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Family Notices

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[In order to guard against imposition, Birth, Marriage, Death, and In Memoriam notices must be authenticated by some reputable person to

ensure their insertion.]

Birth, Marriage, Death, Bereavement, In Memo-

riam, and Tuneral Notices, up lo C Une», 3/:

extra linei at 6d.

lo guard against error, advertisers are requested

to irrite iii niara clearly in block letteT.


BROWN. -On "»e "lb Aueuït,* at 10 Stonnington

place. Toorak, the wife of E. B. Brown-a son.

CARR. -On the 30th August, to Leonora Constance, wife of miltara ,1. Carr, Surgcon-Commandcr

R.A.X.-a daughter.

PANCKRIDGE.-On the 20th August, at Sommer-

ton. Geelong, to Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Panckridge,

Western Australia - a son.


FLETCHER.-(Silver Wedding-3/9/1003 3/9/102S.1 -The Rev. A. Heathcote Fletcher and Mr», t letclier, of St. Andrew's Manse, Kvucton. an- nounce, with gratitude and pleasure, the 25th anniversary ot their wedding day.

Ht^ME-DIMANT.-On the 2Sth July, 1S2S. at

Balwyn Methodist Church, liv the Itev. X. Hi~gs IranV Charles, only son of \lr. and Sin. J. Holme, Harcourt street, Auburn, to Agnes, daughter of Mrs. E. Dlmint, Uradale groi e, Keu

and the late E. Dlmant

RIOHARDS-KENNEDV.-tStli f r Wedding.! - On

(he 2ml September, 1001, nt f-t. FranclsV Church

Melbourne, by the Rev. rather A. Mav. Horns! i son of late Mr. and Mrs. P. Rlchards,"of Trent-1 ham, to Julia, daughter of the late Mr. and Mr*. M, Kennedy, of Romsey, (rresent uddre"s.

Blackwood, 6i Gladstone aienue, Northcote.) j


ALLEN.-On the 2nd September, at her late i.-,,.

denee, Owetida, H Macgregor street, East Mal- iern, Annie Maria, bcloi.ed wife of William Allen, aged 76 years. (Private funeral.)

ARMSTRONG. - On the 1st September, nt Mon

bulli, Samuel, beloved husband of Anna Maria, and loting father of William, Bertie. Arthur, Leslie, Kathleen (Mrs. Wellington), and Bessie (deceased), aged So' j earn. (Colonist of 70


AUGUSTINUS.-On the 2nd September, 1928

Andrious Christian, dearly beloved husband of Maria Augustinus, of 33 Mark street. North Mel- bourne, loving father of Chris, Ollie (Mrs. Hogan). Jinnie (Mrs. Mahony), Jack, Leslie, Ruby (Mrs. Kneebone), Violet, Ivy and Roy,

aged 60 years.

At rest.

BAIRD.-On the 2nd September, Margaret

(Madge), the dearly loved wife of Peter Baird, of 57 Newry street, North Fitzroy, loved daughter of Mrs. Cowan, of Bendigo, aged 53


BAIRD - On the 2nd September, at Melbourne  

Hospital, Margaret (Madge), eldest daughter of Mrs. and the late Alexander Cowan, of Bendigo, loving sister of Cis (Mrs. Hough, Brighton), and

Agnes (Bendigo).

BALL.-^)n the 1st September, at Melbourne,

Charles, dearly bcloicd husband of Alice, of S3 Morrah street, Parkville, loved fither of Mabel and Alleen, eldest son of the late Mr. »nd Mrs. S. Ball, of Nathalia, brother of William, Samuel, and Phillip, aged 43 }ears. H.I.I'.

BARNETT.—On the 30th August, in St. Helen's    

private hospital, Sale, Frederick Godfrey Bar- nett, son of the late William Barnett, of New Zealand, brother of Daniel M. Barnett (of Moonee Ponds), Thomas, Mathew, John, Charles, Arthur, and Kate Barnett, and Mrs. S. Bailey (of New Zealand); also George and Abraham Barnett


BEAMISH.-On the 1st September, 1928, at her

residence, No. 10 Argyle square, North Carlton. Margaret Beamish, the dearly beloved daughter of the late James and Bridget Leyden, of Carl- ton, loving sister of Mrs. James Darcy, Michael, John, William, and the late James Leyden, aged

58 years.

Rcquiescat in pace.

.BATH.-On the 31st August, at Aron, 11 Car-

nation road. Caulfield, Ruby I., lo« ed eldest daughter of Mrs. and the hte C. J. Beatb, and loving sister of David, Bert (deceased), Gladys (Mrs. T. W. Adamson), and Marjorie.

BILLMAN_On the 2nd September, at lils late res!.

dence. 4S Cressy street. Malvern, Henry John, the dearly loved husband of Beatrice Mary and loied father of Percy, Oscar, John (deceased). Rear., liy, F.i!a, and Isobel, late of Ballarat.

BORNER.-On the 1st September, at bis resilience.

Bell street, Tarra Glen, Thomas Edmund, the d'arly beloved hußbind of the late Annie M. Borner, and loved father of Margaret, Ruth, Fdith, Herbert, Victor (deceased), Trixie (Mr« Corkill), and >"elllc, aged 70 years.


SflOWN.-On the 2nd September, at Melbourne,

Ormond II»*nry, dearly beloicd second eldest son of'William Henry and Janet Elizabeth Broun, ?if 104 Clarke street, Northcote, dearly belo-ed brother el William (dceiaeed), Grat..), Mullet, Jjclt, Gordon, and Melia, aged 19 yean.

Iiceply regrelied.

fit RGEfeK.-On the 1st September, at prli 'te ho^

»Kal. Joseph Walter, of McKenne street. Clie' fenlinm, the dearlv beloved husband of the late Christina, and lmlng father of Tred, Marjorie, Jo>cc, and Mbert, aged 4T ycnf

RimGEff.-On the HI Sep'rmlur, at prliate lins

pltal, Joseph Walter, the dearly beloved son of the Ule Albert and Elisabeth Burgess, of Bent- leigh, and loving brother of Lucy (Mrs. Coch- rane*, Koo-weorup). Maud (Mrs. Prioi. Cowes), ".melia (Mts. Cahill, Cowes), Ainv (Mm Ken- non, Cowes), Fred (deceased)* and Albert (de-

ceased), aged 45 i ears.

CORR. - On the 31st August, at Perth, J. Reford

Corr, M.A., LL.M., beloved husband of Isabella J.     Corr, and brother of M. E. Catford. J.J., A.M., M. L. Corr (Formerly head master Methodist

Ladies College, Kew.)

CRAIGIE.-On the 1st September, at 79 Harcourt

street, Upper Hawthorn. Maria Margaret, the dearly loved wife of William Cameron Craigie, loved mother of Annie, Edle, Jennie (Mrs. C. M. Gordon), Linda (Mrs. D R. Anderson), Alec, Vera (Mrs. E. L. Bedggood), and Bill.

EDMONDSON.-At her late residence. 311 Auburn

road. Hawthorn, Marlon Ellen, relict of the late Edward Edmondson, formerly of Hobart, and dearlv beloved mother of Mrs L. Wedge, of South Camberwell, Harry (W.A ), Marion K. (Nellie), Robert {WA., late lilli Hi(Hlion. A.I.F.), 'rthur B , «lilli A.. Rlclni.l M. (Deep. d"ne). Charl»« J. (South Camberwell, hue 2» Battalion. A.l l'.K and Catherine (Kitty, de- ceased), in her 81st year.

rvOKLL.-On the 31st '.ugu't, at hi, lesjdenf".

No, 3 Cirtnell street, Heidelberg, James, dearly loi ed husband of Norah Encell. and loi ins lathtt of Stella and Allan, aged 43 jem

At rest.

FIDLER. - On the 1st September, 102S, jt prual

hospital, Johu Fidler, of 83 Wright street, Middle Park, beloved eldest «on of the late Joseph and Bllrabelh, and loving brother of Marion (Mrs. Russell). Fannie (Mrs. Iffland), Joseph, Matthew, and Alliert, aged 50 years.

GLUCKSTETN.-On the 2nd September, at her

residence, 131 Victoria street, East Brunswick, Mlrium, beloved wife of John Gluckstoln, and widow of the late William John Sedgwick, loved mother of Lydia (Mrs. J. E. Tucker), leslie, and Vera (Mrs. r. O. Sands) Sedgwick, Irene (Mrs. A, Dickinson), Rachel, Miriam, and Reka (Mrs. R. Thoran), aged S3 years.

At rest.

GOWAN.-On fbe 2nd September, at 41 Bin*

street, South Melbourne. Man- \nn Gowan, beloved mother of C'aiollne (Mrs. Brenchloi, deceased), also grandmother of Will, Hain (deceased). Jack, Ted, Beatrice (Airs. Salter). I'diih (Mrs. Knell), Enrilv (Mrs. Carrot», and Mu (Mrs. Brown), aged EG years.

Mother and daughtir reunited.

IT'MILTON. - On th>- 31st August, at her resi-

dent«. .« Albert street, Box Hill, Harriett, widow of the late James Bourne Hnrollton, and lmlng mother of .limes. Claude, Piiid, Robert. Rose, Jane, and Doris, aged 5S >eirs. R.Ï. P. HANLON.- On the 31st August, at 8 Bryanston Square, London, England, Dorothy, loved wife  

of Captain Hanlon, R.F.A., Nasirabad, India,     daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Maclellan, of  

Langdale, Dandenong road, Windsor.

.'HARGREAVES (nee Carden).-On the al»t

August, at her residence. 3 Tasman shot, Weit Preston, Elisabeth (Liza), the dearly beloied ?wife of narold, ind beloved mother of babv Knnee» (deceased), helmed \oungcst daughtei of Fiance« and the tate James Carden, beloKd sitcr of William. Ellen (Mrs. R. M. Dilston), and Louisa (deceased), beloved sister-in-law of Dorrie and Dick, loiing auntie of Wilda and Ronald, loved daughter-in-law of Mrs C. Har- greaves, and loved niece of G. and E. Hill.

Loved bv nil.

HIGGINS.-On the 1st September, at Banksia

street, Heidelberg, Mary Catherine Higgins, eldest daughter of the late Thomas and Anne Radcliffe Higgins, formerly of Beechworth, aged

83 years.

HOGAN.-On the 1st September, at Orange,

N.S.W., John Hogan, husband of Mary E. Hogan, father of Leonard and Joan, brother of Sister Felicitus (St Benedict's, Malvern). Daniel, William, Ted, son-in-law of Mr. and Mrs. John Keleher, Kew, aged 35 years, late of Bendigo. (Interred at Orange, Sunday.)

Rcquiescat in pace.

HOLLAND.—On the 2nd September, at his res-

dence, 205 Barkly street, St. Kilda, Walter Holland, beloved husband of Dora Holland, late

of Smith street, Collingwood.

HOLMES-On the 1st September, ni Melbourne.

Rotxrt Holmes, helmed father of Alfred and .le^n. and loi lug grandfather of Bobby and Jean.

18.d 71 years

At rest

KIRWAN - On the 31st August, at his residence, 42 Fenwick street, Geelong. Patrick Joseph,  

native of Rathfarnham, Dublin, formerly traffic superintendent, Victorian railways, in his 91st

year. R.I.P.    

fXOClI_On the SO* August, 103S (suddenli), it

hi« residence. 27 Hawthorn grove, Hawthorn, " John August Bernhard, beloved husband of Anna B..(neeTTJtrrasj)n), and father of John F., Rudolph

i (Hobart), Helene, Leo (Sydney), Albert, Ella. v>M«rle (Sydney). Bernard, and Bruno, need S3 ivfar». A colonist of 74 years. (Interred privately at Kew on August 31, 1928.)

LEAHY.-On the 1st September, at Alfred Hos- pital, Benjamin, dearly loved husband of Mary Leahy, of 1 Wilson street, South Melbourne, and

loved father of Willie and Bennie, and loving   grandfather of Gladys, Isobell, and Millie, aged

56 years.

Rest in peace.

MARTIN. - On the 1st September- at Alfred Hospi- tal, Samuel Thomas (Tom), dearly loved hus-   band of Isabella, of 19 Walker street, Clifton Hill, aged 63 years. (Tasmanian papers please

copy.) A patient sufferer at rest.

McGREGOR. - On the 31st August, at St. Vincent's Hospital, Colin Garnet, the dearly beloved

youngest[?] son of Alexander B. and Mabel  

?? loving brother of Alison (Mrs. Wil- ?? klltl« (Mrs.Doyle), and William Raymond,

?" -*' at Bright Victoria.      


MCTAGGART.-On the 1st September, <V>

residence, 28 Electra street, Williamstown, Wil- liam John, UNI Moved husband of Grace McTag Birt, loving father i>f Bert and Bill, and lined son of Matilda Mary and the late .Tohn McTag (rart, and loved brother of Bert, Ernie, Vera, Percy, and Harry, and Bobby Hyde, aged 42


At rest.

MILLER. - On the 2nd September, at Melbourne

Hospital, John, the dearly beloved husband of Maud Milter (nee Leishman), of 43 Cardigan street. Carlton, and formerly of Glasgow, Scot- land, aged 61 yean.

Deeply mourned.

MOHAN. - On the 1st September, at private hos-

pita!. Margaret Helen, widow of the late Louis Mohan, loved aunt of Dr. Jean Gorman (Roches- ter), Dr. F. Grant (Wodonga), and rerey Grant (Nar-nar-goon). R.I.F. (Remains at Sleight's chapel.)

MOHAN. - On the 1st September, at South Yarra,

Margaret Helen, my dearly loved friend.

Rermlescftt In pace. -(Evelyn Middleton.)

MOHAN. - On the 1st September, at South Yam,

Margaret Helen, loved friend of Ethel Willum

Deeply regretted.

MORTILL.-On the 28th August, at her home,

Numurkah, Malinda, relict of the late Andrew Mortill, in her 94th year. Survived by her family     of two sons and five daughters. A colonist of 72 years.

ML'LQUINY.-On the 2nd September, 1925, at

Creswick, ratrieli James, the dearly beloved only child of Patrick and Agnes Mulquiny, of Ullina, aged four years.

Rerjulescat in pace.

NEAL (nee Colvin).-On the 30th August, 1928,

Brenda, the beloved infant daughter of J. F. and W. C. Neal, of 1141 Hoddle street, East


PAHR.-On the let September, Raymond James

dearly loved infant sou of Mr. and Mrs. W. 1'uik, 419 Sydney road, Coburg, aged D weeks. (Pri- vately Interred.)

PHlUiRlCK_On the 1st September, 192S, at lil:

residence. Wyvcnboe, Station street. Somerville. George James, loving and dearly loved husband of Klienbelh Jane, affectionate father of George Richard. Alice (Mrs. A. It- Holmes, Ojklelgh), Florence, May (deceased), Arthur Egerton (de- ceased), and Ralph (Meringur), in his 73rd year.

For ever with the Lord.

PITTORINO.-On the 31st August, at private

hospital, St. Kilda, Caterina Angela Pittorino, late of Glenhuntly road, Caulfield, dearly beloved   aunt of Mr. and Mrs. Anthony and Catherine Divola, Glenhuntly road, Elsternwick, and lov- ing grand-aunt of Anthony junior, aged 50 years.

Requiescat in pace.

PITTY.-On the 28th August, at his residence,

High street, Echuca, George Pitty, of Riverside, Moama, N.S.W., aged 86 years.

QUILTY.-On the 1st September, 1925, at 2 Stanley

street, Richmond, Ernest John, the helmet second son of the late Joseph and Jtofc Quilty, and dearly loved father of Shirley, and dearlv loved brother of Claude, Roy, John, Joseph, and Rupert,

Sweet rest at last.

ROBERTS. - On the 1st September, Stephen

Francis, the dearly loved husband of Henrietta Roberts, and loving father of Dwight Roberts, and grandfather of Stephen, Alphonse, Helen, and Mabel, in his 67th year.

IIOH'AN.-On the 1st September, at Albert Park,

Thomas William, the dearly beloved husband of Nell Rowan, of Wimmera street, Minyip, and loving father of Ronnie, Lily, and Ella, aged 51 years.

A patient sufferer at rest.

SILVERWOOD.-On the 2nd September,- at his

late residence 12 Gordon grove, Malvern. Alfred John, the beloved husband of Ada Kate, and fond father of Alfred, and grandfather of lan and Betty.

A patient sufferer at rest,

SILVERWOOD.-On the 2nd September, at Malvern.

Alfred John, much beloved second eldest son of Janet Dargan (Silverwood) and the late William Henry Silverwood, and fond brother of Will, Syd., Ida (Mrs. Deayton). Fannie (Mrs. Buttle), May (Mrs. Blenkinsop), George, Bert, and Fred.

So loved, so mourned.

SHELLY.-On the 1st September, at her late

residence, Francis street. Echuca, Margaret, loved vflfe of ratrlck Skelly, and mother of Kittr, Irene, Patrick, Clara, Anthony, and W11

Ham, sister of Ellen (Mrs. R. J. Irwin, Hier), street. Echuca) and Ellwdioth (Mrs. M. Haynes, Euroa), aged 49 years, R.I.P.

STEPHENSON.-On the 31st August, nt Ilrisbane,

Annie Emily, wife of Stuart Stephenson, Gram mar School. Brisbane, and daughter of the lau R. G. Mccutcheon and Mrs. Mccutcheon, ol Ardoch, Dandenong road, St. Kilda.

STOKES.-On the 2nd September. 1P2S, at Iii«

residence, Sunnvside, Waurn Ponds, via Geelong. Michael Patrick, the dearly loved husband oí Ilrldiet Stokes and loving father of P. Stokes. J. Stokes. I). Stokes, N. Stokes. Jfarv (Mrs. W. Dwjer), Maggie (Mrs. G. Dwyer), Dan. Sarah, Catherine (deceased), aged 73 years.

Rcquiescat in pace.

STUART.-On the 1st September. Thomas Ilenrv.

dearly loved husband of Florence May, and dear daddv of Beryl and Lloyd, aged BO vcats, late inspector of schools.

Peace, perfect peace.

RTUART.-On the 1st September. Thomas Henry.

"dearly loved brother of Winiam; Jane, Jessie, Annie. Charlea, D.ivid, and Margaret (late of Moonambel).

For ever with the Lord.

THItfätt.-On the 1st September, »t the Melbourne

Hospita!. Ida May, the dearly hcloied wife of Frederick Thrush, of the corner of nigh and Yonngmen street, Preston, and loving mother <>f Lorna and Morris, ag'd 31 vears.

At rest.

WARBURTON.-On the 1st September, at her ic<i

dence, 2(0 Clcneira road. Elsternwick, Annie Phebe, widow of the late James Warburton, and loved daughter of Mrs. Plumridge. Chelton barn, aged (Î7 .tears.

WAUGH.-On the 1st September. Norma Ellen, the

dearly loved onlv daughter of Alex, and May Waugh, of G Pnlon street. Wer,* Preston, aged 19 months,

WW'CH.-Tn loving memory of our dear little

rranddatighter. Norma Waugh, aged 19 months, died 1st September, 192S. (Inserted by Mr. and Mrs. W, Crlghfon, nanna and gar-gar.)


On Active Service.

BOTTOMLEY. - A tribute to the memory of

Private William John Bottomley. died at Mont St. Quentin, September 1, 1918.

Deeply regretted.

-('nserted by his cousin, Ellen Carmody.)

ASHWORTH.-In loving inemorj of mv dear slstei,

Jean, who passed awav, .".rd September, 1927.

M hat would I give her hand lo clasp.

Her dear, tweet tafe to see:

To hear again Hut loviiu: voice,

Thai meant to much to me,

-(Inserted by her loving eistet-, Thelmi.)

BAXTER.-In loi-ing memory of our sister, Gladi«.

who died at Cobden, September 3,1925. (Insetted by Mae and Vera.)

CORLATTT.-In loving memory of my dear mother,

who passed: away at Yarrawonga on 2nd Sep* tember. 1927. (Inserted by her loving son,


DAGG.-In loving memory of our dear father, - who passed away on the 3rd September, 1925,

at 40 Nicholson street, Footscray.

Just three years to-day, dear dad,'

We stood beside your bed;

Our heart*- were crushed and broken,

When we saw that you were dead.

Our Ups cannot tell how we loied you.

Our hearts cannot tell what to say;

But God only knows how we miss you,

As we battle through life's rough way.

-(Inserted bv his loving sons and daughters in-law, Joe, Cbrlssle, Unity, and Dolly.)

DAVIES.-To the treasured memon- of my mollwr

dear, who died ¿t Brighton, Septombtr 2, 1924.

Beloved sleep-. -(Ba.iab, East St. Kilda.)

DUFFCS.-In loving memory of my deal daughtct

and our sister Katie, who passed away 3rd September. 1MB. On,rrtcd bj molher. slstei, and biothei.)

Dl'KFL'S,-In fond, loving memory ot my den

slater, Katie, who passed awnv September 3. 192«. at 37 Pan-low slreet, Maliern.

Loved bi *n '

-(Interlcd by her sister.)

DLTIVS.-In loi lug mernoo of a devoid!

daughter and sister. Katie, who passed September 3, 1926, loved sister ot Eddy, 5 and Percy (deceased).

So sadly missed.

FLANDERS. -In loMng memory of ou,

mother, who oassed away on Septeinl


Dejrlv loved, ever remembered.

-(Inserted by her loiing daughters, Win- nie, Doris, and Marjorie.)

HENDERSON.-in loving memory of ray dear li

bond, Alexander, and our dear father, who died 3rd September, 1917, nt his residence, Wills und Eyre streets, Deepdene.

Silent heartaches word unsaid,

Loving thoughts of one* that are de As vears roll on and davs go by Loving memories never die,

-(Inserted bv his loving wife and family, Leslie, (X7,.), Myrtle (Mrs. Mort Barnard), Pearl (M A, Tilbury. Toowoomba.)

JENKINS.-In treasured memory of our darling

Ivy, eldest daughter of n. and I. J. Jenkins, who was colled home on beptember 3, 1915, aged 14 y

The outer part of her, alone l,new dying,

Her spirit travels, still, along the years!

She Is not dead-lier life of love still lingers

lu ¿weet, lemcmbcrcd -milles, .nul words

once said,

They touch our souls with fragrant, vanished

She Ps not here-but, oh, she is not dead I

-(Father and mother, Ivydenc, Hillcrest aicnue.

Kew.) . -

LANE.-In loving tnemoiy of our deal mother

and grandmother, who died, on the 2nd Sip tember, 1927. (Inserted by h»r loving dauglit. i and grand "hildrcn. Fairfield.)

LANGTRY--In loving memory of Samuel Nor-

man, son of Mr. and Mrs. Langtry, Moulamein, passed away 3rd September, 1927.

LEAKE.-In memory o! Margaret Uike. who

died at Casterton, 3rd Septeuibei, lOîi.

The passing of the sweetest soul. -(Inserted by her son« and daughters.)

LEAKE.-In memory of my dear mother, who

went to rest on 3rd September, 1927; also uvy loved brother, Jack, who died on 19tb August,

19°6. /

"'There's neither canld nor care In the Land

o' the Leal." ,

-(Inserted by her daughter nnd son-indaw, E. and C. Taramor.)

LYNCH.-In loving memory of my dear husband

Henry (Harry) Lynch, who passed away at his residence, Lyndasy, Canning Street, North Carl- ton, September 3, 1926.

On« of the best. '

Lovlne memories never die.,

LYNCH.-In loving memory of" my dear brother

and our dear uncle, Harry Lynch, who died Sep- tember 8. 1926                   Ever remembered, sadly missed.        

Inserted by his loving brother William and

nephews and sisters ??  

?>' -Vi ^'i'i^rJr-y'Hv-e1'-)-^^ ;¿Í'JA;


MIDDLETON (nee Ballimore).-!n loving memory

of my dear wife, Jcnnette, who rawed away September 3, ISfifi, at Malvern.

A font! wife and mother.

-(Inserted by lier husband and daughter, Ada -Mrs. II. Boully.)

O'BRIEN. - In loving memory of our dear auntie

and sister, who passed away on September 3,


So dearly loved.   So sadly missed.

-(Inserted by her loving brother and sister-in- law. Les and Lily Ould and family.)

RANKING,-In loving memory of my dear hus-

band and loving father, who passed away on 3rd September, 1Ô33. at Fitzroy. (Inserted by hfs Io\ing wife and children.)

REID.-In lowing memory of our dear mother, who

named to the higher Hie on 3rd September, 3927.

Love's greatest gift-remembrance.

-(Inserted by her loving husband, pont, and daughter'ln*law, William, Jame«, and Dollie.)

RENARD.-In sad and loving memory of our dear

little ton, Jules, who passed away September';!, 1ÍI22, remit of motor-car accident at Main


Fo dearly loved, so sadly miffed. -(Inwrted by hi» parents and brothers.)

VnilSTER.-In memory of my dourly loved hus-

band and our dear father, John Henry WebMer, who passed away at his home, September .J, 1027, formerly of View Point, Eaglehawk, and late of Gotham road. Kew. (Inserted by his loving wife and family.)

WILKIE.-In loving memory of our dear father

and father-in-law, who pasted away September ", 1027, at Heidelberg. (Inserted by his loving daughter and son-in-law, .Mr. and Mrs. A. Bryant)

WILSON.-In loving memory of my dearly beloved

pon. William Henry Wilson, who was drowned off Euston Punt on September ¡I, li>27.

We gite Thee back Thine own.

-(InwTted by his loving mother, E. J. Wilson.)

WILSON.-In loving memory of our dear brother, William Henry, accidently drowned off Enslon pilot, Sept. 3, 1ÍÍ27. (Inserti'd by his loving ulster Elsie, and brothrr-in-law, Frank, Mur-



MR. W. J. KERR and Family desire to express

their sincere GRATITUDE to all kind friends and relations for their numerous letters, cards, and personal expressions of loving sympathy in their recent sad bereavement, especially thanking Father Twomey and Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Richard- son (of Bon Beach) for their kindness and atten- tion. Will all please accept this as a personal acknowledgment. 7 Latrobe street, city.

\tns. W. H. OOLLOM and Family desin

1TJ. express their very deep GRATITUDE to all kind friends for letter*, cards, telegrams, and pel- inna! expressions of sympathy during their te

cent wd berenvrment.


AIIMSTHOKO. - The friends of Ihe late

SAMUEL ARMSTRONG are respectfully in- formed that lils remains will lie interred in the Burwood Cemetery.

The funeral ia appointed to arrive ni the cerne« tory gale» THIS DAY (Mondny). at 3.15 p.m.

A. \V. PADBURY and Co., Funeral Directors, 203 White Horse rood, Bos Bill. Tel. Box Hill 116.

AUGUSTINUS.-The Friends of the late Mr.

ANDRIOUS CHRISTIAN AUGUSTINUS are respectfully invited to follow his remains to the place of interment, the Melbourne Cemetery,


The funeral will leave his late residence, 32 Mark Street, North Melbourne, To-morrow (Tues 4th September), at 4 p.m.  

JOSEPH ALLISON', Undertaker, Errol street, North Melbourne. Phone F173L  

BAIRD.-The Friends of Mr. PETER BAIRD

the respectfully invited to follow the remains of his dearly loved wife, Margaret (Madge) to the place of interment in ihe Fawkner Cemetery.

The funeral is appointed to leave his residence, 57 Newry street, North Fitzroy. THIS DAY (Mon day, 3rd September), at 3,30 p.m.

HENRY J. R. LEWIS, Undertaker, 154 Johnston street. Fitzroy, and branches. Phone J1066.

BEAMISH. - The Friends of (lie Me Mrs.

MARGARET BEAMISH are respectfully noti lied that her funcial »111 leave her residence, No. IO Argvlc »ouaie, North Carlton. THIS DAY (Monday, September 3, 1928). at 3.t5 p.m., for Ihe M<)bourne General Cemetery, Carlton.

(.HAS. 1'. TRILAY l'TY. LTD., 201 Lonsdale -.fleet, Melbourne; 2S Nbth .trect, Brunswick.

Cení. S120.

BEATII.-Tho Friends of the late RUBY t.

BEAI H oro Informed that her funeral will leave lier mother's residence, Avon, U Ciruarvon road, Caulfield, THIS DAY ÍMondav, 3rd Septem- ber). at 10 a.m., for ihe St. Kilda Cemetery, ii riviny 10.15 a.m. (Not Punda}', as previously adt vertised.) .»'->.-. ' -, ,

HAYROULPS, Funeral Directors, op. station, Mähern, 'l'hone U1427. ,

E. his

«lil bo Interred in the Yarra Glen


The funeral is appointed to move from his resi denoe, Kell street, Yarra Glen, THIS DAY (Mon-

day), at 3 o'clock.

BURTON nnOS.. Undertakers, Main street, Lily-

dale. 'Phone 11.

BROWN.-The Friends of Mr. and Mrs. W. H.

BROWN arc Informed that the remain» of their dearly beloved second eldest son, Ormond Henry, will be interred In the Heidelberg Cerne


The funeral is appointed to move from their residence, 404 Clarke street, Northcote, To morrow (Tuesday, 4th September), at 3 p.m. '

W. G. APPS AND SONS PTY. LTD., 233 Lons dale street. Tel.- J1I45 (2 lines).

BURGESS.-The Friends of the late Mr. JOSEPH

WALTER (Snowy) BURGESS, of McKenzie street, Cheltenham and Ilentlelsh, are respect fully invited to follow hi* remains to the place of interment, the Cheltenham Cemetery.

The funeral «ill leave the ptivate mortuary of W. D. Rofe nnd Son, (.harman road, Cheltenham, THIS DAY (Monday, hentenilier 3), al Ö.30


W. D. ROSE and SON. Undertakers, Channin road, Cheltenham.' Tel. 42 Chelt.

CCRAIGIE. - The Friends of Mr. WILLIAM

> CAMERON CRAIGIE are respectfully in- formed that the remains of his dearly beloved wife, Maria Margaret, will be Interred in the Melbourne General Cemetery, Carlton.

The funeral will leave hi» residence, 79 Harcourt .troet, Upper Hawthorn THIS DAY (Monday, Sep- tember 3), at 2.30 p.m.

CRAIGIE.-The members of the Churches 'of

Christ Cricket Association are respectfully requested to follow the remnins of the wife of their ctconled president, W. C. Cralgte, to the place of Interment, the Melbourne General Ccme

fbe funeral will leave her late residence, llar eonit stieet. Upper'Hawthorn, THIS HAY (Mon- da.!), ot 230 r.m . arriving at Cemetery patch

bout 3 o'clock.

A. COLLINGS, lion. See.

TJWtONDSON. - Hie Friend» of the late Ml?. *-' MARION FDMONDSOX are Informed that h"! leni-iins will be interred in the Boroondara Ceme- tery, Kew.

The funerJl lilli leave her late residnece, .ill Auburn road. Hawthorn, Tills DAY (Monday, the 3rd S-optember).' at 3'o'clock p.m.

HERBERT KING and SONS, Undertakers, Bur wood road. Haw thom. Haw. 1556._ ENCELL.-The Friends of the late Mr. JAMES

13NOELL are respectfully informed that his remains will be interred In the Heidelberg Cerne


The funeral is appointed to move from bia resi- dence, No. 6 Cartnell street, Heidelberg, THIS DAY (Mondav, 3rd September), at 3.S0 p.m.

\V. O. APPS AND SONS PTY. LTD., Funeral DIrectors. Tel. Heidelberg 60._

IJIIDLEIR.-The Friends oí the late Mr. JOHN

FIDLER are inform«! that hi» funeral will '0 his late residence, S3 Wright street, Midd)

Park, THIS DAY (Monday), at 1 o'clock, for the Mellumriic Cemetery, Callion.

follow the lemains of his dearl.v \icloved wife. Mírium, to the place of interment, the Cobui-j


The funeral will leave his residence, 130 Vic 01 Li street. Fast Brunswick. THIS DAY (Mondai. September 3). at 3.45 o'clock.

It. ROBSON, Undertaker, corner of Brunswick stuet and M. George's road. North Fttnov. Iel.

Northcote CIS.

GiOWA.V. - The Fiiends of the late MARY ANN

" GOWAN uie renpeclfully notified that her

?ral will leave the residence of her grand danchter (Mrs. U Brown), 4S Bank street, South Melbourne, THIS DAY (Monday, September 3), at 2.30 o'clock, (or interment In the Melbourne Gen- eral Cemetery, Carlton, arriving at 2.50 o'clock.

HAMILTON.-The Frlenda of the late HARRIETT

HAMILTON, widow of the late Jame» Bourne Hamilton, are respectfully notified that her funeral will' leave her residence, 33 Albert street. Box Hill. THIS -DAY (Monday, 3rd September), 'at 10 o'clock for interment in the Coburg -Cometen-,

arriving at 11 a.m.

«c.bfeB#Ä^or; ^*sâ



HAROLD HARGREAVES arc Informed that the remains of his late beloved wife, Elisabeth, will be Interred »n the Melbourne General Ceme- tery, Carlton.

The funeral is appointed to move from his resi- dence, .1 Tasman street. West Preston. THIS DAY (Monday, 3rd September), at 3.30 p.m.

HIGGINS.-The Friend« of the lal« Mils

CATHERINE HIGGINS are invited to follow her remains to the Box Ulli Ometery.

aence, ou nanKsia street, neiueinei

(Monday, September 3), at 11 a.m.

HOLLAND.—The Friends of the late Mr.

WALTER GEORGE HOLLAND (late of Smith street, Collingwood) are Informed that his remains will be interred in the Box Bill Cemetery.  

The funeral t% appointed to move from lils resi- dence, 295 Baiklv street, St. Kilda, To-morrow (Tuesday, September 4), at It a.m.

APPS AND SONS PTY. LTD., Undertaker,. 'Phones Win. 70 and 71.

HOLMES.-The Friends of the late ...

ROBERT HOLMES ate informed that lils funeral will leave Rayboulds' funeral parlours, 103 Lonsdale street, city, THIS DAY (Mondav). at 3 o'clock for interment in the Fawkner Ceme I terv, arrii ing 3.30.

RAYBOULDS, Funeral Directors, 103 Lonsdal street, city. 'phone 361.

KIRWAN.-The Funeral of the lite PATRICK

J. KIRWAN will leaic St Msrj's Church, Geelong, at 10 o'clock o-m. on Mond-iy, 3rd Sep- tember, and will arrive at gates Melbourne Gene, al Cemetery at 12.30 p.m.

LEAHY.-The Friends of the late

BENJAMIN LEAHY are respectfully informed that his funeral will leave his late residence, 1 Wilson street, South Melbourne, THIS DAY (Mon- day, the 3rd September), at 3 o'clock p.m., for the Fawkner Cemetery.

MARTIN. - The Friends of the late SAMUEL

THOMAS MARTIN are respectfully invited to follow his remains to the place of interment, the  

Heidelberg Cemetery.

The funeral will leave his residence, 19 Walker street, Clifton Hill, THIS DAY (Monday, 3rd Sep- tember), at 3.30 p.m.  

J. FERGUSON and SON, funeral directors, 660 High street, Thornbury. 'Phone N'cote 1771.

McTAGGART. - The Friends of the late Mr.

WILLIAM JOHN MCTAGGART are respect fully imited to follow his remains to the place of Intcrnlent, Iho Williamstown Cemetery.

The funeral 1» appointed to leav his late resi- dence, 2S Electra street. Williamstown. THIS DAY (Monday), at 3 p.m., not 3.30, as preilously ndier.


NELSON BRO«., Undertikcrs. Dnu^Hs parade, Williamstown (Tel. 34); Sydney roid. Coburg.

MILLER.-The Friends of the lite Mr. JOHN

MILLER are Informed that hli funeral will leaic by mortuarv train. No. 10 platform, ninden street railwnv station, THIS DAY (Monday), at 2.40 for interment in the Fawkner Cemetery.

MOHAN.-Requiem Ma<s »111 be celebrated for

the repos« of the soul of Mrs. MARGARET HELEN MonAN at St Joseph's Church, FltigoiaUl street, South Yarra, To-morrow* (Tucsdiv. t lit 4th September), at 9 o'clock a.m.

A. A. SLEIGHT 1'IY, LTD. Tel. Cent. 410.

PITTORINO.-The Friend» of the lnio Mrs.

CATERINA ANGELA PITTORINO, late of Glenhuntly roid, Caulfield, are Informed that her funeral will leaie her residence. No. 44 Acland street, St. Kilda, THIS DAY (Monday), ut 2 p.m., for Interment in the Brighton Cemetery, arriving

QUILTY-The Friends of the late ERNEST

JOHN QUILTY oro invited to follow hit. remains to the Fawkner Cemetery.

The funeral will leave Ko. 2 Stanley street, Richmond, THIS DAY (Monda), September .1),

at ti o'clock a.m.

I.n PINE and ,-O.V, Funeral Dliectort. 'Phone JI4I1, Hiw. Sli

ROBERTS.-The Friends of the late STEPHEN

F. ROBERTS, B.S.O., are informed that his remains will be Interred in the New Melbourne Cemetery, Fawkner.

The funeral is appointed to move from Apps and Sons' chapel, 61 Moor street, Fitzroy, To- morrow (Tuesday, 4th September), at 3 p.m.

W. G. APPS AND SONS PTY. LTD. Tel. J114Ô (2 lines).

ROWAN.-The Friends of the late Mr, THOMAS

WILLIAM ROWAN »r« respectfully notified Hutt hie funeral will leave lils residence, Wimmera street, Minyip. To-morrow (Tuesday, 4th Septem *".->, at 2 o clock, for'interment In the Mlnjip


SILVERWOOD are Informed that his funeral will leave his late residence, No. 12 Gordon grove, Malvern, THIS DAY (Monday), at 3.30 o'clock, for interment in the Brighton Cemetery, arriving


RAYBOULDS, Funeial Director, op. railway station, Malvern. 'Phone U1127.

STOhE<.-The Funeral of the late MICHAEL 1\

fcTOEEü will leaie his late residence, Sunny- side, Wiurn Ponds, on Tuesday, the 4th September, at 2.30 p.m., tor the Geelong Eastern Cemetery, friends are respectfully imited.

STUART.-The Friends of the late Mr. THOMAS

HENRY STUART are respectfully invited to follow his remains to place of interment, Dande-

nong Cemetery.

The funeral is appointed to move from his resi- dence, No. 56 Scott street, Dandenong, THIS DAY (Monday, September 3), at 3 p.m.

A. KINGSBURY, Undertaker, Dandenong, Springvale, Noble Park, Cranbourne. Tel. Dan. I.  

STUART.-Dandenong Lodge No. 40 of M.M.

Masons.-The members of the above Lodge and Craft in general are respectfully invited to follow

the remains of Bro. T. H. STUART to place of interment in the Dandenong Cemetery.

The funeral is appointed to leave his late resi- dence. 56 Scott street. Dandenong, THIS DAY (Monday, September 3), at 3 p.m.


R. H. BROOKS, Secretary.

STUART.-Lodge of Sincerity, No. 179, Dande-

nong, A F. and A.M. of Victoria.-The Mem- bers of the above Lodge and Craft in general are

respectfully invited to follow the remains of Bro. T. H. STUART to place of interment in the Dan- denong Cemetery.        

The funeral will leave his late residence, No. 56 Scott street. Dandenong, THIS DAY (Monday, Sep.

tember 3), at 3 p.m.

STUART.-Lodge of Alliance No. 440, Dandenong.

-The Members of above Lodge and Craft in general are respectfully Invited to follow the re- mains of Bro T. H. STUART to place of inter- ment, Dandenong Cemetery.

The funeral is appointed to leave his late resi- dence, No, 56 Scott street. Dandenong, THIS DAY (Monday, September 3), at 3 p.m.

THRUSH.-The Friends' of Mr. FREDERICK -i- TURUSH at« respectfully Invited to follow the remains of.his dearly beloved wife, Ida May, to the place of interment, the )Fowkner .Ceme- tery. ."*?'-,* ,<* > . \

The funeral «lill leaie lils naldene*:, the cornet of High,-and .Youngman'streets, preston, .THIS -l)AVX^wa»y'-5r**!»1imh«>t at.3 p.m.'..,,' .

HSgfe«i^KStV-tjildertaker, 'SKI,.High .¡Meet,


WARBURTON.-1* friends of the lato Mrs. »* ANNIE PHEBE WARBURTON »ro informed that her remains will be interred in the Brighton Cemetery.

The funeral is appointed to move from her resi- dence. 210 Glenelm road, Elsternwick, THIS DAY (Monday, 3rd September), at 2.30 p.m.

WAUGH.-The Friends of Mr. and Mrs. ALEX. ' » WAUCH are respectfully invited to follow the remains of their dearly loved daughter. Norma, to the place of interment in the Heidelberg Ceme-


The funeral is appointed to moto from their residence, No. 6 Union street, West Preston, THIS DAY (Monday), at 3 30, oirliing at Cometen at 4 o'clock.