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___ ? sHiPPnra A-kk EXCURSION TICKETS QJt3&-.I~i FOR MELBOURNE, by the i^^^^ favourite Steamers COORONG, ALDINGA, and OMEO.— EXCURSION RE TURN TICKETS will be issued, available for either of the above-named Steamers, during the Christmas holidays, say from date to 25th February/ at the following rates:— CABIN (Return) ? £8. STEERAGE (do.) ? £4. J. NEWMAN & SON, Tort. J. DARWENT, Grenfell-street. December 2, 1872. ? 337c USUAL DAY OF SAILING ALTERED FOR ._ THIS VOYAGE. ^i T710R MELBOURNE, VIA flaS^r ROBE AND MACDONNELL QHSKr BAY.— The Steamship PENOLA, F. P. Snewin, master, will soil on Tuesday, 24th December, immediately after arrival of the 2 o'clock train from Adelaide. Shippers are requested particularly to observe thai no Goods vrill be Laden later than 1 p.m. on day of sailing. GEORGE YOUNG, 853'9v GDbert-pIace, or Prince's Wharf. ^rfov TjlOR MELBOURNE.— ffffiffijv.JL The Steamship Qmimm? ALDINGA, W. McLean, master, will sail on Tuesday, the 24th inst. Passengers by 2 p.m. train. J. NEWMAN k SON, Port. 354-'9 J. DARWENT, Grenfell-street. ' ^JA. TjlOR WALLAROO.- The gPpffiy^.JL Steamer - iBma&^ kangaroo, W. Crocker, master, will sail on Thursday, December 26, at 2 p.m. Cargo must be alongside not later than 12 noon on day of sailing. Passengers by 12 noon Train. Prepaid Parcels received at j,he office up to 10 a.m. on day of sailing. Cabin Fare ? ... ... £1 10 Return Ticket ? 2 10 HERBERT EVANS, 4, Currie-street. JOHN FORMBY. Port a358-61 .^fc^ QTEAMSHIP KANGAROO^ gTOrre^n FOR WALLAROO.— On Thurs 3IB6S& day, December 26, and January 2, this vessel will pail at 2 p.m.; and consequently will not RF.cmvB Cargq after 12 noon. . HERBERT EVANS, i, Currie-street. JOHN FORMBY, Port. a358'63 ^^-x TilOR WENTWORTH.— tHB^\.Jl Steamer atfilflSr PRINCE ALFRED will leave Milang on the 26th instant. For freight, &c, apply to C. OLIVER, Globe Hotel, or 358-'9 A. H. LANDSEER, Milan^. ^kQ^k 1?OR ECHUCA, BAL ffiSE^.-*^ RANALD, AND EUSTON, WBJB*' RIVER MURRAY.-Steamer QUEEN, * Captain Pickhills, will leave Milang on 2nd January. - For freight or passage, apply to 353c JOSEPH'STILLING&CO. ^Id^ ATTENTWORTH AND ffifljj^.. YV RIVER DARLING. '. JOLLY MILLER, Captain T. Johnston, leaves Goolwa on or about 23rd instant, calling at Milang, Manaum, andv BlaTichetown; ' ? ? hYok freight or passage, apply to myS ' JOSEPH STILLING & CO. j£a&. T ONDON.— ORIENT LINE. JflPfiS^ ?' —The Double Al 20 years iron KIRKHAM, 1,072 tons, Captain Macfarlane, with quick dispatch. ??? *^- ' - JOSEPH STILLING k CO. 82|mwfc - HENRY SCOTT. ? ^ 'OOR LONDON.— The fine aBufe- *- Al China Clipper Ship «Hr NEVILLE, 749 tons register, Captain Hemsworth, 13 now on the. berth and ready to receive cargo. For freight, apply to 353g PHILIPLEVI&CO. Jfc^ CJOUTH AUSTRALIAN, FOR WKO»\O LONDON.-PASSENGERS are WMmm requested to EMBARK at Port Ade laide on the afternoon of MONDAY, the 30th instant. The vessel proceeds to sea at daylight tm Tuesday. HEAVY LUGGAGE to be on Board and balance of PASSAGE-MONEY PAID not later than FRIDAY, the 27th. .... , BARROLD BROTHERS, 356-65v Town and Port. A^. ff^HE ADELAIDE LINE OF flf^X PACKETS.-Ship iHr ST. VINCENT} for L'ONDON, Calling at CAPE of GOOD HOPE to Land and Bmbark Passengers. This Fine Vessel wfll be dispatched from Port Adelaide about 20th January. Intending Pas -sengers are invited to inspect her very superior . accommodation. Carries a SurgeoB. As usual this vessel has made a rapid passage, and just arrived from England under 73 days. For freight or passage, apply to HARROLD BROTHERS, Town and Pert; or to -820mhcv CAPTAIN A. LOUTTIT, on Board. ^^^Tjl L D E R L I N E. Sft^ FOR LONDON WOOL SALES. ?** ? The CARNAQUHEEN is now loading, and ?will be dispatched early in December, to be ollowed by the new Clipper. Ship MONAL *TRIE, Captain Phillips. ..:?- . ELDER, SMITH, & CO. Adelaide, November 18, 1872. 352cv_ &^ TTICTOfc' HARBOUR TO . jBfti^ T . LONDON.-The Al 13 years ? CHAA-SZE, -Japtain J. R. Brown, sails first week in Jatfuary or earlier if lowed. ~* -: I j;.ariLLING&CO. *'~ HENRY SCOTT. -; 328vr32mwfSc G. 8/ READ, Port Victor. d&sfe 'E1ROM VIOTORHARBOUR ffigftf TO LONDON.— ELDEK LINE «Mfi£ ol 'WOdLSHiPS. — The fine Al Clipper Ship -:: „ r , , TIMARU, , , -r r -. 888*tpns register, Captein Shaw, having ?nost of fier -Cargo engaged' wiH meet' with immediate -, dispatch. ,. , .- - r - .- - -.-* * j - r For freight or passage, apply to BJUlen, jun. , ?PorttYictorvor ? \ ... . — -r -?- - - - 33fc -Hk ' - ? -' ELDER/SMITH, £CO. jjBg&J:'; tOKOt'S PENINSUtf-Tlie EDITS ALICE v wfflBafcREGUEABLYHVERY TUESDAY. Apply on board. ? a52mto H^£ LAROO.— The regular Trader ^?C ADELAIDE ^rill sail early. 84fc J. M..SINCLAIB, Agent.

smppnrg ? igjk UOR FREMA.NTLB, yf»J? WESTERN AUSTRALIA.— AMUR, J. Ferguson, master, will sail about the 31st December. For freight or passage, apply to ? THOMAS GRAVES, Adelaide. 354c J. M. SINCLAIR, Port. A*. TflOR PORT CAROLINE, M^l: LACEPEDE BAY. -The regular ^??^ trader Cutter SWALLOW will sail on Thursday, December 26. Apply on board. 358,9,61 FOR SALE, by Private Contract, the following Vessels : —   The Screw Steamer KURA, 156 tons register, 60-horse power. The NIGHTINGALE, Brigantine, 239 tons. The PROSPERITY, Schooner, 133^ tens. The AFRICAN MAID, Brig, 143 tons. The ST. KILDA, Schooner (three-masted), 189,% tons. The. MARY BANNATYNE, Brigantine, 1157& tons. The STEPHEN, Schooner, 51 ton3. The LADY DARLING, Schooner, 109 tons. The IO, Schooner, 71 tons. For particulars, apply to BEAN BROTHERS, 358'61 King William-street. IB VAN-, from London.— CON- SIGNEEES are requested to PASS neces sary ENTRIES immediately to facilitate dis charge of cargo. Goods impeding discharge will be Landed and Stored at Consignees' risk and expense. Claims for damage or deficiency must be made to the Captain before the goods are removed from alongside, or they cannot be recognised. Bills of Ladiag must be presented at our Office, Maclareu Wharf, and Freights Paid before delivery of goods. CAPTAIN OMAN will NOT be RESPON SIBLE for any DEBTS contracted by his CREW. 356-'9 RAWLINGS k CAVE, Agents, Port. SOUTH AUSTRALIAN, for LONDON.— All ACCOUNTS against this Vessel must be rendered in Duplicate at the Port offices of the undersigned on or before noon of Saturday, the 28th inst. HARROLD BROTHERS, 35663 Town and Port. /CAPTAINS of VESSELS and Others .V^ requiring GOODS CARTED TO MANNUM can OBTAIN TEAMS by applying to W. HOUGH, 355 -'8 Pirie-street Stables. RICHARD ALLEN JUN., SHIPPING and GENERAL COMMISS. JON AGENT, VICTOR HARBOUR. 325t49 17ICT0R HARBOUR -GEORGE S. T READ, Customs, Shipping, and Genbbal Commission Agent. ? 331f55 GH. PAQUALIN, SHIPPING 0 and COMMISSION AGENT, DIVETT STREET, PORT ADELAIDE. 311mwcv ORT PIRIE.-JOHN LEDGER, WHEAT, SHIPPING, and GENERAL COMMISSION AGENT. ? Agent for the South Australian Insurance Company, Limited. 340*f Qiv REDBRICK H. RIX, CUSTOM-HOUSE, SHIPPING, AND GENERAL AGENT, Register* Observer, and Journal Offices, 158c PORT ADELAIDE. 7T1O SHIPMASTERS, MERCHANTS, X AND OTHERS. The SHIPPING REPORTER attendi to Tele grams, or Letters, and his Boats are available or all-purposes connected with Shipping in the Gulf. Boat Flag No. 3. RICHARD JAGOE, Beach Branch Office, Lefevre's Peninsula. gERCHAJTDISE ON S A L E — Best Whitecross FENCING WIRE, Nos. 4 to 8 Candles, Hops, Sugar, Spices, Coffee New Currants, and'various Goods to arrive. a3Umwfc THOMAS GRAVES, Currie-street. EIL..8.B E_D. .0 1 L FOR SALE, by the undersigned./ A. TILEMANir & CO. 271mwf360 29, Grenfell-street. MACHINERY.— Horizontal, Vertical, and Portable Engines,'; Boilers, Rotary, Blower, Punohing, and Shearing Machinp, Weighbridge, Printing-Machme, Lithographic Press, Corn-Mill, Bark.Cru3her8,Steam Hammer. 356st46 G. A. & H. BARTLEET. TjiENOING WIRE.-Beat Draiwn JL Annealed, Numbers 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10; Best Rolled, Number 5. * ' ' ' ? 211mwcv HARROLD BROTHERS. FOR SALE, one Double Lift PUMP, with Horse Gear. Price, £20.-' Also, a quantity of Raised Panel DOORS at. 10s. 6d. each, and prime Galvanized Iron at reduced prises, ? At PRINCE'S TIMBER YARD, 355mhf9v56 Flinders-street WOOLPACKS, Tarpaulins, Canvas, Comsacks, Flourbags (50 and 100 lbs.), Twine, Fence Wire, Tallow Casks, Roofing Felt, Oilmen's Stores, Paints, &c, Black Lead, Glue, Starch, Blue, Brushware, Cigars, Malt,.Brandy, Rum, Port, Sherry, Moselle, Claret. ? ; , , \ Ale and ) Byass, Bass, Foster^ Bridges, AUsopp Stout, [Guinness, Jeffrey, Devenish. D'Arcy'8 Dublin Stout in hhds. ? 291mhcv HENRY SCOTT, Adelaide. INNOWING-MaCHINES. -The undersigned have forSale Penney & Co.'s Patent Rotary Winnowing-Machines and Wheat Screens. ELDER, SMITH, & CO., 355aiwfcv Grenfell-street. TO JAMMAKERS, TINSMITHS, MEAT-PRESERVERS,, and Others. ON SALE by the Undersigned, TINPLATES (Charcoal and Coke). .352c ?: ? PHILIP LEVI & C0. r; BE ST PALE M A L T, HOPS, ISINGLASS, &c. On Sale by the Undersfened. . ? r 326c ? - *EttJF LEVT k CO. COALS.— Housa and -Smiths' Coals in RETAIL Quantifies at REDUCED PRICES at ? . WILLIAM-W. BLJTH'g;iv a; .1 North-terrace Coal, Wood/and Coke Yard. ' f I'-Vf ^T ?; f ?: .' r ~,1(J V TTT3ifor BULLI COAL.-™-Another Cargo of this superior, Coal ia now Landing.^ Leonidas. Delivenes can be iuade ffom'ahip'8 side at'Reduced Prices. **' ' -J~ '*'' a335c ? rT- .v , ,OE9RaE YOUN^ W^ — EE'AT, PLOTJR; WO'Oti. TALLOW. ADVANCES ON PRODUCE Shipped to Europe or Stored in the Colony. 8&6mkscr* HENBY SCOTT, Adelaide.

? HEBCHAHDISE ? THE Undersigned are prepared to MAKE LIBERAL ADVANCE3 on WOOL, WHEAT, or other PRODUCE Consigned to Messrs. WM. FANNING & CO., London. Messrs. FANNING, NANMVELL, & CO., Melbourne. Messrs. FANNING, GRIFFITHS, k CO., Sidney. They are PURCHASERS of or will MAKE ADVANCES on WHEAT delivered into Store at Port Adelaide. FANNING & CO., 23, Currie-street. 345-t8v356 ? SARNIA TIMBER YARD, STEAM SAW-MOULDING AND TURNERY MILLS. Building Materials of all kinds. THEOS. ROBIN, Lipson-street and Port-road, PORT ADELAIDE, a247mwfc Late Robin & Le Messurteb. BUSINESS NOTICES MINCE PIES. MINCE PIES. MINCE PIES. CHRISTMAS CAKES AND MELTON PIES. S. GOLDSACK, Confectioner, &c, North terrace, tenders his ANNUAL REMINDER to his OLD CUSTOMERS and the Public of the necessity of ORDERING at ONCE an AMPLE SUPPLY of the above LUXURIES, as having given up Shopkeeping BESPOKE ORDERS ONLY can be attended to for THE OLD SORT as made by him in Adelaide for the last twenty years ICES delivered anywhere. OBSERVE the ADDRESS NORTH-TERRACE, Two Doors West of Dr. Whtttell's. ? , ? 355-'8 NOTICE.-LORIMER & CO. beg to intimate that they have COMMENCED BUSINESS as SOUTH AUSTRALIAN WINE MERCHANTS in Adelaide. SAMPLING CELLARS under East Wing of REGISTER-CHAMBERS, Grenfell-street. The object of the Firm will be to SUPPLY FIRST-CLASS WINES only for Home Con sumption or Export. Our Wines have beea highly approved ef by parties, in the Trade in London, Paris, Bordeaux, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Bristol, &^ ? ? . ..Wines ia $ulk sent direct from the Cellars on the Vineyards, i' Inspection invited, Trade mark ' The Southern Cross.' _.- ? — 25th November, 1872.- ? ?; ;? 33lot r INE FpR CHRISTMAS.--Caaes containing Three Bottles each, of four varieties, of fine Australian Wines (two white and two red), price Oae Guinea, on Sale by CLaRK k CROMPTON, Grenfell-street and Blyth-street, Adelaide. /?? ? ,: . 355-6Iy TyrOTIOE TO 'THE PUBLIC. A Large' Buantity bf^ CHRISTMAS PEA COOKS, TURKEYS, GEESE, DUCKS, FOWLS, PIGEONS: also SUCKING PIGS, CORN ROUNDS BEEF, OX TONGUES, &c. on Sale at 33 and 37, Hindley-street. GIVE YOUR ORDERS EARLY to - ,..:.. 355\'9 . .- ? ' . ASHER HANN. OR SALE, at R. PLACE'S STORE, Maclaren Wharf, PORT ADELAIDE— . PRIME FaT GEESE, DUCKS, FOWLS, TURKEYS, HAMS, BACON, &c. 356'f8 RF. - h O U T I T , ? i6, HINDLEY-STREET, -.;,.., Begs to call attention to the following Goods, on Sale:— FIRST-CLASS COLONIAL HAMS andBACON. PRIME LOAF CHEDDAR CHEESE. PRIME CHESHIRE CHEESE. R. F. LOUTIT, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCER, 6, Hindley-street. 327m wfc M c R ,0 8 T I E 'S ? WHOLESALE AND RETAIL TEA - v -WAREHOUSE, BUNDLE-STREET, ADELAIDE. CASH PRICE LIST. 8. d. Fine New Currants ... ... perlb. 0 41 Bottled Fruits (Very Fine) ... bot. 0 9i Half-pint Salad OU ? ' 0 5i- Pint ': .!. ... ... « 0 9i Mixed Pickles (New) ? ... ' 0 7* Sperm Candles. ... ... ... pkt. 0 9| Fine Colonial Soap ... ... lb. 0 3 New CanarySeed ? lb; 0 2J Queensland Pure Arrowroot, in J-lb. and 1-lb. Packets, Superior to anyimparted . . ? . from England, per lb ? 10 FINB NEW SEASON'S TEAS. Good Family Tea, perlb ? 1 4 Fine ' ' ??*'» ... ? 16 -c « «t ft' ^ ? ^ v \ j g « ' 'Mixed, perlb.1 Z 2 0^ Very Fine Full-flavoured Strong do. ... 2 6 ' ' ''' Choice Super Extra Fine ? 3 0 These Prices are understood to be for Caih oal^... ?...!.? '?. '' ?- :: j '' -'?:.' .'? The attention of Families is called 'to' our Extra Fine TEAS, packed in Tin Canisters weighing 16 lbs. gross, being^ both heavier and much better in quality than is usually to be got in Boxes. All: Goods delivered Free at Port Adelaide, Town, and Suburbs Daily. ; '? R McROSTIE'S 1 TEA WAREHOUSE, ; 109, RUNDLE-STREBT, ?OPPOSITE PLOUGH AND HARROW. ? 332mwf58v42 A A SYDNEY GOLDSAGK, fefe \J O From Gunter's, 'London, -. , Jj\f Has not removed, but still continues business, as heretofore, at No. 66, RUNDLE-STREET. SYDUEY GOLDSACK . has the LARGEST and BEST STOCK of CON FECTIONERY, BON BON3, BRIDE CAKE ORNAMENTS, FANCY CHOCOLATES, &q,, ''1 V &c, in South Australia. ' *~ SYDNEY GOLDSACK '. noted for the SUPERIOR STYLE in which ne PROVIDES BALL SUPPERS, DINNERS, WEDDING BREAKFASTS, BANQUETS, and „ . CATERING in all its branches. ,-;' :-. -SYDNEY GOLDSACK always keep a Large Stock of Bride Cakes. Please address in full— . : ^ . ? /. SYDNEY GOLDSACK, ; ...'/;*: WHOLESALE and RETAIL CONFECTIONER, r.r ?66,Rundde.strbet. : '298a- '- rpR1 'HOUSEHOLD' TEAS. 'WHERE CAN WE GET REALtYJG[Odb Tne^tTnHeiSgn'ecranswer 'this 'question sa&-' factorfly and completely ? by mvititig vthair Fellow-Colonists to use the.fiiie 'iSdUSBHOLIl, TEA' their Firm i* now advertisiag, 7! ' QUALITY-IS fHB'TiHrOF OHBAPNESS.' Our 'HQUSEHOLD TEAS.' are T-f-h%fa- $i&1i^0ve'yi^'d1|lIc&tdrAiid fragrant,' brisk, andpungfioj, giving satisfaction to every Family using them. ELLIS EDWARDS & CO., No. 24, HINDLEY-STRETO, 171mwfo OPPOSITBTHKATaBROTAL,

BFSIHESS 1T0TICE3 SMITH'S MONSTER CHRISTMAS 1 CAKE IS NOW READY, ,.. The CAKE, which CONTAINS a GOLD WEDDING RING, GENTLEMAN'S SCARF RING, and SILVER THIMBLE, will be_CUT UP on CHRISTMAS EVE. Orders taken at the Shop for any Quantity over -Two Pounds. Price, Is. per lb. (One Shilling). A Large and Varied Assortment of ENGLISH and FRENCH BON BONS, DOLLY VARDEN KISSES, TELEGRAPHIC DESPATCHES, 4a., &c., Just Unpacked. WEDDING and CHRISTMAS CAKES at All Prices. Picnic Parties, Tea Meetings, Suppers, &c, attended to in J. Smith's usual style. 358-*9 J. SMITH, 22, Hindley-street. TjtXTE&SIOK OF TIME. To accommodate Customers coming and going by the North Trains, and to meet the demands' of increasing business, the BANKSIDE VINE YARDS OFFICE, Currie-street, will be OPEN in future from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. DAILY. ? ? 340mho IOE! ICE!! ICE!!! Orders for the above respectfully solicited at the Manufactory, Franklin-street. 306mwfo F.C.RUSSELL. OTICE TO PUBLICANS. —The AERATED BREAD COMPANY are prepared to SUPPLY AERATED WATERS at 2s. per Dozen. 298c fTIRY THE ADELAIDE SOAP X POWDERS. . , 197mc T ABGE CABINET ORGAN. FOR JLJ SALE, equal to new, splendid tone. Address Organ, this office. 358,60,2 THIS CHRISTM A.S. h; muirhead's valuable stocks GOLD and SILVER WATCHES has been care fully Selected and Imported for this Season, and being all marked in Plain Figures, parties can judge for themselves, and have a WARRANTY from TWELVE to EIGHTEEN MONTHS. MUIRHEAD'S Selection of GOLD BROOCHES and EARRINGS, to suil; Young and Old, are also plainly 'marked, and the latest NEW PATTERN to selecVfrom; - I i SEE H. MUIRHEAD'S EXTENSIVE PREMISES . CORNER OF KING WILLIAM-STREET, ,- ADELAIDE. 325n*twe 'PUBLIC- ACCOMMODATION --.TACKMAN'S NeFdINING ROOilSf ?J..:JACKMAN tenders thfe thanks to his Friends -and the .Public for the very liberal support accorded to him during the past, and has the pleasure of informing them that having obtained a long Lease ho has made considerable Alterations, having built a large Dining Room, also Smoking and other Rooms. He feels confi dent that those who favour him with their patronage will find their Wants and Comfort studied. ;- - - : ?: ' BILL of FARE consists of Saup3, Fish, Poultry, Joints, Entrees,, Grills, -Pastry, Cheese, be, &c. Also Drinks of all kinds, First-clasa Wines, Tea, Coffee, Cocoa. A Roem for Ladies. Open from 8 tfll 8. ? 332m wfo TENDER JOINT r IN THE ' - ' HOTTEST WEATHER MAY BE - SECURED BY USING THE BISOLPHITfi 'OF^LIME, FOR PRE ' l SERVING MEAT, POULTRY, FISH, &c. In case say of a Famfly wishing to^ keep ia Leg of Mutton or a Sirloin of Beet for a week in hot or thundery, weather,: with the ther mometer at 90° in the shade, let them— : Take: Half a Pint of Bisulphite, a Desert Bpopnful of Salt, a Quart of Cold Water, and mix the same in a barin or earthen vessel Dip the meat in this solution for a few minutes, taking care to wet it all over.^ Wrap a cloth wet with the same round the joint, and hang it up, and a dip night and morning will ensure its keep ing sweet and fresh for almost any length of time, r ' ,' Game, Poultry, and Fish may be treated in the same way. Can anything be easier than this. , Bisulphite -of Lime may Jop had in LWine Bottles and Five-gallon Jars, Wholesale and Retail, from ; r ?* y '.V. 2 F. H. FAULDING k CO., Adelaide. S GOLDSACK, CONFECTIONER, ? ? AND GENERAL CATERER, ; Has REMOVED to NORTH-TERRACE, second door west of Dr. WhittelTs, where he will be glad to receive orders as usual for WEDDING and EVENING PARTIES, BRIDE CAKE3, &c. ii:.,v,t ? 297-368 ; OYSTERS. OY8T?RS. OYSTERS, FISH. FISH. FISH. FRESH FISH, MURRAY COD. SMOKED PISH, LOBSTER, CRAYFISH, SHRIMPS, CRABS, GAME, &c., &c Wholesale and Retail, at MOSELEY'S OYSTER ROOMS, 35, KING WILLIAM -STREET, ADELAIDE. - ' ? 179o THE BUCK'S HEAD LICENSED WEIGHBRIDGE will be OPEN oh and after SATURDAY, November 23. 327o : R. KIEKEBUSCH. ' AOITATICS CJOUTH, AUSTRALIAN YACHT O CLUB. * ENTRIES for RACES on NEW YEAR'S DAY will be received oaor before Tuesday, 24th December. ; ? 855,8 iP; HALL, Hon. Sec. ; BOABD AHD LOMOTft TWO or THREE GESTLEMEKcan be accommodated with Comfortable BOARD and RESIDENCE, good Stabling* Paddock, and Water, at the Hilton Hotel, one mile and a half from town. ' N.B.— First-class accommodation for Parties Travelling with Stock. ? a358-60 '\ LOSTATOTOTOD A IX FOUND, a WATCH SEAL. Owner may have it by describing and paying ex penses. F. W. Coi, Wakefield-street. 355,8 fpWO POUNDS REWARD,— LOST ?1 M, - froni Auburn^ a -Bay COB, branded 'J 'within ''diamond.' near_ thigh, white hind feet, sho£.^ An/V per^a,-'' returning tie same to Auburn Brewer^, or '63/ 'Hindley-street, will teceive the ibovereward. 35icv LOST, on Friday,, the 13ti inski near to Two Wells, One Bay MARE, branded AS near shoulder, belonging to Thoma* Hussey. If fftulid near Adelaide aad taken to the Black Swan Hotel, North-terrace, a reward^fl^U Wgivei, and' 80s. if delivered to Mir.Clofen, Two-Wella. » - - - ' '- -LjL- ** STR AYED,ifrQia the Royal Oak Hotel, North Adetaide^jne Blue COW. Any one iretunriug sainiJ^ r®Sg*0he Pound Reward. ? * ? 358-*9 'rf^tAMS i^tp my Sheep^ on or about \ji ike^^htoil-Q^Siler^^RAlB}^mnded like H on the back. The own^c jwi sfowJbBm by paying expenses. Jtr J^- J.EDWARDS, Conenka Station. SwanDort. December 17, 1872. 355-61t

AltU8EMEirT3 GRAND ATHLETIC GATHERING ? ON - THE ANNIVERSARY OF THE COLONY, MONDAY, the 30th Instamt, OPPOSITE THE TERMINUS HOTEL, GLENEIiG. UHDEfi;'DlSTINQUI3H£D PATROHAQB. THE GREATEST RACE EVER ATrEMPTED IN THE WORLD. ^ A. B^BIRD, CHAMPION RUNNER OF THE WORLD, will ? CONTEST AGAINST NINE MEN A RACE OF TEN MILES for £ioo; C. FIELDER, Champion Long Distance Runner of South Australia, will, for the first time, contend against BIRD the first two miles ; the other Eight Men to run one mile ; every competitor to complete his distance, Bird running Ten Miles. THE GREATEST FEAT EVER KNOWN. EACH MAN BEATING BIRD TO RECEIVE. £10 or a Trophy of the Same Value. ENTRANCE FREE. All Entries for this Race to be made on or before Saturday, the 21st inst All competitors to give a written entry, as Bird runs entirely on his merits. Two Northern Territory Gentlemen and three Aboriginals have already given in their names for competition, making six of the number required. The following i3 the Programmer First Event.— 100 Yards, for Boys under H years; in divisions. Prize, £1. Entrance, Is. Second Event.— 150 Yards Handicap, for All Comers; in divisions. First prize, £3; 2nd prize, £1. Entrance, 23. 6d. Third Event.— Two Miles Walking Handicap. Prize, £2. Entrance, 2$ Fourth Event.— 440 Yards Handicap; in divi sions. First prize, £2; 2nd prize £1. Entrance, 2s. 6d. Fifth Event. — The great event as above — A. E. BIRD V. NINE MEN ? 10 MIPS. Sixth Event.— One Mile Bicycle Steeplechase. Prize, £2. Entrance, 23. Seventh Event.— Half Mile Handicap Flat Race. Prize, £2. Entrance, 2s. . Neatest Costume, Prize £1. To wind up with a Donkey Race for a Splendid Silver Cup; one mile heats. Each Rider to appear in Colours. Three Entries or do Pace. Entrance, 5s., to be made on or before 24lhinst. , ' ? , ; ? ? : ; All Entries for the above Races '; .'to be mada at Mr. Elburn's, the Imperial Hotel, King William-street, Adelaide, on or befpjft t)»e 24th December instant. Colours to be named at tamp, of entry. Handicaps will appear ia the. mornkuj papers of the 27th instant. A fine enclosed Ground has been secured opposite the Tsramus Hotel, capable of holding 12,000 people, with a Carriage Reserve. The C0NCORDIA BAND will be in atten dance. Gates opened at 1 o'clock p.m. Sports commence at 2 o'clock p.m. sharp. Admission, Is. Grand Stand and Carriage Reserve, 2s. 6d.j children, half-price. 351mwfo H. J. ELBURN, Hon. Sao. rriHE FIRST GRAND CALEDONIAN JL GATHERING AND ASSAUT D'ARMES. EXHIBITION GROUND, NEW YEAR'S DAY. Under the Patronage of His Worship the Mayor of Adelaide, A, F. BARTKLS,Esq. The Hon. George Stevenson. R. Barr Smith, Esq. . Captain McLean. - Dr. Mato. J. T. TURNBULL, Esq. ~ - - Charles Ronald McDonnell, Glengarry. E. T. Smith, Esq. Captain Rankink. Alex. S. Paterson, Esq. Captain Warren. John Newman, Esq. And the Committee. Handicapper— H. G. Kingston, Esq. MUSIC by TWO BANDS and the PRIZE PIPER ??'??'' PROGRAMME. Essats, &c— A Silver Cup will be given for the Best Essay on Australian Exploration, and Three Silver Medals for the Best Original Poetical Compositions in English, Broad Scotch, and Gaelic. . Champion Intercolonial Wrestling/ Cornish and Devon. Open to All Comers. For the Champion Belt and £10 10s.; second prize, £5 5s. ' : ??????;:-:?:.. : Grand Equestrian Tournament. Tilting Match-r-prize, £& 5s. . Cavalry Post Practice, Attack and Defence— prize, £5 5s. Pipe Music? prize, £3 3s.-^-Marohe8, Peobroechs, Reels, and Strathspeys. ; r v Dances; prize, £3 3s.— Gillie Callum, Reel of Tuiloch, Highland FUng. , - f . '. A. E. BIRD, Champion Pedestrian' will Run Six Miles against Three Whites and Three Blacks. '???.',? ? ? Champion Quoit Matches. Opest' to all the Colonies. Eighteen Yards Match— Prizes, £3 3s., £2 2s., £1 10s., and 15a. Twenty-One Yards Mateh— Prizes, £3 3s., £22a.,£l 10s. and 15s. Velocipede Steeplechase, Handicap, One Mile, over Eight Hurdles. First prize, £2 2a. ; second prize, £1 Is. ; ? / , Running in Sacks, 200 yards.— For boys under 15. Post entrance. Prize, £1 ls.{ Tossing the Caber.— Prize, £1 Is. Flat Race, 100 Yards Handioap.— Open to all Prize,£22s. Two Miles Handicap Walking Match.— Prize, £22a. Velocipede Race, Boys, One Mile.— Prize, £lls. r. Putting the Stone.— Prize, £1 Is. , 440 Yards Handicap Flat Race.— Open to alL First prize, £2 2s. ; second prize, £1 Is. Best Dressed in Highland Costume. — Prize, £22s. Swing Boats. Shooting Gallery. Aunt Sally. Skittles. . Gates open at 11 o'clock, to commence at 12 noon. Entries to be made to the Hon. Secretary, at the Flagstaff Hotel, Franklin«stoet, not later than 10 p.m. on Saturday, 28th December, with Entrance Fee of 2s. 6d. for each event. Com petitors to name Colours , at time, of entry. Prizes in Money or Trophies at option of Winner. . . A SPLENDID GRAND STAND and CAR RIAGE RESERVE. Admission, Is. ; Reserve and Stand, 2s. 6d.; Children and Schools, Half-price. Carriage Reserve, 2a. 6d. In the Evening, , «... ; A GRAND FESTIVAL BALL; MAGNIFICENT FIREWORKS, ; GRAND BALLOON ASCENT. AT NINE O'CLOCK, ONE HUNDRED NEW YEAR'S GIFTS. To terminate at Half -part Ten. _The CATERING will be under the' Manage ment of Mr. Thomas Humphreys, and refresh* menU of every description will be procurable on the Ground. Luncheon at 1 p.m- 358f6Qk mEMPERANCB HALL BAND OF JL fiOPE.- CHRISTMAS 8OIREE on MONDAY, December 23. MUSIC aad RECI TATIONS. Chair will be takea at 7.30. Admission, 6d.; Children, half -price, S^^

AMTTSEMEirrS TiBATHB R O Y A L. BOXING DAY. THURSDAY, DECEMBER 26. THE BLONdI^ TROUPE IN THEIR MIRACULOUS, ; DARING, EXTRAORDINARY, AND MARVELLOUS FEATS AKD PANTOMIME. Frogramme in bills and future advertisenients. , . ' , . IT REDUCTION OF PRICES. .&} ; Dress Circle, 4s.; Stalls, 23^ 6d.; Pit, Is. 6d.; Gallery/ls. ? 358o H-E M.U. OF ODDFELLOWS1 PICNIC ' : Wfll be held on JANUARY 1, 1873, ' v ??'???? at the Grounds of W. Duffield, Esq., near Gawler. The following Handicap Races for valuable Prizes will take place. Entries will be received by the Secretary of the Race Committee, at the Hotel Europe, until 8 o'clock p.m., Monday, December 23, 1872:— No. 3. 440 Yards Handicap Hurdle Race, entranced : No. 5.. 220 Yards Handicap Flat Raco, en trance Is. 6d. No. (i. One Mile Handicap Flat Race, entranco 2s.'- No. 7. 150, Yards Handicap Flat Race, en trance Is. , No. 8. One Mile Handicap Walking Match, entrance 2s. No. 10. 440 Yards Handicap Flat Race, en trance Is. 6d. No. 12. 220 Yards Handicap Hurdle Race, entrance Is. 6d. ., Three to enter or no raco. ,; Entries for the other Events will bo taken oa the Ground. . For further particulars see Programmes. Trains from the Goods Shed at 9.30 and 10 a.m. and 12.30 p.mi Return Tickets, 33. 6d., including admission to the Grounds. Children under six half-price. The Annual Ball at the Town Hall in tha evening. D. BATTAMS, Chairman. 347mh58 R. J. WILLSHIRE, Hon. Seo. THE E V E R G RE EN. The many acts of kindness and good wishes bestowed upon me by the people of Adelaide have induced me to place my Picture once more in the ' ' 1 r . ; ,? TOWN HALL . , , for 14 days, andJ beg respectfully to; state that this will be the last tune of itsExhibition'in tha Colonies, DECEMBER 23flD untU JANUARY 8th. ON VEBW from 11 to 1, from 2 to 6, and -from 7 to 10 p.m. ? r AdmiEsion,.ls. ;XMdren, Half -prioo. 358o . ?:??:.: J. R, DRY. pi !tY;OF A J), Eii A I ©U The City Council invite APPLICATIONS until Tuesday, the 24th December inst., from persons competent to fill the duties of IN SPECTOR OF VEHICLES, INSPECTOR OF WEIGHTS AND MEASURES, REGISTRAR OF DOGS, and INSPECTOR UNDER THE WIDTH OF TIRES ACT ; also for a CABET in the same office. Applications to be ia appli cants' own handwriting. Further particulars can be obtained at th'a Town Clerk* Office. By order, THOMAS WORSNOP, Town Clork. Town Clerk's Office, Town Hall, ; December 16, 1872. 853fmt9 TITINING MANAGER.— WANTED ilX a thoroughly trustworthy and competent Manager to take charge of the Mines and Works of the Melbourne and Champion Bay Lead Mining Company at Champion Bay, Western Australia.. Applicants are requested to accompany their application with copies of tesrimonuls as to their ability, experience, and character; and none need apply whose antecedents will not bear the strictest scrutiny. Applications wiil be received until Tuesday, 24th December, 1872. JAMES FOWLER, General Manager. 41, Queen-street, Melbourne, 353rm8 ANTED, an Experienced CAPTAIN for the PARARA MINING AND SMELTING COMPANY, LIMITED. Appli cation to he made to Mr. E. Parnell, Kadina, before the 1st of January next. 358,61,3,6 WANTED, FRENCH POLISHERS. 324mwfc G. R. DEBNEY. Tli|'EDICAL.— A Qualified Medical XIX Man, lately from England, is open to an ENGAGEMENT as ASSISTANT, Locum Tenens, or any other appointment. Apply Medicus, office of this paper. 354,8,90 ANTED, House of Six or Seven Rooms, North Adelaide, for a term of three or five years. Rent moderate. Address D., office of this paper. 356*9 ?T^IREWOOD WANTED, at William J. W. Blyth's, in 4' feet lengths. Price according to quality. ? 347c WANTED, in January, a Person to. ASSIST with CHILDREN on a Voyage to England. Engagement to cease on arrival. Apply te Mrs. R. Barr Smith, Briers. a3569 ANTED, Two First-class SMITHS. Constant employment. - James Martin and Co., Phoenix Foundry, Gawler. 356 j WANTED, a W Strong LADS. Apply Adelaide Meat - Preserving Works, Woodville. . . ? ; 356c A FEW RIVETTERS and FINISHERS WANTED at theSOUTH AUSTRALIAN BOOT FACTORY. Constant . employment. Apply Alex. Dowie; 63,Rundlo street. ,. 355o miN SMITHS WANTED.' Apply X Adelaide Meat - Preserving Company, Limited, Woodville. ',.';:' V, 356-t3vllj WANTED, by a respectable Young ,, Person,, a Situation a? BARMAID or firSt-Class .Waitress.1 Mrs.* Burnet'flj ^y§fi Fitch's. ' . , ; . i 855*** TIUN TED,' Bmari TBOY, t» Afark v V.V - ? Bilharda for Country Hotel. . Apply vto F.Stanley, Grenfell-street, Adelaide. 356T» ANTED, a WETNURSE, near Sturt^treet. Apply to Dr. Campbell, UDmediately. - r ; ; . '-' ? '; j 3wc| FNTED, a aUNIOR, HA?!). R..N. Gault & Co.i \i, Rundla-straet. 1 J ? 354o ? - . , ? u.'' t--» WANTED, ft few smart, intelligent Boys as RUNNERS. Apply at th* ' Evening Journal Offioas, Groofell-fitrwt,