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adeladde: Monday, April 28. FBefore Mr. S. Baddnma. P.M. 1

^ane mmpson, single woman, was charged with assaulting Harriet Sune, single woman, who said she was living with defendant in one of Mr-f!flrt}iv'ji nnffaorog and arna inmilfnri onrl

stracK in tne neaa oy ner witn a Knife on Saturday night. She threatened to stick tho knife in Sune's throat, and said sho owed her money. Simpson's defence was that Suno broke her door open and abused her. Tho door was fastened with a knife. She was also assaulted, but did«not use the knife. Fined 10s. Thomas Daniels, shoemaker, was charged with neglecting to comply with an order for tho maintenance of his wife, Elizabeth, who, how ever, declined to press the case, and merely asked for costs on a former information. Order for 26s. costs. Elizabeth Cox, married woman, was charged with stealing a dress and other articles, value in all £1 6s., property of Mary Hanrahan, who identified the goods, and said Cox formerly lived with her. She missed the articles, and after wards saw them at the house of a person named Emily Woods, where prisoner stayed. Cox said prosecutrix detained her clothes and turned her out, and she took the dress in mistake for her own. The Police Magistrate said it was possible prisoner took the things in mistake, and dis missed the information. Henry Hawkes, senior, late landlord of tho Perseverance Hotel, was charged with having committed wilful and corrupt perjury, on April 18, at the City Police Court on the hearing'of a case against him for selling liquor without a licence. Mr. J. W. Downer for defendant. The perjury consisted in defendant having said on oath that he 'never sold any kind of liquor since he left the Preseverance Hotel.' Edward William Price, Clerk of the Police Court, produced the evidence given on oath by defendant, and said the liquor found on his premises was condemned. The evidence, as read, was in effect that de- fendant had never sold or received any ale, porter, or other liquor since he left the hotel, and had not been paid money either directly or indirectly for drink. Police-constable Free man said at 11.55 p.m., on April 9, he saw a Mrs. Jacobs go to the defendant's winds w and ask him for beer. He went into the house and brought out some bottles, which he handed to her. Heard money rattle and Mrs. Jacobs say '* Here's the money ;' Hawkes replied, 'All right.' Defendant then lived in his private house off Gilles - street. By Mr. Downer — Defendant occupies two houses. Lives in one and keeps the beer in tho other. Had been watching from about 11. About half -past 11 p.m. saw Mr. and Mrs. Hawkes and Mrs. Jacobs in the yard talking about the theatre. Mrs. Jacobs was not there first, but was called afterwards. Heard Mrs. Jacobs say, 'Mr. Hawkes, I want some beer;' and he said, 'All right.' Could see the shape of the bottles, and noticed the label on one of them. Heard Mrs. Jacobss evidence on the previous trial, and believe she said she did not pay for the beer, but borrowed it. Mary Thoma9, wife of William Thomas, mining captain, said de- fendant left the Perseverance about March 20. Bought beer of him at the rate of Is. 6d. per bottle after Hawkes left the Perseverance, and left off on account of a dispute one night, when he refused to sell or lend any more. Had beer from him every day and night. By Mr. Downer —Got liquor from Hawkes either the first or second day after he left the Perseverance, and daily after. Got the last three weeks ago. Sent her daughter one night, but could not say what time. Ellen Jane Thomas said she was sent for beer at night and got it from Mr. Hawkes, to whom she paid 3s. He got it from the adjoining house. By Mr. Downer— Would not swear it was not five weeks ago. Ellen Alexander, single woman, said she bought beer from defendant since he left the hotel, and on one occasion paid Is. 6d. for a bottle of porter. He got the beer from a cupboard m tho kitchen. Matilda Hughes, single woman, also purchased liquor from defendant, but could net remember the dates. Mr. Downer sub- mitted that the first proceedings were to call upon defendant to show cause how he became possessed of a quantity of liquor found on his premises, and it was optional with him to appear or not. The information was merely for the purpose of obtaining a warrant, and in the clause of the Act there were no means provided for defendant to givo evidence on oath, and any statement mado by him under those circumstances would not bo perjury. Mr. Beddome— Is that all you hava got to say, Mr. Downer ? Mr. Downer— Yes. Mr. Beddome— Committed for trial to the Supreme Court. Bail allowed; defendant in £50, and two sureties in £25 each. Port Adelaide : Monday, April 28. [Before Mr. E. J. Peake, S.M.] John Brauer, waterman, was charged by H* Quin, Harbour-Master, with landing at Port; Adelaide eight kegs of gunpowder at a place other than those appointed by the Governor for such a purpose. Mr. Bundey, for defendant, pointed out that the information was laid under the 51st section of the Marine Board Act, which stated that any person illegally landing gun powder after it had been taken from the Govern ment Magazine would be liable to a penalty which was not shown in the information. The S.M. considered that no case could be supported on the charge as laid, and dismissed the infor mation.