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The English, Scottish, and Australian Char tered Bank have made the following shipment per the steamer Aldinga to Melbourne :— Gold from Bflrossa. 193 oth. fi HwIjj 19 oro ? Vinhnncm. 1/U

ozs. iydwts.;Onkapannga, 33 ozs. 13 dwts. b grs.; Mount Pleasant, 135 ozs. 10 dwts. ; Gume racha, 140 ozs.; Ulooloo, 384 ozs. 18 dwts.; Sailor's Gully, 150 ozs. 11 dwts.; Sawmill Gully, 72 ozs. 14 dwts. 12 grs.; Stirling Reef, 328 ozs. 16 dwts. 12 grs.; and sundries. 3 dwts. 18 grs.— 1,524 ozs. 11 dwts. 12 grs. Total value, £6,000. We further hear that a parcel of 100 ozs. was sent to the Melbourne Mint per the previous steamer. The Commissioners for the London Exhibition propoee purchasing samples from each field, including some of the rich specimens got at Mr. Scott's El Dorado. We are informed that none of Mr. Scott's gold is included in the foregoing return, On September 30, Mr. J. Scott brought from bis property near Mount Pleasant 310 ozs. of specimens, which he estimates will yield 160 ozs. of the precious metal, the quartz being exceedingly rich. About six feet below the purfaee of the ground Mr. Scott has come upon a second bottom, which he considers seems likely to prove as productive as the first. The English, Scottish, and Aus tralian Chartered Bank have exhibited in the window of Mr. Williams's shop in King William-street the gold that has been got by Mr. Scott upon his section since July L&, Ib72, in' all 920 ozs. A Company has been floated to work tha property. The capital is named as £20,000, in £1 shares, the lessee of the freehold of the auriferous section receiving £2,000 in cash and 4,000 shares considered paid up. By 2.30 p.m. on Tuesday, September 30, the day the prospectus was issued, 15,800 shares were applied for. This being 800 in excess of the number which, could be allotted the list were at once closed. A moderately-attended meeting of shareholders in the Company was held on Friday, October 4, in the Old Local Court Boom. Mr. L. Scammell presided. The articles of association were read and adopted. Messrs. L. Scammell, W. S. Douglas, James Scott, L. M. Cullen, W. H. Bean were appointed Direc tors. At the close Mr. Scott informed the other Directors that he had raised 22 ounces of gold since the prospectus was issued. Although the population at Sawmill Gully does not increase fresh discoveries continue to be made from time to time at these diggings. Last week the Company known as Warland's discovered a very promising reef, leading into what is known as Sailor's Gully, and some fine specimens taken from it have been ex hibited. The Directors paid a visit to it, and resolved to put a lot of hands on immediately, who are now busily employed. Other parties have also sent in applications to the Warden for claims they have found. The Nil Desperandum Company, known as Kekwick's, are sinking a fresh shaft, and are sanguine of making a good show of stone for crushing in a week or two. The general opinion prevails that in a short time the aid of crushing machines will be requisite on the spot. Very little progress has been made lately in alluvial ground, on account of there being so much water, and many have obtained permission to suspend operations until the ground is fit to work with safety, which will not be for another month or two. That gold continues to be found, although it may be bought in small quantities from individual diggers, cannot be doubted, for a visit to the stores on the ground and Hahudorf Township on Saturday nights is quite 'Sufficient proof of the fact. The- news from the othw gold-fields is sparse. Copper. - There has been during the month con siderable excitement in copper, and scrip . has changed, hands freely: The activity has not been confined to the Adelaide Exchange — where a number of new brokers have put in an appearance— but has extended to Moonta. Early in the month people of alt classes were eager to invest in scrip, or to aid in the formation of Companies. Scarcely a day passed without one hearing «f some new mineral claim having been secured. To raise the funds for a section or two was as easy a matter as to start a report of finding a 'keenly' spot. The presence of green carbonates on the surface was not, as was formerly the case, a sine quanon in forming a Company. It was sufficient that there should be a lode of some sort cropping out of the ground, or that there was scientific probability of the existence «f one beneath. It is reported that the almost obsolete art of 'dowzing' or searching for copper by means of the divining-rod has been practised lately by one or two adepts in that occult profession, with what result has not been stated. That some of the numerous ventures will turn out trumps is not at all unlikely, but it is feared that the majority of the adventurera will ultimately acquire to their sorrow an acquaintance with the three degrees of comparison in mining, viz., mine, minor, minus. The news brought by the English mail that copper had fallen to £98 a ton has materially checked speculation. Yorse's Pkkinstjla. The Moomm Mines.— The announcement made by us that within six months a sum of £120,000 has been appropriated by the Directors of this Company to the payment of dividends will have prepared the public to learn that the productiveness of the Mines has not declined. The reports and financial statements for the past half-year and year which have just been issued to the shareholders form an interesting contribution to the history of successful mining enterprise in the colony. The Directors in their brief general report

modestly confine themaelvelvea to the Btatement that 'operations for the past six months have been satisfactory.' The net result of these has been the raising of 9,605 iens of ore containing 20 per cent, of fine copper and 4&7 tons of 5 per cent, slimes, making up 10,102 tons in all.' In addition to this, there was on hand on March 20, the date at which the half-year began, 5,592 tons of ore, so that the Company have had 15,694 tons to deal with. Of this quantity 12,889 tons have been disposed of to the Wallaroo Company under agreement, leaving 2,805 tons, estimated as being worth £44,880, still on hand on September 20. This amount will be reduced by the dividend payable early next month, but of course production is still proceeding at something like the rate it has been since March last. The proceeds from copper ore during the six months have been £168,638, and the actual working expenses £74,956. The total sum represented as standing to credit on the balance-sheet at the end of the half-year is £272,931, which includes the working expenses, dividends already paid since March 20, and also the estimated value of buildings, plant, machinery, &c, £98,386. On the debtor side of the sheet there appears the amount of the pro ceeds of ore and the balance to profit and loss on the 20th March, £79,916. This balance for September 20, it may be mentioned, is set down at £124,998. Captain Hancock's report, which is as comprehensive as usual, lets the public somewhat into the secret of the under ground operations leading to such splendid results. No less than twenty-four shafts are specially reported on, the lowest depth spoken of being 115 fathoms, -where the lode is yielding 2J tons of 16 per cent, ore per fathom. In some shafts the depth attained so far has been very limited, but the prospects are highly satisfactory. We are told that in some parts of the mine a considerable extent of costeening has been done with gratifying results, and our own accounts from the mine have anti cipated the statement of the Directors that new discoveries of new lodes have been made, thus opening up fresh fields for the employment of labour. The Moonta, properly speaking, is nob one mine, but a score of mines, and there is every probability of its being the main support of a large and thriving population for decades of years to come. Even the Old Man Lode, which is said to have become very dredgy, supplies material which by mPATiR nf thfl lidrmfir-machinea can be easilv

worked up to an average of 19 per cent. Ehe engines and machinery generally are leclared to be in good working order, and ihe surf ace departments to be 'progressing satisfactorily.1 The Company's establish ment comprises 180 officers, 826 miners, 17 mechanics, 206 labourers, and 218 boys it the Mine, and two officers in Adelaide, making a total of 1,317 persons. This, in spite of the recent exodus from the district, is 27 in excess of the aggregate six months igo. There is no allusion in the report to the increases of wages that have already been authorized, or to the adoption of measures to check the migration of miners to the eastern colonies. The Moonta pro prietors have profited immensely by the recent improvement in the price of copper, and it is for them to consider whether it would not be worth their while to increase the inducements for. their workmen to remain in the colony. To some extent the good fortune T which has befallen the Com pany has been shared with the employes, but it is an undeniable fact that owing to the more liberal terms offered elsewhere scores of good serviceable miners have left the Peninsula. The new shaft and lode nearest to the stables have both been named Duncan's. The lode at Duncan's is looking very promising and is very rich — rather more so than at the adjoining shaft and lode just previously discovered, but which is yielding a good return, auguring favourably for the future prosperity of thai portion of the mine. At other parts tbe mine is looking well, and the yield of ore is undimished. Seven or eight , years ago a Moonta miner, whilst sinking a tank on his premises in the mining' town, found green carbonate of copper. Feeling more interested in the preservation of his property than in the welfare of the mine, he concealed the dis covery from all except his wife and one or two neighbours, who promised to say nothing about it. The secret appears to have been kept until ? a few months since, when hints of the matter got abroad without the exact loeality being known. Scores of costeening-holes were sunk in search of the cupriferous treasure, but the result was vain. A few days ago, however, definite information as to the spot reached tbe mining authorities, and a captain was. immediately dis- ' patched to the reticent discoverer on a mission of enquiry. The man was absent from home, so the captain, addressing the wife, said, 'Now, my good woman, which of your tanks is it that copper was found in some years ago. It's of no use your denying it ; I know it was in one of them, and if you don't confess I'll turn your premises topsy-turvy.' The woman was taken aback; denial she saw was useless, and she pointed out the tank. Men were soon set to work in costeening outside the premises near the tank, and in one of the holes was found copper stained clay, and a little further sinking disclosed a valuable lode.- Tanks and other pits are as numerous in the mining townships as holes in a rabbit-warren, and it has been conjectured that there may be other lodes concealed as in the foregoing instance. Beddome's Lode, it may be remembered, was found by a man in sinking a pit,- which was covered over and built upon; and the discovery might have remained in pavity f or years if another resident had not disclosed the secret. The Yelta.— The lode in the lowest levels is very large and rich, and continually improves as a greater depth is reached. In the 55 end north of Wright's Shaft there are four feet of solid yellow ore, and a winze has bero put down six feet, which shows a continuance of the same course of ore with a slight improvement in quality. The half-yearly balance-sheet of the Company mentions that the amount received during the six months from the sale of ere has been £11,193 13s. 3d., and the mine's coats £6,514 18s. 6d. The total assets are set down at £8,968 6a. 2d., and the liabilities £1,309 8s., leaving a credit balance of £7,653 18s. 2d. During the half-year two dividends «f 10$. each have been paid, amounting in all to £3,908 10s. From the captain's report we observe that there are 123 hands employed upon the mine; that the machinery is in good order ; and that the returns for the next six months are expected to be largely increased. The quantity of ore new on the mine sampled for August ia stated to be about 200 tons. At the half -yearly general meeting of shareholders Mr. J. L. Tuxford presided, and in moving that the report and balance-sheet be received and adopted said that ke had within the last week inspected the ? property, and he could fully confirm all that was contained in tha Captain's report with regard to the mine's # appearance and productiveness. In every point he had been rather under than over the mark. Although the amount ef ore tad not beep an increase on the quantity for the previous six months, he might say that they had been engaged in carrying out much dead work. A great deal of costeening had also been done. Mr. W. Wadham seconded the motion, which was carried unanimously. - North Yelta. — A recent report of tlaa Captain says:— 'Since my last report there has been a great improvement in the 22 fathom level south. The ore part of the lode is two .feet wide, and appears to be widening The yield is now about four tons to the fathom! The lode in the winze in the bottom of the 12- fathom level south is looking splendid and will, I think, yield fully seven tons of ore to the fathom.' Mr. T. R. Heath is tho successful tenderer for the engine-house and crusher. The Baiiley.— The water is down to the 50 fm. level at the Karkarilla eh.aft, and will pro

?ably be down to the 60 during the flosuing reek. The shaft is over 80fms. deep, so- another Donth must elapse before any newj; of im -ortance can be looked for from the mine. At he other shafts there is no change of importance 0 be alluded to, although a little good. ore has -een raised from one. The Euko.— This property, which recently attracted some attention, is being developed in 1 regular and miner-like fashion. The bunch of -re cut in the vicinity of the North Yelta shaft s not proving quite so valuable as was antici pated; but, of course, the mere presence of ore n that locality ia a circumstance of moment, because of a cross-branch there is a temporary alling-off in the yield of thevlode, the ore, in nining phraseology, not being strong enough to naster the ' country.' It ia anticipated that in a short time the former productiveness of the lode sill be fully maintained. Preparations aro making ;o clear the old Whim 8haft preparatory to jutting in a cistern from the 22 fathom level to :he SO, in order to open up new ground. The -outh whip-lode has been traced by coeteeniBg 100 fathoms further south. The Pooka. — Driving is being carried on at ibis property in both the north-east and south ^est ends, at each ef which good orey ground is n course of development. Men are also engaged n putting a winze up at the back of the 18 'athom level east of the former tribute-pitch. }nthe eastern part of the main lode ore is aeing broken of 40 per cent, quality, and in quantity about a ton to the fathom. Tbe pro* tpects of this mine are decidedly improving, Pabaha.— There are flying rumours about respecting a discovery made of copper ore, likely to prove of considerable value, on the Parara Run of Messrs. Bowman & Co., the Peninsula. A number of sections were secured by telegraph, a Bank telegram acknowledging the receipt of the money being also forwarded —much to the annoyance of some speculators who telegraphed to their friends in Adelaide to do the business for them. We have authority that certainly seems to be of the very best description for saying that the discovery is a genuine one, and will almost certainly be of im portance. In the first instance it was made by ei shepherd. The Wheal James.— At the orey portion of the lode recently cut from the Wheal Hughes Shaft some very fine purple and yellow ore and bell metal are being raised. The men are sinking on the lode, which is fully three* foot wide of solid ore. - Wheal Hughes.— We are informed that Captain Cowling, of the Yelta Mine, who so successfully managed the Wheal Hughes some two or three years ago, has been requested to again superintend operations at his old field of labour. East Mookta Prospecting Company. ~- A meeting of shareholders was held on Tuesday, September 25, in the Council Chamber, Moonta, Mr. J. Assheton in the ohair, when it was resolved that the capital should ? be £24,000 in 12,000 shares of £2 each, and one pound paid up. The remaining one pound to be paid in calls not to exceed 2s. 6d. per share per month— in such sums as the Directors may deem necessary. Two thousand shares were declared paid up in full, and the property of Messrs. Assheton and Rigamonti, the original promoters ; the remaining 10,000 shares to be amongst the shareholders, the present phares— 240— being divided into 50 shares each. The Copper Hill Minb.— A Company to work the above property, situate about nine miles east of Kidina and two miles from Green's Plains, was floated on the Exchange in the course of September 13. The Company consists of 6,000 shares at £2, of which 4,000 were sold at 2s. 6d. on application and 2s. 6d. on allotment. The remaining 2,000 shares were reserved as paid up to £1 for the purchase of the property. We have seen Captain J. Warren's report upon the miae, whichis highly favourable, sofaras no could judge from the two shafts already sunk for 12 feet, from which upwards of 100 tons of ore have been raised. The lode is said to be about six fathoms in width, yielding ore that will give from 3 to 4 per cent, of copper as it is broken. Tnore are only about 18 proprietors, and the shares allotted are already at a premium. At a meet ing of shareholders of the Company the article* of association were adopted, and the Hon. W. Morgan, Messrs. W. Kay, R. Stuckey, A. S. Clark, and T, B. Heath were appointed Directors. West Dooba Pbospectiso Association.— The shares in this Association have been allotted, find the following gentlemen have been elected Directors— Messrs. A. S. Clark, W. Johnston, F. O. Bruce, A. Harvey, and J. S. Turner. The venture is divided into 250 Bhares, 200 of which pay 5s. per month. This money will be spent in costeening and searching for the continuation of the lode of the Doora Mine, which is expected to run into the property of tho Association. Royal Mine.— A meeting of the Royal Mining Company has been held at the Royal Hotel, Moonta, when Messrs. Drew, -Furner, Beagle hole, Paqualin, Geyer, Assheton, and Salmon were appointed Directors. The Company was divided into 6,000 shares, 3,000 of which were reserved for tbe promoters, and the remaining 3,000 were at once taken. Six sections, about 3 A miles south of Moonta, on the bearing of Taylor's Lode, have been secured. Very rich surface carbonates were a short time since accidentally found on these sections, and the shareholders are confident of having secured a valuable pro perty. Operations will be commenced in a few days. The Dolphin.— This venture is to be regis tered at once. The present proprietors have some sections immediately west of the Wallaroo Mine, and two men are costeening upon the course of a lode that it is believed runs out of the Wal laroo Mine property. The lode that they have is composed of spar and iron, containing occasional specs or yellow and purple ore. Some sections have been taken up, and five men are working upon them immediately west of the Doora Mine, and it is confidently be lieved that the Doora lodes can be traced into them. At present the indications are considered very favourable, a fine mica country similar to that Jin which tne Doora lodes are found being met with. The men are now working with the idea of finding the lode at the boundary of the Doora sections, and they have a lode composed of spar and iron, with stains of copper. The Eagle.— The necessary Bteps have been taken for forming a Company to work this. pro- perty, situated about seven miles east cf the Moonta. The former workings comprise about 70 fathoms of costeening in the centre of the claim and several ahallow shafts. Three lodes were discovered, but none of the sinking was carried below the gossan in consequence of green carbo nate not having been met with. The lodes from their bearing may be considered as east and west lodes, and are so far composed of gossan, quartz, and steatite. MraiNO Sections.— At the latter end of last , week about 28 sections weie taken out in the Moonta district. Eight of those were in one block on the flat bsyond what was formerly known as the Wilkawat, and other claims were near the Euko, North Yelta, Wheal James, and Hamley respectively. It is believed that although some of the j?round was secured for purely speculative purposes that on the land first secured, near the old Wilkawat and Union properties, there has been a genuine discovery. More Mines.— A Company has been formed to work a property near Penang, in the neigh bourhood of which the National and New Moonta ventures are situate. The new affair is named the Enterprise. On the ground held by the proprietors coppor ore has been discovered upon tno surface. Another Company desig* nated the Kobinow was mads up on Monday, the object being to operate upon two sections situate north-east of the Paramatta, and in which lodes are said to exist. ' ' The New_ Moonta.— Men are timbering the shaft at this property, preparatory to there^ sumption of sinking ana drinng. Wallaroo Smelting Works — 'We (Wallow*' Times) are gratified to be able to announce that the captains of tho roasting furnaces at the Wallaroo Smelting Works have been promised, in response to an application made by them_ for an increase in wages, a rise of sixpence per diemi Nobth. Tot Burba SIiNR-Operations are being piosecuted 'with increased rigour at the old Burra tfurra, and Eooringa appears again some thing like what it did in past days. Plenty of low-classed ore is obtainable, and the Directors evidently intend raising and turning it into hard cash without unnecessary dela/, LightDistbictMikes.— Itismentionedbythd- local Btixild that on Thursday, at tbe Kapunda

Mine, some men were driving a tunnel toward* what ia known as the Stockyard Shaft, in whuu the water had risen to a considerable height, but when the driTe had reached near the old shaft the pressure of water caused It to burst, flooding the tunnel and lower levels. Fortunately all the men escaped without injury, bat some had a narrow escape.— A promising discovery of copper has been made by Mr. Jonathan Prior on the Anlaby Run, about 11 miles from Hamilton, The ore brought in is grey, and has the appear ance of being rich. A party interested in the discovery started on Thursday morning to arrange for further testing! the find.— A pro mising lode has been struck at the Lady Gawler, and Capt. Trevena has every confidence that it will lead to something good.— The Wheal Nitschke is looking as well as ever, and the Directors contemplate pushing forward the works on a more extended scale. Referring to finds that were mentioned last week, the . Kapunda Haald says : — 'We have seen more stone? from the Wheal Farley, and cer tainly they give every promise of leading to something good. At the Lady Gawler they are sinking on the lode with very fair encouragement. They expect to inter sect the lode in two or three days. We were also shown nice stones of ore from another new discovery on the run. Out of all these finds 3urely something good will turn up.' Thb Stanley Mine.— The Clare Press writes: — ' After great trouble and expense, combined with an amount of patience the Stanley has not had expended on it before, the cross drive is nearly completed. No doubt a rich reward is in store for all this labour, and although to the too anxious the time may have 'seemed long, since the mine got into its present possessors' hands, and hopes were expressed of its speedily turning out something good, we venture to pre dict even better things than we did at first. The opinions of working miners of great expe rience and judgment, who understand the country well, and who used to work in the old Bum, go to uphold our ideas. In about another week more hands will be required. We then hope to see the copper turning out in quantity and quality sufficient to satisfy the proprietors.' WHEAL Nitschke Mine.— We recently pub lished the Captain's report on this property, which is situated near Greenock Creek, and is owned chiefly by Kapunda shareholders, but we have now been shown by Mr. E. J. Rowett two samples of ore from the lately-opened lode. One of these taken from the top is of good quality, and a specimen from a little lower down is of nearly 40 per cent., consisting of bell metal and green carbonate. We are informed that the lode from which these pieces were taken was struck at 12 fathoms on August 23, and in cutting through about 25 cwt. of copper was soon broken. A gentleman who recently visited the mine states that two good men could break four tons of ore per day. The mine is divided into 4,000 shares. The Company have a lease of the section for 21 years on payment of an 18th royalty, and hold a right of renewal of the term on the same condition. The freehold can be pur chased. The Company is under the Limited Liability Act. The samples which have been received look well. The Pbince Alfred Mine.— The captain's report, dated September 30, from this mine states that nine tons of regulus had been sent away, and that more would be forwarded next day. The Daly ajjd Stanley Mines.— Mr. H. C. Gleeson, late M.P. for FJinders, and who was well . known in .connection with Northern mines, has just returned to Adelaide. We understand that he will start by mail conveyance next week for the Far North to superintend operations, which are to be commenced immediately on the properties formerly known as the Daly, Stanley, Old Noll, and Sir Dominick. He will remain for two months to see the work fairly started, and as shares in the Company have been largely taken up both in Victoria and in this colony, we hope the result may equal the expectations of those directly interested. The mines are believed to be rich in copper, and there is ample capital for working them. There are 30,000 shares of £1 each, 4,800 belonging to South Australian share holders, 1,200 free reserved for the.promoteis, -and 24,000 shares have been taken in Victoria. Mining Appointments.— Captain James, lately «f the Blinman Mines, is taking charge of the Sliding Rock, and is being succeeded by Captain

Gbeat Extended Sliding Rock Mining Company. — A Company under the above head has been floated on the Exchange. Five sections, containing 490 acres, have been taken up from the Government under mineral leases in the immediate neighbourhood of the two lections occupied by the Sliding Rock Mining Company. The Promoters of the new Company are Messrs. Isaac Asher, Joel Moss, and James Holloway, who reserve 2,500 shares, to be considered as fully paid up. The nominal capital is £18,000, in 6,000 shares of £3 each ; the number placed before the public being 3,500. The eagerness to obtain these was so great that the office of Mr. Wigley, the broker, was completely rushed. The total number of shares applied for wa3 19,284. One gentleman tendered for 3,000, and deposited his cheque for £1,500 for the preliminary payment. At a meeting of shareholders on September 27 there was a large attendance, and Mr. C. J. Coates presided.' The Hon. W. Morgan, Messrs. C. H. T. Connor, W. H. Charnock, L. M. Cullen, and J. White were elected Directors. Nobth-East. Thb Palmeb Copper Mine.— We learn that a Company is being formed to resume the working of this property, which has, it is said, been very favourably reported on by Captain J. Vivian and Mr. H. Burall, the latter having been acquainted with it during the short time it was worked and until the exodus to the Victorian Gold-fields, when it was suddenly stopped. They both, we are informed, concur in the opinion that the property is valuable; that some three .hundred tons of ore have been left in the workings; and that this can be immediately raised by putting the old shafts in repair, the cost of so doing being comparatively small. East. The Breheb.— This mine is now clear of water. A large quantity of ore has been broken in the 50, 80, and 90 fathom levels, and the shaft being now ready for hauling: stuff, it will shortly be at grass. A new boiler, weighing eight or nine tons, arrived at Callington on Thursday, and one of Captain Hancock's patent jiggers ia in course of construction. Several old workers returned on Thursday evening, and the mine and town are looking something like what they formerly did. The Grotthal Mine.— Recently one of Messrs. Letchford, Mills, & Rofe's large timber carriages took away from Messrs. A. Jones and Sons' foundry in Bank-street for the Grunthal Mins a boiler which measured 82 feet by 7 feet, and was drawn by 14 horses. Port Lincoln District. The Burrawing.— Captain Tonkin, writing on Sept. 28, reports that the cross-cut south-east of the Engine Shaft at the above mine has been driven nine fathoms, the ground being easy. Two miners had driven two fathoms en No. 2 Lode south-west of the cross-course, and the lode is larger and promising, but not a paying one at present Miscellaneous. Silver.— We (Kapunda Herald) are informed that a valuable discovery of silver has been made a few miles to the eastward of Kapunda. We have seen some specimens, which are in the possession of Mr. H. V. Moyle. One piece has the appearance of having been melted, and from some tests which have been applied it ia said to be almost pure. We have no doubt, however, we shall hear more of the discovery, ? .as means are to be at once taken to test its .value. MraEBALLEASES.— MessrsiTownsend, Bottin? -and Co. have sold by auction, by order of the liquidator of the Talisker Mine, Mineral Lease - -325, dated March 1, 1864, Section 1611, contain ing 40 acres, at an annual rental of £20, foi £55s. ' The Spring Creek Mine.— Mr. W. G. Lux moote sold, by order of the Directors of tht Spring Creek Mining and Smelting Com pany, Limited, at auction, freehold Sectioi 700, Hundred of Gregory, County Frome, 81 acres, with the smelting works of two fir naces, chimney, three cottages, wprking plant and appurtenances ; also mineral Sectioi 488. under lease from the Crown, with the buildings, steam-engine, pit-work, crusher f- tamps, working plant, gear, and ore at grass! car interest in mineral Sections 1417, 1418 14®, vxd 142&, foe £1,950.

MfflEBALOQlOAL.— It ia stated by the C-»n«J that™ Mr. S. S. Vale, whose youth has baen passed in this colony, and who employed hi3 leisure when a commercial traveller in collecting minerals and studying them, has been rewarded for bi3 efforts by being appointed Superin tendent of the English and Australian Copper Smelting Works, at Newcastle. South Australian Iron.— The Argus aays:— ' Some very fine specimens of iron ore have been received by Mr. A. L. MacDonald, of Geelong, from South Australia, and it is his intention to form a Company to work the same, there being abundance of it om an 80-acre section, near which there is a good supply of wood and lime stone jnth which to work it. Some years ago sampAwere sent home, and after being tested by a person connected with the Lowmoor Iron works, Yorkshire, he proHOunced that the poorest specimens were richer than their best. The distance of the section from the place of shipment is only two miles along a good metalled rpad. The exact locality , for obvious reasons, is at present not divulged.'