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(airas Divisional BoarU.

A stxBTiBo of the Divisional Board, now comprising the old No. 3 sub-division and the remaining portion of No. 2 sub-division, was held hist night. Present - Messrs.

Landan, Newman, and Douglas.

'The Board having no chairman, Mr. Douglas moved that the clerk take the chair for the election of one. Seconded by Mr. -Newman and carried.

Mr. Bunting; haviag taken Um chair, Mr. Douglas moved-"That Mrl Loridaa be

elected chairman until the next »"»"»' elec-

tion," anwawéad by Mr. Newman and carried.

Mr. Ltrirhra haviag taken the chair, the ?sinutes of the previous'meeting and the ootaard correspondence were read and con.

The ¡award correspondence waa "read and dealt with as follows :

Letters from Mr. A Street and Mr. T. B.

8. Hook, resigning their seats at the Board, the former on account of hu property now being in the municipality, and the latter on account of Ill-health. Besolved that the resignations be accepted.

V Letter-'fromrMr,- lhantiaui^ réajgaing his position of Clerk to the BoirdT Besolved that the resignation be accepted, and Mr. Bunting he asked to continue the duties of clerk until a new one could be appointed.

Letter from If r. Newman, asking that the Board have a road surveyed through Mr. Walker's selection to join the surveyed road through' Mr. /Tolson's sel çtion., Besolved that the Govern siput be asked to sais ey a rwiiMsw»nghMr.Walker'rseleetioa, and that Mr. Wa.ker be notified to that effect.

- Letter from the Tinaroo Divisional BoanL enclosing copy of a letter addressed by that Board to the Minister for Works, asking him to endeavour to have the 71st ríanse of the Divisional Boards Act amended so as t»

! **?*.* ^n *.> ni*. So Ma

SS^Ml, ana askiinfthe Cairns Board to co-

operate wita the Xiaaroo Board. aVaolved. oa ate asotsOB of Mr. Newman-*- That the

clerk write to the Minister for Works sup aprtts^tBeiaHterotth« Tinaroo Boards aad

Letter from the Miaisteffor Works, stating

that a Goveraasent auditor would be in Caima within two month», and would then famish all ¡?'??matnia wai« ling the ac- counts of the Board.

Besolved, on the »notion of Mr. Newman, seconded by Mr. Douglas-" That tenders ne caUedasraclerka»il»a^arB.aniir»«t to state salary iwqaiiasV* -- -- »

P. O'connell here addressed the Board, and»»ksd terpayment of an account of 4122, pasand tor payment some time since, bat not paid because the Board bad no fand». After some diii-n-'na the Chairman agreed to ssgnacacqaefor the asaouat. leas 43 for a

beat on *he Barron river, which the Board

bad tor sale, aad.the applicant waa willing

Thederfcwaa ¡attracted to take'the ne eeaaary stops sor -the «Isrsma «f two a

asembetwtosmtaevacaBCsee eawsed by the rcssjrantion of Messrs. Street and Hook.

The advisability of sub-dividing the divi- sion into ::ttta«-wa« Ms.I. and it was aawawa^^t «nsssaawsen^dujto the Minister for

tin* fottowing sab^vnaoas:-No. 1

. to Mrhirt» Flush »n«a»s«»fmith . «he Bassett Biver and Lower atalas»»« akajiLt» ; and No. 2 the present ?a, X awb^esvwasaV Jem the SawssiTBiver »mdI«iwsrMsB»Taw«Jstmts.

It waa iwaatrlir sai Uki ssstsssi of Mr.

asaos in the