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.Messrs JJ..j C. Wooldridge and Co., in conjunction iwith Messrs E. J. Kellett & Co., report the sale ot "Firshot"; also "Leoladale," Ilfracombe, on account of Mr. J. Grant. Good-prices, were realised on both sales. ', V

*' * ? " ' *

' ? HEAVïf FINE.s

CHA.RLEVILLE,->\Saturday. '' Before -Mr. M. Gallagher, P.olice Mag- istrate, E. A. Sherwin, manager, Mt.

' Margaret Station, who failed to advise the

livestock department of ' an outbreak of pleuro.amongst his cattle was fined £100 and costs of court. ,

- . » ; . /. »


There has been a big stir amongst sheep   dealers since the rains, and the stock   routes are now open. Breeders are, how- ever, sitting back and don't want to sell un- less at fancy prices.  

Boorara Station, 70 miles from Thargo- mindah has been sold to Mr. Jowett Jnr., the price being, in the vicinity of £30,000.

Boorara has been cattle country but will : now be turned into .a sheep run. Other   runs around Thargomindah are being turn - ed into sheep country.    


CHARLEVILLE. Tuesday,   1924 came in with a buoyant sheep   market. One enterprising livestock agent   taking advantage of the breaking up of the drought, during the Xmas and New, Year's festivities sold 12,000 sheep tb .var- ious buyers. ln\one case he sold a-line-of sheep twicfe, without inspection/" making the vfendor ,¿2000 " over the phone in a. few hoursV' 1 know of cases,where another flock breeder-sold his sheep'at 18/. per head six hours ,tief ore the rain carno, and the secorid^ownér resold them yesterday at 2?./- per head. Tn another ease sheep were sold three times in"rtwo'idays and nev- er left the paddock. " The good , l-ains in N.S. W., Victoria,- urid-S. A. is responsible for the animatedtstate .'of. the sheep market, more especially since stock routes- are now open right."from Longreach to' Charleville and through io, the Southern States'. .Tho Xt'\v Tear. càmeVih quietly with a few eng- ines .rWhistling at the. local railway d'epot, and-midnight music at the Scottish Church.

Our Isisford -correspondent'-writes:- .

We hear on undoubted authority that Mr.

,,K. J. .Hick (Yaraka) n"a,s bought the sev-~

eral grazing farms- known'as' "Milbardel" . ' from Taylor Bros..- down Yaraka v;way. Taylor Bros. had the* cruellest of luck on

this property;;-goinj? "in 'when-cattle were a

great proposition in 1020 and "just before tho slump. Bad seasons and. the* ghastly condition of the '.'industry- s-ince the slump proved a crippler and the venture ended in a heavy loss. ;We wisn Air: Hick better

luck with the- pr.ciponi-.i-. which dre-'quite ^ «rood, though dingo tin festeja and not ' too well watered. .,'. / . 5

* * ^ « ' ' '

-.Under the Advances,,'to-''Settlers Àçt"pass-'

cd by ihe Fedeml Parliament last' session '

Tírovision is made.where desired;'for-sett^ r - 'loirs in country^listricts to be sùppliedl with -

.wire, netting, at , the lóast possible,;'. cost'

Ternis :tct, "repa yvhc'pt are -'.made, as.' easy 'as,' * possible-'-in- ticltnc Instances' over a' period"

of 30 .years,. The . measure, it is stated, can - . be of little benefit to Queensland, inasmuch as there is a limit of five miles-'. of wire for

each settler.- In some of."- 'the. ' smaller . States, where the areas taken .up for selec-

tion fire not so large as in Queensland, full / advantage wili probably be' taken of the oft'er of the Commonwealth, but it is.

claimed that, for western selectors - in - .Queensland ' whose areas are ¡reckoned' rather by the square mile than by . the acre, assistance, t.o the extent of five miles of wire-would be negligible. This aspect of the matter .was brought .before Colonel D.

Cameron and Air, G» H. Mackay, Ms.H. .'" \^ H., récently by sëlector» from Goondiwindi., who had intended seeking, assistance under. . the scheme,"'but found that the' amount

offered ; was . scarcely .large'-enough. A.

* telegram .w-aâ.senjr/by-th'e. -.Federal- members

to Melbourne, "anft a reply, has .now been . received setting out the .amounts allocated 'tbs the.. States- under the .'-Advances- to Settlers Áct\; Thèse are as "follows:--New South Wales ÜG2.302, Queensland - ¿42.43S,

Western Australia £43,3.4d>. Tasmania i'll,- ^ .

- 2SS. It-is pointed out that ; the allocation

is made on the saine basis aa .the main roads grant. No .interest is charged on.the adr vance, by the Commonwealth, _ but 4here will probably be a «mall interest' charge

by the State for administrative costs. f

. . . '. * . ".» . *' . The New Zealand Loan and Mercantile

"Agency Co'.,/Ltd., halve received.the follow- . . ing .w'iré from their Brisbane office:--. ? "Brisbaner 2nd. January. .' 4500 sheep yard -

ed at Enoggera. Best mutton 7d ' to Sci pound.".; 1,000 cattle yarded. Best'bullock hoof 33/-. to '35/-, cow beef 30/- to : S3/-'per. lOOlbs. Recommend consignments."

Messrs. Dalgety «Si'Co. have received the following' wire from'thçir Brisbane office:

."Enoggera- .2/1/24. "4500 vsheep penvied. . . ' Prime mutton 7¿d to Sd . -1000. cattle yard-1

ed. ... Prime' bullock .beef 3 3 /- to 35/-; cow

beef 30/- to 33/-.*': -' ';- ' '" .'

The Australian 'Éstateí* v/ired as follows yesterday:-"4600 sheep penned. This.num-

ber was insufficient and, tho majket junii>- ~

'jedi*-..; ji^Qod.--ti*a'd^o and,prime mutton sold

y7id to Sd., À few, pens extra choice lots '-.'"..

sold -to ' Syd. .We- sold ;oh' account Ed- . mund Jowett/ Wyobie,/Wa#ra, 333 quarter

w doll ed merino, '.wet h eira (averaging 32/-, .. 160 iámbs'r'»^?.^,?11^-. prices. . 1000 cattle marketed." '"'.i^irge^ att"f;ndance of, buyers

present .ana the market was excited. Best bullock .-beef'^brought 33/- to. 3tT/- a.hd best, cow beef- 30/-' to""33/- per lOOlbs. We-also

sold bullocks to £Í0,:and cows to £7/lüV-". -

? ' ¿ ' - '/''-'" » .'. ?* .*" . * ' '.


"The '.?fallowing w^re. the stock mbvo niontW to Ti/1/2 4::-. . ; .. ?

3000 mixed,-sheer)/ from Windorah to Lpchbrn: . ^dir.ect : . Jv Cochrane owner, Jalcobs ih' charge. . '. ' ?'? r ..

"ll head.plant .hors*.* Strathmore to Jun-

dah. Estille!'Tho.«.'Spence owners, Field- , lpg in chargb . ? " ' - ' ^.

2000 wethers Olen roy. to. Rosabel via Bim*- -

er'iih. P. "Doyle (JloHabel). owner,- Wv. " - Saunders .in charge .with fr horse- plant.

21 horsesvfroni Maneröo to Barcaldine.

Campbell, Longreach,-owner, _in charge.

3000; wethers. Longway-to Weeumbah'via . - Sale andI Kowatson. owners, "B '. ". .' Stewart in charge with- to. 'horso^plhmV

4." 00' wethVrs . Birdwood -Downs Ito. Stam-

ford ;yia .Älahrigong.: A.' V." Terry owner, c'-:

B. |îjilier in chafgt' with _:3J) h orse**p'la nt?'

, 1 lit" rams- ifrom. K^rfleid^ ito'...jWeilcOurti ?/.", ' F. ll ; .Soden,^öwrifer,^ Ñ. McCohach,y." hi '\

?chaiWe^with^aO' horse "plant. ' ~ '\ '/

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