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THE Marinko family

has a proud record in football in W.A. Three of its members a father and two sons have been chosen to play in State teams.

They are Don Marinko sen., a champion follower of the thirties and a regular member of State teams; Don jun., West Perth's 20-year-old half-for- ward flanker and the youngest member of this year's State carnival team; and 17-year-old Ray, the youngest member of the Metropolitan Juniors As- sociation team to play ia Vic-

toria this month.

Don jun. ls a few months younger than Keith London, the second youngest in the

carnival side.

Don Marinko sen. was a stalwart of West Perth, on and off, for about ten years, during which time he was a regular member of State


Scarcity of employment in the metropolitan area forced him to go to the Goldfields in 1925, 1926 and 1931. In those years he-played with the Boulder City team which won the corres- ponding premierships.

Although he played in many State teams he played'in only one carnival-that at Sydney in

1933. '

"And it was the best one of all/1 he says.

His ruck partner in many State teams was his famous teammate, Jack McDiarmid.

Don Marinko sen. is a great worker for the West Perth club and is a league team selector.

* * *

PRANK ("Dickey*1) Walker, Perth's promis

ing young rover, has had the good fortune to train under several leading coaches.

At Aquinas College his coach was Jerry Dol an, well-known as a former East Fremantle, East Perth and State Coach.

When Walker left college and joined the South Perth M J.F.A. team his coach was "Mick" Cronin, of East Perth who, like Dolañ, had

coached a State side. -

In the Perth league team Walker's coach is Ern Henfry, a former captain-coach of Carlton in the Victorian league, and a former Victorian State captain. -

The DON MARINKOS ... father and son.

Walker, who is 19, won the fairest and best trophy with the South Perth M.J.F.A. team two years in succession. It is little wonder that Cronin tried to secure him for East Perth.

" Walker, who is solidy built, fast and courage- ous, ls a snapkick specialist and from this kick obtains many goals. There is still room for im- provement though, in his drop-kicking.

* * *

'JHE urge to play in the league is very strong

in country footballers and many of them are prepared to travel hundreds of miles in a season to play with a league side.

Albert Western sen. travelled

from Northam every weekend for many years to play with East Perth and Noah Lee has been doing the same for nearly seven years to play with Clare-


John Crook travels from Merredin to play with South

Fremantle, Jack Clarke from Goomalling to play with East Fremantle, and Bert Wans- brough from Beverley tp play with Perth. In some instances they train here on Thursday and remain in the metropolitan area till after the Saturday match.

* * *

"TILLY* LIMANA, the Swan Districts centre

half-forward, is not, as is generally sup- posed, from Northam. '

He is from Bayswater, where, he played in the Temperance League until he was transferred to Northam in his occupation as a railway em- ployee.

At Northam he played for one season with the Railway Unions team Before returning to the metropolitan area.

Before Railway Unions would clear Limana they asked for and received from Swan Districts a £25 transfer fee.

Limana, who is 20 and strongly built, is of Italian parentage.

His first name is Artillo. Hence the nickname "TUly."

J)ON HARPER, who came from Trayning to

play with Claremont last year, recently took over a school bus circuit at Pingelly. He was married on July 6.

Harper's father conducts a bakery business at Trayning and son, Don, learnt the trade.

However, Don has become allergic to flour and had to find another occupation.

His keenness for football is such that he has notified the Claremont selectors that he is pre- pared to travel down from Pingelly and play with the team when needed.

* * *

JJ. ("BONNY") CAMPBELL'S record num-

ber of 23 goals for an interstate match probably will never be equalled. At carnivals the teams now are graded in an attempt to avoid one-

sided matches« ,