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Rain Prevents Play.

Crawford Improving.

uli-nt of the Ai liattuti.)

GENOA, May 5.

Showers of ram vvhieli fell at middij made the surfice of the court for use lu the Davis Cup tie between Ita]} and Aus- tralia too shppcij for phj, and tho hrst match was postponed for an hour. Kurth« tam fell, however, and the couit could not be used Play was then postponed for the daj

The groundsman s loutiiic of watering the court befoie lunch left a perfect bil

hard table surface but inky blue raiuclouds swept unexpectedly from the Allis, and licavj rain fell at 1 o'clock The unwatcrcd courts emerged in an ideal condition, but further ram left the Hans Cup couit a quagmire, which defied the afternoon's stioiu sun He Jlorpurgo and Ciuvrford went on to the court, but decided on n fin thei inspection at halfpist 3 o'clock w hen Patterson took a hand, and said that so far as he was concerned there was onlj one decision--plnj was impossible \>c Moi pin-go wanted to begin at a quartir pist i o'clock, but Pnttcrson demonstrated tint there was no foothold, and induced De Aforpui-fco to agree to postponement tor one dij

The fashionable cloud was disappointed, but sportmglj accepted the inevitable The singles will, therefoic, be plajcd to morrow, at 2 o'clock, and the doubles on Alondoj

Possibly Ciawford would hove been less inconvenienced b) the stick} court than De Jlorpurgo, but u daj s gi ace would be morp valuable if he could have had vigorous piacticc

Glimpses of True Form.

Membci*- of the Australian team wcic ?nore hopeful following pi act ice on Inda} afternoon, as Crawford showed glimpses of his true form, plajmg beautiful ground stiokes and forccouit vollcv-, The only doubt now is whether his cold will sap his (-Living povvei if the match against De Alorpurgo exceeds three sets Patterson said that Crawfoid was luting more clcanlj to day, though he was not so active as last week when his foi m was hi lilian t. "We are now more hopeful that he will nae to the occasion," Patterson added

Genoa is doing the utmost honour to the Australians, and a special flagstaff has been erected for a loca 11} made Australian flag Intense, interest is being show n, and red placards, woided Coppa Davis," arc dis plajed cvcijvvbcie

'ihe doubles will form a gili occasion Die Italians should not be undei lated, as last year the) had a better tall} of t-ets and gimes against li ance than did the Unttcd States Stcfam, one of Itolj's singles plavcrs, had foin match points »gainst Cochet The Australians however, ma} be iched upon to set the time, and not to do the dancing

In view of the Continental vogue for line disputes, it is satisfactory to know that Pionsc, the central umpire, has enlisted tellable linesmen

European Zone Matches.

Win ior Great Britain.


\\ inning foin matches at Torquaj against Argentine, Great Britain won ita fust lound m the Davis Cup contest The Bntish team will next pliy tho winnot of the Jugo Slav ia I inland match L Hi"gs (Bi i tam) d \\ Hobson, 7 5, 7 2, 2 G, 7 3, J C Gic.orj (Biitaiu) d 1! E Bo}d, 0-4, 110, 0 2, G I! Cloie Kees and J ames (Biitaiu) d Bo}d and Robson, 6 1, 0-1, OH 1-0 7 3

The nibbeis weie even aftei pla} on the fiist daj, as Grcgoij defeated Robson mid Higgs lost to Bo}d

Boumama Defeats Belgium.


In the Davis Cup tie between Roumania md Belgium to decide who should oppose the winner of the match between Au"tialia and Italj, Roumania defeated Belgium The scoies wcic - Lupjiu (Roumania) d M Ivvhink, 0-3, 7 0, 7-5, 7!), 0 2, Nicholas Misliu (Roumania) d Iwcins, 03, 8 0, JO, 0 3, Mtshu and Bocincr (Roumania) d 1 wbauk and Iwems oftet losing the first


Denmark Beats Poland.


£ K Uli ich (Denmark) d Georges Stola row (Poland), 3 0, 0-4, 0-0, 6 4, Axel Peter sen (Denmark) d Warminski, 6-2, 36, 0-4, 82 Uluch und Petersen (Denmark) d Stolaiow and Stolarovv, C1, 63, 0*4

Austria and the Philippines.

A rhNNA, Maj 5

H W Allens (Austin) d Atagon (Philippines), 6 J, 0*1, 0J, I Matcjka (Austin) d Ingajo (Philippines) 0 2, 6 2, 0 4 hilon and Aitens (-Vnstira) d Aragon and Ingajo, 0 2, 4 0, 1113, 0*0, 0J

Germany v. Greece

BLRL1N, A[a) 5

In the Divis Cup match between Ger manj and Gi ecce, Buss (Gcimanj) d A J /ulandi (Greece), 7 5, 0 4, 4 0, 0-2, Otto 11 oit/.heim (German}) d Billi, JO, 0 4, 0 3, 10-8, Bergmann and H Kleinschroth (German} ) d Balli and /crlaudi, 01, 6 3,


Finland and Jugo-Slavia.


Giuhn (JTinlaml) d Popov itch, 6 2, 0 3, 0J, Schaffet (1 inland) d Giotcnfddt, 0 3, 2 0 0 7, 7 3

Hungary and Norway


Bal on von Kchrling (Hungirv ) d Chris tofcrson (Noivvaj), 0-1, 0-2, 0 1, TakacS (Hungarj ) d loakildscn, 7 3, 0 8, 0 1, 10

New Zealand Team


Hie mcmbeis of the New Zealand team have at lived at Lisbon

Cummings Defeated

CAPE TON N, Ala j 5

Pla]ing against Bolder at East London, E F Moon defeated Cornell, 0 4, 0 2, and defeated Dodd 64, 61 R 0 Cummings defeated Coi nell, 04, 6 4, and lost to Dodd, 0 0, 2-0 In the doubles, Cummings and Aloon defeated Klemp and Beavan, 0-0,


(Moon and Cummings arc two Queens laud pla}eis who aie pla}ing in matches abroad )

Hard Courts Championships

LONDON, Alay 5

Hie final loumls in the bald coutts championships pla}ed ut Bournemouth io suited -Smtles-*P D B Spence (dig land) d H Cochet (liancc), 5 7, 4 0, 0 2, 0J, 0 7, Rene Lacoste (Iranee) d Ma}es, C2 64, 40, 01 Final-Lacoste d Spence,

,02,02 \\ omen's Singles-Miss Gold sack d Mist. Lilccn Bennett, 16, 7-5, 0 4, Miss J Ridlc} d Miss H-iidic. 8*10, 6 1, 6-0, Miss Goldsack d Miss Ridley, 8-6, 6-4 Women's Doubles-Mia Watson aud Miss B Nuthall d Mrs Shcpheid Baron and Miss Steri }, 0 2, 6-3 Mixed Doubles Final -H Cochet and Miss K Bennett d U Lester und Aliss J Ridley. »-7, 6 2 Men's Doubles-Silence and C Kinjslc} d La eostc and M Joba 3 0 8-0 0Î 0 2