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, I ino weither, wttlt the giounds liaid for ¡?w mt of ram ind the -»¡ml pla) mg tin Janipottaut put piowdcd betlci conditions, i or spcclatois til m plajeia on gituidn«,

Tlicio is only one mote bet of matches to lie plnjcd before the semi finals m the 3 cngue Die Association ali cul} finished als first lound-nnd there is still i mea sure of unccrtiint) a» to the composition of the final four lhere is however, little doubt m the minds of the majout) of the football «public as lo which aro the best teitns, the general unpres ion being, that 1 ithmonil ind Collingwood «.sill pin) off "Melbourne winch unie s its piotcst against ,bt Kilda is successful is in tim d place Jin» mun) supportas who chun tint -with the J lospcct of fit met giounds ind the letuin 1o fotni ot sticiil of the injured men the v duo of the team will be m itenally cn liinccd Hine will be no pieinierelnp matches this weel bceiu e of the nitcistatc .game with South \ustnln

I Hie game which should have provided

the match of the d15 was nt Richmond mid as on the picious Siturdu) 30 000 people wcie disappointed In a most uneven ( ontest-if contest it could he cillcd Rich mond pla) ed 111 igmhcciitl) and with un I«ann) mid dendlv lccitiacy found Lssendon no mitch an 1 after li ilf time the Rame de Rcnciuled into i (nee 1 «sondon in the hist temi ipnust the wind showed pro nifiug foun but aftei tint it was never 111 the hunt ind vv < vi encd bj accident wa» ov cm helmed Richmond with 110 miMct) is to pel centimes and with no desne to undulv oxeit itself she! encd oil m the iinnl fenn but was ncvet icill) extended 1 01 the first time in its biston the club Jil» won even ni itch on its own ground It lias viso create 1 anothct iceoitl Its ..ate leceipts it Kichtnon I fot the nine matches luve been i,i OIP/IO/'J 01 an nvet »lie of i,oiI/8/10pei milch

1 he "Vlelbniuiic s "st Kilda match pi on rlod a thiillmg finish in which St Kilda .with the last 1 iel. of the di), scoied the .winning goal 1 K1 ed it is said ses ou < 1 eight seconds aftei the fiml bell hid nmg J he Melbourne club is lodging « protest li oin i ptemieiship point ot \icw the Melbourne pei foi manee wis satis jactoi) 111 that it showcl a welcome return lo foi m of «everal men who in recent

gimes hive not been quite up to the »nail As regirds Hie ptotest all tint need he s ntl here m if it lesults in impioved hells all will be well M h) do not the ttli 1 clubs emulate 1 lotsci iv 111 pet feet kpplmncc

iSoith Melbourne smpn=ed ind delighted jls^suppoitei-, bv extending Collingwood jii«»n \ert close gime and C11H011 with ¡ùmictlnng to lihv for showed nmie gut (tpd deteiminalion thin South Melbourne jttOi match which w 11 tv pic ii of contests

Uofcwccii thc«e ti uns nilli no bealing «/¡¿tile picmicHiip the 111 itches at 1 lt/iov «nfl Iliiivthoni itliuitcl little but loc ii fahrest ind the iitlcndinccs htillcicd ic


^T Premiership Positions

Ilieiosult of the guncs plijel 011 Satin . div Ind a milled millidie on the posi

lions of the leidmg clubs rie»uiuing that Hie Mellioinne piotcst will lui is it un doubted!) must Richmond has noss mo\ed up to second pi ice ihen 1 of Melbow ne on percenttges Cniton 1 ssendon and St Kildi arc lev el for foin lb pi ice on pienucr iliïp points but Caillou is well nlicid on leiccntages In fit t Ciilton has a better fiveinge than Melbourne fhe list two jititids have been 111 the nitine of in

elimination ti ni and St Kilda and Lssen don failed miscinbh It w is not so much flint thev wcie defcited bv Collingwood mid Richmond lespcctivels lint the foira displaved was so pooi when Hie li t leillv cuno that neitlici was woithv of linlusi n Psscndou ccituinlv hid the e\ctf,e of m innes to mitígale the faihui m some was

lint even allowing lot tlint the foi m of tho same old was sopo 11 that Richmond Mas never extended Carlton is fourth now but it Ins to meet Collingwood at A letona País, on & ptcmbet 1 the li«t dav of the lound and unless it can wm that game it must lu di»phctd foi even allowing for lAsondon s vvc il ness the píos peet of Hawthorn giining its lirst -victor) lor the season at the.cxpcnse of the Dons does not seem vei) nlluiing loi St Kilda to squeeze in to the semi finals both Callion mid lssendon must be defcited 110111 a competition point of MOW 1 Cailtntt success at Victoria Pulk would bo most satisfuetorv

foi it.'is apparent that of the three clubs non level for fourth piare Carlton is the strongest On piper it looks as if Rich mond (serond) and 1 ssen Ion (foin Hi) vvill meet m the dist sehn lui il on September 8 and that Colling«on I ind Melbourne will meet m the second »cini linn] 011 September

Tho Remaining Matches


I ilk

FOOTSCRAY v ST KILDA at rootscras


ïl C C «.round




Football Finança

the finance committee which lins been in emu in., into the finaucial position of the League w iib a v icw to ev oh ing a scheme to nun out the wishes of the League that it should have its own premises will make 1 îepoit to Um next meeting of tlie League J lie nicmbcis of the committee have given much thought to the position and have viewed it fiom vanous angles Ihoy are » itisficd that man) economics may he effected such as dispensing with the c\ ponse of an emeigenc) umpire and the ill icing of the office on a moic satisfactory rasis bj the engagement of n secretary who would give all his time to the business of «ilie League When the view was ex ipicssed thal the League should have its sum piemisos a fund was established, to foi m the nucleus of a building fund The tTHofits fiom the Victorian football giecord" for last season, about £000 weic .set aside, but the committee felt that unless



* Hie Vrgus loolhall te an is n\ious lor a Snitch s 1th mv Countrl Te m witl in 40 miles ot àlellioinie n »it ntl is «el temi er IG or ¡" Mill .ii v cluh Intcre ted 1 le se write to

"? w 11 1 VI I V. lion «cn

«. Cue TI c \rs is office

some dcGnite ind substantial income ivas

sim ed to the Torgue the financing of any building proposition wa. out of the qtics tion Tilt, lommittee considered \arious piopos-ils but the one «Inch appealed to momba i most and which «ill be recom mended to the full leifcuc is that n League ta\ of Cd be made on each member s ticket At present members of League clubs p-ij "/0 a j ear foi the right to MC« the l8 imtches pl~\ed bj the club I ho suggestion i- that the puce of ticl ets be mci cased to S/ and that the extra Gd hhould (.0 to the Teague It is belle«.el thal this tn\ «ould pioduco about £l,o00 n A ear, and tint this amount «ould go a long na«, ton aids providing jntcicst ititi unking fund on a building scheme of sa.

i. 10 000 mid «ould also gue the Teiguc nn income to can», out its piojects 11s apart from the clubs Members of the clubs would tims lie pn«, mg 5 1-3<1 pet m-itch and «ould be contributing to the futtlierance of the game TJie mnttei will bo discussed ut the nest liicoting of the TjC-igue

Players Injured

II Collier the Collingwood »oxer and fomnrd met «itli n pcrious accident at 'Notth Melbourne In the second quarter ho rcccixod a knoik «Inch shook and da7ed bun 1 atci m the gome he «cut up for i maik in i crush, and came do«-n on the back of Ins held and «is unconscious

I He appareuth rcco\eicd but I ara informed

that bia mind for the test of the game was ti blank and though be pla«, ed on he «nu of little use Ile «as confined to his bed jesierdtij having been oidercd com plote lost and quiet Ha brother A

Collier had lus hip badly biuiscd and had to pim foi«aid

II 01tx one of the I -scndon for«lids fi ictuiel his collin bono in tilt, thud quur tu at Richmond, and left the field boou tiftci«irds A Rennie one of the detention* spinmrtl Ins inkle mid after a «hilo he too letired from the gime Tills in the second minter G Cimpbell «ho hid been phiMiig hitlliantlx on the «nig «as bidlx EIHII cn anti foi a «bile «as xel} ktogfcj Ik « s of little UM until late in the g une

M Kilt!i «as handicapped bj the loss of f \ '»belton « ho got a knee m the hip n the thud quiitei mid « is useless foi the io t of the game Ilutcheson «as also lame fiom 1 se\uc I iel in the ankle which « is xeij imich swollen and stiff j esleída«, On the Mellion! nt side ill pulled up «eil but M nine bimlh the tipttin «is vtij soie ind limping after t lund g-ime

lit/ioj had two ph\ets injuicd In the first quntei 1 Coitititn phxing in the cuttle rplit the web between t«o of the liiiLeis of his left limul mil just bcfoie the end of the (.uno had to lea«.o the held willi Ins lidne\8 biuiscd the lesult ot a Ince in the bick TJ Co-bhn «ho tool Com kin s pla c in the ecu tie hid hi- shoulder «oi musí«, injin ed

\ IliuiK limisnicl s full btel tniuied his leg in the lust lite minutes of the iiutih igamst Cobuii, and «as piacticalK uselc s loi the lciniiiidci of the dix )

Huns of Coburg bloke the cutihgo of I Ins nose in the second qn liter but le < m lined on the gionnd liiooks of the s nue team mistimed a gash on the ilcshs part of his leg

M tillie« s of Bughlon hid nn attack of hemoilnge as a lesult of a 1 ick ii Hie bael ihe bleeding stopped jestordax

but Mililitros xxas oulcietl not to ham

this «eck

1 our mon w ero tiken to hospital on Sit urdux afternoon sulfcnng fiom injuries re cei\ ed w hen plax mg lootb ill Charles Wall

of Watcidile road Ixanhoe «ho collided with anolhei piijti mid fell heixilj in a match at Mullington was ndnuttcd to the Melbourne Hospital with a ltiptuted lid no\ M hen plajing «ith some other men in tlio loscixe outside the Richmond foot bill ground Hem y Hill, aged 27 scars of Mell «itrcct 1 ibrox fell and fractured Ina 1 _ He «as idmitted to the Mel

bom u Hospital At the Richmond race- course lreuciick l'emj aged 21 j ears of Hodgkinson stiect Clifton Hill, fell on his bead when jumping for a footbill kicked lo rum b\ n companion and recen ed con eussion of the brain He was admitted to St Vincent s Hospital

Victor Rowe, aged l8 xears of Thzi belli street. Northcote, broke his right arm when pla«.mt nt Rojal I'atk and was taken to St Vincent's Hospital «here he

was admitted

Player Reported < The umpire in the match Colling« ood x

Vorth Melbourne has repotted li Collier (Collingwood) It is nlleged that he Licked Trexaskis (Aoith Melboutue)

Receipts and Attendances

The receipts und attendances at League games silo« a falling off due pal tis to the slackening of inteicst in some of the matches and pai tis to the lure of the bush \\ ith spring calling In the wattle glens and heath fields, it is not surprising tliat many prefer to spend Siturday in the bush l atlier Ulan at football The figures ai e -

Receipt« e Match ' " " Hicl mond t r««end_n St Kilda v Melbourne

Cirlton « South Melbourne J-¡Uro« v Geelong

North Melbourne x Collingxtootl H i\\ ti ora x I ootscray

Public Schools v The Umvorslty

A mutch that cicb seal attracts con stderable mteiest is that between the Uni xeisitx and the publie schools usuills plas eil on the Mclboui ne Ci iel et ground on the 3 ntlaj aftci the public school season ends Ihe iroceeds go to the Public

Attendu! ce

? *>:

-0 000

OGS J7 000

4 0 IS 500


MO 11000

120 S 500


ii doo


School» Ohurit) lund which benefits con sideiabl) Xhe match this «¡car js ariangcd for neit Fndij but there is a hitch lhe South Australian team to play Victoria in the intcistate match on Saturda) will ariive on inda) morning bv the express train from Adelaide ind the '\ictoimi 1 ootball I eaguo has demanded tint the Melbourne driel ct ground should be re sen ed for the visitois to practice In view of the fact that they will be plaving next dov« it is not likcl) that the) will icquirc to do mole than ver) light work The men miv want a run and a rub down and this could be anangcd for without an) difficulty and without mterfeiing with the match be tween the public schools and the Uni vctsitv Mr ICH Tajlor, the honor mv secretar) of the Public Schools Asso ciation saw the secretar) of the League (Mi G L Wilson) on Snturdav and dis cussed the witter but no suggestion whcicb) Hie did culty could be oveicome was igiceablc to the League The public school delegate* arc anxious that the gillie should be phived ind the boys aie pir ticului!) 1 ecu for the match It ccrtamlv »ecins extnordiuai) tint i professional bodv like the I cague should hav e the i ight at the last minute to prevent an annual fixture between the Univcisit) and the public schools especmllj w hen the proceeds ire for chant) lhe foothill matches phved bv the public schools this )cir will icahse between ¡EoOO and £1300 for chant), and the match arranged for ne.\L 1 i idas,

w ill if ph) ed, produce at least an additu uni £100 It is hoped that the Melbourne Cricket Club, the mem boin of whcili aie interested m the game will insist on the league falling in with Hie public school


Fitzroy Club Meeting

U a special meeting of the fiiimcial mern bers of the lit/ro) Football Club to be held on Tuesday evening next in the club

room, the members will bo asked to agree to an alteration of the constitution, so as to permit the annual general meeting being hold in December, instead of February, as at present. A three-fourths majority of the members present before any rule of the club can be altered is necessary.


ISM. 1927.

G.COVENTRY (Col.) 76 G. COVEXTKY (Col.) S3 J. MORIARTY (Fitz.) 63 .1.MOKIARTY (Klti.) 73 A. HYDE (Haw.). . . 59 L.HARfli:il (Clone;) 50

Thin lollowt-HacROtt (itfcliiiimid),-57; John oil (South Melbourne), 51; Smedlev (St. Kilda), 4S; Morrison (Footscrav), 47; .Mullion (Mel- bourne), 39; .Shelton (M. Kilda). 3S; .«toekdalo (liscnilon), 36«. Clover (Guitón), «Ulm (Carlton),

33 each.












6-4 3-3

11-4 5-0

17-11 G-10

22-14 11-11

146 77

Cnrlton. Sou til Melbourne . ,

3-6 3-1

6-10 7-3


9-20 8-8

71 56

R-2 3-4

S-5 4-8

10-8 6-12

12-10 11-15

S2 81


7-4 G-3

12-5 S-G

16-9 12-0



r'olljngwomi .... XoiUi JJdliourüD .

1-3 3-2

3-7 4-6

6-13 6-3

8-17 S-S

C5 67 5-4 0-1

¡1-Ti 3-ti

14-7 0-7

19-9 8-3







Points Scored.




-i S







COt/WOOD , .

17 | 13




60 KICH.MOND . .














h2 CAM/TON. . .



10 Pin

7 7



1249 ins

S2.60 91.83

40 40 17






40 17






36 17






28 17






21 17




20 17






16 Havvtliom ....

17 ..






Essendon Overwhelmed

When Richmond went to Essendon on May 20 the 'Dons won bj 10 goals 8 be 1 inds to 7 goals ID behmdt Just then Rich mond ivas failing m its foi-xxaid «ork It had its rex enge on Snturdas, aud it paul Essendon back with added interest in fact, at such t pcnnl rate that Tsscndon was ox ern helmed I haxe been watching Lsscndon foi 40 j cars, and I cannot lccall seeing the side so trounced before vgamst the wind m the first term the team did fairlj well but after that Richmond nexet looked back and bl brilliant plas and ic cutnte kicking completéis disorganised its opponents nnd xxon xcrj oasilj In nddi lion to its poor form Lsscndon x\ns bandi

capped bj accident and finished the game

xvitii onlx 16 men

Interesting First Quarter

Richmond had first use of the bicezc which faxoured the railwax goal As the ball was bounced it wns noticeable that lnstoid of there being eight plaxcrs at most close to the circle there «ero 15 anti this happened exerx time The game is being spoiled bj this ero« ding the centre 1 hough Richmond had the biceze and the slope lsscndon scoied the fust point

Rennie and Maher helping Forbes to get it Lhcn m quid knccc-sion Titus scoied tinco for the Iigcis On oich occasion Weidner had i shot xxliich Titus mai kel close to the behind post and punting high in (rout of the posts let the xxind cirix the bull thiough Essendon was doing well then and whtu Arthtu after a t.ood mark sent it up, Stool dale scoied with a high punt Bissett with a long pot shot got Riehmonds third goal and Titus xcry clexerls snapped txxo more A olex cr dash

1)5 W Ut enabled Mabel to kick Ls«en don's second go ii and Beckton got the third lint Richmond caine agiin loster 1)5 Mind phx c,axe Oal lex a chance which biought sixth goal and the temi ended xvith Richmond ¡olding 6-I to --J Es-cn don lind done lemarkablj well tonsidcung the wind and the suppôt tel s xxere quite


Richmond's Accuracy.

As soon ns the gime began ngiin Rich nioiitl tote for goal Watson Wcidnet.nnd lostet moulinent but in a tuish Campbell time «own, and lie x\ns xeix 'gioggs' « lan tilt tiniiiti» co' lum on his feet again I lexer plax bx 1 oibes gue Aithur n Hi mee and he In ed foi goil As the bill |ins ni linn Stockdales boot touched

it and he «as thin- ticdilcl «ith font th fconl Then Richmond took charge Tlins MOI ed two goal« nnd 1 incliei one beioi. Lsscndon could get anotbei look in

ihe Dons foiward work xxas rigged mil on I x belunds cime Iheu Donald Don kiel oil m ind the bill «eut sti light tip Missed Watson Weidnoi and litus handling it without mi oi ponent touching it nnd Titus «¡cored with n beautiful drop 1 iel 1-«eildon ivas clent ly beaten but stiiuglctl on «ith more determination than skill onlj to find another Richmond tin ust producing a go ii fiom losters foot before i orbes snapped an Lssendon goal and Okes hit the post Essendon had wislcd chances-Richmond made exerj shot tell The Tigers scored fixe goals m the quarter without a mis» Lssendon idded 2-0 and at half time Richmond led by

11-4 to 5-D

Tigers Take Charge

Essendon wns n long xxhile lctuimnt, to the held mil it «as lcpoited that the coach (Ghathe Haidx) bid «oin himself out telling his men of their fiults What ex er «is said had little effect foi hieb mond became the dominant, side 1 ssendon became a inbble Richmond did almost as it liked 1 ssendon began w ith a point und then Richmond took clinic Ibes bid been plajmg for onlj a few minutes when Okpj was led off the field with a brol en collarbone ind Richmond lolled in goil after goil-Lilburnc 1 nicher Lilburne litus Bissett and Rudolph scoiing-Gal lather luttmg the post before Ls endon lind a shot Quinn marking md scoung with i loft foot 1 iel Just before the tcun ended Rennie sm aincd Ins nnklo and thus 1 ssendon s xx eak sulo w as still fitrtbci de

pleted At three quai tor time I ichmond led lix 17-11 to 0-10 mid seldom lins n side xvith pretensions to bonn lin ii honoui.

been so ox et «helmed

The Kill Complete'

The finil tcun was faicical Richmond had its lead, and hld no need lo bcslu itself 1 ssendon began with two goals (Stockdile and Arthur) Richmond replied x\ ith tin ce (Lilburne 1 mellor 1 mpex )


Melbourne clearing its goal in the first quarter.

Then essendon scored again, Forbes raising the flags Little Baker got one for Rich mond«, tall JJcekton and Stockdale scored for L-^endon, and then lilus finished it oil with Ins ninth goal, and Richmond vean -with consummate case, flith the

stoics -

t RICHMOND, 22 goals 11 behtnds ti« points)

LSbLNDON, 7 goals 11 behind* (-J3 points)

Jlad Richmond wished it might lime scored lnlfn dozen more ponîs, as it vas Richmond scoiod its recoid for the jeir and showed such foi m as is only displayed b) champions

The Goal-klckcrs.

RICHMOND - Titas (3), Pincher O) Lilburnc (J), UlsicU (2), OaUct, foster, Kudolpl», Lropey,


LSSENDON -Stockdale (4), lockton (2), Forbes (2), Arthur, Mabel, Quinn

The Best Players

Ii tell mond Ind not a ueak man, and the team vork nnd comblnitlon were perfect Bissett wag pei ha ps, the best of them all, and tlie splendid forward work oí Titas made bim outstanding He marked well, plated cletcrlt, ind kicked nine goals, Fome of tliem wltli particularly good shots Gallagher, in the centre was brilliant, some of lils dashes being magnificent Ho might well be adthed, howeter, that a man can run too much tcKbtPr, the 1 chuca fireman, is nu acquisition to the Richmond nick . The man from Ironbark" (I heard bim called) took some splendid tuarkh and carno through well Ojkle>, from the flcBlcj Col

Irgians, pla} ing his first league game, eh OWL d great promise He koowa the game and can plat it Harris, Murdoch, Mccormick (in defence),

Judkins (wing), and Mcidner (half forward) maj j also be specialh mentioned I

lor Essendon Beekton carried i great -weight on lils burl? shoulders "Watt (on the wing) was bril

liant and persistent Dolan plated splendidly in]

defence» and Campbell, until injured, was excellent on the wing i orbes, Stockdale Viv, "Walsh, and Rennie at times came under notice, but the t-Horts were spasmodic, and the side as a side pla)ed


itcMtirrav as field umpire did rcnnrkably well


Won After Boll.

In circumstances referred to in another column St Kilda gained a tictorv otcr Melbourne i

a stubbornly contested game hy a Fingió point, due to a goal scored bj the seaside« and allowed after the final bell had gone The St hilda ground was in perfect order, and the 16,000 spectators thoioughly enjoyed the fftinc, which was ftst, open, and scientific, with spectacular air work, some of the marking on both sides being magnificent ht Kildi showed a striking rc\crsal ot it* poor form against Collingwood, and the final quarter had well advuieed before Melbourne gained the lead, and the minutes before the final was two clear goals in front

The seaside», how et cr, had a little in reseñe, and in a final burst Bcored first a point and then two goals, tho second sonic seconds after the bell

had sounded

It was a dashing first quarter, with St Kilda in the ascendant* Collins with fine diiFh anl Carr (Melbourne) with a jrreat mark snted weK before flarr dashed in and scored for «t Kilda, and Dence gnmed second goal from a free kick flame cmlth was conspicuous for effective plat and Datidson was rot ing flneb Melbournes first goal was kicked bj Johnron from a free kick a long waj out, and fcmedlc\ responded with six points for St hilda after having been fouled Corbett, dashing in from the centre had a great chance to add to Melbourne s score, but grubbed the ball Owing to the man on his mark in fringing Warr was giten three tries for goal from a free kick, and he se<ored on the third attempt Dashing plat continued und at quar ter time Pt hilda led \)y 6-2 to 3-4

Twice Gambetta was cheered tor marking < 1 Johnson and Roberts and ludlow were

nluuded for spectacular air work The Melbourne lucks were defending t-iHanth but Out tram and I then I udlow added goals for the home bide John

son and \\ ame is mit h scored points for Mel

bourne before the first goal for the term WHS kicked bv MeCoinillt, who snipped tip the lull in trout fitter o miss kick bt Gambetta in de

fending At half time M Kilda led ht S-5 to


Plaj in the third quarter was fast and stren uoiis, and both fides were responsible for capital marking, with great dash and judgment m pi*« Ing The defenders fought gallanth, and the hall t vat el led from end to end with great rapidity Johnsons high marking was a feiture of the term, which ended with the scores 10-S to $-12

in St Kilda's favour

The last qujrtei was most thrilling, with Melbourne in the aGccudanc> in the first 20 minutes. McComille nnd then White fecorrd goals, reducing St. hilda'd lead to eight points When Johnson added a goal following a great mark the excitement wi« intense and Melbourne supporter* roired themsehes hoarwî when Ogden ran In from the wing and scored another John sons next trj jielded a point, tho ball striking the post Ogden datjied in again, was held, and scored a goal, which ga\e Melbourne a lead


: of 12 points, and it seemed to ha\e the g «lino

site. However, it. Kiltli pressed forward with

renewed vigour, und after Ludlow had scored a point from a free kick, duo to a Melbourne man*« delay in getting rid of the ball. Hart marked magnificently and Ludlow- bringing Ihe ball down in the pack in front, pained the goj], which re- duced the visitors' lead to five pointe. St. Kilda pressed forward again, and Mason'worked lils way through the crush, pushing the bal] in front of him. He saw Smedley waiting ahead, pjssed the hal] to him oleterlv, and the St. Kilda forward, with nn open goal in front of him, made no mistake, it was then realised that thQ bel] had gone und St. Kilda liad won. Scores:- '

ST. KILDA. 12 goals 1Ü bchinds (S2 points). MULUOUItttK, 11 gojl* 15 bchiudi (SI poluU).

Gonl.kickere.-St. Kildn-Ludlow W): Warr (3), Smedley (2). Outtram (2). Hence, -.lawn. Mel- bourne-Johnson (4), Mcconville (2), Ogden (2)f W'ittmnn, White, Abernethy.

For St. Kilda Hoherts, on one flank, played a dashing gnim\ and brought down some* wander hil marks. Cubbln*. full b.ak. wini most reliable, and, MuUbcwa. and Hepburn were cou

Out tra ni und Hart also stood out for effect he


Melbourne 8 bft pliier wa* Tohnson, who wits almost invincible In ti» air, and capped his work with four fine goile Mlltmun wau fast nnd clever forwird, Marne «-milli and Chadwick formed a solid luck, and Davidson ruved capitally Carr wns conspicuo«« for high marking Deane, Col lins and lajlor were in evidence occasion


North Melbourne Plays Well,

In an exciting finish North Melbourne became unsteady, and this contributed to its defeat by Collingwood by eight points. In general play North held Its own, and was impcrior acres tin. centie \llliouBh deícated "North Melbourne did well to c\tend Collingwood, and the scores wue level within a few minutes of time Colling wood s cooli.»...« and Mut determination _tood it in good Ftcid at the ciuclal point and it IitenMv won on the po-t It was a stirring ¿um., md was maiked bt fino «.changes and uus and gc ort air work In its last home gamo for HIL SIU^OII North deHJtled its suppoilers und gieatl) sur

prisi-d Collingwood

Although it Ind the htnefit of the htronj not I li

crlv wind Collingwood w is oulplated in ti c opening term I» North, which w13 fester li the lull .ind was e«.pecia!lv well iseited midficJd Lowe, D«)er, and Gicgor. wire n_*n-iit_d in n blight nil) for North anl Nolan 1 "oal

and aftei . da*hhu, run, Camelon »ut. < | to IK tU for second V nish bv Colling ood wis beaded h) S Cotenliv, ml Clavduti Mond I*or

N 01 th He il) w as prmmnt nt, and N oîa-i HW » d i

with a wclljuiLred phut lick North hut dont 11 rennrknlil) w11 against tilt wind in j ltd b) 3 J lo 1 i at the close of the quorti r

Ihe fécond leim wat- streuuou_l) contested, and Collingwood intproMd it«, posilion Its Mipeiioriiv in the air was evident but North wa.-, doing will lu open pla) ^ Mutphy hiiipped 1 fcotl foi C olliiywooil soon aftti the quirtcr opened, und Healy leplicd for Noith liajiiig cooli v in a rrm-h, C1 A don snappid Collingwood s thitd goal 1 our points divided the teams at half time Nertn leming b) .-a to «i 7

Collingwood, showing to nth 1111 taco in the third temi with good terni woik ind antici. alton, took the lead for the fh->t tim' Nurth otfeicd a .»tubbo.n resistinci and th n wah good plav in all parts of tin Held 11 Collier snipped 1 goil

but North regained the leid willi u niecc-»Mu) place kick b\ Nohu Collingwood H piot-petti 1111 proved with two goals stored b> Muir and JIuris Nolan with a to \ard_* place kick forvvaided mid Smith «cored for North with a snapshot and it three quirtcr time Collingwood led by GIT to


ihe crowd was kept interested to the end bv the close finish and the determined pla\ IN «um Pitchford, and II«il\ hit the post with close lu /.hots and North Melbourne seemed to be further unluckv when Ivfcou scoied wlut appeared to be 11 gail, but it was not allowed Ihe impression in the pre*s box w15 that the bill was »uri ed behind the posts b3 Dihb=, but the goil uinpin thought otherwise fit-on nul utlii r Noilh Mil bourne pliyers wcie confident about the t"1'

md thet expressed the III eh 13 emphatically 011 the point in their dnsning room nilcrwarde 1 ii-bt

ing hard is it hid 1Mni u f_oal to North it tint stn^c would line meant i fcieat dp ii \ Lollh r tapped a fine maik with a t,oil for lollin¿wool

nnd H Collier, in » MiiH-ot, hit the post North w is at last reward«d when No1 in stored two successive goals makin-: the tcore-. level t oiling wooû wes irresistible with its imhci. in the last few minutei, and wou »ith the scoie*- -

COI LING" OOD S goals IT brhhids (Ci pohitO NOKTH MLLDOUINT, S toals *» behind. (o7


Goal kickers -For Collingwood-Clavdtn (1). A Collier, II Collier, Hirn« 1 Murphv and Muir 1 or North Melbourne- Nolan OX Heal) (2), and


Collingwood's weakness was across the centre,   where North Melbourne was superior One of its best players was Makeham, who did manv fine things in defence, and he was well supported bv A Collier, Dibbs and Rumney G tovciitrv had opportunities, but w is equal tn kicking onlv six lwhimJs, Clavdo», Hurls and U Collier wen» the bi-t of tlie forwards /and *? Covcntrv and L Murphv plavfcl well m the luck

lor North Melbourne the outstanding plnjcrs vveie Dwyer and Gregor) (ecutre), anl Healy and Nolan (forward) AU four plived f-plciididlv mid no one on the ground excelled Nolan in high marking Pitchford and Ijnch vuic untiring foi lower«, and Smith lone, and J Morrisey did well in defence havanigh and Ty«o» wea the best of the others ___________

CARLTON'S GRAND FINISH South Mollioiirno Shaken Off

Callion and South Melbourne provided a game which in evirr respect reached n hifch standard and contained much grand individu ii football

Alwavs brilliantly fast and seldom congested it was 0110 of the finest displivs given by these terms Uiis season lhere was little between them until the last quarter, when Ciilton came on with on all .conquering burst, which was ir resistible The finishing effort und slamin 1 dl«=

pla) ed by Carlton were features of a most entertaining game, and in the light 0! its much discussed premiership ampliation- f-ute Its supporter)» hope »gainst Collingwood South Mil

bourne surprised wen its most ardent supporters bj the high standaid it dh-plajcd It aeicd na pacemaker throughout the Hut hilf, when it pla)ed with rare pico and colic-ion Carlton could not withstand the haid, tear awav, und I fast methods of its opponent- but refused to

he drawn into a battle of weight, Its steadiness and coolly disciplined work prevailed in the second half, when despite wretched forward Inaceura tics, it proved too good in the general pla)

1U vlctorv wis ueetcd b) an unusual demon»

-tiation of cnthuchiFm

Ihe pace was hot from the outlet South Mel bourne tot going first and showing useful hand ball and ou.iirate kicking rushed a point iiajms marked neitl) to t-core first goal Then Carlton ( une with a rush, but CIM chancea brought only behind, from Dunn and Davey South Mel

1 oumc swept down the centre In grand stvle, and Harnes scored nyilil The game was ex iLptionallv fast and fiiriy even Hie visitors were smarter off the muk and handled the ball better, but Carlton plajed with more cohesion Dunn s lifth shot was strai^hter, and brought faceond e,mli giving Carlton the lead A goal bv Hoe*g was answered at once bv another from Dunn after ilrcw had come through well the first change Carlton led 3-6 to 3-L

Carlton moved off smartlv, and L Johnson,

a grand kiek after a mark, got a goil Ihe pace, if anything, increased as the quarter pro grossed Weight was used freclv j 11 the pad e mid no plavcr held luck in the vigour of the exchange-. It was almost impossible to follow some of the decisions of the umpire (I client) South Melbourne, which has seldom showp more svstcnutic work, used the whgs we]] Birne-, got his third goal and the nevt forwird move «rought anothci from Churchill, snapped clcverlv out of a crush Hot,? after turd biuUng broke through with sKth coal Then Carlton infusing more vigour and with more coneerted forwird work, made better use of its chances Divcv got another goil, and after willing forties about the half forward line Gough eluded his opponent«* and scored wftli a remarkibl) clever shot M linlf time the scores were -Carlton, 0-10, South

Melbourne, 7-J

In the next quirtcr Carlton unwound a fine buist of lace, systematic kicking and pissing, and in all positions but forward was superior The forward wotk however, was very patchy, nnd manv chances were mis?ed Mx behind* in suctc^ion were snapped, md three were eas) shots Johnson, who had proved too good for Duncan marked soo ringi v and kicked a long goal Iverett who had been well m the pic turo on the wing, was out of plav fiom an inj ired kneo Another interesting quarter ended witit the scores -Carlton, 6-17, South Melbourne,


South Melbourne rallied despentelv in the list quart r, and for a while tinned the tables on Carlton Tlio defending of Hrew and llrcw 1« however, was very bolid and this, combined with ragged forward work when well within striking distance, prevented scaling tiritón caine again and after a useful di«h bv Down'' Cough snapped seventh goal Connell followed quick h with the nett Skehan, Kellt, I. Johnson, and 'Nal- ienee were especial]) conspicuous in the well

siiblalned Carlton hurst, which «wept ill before it South Melbourne kicked wildlv and plated without inhesion, and did not exhibit the fiukh ing power of it. opponents The final scores


CAIUTON *> rails 20 behind- (74 points)

SOUTH MFLIÎOLHN1-. S goals S bchinds (5ß


Goal kit ker? - Carlton-Clough O) Dunn (3), L Johnson, Daret, Connell, *» mth Melbourne Itirnes (3), Hogg CÎ), Churchill, Johnson

Carlton had no betta man than Dave), whoso elective following muling, and long kicklm. were features of the match Others who did well were Kellv, L John«on, Vilknce, Watson, Con nell, Brew and Down« The new man Everett

a solid (_ame on the wing South Mel

_'« best were Scanlun (who was one of

the best men on the ground) Johnsont Stan 1


Goolong Defeated.

It was a pleasant and friendly game at Fitzroy, where the home team w-as opposed to Goolong. The fact ti tat both'teams were out of the running for tho premiership robbed the game of Interest. Hefnrc the game the players stood to attention for two minutes out of respect to "Toni*' lle-anct a former player, who died during the week. Til niivers wore black armbands.

The feature of the piny wjs the splendid de* fent-fve woik on both Bides, and tho phenomenal goal-kicking throuchout the afternoon, 23 goats being kicked and IS behind*. In the «rat muirlcr the play was clean mid open. (7eulong, nided by the wind, quickly attacked. He i chm an and Jenkin, however, worn solid defenders, and It was some time before Geelong broke through. The tisttui-,

pusbiug was excellent, and they played the long

game, strolcht down the centre lb rdimau,

an o\ornead 6hot, got the first goal, to which Cockram icplicd with one for Fitzroy from a run niu? shot Chapman punted the Maroon's second gail, but r good dei.long lalh brought four more îjOals, while Chuptuan clcterl> screw kicked Hi? 101 s third and at the fiist chan'c (J ed one; led

wfth £>-2 to 3-1

The stnu lurd win not so good in tho second quarter, when 1 itzioy more than held its own both In the air and on Hie giouiid Fitzroy gradually oterlmuleu Its opponents and half wa> through the term the scores were let c1-G-2 eaeb 1 itzro) added 4-J to 1-1, and at half time led bj seten points hating 7-1 to G-5 i

Mtzroj "dh the game In the third quarter Placing with great daMi and determination the Maroons quickly asbiimcd the offensive, and the game tácame one-sided Each side opened with a goal, Chapman scoring for Htzrot, while Fer guson ended o dashing run with a goal for Geelong The tisitora' resistance then ended for n time, and Htzro> put on four more coals qutrklt, while o i* of a scramble in front Fleming just mamged- tn cet his boot on to the ball and pilot it through for Coolong It looked all o\<r at three quirter time, when Fitxrot liad 3¿-5 to 8-6

(.eelonjr, howeter, fought it out gimelt to the end, and although Morlortt kicked the 11th goal before the visitors again found tlnir feet, the} wert not dismayed Ilaker to Chambers and the litter scored ninth coal « ctenson, with i run ning shot got the 10th and then» wis loud cheer ing when Hikci, breaking out of l* crush, snipped ti» lllh It was au cNhllaratiug milt, hut ft proud to be a di ing effort, as Tll/rov again caine strongly, Moriarty (twice) and Cockram kicking   goals. Just before the bell Baker again scored   for Geelong, but Fitzroy ran out winners by 21 points with the scores:—  

FITZROY, 16 goals 9 behinds—105 points.   GEELONG, 12 goals 9 behinds—84 points.  

F. Williams, on the wing, was easily the best   player on the Fitzroy side. He was dashing and   clever and repeatedly fed the forwards. Cockram was in great form in the air, his marking and   general play being splendid. Reichman, Jenkin,     and Helwig were all reliable defenders, and the best of the others were Batchelor, Ringrose, Cash-     man, Chapman, and T. Williams.  

Geelong did not have so many men playing well   but in Fleming they had one of the most solid players in the game, his marking and long kicking   being a treat to watch. M. Lamb capably held the   fullback position, and kept Moriarty quiet. Cogh-   lan worked hard in the ruck, while Chambers,   Clearson, Stevenson, Todd, Hickey, Hardiman, and       White all shone out at times

Goal-kickers.—Fitzroy—Chapman (4), Cashman     (4), Moriarty (4), Ringrose (2), Cockram, and   Roberts. Geelong—Rankin (3) Baker (3), Hardi-      

man, Clearson, Ferguson Fleming, Chambers, and    



Morrison, 10 Goals.

Hawthorn disappointed its most rabid supporters   by its display on Saturday, when, at Glenferrie, Footscray proved so immeasurably strong that   the final figures, large as they are, do no more     than give a correct estimate of the disparity between the teams. Moreover, the contest—if     such it can be called—was played in a nasty spirit. There were covert acts aplenty, and it   was apparent that only fear of consequences   caused restraint. The one purple patch in the   drab picture was the goal-getting of Morrison.     He marked brilliantly, was elusive as an eel, and his snapshots were delivered with the quickness of Moriarity, and the kick with which he scored his tenth goal demonstrated his ability to score

from a long range.

The opening quarter was one incessant bom- bardment by Footscray, which frequent changes in Hawthorn's ruck failed to silence. Sherer's   fine marking turned two early Footscray sorties,   but there was no repelling a subsequent one which   Morrison crowned after taking a great mark. Fine play by Sherer and Barker took the ball to the other end, but Hyde's shot was lamentably poor. Determined play by Morrison accounted for Footscray's   second goal. Sporadic Hawthorn attacks     found Outen untramelled by the duties of   captaincy, while the all-round superiority of his   subordinates is aptly reflected in the score of 5-4

to one behind.

The second term was vigorous, but poor. Withers (from a free kick) opened Hawthorn's goal account.   Fairley had an easy chance to score the   second, for he took a mark two feet in front of the goal line, over which he ran before taking his kick. Hawthorn, perceiving it was   no match in the air for Footscray, resorted to   low kicks which oftimes hit the man on the mark. The board at half-time showed 9-5 to   3-6 in favour of Footscray.      

Footscray went further ahead in the third term, adding 5-2 to 3-1. Hawthorn was finding it a trial to beat down the barrier so firmly set by Outen, Thompson, and Greenhaigh. At the last change Footscray had an eight-goal lead.    

The fire went out of the game in the early stages of the last term, but it was rekindled following upon that reprehensible act of bowling over a man after he had got rid of the ball. The attention of the crowd, likewise three     Hawthorn defenders, now centred on Morrison, who added three more goals. The scores were:—  

FOOTSCRAY, 19 goals 9 behinds (123 points). HAWTHORN, 8 goals 8 behinds (56 points).

For Footscray Morrison's goal-kicking was         wonderful, but a better player in a general way was Outen, who defended brilliantly. Aked,   McDonald, Stevens, Thompson, and McAlpine, all played finely. For Hawthorn, Lathlean did yeoman service in defence. Tasker roved splendidly   Sherer executed some clever marks in defence, and also played well in the centre. Sellars and   Withers were often under notice.

Goal-kickers.—Footscray—Morrison (10), McDonald     (2), Rowe (2), Sloly (2), Aked, Conlon, and     N. Woodman. Hawthorn—Hyde (4), Withers (3),



Premiership List:-Carlton 60 points; Geelong 54;       Collingwood 52; Essendon 50; South Melbourne 40;  

(Continued on Next Pago)



Mrtli Melbourne," 32,1 nlchmon<l.,2S: Tïtrtor, 20; ft hild«, IS; Jin» thom and Melbourne, each 10; * ThH^^oiiUÏ McltiOiirnc-Cnrltotl come, plnsed (it mull" MclWiinw.« "»« '»Irly oven nntil haif-tlnie. rts.MÎter tho carno became croilded. Carlton mece].

îSTn the croîded stile of play. i'utUtig on D-3

" o-j tt »on IO H-12 to i>-S. l'or Carlton. ««vis Itobcrtson. Goonan, l'arbult). Len Hliing. and

V/ihirn TchMc, Neville. U. Condon, lluilihs, and î.ï final kiiliers--Carltoii-Cro»o HI, li. iliulu ii fluke (-». Mc&ssaln 121. .Cameron (2 , and llô'S. ¡.¿iii Melboiirue-J. ollrlen 131. It. llioman, ,(fïï*'n<lon «0-li. .>. Klcliinond, 5-10. at Ksscndon. i«ïnilciti llajed ssltli Uno System, and despite tim Su ti Williamson. «ho uns taken off ti» eround In h? mit quarter ililli a irokoiicolior-bono, alua}» ÏÏnrf io luso n man In tile rlditsplM», r.icrj man rSitd »til the ino t i'Oli«pU.unu» hetllS Simpson, «io. ^«sli. «--crlni, 'lurner. Smith. and Iriinit.

rhn ond s bet »ele Benton, Uecjimr, ltcMin, .nilton IWIscr, aroliJordau Uoai-klckera:-. I ».eu

JÄn'llt 17). Turner MI. Henry Iii) Mel-aiichlln

i«l lílclíiiiond-JordíUl. Itossau, Luff. Street, Long.

'""lilhiurne, 9-.;. u.,«. Klld^J-12. altcr^pMl;.

j nu foMlull.

> match for Melbourne, ."5 ,".". Kilda

"l ïercntl legnHr». and «ero .." .......... .... ...*.",,"..., £hî 1er? Hie"tli»t lin» th.» sear hail a «cll-bnlancei! "de and «houed lient! of pace and faulem, liest tiller -Melbourne-llau (best on ground), lloii !",n I. Meade. Motton, Latham, Yonne. Driver. S Kilila-ilialmel«. Miller, .Sell, Dalton. W>ntt, l'use Gcal-klckelj:-.Mclliounic-Smith (4), llO|io !'""lice II« I«'!. St. Kllda-Nell (.>). bilton, '"SîlT 12-11. d. llanthoin. lft-12, and sliosveil

mirked ii imminent. It dominated the centra line, "h|ie the sisllors mHsed intm«. opportunities forward. ï»ts-rl> s lot ireifonnec «as Uallagher (centre), Moio vorl. contributed largely to Ita success Wood- man iesnj«»red after lila enforcetl absence, and made Sion »eil. «lib «ipijortcd b> IMiinrds, Wuuhjtn. SIcHfim Slareb. and Sampson, llasstliom «as 1 Mt terreel lu' Donorau, Quartermaine, Young. Tiu-ker llulioir. Carbarns, and J-inch. Goal-kickcra;

lYÔtienu-Cant 11), niamond IS), Ednam» (-'I, l:«t»rls (ii. Woodman, McIIcnry. Ilaistborn-Ashby A Wlltftn 12). I'otne. Yonne, 'nicker. Yelland.

' ieiloiuT 33-11 defeated T'ltiroj. 7-2. Chief in t.jfst ni tbe rnnteh centred in the reappearance of IlDtrt llaccer the former centre half-forssard of the Í .elonc liaaito team, »bo consented to help the .¿¡nils because of Hie dimcliltles encountered through ?,", »ml .i.knets Homier, although ho has had Vii t»o ninlils' training, plajetl a good gallie. His Marking slio»cd no fulling on" in lirllliancc, and his weine i« i « unod, nltliough the long-range sliots .ern î»l "" telling as lomierl). After n very esen

/,oeiiin' 10 minutes, fieelong assumed control of

fíenme »nil it »as a runaiiay slctory. Hie goal. lílíSi «i-e-tieeloiis-llagscr (B), I'Uinkctt (31. ilfaiilic lil lliinipstend (2). Money (2). Hannon lal, sltll. luir Ponier. Stapleton, and MnrtflK ¡'hr. Xi-üM tli. Douglass (21, llelanes, Dlldiia. Tlio Ut pUsrrs for lieelonc »ere:-Cheasitni, Later. Murrells ^lap'elol^ and Clagger, ..Htwy^svaa best

cVc. .



Semi-final on Saturday.


,\s anticipated the games on Satnr rln) tliil not cause any alteration in the composition of the four. Preston and Cam lirisull sscie les el for fourth place, hut 1'ioston loiiinins in hecnuse of its much lirltei iiciocntage. Coburg, Port J[el lioiiine, Jin'irliton, ami Pi eaton thcrefoie mil oft for the |)remieibht|i. In ne toiil.iine «ith liractice Port Melbourne Isrtoinll .uni Vicston (fourth) will meet in the ln-t semi-linn! nc.\t Saturday. The .\s-nii,ituiii pi es io«s,ly selected l'oit Jfel lioiiinc. llnniiwick, and Cobutg ns tip« ïioiiiul- mi whidi the semi-final nnd final m.ili In s »ill he plajed, and the giound loi ¡lie Hist match mil be clio=en to-night. Jt «ill lie cither lîrmis.vick or Cobtui;.

I'lii'ic «eic no sill plises on Saturday, ex- tent lhigliton'g display against Port Jlelhiniiue nas incj-cut-ably weale. A'ictorv in ilelont meant'nothing'to cither team a. fin a«, positions on the list weie con letni'il. lint, M-hflc Poit played in splendid form, it «as obsioits that 111 ¡nilton wau not piling of its best. It had four or fi\"p lending players unavailable. The captain and (otuli urged that the match should lie plas ed in the proper spirit, but, con iciouslv oi otherwise, the team "slacked." Its attitude is to bo deplored, for the spec-1 talms inine in anticipation of seeing a fine game, and went ass-ay sadly disappointed.

Substitutos for Injured Players.

.Ono of the most important subjects to he discussed at the meeting of the Associa- tion this evening is the notice of motion bj lit. A. Turner (vice-president) to pct niil of substitutes being allowed for injured illinois in the semi-final mid final matches. While pinny delegates favour the principle thor think that the time is inopportune, md it ii believed that the suggestion will lie made to defer it until the annual meel- ine «o tlint it will come into force for the

lust match next season.

Attendance and Takings.

T<u> of the live games nttractcil lal gc attendances. The figures were:

Attendance, 'likings. Coburg s. Bruns«lek . .. .11,000 £100. rou Melb. v. .Heighton .. 5,000 80 Preston s. Prahran .. . 2,001) :U Milliimitown s\ Yarras Illa 2,000 21 (amberwcll v. Xorlhcolc . 1,500 20

/ 16,600 £257



r. PLANT (Cob.) . H.KUHLKENfP.M.)

J WALSH (B'lon) . 52 V. PLANT (Cob.) . .

follow:-Sejmour (Nortlirote)._-I0: Dodd


71 P.OARDIÎiniHCob.) S3 50 J. WMSlt (Il'ton)- 81

(Noilhcote), 20 QUAF










io-n 6-S

10-11 a-12

H-20 10-12

K11 72

1'oit Melbourne. . .

C-1 î-t

S-5 .1-7

13-7 6-0

10-10 7-13

10G 55




5-S S-7

S-14 :i-8

(12 20

(.mliei«ell . . . . ?«Ollilioll.

1-2 5-1

0-11 6-5



15-10 10-10

100 I'Mluan.

0-2 1-0

S-(! 3-1








LIST. Matches.

l'oints SM oreti.




ê .








rom nt.







0(1 IS




Killi 1S





SS.24 l'UF-im . .






S0.2J "IS






41 18






411 1S




12 lil


32 1S






12 IS





153 07 l'iihuii .






157.50 12


Fine Display by Port Melbourne.

M liri) Tort Mclbburiio and Brighton met at Flstetmsitk earlier in the sear a Uno mutch nas won 1» Brighton," and the return same ssas anticipated «ith relish by suiiiiortors ol botli nilos ".rishton, bosses cr. «as hopelessly out tlas.o) in Pott's particularly strong combina- tion, »hull ettcllcd In pace and tjêlein, nnd mu marked mid out-gcnerallcd. the opposition. HriRhton «js iinlortunate in that leading players In Lairoll, Noonan, Steisart. .Elliott, and Mein nie norn not asailablo for various reas \enim's inclusion in place ol Noonan (Inllue:

l'einc a last minute alteration. Tho position u( die dtihs was snell that a ssin or a lose meant .m slteration In positions on the pieinlershlp list. Hie combination ol clrrumbtancçR seemed to liasr «j eiicet on tile Urlghton players, ssho, for tilt met patt, [ilajed ssitliout any spirit. Iholv din Pla«, «ia« tlie cnti-c of many uueompHmentnis. remailvs iiom those siho had attended lu the etpectition of seeing a good exhibition. Brighton Mill hue to be »t Its top to Coburg lu the second scini-nnal, and Its display svos no1 iM<li as to pile its supporters confidence In tho

cutióme of that match.

Port Racos Ahead.

l'on Melbourne liar] flrot use ot n fairly strong lirrpti, hsourlng tile raliway goal, but llrigliton leil oil quieklv, and CuFEldv, the new man, marked ¡Ptaididls, lint scored a behind only. Skiltou Its! .v I'ort rallj, sshlch ssas not icpulsed until liirce behlnds stele scored. A place shot by Hunt -forcil n behind for llrigliton; then good 'leleiitp hi G-npcnter to llrooker to HourKe ended ¡ji J'oifs fiist Lroal. Crompton, Atkinson, anti '?ilklii enniblned In an cltoit Hint caso second -oal, Wilkin'« splendid long punt boluc applau 'W. Iliigliton'i tom,ii [Is mlssetl scierai riiilnec» IWoro (inrliutt leturticd to Barnes and Il.sde, ssho .«ith anotlici tplpinlld kick, nddetl third goal. First soai to llitglitou caine as the result of a pass dum iVnkli to hood, ssho marked ssell and Kicked «icelj. llrigliton lins fumbling, ill slinip eontl.let to tile Moikinnniike eflons of I'ort. Urnnipton I'}«'«! sseil to Iljde mid nnolhcr good loiv kick gue fouidi goal. Brooker'«, fine niarkinie 'tilled in Krtidge snapping Ililli, mid a neat pass horn bmitli gaie Mclanes sl\tli goal Port's short passlnc nas occasionally going asirás, but

j, led «eli nt Hie lirst change by 0-1 to

Hunt and Cassidi* sieie upiilnuiled for rrooii '¡larks as the second quatter began, but I'ort't. ««leuce «is tainui. Then Gaiela, at the otlioi 'nil, deteudeil tibl.i. Arlliur, plasiuir noll, pjssiil 'o Salier, Mho obtained a flee kiel: winn lie «asfellcil henilli. Iljriui passed lo Kiihlken. and ' free kick ettie Port's seton)li gotl. Aftei a »;lul attack llrigliton at lat.1 bioUe llirough. ««theiss easiVs scoiinr; a coal 'Hie attack «as iiuinlalneil. but Pott'» defence ssas inimitable, '?arliutl. In part niarkliur imgnlllLenlls .?irral times. Porl nt last liahsferrcd plas, nuil liiek passed to Kulilken, «ho innrketl «eil nnd ,kT,'l, eiglith coal, rino ptssinit bet«ecn KiKet, lihrltk "nil Humes then pise llilghton a «eil deence twit ilalulv and Guíela lu tutu io

'ulseil Poit tidinneis. mid n rolinltr ultiiek lalled '»Mute of fumbling piny and the gis Ing u« i

"I tree kicks A Kc,otl mniV. bv Unsslds un., i tree kick to lióte ended In lltlahlon's fouitli SMI. M hull time Port led bv s-j to 1-7.

System and Paco.

«rishton attacked «ita Breit d«tci minni mu in "", ",' .n'.'aitei, and n slilrlng stliigglo ' 'ront ended In, M.uthcivs . ' -

ironi elided Iii M.uthcivs scot ¡tig a goal. Port's i"«»1« »Hil, anti play «as transfeircd. Wibli tunicd the attack seieial times, lint Baines and

to Ktihlkcn, «ho, «eil sheiiheidcil, Hule cart led c

icorcá a goal, and followed with another íroin

'a sharp angle Ports pace was in evidence in

leading: several other attneks which tv ere turned back by Dore. Nobb, and Diint) Brighton then missed several chances sill) hand passing goin^, astray, nnd an overwhelming: nifch bj Port gave toals to Mcinnes Ktihlken, and II) de (from a splendid drop kick) Brighton at last th« Riege and passing between \\ right Dûmes and Matthews ended in a goal V \ oor kick bv Caisldv gave a behind onlv, and the quarter ended v\ith I'oit leading ou points and play bv U-7

to G-9

Poor kicking and inaccurate passing at the beginning of the last quarter lost chinees for Millilitern, then Port qtiicklv advanced and after Dai ii t> hid t ti i ned several attacks Wilkin Smith ind Wilkin combined well in ntl effort that e,nw another goal Brightons resistance was not veij spirited .\ccpt in defence Matthews was ap plaudcd for seven! splendid nutks but as h< was well out of position no score resulted Tort although occasionallv failing came out witt splendid liandball, und passed with unerrin,. neem act A last effort bj Brighton left MaMi with an open goal and he lasllj scored, while a tall Brighton man and a shorter Port phi) or shook warning Angers at each other Mcinnes Ami huhlken addid goals for Port, and tlr spectators were pleased when the bell rang wit!

the scoics -

POUT MFLBOUHNJ- -16 goals 10 behinds (106 points)

BRIGHTON -7 goals 13 behind* (53 points)

Ooal kickers -Port Melbourne - Huhlken (G Mcinnes (1) Hjde (3) Bourke, Wilkin Frridgi

Brighton-Matthews (J), Burncs Walsh, Dore,


Best Players

\\ ith such half hearted opposition, Port waa not unduly pressed and nearly every man wa« seen to advantage Garbutt full back, gave a splendid exhibition lils high marking, kicking, and judg- ment being superb Carpenter and Crompton


Brunswick Attacking.

also defended ably. Smllli waa a clever rover; Brooker marked exceptionally «veil in the centre; luck wis actl«e in attack; Hyde marked spion dldly, and showed gre-it Improvement In kicking; and h'nhlUcn kVïked six goals and sought position cleverly. There wore some great struggles on "' centre line, ««hero Sklltou, Brooker, and

vey were opposed by Flit, Arthur, and Bor- land. All t\\- nett prominent at timoB, and the coniest may be described as n.draw.

Webb, playing -centre 'half-back, and Dore, full back on tile «vlng, were outstanding men (or Brighton, both' marking -well and showing errat dash and 'determination. Dainty, Garcia, and Storey also played well in -that depart- ment. Matthews, although overshadowed by Gar- butt, marked vvoll at times, but did not kick accurately. Trood gave a good display, and On«sidy (new man, Irom the Old Caulfield Gram marinus) was useful In the nick, .and, playing hnlf-forward,, took some good marks, but missed easy chances. M

Frood, the umpire, gavo a splendid "exhibition. 'lu was prompt and firm, and missed very few

Vea elie«.


Cobui-g outplayed Brunswick In every depart- ment of the game on Saturday at Coburg, in the presence of G,000 spectators., Alesslo, who re- placed Mcinerney, for Brunswick, at tlio last moment, gave a very' good account of himself. The game was very fast, but thero was an inclina- tion towards undue roiigbncFS In the play. On three occasions players were knocked .out for se« eral minutes. , '

Brunswick had llrst ino of the wind, but was not equal to a sufficiently sustained effort, and hy faulty kicking failed to gain the full bcnellt of its chance«. At the end of the quarter Coburg led by 4-4 to 3-7. Coburg had the g.ime nractl sllylts own way in the second -quaitcr,-despite allant efforts by Brunswick, and at half-time led iy 31 points.

In the third quarter Coburg,-plavlng a man short, had hard work to stem' tho attacks of Brunswick, which, had It kicked with gicatcr precision, would undoubtedly baie led. Play reached Its roughest pitch in this quarter. On one occasion a display of fisticuffs was threatened, hut the good sense of the plajers prcvniled. Coburg led by 10-11 lo CM2. -In the la», quarter Coburg '«««helmed Brumnvlck, and if II bad kicked

ccuralcly there would ha«c been.a much greater difference In tho scores, ««-liloh ««-eic:- ,

COBuriG. 1 I goals 20 behlnds (104 points).

IlKUXSWICIi, 30 goals 12 behlnds (72 points).

Host playera:-Coburg-Kerley, P. Dalit.-.Mears, Jenkins, and McGrath. Bruns«« lok-Hassett, Ales slo. Bright, Barrio, and Ureomvood.

Goal-klekcrs.-Cobnvg-Stone (4), Mears (3), F. Plant (3), Kerley, Gardiner, Walsh, and Colbert. Brunswick-Green««ood C1), Allison (2), Hassett (2), Barrie, Kennett, and Alcsslo.


Until three-quarter time there «vas not much difference between Yarraville and \Villlam5to«vn In the game played at Willlamstoun. lhere ««as an attendance of 2,000, and, except for a some- what unpleasant interlude In the third term, ««hen a Yarraville man lost lils temper mometi tailly, it was a line, sparkling exhibition o! fast and clean football. Jn tho last term Yarraville sho\«ei| Its superiority, especially in marking and passing. Us kicking for goal, ho«vc«cr, ««as criatic, and some easy shots «vere missed. , Out of nine attempts only three goals resulted.

' On Hie bounce Yarraville attacked determinedly and several llercc attacks «vero turned, WH !lamsto««n, favoured by a slight hicc-e, took the offensive, and at quarter time led by 2-2 to

Hudd and Sherman turned Williamsto«vn attacks,. and a nice chain of marks by Yarraville culmin- ated in a goal. Another forward move was made by Williamsto««n, and Quinn, from a scrim- mage in front, snapped a goal. At-half-time Yal ravllle led by 4-5 to 3-2.

' For some timo in the third quarter Y'arraville ««as on tho defensive. Williamstown-t««lce hit the post. Williamstown undoubtedly had the

final temi, and although willlamstoivn made seve- ral) valiant efforts, It could not score a point. A strenuous contest closed with the scores;

1 AHfiAVILUä, 8 goals 14 behlnds (C2 points).

WILLIAMSTOWN, 3 goals S behlnds <2G points). , '

The best players for Yarraville ««ero Sherman, Hudd, ,K Bolman, Lvons, ,Io«cc, and A. Leonard, ««.hilo Wllllamstoivn s best- «vere Johns, McKay, Sheehan. Godwin. Beer, and Crellln.

C.oal-ktakcrs.-Yarraville- Ooulwll (2), Chapple. (2), II, Leonard, Lyons, McCarroll, and A. Leon ard. Williamstown - Clausccn, Taafo, and Quinn. . . «


With Us only hope of Inclusion in the four resting, upon lmpro«*ed percentages through high scoring', Cambcrw-ell in -its game against North- cote,, at Camberwell, «vas not impresskc. On the other hand, Northcote wa« seen to better ad- vantage than usual.- Although. CambenvelPt

total was substantial, that of the visitors was by no means negligible. Camberwell replaced I.IH.VI1 with Connop. ?

Northcote, ««ith a strong northerly wind, estab- lished n good lead, being faster to the ball. Cam bciwctl improved In the second term, and made better use of the wind, leading by 9-11 to 5-5.

Willi the wind again In its favour Noi thooto reduced Camberwell1» lead to a single goal, but ««.lill Xorthcote fighting eier.v Inch of Hie win Camberwell .added 5-4 to 1-1 In . t lit-- llnul quarter, and the set

OAJIBERWKLL, 13 goal» 10 behlnds (100 polnls). XOUTIICOTE, 10 goals 13 behlnds (73 pulnts).

Goal-kickers.-Camberwell - Ti. Williams (3 Harrison (3), Bride (2). Lakln, Cnl««cll, Gunn.tol

Woodford, l'agc. Connon, and Drown. North- cote-Se« mour (7), Groy, Deslindes, and Dillon.

Best plui'ers for Camberwell ««ero Grecmvood (a verv sound defender), It. Williams (««ho «« l" - asset ««-eil fonvard although his shooting ««a:

consistent), and Harilson, nrlde, and Lakln. For Northcote Scjniour was the nio«t prominent man on the ground. Perkins «vas a solid defer-'.? and Dcslandes and Dillon ««ero useful for««an


The match behieen Pieston und Prahran

too one-sided to be Interesting, although I'lahrau held Hie home team in the Hist and thiid quaile ««hen it had a fuiily strong wind lu Its fjtoui.

The defence* of both teams ««ero superior throughout the first term, «ihlch wa« rcmalkabl.; lu tlint tltnio ««vic only three scoring shots. Piahiiin led bv 1-0 to 0-2. Prc.tuii inipiuiod in the second" term, -coilug foin guals in 111" Hist few minute«, bul the pla.« «yu« noiel bul

liant. Hiele being too much tumbling, poor kick big and Inaccuiale passing. 1'ieston at half-time

lui I'«' S-0 'o 3-I. .

l'iallrun moic than held II« omi hi the tlilid t oi m, but Ils kicking foi coal «'a« linicoinoti. Allboii"h there were occasional flashes of bill llaucc Praluan's «lork «as IncfToctiie owing to the bick of cohesion. Tinco goals tow-aids the close of the quailci tnipuned Praluan's position rnii«ldeiablv, but the game ««as already «von at thicc-quartcr time, ««hen Preston 1<*' hy 11-ti tn

Pioslon opened the final temi willi « anil .inli-klv added lime goals, showing superloilty In the'air and helier team ivork. Hie sliuotlnt for goal by Prcvion «vas «eiy . loi the temi being S-i. "'." ««in l'iabian could manage i avoir« uno:

I'HKSTOX. 10 goals 13 behlnds (12i point«). PRAHRAN, 7 goals 11 behlnds (53 point«).

Tlio best players for. Preston, were Bridgcford, «baw II Tavlor, White, Adams, anil Sleven«, while' Prahran'« best were F. Mnltli. filoicr.' .1, Smith, Dipiose, Douglas, McGrath, and I i«<;y.

Preston'« goal-klckcrs «vere. Shaw (6), Bridge

forl (6) Iliimr» (J), Vilains (2) Hues SUveus nnd Maines The 1 ickor« for 1 ronron i\ci l*rjor (J), Vlbem, Regent Mcltae, and JIcGratli


J Green's 102 Goats

Brlghtonvale Again Beaten.

There \rcro no surprUos iii the V section of tlio Metropolitan Amateurs on Fa turd i) Old Mel burn ia ns lo dekat ins Glaihuntl}

kulana c.cfCJted bt Pauls made sure of their ptico In tlio four and indeed ai pear likelj to go tip to third IM an aheid of rWemvick on per (pntaites. Jlic f ur itiiKjrs certain to lw LnlvcTaity li Old VoUh 1 I««--' * .

In (ho B .ectlon .__ -." _ -

tlio defeat of Hngl-tomale th« Itadm by Ol 1 -.- ._ l0il ncri LOHe«o V \a& d'-'

lim J mu I j tlie four as a resu riBlitoiiTale Sandringham 8tat

..-__ .._.I oil \a\icrinn*. lu tho L ._. It «ill be Illa K Hock Sum j Hills kinssvllle

I nkersh}


three p-ils

.-quarter time.- . .,..-." tho Mipcrior training of the Ti*itots toll au 1 the j i Ucd so. cn WOJB in ftrcftt *t>. Their most } r minent neu \ ere Barnett Daw* n Vicker» Mein ((art Dirkdij atti i ergio 1er the Lnir_r«ut Sïuan, Itouimon I ours larrol Painsaj \oIlu ind Shiel wiro tho i uK oí nn eren side <»o

kicken -Old Heotch-barnrtt |j) Darkwa> TiTiiie Ihree Quarter time In the luft quail

ind -shiel wiro tho i uk oí nn eren side (»oat ". '.h-iian ?-??--? - '

LuiVcnity-Yïobimon (J) ' Ollicer* U(3>"U\ othÚjÍ1"t2)

Swan, Dawson, Mc r-igftart, and McLoriimu .... -- ..y-lïobrn_on (?}) '""" ."

Standish (2) and Grecnha

Oreen of University score ids 100 Boats for the

arhieTcd just I c fore quarter time, UUU a RWat liu*t of ay ' - "

It was a splendid etToi lift cult} before the end < .«, i» a iccord which should

III. total at the end of the "._ _

.._ . ...J molo match a s«ni tlnal a. tiunl and po&slht) n _,rau I Ilnnl to j,o Uthcr good performer«

*'. ?--..- . - ildcrinc that thej lind

. Mir-ii j match in Vdtv and excelled in marido? L Beckett hchsni !*ee

1 Irtermiiek Ma h one j

.-." Shannon were prominent _ jal kickers-I nireraitj-Green (31 Moran ? r, Pererill (. u&scu Lee. Mahon and Malcolm H-toniwicIt-Wilson (?.), Girrctt (2), leitch nnd


Ornmmnrian«. lô^-io" it ^iniYumbeena/ In* the iir_t half tho risitors actually pîaied the better foot hall hut they did nut la« Their Iwst man <<« Cniwid)) waa nut mid the team in general is te o young tor the winners Gregory Tinning Lund>

Harper liarnos and Hcott M (.re tho pick» and for tho ]oser*i. isiunpton Donaldson. Dawson lliegnte nnd W illlams <ïonl kickers - Murrum beena-I.undj (101, Colllster ti» Hop« (2) Orcgonr i%). Barnes (2Ï Paroissien Shiel, fnlban. and Blrchall Old

(.nulflild-Williams ( >). Whittaker Warren Donald

m. Kitelien anl BcUlcWiig

Collegian* li-12 defeated St, Pauls i>-7 clow» bub dull gunn, on tho Wesley ground

Paul s not plnjing up to form Collegian» led through' nnt and vero uctcr troubled riieir heit men nero ^ggles'on ltigk O Don nell Rush I* Bennett and H Oaklej while for tho rinltors Hill 8nmp«on,

Collcginm-Il OaXlej (3 I» Bennett (i). li (¿) fiekwell {.*), Hush and Coller St Paul D Marali (¿) \ Marsh (¿I Coward {>> Kerr, c



huntli \ 7-c f-eniring a pnrahMng leid or nine unala In tlio (Int quarter I white who Una been out for romo time j-lgnnliP'd his rrtnrn b> kicking eight Koa I? fit. of Uidn with hi-> 1 i_t lue shots. Others who contributed to the victory were Rutherford li Guthrie. Mitchell and Hallo Hie best of the St l'nul s »Ide vero Sherlock Drummond Ü Thomas II\land and Matthew*. Goal kicker» -Mclhurnlnns -ruins IS) Mitchell 1>> lames (21 D nmhrie 12> Ilnllo anti Rutherford St Paul s-Vickers IJ1 Hjland {.») Mntthews* ami Oatie.


Old Naikt'iiih 7-lf dlftateu" Brlghlonvale 7-13 lu an excellent Kamo at \a\iet College The last few weeks ot HIL ? anon have provided som* surprise.« and tliia WHS one of tltein So far the out) team to defeat Hrlüitonialo had been (.tccloug at Geelong ' on boturdij Although In the third quarter it

_ thrt*) fcoals ahead of Old \aileriaiid, ft did not last In tho linul -pell \Hricrinui kicked |~o to 1-0 in that pcrhd tor a teanuwhlth 'waa defeated li> Old Halle)! urj JTrtnlt) laut week it wns a wonder ful iciforuiniiM .ulong tho-e niatnb respoitäible for it weie Roger« u Connell t leal Kennel) an«' 0 Malles loi the loner« Hull Duncan, Mavtnn 1 llbunie mid Gialmin all did we'l t.oal kickers - Old \nMerlans-Uhati U), Dlimiall, Uogera, Price and ( 1ml Bilghtonvalc-J Oiajdon («J) Duncan

(J), mid loilui

(ieelo ifc 21-I defeated Brunswick, »-14 at


Statt» Savings Bude "hi-lo defeated Hinders savil Dejwt S-Ti, at PI indera.

Sandringham \, 10-10 difented Oakleigh \ma teure 7-14 nt Oakleigh It was a great game but tho visitors were just too uuod and in tlie second half outdistanced the home teuiu Hacking h nulled tho game extremely well and waa u mplimented b\ both teams nfteiwnrd1» Hendrick, of Oakleigh UAH the Iwst mail on tho ground Other«. to do nell were Tohnson Webster. 0ediles Walker, and Hunt for Sandrí»tthnm, ami Calieron, Boyd Corbett, and J bourns for Oiklcigh Goal kickers Siiiidriiigham-Gedde» (1(1) \uiiiMlt (1), Has Hollet and -\ankerris Üaklelgh-Rtaflord 12) -J Orconlog (2). rhona» Miller and ÜMI.II

" ? irj Trinltj 11-21

b. and eifectualls r_t..v» ..... »*..v»«» - _. .-jcning the flnil four At one time readier» were within a point but In tho last quarter tho home team, which last week up«*ct Uio caleula lions of Old NUTILIIDIIH. obtnimd a dceiMve lenil

.niong tho«o who itood out for the winners were h Dethridge I dumbleton 1 lliott lackfon I

Mulians, and Roberton while for the lo^trs biarle, O Brien Hindi Smith, Cuinior and Cullen all did sterling woik Goal kicker- -Old Unilejbur> Irinity -I* Dctbridef (4i Monteath (2li ind Iwiies (2)

Tiachers-JleGrnth (^^ MeNanian (li Seirle -?


Black Rock, 15-30 defeated I cachen Colleen B _ -(1 In n Tery unercn Luine which furthei

tntcd the fntihts of ulaiitig II tenms in th«. n_ tiou J. tuilier». \\ut ki ned bl the i ara t ion 11 el dei! onli io men nnd Black RocK had no dlltkultj in kipkin* n recru 1 feme HanVtsiT, the* champion goal kicker scored lo goili talso a record) ami

South ( auKleld haï hail

few weckt» auo it na? w<

Bnnrood was hin« four... Uv>..... ^«u...t,u ..u. S-onii assured (f a place a terj credltnble pfTort

On Situnh. the hut men wen Doluca. Milliain*

iß goal») aueUiehl KnowIett and Sunderland (le land ithe club Eccretar^l icecired a blow on the her-' carl\ 1» tim came and \ nt replaced

bin-rev Him "-li defeated Glenhuntly B fl

.^ wa» a si len lid game, c\cellently umpired bs latterEOn McUoi aid Kicked J î goals for the


riRsi GP .or

I'oiitlon of Clubs-North Section-fairfield

points tost Brun*.\ irk. Sunshine n0 points Alphlni.

.".. *c ..-_..__ \K .ii4r_n,.itown District Richmoii I

_. _its Hcitelbcrc V2 iwinti

l\anhuc 4 pu it«« S min Section-oakleigh 60 pointu South Melbourne Ii strict, "G joints fir uegie Balwjn 10 puints Kew _ points Auburn ¿A pt tut«, llampiou JÛ t ointt Luulerlmts lb johts Hi« Hill i ii S-14 d farncgie g-7 Best IMajeri - Oakleigh-Bell Itichanlwu M^nrka Thomas lyne Nott Cnniegic-\eiiim Spiki Morris tt righi

Menzies hone

Alphington 14-10 (Harley 5 ponli Mell» 4 goals) .. Sunshine R-\$ Uest lMnjcrs -Alphington Will Wells. Hill narlo llutchroii I Ilia Sun filifne-Powell Tones lliompson, htockdalc Masson

. _. __ .._._ . _ lenkln«. C) «I Box Hill. I-' (I Tohnson 1 gonl«) Best Players - RIIWÎU-MH-WPII 1-mpfcj, Mathewi Sinclair Atkin son t nrr Box HUl-Kenna _ Johnson I ogan, inimP|0n Moteurs 1 r cker

' " ". Mitchell 7 gnat«

;». crtr. G-n Bc*t . Lxplby (best on ^._. T Williams Mulinier Mitchell brotbe Muller Hcdclbtrg-ruttcrouu Hall. Breedon ^a

I nillell 20 22 I Mien . coils Harris 4 goal«) d .Jcbmoiiil HMrict )-'! Best riajers -r-iirfleM Kinip I mil PU Harnt MnUli. Milne Bailey Me( u ki ttrihht Itouuii "intcs lticbnuiid District

-I tnflell lirotbcrs Watkinson Burns Wilson Ain

S nth Melbourne District 11-11 (t'rjor 6 goals)

IO 20 (D Dick 4 goils}, d Auburn, r-17 »ist 1 njtra -Hmii tmi-t*a> ( Htwowl t I lick 1 ii in I m er I) Diet ( unies \ubuni-Itoj<] W atson Cooinlics Padto Bell Kenna Kellj Lee


Iositlons of < lubH-Lnallottcd-North I Uno. f$ points Abbolsf rl -"fl i dnts, Dirling Springrnle n im J nts Mumimliecun 40 i oint« I i.iru>lt n strict

I t «mus t Iciiirii- 20 joints Tast Malvern, 11 itoints \ »m ln^e 12 ppints Cant field S points Scniid Hchteens-Krw I mrtlrld f4 points Middle 1 ark 5f points oakleigh r2 points Balwjn J| points Alphington 20 j> nts Auburn io

mints Box Hill 1 point«

Sprlngialc J -J> (Cftitir * uonls I Holford "> coalsi ti t JUlfii Iel 0-10 Best Players -Sprlni

Tale-Holford btotliers Cniter Sellick Julian (au. fleU-Shukt-i Quinlan lag m Carej Mitchell Bran 1 George

Iii hi y n 11-21 (Rntlfj 0 goals M^unro 4 coils) d Box Hill J 7 Host 1 layers -Italivjn-Martfn Tli ingénue Hon riioiueicn ft lliitlej llichmls Box Hill-Cole Ros> Bet I ordo W io» ir I


M 1 lli^ Park 10-12 d Kew r-S BP t I lasers - .' umdl S.Mr Ibid Hillas 1'OHU

?Maple Itetk'c snlliiuii Hum len d Milu ni 11-12 ü l#iielnm 'liddle I arl . Mett.

AlVï" __

M'iiès_'piâjeis -I i"T M'l'irrin-AVal'lfl"

nure Walker 1 ins Midkin \ audin-c. inhiks Diijcr O toole Wisbtißton

Iiiiflill n-ll tBiiie* I. poalsi d Onkleitth S-! Bet Plnjcrs-I itrflelf-l reutice Rankin ken-nt. lohnston. 1 tihc; Ho> IIM Onkletch Millee 1 eberts \ppell I rirai iii Hodgson fitz

B< VhhaUford l-b d Murrumbeena 4-t) Be-t

Plmrri ~ Mdintstortl - t < n li n I nn.lei P irri

Demi) Moir Vu


Second Semi-final

\ l jrticulirli keen pune wns jliwd on citur dav at the Poit Melbomiic giound lictncen Lavgols nnd Hi met Oh*« nu ii cr ideal conditions U wn- Hu Eccond seiiiiflnil nf the catunhi 3îorn

iui; Industrial Tcaßur Both cUitia Ind *._rtngl ti mis inilibli, and the» onli iiufnMe absentee was

Campbell, o' Birnet G DEI sino injured 1 ia leg pome tira, ajo \. considerable number of iii terpstrd fpectators wilne-wcd the match

Irani the bc.lnninp; bjth teams attacked síjror ouslj and «eight waa used íncly IIJROIS urj quickly tcored the flr«t pool The pJa\ «as \crj non, and scorinir \«. is npid eßiccinllv tow ir is the end of tht first (purler, bj which time Barnet Glass had ecorcd G-2 lo "Î-1 In the next two quarters Barnet Glass apparently w is not ibte to hold Lasgolg a.s it i ni) done In tlie first and that team reduced its opponents leid to one point the scores bünc 1-5 to J-1 Barnet Glass it tacked strongly in the h«t 1orm. am* was b\ fir the superior temi The ecortns \\i

apjain npid on tlie pirt of liirnct Glass which added 'S--J to tliree behinds Hie final t-core* «cn. -llunet Glus 14 goals 8 behinds defeated L.u¡,ols 10 poils 7 behind* 1 or the greilcr putt the puno «as pla)ed in a fine spirit, but in the luFt q inter nn unfortunate disturbanc

occurred in uuich piners Ininers und seuril spectitois were concerned After the game the umpire «Mated that ho intended u irttiifc both teams for fighting; Goal kickers > jrnet Glapg -Blake (4), falkiner (1) Haben (2), nitchie (2), kelh (2) Smith I isgolix-MUten <?!>, Joiner Li) Waldies, (2)f Ridd U), louis and lewis

Thompson and Kell) pin) ed snluable games for Barnet ii\aes Blale wis sen useful lons ard and Brown on the wine also plas ed «eli In the La^gols team fine -work was done by the small

men Rixon nnd Dow na Cubbins Brancbflower Joiner and bardies also pla) ed Rood pames

Next &aturdi\ afternoon a combined team from thf Saturn |\ Morning; Industrial langue «ill meet tho I-ootsetfl) Juniors at the J-ootscm ground Th«? piocceds of the game «ill assist the Footscray unemployment fund

Next morning; the final will be plased between Birnct 1.1aw and Dunlop on the lort Melbourne ground


Positions of Clubs -Coburg I ort Melbourne und Brunswick each 00 points, I rahran 52 Preston *W Northcote 3.3 CambLrttcll and lammlle each _\\

Brighton 8 Williamstown 4 Coburg gained tho minor iirciuieralnp on percent«*,«» and jiajs Brahran at the Preston pound next baturdas

tarraville 1 -17, d WIlHani-itoun u-12 nnd rito ted wonderful improvement for a young Bide I ordham H* bc*t forward kicked eight goil*

akfng his total li for tlie " " * '"

"" " ' "s. ',3 K>

Hie: Mart ¡ilnse

..._. _ _ " -C L.__.. . trial of strength, each playing with pjntem \t hntf


and Ball (t god*) _ ._. .

Brunswick ] I-If d Coburg 0-C

Bruns« uk. í larke «3 goiU) Hammond (4 goals)

O kecíe Richard-. Cu7.eti I edeer tood Barna an I "' nlaje I ciTcctkelj 1 or Coburg I lant

Cnllnghcn Donnellj Clarke Owen and Cox

1 -24 d Brikhton^Ö-lp _jrLp In° the til

...,,. ...,..".,.....,. ly pool t* attacked Its clever iw^sing

- f»tron" on til, f ni uni line

pli> \\ COAIIÏ 1 rv>er (6 c net nn ] ( onrawr ncr>* tin.

Brighton Bertram {_. soils) till hair time it

' Tn »li« tlifril ni,. _ .,.

\\ ork constantly

Htm.« in t.u.^i I-U^S...K "o-- .-. feature, anl it - _.* f»tron" on ti t, f ntnnl line I or Port Melbourne Murphy \t coj-W 1 rv>er (6 CORM l^ejoto Ilnnitstt

ihantice The marking anl long kicking cf both sues ero features lu thin ( the P%I 1 1 alf -?.-'- ?-.? " ?*-'

winning nslli 1 O Neil Dorking,

,.... . .-.1 1 alf condition told ita tale Aorthcoto winning nsllj lo Northcote Tones \\inter Davis

kicked EIX coals. I c O Pícara (3 Boah) Sam

r of the nv-sociation

I la>crs from tho Bortala team a junior team rr» S nth Mistral.* \\\\\ be the cnesU of thi i« «OLintioti fro: i sp| temb-r 3 f< r It das» V match

l>ecii nnang«! against a combined team of the



North lto«es 11-14, d North Brighton Junior« -G Best I*ln>ers -North Rosc-v-Oraham Marroo uilibtrt Dare Norman Briahtwi-H (iles \\ all er rothers Hertel Donnrtl Dark «Uoil kickers -North lovra-Cut.ibf.rt (o) faiiiubcH Í4) Brighton-Uirk

North I luroj Tun ors 2S-1C d Brighton \mateurs 4-6 Rosi 1'laje.s-North ritrroj- Baktr Shnrkej Minney lacgart «.-.oil kickers - l(arve\ lui Itnspfcll (Si IUMIELI D Slmrkcj (2) Baker !2», Minno CrHBlloran Wcstcrbeck


St Johns Cudi 12-11 d Tunior Tcgacj G-r Goal kicktm -fat, John s-llroderltk (I) I iugcrald 2) Ct 1 lio (2), Connon (2) Junior Legacj-reeder \¿\ MeTAuefUn (2> law (2) Best 1 laicr«-St

lohn s-Loiiiiors Mcdermott DohrrO Juuiur I eui-o-Cornthuaile Mrl^aiigldin Davi Ison T,aw

Burnley Juti ors G-10 lost to North Melhourno Laurels I ~]J ( oal kickers -Burnlej-Rratb> (2)

* oster Í2- Martin I romhia North McJhounio

-fiurels-I hillliH (3t. Moodie. Amjott U linen li % Ilnjers- Uuriilcj-Wiiuc Collier It and G Coller




North 'Williamstown 0~n Ocat players Tren grove Birt nu Grut b Donaldson ÜraiißL 4 goals) ¡I bouth 1 Uternwiek 5-11 ibeöt piners Oillet

Mitchell I otter, losen)

SouUi larra 2G-1T (beet player», Tiernei Luttrell, White Glannon. Wallis. Alhn) d St. Judes 2-7 <bo!,t plnjtn l'aôcoe ilannerj Mansour Barfoot

Hill Inert

Clifton Hill, 11-8 (best players Denholm b«t on ground. Wot us, Bnstell 4 goals Hfllton) d Port MLlloumo Itamblcrs >-lS (bwt piasen, Garluip, < ollitia Grorgo Kel] a ni 1 on gnea i> goals)

An in I ile. 17- (bott pla>«s Seis en Chandler BnmlHOii Bumeit M as til 0 goals Hopkins 0) d 1 arrasides, *î-H (ben plnjcrs Tarker Baglass

Deane} O Brien loolej)

MiNun 1 -It (best 1 layers. Miller Sharp Chap

man Cathie) d *?<(, Andrew's 11-4 (best plascrs I Knight 1-Iosd lhoinpson lainchne} Cook '

Tooronga o-IS (best plajcrs Dalgleish Jenkins Djer Coutts Cleiro) d Victorin Pirk u-10 (bitt platers ^mlth A\aiisnu Ap.c> King ( iy)

luit Luke I I 12 (»»"t j Ins er/« Ill r Uri

Copr-hnd 1 rt-emuiicj, Jutlt.r > uoni-, Dobson n\ «* Stank» 7-7 (lost plniers Bowtell Molqueen VU

-it [ goal* bl erry)

Burnies S-7 (nest plsyera, larkin* \llatt 0 Hallonn Markcy. Ita lin 4 goals) d I rciUm \ma tours H-li. (lH.3t plasera Oouson Meat« Ilartney

Gus lenscn)

I hombun 7-3 tbest plnms Morgan "W MU May Murra} Hurst I, d Alnhingtoii tr-U (btat plascrs Ilmklns Greig Milus lellos Smith)

\ M ( \

Ne»port. 2-17 (goal kickers Oal.e-* I Mllesr 2 Glenister ¿ Sefli anl Haddon) d M hi l*or Stars



\\ c»t BrnnMvick Methodists Ij-S (VT BftTllngaon 2o gosls) ti St, Vugtntfnc .* 1-4 ,_

Past Bnnwwlck Methodist« 20-1(1 (Boyne 13 goals) d Btmtbuiek I resbs_teriaiis, '


\ r.nvnn.

Braybrook * »-16 d St Ambrose 1-,1 1 rest ige 0-9 d f oburg \mateurs. S-Í)

Northcote 17-10 d boutli Itmnswick 3-10

¡st (»corgc a Method is ta ¿Î-32 d Bmnsii

Amaten» 8-8

Si bteiena 23-11 (Cell 7 coals) d New \scot.


A GR\or

South ^ arra S-Hj d I lemington 4-1

South Melbourne forfeited to W est Mclootu-ue \scotvnle 17-16 d North Brunswick 2-1


AM bl bluf ION

North Melbourne 11-12 d North Essendon

"robu« 9-12 d Carlton 4-9

Williamstown forfeited to li-isendon


Balaclava &-f d North Richmond S-& Mähern 4-1) d Snrrfi Hills 4-7 Ken. 7-11 ü CiiUicdrut G-S

Camberwell 15-10 à Glenhuntly 1-2



Mi nil ill« 11-19 d \FpendsIe _\-4 Mentone. 3fi-It d Heatherton fi-1 Moorah!hi I -\\ it (heises 9-H

lG-10 d Wolla Roi


Ormond 1J


Barnet Glass v. Laygols.

Mordialloc 10-6 d Sandringham $-16 Brightoiivale 11-18 d Mentone 7-4


South I reston 12-22 d Prahran 11


Ilsde Stnet ll-lrt d \1 bert Park ri-ll M lame-, s 1-i-iii ii Punt Itoitl 4-10

Iir i i\ ]2~2\ d North Carlton S-S ,

Mont Vlbeit te<uud a wiHwner from lenders I


B \I I \lt\l Saturday -Interest «ai cnliinr«!

.d for it the lcnder*hfp with ii an) smut »lo abo \u

Go) lui 1 unit making up til

irtory at Mar} borough rc " '?--*-. ' ?

to-day third

»1 leid (toldrn Point fen the fir r qwittcr

ling at the 1 astern

Imi eriul _ ._.... -, _ _ Î-'. Imperial H-n

ii encounter «as provided 1>\ Ballarat an i \I tr>h«ri.ugh record iiu«d

tho Ara term

wd Bnllarat

irKel Hi third

to » P brilliant »

\ dalling rails _ _. .. ... .

tacuhr feature of the cloiing quarter but the I rapid »corina effoit came.

bell when a Mnrsboroi

marked in a good posit io.. ...._ been a « inning coal, the umpire ( Furlong] dis

" d it lit .x. * . ' " -' "

HOU ml ed

crowd and as Turlong attempted to Ieare tba arena

., ' liosttlo fashion Players and iKjico (o-opcratod in firing him from actual assault and he ivas later cccrtcd from the groun 1 Tlir final eco-es wcie-Ballarat 22-IS Marylioroiigh " -H Two notallo fids were Uiat it was the jlrit \lctorj crcr »cored bs Ballarat at Maryborough In the I callie ct mp« tit foti and it WBB Marlborough s third defcit on us own ground nineo joining the Ballnrnt I en gue Inci Iciitallj Manborouths scort «as tho record losing score for tho Ballarat Teague

South Ballarat 2-2 Biltarnt u-P. *»o] len I oint *1

Duni stown \«sociation final -Dunnstown 6-7 I Gordon -l ,

TI o Ballarat T etigue has disqualified Hall (Ararat! for 12 months for kicking W stephens (Golden Point) during the Ararat Golden 1 oint match at


BLNDICO-Chief interest in tho Ben ligo Toot ?all leagtto cunea centred in tho match between

enuc i (leadme In the premiership), ?-*?--?. . lefeatcd 1 y I igl*l iwk Tcmtea beg

ed at the ftrct change by ° 1 to 2~- _

''"'" in tho fécond term but Eaglehawk by

as in the thirl quarter but Faglebawk maintained .,s lend and was j ' points ahead at the cIo°e of tho term In a lino flmsu Eaglehawk mcremed Its lead an 1 won by 11-13 to S-ll Martin kicked Ttewarn Ï «pósito King. Harvey Downe, Wllcock nil Knuserdl lor Lchuca Ogilvie, "Wigra ft Comte. O Neill Meldrum Patterson, and J Wilson

mc took tho lea 1 early i

i 1 thereafter dominated tie ".__ _ _ ... «Ha h«| Inyctl wtakneas on the forward Uno lhe flnnl srorps were -castlemaine 15-^"t South Ben d go S-17 I aid kicked four goals for Castle ? J me nn I Cook throe for South Bendigo taking le le 1 in tie goal kfrkiic competition wth li Unit i Injerí Inr ^ mtlprnalnc were Anderdon, "Wjl lam's Hunt \\ alton Callagan Pardon and Bed bri mil tor S nth Bendigo Murray Maní Mclsani ilrkc tit 1 It til and connaughton

^ai Ihtirst defeated Rochester in a well-contested

?ai o I ) 1GT21 jo r-14

1 "Í un vint 52 ) ointa

. ni 1 Sai dhurit hns m..._,.__.. ..

41 Castlemaine, South Bendigo and Eaglehawk i

each 40 poiuts


BUI lil UGl TN -The fir-t *cmi final of the Orer» aiiJ Murray I eigun was pla) ed at BuUierglen between ^t 1 atrnek s ( Alburs ) and \\ angaratta TI tro \ tva a coed attendance the gata being £1 o Ho first quarter was voll ton teat ed St 1 atnek s lea ling is i - 1 to A-S larlj in the (econd quarter Wangaratta lo t flos I its forward through an Injurj to the knee The came became ven ragged 1 nn 1 one Fided in the third quarter and tho llnal quarter waa a further procemion St Patrick s winning bs 10-12. to 0~S Hunter (St Patricks)

scored 19 coals


SAIT -llo dec!live victory of Bairnsdale over Triralgon (minor premiers) bs l8-19,to 6-7, was a feature of ti o Gupslond I^cagno match« Bairmdaio cshthxlel a Jod in tho carlj stage and increased It ns the cann» proceeded Another surprise wau tho Meit tf Maffra ty Stratford hy 0-11 to fi-11 Maffra le I in the» first quarter 1 ut lost ground later Mas nnd M I It shire kicked three goals for Stratford nil It Mis tvo of Mnffri It) ed.le wli eli Ins net w<n n match tills sea Bon put up a good Halt against Sile which won by J5-18 to 12-15 The ti lal four aro traralgon. Sale IJamiwlalc and Maura Mellio<l sts scored a victory over Longford by 9-11 to Q-13 anl St, Iatrick« College surprised the previously undefeated i ire Brigade winning by five I points


COI VC-Hie first LIUI tina] of the Corangamite League took ilaco on tie Me-*t<rn Oval between Been, and Pirra i lallock on ¡saturday Hiero «a*, a hrge atttnlajce over £80 Icing taken at the gltes Tho Anal scores wert - Beeac 5-12, Pirn II inlloek ]-0 lhe Colac Distict Assoctiuon first ml llml w is p »s *d 1 rior t ti c al u mat h mil ««.ultcd in a win for St Vu In.« a over t ororooko bv

. points-12-8 to 10-lb In the Xotaurth

' ' etween B rregurrft md D. ._

in ti o last few minutes b\

grand lina! against ¿orrest last >ci



BIMBOOI \ -Tho first Rend (Uni of the Wimmera Le mue was decided on ^aturdas when Horsham

being taken at the eau M «.nie

'deal and the oval »n* in good -

Warracknabeal secure 1 a goo 1 lead in

_. . _ . .. open s . . .

.11 excel! nt markim. and k1 king resulted W arrickiiabeul added "-4 to (j-* Wirti a bad ol t ifiht pointa W arnn-kiiabcal toolicd like winning

'" ' . -- in the balance until tho

wero tiren a (Ino i

A goal kicke 1 1 _.",_ .... before tho bell gai ... llorshini b> rix point1» tlnal

-IlorJiaii 14-11 Wurra Uah al lt-1t

_kltkota «ere - HoW am- MclUc (ij Wood tt>, O Bourke. I as land Dojlc Stanlcv IÍ Smith aik! I bmlth Warracknabeal-M Brennan (4) To-li (2), Ixrklmrdt (2) He ritt (2) Wbitnej

Muir and J *rj

MINMI*-lhe competition for the best and airest footballer lu the Wimmera, L-"~~ - iy L-ric /flchcch <Min>ip). with I

_(.cond Hie judging waa dono by tin who rt-corded their votes each match


VU VIUT - Iront Inter church \ssociation - 1 im fcemi flnal-St Mar} s fe-1 d Methodist


A^CA - Mountain Cttek Association-Barkis 11-7 d Aroca 0-S Bedbank d I andabarough

Nuvnrre a bje

B \ N NOt KiJUUN -Mathcaon Cup \Mtociation - Tirst S**ml tlnil-> lahiL lG-iá d Anakie 7-4

Bl VUiFOKl -Learmonth Comiwtitiou - In the Hist Kmi finit plased at learmonth Beaufort, li-IS d leirmontb 4-1» IHixni Competition

0-1(1 ti Koort, . ..

BKIDOf^ VIIB-Miitchtii on Saturd-iy in tho

--'?? ' ---*--*?- decided the minor pr

latch MIS that betwc

._.the lunw la> bctwe___ them foi the tltlt If Ilouit lui won b\ tinco uotlB it wuull hn\c had the secon 1 chance Ilridke water, Boort .Wormntr. add Inglewood um tight i ht HIL ion test W t tderhum-woii lu first matth for the season bs dtfeating Inghmood Scores - 1 rldsowatcr u-10 d Boort 7-13 Wooáant d


BltU.HI -District VasocUHon-Bright 30-12 d HiinktUlle. i>-w

C\MPMtDOW\ -Western District league - I i* ern Scetfon-Lobdon lli-n d Camiienlown It- S (Hughes S Ronlü tor (.ebden *ind I oner o for Ctunpeulowu), Tewug 17-10 d Mortlake 7-Id Canmenlown District touchtIon -Second Semi Html -I- II ngami te js-lJ d I omboruc t (minor iwo

niitrî.) 7-«!

(.AST! I M MM -raitlcmalne District Comiwtl tlon-Guildford 10-li d Castlemaine 7-C Tarran

-?»«? 12-11 d Muckleford »-S , , ., , UIIMTUN-Chiltern District \naoclatlou UrH Semi final -W odoitsa 14-J d Corowa Stars, 10

tOHl \\-Cohuna Vwoclatlou-Cohuna caslls de Tcatul I 11Í011 Leitchville d (luuboucr bj lo pointa Bamblers. 2-i, d Wee wee mp Tuniors ]-5

D V^ LFSl OltU -lu tho tinal match of the Dasles fonl Distict Vs-oclatim an uu«atractors position in,* in int. to the din trune lu Hi* u orlng 1 ir It* of the goal mu pi re» Both Korweinguboora and Wombat Bin claimed the win, and the match will bo re I lund on Sppten 1er 8

DUNOLLY-< lune» 11-12. d Dunolls "-7

ri\TC\ (NSW 1 - In the faouthem Birerina Visorlatioii Hnal Tocumwal 3-t» d Burigal) 1- H Mnles (minor iiremters) will meet Tocumwal in the tron I final at Tocumwal next Saturda j

(.1 I I UNO-In the (»eelong league competition Wist (teeloiiff lt-15 d Newtown S-H Queen« cliff. 11-13 d Barwon y-S Belmont d Î-.01U1

' III \LI-S\HI I - \aaa \ alley . Awoclation I Ir-t Semi ilpili - Hcalc«.vllle 0-1 > ti \arra Jim tlou ft-14 PUs became rers rough durinu the Inst mtartcr and blows wer* struck Siwctators crowded Hie ground and the police wire called * '. .? (, dlHUibiuce One of the Heilest) l<<

strurk a heav> blow b> an onlooker ami

tlon ph>ers and one HcaleaTllle p1a>er in _ ." f The second ccinl final ..._ .- ... Junction on Satin his when Wnrbwton and Millgrove will meet

IIOl'inOlTN - Hopetoun District Aisociatlon Wathe 7-S d Hopetoun 2-7 Njallo 8-12 d Hopetoun Weat 2-3 I oakton of clubs -Vjallo J2 Hopetoun 32 Hopetoun West 12 wathe

KI »AN«-Kerang last ifi-lfi d Students _-b Burdei» t,-12 ) I orei« 4-11 Wandelin 10-14 d lake charm 2-11 Wandella and .stiiiinitR drop mt of the finals Bovrn aro minor

In the junior aa&uciation Border d Appin

14-d d Kyneton 13-0 Ci llefciai

Woodend 6-6 Fniindrj (Castlemaine) T Ircutunm narfold I enflne-The \ fe

has 1II-11111&5-.1I tilt. appeal lodged t

Malmsbury nßalnst the declblon of tho llnrfold I ramie in nwardinc tho first semi flnnl match to Wc«t kvneton J he final Ramo between I_st Irentham nnd \«,cst K>ncton will be plnjed at JJui

'.lill ne\t Snturda

f \NG. f.\Vl

at liimx'in next fe Uhr

ni lil nip Fi-coiiii «pim mini

\I U I DON - In Hie Arse semi Anal of tho Horn >i nnd Ilisttlit \woclntfou I ancetleld 12-14 d Suiilmri S-U ltmn«ti mid M,boine nient at Itlldcll on Saturdnj next in tile sccoud SLUII


M\n\BOROLf.ll-til,tilrt Senior Assorhtlon CniUliork 14-1". d lîcaliba 12- 1Î uut >t does mt nlTe t rteillbvs hold on the minor premiership Clune« 11-12 <1 Dunolls S-1

VII ULI. \ - Ihe last round of the Mildura n.«- 1 mpitltidi tcwlted-Merbein ll-l'l («ii T« KI toil. It Mirtin 7 toals!, ii Mlldim len

ii l-l «mullí Merbein n-J, d Mildura 0-0

.tntuoitli «,-14 d Kel (Jills, 7-4 The Uanis r ti e w11 rtili. « mo south Mirbeln Merbein Mil m nnl Itunple

MINMI' - nullor -oniprtllli n Semi final-Mill 511, 7 f d llim-tiam. 1-7

MllllMM.lUV-UlilnsuU league «¡»cou I Semi Ililli-II istine« 13-Ili d SoinenDle 1",-12 Sor

?irai lln«tlm.« »III contest the flnal District itlon-Moriilii-tnu t¡-m d Mooroodue S J MoinliiRtoii arc minor prunier«.

MllltUirl - In the second «elul flnal or the Morwell M it boo cotnpetitoi limiar ti-I

ïvorlh lure the il.lit of chalk li

. «-oilth 10-10 d l'lnilnroo North 1-7 Western Mallee 1 eai.uo - 1 lilac 7-H d linen C-S Ilolnkn TS-1!) d Lu Ierl«ioU f-1

_ iilni _.. ...

10-12 if Wundi

._ . ..drn A«. ._. \ Kemi flnal-\abba 7-11 .In« with. Dookie

(lujin lloara il (Hum North We t

in the grand flnal of the Ouyen District Associa tion b> one point after leading throughout In the Western Mallee- association Oujcn 13-12 ti Wal penp fi-ii Lascelles 12-o. d Tiega 10-13 Oom easily defeated. Tempy I_a«cellC3 Oujcn, Tiega anl Gorja comp iso iho final four

PUtAMIDJIlLI -Tnntlata Macorna T ino Vssocia tion-Macorna fi-o d Mologa j-S Mitiamo S-H d Pyramid MM Rover» «J-> 1 Rambler, forfeited to Tandara Macorna is ou top and 1: certain to win tin» minor premiership

isl- L LVKF-rho team to represent the North

Sheahan "W \ilen (Narraiwrt) _ ..-.--. - \ aught Kulgoa) II Joues H dodwiu (Herri willock) Mtmrico Sheahan P Page (Sei t ako> n McMillan, O Hohle (NamiahJ I nergencle-., h Milbunio (Wycheproof) nn I 1-dwanls (iharlton) Tho match will take place nt Wjiheirouf ou Satur

da> anl will be pla>«l in aid of tin, Wjcheproof anl liiRlenood Hospitals.

Sf\MUUU*-In tho ili-it semi final of tho Wa-ansa North I as, Y-yocIation Broadford l>

ore 5-" biymour nnd Aidant" n i flnnl at Yea next Saturdaj

more 5-" biymour nnd Alexandra, pt a j the "ni undi at Yea next Snturda) ,

Sllrl»l»MflO\ -In tho Shepparton Seconl Eighteen Mm iation llnal Moorooi ua (minor j re mitra) d Ardmona 8-!> It f_ alleged that the third nwarter wis _\\ minuten abort af ti e «gul *

tion 'line and thora ia a posjibilitj of a. protest being in cfjn'siKp.euco entered io that thero maj bo au

other or other (rutics.

II* MOB V -After a hard fought panie Wattle Parle

Mimosa {minor --.---* .- -.-- -» * - Coleman cup ti S

d Miino*a {minor prcmleta) in tho final for the ' denian cup ti " " '" ' ""

TiionrD vi r

Dn grand final . .

Trafalgar Hovers was w

" r tin* tint tim« for ma--._ " , A_ . "

WOMHAtiOI- In the plaj off for tho fouith position in tho final four of the South Gippsland Association I uh. Creek 13-S d Leongatha 9-K -ho ncini liiialH will bo plajed next Saturday, when

Korumburra and mu CrcK at ..eoncattia *in«

grand final of tho Westernport \w>ciat.on resulted in Bass winning tho premiership by 9-15 to Kit

cunda s n-s On a report submitted by the umpire

tribunal of the South Gippsland Association t

WARR.GI L-Lcntral '' In tho second *.ml final

premiers) 12-5 «I Wari f>-î> Iho attendance wa

." ". _"w.ippílaiK. - , ,

WARR \Gl L-Central Gippsland \-isociation. in tho second s*.ml final at Moo lnlloum (minor premieri) 12-5 «I Warragul (premiers laat y

final paroo and tho gate takings amounted to £&>?

riiri. 17-I?, d Warrnambool 12-11 yamil

ion 17~« A Koroit 10-9 Cobden "10-13 d Camperdown. 11-S IffiwW d M««*U Í-U

Weitem District Usoclatioo 1 wal-Grasmere 0-14 d Mnikr 1 I Int 8-12 . __ ,

WHlTTll SfA - Bourke-rrelin Association Snond Semifinal - Midland Hören. 8-14 d Whittlesea S-b Tho flnal match will bo nla.el at Whittlesea n«t Saturday between > ppirn. (minor premien) and Midla» 1 Borers .,...,»

port 12-2, d Sea fako. 11-7 Nullawil 3V-26 d Berriwillock 1-3 riwlton 14~G , d Nandaly. !>-1D Nullawil, and Namport (level) Wyeheproot and Charlton will play off in tho acini flnal and final matches In tho final match of the Wyche- proof Charlton Timor Association V >cheprocf Juniors 4-b d C1 arnon Juniors 2-10 The Brand final between Wycheproof and Ted lywaddy will bo play. 1 this week " _ .-_.--,

YACKANDANDAH-Kergunyah defeated Yackan- dandah by 25 points in the final of the Yackandandah         and District Association for the Malcolmson trophy Yackandandah, holding the minor premiership,           had the right to challenge.


Richmond Defeats Caulfield.

Caulfield lessened ita chanco of tho nioner no position l> losing at Blchmond two goals to one The flret half wo» improductive but Caulfield wai most aggressive and the Richmond defence was rtron« Twe ve minutes after the intciritl Mackie was penalised for a foul nnl Whitehall struck tho crossbar Nicholson stored '- "' '.' '- " " rebound An altan o b> _

resulted in I orrwt lorcllln^ tho

mond retaliated

lick to the eoftlkci

.iKTtfOIl let . _... ....

better team an 1 deserved tlio threatened 1 ut ltol>crtfoii let

Brighton and Prahran Draw

A division of six Koala waa Ho resilt of tho Brighton 1 ninan tontest nt Hurlingi ini Part I ni h ra ti oltaincl the Ititi after Uro minutes pla>

King worum from Robertas centre and f ur minutes liter II ward got tlie seem I I ven -? follow c1, ii 1 Bricht 011 sraiiuaU> foTcel ilny 1 anli tlio 1 rain .11 coil ttowMcn iniswd an

chineo tut Winning ie hici»d Hriglitrun leflcit 1 afterward 1 en ruin (I rnhran) coi rede I a co

Kick an 1 W inning »«cored from Mat inlij t. kick Jiiht beforo the lutcnat (.rant put It right on aheil

shot which struck tho paît anl rolled into _ Wbrn \.a. was resumed list bindle 1 ti » ball nnd Brighton had r r^ril^ kick hut Bowston uiiwed anl at Hie other cul a ptnalti tike« I j I enrson wa1» Hived bj 1 aterson I rahnn drew lercl when Harris droio in from 40 iards tho ball

decciilnc Paterson

Drawn Game at Motordrome

n ins subjected lo hcau pr -.sum when __ .... .0 apainpt lootscnj hcgai Huhbtnl bettiÄ prominent bl ilefcnce Iho Tootucraj nhooting '

nd 1 r

.1 atti.

clear ( 001 combination hclwucn Ballantjn

Ibiirn an 1 ltmplctoii hrought '


loot-^ray from Templeton s foot, anl Preston __

taliated with a goal b\ Lcclf* Tempetcn sot his " ' " goat from 10 janis ramie after a scrimmage

Klay wa» seen in tho peeont] half, with toots

oaring tho brunt of the «(lack and lui ton

>aral Depot 0 South Mrluourm 0

Essendon Wins in Last Minute

Thta is tho lnckic-t team that cier plaicl nenpr {¡nid the Eccrctarj of tho I ssendon club

Sinclair) after the gamo acainat South at I awkuer Varíe Chis Maternent wa» ...

members, who considered that

ginl of the game Soul h _atm 1 uhu. been the attacker from the beginning V mi- k. brought the flret danger to I Miendcii

--k Nutter Icoul) witta a haul _hn

robound and michel by inches

den nnd Nutter defended well nnd gat»» their for wants mm from but South Ti arta» de fuicb could not tie broken . \n exciting »crlni

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