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  • Greg-DAVIS 20 Jul 2014 at 09:44
    Might this be the Maurice MURPHY who at the age of 23 arrived on Dacca 14/12/1887 and who may have died in Brisbane 5/9/1899 and was buried at Nudgee Catholic Cemetery

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General i\ews.

Ilcrbeiton's letter nu Auti-Sei>aration is

crowded cut of this issue.

A scratch cricket watch will he played at Norman Park on Saturday next, uauics of players appearing in our next issue.

On Saturday morning before the P.M. Maurice Murphy was sentenced to a month in Townsville for haviug no visible weans of support.

In order to appear on tho Jiuuieipal Voting list it is ncoe~5ary that rates he paid at the Council Chambers ou or before Friday nest,

the 31st instant.

Land in the township of Kuranda is looking up. several allotments having changed hands during the week at a considerable advance on the original prices.

Tho post mortem of a horse w hich died in : Cairns on Sunday without any apparent j reason, revealed the fact that death had been

occasioned by n surf-it cf unripe bauanas.

The union wharf labourers of Cairns, who during tb«: strike set a splendid example of orderly conduct to the unionists of other ports, have received permission from' head- quarters to resume work.

The contractor, Jlr. Louis Severin, is making rapid progress in thu erection of the new brick buildings in Abbott-street. At the present time the roofs arc going on, and it is expected the premises will bo ready for occupation by Xmas

Th« weather ou Monday was unsettled, j

slight showers falliugduriiigtheday. During i the night heavy min fell attended by thunder | and lightning, rainfall for the -t hours registering 1 iuoh ll points.

I'he Aramac on Monday left Cairns with the ln.rg.tit cargo of fruit ever loaded in one bottom from North Queensland. It included

7.*!.'!0 hunches, and foti cases of banana.*, aad j "?ni. cases lanes. There was a large general I cai co in addition including rta I bags tin, 2711

bags sugar, 10:; bides and a quantity of sun- j

dries. i

With reference to the new teacher of the  

Blackfellow's Creek Provisional School, Mr. Michael Nolan, our remarks in previous

issues as to his appointment appear to have   been misleading. Mr. Nolan, who holds ex-   ecllent credentials, was appointed by the   Department in Brisbane and sent to Cairns   specially to take charge of the school.    

A day's shooting by thc Volunteer Corps j for mellis and trophies took p'aco at the I rangoon Saturday. Private McDermott took honours for high scoring and wen tho medal in the handicap. Corporal Allan coming second and private Motley third. The prizes included a ll inds.uue claret jug. a silver medal presented by Mr. W. J. Hall and a gold medal made by Mr. Mackay (first prize) and other valuable trophies.

Tho Temperance I,. ..Ige of Cairns bold their usual quarterly elcetiou of officers uext Monday exening, ami it is boped th it mem- bers will exhibit a laudable desire to obtain ollie". The bilge is now numerically stroll";, au ! is abb- to boast of .l iing good work. Hardly a meeting passes witboiitscvcr.il now members being initiated. A programme for the eu.-uiug quarter has been drawn np and »ill 1« inserted in the tjmti lcrhj Gnuie of the <;.-o..l Lodore. This programme provides liberally for wholesome entertainment, it

( being thc earnest desire of the Lodge to

render each meeting as attractive as possible.

An enquiry into the actual figures of the

Doctor's Fund in connection with the employes of thc second section of thc Cairns Herberton railway, places it beyond doubt that thc fund is in debt to a considerable extent. The receipts amounted t-> ii"o:ï Hs 2;1 ami the payments, including Hospita! and Doctor's salary, to £H«; L's Md, showing a I deficiency of Kis Sd. There was X&

(I-ld to thecicditof the fund on the ¿1st March, which reduces thc debit balance to £217 Ms 7d. The difference between thc actual ligures and thc estimated made is ac- counted for by thc fact that thc average deduction per tour weeks was only 2s iud lier man. the payment ouly Wing charged i'll, mfa, according to thc number of days figuring on thc pay sheet. There were SH mon in March, 7o(> in April, SH in May, 77!" in .lune. Sttliu July ao.I Sill iu August con- tributing to thc fund.