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Ice Pressure Hinders Ships.

KING'S BAY (Spitzbergen), May 30.

Hie expedition b} the Italian suppl} ship Citta di Milano which was to search for the missing airship Italia (with IS men on board) is at a standstill The ship was not stiongl} enough built lo withstand ti e ice pressure Moreover, it is now con Hideicl that the only men vi ho cm help the cicw of the Italia if the} bo alive aie a few fm ti uppers who are accustomed to the conditions on the coast Trappers aro now being organised in order that a se ii eli ma} be begun at once

Hie Ivoiwcgiau Government steamer Hobh} -mil the wooden steamer Bio^an-m f i oin Tromso will be manned by special crews and will carr} a detachment of Nor wtgmi soldiers who aie accustomel to the poht logions

If the Italia has come down in fcouth Spitzbergen there is little hope of her sur viv al as the ice there is constant]} shift ing md a landing fioin an aeroplano or ship would he almost impossible

So far nothing in tho way of search woik bos been achieved by ncroplines owing to the storms which have been almost con tuiuous since the Italia set forth on her return journey from the Noith Pole

The Kings Bay coi respondent of the British United Press states that the sup- posed signal from the Italia which was picked up at 10 minutes past 10 o clock on Sundav night was not rcpoitcd earlier owing to the fact that the sealer s wneless apparatus was disordered Other reports discount this Rtorv as the Citti di Milano passed \mstcidam Island on Sunday and saw nothing to m licate the Itahi s pre sence theic Mcinvvlulo a fierce snow stonn is dell}mg the departino of an in vestigation si o Ige part} along the coast Hie ship Bragan/i is on the vi a} to King s Baj to mike in attempt to pierce the pack ice tow mis Ii nur Josef Land The prcvilence of the north wcstcrl} gales dis counts the I licor- that the Italia was blown tow lids Alaska

Airman's Great Effort.

long: Northwaid Flight

OSLO, Slay 30

I icuteiiont I uet70w Holm flew from Oslo to Xromso, a distance of 1,700 miles, in 23 hours in ordei to board the Hobb} and go to Spitzbergen to tike part in search work This is iec,arded os a magnificent achieve


It ia believed that a small machine has already left Spitzbergen under oidcrs to huiry dogs and sledges from the northern coast to King s Ba}

V message fiom the Citta di Mil ino denies that the vessel received an} mes biges whatever from scalhuntcis on or around Amsterdam Island