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I-- . i

j Town and Country j

-Cure your cold in one day by taking our Cold Tablets. Ii taken at the start they prevent a lot of

discomfort. 1/6. bottle! Kelly,

Chemist.* .

i i-Mr. _ Cl .T-.ÍU..X.-.»«*..-. «.;-,»l»Ui . .«.« ^vtTni'w«*» 'to "KntoomM, returned yesterday by tho '"Ara watta.

-Mr.-Ferd. Bennett was a passen- ger by tlw Arawatta yesterday from lirisbane.

-Miss Ryan arrived from Brisbane yesterday by the Arawatta.

-Mr. E. W Rockhampton to Cooktown.

-Mr: K. Karius, who had been '.isitini; Melbourne, returned yester- day and leaves to-day for the Eth- eridge.

-Mr. Boulter, Land Commissioner, returns to-morrów from Atherton.

-Mr. V. B. .1. Lésina, member for Clermont, who paid a visit to New ¡Zealand in connection with the liquor laws, says tho "Wide Hay Sews," oí

the 3rd instant, intends journeying

to the United States to make him-

self conversant with prohibition there also.

The proprietor of the Central Hotel (Mr. James Watt ers), known throughout tho North as the Beer King, makes the following announce-

ment : From- this on drinks that formerly cost Pd. will bo 6d. ; a long glass of McEwan's Edinburgh ale, long glass of English shandy,

i long glass of Reid's English stout, [long glass of English porter gaff, I long glass of half and half, long I glass of two ales, drawn through

ice, 'for 6d. Three Star brandy and best brands of whisky with soda same price. The proprietor re- quires to make no profit ; it will be his pleasure to serve the public mid give them excellent value for i their money.

. Baxter arrived from yesterday und proceeds

-Miss Ii. Brand left yesterday, by tho Taiyuan for. Thursday Island.

-Mr. J. M'Lcnn arrived from Port Douglas by jtho. Mourilyan yesterday. -Thc Torres Straits steamer Whnkatnne left thc anchorage yester- day afternoon Xor the south.

-By The Taiyuan yesterday there ivcre shipped 650 feat of timber, for Thursday Island.

-A heavy thunderstorm broke be- tween Atherton and Carrington yes- terday and torrents of rain fell.

-The Rev. Father Dempsey arriv- ed yesterday by tho Mourilyan, from


-Miss Oreen leaves " to-morrow, night ,by the Arawatta on a visit to .Bundaberg.

-Frickley Heat Powder, 6d. and 1/. Prickly Heat Lotion, 1/ a bottle. Soothing and cooling for children, as well hs ndults. . From Craig the Chemist.*

-Miss Anderson, who has boon vis- iting Cairns, leaves for thc hinter-

land to-morrow.

-Mr. Davis, bandmaster, Irvine- bank, returned from.the south yes- terday by the Arawatta

-Mr. Fri'cr,', District Railway Kn-. *OIMclal ' ¡Jt::-ÍÍT.CB&."' " ;v; ' ,' ' *

-Mr. T. W. Crawford arrived from Port Douglas by the Mourilyan yes-


-Ur. and Mrs. Cruickshank leave bj- the Arawatta to-morrow, hight for Bundaberg.

. -Miss Sheehan leaves to-morrow morning for Herberton.

-Be kind to your skin and use Milady Face Powder-an excellent preparation in three tints. 1/ box. Kelly Chemist.»

-Miss Kidd arrived from 1'risbanc, and leaves to-morrow for


-The next steamer oi tho Torres Straits service is the Carpentaria, ami is due hero about February j.

-Tho Harbour Board engineer test- ed the steam-raising power of fire- wood as fuel, against coal. By. us- ing firewood a saving of sl/3 per day of eight-hours was effected.

-Mr. A. Ii; Bennett leaves by the southern steamer to-morrow for Brisbane..

-Mr. F. T. Hickson, ' Paling's piano tuner and representative,, will be at Hides' Hotel for another fort- night. -. Orders addressed'to him at tho hotel will receive prompt


-Mr. and Mrs. Jeffries leave for tho south by the Arawatta to- morrow night.

-One of the" immigrants who ar- rived by the Whakatane stated he had heard that Cairns was the nearest port to the Darling Downs.

-Mr. J. F. Currie, secretary of the Atherton Chamber oí Commerce sont

tho JoUowtng wir« 'ycstï5r*lo^kXO'vv^J'

toa "News") : "Atherton Chamber of Commercé*'strongly urge the im- mediate opening of the Tolga-John I stone railway, that is to Allumbah.

See Commissioner and use your best influence to get this. concession/'

-At the Supreme Court, Towns- ville, on Tuesday, letters of adminis- tration de bonis non in the estate of James Fullerton, late ,of Mitchell Vale, near Port Douglas, grazier, de- ceased, of all the estate left unadministerod by the widow of the said. deceased, were granted by tho Deputy-Regis- trar (Mr. J. Comerford) to de Renzie Fullerton, of Waterford Sta- tion, Woodville, grazier.  

-On the result of the Sydney sen- ior "examination. Mr. Geo. F. E. Hall, of the Townsville Grammar School, has been elected to one of the four exhibitions tenable at . the

School of- Mines, Charters Towers. The exhibitions are of the value of £50 for three years,- in addition to exemption from fees. .

-Thc Hibernian Society's annual conference opened in Geraldton on Tuesday. The delegates were : Charters Towers, Messrs.; Devlin, Poley, Foy, Redhead, Cox, and Miss Moore: Queenton.- Messrs; Sharkey, Sexton, and Shannon : Townsville, Miss Carley, Messrs Tracey . and Kingston ; Bowen, Mr. O. Iv. Bacon; Proserpine, Mr. Murphy ; Ravens- wood, Mr.' Keenan ; Winton. Mr. O'Reilly ; Hughendon, Mr. Nowland; Chillagoe, Father Phelan and Mr. J. O' Leary.

I -Miss L. Barr. Chillagoe, left by

tho Taiyuan for Thursday Island on a V.velvo months' visit to rela-


-Miss E. Camp, school teacher» returns to Chillagoe by this morn- ing's train after spending her Christ- mas holidays in Cairns and Towns-* ville, and takes up her duties on Monduy next.

-Mr. W. 31. Blucher is a »assen- ger from Townsville for the East by the Taiyuan.

-Mr. G. liright is relieving Mr. Hülhurst as purser Of tho Arawatta.