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SPORTING. A most remarkable fact in connection with Amiable, the One Thousand Guineas winner (says the Argus), is that she is affected with very pronounced stringhalt in both hind legs, but that this does not interfere with her speed when galloping was rendered plain enough by the result of the race. SLo started at 100 to 8 for the event (the favourite being Joossta at 2 to 1). and ridden by Bradford won easily by three lengths from 12 others. Amiable subsequently won the Oaks. The card of the V.R.C. Grand National Hurdle Race and Steeplechase was called at Boweb's Tattersall'd Club, Melbourne, on Wednesday, but the only wagers recorded were 100 to 1 Volcan, for the Hurdle, and 100 to 6 Diamio and 200 to 10 Blyth for the Steeple. The following were the leading prices on offer :-Grand hational Hurdle Race-100 to 10 agst Bischoff (100 to 7 wtd), 100 to 9 Neli (100 to 7 wtd), 100 to 9 Bill, 100 to 8 Ixion (100 to 6 wtd), 100 to 8 Apsley, Ebor, and Captain Webb; 100 to 8 Tim Swiveller (100 to 7 wtd), 100 to 7 Warbroolr, C.B., Figaro, Titanic, Marion, Retrieve, and Extra; 100 t) 1 Volcano (tk), 100 to 6 and 100 to 1 others (off). Grand National Steeplechase-100 to 10 agst Mikado II. and Busaco, 100 to 10 Tr,.jan (103 to 7 wtd), 100 to 8 The Actress, Tayforth, Corangamire, Dondi, and Mutiny; 100 to 7 Sir Wilfred, Waterbury, Mon Ami, Frantic, F,;xhall, and Sp:anker; 1CO to 7 Blyth (200 to 10 tk), 100 to 7 Banda, Gillie Cruabh, Darkie, Medicine, and Western; 100 to 6 Diamio (tk and off), 100 to 6 to 100 to 2 others (off). A-0-