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Itinerary Announced.

An opportunity of seeing tho Bettor Farming tiniii' will bo afforded wheat grow eis in the moie iccently bettled arcas of the Mallee west .of Kcd Cliffs during the first week in August, when the 22nd tour of the tram w'ill be conducted. Lcav ing Melbourne on Monday, July 30, the train will be at Canvni p on Tuesday, July 31, at Merrinee on Wednesday, August 1

Mcrringtir, Thmsdiiy, Augtiht 2; Werrimul. Friday, AuRust 3; Kcd Cliffs, Saturday. August 4; Ouyen, Monday, August 6; Un- derbool, Tuesday, August 7; (Murrayville, Wednesday, August 8; Cow nilgie, Thurs- day, August 9; and Walpeup on friday. August "10.

As the districts to be. visited arc-devoted mainly to wheatgrowing a special feature will bo made of exhibits dealing with that branch of. farming. The proper system of fallowing to be adopted, if maximum yields aie to be obtained, will be explained by expel t oflicers accompanying the train, and, on the train itself, visitors will find many interesting exhibits showing clearly bow fallowing conserves moisture in the soil and

other advantages derived {rom this prac- tice. For example, it will be. shown how soil bacteria aro moro numerous and active in fallow than in non-fallowed land-a factor of great economic impoi tance in the Victorian wheat belt. There will bo on vieiv actual sods cut from the experiment plots at Carwarp, "Walpeup, and Mananga- tang. By means of these sods and the re- sults of tho experiments carried out. at these coatíes visitors will be shown how various methods' of fallowing, 'cultivation manuring, &c" affect the crop. The re- sult» of the experimental plots indicate also the most suitable varieties of wheat for Mallee Conditions, nud the,varieties recom- mended will be exhibited alongside table« showing tho yields obtained over a number of years in each tot of'plots. Another ex- hibit ot paiticular interest to w'hentgrow ers is one showing, by means of models, how tho disease known as ball smut infects the wheat grain, and showing also the defects of some of the common methods of pickling the Heed, together with the advantages of dry pickling.

A Clydesdale stallion and maro are being carried on the train-, and those will be used by veterinary olllcers to demonstrate to firowcra the advantages of 'good quality

lorscs for farm work. This is the first occasion on which horses have boen carried on tho train, and it is expected that the innovation will' bo appreciated by far- mers. Twelve sheep also will bo curried, and at each cctitie visited lectures will bo given on fat lamb raising and wool classing. In addition to-these main features of the train there will be an oven .more com piehensivo display in the poultry, dried fruits, and dairying sections than when Clio train last toured the Mallee. -One new exhibit that is expected to arouse consider- able interest-particularly among new set- tlers-is one BIIOW'IIIR a compi ehensive set of home-made furniture. From this exhibit settlois will be able to gain many ideas that should enable thom to make useful nrticles of furniture from usually waste material such as kerosene cases, &c.