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    Sarah Charlotte Davis and George Thomas Hollands marriage

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Family Notices

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MONTHLY SUMMARY OF BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND DEATHS. BIRTHS. ALLEN. —On the 23rd June, at Kent-terrace,     the wife of John Allen, of a son. ATKIN. —On the 10th July, at her residence,     2, Hindley-street, Adelaide, Mrs. Philip Atkin, of a son. BALBIRNIE-VANS. —On the 24th June, the   wife of J. A. P. Balbirnie-Vans, of a daughter. BALLANTYNE. —On the 24th June, at Port   Adelaide, Mrs. James Ballantyne, of a son. BARTELS. —On the 9th July, at Hurtle-   square, Mrs. A. Bartels, of a daughter. BENHAM. —On the 15th June, at Norwood,   the wife of Mr. R. S. Benham, of a daughter. BRADDOCK. —On the 2nd July, Mrs. E. T.   Braddock, of Hutt-street, of a daughter. BROOKS. —On the 26th June, at the Blinman,   Mrs. Thos. Brooks, of a daughter. Both doing well. BURNETT. —On the 26th June, at Stirling   East, the wife of R. J. Burnett, of a son. COHEN. —On the 19th June, at her residence,   Lorne Villas, South-terrace, Mrs. E. Cohen, of a daughter. COLEMAN. —On the 30th June, at the   Meadows, Mrs. J. H. Coleman, of a daughter. COLLEYPRIEST. —On the 27th June, at   Wasley's, the wife of Abel Colleypriest, of a daughter. CONNOR. —On the 8th July, at Silverton,   Woodville, the wife of G. A. Connor, of a son. COOMBE. —On the 9th July, at Queen-street,   Norwood, the wife of J. L. Coombe, of a daughter. CRAIG. —On the 22nd June, at Apoinga, the   wife of James Craig, of a son. CRANZ. —On the 8th July, at Gawler East, the wife of A. G. Cranz, of a son. CROZIER. —On the 25th June, at Hawthorn, Melbourne, the wife of William Crozier, Esq., of Morna, River Murray, of a daughter. EVANS. —On the 2nd July, at Grunthal,   the wife of Thomas Evans, smelter, of a daughter. EVANS. —On the 5th July, at Ivanhoe,   North Rhine, the wife of Henry Angas Evans, of a daughter. EVENS. —On the 22nd June, at Hindley street, Adelaide, the wife of W. R. Evens, of a son.   EVERETT. —On the 8th July, at Grote-street, Mrs. C. E. Everett, of a daughter. FOX. —On the 26th June, at Queen-street,   Norwood, the wife of Charles James Fox, of a son and daughter. FOX. —On the 2nd July, at the Commercial   Hotel, Strathalbyn, Mrs. John Fox, of a son. FURNER. —On the 3rd July, at Moonta, Mrs. S. Furner, of a son. GOOD. —On the 29th June, at Regent-street, the wife of Edward Good, of a son. HASTWELL. —On the 4th July, at Halifax street east, the wife of E. Hastwell, Mallala, of a son. HENWOOD. —On the 20th June, at Bertha,    

near Willaston, Mrs. T. Henwood, of a   daughter.   JACOBSON. —On the 29th June, at her resi- dence, Rosewater, the wife of J. Jacobson, of a daughter. Both doing well.   JOLLEY. —On the 8th July, at the Elephant   and Castle, West-terrace, the wife of George Jolley, of a daughter. JONES. —On the 2nd July, at North Adelaide,   the wife of Mr. James W. Jones, of a daughter. KNOWLES. —On the 16th June, at King   William-street, Kent Town, Mrs. R. Knowles, of a son.     LAWRENCE. —On the 25th June, at York,   Mrs. James Lawrence, of a daughter. LEVICK. —On the 30th June, at her resi- dence, Gawler South, Mrs. George Levick, of a son. LOVERIDGE. —On the 2nd July, at Gawler, the wife of Mr. Geo. Jno. Loveridge, of a son. McDOUGALL. —On the 12th June, at Eudunda, the wife of Alexander McDougall, of a son. McRAE. —On the 13th June, at Fair View   Farm, Aldinga, the wife of Keneth McRae, of a son. MELLOR. —On the 27th June, the wife of B.   T. Mellor, of a daughter. MOYLE. —On the 3rd July, at North Adelaide, the wife of Thomas H. Moyle, of a daughter. NAUGHTON. —On the 3rd July, at the   Wallaroo Mines, Kadina, Mrs. T. S. Naughton, of a son. NICKELS. —On the 12th June, at Gume- racha, Mrs. W. H. Nickels, of South Rhine, of   a son. O'CONNOR. —On the 26th June, at Kadina, Mrs. Charles O'Connor, of a son. PHILLIPS. —On the 16th June, at Hind- marsh, the wife of W. Phillips, of a son. PITCHER. —On the 16th June, at the Grand   Junction, the wife of Mr. Henry Pitcher, of a daughter, stillborn. PITMAN. —On the 31st May, at Stonyfell, near Burnside, Mrs. William Pitman, of a son. POOLE. —On the 3rd July, at Strathalbyn,   the wife of the Rev. F. Slaney Poole, B.A., of a son. RANKINE. —On the 29th June, at Kintarra, Hindmarsh Island, the wife of William Rankine, jun., of a daughter. RICHARDS. —On the 29th June, at South-   terrace, the wife of Mr. Thos. Richards, of a son. Both doing well. RICHARDSON. —On the 16th February, at Cattalenn, Cumberland, England, Mrs. Ann Richardson, the beloved mother of Mr. R. Richardson, Cumberland Farm, South Australia, aged 92 years.   RIGGS. —On the 30th June, at Fairview,   Gawler Hills, Mrs. H. J. Riggs, of a son. Both doing well. SCHLANK. —On the 28th June, at Laure-   ville, South-terrace, the wife of Mr. S. Schlank, of a daughter. SQUIER. —On the 15th June, at Port Darwin,   Mrs. John Euston Squier, of a daughter. STRAPPS. —On the 4th July, at the Iron   Foundry, Currie-street west, Mrs. S. Strapps, of a daughter. WADE. —On the 22nd June, at Rundle-street,   Kent Town, the wife of Mr. Charles Elston Wade, of a son. WALLER. —On the 30th June, at Pandurra,   Port Augusta, Mrs. James Waller, of a son, stillborn. WALLS. —On the 28th June, at Marrabel, prematurely, Mrs. Albert Walls, of a son, stillborn. WARREN. —On the 24th June, at Gawler,   Mrs. George Warren, of a son.   WHITEHILL. —On the 27th June, at Sturt-   street west, the wife of Wm. Whitehill, jun., of a daughter. WILSON. —On the 7th July, at the Mount, Upper Mitcham, the wife of Alex. M. Wilson, of a son. WOOLDRIDGE. —On the 19th June, at West-   terrace, Mrs. Andrew Wooldridge, of a daughter. YEATES. —On the 27th June, at Tullich   Station, Penola, the wife of G. B. Yeates, Esq., of a daughter. YOUNG. —On the 15th June, at Ardune   Station, South-East, the wife of Mr. John Young, of a daughter. MARRIAGES. AFFORD — CRITTENDEN. —On the 5th June, at Findon, by the Rev. S. Mead, Robert D. Afford, third son of the late John Afford, of Adelaide, to Caroline Ann, eldest daughter of Mr. G. Crittenden. ARMSTRONG—HAYWARD. —On the 15th     May, at the Wesleyan Parsonage, Pirie-street, by the Rev. James Bickford, Hamilton, third son of Mr. Thompson Armstrong, County Fermanagh, Ireland, to Sarah, only daughter of Mr. Joseph Hayward, Brompton. BALCHIN—HARRIS. —On the 10th July, at the Bible Christian Mission-House, Adelaide, by the Rev. O. Lake, John, eldest son of Mr. James Balchin, of Eyre's Flat, to Harriet, youngest daughter of the late Edward Harris, of Maclaren Vale. BEST—JENNINGS. —On the 28th June, at Trinity Church, by the Rev. Richardson Reid, John Henry, only son of Mr. Henry Best, of this city, to Sarah, eldest daughter of Mr. James Jennings, of Adelaide. BLAMEY— HART.— On the 9th July, by the Rev. W. H. Rofe, Daniel Blamey, to Mary Hart, both of Blinman. BOWEN—DUFFIELD. —On the 2nd July,   at the Congregational Church, Gawler, by the Rev. J. C. McMichael, Thomas Hopkins, fifth son of the late R. G. Bowen, Esq., to Emily Martha, youngest daughter of the Hon. Walter Duffield, M.L.C., of Para Para. BRYANT—McRIDGE. —On the 26th June,   at the Wesleyan Parsonage, Kadina, by the Rev. A. Stubbs, William Henry Bryant, of Kadina, to Emily Holland McRidge, daughter of Henry McRidge, of Port Adelaide. CHARLICK—BAKER. —On the 26th June, by the Rev. J. Lyall, at the residence of the bride's uncle, Mr. G. Baker, the Cedars, Good- wood, Robert, second son of the late Mr. R. Charlick, Adelaide, to Louisa Mary Emery, eldest daughter of the late Mr. J. Baker, Somersetshire. DEARMAN—ALLEN. On the 26th June, at Holy Trinity Church, Riverton, by the Rev. J. Houghton, William Dearman, of Adelaide, to Eliza, eldest daughter of Mr. William Allen, of Riverton. DOWNIE—KLEY. —On the 19th June, at the   Presbyterian Church, Gawler, by the Rev. James Gordon, Mr. W. S. Downie, Allandale, North Kapunda, to Julie, youngest daughter of the late August Albert Kley, of Stockwell. ELMSLIE—HALL. —On the 17th June, at Templers, by the Rev. R. Kelly, James Russell Elmslie, to Harriet Hall. HASLAM—ROACH. —On the 24th June, at   the Wesleyan Church, Clare, by the Rev. James Haslam (brother of the bridegroom), assisted by the Rev. Hans Mack, William Haslam, of Adelaide, youngest son of the late Jonathan Haslam, of Bolton, Lancashire, England, to Annie Jenkyns, eldest daughter of Mr. John Roach, of Elmwood Villa, Penwortham. HATCHER —CLARK. —On the 10th July, in   the Bible Christian Chapel, Gawler South, by the Rev. J. Rock, Charles, eldest son of Mr. Robert Hatcher, Gawler Plains, to Emily, second daughter of Mr. John Clark, of Williams- town, and niece of Mr. Benjamin Clark, Peachey Belt. HEATH —STOKES. —On the 19th June, at   St. Michael's Church, Mitcham, by the Rev. Henry Read, M.A., Charles Francis, youngest son of the late Henry Heath, Esq., of Brixton, Surrey, to Olive Emily Stokes, of North Ade- laide. HOLLANDS —DAVIS. —On the 26th June,   at Moonta Mines, by Rev. S. Knight, George Thomas Hollands, to Sarah Charlotte Davis, both of Moonta Mines. HUTCHISON — CUNNINGHAM. —On the 23rd June, at the residence of Mr. A. Thomson, Kapunda, by the Rev. Morgan Williams, B.A., George Hutchison, to Agnes, widow of the late A. Cunningham, both of Alma Plains.   MARTENS —HALL. —On the 9th July, in the Wesleyan Church, Gawler, by the Rev. R. S. Casely, Frederick E. A. H. Martens, of Grace Plains, fourth son of Mr. G. S. Martens, to Charlotte, fifth daughter of Mr. Henry Hall, farmer, near Stockport. MATHEWS —PEEK. —On the 22nd June, by licence, by the Rev. C. Manthorpe, Mr. E. Mathews, of Nailsworth, to Deborah Holmes, youngest daughter of Mr. James Peek, North Adelaide.   NIXON —SHORT. —On the 26th June, at John Knox's Church, Morphett Vale, by the Rev. J. Beany, Joseph Henry, second son of Mr. W. M. Nixon, of Pomonda, near Welling- ton, to Sophia, second daughter of Mr. John Short, of Stoneham and Oakhill, Morphett Vale.

PETTET —HAYWARD. —On the 31st May, at the residence of the bride's mother, Reid   Farm, by Rev. George Lee, John McDonald, eldest son of the late Frederick McDonald Pettet, of Macclesfield, to Patience Hannah, eldest daughter of the late John Hayward, of Reid Farm, near Echunga. POMEROY —BAKEWELL. —On the 26th   June, at the North Adelaide Baptist Church, by the Rev. J. Jefferis, LL.B., Arthur Pomeroy, of Stonehouse, Devon, to Agnes Caroline Bake- well, second daughter of Mr. S. Bakewell, of North Adelaide. No cards. PRICE —SOLOMON. —On the 11th June, at   the residence of the bride's mother, by licence, by the Rev. C. B. Symes, B.A., George, fourth son of Mr. J. E. Price, of Glamorganshire, South Wales, to Emily, eldest surviving daughter of the late David Solomon, Tasmania. RANDALL —MATTHEWS. —On the 26th June, at Holy Trinity Church, Lyndoch, by the Rev. R. B. Webb, Frederick, eldest son of Mr. Frederick Randall, of Lyndoch, to Anna Maria, eldest daughter of Mr. Benjamin Matthews, also of Lyndoch. STANTON —HITCHIN. —On the 1st July, at   St. Bartholomew's Church, Norwood, by the father of the bridegroom, assisted by the Rev. W. W. Ewbank, M.A., Incumbent, Lionel William, eldest son of the Rev. L. W. Stanton, M.A., Incumbent of St. Mary's, Kooringa, to Catherine, eldest daughter of E. W. Hitchin, Esq., J.P., Auditor-General of South Australia. STAPLES —JONES. —On the 4th June, by licence, at the residence of the bride's mother, Ashbourne, by the Rev. Joseph Nickelson, John Staples, of the Meadows, to Mary, only daughter of the late Mr. Wm. Jones, and niece of Mr. Thomas Jones, of Spring Grove, Meadows. STEWART — THOMPSON. — On the 27th June, at the residence of the bride, at Lefevre's Peninsula, Port Adelaide, by the Rev. P. McLaren, George Greaves, second son of Mr. George Stewart, of Balmain, Sydney, to Harriet Caroline, only daughter of Mr. Frederick Thompson, of Lefevre's Peninsula. WOODS —BAGG. —On the 26th June, at the residence of the bride's father, by licence, by the Rev. J. B. Stephenson, William, youngest son of Mr. Wm. Woods, of Gawler, to Eliza Jane, second daughter of Mr. John Bagg, of Springbank, near Kooringa. DEATHS. AULD. —On the 8th July, at her residence,   Auldana Vineyards, Eliza, wife of Patrick Auld, aged 68. BAKER. —On the 10th June, G. Baker, third son of Henry Baker, Brighton, and the beloved husband of Alice Baker. BANNEAR. —On the 27th June, at Thurk Station, River Murray, Mary, the beloved wife of Charles Bannear, aged 31 years. BATHGAT. —On the 4th July, at Port   Augusta, George J. McCade, youngest son of Mrs. Jessie Bathgat, aged nine years. CHURCH. —On the 14th April, at his resi- dence in London, Stephen Church, at the advanced age of 89 years, late Auditor of Her Majesty's Excise, London, and father of Mr. J. T. Church, merchant, of this city. Melbourne papers please copy. COCK. —On the 10th July, at the Saracen's Head, Carrington-street, Adelaide, Joseph, son of Alexander and Jane Cock, aged 16 months. COOMBS. —On the 10th June, at Moorna, Sarah Ann, the beloved wife of John Coombs, aged 39 years, after a lingering illness, leaving a large family to lament her loss. CREAN. —On the 13th July, at her residence, the Woodman Inn, Grenfell-street, Honora, the beloved wife of Mr. Nicholas Crean, aged 38 years. Limerick and Tarlee papers please copy. DIAMOND. —On the 2nd July, of bronchitis, Louis Thomas, the infant son of Arthur and Louisa Diamond, Little Gilbert-street, aged two weeks. GREET. —On the 29th April, at Birch Hill, Norham, Northumberland, Thomas Young Greet, aged 39 years. GURNER. —On the 10th July, at Adelaide, Horace, son of George and Mary Ann Gurner, of Riverton, aged six years, of dropsy. HARRY. —On the 14th June, at Schoolhouse, Saddleworth, Thomas Frederick Ernest, the beloved son of William H. and Mary H. Harry, aged nine months. HENRY. —On the 1st June, at Tarlee, of bilious fever, Thomas Henry, aged 47. His end was peace. HERRING. —On the 12th July, at Waymouth- street, Thomas Lamb Herring, fifth son of the late John Morris Herring, Esq., aged 24 years. HOWE. —On the 26th June, at his residence, Willyarra, Mathew Howe, aged 50. HUNWICK. —On the 7th July, at Hind-   marsh, Eliza, relict of the late Francis Hun- wick, aged 65. KENDRICK. —Of brain fever, Louisa Harriet, the beloved wife of H. G. Kendrick, aged 22 years. Her end was peace. Melbourne papers please copy. LUNN. —On the 2nd July, at Kensington, in his 63rd year, William Lunn, late of Stamford, England. Stamford papers please copy. MAY. —On the 9th July, at Angas-street, of     consumption, Johana Heinrich May, aged 56 years. McCABE. —On the 22nd June, of diphtheria, John Cahill McCabe, the beloved son of John and Mary McCabe, of Angas-street, aged four years and six months. R.I.P. McFEAT. —On the 27th June, of typhoid fever, Alexander McFeat, only son of John and Margaret McFeat, aged 22 years. MITCHELL. —On the 4th July, at his resi- dence, Gouger-street, Mr. Richard Mitchell, aged 59. Arrived in the colony in 1840. MULDOON. —On the 28th June, at the   Hospital, Mrs. Margaret Muldoon, wife of Michael Muldoon, Blinman North. Rest in peace. MYERS. —On the 5th July, at her residence, St. Anthony-street, Port Adelaide, Abigail Myers, mother of Mrs. C. and P. Hains and Mrs. Appleby, and Mrs. Leese, relict of George Myers, daughter of the late Jacob Martin, Spitalfields, London, aged 78 years. English papers please copy. NEWMAN. —On the 30th June, at his late residence, "The Brocas," Woodville, Mr. John   Newman, aged 63. O'KEEFFE. —On the 26th June, at Angas- street, Adelaide, Blanche Ada, the infant daughter of J. G. and Annie Maria O'Keeffe, aged 6 months and 23 days. PEARCE. —On the 17th June, at his resi- dence, Sturt Hotel, Grenfell-street, Mr. James Pearce, aged 45 years. RIDGE. —On the 18th June, at Port Ade- laide, Mr. W. Ridge, father of Mesdames T. Burchell, Gardiner, and G. Hills, aged 58. ROBERTS. —On the 25th April, at Trigon- road, Kennington, Mary Eliza, mother of Samuel Edward Roberts, of this city, in her 73rd year. ROSE. —On the 7th July, at his son's resi- dence, Stirling East, Mr. John Rose, aged 84 years, formerly of Stratford, Essex, England —a colonist of 23 years. His end was peace. SNOOKE. —On the 30th June, at Little- hampton, after a short illness, Sydney Cornwall, aged seven years, beloved and only son of the late W. H. Drew Snooke. STEPHENSON. —On the 26th June, Captain Johnstone Stephenson, brother to T. Stephen- son, Netherwood, Little Hampton, aged 52 years. STURGES. —On the 17th June, at Hindley- street, Eliza Ash Sturges, in her 78th year, deeply regretted by all her friends. WATTS. —On the 5th July, at Kadina, of inflammation, Stephen Watts, late of Marrabel, piano-tuner, aged 50 years, leaving a widow and seven children to mourn their loss. Requiescat in pace. WESTERN. —On the 21st June, of diphtheria, Louisa Kate, second daughter of Thomas Western, Melbourne-street, North Adelaide, aged five years. WILLIAMS. —On the 5th June, after a long and painful illness, borne with Christian resigna- tion, Sarah, the beloved wife of Thos. Williams, Hampstead Farm, Walkerville, aged 67 years. The deceased arrived in the colony in the ship China in 1847.   WRIGHT. —On the 17th June, at his resi- dence, Noarlunga, Mr. Robert Wright, engineer, aged 49 years. Printed and Published daily by the Pro- prietors, EDWARD WM. ANDREWS, WM. KYFFER THOMAS, and JOHN HOWARD CLARK, at the Offices of the South Australian Register, Evening Journal, and Adelaide Observer, Grenfell-street, Adelaide, where advertisements orders, and communications are received.