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Family Notices

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irn order (o guard against imposition, Birtli,

Mtrriage, Death, and In .Memoriam notice« must be authenticated by sonio reputable person lo ensure their insertion.]

Birth, Marriage, Death, Bereavement, In Memo-

rial», and Funeral Koliccs, up to G lines, 3/j

extra lines al 6d,

To guard against error, advertisers are requested

to write oil names clearly in block ictlcrs,


BUSSE (nee Mary Rigby).-On the T7th July,

at Peradcna private hospital, Boston road, Canterbury, to Mr. and Mrs. 1!. Busse-a


CLARKE.-On the Min .Inly, at Hondo, Norwood

avenue. Middle < Brighton, to Mr. and Mrs. Vhian.R. Clarke-a daughter.

GILCHRIST.-On the 12th .lune, to Mr. nud Mrs

U. L. Gilchrist, Lynton, Foitisiroo street, Chis- wick, Sydney-a daughter (Mary Cranstone).

RUSS ince Chitra Smith).-On the IGth Julv, nt

Lea-Bae, lol Balaclava road, CmllMd, to Mr.

and Mrs. Maurice Hess-a eon.

STEWART (nee Dulce Mureh).-On the Util July.

IMS, at St Honans, Hamilton, the wife of W. E. Stewart, of Caroona, Branxholme-u


WRAGGE.- On the 8th July, the wife of L. G. Wragge, Nariga, Deniliquin (N.S.W.)-a daugh-



MCKENZIE-WHEELER,-Qn ll.c 16th June, 1028,

at St. Paul'« Cathedral, by Bcv. B. Sherwood, Colin Bodman, son of lato James and Mrs. McKenzie, oí Llanos, Yarram and Brighton, to Dorl« May, daughter of late Robert and Mrs. Wheeler, cf Brighton and Ballarat.

NICHOLSON-COLLETT.-On the 21st June, 1028,

at First Presbyterian Church, Vancouver (B.O.), hy the Rev, J. Richmond Craig, Fanny Eliza* beth, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. II. T. Collett, of Dandenong, lo Rev. William Patte son, youngest son of Captain and Mrs. John Nicholson, of Dangar, North Ireland.


BURGESS.-On the 2Jth Julv, 192S, at her res!,

dence Milllara, Mona street, Hobart, Annie Bayley, relict of the late Hon. W. II. Burgess,

aged S3 years.

CRAINE (nee Bone).-On the 21th July, at Austin

Hospital, Eunice, dearly beloved wife of Norman tiraine, and loving mother of little Murray, »I Vilson street, Ascotvalc, aged 21 years aud 3


A patient sufferer at lest.

CRAINE.-On the 21th July, nL the Austin He*,

pital, Eunice Muriel, the dearly beloved youngest daughter of tho late James and Emma Bone, loved sister of Alex., Alf., Mrs. Price, Mrs. lxwis, Mrs. Aspinall, and the loved aunt of Jimmie, Muriel, and Jean, Ma\is, and Mar-


Tile long day is o'er.

A patient sufferer at rest.

CROSBIE. - On the 18th July; at Bucki, Henty

(N.S.W.), Betty, loved wife of W. B. Cros-


DAY.-On the 22nd July, Nell Torier, darling son

of Nell and Ernest Day, Brown's road, Clayton, little brother of Emle (deceased) and Audrey, aged six months. (Privately interred Spring \a!e Cemetery, 23rd July.)

DINWOODIE.-On the 24th July, at 107 Plenty

road. South Preston, John Henry, dearly beloved husband of the late Margaret Dinwoodie, and loving father of Henry, David, Norman, and Mabel, aged 69 years.

DINWOODIE.-On the 21th July, at Preston. John

Henry, widower lale Margaret, loving father of It. J. <E. Kew, lato Morelandl, David (Pre«, ton). Norman (Northcote), Mabel (Mrs. Boss, Northcote), aged 69 years.

EGAN.- On the 24th July, 1928, at his residence,

Emily-street, Seymour, Thomas Michael, the be-   loved husband of Marie Agnes Egan, and loving father of Kate (Mrs. Lewis Burnley), Annie (Mrs. Kellerher, Seymour), Mary (Mrs. Johnston, de- ceased), Nellie (Mrs. Cale, Shepparton), and Peter, nephew of the late Archbishop Carr, and great-grandfather of little Rob, aged 80 years.

R.I.P. .

FOWLER--On the 2Wi July, at Hurt-rare, Stan-

hope street. Malvern. Elizabeth Jane, sccoud daughter of iho late J. II. Fowler.

Peace, perfect peate.

GIBSON.-On the 22nd Julv, at Woodbine.

Autumn street. Geelong West, Janet Richmond Gilston, wife of the late George Gibson, and much-loved grandmother of Muriel (Mr*. F. L. Marlin). Russell, Doris, Hilda. Neville, and Katie Connor, and mother-in-law of J. II.

renner. -

GRAHAM.-On the 24th July, 1928, at the police  

statton. 171 Canterbury road, Canterbury, Con- stable William George Graham, the dearly loved husband of Margaret, and loving father of Lillian (Mrs. S. H. McGuffie), Dollie (Mrs. A. A. Mum- mery), Hilda (Mrs. C. A. Mactaggart), William G., Marjorie, Robert. M., and Jean.

At rest.

HELM.-On (hi 23rd Jill;-, al Tresliion. Cromwell

road, Hawksburn. Ellen Jane, widow of the Lita Joseph A. O. Helm, M.A., Inrrister-at-low, late ' r-f Melbourne and Bendigo, late Fellow of Jesus

College, Cambridge. (Privately interred 21th ' July.)

INGRAM.-In loving memory of Robert Ingram,

our dear superintendent and founder oí the Gembrook United Sunday School, who faithfully carried it on for 15 years, passed peacefully   away July 13, 1928.  

Jesus, the very thought of Thee

With sweetness fills my breast; But sweeter far Thy face to see,

And in Thy presence rest.

-(Inserted by Gembrook United Sunday School.)   KING.-On «ho 22ml Julv. nt Heidelberg, Ern,

dearly loved friend of Violet Woodroffe, North-


Sweet rest.  

LIPMAN.-On the 23rd July. 1938, at a pri-

vate hospital in Adelaide, Gerald John, be- loved elder 6on of Boy and Ess Lipman. R Harrow road, St. Petéis, aged 7 years and G months. * I

LIPMAN.-On the 23rd Julv. 192S, nt a prívale

hospital In Adelaide, Gerald '.101111. bcLivcd elder grandson of ' Mrs. V. L, Salomon, Hohe street, St. Kilda.

McCRAE.-On Uto IStli July, at his daughlar\

lesldenre, Bennison, Donald, beloved husband of Bessie McCrac, late of SlrzlecU, aged 71


Al, rest.

MORRISON.-On the 23rd Julv, 192S (result of

accident). William Johnson, dearly bc!o\cd bus, band of Ncllio Morrison, of 6 Browning street, -Moonee Tonds. loving father of Annie (Mrs. D. Minogue), Nellie (Mrs. T. A. Lee), Vera, and Mona, aged Go years, late Victorian Railway1 (Privately Interred 2fth July, 1928.) R.I.P.

RAE.-On the 17Ui July, nt the residence of hi.

daughter (Mrs, James), Perth. W.A., Mary, the dearly beloved wife of the late Henry Moncrieff, loving mother ot Beatrice (Mis. Jenkins, Garden- vale, Melbourne), ILtrry (Rochester), Adelaide (Mrs. Gartner, Sydney), Florence (Mrs. Moore, W.A.). Elizabeth (Mrs. James. W.A.), Frederick (Melliourne). Tom (W.A.), lather (Mrs. Ca<oy. W.A.), Eveline (Mrs. Moore, deceased). Gracie (Mrs. Williams, W.A.), Robert (deceased), aged 77 years. (Bendigo and Kerang papers please


Sadly missed.

SMITH.-On the 23rd July (suddenly). Anthony A.

Smith, of 3 Moorhouse street. Camberwell, beloved busband of Jeannie Stewart, and father of Stewart (deceased). Alec, Jean, Malcolm, and Adrian, n-rcd 74 years. (Privately interred.)

STEVENSON.-On the 24th July, at Koroit, Ivy

Maud, eldest daughter of W. J. and the late

Barbara Stevenson.

At rest after a long and painful illness.

TULLOCH.-On the 23rd July, at Bethesda Hos

pital, Richmond, and late of 33 St. John's avenue, Camberwell, James David, loved husband of the late Alice Tulloch, loving brother of Fan, and beloved father of Beatrice. (Privately interred, Melbourne General Cemetery. 24th


Peace, perfect peace.

-(Inserted by his loving daughter and son-in law, Beatrice and Bryan Crooke, 33 St. John's

avenue, Camberwell.)

TULLOCH.-On the 23rd July, at Bethesda Hos

pital, Richmond, James David, beloved husband of the late Allice Tulloch, loving father of Jim, grandfather of Thelma and Keith, aged 67 years. (Privately interred Melbourne Cemetery on 24th July.)

Our dear old dad.

-(Inserted by his loving son and daughter-in law, J. and S. Tulloch, 31 Clyde street, Surrey


WITHY.-On the 23rd Julv, Holicrt Burton, dearly

he'oved husband of Ellrnhetli Lucy Withv, loving father of Oil«, lovina- brother of Arthur and Alfred, loving brother-in-law of Mr. and Mrs. Briwer, aged 71 years.

Loved by all who knew him.

YEAMAN.-On tho 22nd Julv. 192S (suddenly),

at Sydney. Lindsay Frederick, beloved vounewt son of Harriett M. and the Into William Yen min, and loving brother of Ena, Edith, wil- fred, and Bessie, Mountain Rest, Montrose, .aged

38 years.  

ZWAR.-On the 5th July, at a private hospital,

St. Kilda, Madge, the beloved wife of Councillor K. H. Zwar, of Beechworth; eldest daughter of John Clarke and Catherine Buchanan.


On Active Service.

BROCKIE.-In ever-loving remembrance of our

dearly loved twin son and brother, 3038. Pri- vate Clement Gordon Brockie, 5th Batt., who made the supreme sacrifice at Pozieres on the 25th July. 1916.

A noble sacrifice.

-(Ever lovingly remembered by father, mother,

brothers, and sister.)

CLACK.-In proud and loving memory of our

dear son and brother, Edgar John, killed in action, Pozieres, July 25, 1916. (Father,


GEORGE.-In loving memory of Herbert I.

George, who was killed in action at Pozieres, France, July 25, 1916, loved brother of Harold (returned wounded) (twice wounded at Galli- poli). (Inserted by his affectionate father, William George, Beechworth.)

GIBSON.-In loving memory of our dear son and

brother, Corpl. Alex. E. Gibson, who died of wounds received in France on 25th July, 1916

Only one of the many, but be was our only -(Inserted by his parents and sisters. Ballan.)

GRAY.-In loving memory of Lieutenant Harold

A. M. Gray, Intelligence Officer, 5th Batt. killed in action at Pozieres, 23th July. 1916 (Inserted by his loving father, brothers, and sisters.)

GRAY.-In loving memory of Lieutenant Harold

A. M. Gray, 5th Battalion, A.I.F.. killed in action at Pozieres, 25th Julv, 1916. (Inserted by his loving sister and brother-in-law, Ethel and Arthur Dixon.)

McMULLEN In memory of Lieutenant Sidney

McMullen, 5th Battalion, killed in action, Pozieres, 25th July, 1916. (A.V.C.)


On Active Service.

STRINGER In fond and loving memory of our dear son and brother, Lieutenant Alfred Stanley, who was killed in action at Pozieres on July 25, 1916. (Inserted by his loving mother, father, sisters, and brothers.)

TAYLOR-In loving memory of Lieutenant Albert

Ernest Taylor, 1st Field Co. Engineers, killed in action at Pozieres on 23rd July, 1916, be- loved eldest son of Robert and Christina Taylor, late of North Carlton, and loved brother of C. V. and H. F. Tuylor.

The dear one we loved, who Ii with us no more, Will meet us and greet us on yonder bright


-(Inserted by his sorrowing father, mother, and brothers.)

WATTS.-In sad and loving remembrance of our

dear son and brother. Clifton, who died in hospital at Rouen, France, on July 25, 1918.    


WAYCOTT.-A tribute to the memory of our dear

brother Roy, who died of wounds in France, July 24, 1918 (Inserted by E. Naughton, Sydney.)

ABRAHAMS.-In loving memory of our darling

mother, Paulino Abrahams, who departed this life on July 25, »IB,

Ever remembered.

-(Inserted by lier loving sons and daughters, Leslie. Julius. Albert» Pauline, Lawrence, Lyla, and Stella.)

BARRIER,-In loving remembrance of my fond

wife and darling mother of Bert (deceased). Bene (.Mrs, Mackerraa), and Addie, who passed away July 25, 1927.

Mothor and daughter united.

Sadly missed.

BLACKWELL.-Ia loving momery of our dear

son and brother, Lionel Clive, who passed away on tho 23tb July, 1920; also his dear grandma, who passed away on the 25th July, 1926, at Dandenong.

A little bud, sa sweet and fair,

Was by an angel given.

Fearing earth would spoil its bloom

God took bim homo to heaven.

.«(Inserted by mother, father, sisters, and brother. Korumburra.)

BLACKWELL.-In loving memory of our dear

mother, who died at Dandenong on 25th July,


Until the day breaks and shadows flee, >

-(Inserted by her loving daughter and son. Violet and Bill.)

CAKEBREAD.—In loving memory of my devoted

mother, who died at Elsternwick, 25th July, 1925; also our dear brother, Morton, killed at Lone Pine, 7th August. 1915.

Dearly loved and ever remembered. —(Nellie.)

CAMPBELL.-A tribute of love to the memory

of our dear aunt, who parsed awoy on July 23, 1927.

Just a memory, fond and true.

To show, dear aunt, we think of you.

-(Inserted by Ella and Perce Freckleton, Dalys-

ton.) , CHUMP,-In loving memory of our darling daush

tf>r Dallas, who was called home on the 20th July, 192G.

To buvc, to hold, and then to part,

In the saddest story of the human heart. -(Inserted by her loving parents.)

CHUMP.-In lo\lng memory of our d*>ar Bister

Dallas, who passed away ou the 2ötli July,


Ever remembered.

-(Inserted by her loving twin sisters, Beryl

and Gwen.)

CRUMP.-In raemorv of Dalles, who passed away

on 25th July, 192G. (Inserted by Doney.)

DALTON.-In loving memory of my dear husband,

Sydney, and our dear father, who passed awoy on tim 25th July, 1026.

Itcnutfful memories of one so dear We cherish still with love sincere.

-(Inserted by his loving wife, family, and grand

eon, Sydney.)

DEPPELER,-In loving memory of Thelma Beryl,

dearly loved wife of John William Deppeler, of Beech Forest, and loved mother of little Valmah, who died on the 24th July, 1926.

DEVINE.-Tri loving memory of Eileen, who

passed away on the 25th July, 192-1. .

In our hearts your memory lingers, '

Sweetly tender, fond, and true; I As the years go bv, dear Eileen,

We mil always think of you. I -(Inserted by Ada Britten.)

DEVINE.-In loving memory of my little elster,

Eileen, who passed away ou 25th Jilly. 1921. (In* I sorted by her loving sister. Dorothy Wright.) i FYFE. - Jn ever-loving memory of my dear1

mother, who was called to a higher Jifo on i

the 25th July. 1925.

A beautiful memory left behind

Of a loving mother, true and kind.

-(Inserted by her loving daughter and son-in

law, Lou and Clarrie.) I HAWKSLEY.-In loving memory of my dear hut»

band and our dear father, John Richard, who passed away at Baringhup, July 25, 1927.

Loved and ?remembered.

-(Inserted by his loving wife and daughter*, Winnie and Jean.)

HESTER.-In loving memory of our dear father,

Henry, who passed away at Beeac on the 25th July, 1927, fond grandpa of Dudley and Bon did. (Colac "Herald" please, copy.)

Though death divides, fond memories cling.

-(Inserted by Herb and Annie Hester, Korum-


IN loving memory of our dear fat lier and mother.

(Inserted by their loving daughters, Queenie and Lena.) y

LIDGERWOOD.-In loving memory of our dear

son and brother. Ted, who died on the 25th July, 1923. (Inserted by his loving mother and Blister, Ida Jones, Sale.)

MAXWELL*-In loving memory of my'dear hue

hand and our dear father. Citarles Graham, who passed away on July 25, 1925.

Et er remembered.

-(Inserted by his loving wife and family.)

McCONNVlLLE,-In loving memory of my dear

wifo and our dear mother, who passed away 25th June, 3916; also our dear son and brother, Clarence, killed in action, Pozieres, 23th July,


O'CONNOR.-In loving mernoo* of Jack, who died

on the 25th July, 1925. (Inserted by M. Jory.)

ORB.-In cirr-loving memory of my dear hus-

band and our father, who paved away at Mary- borough on the 25th July, 1921,

Ever remembered.*.

-(Inserted by his loving wife and family, Beat- rice, Jean, and Leslie.)

RICE.-In sweetest memory of our darling

Maurice, who was called home on tho 25th July. 3923.

Beautiful memories of our little laddie Wo cherish still with love Bincere.

-(Inserted by hil loving father and mother, sisters, and brothers, Springvale.)

SPEAKMAN.-In loving memory of my dear hus-

band and mir dear father, James, who passed away at Brunswick on the 25th July, 1921. (In- serted by his loving wife and family.)

STEWART.-In sad and loving memory of wv

dear husband, who died on th0 25th July, 1927.

Always remembered.

-(Inserted by his loving wife, Crace.)

STEWART.-A tribute to our dearest and best

of friends, Will Stewart, who passed away July 25, 1927.

We dinna forget. -(F. and M. Edwards.)

TACK.-In loving memory of dear dad, who passed

away on July ¡U, 1927.

Loved and remembered.

-(Inserted by his loving son and daughter-in law. Joe and Nellie, and little granddaughter. Phyllis.)

TAYLOR (nee Scaddan).-In loving memory of

my dear daughter and our sister. Love, who pussed away at Castlemaine July 25, 1922.

Thy purpose, Lord, we cannot see, But all ts well that's dono by Thee.

-(Inserted by her loving mother and sisters.)

TAYLOR.-In fond memory .of our dear sister.

Lovle, who died 25th July, 1922.

Loved and remembered.

-(Inserted by her tristere, Eva and Pria.)

WATERS.-In loving memory of our dear wife

and mother, who passed away on the 25th July,


God has her In His keeping,

We have her In our thoughts.

-(Inserted by her loving husband and family.) WOOLNOUGH.-In loving memory of my darling wife, Nancy, who passed away on 23th July, 1918, at Caulfield.

Ten years have passed, but still a tender chord

of memory * Is softly touched to-day;

A loving thought of j ou, dear Nancy,

Will never fade away.

-(Inserted by her loving husband.)


BBIDDON.-Mrs. BItlDDON and Family dcBire

te THANK their many friends und relativas tor lcttcis, telegrams, cards, und floral tributes received during their recent sad bereavement. Wil] all please accept this as a personal acknow- ledgement of their sincero gratitude. S Attley grove, Ripponlea.

CLOUGH.-Mrs. CLOUGH and Family express

their sincere THANKS to Canon Bavan, also the various expressions of sympathy. Accept this

as personal gratitude in their sad bereavement. PURCELL. - Mra. C. PURCELL and Fai

wish to express their sincere THANKS to all relatives and kind friends for letters, telegram cards, floral tributes, and personal expresfiio

of sympathy in their recent sad bereavement. Will all please aecept this as a persouol acknowledg- ment of their deep gratitude. Woodleigh, Pan-

ton um.


BUBGRSS.-Interment of the late Mrs. ANNIE

BAYLEY of Mona street. Hobart, will take pure at Cornelian Bay Cemetery on Thursday, j '

10.45 a.m.

ALEX. CLAItK AND PONS LTD., Undertakers, 1C3-170 Collins street, Hobart.

BUTLER,-The Friends oí Mr. G. E. (TED)

BUTLER are respectfully Invited to follow the remains of his late beloved wife. Annie Bertha, to the place ol interment, in the Fawkner Ceme

Tlie funeral-Is appointed to move from his resi- dence. No. 45 Collett street. Kensington, THIS DAY (Wednesday), at 2 o'clock. I

ALFRED ALLISON, Funeral Director (estab. ' ÎS50, Racecourse road, Newmarket Tbone, FU5997._.

DINWOODIE.-The Friends of the late JOHN

HENRY DINWOODIE arc respectfully invited to follow hffl remains to the place of Interment, the

CÄSÄ ta». U. dnwhl«-. OtaB«)

rraMeuw. Glenira, 120 St. Ooorge', North ¡.otc, TU13»UAV (Wednesday, 2otU Juts), at 3 p.m.

} FrillGIJSOK and SON' dale of W. Jcwu'on),

Funeral Directors. 660 High street, Thornbury,

Thone Noithcolo 1771.


IÎ>GAN.-The Friends of the late THOMAS

J MICHAEL EGAN, of Emily street, Seymour, are informed that his remains will be interred In the Old Seymour Cemetery.

The funeral is appointed to niovo from his late residence, Emily street. Seymour, on Thursday, July 2G, st 3 p.m.

O. D1GULE, Funeral Director. Head offjee,- 547 Spencer street, West Melbourne; Euroa 422, Hom sey C4, Seymour 4G. Bradford 17._

I BOWLER.-The Friend« of the late Mis«

? ELIZABETH JANE FOWLER are informed that her remains will be interred in the St. Kilda Cemetery.

The funeral w11! leave her late residence, Har- grave, Stanhopo street, Malvern, THIS DAY (Wed. nesday, 25th July), at 3.30 p.m., and proceed to St. George's Church, Glenferrie road, Mähern, where a short service will bo held, thence to the cemetery.

DRAYTON and CARSON, Undertakers, High street, Malvern; and Windsor. Tels. U122S and

Win. 370.

GRAHAM.-Tile Friends of the late Constable

WILLIAM GF.ORGE GRAHAM arc informed that his remains will be Interred lu the Box Hill Cemotery with police honours.

The funeral will leave the police station, 171 Canterbury road, Canterbury, THIS DAY (Wed nesdoy, 2íth July, 192S), at half-past 3 o'clock.

GRAHAM.-Emulation I,odgc, No. 141, U.Q.L.V,

-The Brethren of the above lodgo and craft in goncral arc invited to follow the remains of our esteemed brother and trustee,' Mr. WILLIAM GEORGE GRAHAM, to the Box Hill Cemetery.

The funeral is appointed to leave his late resl dence, 171 Canterbury road, Canterbury, THIS DAY (Wednesday, July 25), at 3.15 p.m.


J. W. STRANOWARD. P.M., Secretary.

HOYLE.-The Friends of Mr. .WILLIAM HENRY

HOYLE aro respectfully informed that the remains ol lil» dearly beloved wile, Catherine, will be interred in the Box Hill Cemetery.

The funeral Is appointed to leave lils residence, 15 Kangcrnong road. Box Hill, THIS DAY (Wed nesday. Julv 25), at 2.30 p.m.

A. \V. PADBURY and Co., Funeral Directors, 203 White Horse road. Box Hill. Branches: Kew, Hawthorn, and East Malvern. 'Phone Box Hill 14t». SEELEY - The Friends of the late Mrs,

CONSTANCE SEELEY are informed that her remains will be interred in the Melbourne General


The funeral is appointed to move from her re sidence, 14 Malakoff street. Caulfield, THIS DAY (Wednesday. July 25), at 11 a.m.

APPS AND EONS PTY. LTD.. Undertakers,

STEVENSON.-The Friends of the late IVY

MAUD STEVENSON ore respectfully informed that her rcmalnB will leaie lier parents' residence, Koroit, at 10.30 a.m. on Thursday for St Paul's Church of England, thenco to Tower lilli Ceme-


WITHY.-Friends of the late Mr. ROBERT ». BURTON WITHY oro informed that his re- mains will te interred in tho Necropolis, Spring-


The funeral will leave his residence. Castlebar road. Oakleigh, THIS DAY (Wednesday, 25th July),

at 3 o'clock.

B. MATTHEWS PTY. LTD., Toorak road. South Yarra; and at Caulfield and Oakleigh.


9d. a line; Saturday, 1/ a line.

Tel. Brunswick 593.

291 Ferrars Street, ALBERT PARE,

Tel. M2038.

Russell Street, ESSESDON.

Tel. FU7022.


Under the Personal Direction of Roy Allison.



Tel. J1003 and J3410.



We bavo learned much during the many years sinca this establishment was founded. Modern methods, equipment, and experience bare enabled use to better servo our client?. Every detail is liandlcd carefully and efficiently, eliminating for the family nU worrying details.

Branches: Brighton, Essendon, St. Kilda, and

, ' Richmond.

Telephone Service. Central 410 (Two Lines).




Head Oulco'aml Funeral Chapel, Moor Street,


High Street, St. Kilda; Elsternwick; and




(Estab. 1852). Complete Motor Service.

193 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne (Tel. Cent. Sol);

49 Station Street, Malvern (Tel. 1427).

Branches: Elsternwick, Oakleigh, Cheltenham,


I-fLOHAL WUEATHS, iroin 2/. Hing F5112. 1 McMalion's, Florist. ArguB Bldgs.. Bllz. st

1 FLORAL WREATHS.-Miss A. Wilson, 27 Royal

.. Arcade. Tel. Cent. SS23.

"¡^LOWERS.-Funeral Designs delivered, all sub ?** urbs and country. Floral Dept,, Law, Somncr Pty. Ltd.. Block place. F5434._ w

piro Arcade. Flinders st. Tel. U4000, Cent. 1733,



. And


MEMORIALS EREOTED Any Cemetery in the


c Designs on Request

Tel. X3794.


(Op. Brighton Cemetery).

A nnd G. HENDERSON, Monumental Sculpt

.£*-. Desigus and specifications submitted. 1040 Lygon st,. North Carlton. Brunswick 1031.


All Classes Memorials. Designs Supplied



Monumental Sculptor ami Ciravc Decorator,

corner Lygon aud Princes streets, Cnrltoa. Tel. V24Cfi. Designs tint, estimates submitted