanted . for excavating, building stone and brick. work, labor only, for building new residence St. John-.treet. For particulars apply to ..... . PRTPrn r 'MILLS, '", ' . . . . . Architect. St John-street, Launiceston. (w 1) _.ATE BOARD ANDIRESIDENCE .IL,-,.-Mas. TA-roa's, 'Sharp's Buildings, Cameron-street. Terms moderate. (w , STEAM TO MELBOURNE. The T. S. N. Compnny's steameres will sail as nder : TAMAR"on Friday, the 7th instant, at 6 _am._from the bar. DERWENT on Tuesday, the 11th instant, at - - 7 a m. , ".Agent. ''WhsrLfLinceston, Jan. 3. ' w . ' '"S.S."PEROY, Capt. Murray, , will inil to-morrow morning, 'at 7 o'clook, for"Port Sorell, Rivers . Mersey, Don, Foilh, 2a) ' R. Puscionli a& Son, Ageois.' AUCTION SALES THIS- DA Y Delorailne. ...... tsta, 41-' Januar~y. . iTJL?ND WESTBROOK will eell ,1) =,byu'- auction, at- nb. East'e yards, Deloraine, on TUESDAY, 4th January, itone o'lQOEl. ' ' l"e"150 f et w hers' 35 ditto lambs -...600 2ltoothctoss-bred sheep '500'4-tooth ditto ditto S 100'jbred ewes.,with 90 'per cent. lambs by Leicester rams 50 2-yr. old steers, hand-reared 50 2-yr. heifers, ditto. Terms at sale, (e

THIS DAY.. .Delorine.u Tuesday, 4th January. BELL ' & WESTBROQK,.at EaSt's D yards, .. 500 fat sheep 10 head very prime fat ?cattle I'erfn ai snip. (a BELL. &::WiSTBItOUK. , .EiuneWoolled 1ans.. Lonagford, Wednesday, 5th January. DELL "" WESTBROOK ' are in stru'dted to "ell, at/ Lbongford as above, . .. 20 superior woolled 6-tooth Saxon Merin'o 'rams, bied" by 'Messrs. Kermode and.Stewart. (e . :Loiiford. ' Wednesday, Jan. 5th. . ELL &' SBROOK ýwill "spi biy auation,, pat Hyrones a yards, on WEDNESDAY,. Jan. 5th, at ohe o'clock, .. .... 100 fat wethers 100 ditto lambs ....5 ditto steers. ....".......Also, Large quantity store sheep. (w Lone ford. Wednesday;' Janairy' 5th,. ?ELL & WESTBROOK, at lyrons's yards, . . 100 fat ewes From . 10 hiead faticattle i Woodside. ....... .... Tern.rnt.ale. ". (a ........ ...ZiTisfoiilo. ... Wednesday, January 51h. DY ")E L _ &, WESTBRQOOK, at Hyrons's ,yards, atone o'olock, 400 .4aodi 6 tooth wethera 322'2-toothb ditto " . 350 ,and 0-tooth ,wes, 200 fullbmouth:ditto, •80'fat maiden'ewes ' 164 lamibs 70Vams,' various ages? 30 head of young,oattlee 10 steers, : well bred and quiet, suitable for fattening .......2 fat i ows .. , 3 store ditto .: 10. head quiet young cattle. Satui day'?1te??. 'i) ELL & ,WESTBROOK will sell by , auction, at- their yards and mart, on SATURDAY next, at 12 o'clock, immediately after the sale of pigs 'and horses, A. quantity of furniture, compris ing-- ... . ,... , Hair-seated chairs, children a cot, haiititot; cedar 'tales, 'chiffofie?r, .:toilt.: .tables, loo ,ditto, ilarge dining table, pier glass, bedstead; clock,:,: cooking stove, pictured, double washstand and set, desk,' &o., &o. Termso cash. ,", (w Positively -iireserihed' B2l of Valuable Country Properties. . Monday, 10thJ.Tanuary. "-ELL & WESTBROOK are izistructed f) by'ethe ?leecatidra of the late Mr. Thomas Gilham to-sell by auction, at their mart, on'MONDAY, 10th January; at 12 o'clock, without any reserve, The following valuable country pro perties, which will be submitted as under: " , ' Lot 1. The well'knowc'liotel at'Carrick, the Prince of.Wales, now:.occupied by , ".Mr. . Thos. Leith,. at. a. rental of £100 per annum. The house, substantially built of brick, contains sixteen rooms., There is also a good cellar, 8-stall stone ,stable with loft, wooden, stable with- accommodationr for h 0 'horses; large shed, skittle' alley, butcher's shop, &c. ." The land comprises an area of 2 roods and 38 perches... At this house the Deloraine coaoli horses stand, and it is' iiow doing lthe beat ready-money trade of any honuse in Carrick. . . Lot 2. Those eligible pretilises adjoining the Carrick Hotel, now let to. Mr. Beck, at a rental of 30 .pei annum; for 'five years from 1st June laISt. 'The land has a front age to tihe main 'road of 60 links, witha depth.of 390 links. -.. The buildings comprise shop, dwelling house, kitchen, &o. . iodt3. 8 . 1 acre 8 roods and 19 perches of land at Hagley,:! on which is erected cottage and shop now occupied ,by'- M~r. Huttdn at a' rental of.Z12 perannum.. Pos session 1st May. SSeven-roomed house, with an acre of land at the corner of Shadford ..and Mii·Jystreets; : at Weatbury. At- preaent let:to-a-i espectable .tenant at 15 .per annum.. Pos session let May. Lot 5. 4 acres of lantid at Westbury, bounnded by Albert, William, and, Frank land-streets, on which is erected a two-roomed cottage. This lot is let to Mr. Peter Helen until lst Marob, 1873, at £10 per aanum,

Lot'S - Contains'' 10+aores, at Westbury, Sbounded by Moore; Moriarty, end Arthur-stieets. On this lot i a two:roomed. 'cotage; let, to Mr. Dawson at.£10-.per annum. Pbs session 1st May. That desirable property . at St. Le onars,ds cnmprisipga 48 .acres 0 'oods:34, porches, t. ,presdnt occupied by Mr..-Mathiesoniiat a rental' of £80 per annun..' "Th4re is a large 'lwellihnghouse an'd now school- room,Jcithen, stables, sh -?l??pr-oductvai garden, &c. The land is fencad and subdivided -into.severale paddocks. From its :closp :prxi.mity .tq. the Railwday Station this: property must Ue co'hside`arbly enhanced in value. Possession 'will "be given on the est May.! .....;. . ,, ,,.G ,.-?A,," L Charts of the various: lots can be sen at- the mart, and at Mr; 'Leith's hobtl, Carrick. :: . Title, guarantee d. Terms Twenty~fie per cent. cash ,eposit bilance .by. acceptance at. three and six months-without interest .. . 'Further'particulars' can.be obtained at thb i rn , 'and fromi Messsisr Rocher. aid Roclier..i , ,, IThe auctioneers eigain remnd pur chasers that the sale ,is positively unreb served. Carrick: Tuesday, 11th instaid. BELL & WESTBROOK are instriicted ,LFto sell by..:auction, at. their,.yards, Carrick,o' oTUESDAY, 11th instant, at one o'olock, 200 fat wetherhr , 100 ditto ewes,, "150 'ditto lambs. ,, , 20 head'Tat cattle 10 ditto ditto ditto. 100 head- cattle, mixed 100 maiden 4-tooth fat ewes 200 2-toothlisheep 4 cows. Terms at sale. (e aieolie. COleveland Sale. :IHE sale advertised by us to take ?,'plice at Cleyeland on Friday, 7th January, is postponed untilthe following FRIDAY, 14th. ; . w) ...... BEL & W?TBrsooK. Cleveland. Januarsy 141th. BELL & WESTBROOK will sell by ,.auction, at ''Meara's yards, Cleve land, on FRIDAY, January 14th, at one o'clock, 800 full-mouth ewes The above sheep have all been dipped, and guaranteed sound. Terms at sale. (a Cleveland. Friday, 14th January. "BELL & WESTBROOK will sell by B -auction, at- O'Meara'ar yards, on FRIDAY, :14th January;at one o'clock, 200 full-mouth ewes All 200 cross-bred lambs .- " All 300 2 and. .4-tooth guaranteed wethers sound. 100 fat-ewes.. . Terms at sale., (e Oleveland. BELL & WESTBROOK- will sell by ) .'audtioii at` O'Meara's -yards, Cleve. land, on FRIDAY, 14th January, on ac count of Mr. R. Viney, . , 500 2-tooth wethers 200 ditto ewes ' 500 wether lambs 120 fiill-mouth ewes 3 pairs Devon bullocks, 5-year old 9 8-year old. steers. . '(w Cattle at Cleveland. BELL & WESTBROOK will sell'by auction, at O'Meara's yards, Cleveland,` on FRIDAY, 14th inst., at one o'clock, .2 fat bullocks - - : -8 large steers -. 50 head 2-year heifers and steers. .. Termsat sale. .-.,. (a SEstate of Dairy Plainis. .. onda1a, 7th 'instant, BELL & WESTBROOK are instroucted by the executors of the estiate'of the late Robt. Gibson, Esq., to sell by adctidn, at their mart, on MONDAY, 17thrinst., at 12 'o'clock, SThe estate of Dairy Plains, in two Lot 1-1965 acres,bounded by Dale Brook, the property of Jas.Ritchie, Esq., and the. lands ofWm.in - -Archer, Esq. " -Lot 2.-845 acres, bounded by the [-r estate of Wm. Archer, Esq., the -.- Western Creek, and lot 1. : I- ntending purchasers can inspetthe estate on application to Thos, Gibson, -s . .-rther particulars inafew days.. (a LEWIS' COREN. SA?llion Notice. - T-HE Undersigned has much pleasure I in informing the mercantile com munity that he has resumed the business e ofAucnotioneer, and General- Commission C Agent~' and trusts by-strict attention to ii all matters entrauted to his care to merit a

a share of tlio liberal ppatronage 'fbr= maerly 'bestowed. , :. , , All communications for theipresent i to lbe addressed to the office of LewpisCohen and Co. Charlesi troot e)W .. - IS CoFbN?', Preliminar 2Notic? ? Extensive Sale of Dirapiy and Ozi ting ..r. sllment." ,.. "T IEWIS COHEN, has beeny instiunaed L by the trustees to the 'etate of ?.Mr6. B. Levy; ,to=sell: by atictibn, on TUES, DAY.AAND WEDNESDAYWi thli 1lth and 12th January; oni the promises, Brfs Blane-street, . 'The'whole of, the.remaining?ibrti n 3of the stock-in-trade, ci?i?s?iig a very g'enegal assortment of, rsta Sclass, godasin, the dr pery,,and outfitting business ,,, n..e " Full particulars in a few day?t??? [w NORTHERN ' HORIIIbUlTURAL SOCIETY.. ,, " THE, ANNUAL. MEETING }j.1. - Will be held t' the Brisban Hot?l In' Wed nesday evening 'neat (~th instant)? atili?;af past seven i'olodk, he'n .'members are rie pectfully requested to attend. , . . ,J, s STS, n ,' 1st January, 1870.. ~: i ,1 . (e CURE 'OF SOAB-:Coopohid"' Sulphbr 'and Tobacoo Stieepwah, the :l:best 'd oheapest known remedy, asd 'east guarart e the manufacturer can give of iti ffiasey is to offer to 'cure 'the disease at" per head.:. ' cure no pay. For 'further' particulars app, W. B. Jonas, 149, Collins-street West,, Melt bourne. SAUNCESTON MEOHANICS' INSTI" :L .. ... 'TUTIE. The annual mneqting will, be held at tlie Institute on Tuesday, January, 8ltbi ateight. o'clock. Any!member nominating 'naother for any office must obtain, hisa oonsent' in writing, and forward the samie tbo th Secr' tary seven days "before! 'the,'ainual meeting. For further particulars see, the rules, or oap ply to' n Seretary. Subscriptions become due on the first of the year. Tickets of .membership can be ob. tained from the Librarian. .Terms-Family tickets, 20 .per annnm,' single, 1Ss ; apprentices and juoiors, 8e. (w6 N 0 W ..,RB E A. D. Y. S PRICE-ONE SHILLING. NEW 'GOLD MININ G 'RE GULATIONS ' Issued 13th December, 1869. To be lihd of the Bboksellers and at the .Examiner Offido. 'Dee. "30. riHE Clergy anid 'Lay.Synodeimen of the . Archdeaconry of Launceston are re. quested to take notice that the Finance Cor?n miltee will meat Friday, Jan' 7th; at 'the Public Library, at 11 a.m., to receive repore for 1867, and to propare.for the ensningsee. sioen of Synod in February. As the business to be transacoted is of importance, attendance is earnestly requested." . HENny PLow KANs, e) Assistant Synod Secretary. 'M IDLAND AGRICULTURAL ASSO. vi - CIATION.' The annual geneals'meeting of this Asso ciation will be -held, at Englebert's Hotel, Campbell ,Town, on Wednesday, the •12th January, 1870, at 11 a.mini,.for the purpose of making now'rules or 'amending existing ones, appointing a 'Committee of 'Management, Secretary; and Treasurer for the ensuing year, and any other business' connected with the Association that may .be brought before the meeting. J. MAOLANAOIIAN;,' Secretary.' Ballochmylo, Tunbridge, 30th Dec., 1869. (a A CURE FOR THE HEART-ACHE. KATE WARDE'S Star Comedy and Burlesque Company, Selected from all available talent'. in Australia. , FOR SIX NIGHTS ONLY. UTUAL LIFE ASSOCIATION OF IVI AUSTRALASIA. Principal Offioo-247, George-street, Sydney. Directorsa :-The Hon. S. D. Gordon, M.LO., Chairman; George Wigram Allen, Esq.; .J. B. Darvall, Esq., Q.C., C.M.G. ; .his Honor Judge Francis; John Frazer, Esq.; Robert G. Massle, Esq.; Sir James Martin, Q.O.; Jacob L. Monteflore, Esq.; Morris Birkbook Pell, Esq. (Consulting Actuary); A. H. Richardson, Esq. (Managing Director). A. M. A'Becket, Esq, F.R.O.S., Eng., Medical Officer. Robert Thomson, F.I.A., Actuary. Medical Officer at Launceston, E. A. Wigan, Esq., M.D. All policies isesued by the Association are 'INDEFEASIBLE. Policies thus become unde niablo ase collateral socurity.: ' The assured life may change his place of residence, travel where he hlkee, and engage in any occupation; and provided there has been, no intentional misrepresentation at tbohe first, and all premioms paid, the policy will not be vitiated by his dying from any canuse what. evA Committee of' tbheoBoard meet daily for the dispatah of business. Prospectuses, forms of proposal, and all in formationmay be obtained on application to the Agent, who will be glad to wait upon those who desire further information. Jonn TnoNresoN, Agent, Launceston. George-street, Sept. 15, 1869. (e QUEEN FIRE AND LIFE INSURANCE CAPITAL, £2,000,000. Branch Office-Patterson.street, Launcestonj FIRE AND LIFE INSURANCES effected nt most moderate rates of premium. Claims settled liberally and promptly. Every information may be obtained from a24) We, AOWWBa9a , Agen'i

CARBOLIC rACID..SOAP-CALVERT'S . ? - PATENT. " Messrse Hood' and-- Co.; aggtitae for. thai pateitees, habving: tlidir'awthorityto inanufao iure'this so?p hero, be to advise the publio that.they are nowprepad to supply House hold..Sosp, containing the due proportionlof Calvert and Co's. pure acid, at the following .price-11lb. bars, 8d each; 31b. bars, Is 9d each; toilet,?'lb. bars;r ltd each; lib. bars, lasd ench. :, ' ? A lileral allowance to'the tiade:.' i, It may appeari superfluuus at. tho.pressne tine <to say one word on behalf;of the above preparation; ;sill it might hbe Interesting to tbohepublio. to.know..a..few facts eotinected thorewith,-. It-Is no dearer than'the beat ordi %ayr' honuehold';soael 1its 'detargent powbrs being'mdh "'gre~tet ; 'its ?e.peiliar power of desroying 'illtheIlbwer forms of, animal abd vegetable life eieniders it invaluable as a means of arreating contagious disease, such as small pox, typhus. and typhoid-fever,' scarlatina;',o. Is-free use in washing bed and baby lindeo icorinoii floors, &o., completely frees thdm from sill sorts of vermin, whilst its constant use on the 'prseai rendier'the akin soft and delicate, and heals o6tirevents nearly all the diseases to ,which that organ-is. eo suscep tible. ........... "" 1.,'-. , _ ':,'' I By order-of the-Lords of the 'Admiralty and the Horse Guards it is exclusively used'n 'tho army and navy. Nb'other obip is now ased, in the union workhoumbs of Great Britain arid Ireland, and all leadid~ hotpitals in the world have ado?ied it ti, proference toany other. - Advices have been:,received. by last mail that- in-'avery short time.it .is likely to sup-. - plant.: all.other:'soaps, 'both'- for toilet a'nd hbusehold- use;."!' - :' , ' ' "" ', Hood and- Co:.would isieh'"'to'iimpresson the 'publie'theat theylonly.have receivedfrom' Mesars. Caldert'"isd; Uo..the correct formula' for its'maniaifture, or the. lieence to make it, and that all.other.colonial makers-of -carbolio acid soap' commdit .'a"legal fraud on 'the pitentee, and-at-the same-time-foist a purious aitiol"on the publioc: Calvert's Carbolic' Acid Soap' is sold' in Launucstoniby ............ M;r.-L. Fairthorne, Chemist Messrs. Hatton and Laws, ditto Mr. F. G. Spicery ditto -· Mr. A. F. Spong, ditto Mr. Marrison, ditto :e - . Mi. R6-P. Dix ditto. ': `Adid in wholesale quantities only by Messrs.. . T ies. a &CbO St.'John-street, agents for Calvert's. carbolic, preparations to be ohi tained ibtail, from every chemist; grocer, aid sterekeeper in Australia;." . (.: - ( (ALVERT'S. CARBOLIC ACID, -tsed L freely about the 'room, completely pre vents contagion from SMALL-POX, fevers, ciholer, scarlatina,.i and, all infectious i dis orders: - -- - - C CALVERT'S- CARBOLIC ACID, 'the ? only d$siaifeotant used. by the:British, French,. Russian, and Victorian Governments. CALVERT'S CARBOLIC ACID is used J in every hospital and by every physician in the civilised world. - ': CALVERT'S. CARBOLIC ACID is a good and safe caustic in carbuncle, soughing sores, fistulm, piles, &o; - CALVERTS CARBOLIC ACID re moves. all.offensive smells from drains, ceospools, or water:closets, ata: nominal cost. CALVER-T'S .CARBOLIC ACID, 'the j best -application -as-a . gargle in sore throat,-diphtheria, ulceerated, month. C ALVERT'S CARBOLIC ACID relieves *' the pain from burns or scalds quicker ban any other remedy. C"ALVERT'S'CARBOLIC ACID, the besti J dressing to wounds, sore logs, ulcers, abscesses, old sores, foul ulcers. CALVERT'S'- CARBOLIC - ACID will prevent dead'bodles from decomposing, and emitting 'anb offjisive' and unwholesome smell. -. . (e [lALVERT'S'CARBOLIC ACID is sold a liy all ohemiss id Tasmania, and whole-. sale only by Hr. TtNxaa de Co., St. John street, agents tor Launceston. rCALVERT'S' OCARBOLIO ACID is' a certain cure. -fori itch, ringworm, scaldd head, and all skin diseases. - r CALVERT'S CARBOLIC ACID makes ,?-the best tooth-wash, removing any bad smell from the mouth, and is an instant cure ,for, toothache. (1ALVERT'S "-CARBOLIO ACID.- .. Pamphlets, with full directions for the use of this wonderful remedial agent, to he btained (free of charge) from' all ohemists.26 P ET. E R M IL .L -S S AROHITROT 'AND, BUILDEB, ice, St. Jui erJol-street - (Above the office of- the -Cornwall Insurance, '.'Company),: Desires to remind the people of Tasmania that he has made arrangements for largely extending his building operations. ;-He is now fully prepared to "enter into corenAcre for the erection of new buildings, or improve ments to existing buildings, either by contract 1 for the work or on coseMasson. Mr. Mills havinig had perbhapse more expe rience in: building than any other person in Tasmanla, emhi refer with confidence to those gentlemen who have employed him for the purpose of ereoting" public or other buildings (no less than 116 in Tasmania). It rday not be generally known that he was articled for seven years to a large bunilder in England, and on improvement was constantly employed for five years in the firm of W. Cunrrr, Esq., of London, at that time: the largest builder in the world.': From the extent of his operations he is in a position to supply building mate riale to thoee requiring his services at a much cheaperratethantheyoan beoobtsi-ed elsewhere. t Having also a thorough practical knowledge of the latest improvements in the mode of aupplying rowmiasre, owaLLcGos, onaEmB, and aacoTrxao lands with running water from a creek or spring, forced up by a Sen? Lrnco A1FiAA'nA?, working day nad night if required,-he is enabled to place houses, dc., in the country on a par for convenience In that respect with those in Lanaceston. (e ( OURT OF REQUESVS OBMS .J complete, on sale at the erassiner -.fce Ftlterpagogtrelt.

IT' ANTED .lafidowners and farmets' td VV l owa that Iiave' tor,?lo,';oly a limited number of:reaping mmchineae, of my own nmake, with all therlatesti improvements. Warranted to oueat -10 nores a 'day with Atwo horses, and out.clean.: i6r prioe 'andito see the same, apply to . . :4 "'v:' " W. H. Krowr, PhmniX Work; 20 ") . '... Wellin'gton-:treet, Lannceston. Tý1HE UNIRSAf, QUARTZ MINING :, .....COMPANY.. -' 2?'? S":' i?':wnr N o.f No. , Po deer? Reef, Nrth, submit -the following proposal tolforma Conm. pany under the" '"Limitedi?Llability:.Aot to work the reef. : :I· '? ;lrs' rn Sumber of shares to"'be 4000; 'tix.,llOa pr abaro; of these 2000 .will he?t?ain by theprosen owners o, laim as,. paid ;up iaree, and 2000 will be allotted, in the ".follo?ving manner:-5s per share on applicationols on allotment; and £1 by'irdmise6ry note at three months. .-. .- . '"~ :.,.., ..' Upon not leossthan' 1000 sbhres- beangi(ap. plied for,'a meeting will be oalledfind provi 'sional directors appointed, by.whotit"the o6s per.share due on allotment and p~oh istiry nodtes' will 'then be received, and with whom the further-carrying-on of the Company will •All expenses prlor to such meeting will be paid by present owners of, oaim, and the first instalment on sharea sold placed to thegredit of the Company, in fall,' ia the Unlion lpnk of Anstralini, the only deduction fron .pit: l of Company belng £300 for w.?rk dgn.e, &o,,5eby owners., Applicatioi for shares to be made to -ill DANIEL $SittDI,: Lannoesatn, e) Agent for owners. S:OUGH ''-NO "MOk?I~"' G- AM 3.E'f8 , ,; lt .C.O.UGH, LOZ;ENIGE'S, 'ecoimmended to a8ll' whoi' are alerifhng from coughs, coldi, . infladnzi;i asthii or bronchitis, as bding the only true re&edy for those diatressing'oomplaints. ' ~ '' To, Mr, H.Gasmble.:' , : tsa,-Tho Cough Lozenges I had from you are far superior to any proparation that I have had, sad I have tried many, .having' ,been a -sufferdi fihm dliaoeid longs and cough for years (one lung com pletely gone).s '`I cannot sauficieiotly 'thank you, for your lozeogos are a remedy of precious value. As this may iafluence others for their good,, yon! are-at liberty to publslish i for I consider them. a public beneft.-Yours obliged, TnouAs 89xaas,' farmer, Black ugar. Loaf, Carrick. ?.'Il SoLD BY AXr.CHOnorsTs & STORPxsxERSL S A'VE,:. Y.O U R'TE T E'TH.-, EXTRACTION RENDERED U E. CESSARY by the, use of WADD ?S ANODYNE, a safe and speedy cure for ,toothache. -r It' was prescribed by the'late Mot Waddell in his hospital and 'pa vate pictotice,' both in England and on thie Conti nent, with the most marked suncess. :.f Sold by L. FAIIrToamR , Chemist, Bole Agent forLannoeston ; Hatton & Laws, Long. ford ' Hart, Orton & Co., Campbell Town. OLD sOREB AND ULD SKIN DIBEAst.B. . The seeds of these disorders are effctually e? polled by this penetrating unguent, not only from the superflcialparts, but from the internaltissuee' like wise. Any case, even if of 20 years' standing, speedily yields to its influence. BRONCHITIS,DIrPioTnsnERIA, BOR THIOAT, ATlIMA, &C. Rheumatism and erysipolas may be overcome'by trequently fomenting the affected parts in warm water, drying, and immdiately applying' this sootL lag Ointment. The some procedure applies' equally well for earing sore throat, diphtheria, bronchibts, aslhma, tightness of the chest, and pain in the side, which instant treatment alone prevents degendrating int moro seriouns maladies. This Ointment, has -the same derivative powers over cheat complaints as abils ter possessos,'without causing pain or debility.' nnEMORRnOIDs--PILE, AND oABseCEes. r Thousandssuferseverely for years from these anno'yIng complaints through false delicacy. Let such purchaeS a pot of Ilolloway's Ointment, read the directions which accompany it, act upon them to the letter. iand heaywill, without dilficulty, snceed in obliterating veory vestig of those harrassing ailments. ,. , ' " AIOODENTAL INJUIUE8s, INPANTILR AILMENT' In cuts, bruises, sprains, burns, audecalds, is willbe found ecoling, sedative, and healing. The part affldtbil 'should be fomented in warm water, dried' gently and the Ointment should be ioanstantly 'appled This -purifying Oiotment may be safely usedln" all eruptions, chalhngs, and other entaneous arlectibon'to which children are liable. . ". o.,"" '"fI BAn LOGS. BAD naIeA?ns. OLD sOREa ALD OLctoB,'t?e By rubbing the Ointment round the affe:ted parts, it penetratesto the tissues beneath,and exerqises a won derful power on all the blood fowing to. and return. leg from the diseased part. The inflammation dim Inishas, the pain becomes leoss intolerable, the matter thicker, and a cure is soon offeeted. In all long stand ing cases, Holloway's Pills will thorouihly 'aepel all depraved humours from the body; ?.:6 "6f GLANDULAR SWELLINOS, STIPT JOINTS. 1.,i'? This class of complaintsyleld without dif8eltyote the cooling and anti.inflammatory properties of. this famed Ointment. It should he well rubbed over the affected parts,afterdue fomentation withwarm water, Its acts by stimulating the "absorbents 'to increased activity, res'raining ulceration, and promoting a fire and copious circulation in tihe parts affected,?'an hence speedilyland effectually ensuring a cure' GOUT, RHn UMATISM, AND PANLraTn .... a Gout and rheumatism arise from inflammbation in the ' part "affectdd t t0-ffect : permaiuient. oue adopt a cooling diet, drink plenty of water, take six of these famous pills night and morning,, and rub the Ointment most effcotoally. twice a day into itho suffering parts, and a cure is certain. The 'paralytic patient should take about three' Pills twice a week and let the Ointment be well rubbed intothe paralyzed limb; which will, in a very little" time, be 'greatly beueoted,-indeed manyo'cures have been"effcoted by thistreatment. ' .. ' .: RIanu ON ON THo n KInas. ' In this class of complaoints, no matter the age, the sex, or she place, or under what name the ' disease may be classified, it may be. cured if this Ointment be well "ubbcd into the system, and Iolloway'aPills taken night and morning to purify the blood. " Both the Ointment and Fill oshid be si?cd is 'Oh followingcages t- "' ' alsaisl Cacers |sraNlpptas. nsa Brseasts Contraetedsod I |orsTteroato Bornl atit Jtotas ' '- hla-dlloaes satnons I lephmlull Ia a 'r ' alt. orseosehetas I Otislas H aors-hess, : . end Saed-ttel ot ts Io PTamoorso. ooc-wba I Olandulaariw Ult ertg onld. " 7?-?ao-toot' I L ago dId e oH g ibltate t Pltes 1Yawl s OtappsJe 1nds 2 BI thumtm t , l 2., " u aorns (5o) i a?dlheade ' 't ' n h? .;' r old at tbshe stablhthme so of -Pto ai?nrsot HioLLowAr, 33 Oxford-street, Londond also ny an respectable Dreggiso andi Dealers In Mredi oides throh tradinghe cl d world, it the oTollofleg prcas i--ls ld.,2, ed 4s. d d., Ild is a nd2 2 each poet. "' " = There is a considerable'aving by talkngthe Largerslzes. . Directions for tho guidance of pationts' too averys disnninO are amlsnd to each Pot. b .".0 ' 2, Prailed and puolio/sed at Lis "LaeUnceaton Romisne" ?team, Ps-iotiog Office, sltuate 'in 0 oieronsri,-eei ' 7nnc'geaton, amnslasio, fl William 'Aicanead. re uidins is Higl*-ota-et, and &a Henry ullaton, idn'd aso, prin "s-, srsdaej sodas Od p ..lr sr'm st'