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[From the Government G-uttte% December 18.]


Jobs Stewart Browne, Esq., S.4L, to be a member of the Local Board of Main Roads for the District of Port Lincoln, vice Sinclair, re mtmpA

John Henderson, Bteq., J.P., to be Visiting Magistrate for Her Majesty's Gaol at Robe. Erasmus Gower, Esq., S.M... to be Visiting Magistrate for Her Majesty's Gaol at Port Augusta. Edward William Price, of Adelaide; Alex ander 8. Murray, of Wirrabbara; John Cook, of Laura; and John Frederick Sabine, of Lanra, Esqrs., to be four of Her Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the province. Edward William Price, Esq., S.M., to be a Stipendiary and Special Magistrate in and for the province. Mr. George Donaldson, jun., to be Clerk of the Local Court at Palmerston. Mr. Martin O'Halloran to be Bailiff to the Local Court at Palmerston. Mr. Edwin Newdigate Newbury to be a Clerk in the Lands Titles Office, vice Fenn, transferred. Mr. James Bradshaw Fenn to be Clerk of the Police Court, Adelaide, nee Price, promoted. RESIGNATION ACCEPTED. William Gosse, Esq. M.D., F.R.C.S., as a member of the Central Board of Education. NEW ACTS. His Excellency the Governor directs it to be notified that, in the name and on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen, he has this day (18th) assented to the undermentioned Acts, passed by the Legislative Council and House of Assembly in Parliament assembled : — No. 7. An Act to provide for tbe formation of a Line of Railway from Port Broughton to the eastern boundary of Section No. 526, in the Hundred of Red Hill, County Daly. No. 8. An Act to provide for the formation of a line of Railway from Port Pine. No. 9. An Act to provide for the formation of a line of Railway from Port Wakefield to Eadina. No. 10. An Act to provide for the formation of a Line of Tramway from the Hoyle's Plains Terminus to Section 198, Hundred of Blyth, County of Stanley. No. 11. An Act to provide for the safe-keeping of Kerosine Oil and other substtnees of a like nature. a No. 12. An Act to Validate certain Conven tions entered into between the Governments of South Australia and New South Wales with reference to Customs Duties on the River Murray. No. 13. An Act to provide for the formation and protection of Oyster Beds, and to prevent the wanton destruction of Oysters. No. 14. An Act to protect the Goods of Lodgers against Distresses for Rent due to the Superior Landlord. No. 15. An Act to enable the Corporation of Glenelg to lease certain portions of the Sea Beach at Glenelg for Bathing Places. No, 16. An Act to enable His Excellency the Governor to appoint Acting Ministers of the Crown in certain cases. No. 17. An Act to provide Funds for the Repayment to certain purchasers of Lands in the Northern Territory of the amount of their purchase-moaey, with interest thereon, and for other purposes connected with the Northern Territory. No. 18. An Act to amend the Laws relating to Mining for Gold in the Northern Territory, and for other purposes. No. 19. An Act to provide for constituting certain days Bank Holidays, and to make provi sion respecting obligations to make Payments on such Holidays. No. 20. An Act to provide for the Examina tion of Witnesses upon Oath before Commissions appointed by the Governor. No. 21. An Act to amend Section 18 of ' The Waste Lands Alienation Act, 1872.' No. 22. An Act to make provision for the Preservation and Improvement of the Public Health. No. 23. An Act further to amend 'The Municipal Corporations Act, 1861.' No. 24. An Act to authorize the Issue of Land-Orders, under section 5 of 'The Immigra tion Act, 1872,' to certain immigrants, although they may not have complied with section 4 or that Act. No. 25. An Act to amend ' The Electoral Act.' No. 26. An Act to encourage the Planting of Forest Trees. No. 27. An Act for the General Appropriation of the Revenue for the half-year ending June 30th, 1874. No. 28. An Act to increase the Salaries of the Judges of the Supreme Court, and of certain Officers of the Civil Service of the Province of South Australia. Private Act. An Act to incorporate a Joint Stock Company or Association, to be called the 'MoontaGas Company,' to limit the liability of the Shareholders thereof, and for other pur poses. Private Act.— An Act to amend an Act intituled 'An Act to Incorporate a certain Company, or Society, called 'The National Marine Insurance Company of South Australia ;' to Limit the Liability of the Members thereof and otherwise to regulate and provide for the management of the said Company, and for carrying on by the said Company, in certain events, the business of Fire Insurauce.' And that he has reserved for the signification of Her Majesty's pleasure thereon — No. 5. An Act to amend ' The Constitution Act.' No. 6. An Act to repeal ' The Marine Board Amendment Act, 1867,' and to amend the ' Marine Board Act of I860,' and for other purposes. INTERNATIONAL TREATY. Circular despatch .from Earl Kimberley, trans mitting copy of a Treaty between Her Majesty and the King of Sweden and Norway for the mutual surrender of Fugitive Criminals. ORDER OF PRECEDENCY. A circular from Earl Kimberley, stating that his attention had been directed to the fact that no place has been assigned in the Order of Precedency to such gontlemen as, in considera tion of the length of their services as members of the Executive Council, have received Her Majesty's permission to retain the title of 'Honourable' within the colony after their retirement from the Council ; and as it proper that a high position should be assigned to persons on whom this privilege has been con ferred, the Queen's pleasure is that iormer members of the Executive Council who have been permitted to bear the titlo of ' Honour able' permanently within the colony, shall take precedence next after the actual members of the Executive Council, according to the dates at which they may have respectively become qualified by length of service to retain the title. CONSUL FOR ITALY. Cavaliere Luigi Marinucci has been em powered to act as Consul for His Majesty the King of Italy at Melbourne, with jurisdiction over Victoria, South Australia, the Islands in Bass's Straits, Van Diemen's Land, and New Zealand. MEDICAL OFFICERS. Dr. W. L. Young for Hindmarsh, and Dr. J. S. Mackintosh for Barossa West, have been ap pointed to act as Medical Officers to attend to the destitute poor and aboriginals within the districts named. POLICE FORCE. Foot Police. —From 11th December inclusive Charles Robert Peach to be Constable, vice Splaine, resigned. SOUTH-EASTERN LOCAL COUBT3. Proclamation fixing .time and places for holding Local Courts at Kingston, Robe, and Narracoorte. TENDERS ACCEPTED. South Australian Railway Department.— Supply of Oils to the above Department — M. C. Davies. 1,000 galls, castor' oil, in bond, at 4s. 7W. Assistant Architect's Department.— Buildfng boundary wall, kc, on west side of Government Domain- John Prince, Jan., £687 17s. lOd.

IMPOUNDED AT THE PUBLIC POUNDS. AUBURN, Alex. Kennett, Poundkeeper.— One black light harness horse, branded like GS near shoulder, slightly collar-marked, star and snip, three shoes on. Will be sold January 12, noon. GULNARE PLAIN, Section 338, Hundred of Bundaleer (nearest Post-Office, Gulnare South), Peter Mathews, Poundkeeper.— One bay horse, collar and saddle marked, hind feet white, star, like S or No. 8 near shoulder; one red cow, near ear tipped and slit, piece out of off ear under, like ?{ D near ribs, J off rump, bull calf at foot. Will be sold January 19, noon. MAG1LL (nearest Poet-Office, Magill), Chas. Sharp, Poundkeeper.— One light bay mare, star in ferehead, shod, branded like writing A with J near shoulder; one light bay mare, star in forehead, front feet shod, blotch brand like M near shoulder, colt foal at foot Will ba sold January 12, noon. UNDALYA, Wm. Baker, Poundkeeper.— One bay or brown mare, white down face, off hind foot white, wall-eyed, branded S with 24 under near ribs, HS near shoulder. Will be sold January 12, noon. TOWNSHIP of CANOWIE (nearest Post Office, Canowie), Patrick O'Donohue, Pound keeper.— One bay mare, JH off shoulder, F off sido neck, star, collar-marked, like 7 near ribs, black points. Will be sold January 5, noon. ANGLE VALE (nearest Post-Office, Angle Vale), Robert Burt, Poundkeeper. — One ches nut horse, branded like R near neck, white stripe down face, sore back, with a piece of white rag on the sore, hind legs and near front leg white, shod all round, aged. Will be sold December 21*, noon. CALTOWIE (nearest Post-Office, Caltowie), J. C. Potts, Poundkeeper. — One brown horse, branded a near shoulder; one bay mare, like -«? with P over conjoined near shoulder, collar and saddle-markod ; one bay mare, like J with — over near Ehouider, like CR or CB conjoined near shoulder. Will be sold January 12, noon. — The roan or grey more, gazetted December 11, now appears like JT near shoulder; the bay foal, no brands, gazetted same time, should have been blaze down face, three white feet. Will bo sold January 5, noon. SOUTH-TERRACE, Adelaide, Thomas Pol lock, Poundkeeper. — One red cow, branded HH conjeined off rump; also, one cheanut horse, white stripe down face, off hind fetlock white, no brand. Will be sold January 10, noon. EAST WELLINGTON, Section No. 2 (nearest Post-Office, East \Vellington), J. M. Gardner, Poundkeeper. — One dark-bay mare, black points, draught stamp, marked on the sides with cart or buggy harness, branded N nearBhoulder. Will be sold January 12, noon. KAINTOK, Hundred of Clinton (nearest Post-Office, Green's Plains East), P. J. Kaiu, Poundkeeper.— One bay mare, black points, branded P neai shoulder, with bay filly foal at foot ; one email grey mare, branded like L near near and S off shoulder, poor. Will be sold January 12, noon.— The red and white heifer, small cock horns, branded like JD off rump, gazetted last week, has a hole in near ear. Will be sold December 21', noon. WAKEFIELD PLAINS, Section 145, Hun dred of Dalkey (nearest Post-Office, Balaklava), Thomas Dolton, Poundkeeper.— One bay mare, star, shoe on off front foot, off front fetlock white, large white collar-marks on both shoulders, few white hairs across nos«, as if done by halter, if branded, not visible. Will be sold January 13, coon. WH1TWARTA, Section 2148, Hundred of Stow (nearest Post-Office, Balaklava), Henry Henley, Poundkeoper. — One black mare, branded 2W over FG with 4 under near shoulder; one dark brown mare, branded ST with -f over near shoulder, expecting the owner. Will be sold December 22, noon. ALMA, Section 603 (nearest Post-Office, Stockport), Martin Kinihan, Poundkeeper. — One grey mare, flea-bitten, like K near shoulder, like M off shoulder ; one red and white spotted bullock, cock horns, like HE conjoined near shoulder; one red and white spotted bullock, hoop horns, like A near rump. Will be sold January 12, noon. MOUNT MUIRHEAD, Section 552, Hundred of llouut Muirhead (nearest Post-Office, Mount Burr), A. H. Bellinger, Poundkeeper. — One red and white bullock, M over D near rump, and W near ribs. Will be sold January 25, noon. HAMLEY BRIDGE, on Allotment No. 39, William Zenner, Poundkeeper. — One chesnut horse, white face, hind feet white, branded like S in circle over Sj near shoulder; one bay mare, branded like E with K over near shoulder. Will be sold January 12, noon. WALLAROO BAY (nearest Post-Offico, Wal laroo Bay), Benjamin Bates, Poundkeeper.— One bay horse, long tail, collar-marked, branded W near ehouider, with few white spots under saddle, square bell on with chain and padlock; one black horse, with few white hairs, cob tail, two white hind feet, near front foot white, white streak down nose, with littlo bit of white in forehead, collar-marked, with few white spots each side of neck and on back, branded with large T near shoulder. Will be sold January 12, noon. STIRLING NORTH, Arthur Covontry, Poundkeeper.— One chesnut colt, branded T with ^ under and + over near shoulder, with star in forehead; one bay mare, D with '- over near shoulder, star in forehead; one chesnut more 72 near shoulder, R off shoulder; one chesnut filly, yearling, no brand; one bay horse, G with — over and under and L and — under near shoulder, G off shoulder; one chesnut horse 8 with eo under and BS over near shoulder, white face, collar-marked. Will be sold December 28, noon. COCKATOO VALLEY (nearest Post-Office, Barossa Gold-field), George Dew, Poundkeeper. —One valuable roan mare, branded like writing T or I— c conjoined near shoulder, like writing T or I— c conjoined off shoulder, shod all round, draught, aged, collar-marks, and white mark under saddle; one bay or dark-chesnut pony horse, branded like STEL near side neck, like ?jJF conjoined with m over off shoulder, white stripe down face, aged. Will be Bold December 26,noon. GULNARE PLAIN, Section 388, Hundred of Bundaleer (nearest Post-Office, Gulnare South), Peter Mathews, Poundkeepor. — Tho chesnut horse advertised in Gazette of November 20, star, with T and P5 over conjoined near shoulder, should have been ? with PQ conjoined near shoulder. — One bay mare, star and snib, hind feet white, front feet shod, collar-marked, broken hobbles, branded T near shoulder. Will be sold December 29, noon. GfiEENOCK (nearest Post-Office, Greenock), Carl Leopold, Poundkeeper. — One chemut horse, off hind fetlock white, collar-marks, white spots under saddle, very old and poor, branded like IL off shoulder, like FL near Bhoulder. Will be sold December 8, noon.— One chesnut horse, blaze down face, collar-marks, white spots on neck, three feet shod, lame on off foro foot, branded S off shoulder; ©ne chesnut mare, bJaze down face, off hind foot white, an old cut off breast, branded like q near shoulder; one bay mare, saddle-mark, little star on fore head, branded B near neck. Will be sold De cember 29, noon. UNDALYA, Wm. Baker. Poundkeeper.— One bay draught mare, small star on forehead, one shoe on, branded C off neck; one bay mare, three feet white, white on forehead and nose, no brand visible. Will be sold December 29, neon. BLANCHETOWN (nearest Post - Office, Blanchetown), George Teasdale, Poundkeaper. — One red cow, white on belly, flanks, and face, very large H over O over S on near thigh, RIC near loin, calf by side. Will be sold December 29, noon. KOORINGA, Section 3040 (Redruth, nearest Post-Office), H. £. Macnamara, Poundkeeper. — The brown horse, diamond and S near shoulder, advertised last week, to be sold 15th, will be sold December 22, noon.— One red heifer, no brand visible; one brindle and white steer, piece off near ear, no brand visible; one roan and white heifer, no brand visible. Will be sold De cember 15, noon.— One red cow, white on belly, piece out of near ear, like o^o near ribs, ID near rump; one red bull calf; one red heifer, white on belly and thighs, off ear slit, no brand visible; one brown cob horse, star, hind feet white, J and diamond with H over near shoulder, — over JG off shoulder. Will be sold December 29, noon. SPRING GULLY, Section 149, Hundred of Clare (Post - Office, Sevenhills), James Boyd, Poundkeeper. — One white and yellew cow, point off near horn, tho off hom cocked, like large — over D near ribs, like C over — off shoulder, with a young suckling heifer calf. Will be sold December 29, noon.

BLANCHE, Section 324 (nearest Port-Office, Mount Gambier).-One bay horse, branded HS near shoulder, long tail, shod all round. Will be told December 29, noon. HAMLEY BRIDGE, William Zenner. Pound keeper.-One bay fil ly, *ur in forehead, four white feet, branded like WF off shoulder. Will be sold December 29, noon. KAINTON, Hundred of Clinton (nearest Post Office, Green's Plains East), P. J. Kain Pound keeper.— One red bullock, hoop horns off one cut at point, branded HC near shoulder ? ono strawberry bullock, straight horns, branded R on off rump, very poor ; one red and white heifer, about three years old, branded like JD off rump ; ISO mixed sheep, branded Ron back Will be sold December 29, noon. WALLAROO BAY (nearest Post-Offioe Wallaroo Bay), Benjamin Bates, Poundkeet-er.-! One black mare, branded like AG or AC near shoulder, with whitestripe part the way downfaoe, with little bit of white on nose, with short switch tail ; one bay maro, branded AB conjoined with EC under near ehoulaer, swelling in oil fore fetlock joint, swelling in off fore knee ; one dark brown horse, branded S in half circle near Bhoulder, J eff shoulder, near hind feet white with fow black spots on it, little bit ef white on neck where collar goes, with long switch tafl. Will be sold December 2d, noon.