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Family Notices

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[In order fo guard against imposition, Birth, Marriage, Death, and In Memoriam notices must be authenticated by some reputable person to ensure their Insertion.]

Birth, Marriage, Death, Bereavement, In Memo-

riam, and Funeral Notices, up to 6 lines, 3/ ;

extra lines at 6d.

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BAGNALL (Doris Ward).-On the 18th August, at Lynwood private hospital, North Fitzroy, to Mr. and Mrs. S. R. Bagnall, Greensborough - a daughter (Barbara Anne).

BELL.-On the 23rd August, at Mosgiel private

hospital, Surrey Hills, to Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Bell, Maling road, Canterbury - a son (Colin


BELLHOUSE (nee E. Cheasley) -On the 7th Sep

tember, 1928, at Llandyssil private hospital, Es- sendon, to Mr. and Mrs. B. Bellhouse-a daughter (June Edith).  

BRODIE.-On the 7th September, at Beechmont

private hospital, East Malvern, to Mr. and Mrs. C. S. M. Brodie-a daughter.

BROWNBILL (nee Lorna Pooley).-On the 7th

September, at Mosgiel private hospital, Surrey Hills, to Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Brownbill-a daugh-


BULL (Betty Hosie).-On the 2nd September, at

St. George's Hospital, Cotham road, Kew, to Mr. and Mrs. Eric Bull, of 50 Donne street, Moreland -a .son (Graeme Russell).

CARTWRIGHT.-On the 11th September, 1928,

at Quisisana private hospital, Windsor, to Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Cartwright-a daughter


COOPER (nee Vie Heap).-On the 5th Septem

ber, to Mr. and Mrs. T. S. Cooper, of Paxton street, East Malvern-a daughter (Joy Eliza  


CORNWELL.-On the 12th September, at Sher-

wood, Pascoe crescent, Essendon, to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cornwell-a son. (Both well.)

COX.-On the 9th September, 1928 at Avonhurst,

Queen's road, St Kilda, to Mr. and Mrs. Vivian Cox-a daughter.

DENTRY.—On the 9th September, at Padua House,

Brighton, to the wife of Clifford O. Dentry, 3 Villeroy street, Hampton-a daughter.

EXCELL.—On the 26th August, 1928, at Pendene,

13 Avondale road, Armadale, to Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Excell, of 3 Kelburn street, Caulfield-a daughter. (Valerie Margaret).

GEYLE.—On the 22nd July, 1928, at Commercial

Bank, Berriwillock, to Mr. and Mrs. Vincent R. Geyle-a.daughter (Yvonne Eleanor).

GOW (nee Ivy Forster).-On the 20th August,

at Hopetoun private hospital, Elsternwick, to Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Gow, of Caulfield-a son (John Edward).

HADDOW (nee Alma Haines).—On the 30th July,

at Colaba, Elsternwick, to Mr. and Mrs. N. Haddow, of Gardenvale- a son (Allan Haines).

HALL. —On the 3rd September, at Sister Mary

Maggs's private hospital, Loch, to Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Hall, Woodleigh Vale — a son (Donald


HANGAN.—On the 5th September, at St. Ellen's,

Queen's road, St. Kilda, to Mr. and Mrs. H. Hangan - a son.  

HAYWOOD (nee Flos White). - On the 12th

August, at St. Margaret's, to Mr. and Mrs. Walter Haywood, of 263 McKillop street, Gee- long East -- a son.

HIGGINS. -- On the 18th Seplemher, 1928, to

Mrs. F. W. Higgins, of Wills street, Kew -- a daughter. (Both well.)

HOLT (nee Joy Scurrah). -- On the 19th August, at

Colaba private hospital, Sandham street, Elstern wick, to Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Holt, Hotham street, East St. Kilda -- a daughter (Claire Pat- ricia Joy (Pattie).

JOLLIFFE (nee Emily Annear).-On the 18th

August, at Nurse Surridge's private hospital. Creswick, to Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Jolliffe, Spring-   field, Newlyn -a daughter (Dorothy Winifred).

KITSON (nee Ramage), -On the 31st July, at

Hampstead, London, the wife of Sir Albert Kitson, Gold Coast, (late of Victoria)--a son.

LAIRD.- On the 21st August, at St. Quentin's

private hospital, Ararat, to Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Laird, of Armstrong - a daughter (Jean Elvie).

McARTHUR (nee Marion Guy).-On the 9th

August, at St. Leonard's private hospital, Ultima, to Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Mc.Arthur-a son (John Kenneth).

McDONALD (nee Ive Barlow). - On the 8th September, at Lllandyssil, Essendon, to Mr. and Mrs. H. W. McDonald, of Knight street, Essen- don-a daughter (Merilyn Ivera).

MULLER (nee Pretoria P. Marsh).-On the 6th

September, to Mr. and Mrs. Roy Muller, Nhill a daughter (Pyhllus Elsie).  

PARKER (Elspeth Robertson).-On the 8th Sep

tember, at Madeleine, Royal parade, to Dr. and Mrs. N. J. Parker, Numurkah - a son.

PESCOTT.-Ou the 12th September, at Blackburn

private hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Pescott, Vine street. Blackburn-a daughter (Joscelyn


PICKARD (Isabel Western).-On the 11th Sep  

tember, at Sister Bowler's private hospital, Korumburra, to Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Pickard, of Lynton, Kardella-a daughter.

PICKING.-On the 10th August, at Llandyssil, to

Mr. and Mrs. R. A. C. Picking, 32 Fletcher street, Essendon-a son (Geoffrey Graham).

PIZER.-At St. Margaret's private hospital, Ryrie

street, Geelong, to Mr. and Mrs. G. Pizer-a daughter- (Ilma Joan).      

ROSS (nee Bessie Kortfelt).-On the 5th Sep-

tember, at Goobamadda private hospital, Lorne street, Moonee Ponds, to Mr. and Mrs. A. O. Ross, of Maribyrnong-a son (Alan George).

RUDDLE.- On the 20th July, at Torrington private

hospital, Rochester, to Dr. and Mrs. R. G.   Ruddle, of Elmore - a son.

SHEEHAN.-On the I8th -August, at Trinafour

private hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. W. Sheehan, 59 Buckley street, Essendon-a son (Maurice Francis).              

SPICER.(nee Venie Webster).-On the 10th Sep-

tember, at Windarra private hospital, Williams road, Toorak, to the wife of John Armstrong Spicer-a son.

STOCK (nee Doris Phillips). - On the 6th Sep-

tember, at Lomita private hospital, Park street, Ivanhoe, to Mr. and Mrs. Will Stock-a son Ramon Harry).      

SULLIVAN (nee Q. Mcsweeney). -On the 30th

August, at Milano private hospital, Griffiths street, Richmond, to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sulli- van, Prahran-a son (Francis Patrick).  

WALSHE (nee Hazel Milne).-On the 17th August,

1928, at St. Helen's, Buckley street, Essendon, to. Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Walshe-a son (John       Alexander).

WEBBER (Edith Shelton).-On the 7th Sep-

tember, at Dunstaffnage private hospital, Burwood, to Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Webber, of Hunter   road, East Camberwell-twin sons (stillborn).

WHITEMAN.-On September 13, at Tongala

Memorial Hospital, the wife of Rev. H.  

Whiteman-a son.

WIGHT (nee V. Gray).-On the 30th Septem

ber, at Glenmore private hospital, Emma street, Glenhuntly, to Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Wight, of Greenmount, Yarram-a son (Douglas James).

WILLS (Lillian J. Ross).-On the 5th Septem-  

ber, at St. John's private hospital, Footscray, to Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Wills, of 36 Clive street, West Footscray-a daughter (Lorna Jean).

WRIGHT.-On the 14th September, at St.

George's Intermediate Hospital, Kew, to Lena, wife of Walter E. Wright, of 417 White Horse

road, Balwyn-a daughter.


ABRAHAM-SOLOMON. - [Silver Wedding.]-On

the 16th September, 1903, at the Synagogue, Bourke street, Melbourne, by Rev. Dr. Abrahams, David Leon, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Abraham, to Mary Danks, only daughter of the Hon. V. L. Solomon and the late Mrs. Solomon, late of Adelaide and Northern Territory. (Pre- sent address, Mimi, Eildon road, St. Kilda.)

EDWARDS-SHEERAN.-On the 8th August, at

St. Joseph's Church, Malvern, by the Rev. Father J. Lee, William Joseph, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Edwards, of Darling, to Olive Esther, younger daughter of the late Hugh O'B. Sheeran  

and Mrs. Sheeran, of Malvern.

GEORGE-RENNIE.-On the 3rd August, at the

Marne, East St. Kilda, by the Rev. Allan Steveley, M.A., Ernest Percival George to May


JACK-DARE.-On the 18th August at the Presby-

terian Church, Wattletree road, Malvern, by the Rev. D. Macrae Stewart, Francis Charles, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Jack, of Malvern, to Doris, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. Dare, of Malvern.

JOHNSTON-WADDELL.-[Golden Wedding.]-On

the 13th September, 1878, at Portland (V.), by the Rev. John Bagley, George Henry Johnston to Christina Waddell. (Temporary addess, Linton, Williams road, Windsor.)

KIDD-SCOTT.--On the 11th August, at St. George's

Presbyterian Church, Chapel street, East St. Kilda, by the Rev. W. A. Stevely, Gordon H., eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. D. Kidd, Marys-   ville, Peel street, Windsor, to Linda Constance, only daughter of Mr. R. J. Scott, Hollyburton, Union street, Windsor, late of Bung Bong, niece of Tom Scott (Avoca), cousin of Kate Hooper (374 Punt road, South Yarra), late Colin Ross (Western Australia), and Donald Scott (Perth,

Western Australia).  

McKEE-GRANT.-On the 16th June, at Brighton  

Beach, by the Rev. Jones, Robert Stewart, only son of Mrs. E. M. McKee, Burwood road, Haw- thorn, and the late Mr. J. T. McKee, late of   Maryborough and Rainbow, to Beryl Inez, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Grant, South road, Brighton Beach. (Present address, Manangataug.)

McKENZIE-HOTHAM.-On the 31st May, 1928,  

at St. John's Church of England, by the Ven. Archdeacon Herring, Audrey, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Hotham, Draycot, 33   Ellis road, East Malvern, to Clarence, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. K. McKenzie, Glenview,


McLENNAN-HOPKINS.-On the 16th August, 1928,

at St. Stephen's Presbyterian Church, Caulfield, by the Rev. J. L. King, M.A., Albert James,   third son of Mr. and Mrs J. McLennan, Hamilton street, Gardenvale, to Elsie Lilian, elder daugh-   ter of Mr. and Mrs. W. Hopkins, Otira road,


NOSEDA-EMERY.-On the 11th August, 1928, at St. Columb's Church, Hawthorn, by the Rev.  

D. M. Deasey, Joshua Noseda, of Richmond, to   Ruby May, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Emery, of Hawthorn. (Present address, 47 Liddiard street, Glenferrie.)

SNELL-CLEAVES.-[Silver Wedding.]-On the

16th September, 1903, at Toorak Methodist Church, by the late Rev. J. R. Currie, John Francis, son of the late W. B. and M. Snell, to Ada E. Cleaves, youngest daughter of Mrs. E. and the late J. Cleaves. (Present address, 14 St. Hubert's road, Carnegie, S.E.9.)

SYER-BELL.- On the 4th August, 1928, at St.

Paul's Cathedral, Melbourne, by the Rev. R. Fenwick Brown, Frederick John Daniel, elder son of Mr. and Mrs. F. Syer, of 65 Garden street, Geelong, to Margherita Mary, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. Bell, of 125 Park street, Bruns- wick. (Present address, Wenton House, High street, Echuca.)

UTBER-BROWN.-On the 18th August, at the  

Presbyterian Church, Warragul, by the Rev.

T. C. L. Goble, Arthur Leonard, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Sydney Utber, Leongatha, to Isa- bella Campbell, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Brown, Gainsborough.  

WARD-WAYMAN.-On the 9th June, 1928, at  

St. Paul's Church of England, Fairfield, by the Rev. Mace, Frederick Hugh, elder son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry S. Ward, 22 Bridge street, Northcote, to Maude Dorothea, only daughter of Mrs. and the late Mr. W. Wayman, of Clarke   street, Northcote. (Present address, 366 Clarke street, Northcote.)


WILKIN.-Dr. F. J. and Mrs. Wilkin warmly

thank their many friends who called on them or who sent by letter, telegram, or phone con- gratulations and good wishes on the occasion of their Golden Wedding, September 10.


BASTIN.-On the 13th September, 1928, at her re-

sidence, 40 Marlborough street, Balaclava, Susan, the dearly beloved wife of Edward, loved mother of May Evelyn, Edith, Neill, George, Raymond, Frederick, and Roy Bastin, aged 67 years.

BATSON. -On the 6th June, 1928, at 176 MeKean

street, North Fitzroy, Christina, the beloved wife of Arthur Batson, and loved mother of Muriel, Arthur C, and Alan O., aged 78 years.

God's finger touched her and she slept.

BENNETT.-On the 11th September, 1928 (sud-

denly), at her residence, Norwich, Moe, Sarah Ann, widow of the late George John Bennett, and dearly loved mother of John, George (de-   ceased), Henry, David, Cisa (Mrs. A. R. Good- win), Rosa (Mrs. J. Russell, jun.), Lily (Mrs. Gaunt), Hilda (Mrs. W. O'Shea), Mabel (Mrs. A. Muric), and Haydn, aged 71 years.

At rest.

BENNETT. –On the 11th September, 1928 (sud-

denly), at Moe, Sarah Ann, widow of the late George John, of Education department, loving mother of John, George (deceased), Henry, David, Ciss, Rosa, Lily, Hilda, Mabel, and Haydn, aged 71 years.

Father and mother reunited.

BOURCHIER. –On the 10th September, at Hill

End, James, beloved father of Sarah, Emily, Andrew, Ellen, Flora, Albert, Frederick, David,   James, and Reuben, aged 75 years.  

BROWN. – On the 14th September, at his

residence, 60 Parkside street, Elstern- wick, beloved husband of Mary, and loved father of John J. (Warburton), James and George (Trafalgar), Frank and Allan (Croi- don), Arthur (N.Z.), Stanlev (Kyabram), Emll) (Mrs. Matthews, Yarragon), ' Mabel (Mrs. Fletcher, Elsternwick), Elsie (Mrs. Thornton, Kensington), and Ethel (Mrs. E. Ashby, Tra- falgar), on his 90th birthday.

And the long day closes.

BROWN.-On the 13th September, at Rosemont,

Hartington street, Elsternwick, Bessie Aberdein, dearly beloved wife of Francis A. Brown.

BROWNE.-On the 14th September, at Weerona,

Waverly road, East Malvern, Mary, third eldest daughter of the late Thomas Browne (late deputy superintendent of Port Arthur) and Mary Browne, and beloved sister of Georgina M. Butt, of Dimboola, Mangoplah (N.S.W.), aged 89 years.

BROWNE.-On the 14th September, at Weerona,

Mary Browne, dearly beloved aunt of William (Bindy), Alec, George, and Harry Stafford, Kitty (Mrs. H. Williams), and Edith (Mrs. W. Creigh- ton, aged 89 years. (Remains at Apps and Sons' chapel, 61 Moor street, Fitzroy.)

CALLAWAY.-On the 10th September, John,

of 16 Henderson street, Northcote South, the dearly beloved husband of Janet, and loving father of Janet (deceased), Sylvia, Beryl (de- ceased), and Melva, for many years an employee of MacRobertson's.    

At rest.

CARNEGIE.-On the llth September, 1928, at her

mother's residence, Euroa, Kathrine Mary, be loved wife of John Carnegie, stationmaster, Tun gamah, in her 38th year. (Interred Euroa Ceme- tery.) R.I.P.         CHEONG.-On the 13th September, at Croydon,

Joshua, beloved husband of Daisy Rose Cheong, father of James, Phyllis, Ruth, Mary, Peter, and Gordon. (Private Interment.)  

CHEONG.-On the 13th September, at Croydon,

Joshua, brother of Rev. James, Caleb, Chris- tina, Nathaniel, and Benjamin.  

CHRISTIAN.-On the 8th September, Anne Chris-

tian, of 35 Delbridge street; North Fitrroy, be- loved wife of the late Arthur Christian, and loved mother of Maude, Arthur, Elsie, Mabel (Mrs. R. Fleming), and the late Percy, Edith, and Lily Christian.    

Peace, perfect peace.

CROOK.-On the 14th September, at 101 Vine

street, Windsor, Margaret Crook, dearly beloved mother of Alex., Jack, Arthur, Harry, Phil, and Reginald Browne, and dearly beloved sister of Elizabeth and Tilley Smith, aged 74 years.

CROOK.-On the 14th September, at her residence,

No. 101 Vine street, Windsor, Margaret Clarke Crook, aged 75 years.  

CUPIT.-On -the 7th September, at St. Kilda,

Hannah Cupit, loved niece of Mr. and Mrs. Stephenson, and cousin of Mrs. T. P. Glen, More land road west, Moreland.        

At rest.  

DODD.-On the 14th September, at Myalla, Ade-

laide street, Malvern, Mary Elizabeth (Minnie), dearly loved second daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Dodd, of Beechworth, loving sister of Annie (Mrs. Connolly, deceased), Dick (de- ceased), Eddie, Jack, Rose, Kathleen (Sister M. Cecelia, Colac), Fred, and Eileen. (Privately interred at Beechworth.) R.I.P.    

DODD.-On the 14th September, Mary Elizabeth

Dodd, loving aunt of Dick, Even, Greg, Mary, Lucy, Bubbles, Ted, Kass, Marie, and Pat Dodd.


DODD.-On the 14th September, Mary Elizabeth

Dodd, dearly loved aunt of Marie and Mona Connolly. R.I.P.

DUFFY.-On the 12th September (suddenly), at

Edithville, Traralgon, Elizabeth Jane, the be- loved wife of J. Duffy, and mother of Leo   (Mourilyan, Q.), Edith (Mrs. Draffin), and Ruby (Mrs. Waltham), aged 66 years.  

At rest.

DURRE.-On the 14th September, at Coonara pri-

vate hospital, Elaine Margaret, dearly beloved wife of Henry, and loving mother of Alan and Joan, aged 34 years.  

DURRE (nee Shepherd).-On the 14th September,

at Coonara private hospital, Elaine Margaret, dearly beloved younger daughter of John and Margaret Shepherd (late of Footscray), loved  

sister of Mabel, Vernon, and Jack.

Behind all shadows standeth God.

DURRE.-On the 14th September, at Coonara pri vate hospital, Elaine Margaret, dearly beloved  

sister of Mabel and Will Rutledge, and affection- ate aunt of Gwladys and Mavis.  

Some day we'll understand.

-(Inserted by Mr. and Mrs. Rutledge, 402 Glen- eira road. Caulfield.)

DURRE (nee Shepherd).-On (the 14th September,

at Coonara private hospital, Elaine Margaret, dearly beloved sister of Vernon and Jack, and sister-in-law of Gladys and Frances.  

ESDAILE (nee Solomons).-[By cable.]-On the

12th September, at Brixton, London, Annie, the beloved sister of Abe, Mark, Joe, Katey, and Alf.

At rest.

EVANS.- On the 12th September, at the Caulfield

Military Hospital, Frederick William (Buster), of St. Kilda, third son of the late John D. and Annie Evans, of Campbell street, Eaglehawk, beloved brother of David, Nellie (Mrs. C. E. Davis), Lillian (Mrs. A. R. Stanes, Ararat), John H., Jean (Mrs. G. Walker), Harry, and Gwladys (Mrs. C. C. MacDonald), late of N.Z.E.F. (Auck- land papers please copy.)

EVANS.-On the 13th September, at her resi-

dence, Cloysters, Trafalgar, Emma, daughter of the late Isaac and Sarah Evans, loving sister of Thomas, John, and George (deceased), William, Isaac, and Hannah (Mrs. John Mar tin), aged 62 years.

Rest in peace.

HIBBERT.-On the 13th September (accidentally

killed), John (late A.I.F.), husband of Rose, and loving father of Dorothy (Mrs. Taylor) and Arthur, and father-in-law of Donald Tay- lor, aged 40 years.     HIBBERT.-On the 13th September (accidentally

killed), John, dearly beloved son of the late Elizabeth and John Hibbert, and brother of Annie (Mrs. Munro), Mary (Mrs. Aitken), Elsie (Mrs. Smith), Mabel (Mrs. Watson), George, Harriett (Mrs. Crofts), Alice (Mrs. Smith), and Harry, and beloved uncle of Elsie (Mrs. Booth), Mavis, Gladys, and Allan.  

Loved by all.

HOBBS.-On the 12th September, at the residence

of his daughter (Mrs. J. N. Day), Gordon, Laing street, Mont Albert, John, beloved husband of the late Fairley Gordon Hobbs, aged 84 years.

Loved by all.

HOLT.-On the 6th September, at 42 Armadale

street, Armadale, Amelia Jane, widow of the late Frederick Holt, beloved mother of Edith, Alfred, Alice, Annie (Mrs. Snellgrove), William (deceased), and Elsie, aged 83 years.

With Christ, which is far better.

HUBBARD (nee Vera Batten.) –On the 13th Sep-

tember, 1928 (suddenly), at her residence, Steel's Creek, Vera Albina, dearly loved wife of Ivis, loving daughter of Mary Ann and the late Richard Batten, beloved sister of Lottie, Bob, Harry, Harold, Earnest, Mary, Eric, and Lorna.

Loved by all.

HUBBARD (nee Batten). –On the 13th September,

1928, at her late residence, Sunny Vale, Steel's Creek, Vera, beloved sister of Bob and Pollie, loved auntie of Claude and Leslie Batten,


Loved by all.

KEOUGH.-On the 9th September, Johanna Bevans

Keough, of 150 Mills street, Albert Park, relict of the late Mathew Keough, of Tenterfield, N.S.W., and devoted mother of 11 children. (Private funeral, Fawkner, llth September.)

Requiescat in pace.

KERSLAKE (nee Mannix).-On the 14th Septem-

ber, 1928, at the residence of her parents, 50   Anderson street, North Richmond, Marguerita, the beloved wife of Ernest Frederick Kerslake, and fond mother of Beryl, aged 26 years.

Passed peacefully away.

KERSLAKE (nee Mannix),.-On the 14th Septem

ber, 1928, at her mother's residence, 50 Ander son street, North Richmond. Marguerita (Maggie), loving daughter of Stephen and Mary Ann Mannix, and loved sister of Florence, James, Edith, and Mabel, aged 26 years.  

While she lies in peaceful sleep Her memory we will ever keep.

KERSLAKE. (nee Mannix)-On the 14th Septem

her, 1928 at her mother's residence, Marguerita (Maggie), loved sister of Flo (Mrs. Strachan),     sister-in-law of Jack, and loving auntie of Jack   and Beryl, aged 26 years.

At rest.

-(116 Islington street, Collingwood.)

KILDAY.-On the llth September, at Warragul,

Margaret, beloved wife of Laurence (deceased), and loving mother of Jim, Maisie, Len, Hughie, Jack, Pat, Vera, and Stan, in her 45th year, late

of Yarragon.

Rest in peace.

LEVY.-On the 10th September, 1928, at 30

Palmer street, Fitzroy, Charles S. Levy, dearly loved husband of Emma, and loving father of Lily (deceased), Olive, Doris, Sol., Israel, and Abe (deceased). (Privately interred, 11th Sep-  

tember, 1928.)

God rest his dear soul.

LOYER.-On the 13th September (suddenly), at

her home, 62 Henry street, Windsor, Elizabeth Ellen, much beloved wife of Eugene Loyer, loved sister of Leslie Worley, sister-in-law of Mrs. W.   Hogg, Mrs. B. Davis, Desire, and Robert Loyer. MACKAY.-On the 10th September, at private

hospital, Castlemaine, Charles Lennox, eldest son of the late James and Mary Mackay, Captain's Gully, Newstead, loving brother of Alice, Sarah, Mary, Elizabeth, James, William, and John. (Inserted by J. H. Mackay, 127 Thomas street, Hampton.)  

MATHESON.- An appreciation to the memorv of  

our esteemed vice-president and brother Gael, the late Peter McLean Matheson (from Storn- oway, Scotland, who died on the 7th September,   the result of a motor accident.

Beloved of all.

-(Inserted bv Melbourne branch of An Comunn


MATHESON.-On the 11th September, Murdoch

Matheson, of North road, Newport, the loved father of Alex, Jean (Mrs. Staley), Rene, and   Murdoch, aged 61 years. (Privately interred Williamstown Cemetery, 12th September 1928.)

McALEER.-On the 10th September, at Netley,  

82Tennyson street, Kensington, Patrick William,   son of late Patrick and Julia McAleer, loving brother of Rose (Sister Nerici, Sydney), Kitty, Ella (Mrs. Quigg), Mollie (Mrs. McCurry), James, May (Mrs. Anderson), and Louisa. R.I.P. McAULEY. —On the 14th September, at Bethesda

private hospital, Richmond, Mary Meredith McAuley, aged 49 years.


MCCLELLAND.-On the 11th September at Alfred

Hospital, Jessie Frances, dearly loved friend of Mary Lucas, of 51 Pridham street, East Prah-


Deeply mourned.

McDONALD. —On the 13th September, at Kintale, 5 Flinders street, Thornbury, Kate Boyd, the beloved wife of William McDonald (late of South Morang), and dearly loved mother of Annie (Mrs. J. McCallum), Will (deceased), Hugh (killed in

action), Kath, and Mattie, aged 80 years. A colonist of 76 years.

A life made beautiful by kindly deeds.

McHUGH.-On the 14th September, at 647 Inker-

man road, Caulfield, Mary, relict of the late Patrick McHugh, aged 86 years, R.I.P.

MCLAUGHLAN.-On the 8th September, at her  

residence, 238 Punt road, Prahran, Mary Jane, wife of the late James McLaughlin, and loving mother of Jean, Jessie (Mrs. L. J. Webb), Joseph (New Zealand), James, Henry, and May (Mrs. Goodall).

MCPHERSON.-On the 7th September, at his

residence, Roseneath, Bristol avenue, William

the loving father and father-in-law of May and   William Bell, 43 Maltravers road, Ivanhoe.

Sadly missed.

McVEA.-On the 9th September, 1928 (suddenly),

Minnie Cooke, dearly beloved wife of Robert Morrison McVea, of 17a Lewisham road, Wind-   sor, and loving mother of Tronson, John, Tilda, Gordon, Rhoda, and Neil (deceased), aged 55


Deeply mourned.

MERRETT.-On the 13th September (suddenly),

at lils residence, Springvale road, Tunstall, Henry Arthur, beloved husband of Frances, loving father of Fred, Norman (deceased), and Harold, aged 62 years. MORAN.-On the 8th September (suddenly), at

the residence of her daughter, St. Andrew's   Vicarage, Middle Brighton, Elizabeth, dearly beloved mother of Herbert, Agnes (Mrs. Hewitt), Robert, Alan, Horald (deceased), Eileen (Mrs. Adams), and Marjorie, aged

78 years.

MURPHY.-On the 11th September (suddenly),

780 Burwood road, Upper Hawthorn, Catherine, dearly beloved wife of John Murphy, loving mother of Martin, James, John (deceased), Delia, William, Daniel, Catherine, Margaret, and Mary, aged 66 years. R.I.P.  

Eternal rest grant unto her, O Lord,

And let perpetual light shine upon her.

MYERS.-On the 13th September, 1928, at Tatura,

15 Clark street, Richmond, Slary Ann, tile he. loved wife of the late Matthew Myers, and loving mother of William, Maggie (Mrs. McCracken), Emily, Kitty, (Mrs. Curtain), Matthew, Mary (Mrs. Worley), Lydia (Mrs. Sinclair), and Tom, aged 70 years. R.I.P.

NELSON.-On the 13th September, at 63 Bent

street, Northcote (late of Doreen), Patrick, dearly loved husband of Ellen, and fond father of Mrs. Mitchell, Mrs. Hillman, Mrs. Maid- ment, Mrs. Bucknel, Mrs. Martin, Andrew, Patrick, and Edward (deceased). R.I.P. (In- terred privately, Fawkner Cemetery, on 14th September.)

NICHOLS.-On the 14th September, at Colac,

William James, relict, of the late Elizabeth Nichols, aged 77 years.

May his soul rest in peace.   O'BRIEN.-On the 9th September, 1928, at his

late residence, Butts Hotel, Williamson street, Bendigo, John Reginald Patrick (Reg.), late Clydesdale Hotel, Castlemaine, the dearly loved husband of Nellie (nee Mackin), loved father of Sheila, beloved son of Ellen and the late William O'Brien, and brother of Willie, aged

40 years. R.I.P.

O'BRIEN.-On the 11th September, 1928, at the residence of his son-in-law (Mr. H. Russell), 40    

Leslie street, Elsternwick, William, husband of the late Bridget O'Brien, and loving father of Annie (Mrs. McMahon. W.A.), Jane (Mrs. H. Russell), Rose (Mrs. Mahoney, Coleraine), and Bridget, aged 83 years. R.I.P.   PEARDON (nee Arnold).-On the 10th September

(suddenly), at her residence 3 Logan street, Canterbury, Olga, beloved wife of William James Peardon, and loving mother of Maude (Mrs. Edgar Buley), Clara, and Harold (de-


So dearly loved.

PRATT.-On the 7th September, at St. John of

God's Hospital, Perth, W.A., Josiah, dearly beloved husband of Emily and fond father of Charles, May (Mrs. Fawcett, Melbourne), Ruby (Mrs. Lund, Sydney), Lewis, Ivy. (Mrs. Rodg   welll), and Clarence.  

At rest.

PRENTICE.-On the 14th September, 1928, after

a short illness, William Henderson, dearly loved son of the late James and Jessie Prentice, 135 Barry street, Carlton. (Private funeral. No flowers, by request.) (A tribute of love to dear Uncle Will from his nephews and nieces.) PURDY.-On the 13lh September, at 55 Harcourt

street, Auburn; John, dearly beloved husband of' Annie, and loving father of Ernest M., aged 68 years, late of Dandenong. (Privately in-


QUENNELL.-On the 1st September, at Dunedin,

N.Z., Albert Line, the dearly beloved fifth son   of the late William and Mary Quennell, of Camberwell, brother of Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Walkley (deceased). Mrs. Roach, William (N.Z.), Alice (Mrs. Black), Henry (Adelaide), George (London), Mrs. Migan, Millicent, Alfred, aged 47 years.

Deeply mourned.  

ROSENTHAL.-On the 10th September, at the

residence of her son-in-law (Mr. C. Cripps), 92 Laity street, Richmond, Emily, widow of the late Alfred Rosenthal, darling mother of Emily (Mrs. J. Cripps, Glenhuntly). Rose (Mrs. W. Robertson, Burnley), Mary (Mrs. C. Robertson, Sea Lake), Alfred (Camberwell), and Carrie (Mrs. C. Cripps), aged 71 years. A late resi- dent of Burnley for 25 years.

Father and mother reunited.

-(Inserted by her sorrowing family.)

SHAW.-On the 11th September, Emily Jeanetta (Jean), the dearly loved daughter of Mary and the late Frederick Shaw of 110 Darebin street, Northcote. (Private interment.)

A weary little sufferer at rest.

SIMPSON.-On the 12th September, at Wildwoods,

Church street, Middle Brighton, Jessie, dearly beloved wife of George H. Simpson, only sister of Charles, Curtis, and mother of L. G., Grace J., G. D., Elizabeth, A T., W.M.R., Thelma I.,     R. K. Simpson, aged 64 years. (Privately in- terred on the 14th September, 1928.)  

At rest.  

SIMPSON.-0n the 12th September, at Wildwoods,

Church street, Middle Brighton, Jessie, dearly beloved mother-in-law of Amelia J. Ella, Vera L., and grandmother of Reginald, Jessie, Amy, Ella, George, Grace, Ian, and Heather.

At rest.    

SLACK.-On the 14th September, at Bacchus

Marsh, Alfred, the beloved husband of Margaret, aged 63 years.

At rest.

SOLES.-On the 6th September, at his residence,

Buckley street, Bendigo, George, dearly beloved husband of Alice J. Soles, loving father of Gladys, and fond brother of E. Warren, Ruther-  

glen, aged 62 years. (Camperdown and Ballarat papers please copy.)    

SULLIVAN On the 13th September at the resi-

dence of his niece (Mrs. A. Lewis), 180 Park   street, North Fitzroy, John, loved husband of the late Mary Ann Sullivan, and father of John D. (Kew), Montague (New Zealand), Constance Mrs. S. Jones, Morwell). R.I.P (Privately interred Box Hill Cemetery, 14th.)

SULLIVAN.-On the 13th September, at 180 Park

street, North Fitzroy, John Sullivan, loving uncle of Lizzie (Mrs. A. Lewis) and Arthur,   grand-uncle of Hilda, George, and Jean.

TAYLOR.-On the 10th September, Annie, loved

wife of Les, dear mother of Nancy and Gwenda, loving daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Pawsey, Hall's Gap, Stawell.

At rest.

TAYLOR.-On the 14th September, at the Mel-

bourne Hospital, Edith, the dearly beloved third eldest daughter of Agnes May and the late Edgar Percy, loving sister of Edgar, Edna, Dora, Wil- liam, Mary, and Alsace, aged 20 years.

TAYLOR.-On the 14th September, at Melbourne,

Edith, dearly loved and esteemed employee of Ritchie and Long.

Called to a higher service.

THORBURN.-On the 13th September, at her

residence, Shellhaven, Hall street, Newport,   Alice May, the dearly beloved wife of Samuel Thorburn, and loving mother of Nancy, Kirsy, Alice, and Joan, and loving sister of Henry H. (deceased), Mary, Ethel, Robert, and John Warnock, of Strand, Williamtown, aged 43


THRELFALL.-On the 11th September, at his

residence, Creighton William, the dearly be- loved husband of the late Mary Elizabeth, and loving father of George, Annie (Mrs. Lewis), and   Florrie, aged 72 years.

Deeply mourned.

TREACY.-On the 14th September, 1928, at

the residence of her daughter (Mrs. J. Dunlea), O'Connell Centenary Hotel, Montague street, South Melbourne, Mary Ann, the dearly be- loved wife of the late John Treacy (formerly of Wee-wee-rup), loving mother of Mrs. T. F. Burke, Mrs. D. Peevers, John, Maurice, Mrs.   J. Fay, Alice, Daniel, Mrs. J. Dunlea, and James Treacy, aged 77 years.

Requiescat in pace.

TREWHELLA. - On the 11th September, at

Brighton, Elizabeth Jane Trewhella, loved sister- in-law of Mr. J. Eddy, Malvern.

Beloved by all who knew her.

TRICKS.-On the 10th September, at Toberna,

Malvern road, Armadale, Fredrick Cranch, great grandfather of Bronwyn, Marie, and Denis, in his 93rd year.

TUOMY.-On the 11th September, at her residence,

The Cove, Dandenong road, Windsor, Agnes Mary, beloved daughter of the late Daniel J. and Ellen Tuomy, and dearly loved sister of Mary, Lillian, and Fabiola. (Privately interred

St. Kilda Cemetery, September 12.)

Requiescat in pace.

TUOMY.-On the 11th September, at The Cove,

Dandenong road, Windsor, Agnes Mary, loved sister of Josephine (Mrs. F. J. Coles, Arma- dale). R.I.P.

TUOMY.-On the 11th September, at The Cove,

Dandenong road, Windsor, Agnes Mary, dearly loved sister of Gertrude (Mrs. Duncan McLen- nan), and affectionate aunt of Don and Patty.


TUOMY.-On the 11th September, at The Cove,

Dandenong load, Windsor, Agnes Mary, beloved   sister of Clare (Mrs. A. J. Conquest, E. St. Kilda), and devoted aunt of Dan, Jack, and

Jim. R.I.P.

TUOMY.-On the 11th September, at The Cove,

Dandenong load, Windsor, Agnes Mary, loved sister ot Winifred Keely, und loving aunt of Mollie and Kevin. R.I.P.

VAUGHAN.-On the 29th August, at her home,

130 Maude street, Shepparton, Euphemia Vaughan, bom 22nd April, 1849, at Kangaroo Ground, Eltham, fifth child of Samuel and Judith Furphy, colonists, March, 1844.

WAGNER.-On the 4th September, 1928, Isaac  

Henry (Harry), dearly loved husband of the late Sarah Wagner, of 163 King street, Mel- bourne, loved brother of Raie (Mrs. T. R. Har- rison), Nancy (Mrs. C. C. Walters), Evelina (Mrs. D. Ross), and Florence (Mrs. Suhr). (Port Fairy papers please copy.)

.One of the best.

May his soul rest in peace.

WALL.-On the 14th September, at his residence,

Fairholm, 6 Hood street, St. Kilda, George Henry, the dearly beloved husband of Mabel Wall, and loving father of Irene, Lionel, and Marjory, aged 55 years.  

WALL.-On the 14th September, at Fairholm,

Hood street, St. Kilda, George Henry, loved hus-   band of Mabel, eldest son of J. H., and Ellen Wall, of Luxor, Bell street, Heidelberg; brother of Harry, Rose, Bob, Grace, and Will.


On Active Service.

DAVIDSON.-In loving memory of Captain F.

Stanley Davidson, 2nd Field Co., Australian Engineers, killed in action, Roisel, France, September 15, 1918, loved son of Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Davidson, Torquay, and brother of A. L. (Colac), V. L. (Geelong), and J. H. (Wagga).

IN MEMORIAM. On Active Service.  

FRASER.-In loving memory of our dear Jack,

killed at Ypres on September 16, 1917.

Loving memories of one so dear.

-(Inserted by his loving parents, sisters and


FRASER -In loving memory ot my dear brother,

Jack, who was killed at Ypres on September  

16, 1917.

Thoughts return to days gone past,  

Time rolls on, but memories last.

-(Inserted by his loving sister and brother-in-   law, Lottie and Les Worrall.)

McLENNAN.-In sad and loving memory of our    

dear son and brother, Angus Ewen, who died   of wound received at Lone Pine, September     16, 1915, aged 19 years.

Cherished memories.

-(Inserted by his loving parents, brothers, and   sisters, Stanhope.)

ALLISON.-In memory of our dear brother, T. H.

Allison, who passed away on the 15th September,    


Remembrance.   BOXSHALL.—In loving memory of our dear son

and brother, Roy, who passed away on Septem- ber 15, 1927.

Just a line of sweet remembrance of a son and

brother true;

Time and absence cannot sever our loving  

thoughts of you.

-(Inserted by his loving mother, father, bro-  

thers, and sisters.)  

BURCHILL.-In fond memory of my dearly loved    

husband, George Odell Burchill, who passed away at Box Hill on September 18, 1927. (In- serted by Priscilla J. Burchill.)

CAMPBELL.-A loving tribute to the memory

of our dear mother, Elizabeth Blanche, who passed away on 14th September, 1927, at St. Ivans, E. Malvern. (Insertad by Vera and Percy Pike and family, E. Malvern.)  

COLLINS.-In loving memorv of dear father, who    

passed away September 15, 1923; also dear   mother, who was called home April 22, 1924. And with the morn those angel faces smile

Which I have loved long since, and lost awhile. -(Inserted by their loving daughters, Mollie

and Maisie.)

COLLINS.-In loving memory of our dear father,

who passed away on the 15th September, 1923.

To-day recalls sad memories Of our dear one gone to rest. -(Innerted by Jack and Zet.)

CROPP.-In loving memory of my dear father,

who passed away on the 15th September, 1927.

Deeply and dearly missed,

Though lost to sight, to memory dear.

-(Inserted by his daughter, E. Hooper, Have-


EVANS.-In loving memory of May C., wife of

Frank S., and fond mother of Lynda, Jim, Owen, Faith, Stanley, and Nancy, who passed away September 15, 1923.

Our darling mother, Ever remembered.  

FAWCETT.-In loving memory of our dear father,

Septimus Fawcett, who passed away on 16th     September, 1925, at Numurkah.

Ever remembered.  

-(Inserted by his loving son, Sep., danghter-in- law, May, and grandchild, Irene, Upper Haw-


GUY.-In cherished memory of my beloved par-

ents, Thomas and Catherine Guy, late of Daisy

Bank, Korumburra.

Your treasured memory stays,  

A legacy whose fragrance ne'er departs;

Death, though it has snatched you from my gaze,

Is powerless to erase you from my heart.

-(E, Mills, Mayfair Court, East Melbourne.)

HARMAN.-In sad and loving memory of my

dear wife, Lydia, and darling mother, called to a higher life on September 7, 1926.

Sadly missed.

-(Inserted by her loving husband and daugh-

ter, Selina.)

HERMON.-In loving memory of our dear son,   Lance, who passed away September 16, 1923.  

We watched beside your bedside

As the lonely hours passed.

And how our hearts were breaking

As we watched you breathe your last.   Not dead to us that loved him,

Our son just gone before;

He lives with us in memory still,

And will for evermore.

-(Inserted by his loving mother and father.)

HERMON.-In loving memory of our dear brother,

Lance, who passed away at Yarra Junction, 16th

September, 1923.

A beautiful memory left behind

Of a wonderful brother, so true, and kind. We have lost, but Heaven has gained,   One of the best the world contained.

His was a nature you could not help loving,  

A heart that was purer than gold.

And to those who knew him and loved him

His memory will never grow old.

-(Inserted by his loving sister and brother-in law, Hilda and Frank Bell; also his three little nieces, Lorry, Joyce, and Dorothy.)

HERMON.-In loving memory of my dear brother,

Lance, who passed away on the 16th September,


A beautiful memory left behind

Of a loving brother, so true and kind,

I have lost, but Heaven has gained,  

One of the best the world contained.   I know you suffered pain, dear brother,    

It made me weep and cry  

To think I could do nothing,

As I slowly watched you die.

And all that is left, dear brother,

Is to go and see your grave.  

For in that I know you are sleeping

The best brother God ever made.  

-(Inserted by his loving brother, Ronald—


HERMON.--In fond and loving memory of my

dear brother, Lance Hermon, who passed away at Yarra Junction on the 16th September.  

Years may pass and bring their changes Fresh with every coming year. But your memory will be cherished

In the hearts that loved you dear.  

Your life was full of love and labour, And two things stood out alone —Kindness in another's troubles,

Courage in your own.

Beautiful memories of one so dear       Treasured still with love sincere;

Always loving, generous, and kind.

It's hard in this world his equal to find. God saw that his heart grow weary,

And the road had grown too steep. So He put His arms around dear Lance

And bade our loved one sleep.

—(Inserted by his loving sister, Eva.)  

HERMON.-In losing memory of our dear brother,

Lance, who passed away September 16, 1923.

Calm and peaceful he is sleeping,

Sweetest rest has followed pain;

We who loved him sadly miss him,  

But trust in God to meet again.

-(Inserted by his loving brother and sister-in   law, Allan and Vera, and loving nieces Doris and Myrtle Hermon.)

HODGETTS.-In loving memory of my dear hus-

band and our father, William Booth Hodgetts, who passed away peacefully at Landsborough on the 18th September, 1927.

His memory, still so sweet and dear, We treasure still with love sincere.

-(Inserted by his loving widow and family.)

HODGETTS .-In loving memory of our dear father

and grandpa, William Booth Hodgetts, who passed away at Landsborough on the 18th Sep-

tember, 1927.

God called you home, it was His will.  

But in our hearts you are living still;   Your memory is as dear to-day

As in the home you passed away.

My dear Da, at rest—Nancy.

-(Inserted by his fond daughter, Florrie, son- in-law, Jack, and granddaughter, Nancy.)

HUMPHRY.-in loving memory of my dear wife,

Alice Martha, and our loving mother, who pissed away (suddenly) at Kew, on September 13, 1926. -*

INNELL-In fond remembrance of my brother,  

John, who died on the 16th September, 1921.

God rest him. -(A. E. Innell.)

ISBISTER.-In sad and loving memory of my

dear wife, and our dear mother, who passed away on the 15th September, 1927.

A wonderful mother, so good and rare,  

The trials she went through few could bear;

She never complained, she was not that kind, One of those mothers hard to find.

-(Inserted by her loving husband and children, 111 Empress avenue, West Footscray.)

ISBISTER (nee Farleh).-In lov ing memorv of our

dear sister, Nell, who departed this life 15th I Peptember, 1927; al«t> our deur mother, died ISth

April, 1S9S; also our dear bl other. Dort (late A.I.F.), died of woundn, 20th September, 1915.

One bv one our loved ones leave u_,

Loving heart« whot-e race is run; Thus our cherished circle nairowr,

Going a-i their work Is done.

-(Inserted by A. and F. Cox, I. and J. Gleen- wood, and families.)

KEANE.-In fond memory of Poppy, dearly loved

and devoted daughter and e-ister of Ii. J. and C. Keane, who parsed away (September 11, 1922.

F.ver remembered.

-(In«,eitfKl by her loving parents and brother)

KEANE.-In loving memory of my dear sihter,

Foppj, who departed this lift' on the 11th .Sep-

tember, 1922.

Alwijn fond memories.

-Omened by her hrotht.r und sistcr-in law, Cedric and 1'oppie Keane.)

KNIGHT.-In loving memorv of our dear mother,

who difd on fcepUmbtr lo, 1927. (ImerteU bv her loving son and daughter-in-law? George

and Mabel.)

MADDOCK (uro Anhtr).-In loving memory of

Hilda, the darling .Mer of Alice (Mrs Wood). AiiiKe (Mrn. Hammett), Mihi (Mr«. Ridgway), IVicv, Curl, Kleie Olí««. Clarke).

Our (leisured aNter.

Mis_Ing, ves, for all time íni^siug.

MADDOCK.-In memon of the dejroM uuntie of

Jack, Ahn, Jnjce, Nellie, Jack; bhirlev, Peter,

loving ami kind lunUc Hilda.

-(Incerted bv air«. L. R, HammHt, ¡ÎS Gren- ville street, Hampton.)

MARSH -In loving memory of m_ darling fithrr,

who pvsfd awjv on'the loth September,


Remembrance U the golden chun

Time tries to break, but trien in vain;

Five .veáis have pn«sed, rov heart still _ore; As time goes on I mips nim more.

-(Inieitt-d b> his loving daughter, Myra.)

MARSH -In to\ing m» ruory of'our deir father,

who pa«*od away on Sepiember 15, 1923.

Gone from us that smiling face,

Thrwe pUiMint, cheerful wavhí

Th*» heart thit won so many friends

In In gone hapr»v ds.vs

So fiulfy miwd

-(Inserted by hu loving daughter and son-in law, Ella and Claude Tully.)

MARSHALL.-A tribute of love to the dear memory of my loving husband and our dear father, Charles, who departed this life Septem-

ber 15, 1927.

-(Inserted by his loving wife and daughters, Dorothy and Annie - Mrs. Forbes.)

at Ormond.

Sadly missed.

-(Inserted by his loving wife.)

MEREDITH-HALL.-In loving memory of my dear

husband and our father, who died on the 14th   September, 1927. (Inserted by his wife, sons,

and daughter.)  

MORGAN.-In lov hu tnnimrv of mv dear and  

loving husband. William Richard Morgan, who parsed aua; 15th September, l,l2".

Ever remrmbercd.

-(In«, rt^d by his loUng wife, Sarah Morgan,

and famil.v.)

PIERCE.-In loving memory of,our dear father,

James William, who pvscd away September 15,


L'util the div breaks \nd the rfiadovis flee.

-(InserlKl by his dnughtcis, Ethel, Oaliy, Olive, Pearl, and Annie.)


PIERCE-In remembrance of our father Janies

nilli im who | unod auaj 15th Vptunber l'»27 (In«crled bj his daughters Mrs Taylor and

A Pierce )

ROWE -In Invit g memon of in\ dear bulbin 1 j

«nd our deir Jalur Richard Riwc, \ ho im* cd a\\i¿ on the Kith beftetnbir 1^-7

Cultn mid peaceful ho is sleeping,

*»wcotest rest hat followed pain, We who loved him padlj mips him.

Hut trust in Gol to meet apaln -(Ins i^ed lj his widow and children)

RUFFELL -In loving memory of our dear mother            

Emily Ruffell, who passed away September 16,   1927 at 56 Manningtree road Hawthorn : also

our loving father. Richard William Ruffell, who passed away September 11, 1928.  


-(Inserted by sons and daughetrs.)    

SATCHELL.-I» loi In? rooinon of our dear]

mathir Mho passed avvaj on the 13ih fceptcin*

l»er. lili"

-.(IiiM.ited bv h*T loving dauchttr and son in Jju V ind \\ lull, and family )

SAUNDERS-\ trnmte of Ino to the cherished |

iivmon of our devot id omi h r who pis nivaj at Cant rbun r-\\ l>th *» ptimber 1J <Uer nflutlonate dm. ter* Ula mid Bel)

**\LM>FH->-In -loiinp mernoo of im dear I

moi her, Ualejli Munder-', who pas ed awav at Camtrburj, «september In, VC1 (Iiistrted by her loving daughter, Htie )

SPENCER - In l>itng memon of cur devoted I

mother, who pihs<s| awn Ut September. 1**1I. I also our darling father, who laased awav loth I fceptemb*r, 1*23

Loving memories

-(Insertrd by their loving faniih )

TAYLOR -Tn lov Ing remembrance oi nij dear j    

father, who passed awa> September 14, 1*^6

Fur fondlv r membcred

-(Inserted bj hu» loi ing daughter, Lena )

TERDICH- In loving memon of our dear father,|

John, who issued uwai on the Sth September, 1923 (Inserted bv his loving faniili )

WHELAN -In lovinc memory of our dear mother, \

who died on the Ibth September, 1927

.»liort ind Midden was the mil,

\oiir sudden death was o shoe* to all, "\ou bade no one a last firewell, "Von said good Inc to none,

lour «pfrit fled before we knew lhat from us j ou had gone.

-(Inserted by her loving foii and daughter in law. Les and Man, and granddaughter.

Pauline )

WILKINS -In loving niemorv of our dear little

grandson, Ronnie, who died (the neult of n accident) at Ringwood on the 15th Scptcmbu


Another little angel gone to heaven

-(Inserted bj Grandma and Grandp i \\ ilk ins ) I YOUNG -In loving memorj of our dear mother,

LlJtibcth loung who passed *iv,aj loth ^tp timber, l'HM), aluo our di ir father Hoheit loung, who pitted iw i\ 12th June, 1¡5*5

Ri unite 1

-(InsTti-d bj lüelr lovim, fnmilj )


A MM RSOV- Mi*. R AMJLRSOV and Farailv ?*?*. desire to exprese tbclr sincere Til \Mvb to all kind friends and i ela tites fir letters, cards, telegram«, mid flornl tribute« in th» ir rceent snd bereavement especial li thanking Di ^nvlo^ und Sister I ren for their khidne s and attention Almora lodi _ _ _

BAIRD-Mr P1T1-R HURD decres to express

biri Kfucue HUNKS to nil relatives and kind

iriendfl for floinl tributes, letter:, cards nnd tel#»

grams In his sal and suddui bircavement. Will' ull aeei pt thin in a p< rtwnal acknowledgment of gntltude Newri utreet North HUrov_ T3ALE-The ^ons and Daughters of the late b ' -1-* B\ir desire to sineirtjj THANK their nuuy Und fi h nds and relative» for letter«, cards, tele. grails, perfiona] visits and beautiful lloial tributu also to think Rev \oung, St Thomas C I , M

It Kerr, Ur Heming, SUter Newnham of «troth r\Te, and members of the fratuidon Bowling Glub, >frs Pain (Gn den street) Mr Riley (Ardoch Ftrtet) for the, greit respect tdiowu to oui dear lather in our ret-cnt Fad bcreavtment C5 Market

trcet r «jw iirton _ _

BMINLTT- Mrs V 0\MDLU defires to _

pt^s h^-r Fínecre TH \NKS to itU 1 Ind friends1 und i ela ti irs for letters cards, telegrams, and pirron ii expreß lons of P\mpathv in her recent td and widden bLrtavrnunt Darra, Hilda btrcit,

ast Maliern


iloril tribut» *, during hrr recent mû bereav e mont in tlie ln-w of her diar friend Matron Clilnn Cottrge by Hie S.n Quecn^elÜF

COVltS-Mr and Mrs (. COV1LS dc-*iic

(jtnrtsa their sincere THINKS to their mini j tin! friends md relative* for parson ti eMrtssioii« of (tjmpathv, It tien», telegram,,, cikU, und tlonl tributen in their recent Mid benavemeut, es mehllv tlunkinrf l)r McCuttlunn, Mu. Hird, \frs lt\an, and the Rev liaiiks foi then lind

DOOL\ - Ile MUih J md \ Ui)OL\ desire

lo THANK all kind friciuh and ninth es for floral tribuUs, card*. letter^ anî ttlegntni!. In their leeent fid bu-caviiiient AV ill i\\ pleine a»

cept this as a personal aekno s le Jgmcnt 61 Hvde street Voot^enj

GLOVER -The Family of the late Mrs. GLOVER        

deMre to ccrrcvi their blnceie lIIVNhS to al] friends for letter", tirds ttlegrim« llcnl tributen, and peí muI vi-it< in their incnt fad double Vrrav.ment Mill all ice. p* this is n jerf-onj] ael nowleflfmi^nt of tur deep*st ¿ralltude 8 Moore street Coburg.    

Gil W -Mi-, 1 i (.HU anl Diughins h sue

lu e\)re* thei- dm tro rillMvS to «11 nlativeb and fiiepds for llora 1 U i but h 1 Mc» ennis te'i "mm at i* \ cr on il exprewsioi s oi h>m|Jt' v i, tlu Ir îei nt VI1L all please ueci pt tin a-* u pcrhoiul acknowl Igmeiit


HL\NH - lite \\ if* and Fjuiib ni I )c U*f>

Mt 1 MLAhhX desire t, cxprcti« th ir -dneen TIHNhs to u!I lind rtlatlMs and friends for their floral tribut» >. Utters, cards and tel» "rams ind icr'onal i xpre^blonu of ivnipathj in ihel- rxent --jd bereivement Will al accept *'"?" personal iirknoulodgment

Í\COU^ -riif J-amil, of the lite \Irt \

I VCOU^-Mr *. JaeoM, Mrs Iï iVirlman and fimilj, Mi-s M lacobP, Airs. *. Cohen and Oiughter, and Mr-» ^ I hillips and Children defire to TIUNK their relatifs and irienda for letttrs and telegrama durln0 tlielr ice nt cid be reavcmeiit Will ill pleine accept (bia js un es pies^ion of gratitude 13 Mackenzie .?tied, Mel

Ki \NI -Mr and Mrs M IiTVNL mi ramilx

desire lo TIIVNK all kind frli mis and nlu tin» for their floral tribute«, tek^nu^ httti eai*ds and p r^onal expirr*Ions if Finn tthv in tin Ir rccdit and sad bereavement Will all llejgi. acrcpt thih is a j irson ii icknow Icdgment oi let-pest gralilule li Mivflell street. J- ibt '-I



desire to eKpiess tlieir uneere TUAN Kb to their inanv kin 1 iii nds an i nltthm f r mimi rous t iTxh httirM ulegrams and \ en-otml e\piecfihns of M-miuthv and Itautiful flor ii trihutui rereiicd during th*-lr re* «it mi! lxrtiv ment »Ino to thank Dim tors Macdonald and Higenauer and siMrr Carr Will ill j leifie accept this aa i per^oml aeknow lcdgnifnt \oiit &tn t bile Gin»!»id

AfU IlMtll.Iiril li VOKINS d*»nr*s to express -*»?*. hin »hie re VPPllbCIMION to ins rdativcH and friends tor their kind ex, regions ot Bvmpallij

cards lctteiit, and lion] tribuí»r during bit. re< pnt sad iwn avf meut, al-o ( oburj, md <l

Kildi ILip(M Churches and Wi'dderbuni Church of Christ Will ill pka e occei t this as a per

1< Jtfrmnt li Tto^trs strict Coburg


ÏÏ K1NM)N md rurniU d «ire lo rilVNK ill - - kind ti lends and rcl ilium, lor MIcip eird-* and personal evpre *-ions o( svmpatln in tin It

I boreav ement. 2bl li n klj être et, at

["VfR I 1 MtlYUim uni I imlU wif-h to

? .*."?*- Tll\NIv tit* ïr m»it> fríen K for ixpre^lou.

of fijmpatlij, leiters, l«lei,iiiins and Iloru.1 til ¡butti* m their if» nt sad b Kin ment

MR* MVKTIN and 1 amili desire to TILVNK , «Il kind friends and rolitiveá for i«kgiann

letters nil-., floral tribute«! and pt rona 1 exprès Ulon<î of v,mp.itln during thtlr rece it sid b(reave ment, eip cialh thanking Pr ^ilceba for bin kind ani uniemitting benlee^ aUo Rev JI J 'Williams Will all please accept this as a p r.

coral ai knouledjgient of th Ir deepest grati tude IU Piamrosp stre* t y srndon

\tn^ G HICIU^ anl Iimilv d<^lre lo e\ ITJL pre«s th ir slneeie TIMNhS to all kind friends and lelalim for all tlonl tribute«., let tere, enids teh grams and rcisonal eiprefrfions of sjmpatliy in their r*ccnt nd bereavement and partinilarlj to Dr 1 Graves for his kind at tenijon -H ^bethel I street fobiirg

"ItRS HO ItmSNVN and lîiuj-hte

i-'-l- to return TiltMtS to then manj kind friends for their floral tributes, tdegrim> and letters of sjmpatln, during tin ir recent hil here ivt ment, tupicialh (o th< Rev 1 ither C.eogh*rtan, Pr MeMihon, Mrs Rudt,e Mr" \lkn nnd Mr and Mrs, f Gardinrr of 1 ilgrv ih mid Kew

Aflt^ HOSStNCh and Inimh. dtsire to 1II\NK -l-'-l ill kind filen is and rclntfonR for tlonl tributes, letters tardo, telecrnms, and exprc-aioiiK e f si mpntliv in tlu ir recent mi! bert tv ement Huthcrlic, Iii Rvrie street Geelonir

MRs Gil VRIIS DV\ uni r imUv di-in

ixpnmi theil sincere THVNKs to »11 kind friend« and * ' ' "" * *-?"--' ? '?.

t< 'em ii. lu their


\V MAINIIWI, dc,irps lo TIUNK li r (iv Kimi frkn Is ff>r lliclr sjiiipiitln ind iooune=v lo Inr iliiiini? litr ruent sai birtivt

ini-iit Mihi i i If f' S'y_

MRS iLlMOIlt Mowin} lit, FlKnl .1 Ihv

strict lliihlil in inmolv THVNKSrlitlv < and iriiiuls for lliclr c\ir, Ioih of svinjatliv

1 flonl ti ibiilfs In hpr r i n\i fi I 1 iss oí N i.~ - IJOSTIN - rill- SistiTh of I!«> lil, Mr\ V M

? l'OMIN nlso rntnllv of sim", ii silt lo i\ pross siniirr. TIHNhS to iclntlvrs liinil fnuula for v Mt», lctlrrs I »kgraros oirds floral trilmtfs and pfrsoml o\|iri"<^ions of svmi. ltliv rn^lvctl ilnr in¿ llirir rccrnt ml hu lil n orrrnv nirnl WIN ill j Insf ice pt this as i privonnl e\i r, ?«ion of our (1 ppost gratitud*1 Ec/Inile, Durwood avinuc,

liOUlltTs- Sir« T lUIHLRI-. doues to c\ .1» pn->s h"r sincere IHWkS to ill kind ida

tlves in I friends for telecnmi and letter* of svnipalhv In hit leeent sad b rfivein nt VII! all pleise accept this is a penonul ai-knowk 1Q nient W.velillelln_ Smrnwoon-Mi« \ r~snTni«oon ani

rimllv d-slr> to TIHMi ill lull fikiuN and relatives foi floral tributes letters, card«, mid lelepnms and expressions of svmpitlw In their reei nt md bereavement eppenllj thank'nir Pr Halford directors and omploiees of Ilrooks llobin«on and Co Vri rom«, Mrs lewis and Mrs l'lgott Mill all hind frlenils plelfo ace pt this nfi a peri-onil aeknovvîedçinent of our deepest emtlhide 12 Oortlon grove Mflhein_


B\MI\ -The I i lends of Mr 1 UN Mil) ItVSTIS

ure iivfoinu 1 tint the minina of lils late b.lov I wlfo will be lui ntd in Hie ClicUuiliim


ii Inn ni Is iu" lui I to nive ti ni hi ,.., lenee \o 10 M irlborouph sir ct llihtlavi 1 III- DU C-Jtuidiiv 13Mi fcepteinlicr, l'i.^), a

AIT-t \M) Hl\h rn lill Lnleilafers Phones Win 70 and 71


ljno,H,^Th<! r!,mU "' Mr. francis a. , , . """"S ?re Informed Hut the remains of his Ule beloved wife will bo interred in the Brigh-

ton Cemetery, ..

Tlie funeral is appointed to move from lil. rMiknrs". Host mont, 1,1 Hartington slrreL-Klstcrn. »k1., THIS DAY tSatui'daj-, September IB), at

PTY. LTD., Undertakers.

BROWNE.-The Funeral of tlic late Mi»» MARY

BROWNE, will lease St. Murk'» Anglican Cliurcli. Oeorso street, Fitzroy. THIS DAY (Satur dn.v, 13th September), at 10 minute» past 4 o'clork for tile Melbourne Cemetery,' Carlton.

APPS and SONS. Tel. J1H3 (tu o Unes).

CROOK. - The funeral of MARGARET CROOK

will leave the residence of Mr. J. Browne, Chapel street, East St. Kilda, tor interment in tlie Springvale Cemetery, at 10 a.m. THIS DAY


APPS and SONS, Undertakers, High street,

St. Kilda.

"TJURRK.-The Friends of Mr. HENRY PURRE .*-' are informed that the funeral of lii_ líelos ed wife. Elaine, sa ill move from his residence. 25S Carlisle street. East St. Kilda, THIS D V.Y (Satur das,), at 2.30 p.m., for the Springsale Cemetery.

HintlEIiT.-The Friends of the lato Mr. JOHN

HIRBERT, late A.I.K., are respectfully Invited lo follow his remains to the place of interment, "ie Fawkner Cemetery.

The funeral will leas-e his 6tsfer's residence . Ir«. Munro, IS Jenkin street, Korthcotp), THIS DAY (Saturdnv, liith September), at 1- P-m

J. FERGUSON and SOS. Funeral Directors, GrO High 6treet, Thornbuiy. 'Phone N'coto lui.

ENDRY.-The .Frieiuls of the late Mrs. MARGARET IIENDRY, widow of the late


Mr. James liendry. of Bridgewater, are Informell tint her funeral will take place on Sunday after« noon, ICth September, leasing her late residence, Doasaííe, Bridgewater, at 3 p.m., for the Bridge s.-ater Cemetery. ?

PIXELLE and MUl.qUEEN, Bciidlgo, in con Junction with KAYBOULD11, .Funeral.Directors,


. \ ...

KERSLAKE (nee Mann!*). - The Friends of

Mr. ERNEST'rilKPBRIOK KERSLAKE arc respectfully informed that the remains of his beloved wife, Murguciita, will bo interred in the Cheltenham Cemetery.

The funeral srill leave the residence of her parents. 60 Anderson street, North Richmond. THIS DAY (Saturday, loth September, Ü128), at 3 o'clock p.m.

JOHN ALLISON, .Undertaker, head office, Web mond (toi., J100Í).

MCAULEY.-The Friend« of the late Mrs. MARY

MEREDITH ".MCAULEY are respectfully In. sited to follow her reinaina to tho place of Inter- ment, the Coburg, Cemetery. '

'The funeral svlll leave her Into residence, Mia Ml«. Union 6ireet, Brunswick, on Monday, Sep- tember 17, at 11 o'colclr.

.JOSEPH ALLISON; Undertaker, 500 Mt. Al«. under road. Moonee Ponds. Tel. FlTo-fil. .

MCDONALD. - The Mends of Mr. WILLIAM

MCDONALD are respectfully invited to folios the remains of his dearlv llelovcd ssife to tho plac of -delmont in the Strathallan Cemetery.

Ihe funeral ia oppolnted to mose from his resi- dence, Klntiile, Ii Flinders street, Thornbury, THIS DAY (Saturdaj), at 2.30 o'clock.

MERRETT.-The Friends of the late Mr. HENRY

ARTHUlt MERRETT aro respectfully In- formell that his remains will be interred in th. Box lilli Cemetery. ' ,

- The tuneml is appointed to leave Iii. late i

duice, Springsalo road. Tunstall. 1H1S "DAY (Satunlny. September 15), at 3 o'clock p.m.

A. W. PADBURY and Co., Funeral Directors, lUiile llor-e road, Bo.\ Hill; and Kew. 'Phone Bos Hill HO._

mains to the Boroondara Cemetery, Kew.

Ihe funeral 'sill lease her late residence. Tatura, 1.1 Claik EtretI, Richmond. THIS DAY (Saturday, 15th Sentemli, r, IKS), at halt-past 3 o'clock.

LE PINE and SON, Funeral Dlici.tors. Tell. JJ 111, 11 iw, S13.

orOIIRC JAMES, Undertaker, Colac. Te!. T.2.

AM O'BRIEN arc Informed that his ..Ill be Interred In the Brighton Cemetery. The funeral will lease St. Joseph's B.C. Church, On one road, Elsternwick, THIS DAY' (Saturdns-,

the 15th September), at 11

l,t» « vivtv nn,l niitCfsv It

the remains of her dearly belosed third eldest daughter, Agnes May, to tho place of interment,

Ihe Cheltenham Cemetery,

Ihe funirjl svlll lease her residence, Edgarleigb, tSl Clarke street, Northcote, THIS DAY (Saturdaj, IGHi Siptembor). at 2 30 pm.

V. FERGUSON. Vuneral Director, cor. High nml Junes streets. Northcote. Tel. N'fote ffl.

T'HORBUIIN. - The Friends of Mr. S\MUEL .*? 1HOÜ1IURN (mnniger of Shell Compans-, Ncsspoit) are respectfully Insltcd to folio v tlic .vTiilins of his late dearly beloved wife, Alice Mar, to the plicc of interment, the Williamstown


The funeral is appointed to lease his residence,   Shellhaven, Hall street, Newport. THIS DAY (Saturdaj), at 2 p.m.  

T'HOHBURN.-i:\cc_lor Lodge of Industry, No

Iii, A.F. and A. Masons, Vic-Officers and Brethren of the above Lodge are respeetfullv illfonned tint the beloved wife of our Isteemed Nor. Bro, s. Thorburn, P.J.G.D.. will tie interred in the Williamstown Cenleterj*,

The funeral will leave his residence, Shellhaven, Hall street, Newport, THIS DAY (Saturday), at 2 p.m.


T. J tMKS. P J fi.D , Secretary. VFIJ.ON BRO', Funeral Dires tor»_

_ -. pectfullv notified that her fune:

lene the residence of her daughter (Mrs. J. Dnn!»ii), O'Coniu-U Centenary Hotel, Montague slreet, «outh Melbourne. THIS MORNING (Satur das, Lilli September, IMS), at (I o'clock, and proceed to Spencer street railway station cn route bv the 6 40 train to Kerang for interment In the

Kerang Cemcters*.

C It s.S. P. FRILAY PTY. LTD. 201 Lo

i-treet, opposite Melbourne Hospital t 2S Bljth street. Brunswick. 'Phone Cent. r,nn

W-sLL-The Friends of the lite Mr. GEORGE '» HENRI WALL are resjientfulls informed that his rein lins will be iutcneii in the Boroon dai i Cemi ten, Kew.

The funeral sslll le ile his n sidelice, F.iirholin, (1 Hood street, St. Kilda, THIS DIY (Slturday, lodi Scpt.mher, 1S2S), at 3 o'clock.

WALL-ST. KILDA LODGE, No. 303, A.F. >' und A.M., of Victoria.-The brethcrn of l lie alms o lodge and the craft in penen! t ro-piolfiillv Insirtd to follow the remain» of « e'tccined hrolher, GEORGE HENRY WALL,

the place of ititi rmi-nt, the Boroondara Cemetcrj,

...e funeral will leise lils residence, 0 Hood iliwl, St. Kilds. THIS DAY Saturday, 15th i-cp

iiilin, li'-S), at 3 oMmk.

WALL (George). - Members of the St. Kilda Tent No. 131 and I.O.R. generally are re-  

spectfully asked to follow the remains of their departed brother to his last resting-place, in the

Boroondara Cemetery. Funeral leaves his private residence, No. 6, Hood street, St. Kilda.