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BELIglOnS H0TICB8 jp~Y~r~Y mT I S S I ON. TT»« OLD VICTORIA THEATRE will be formally OPENED for CITY MISSION WORK on SUNDAY, September 8, when ADRESSES ?will be delivered by the Revs. C. B. Symes, J. Hbtoerson, and T. Jakes. Service to commence at 3 p.m, ANNUAL TEA MEETING on MONDAY EVENING, at half-past 6. ? 250'! R. T. J. GOBS will PREACH (D.V.) in the TOWN HALL on LORD'S DAY EVENING, September 8. Subject—' The GoepeL' Service to commence punctually at half-past 6. ' 233sc RESBYTERIAN CHURCH BAZAAR, WALLAROO. Friends working for the above are requested to FORWARD their PARCELS to the Ladies' Committee, Wallaroo, by the 1st of October next. mn J. BEATON, Hon. Sac. PUBLIC HOTICEB UNDER THE PATRONAGE OF HIS EX CELLENCY THE GOVERNOR AND MISS FERGUSSON. THEBAZAAE Ik Am of ST. PAUL'S DAY - SCHOOL, EAST ADELAIDE, Will OPEN on TUESDAY, Sept. 17.. at 2.30 p.m., IN THE TOWN HALL, And will be Continued on that and Following Days, until 10 p.m. THE FLORAL STALL is under the direction of Rupert iNGLEBY.Esq. In addition to Stalls, on which there will be exhibited for Sale a great variety of Useful and Fancy Articles, there will be a FLORAL STALL, a REFRESHMENT STALL, a GALVANIC BATTERY, a WEIGHING-MACHINE, MUSIC at intervals during the Day and Evening. On FRIDAY, the 20th, A GRAND PROMENADE CONCERT. Admittance Daily— One Shilling; Children, Sixpence. ^ ? **? OTAL ABSTINENCE ALLIANCE. The ANNUAL TEA and PUBLIC MEETING will be held in the Exchange-Room, TOWN HALL, on TUESDAY EVENING next. Tea at 6 o'clock, and Meeting at 7. For par ticulars, see bills. T. BURGAN, Hon. Sec. Gffles-street, September 6, 1872. 251 -'4 THE BLIND AND DEAF AND DUMB ASYLUM. I shall esteem it a favour if Gentlemen who have Lists or Circulars, with amounts promised for the above benevolent object, or other persons ?who intend to subscribe, will forward their names' to me as early as possible, as I am anxious to call a meeting of the subscribers forthwith. To save expense I shall acknowledge all amounts received or promised at the first meeting. WM. TOWNSEND. King William-street, September 5, 1872. - ? 250cv WE the Undersigned, carrying on Business as Timber and General     Merchants, Shipping and Commission Agents, under the Style or Firm of ROBIN & LE MESSURIER, have This Day, and by mutual consent, DISSOLVED PARTNESHIP. Mr. Robin will for the future Carry on, for his own account and benefit, the BUSINESS of the SARNIA TIMBER YARD; and Mr. LE MES- SURIER will, for his own account and benefit, CONTINUE the SHIPPING and COMMIS- SION BUSINESS. We respectfully ask our Constituents and Customers for a continuation to us individually of the liberal support which was accorded to the old Firm. All ACCOUNTS due to Robin & Le Messurier are to be PAID TO Mr, T. ROBIN, who also will Discharge all Claims against the late Firm. Dated this thirty-first day of August. 1872. ? THEOPHILUS ROBIN. PETER LE MESSURIER. Witness to Signatures— A. J. Edmunds, Solicitor, Port Adelaide. ? 247,9,51 T17 E HEREBY GIVE NOTICE of ? V our INTENTION to APPLY to the Hon. the Commissioner of Crown Lands FOR a LEASE, FOR GOLD MINING PURPOSES, of a PORTION of CROWN LANDS, situated in 'DEAD HORSE GULLY,' near NORTH GUMERACHA, 15 chains in length, on a bearing 20° E. of N., by 9 chains in width. YOUNG & MACKIE. August 30, 1872. ? 244s58 NOTICE.— We hereby give notice that the Business heretofore carried on by ub under the Style and Firm of HORNER and MOORHOUSE will for the future be conducted under the Title of W. MOORHOUSE & CO. 250-'3v58 HORNER k MOORHOUSE. DR. CAREY being about to leave for England requests that all ACCOUNTS due by him be Furnished, and those due to him be Paid during the present month. a249'55 TVfOTICE. — All GOATS, PIRSJ 1.1 DOGS, FOWLS, &c, FOUND TRES PASSING on my Property, part Section No. 222, Goodwood Park, will be DESTROYED. Any PERSON or PERSONS found DESTROY ING the FENCE to the said Property, or Com mitting any Nuisance on the same, will be PROSECUTED. x GEO. HOWELL. COMPANIES _TO BOCIETIES rrtHE NATIONAL MARINE A INSURANCE COMPANY OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA. A DIVIDEND of Three Shillings per Share, or 10 per Cent, per annum, is payable at this Office on and after the 5th September, 1872. By order of the Board, 247,9,51,3,5,7 ? H. COWIE, Secretary. MDJIKG NOTICES, THE REGISTERED OFFICE of the STANLEY COPPER MINING COM PANY, LIMITED, is at TEMPLE-CHAMBERS, Currie-street, Adelaide. Dated this fifth day of September, 1872. CULLEN & WIGLEY, _x ? Solicitors to the Company. gALT CREEK MINE. The SHARE LIST wuTcLOSE on MONDAY, Stlxinst. Prospectus may be had at the office, 92, TWng Wflham-street ' . 251-'3 C H. YOUNG, Acting Secretary. riTBE EARL DALHOUSLE COPPER 1 MINING COM^ANY^GREEN'S PLAINS. - NOTCCE.-The SHARE-LIST' in the above * »T^pS2Ve CMfflD m Application for Shares to be made to the National Bank. . J. H. HALL, Jp . F. W. GURNER-}Fromoter8» Kadina, September 3, 1872. 249*53 MUNICIPAL C0UHCH8. ^CORPORATION OF UNLEY. -? NOTICE is hereby given that the COLLECTOR trffl TAKE LEGAL PROCEEDINGS to RE : COVER all RATES that remain UNPAID on the 30th September next. By order, JOHN WATERMAN, Town Clerk. ! ??' Town Clerk's Office, Haley. : August 31, 1872, 247,9,51 -??-??.- . j ?

PEINCE ALFRED SAILORS' HOME, PORT ADELAIDE. rPflE Executive Committee gratefully acknowledge the assistance received from Donors, JL whose names are given below. In conformity with a Parliamentary resolution lately passed, the Committee are now soliciting new donations for the completion, furnishing, and proper utilization of the building. These subscriptions, to the extent of £2,000, will be supplemented by the Government. Each new gift being doubled in this way, the Com mittee will receive from the Crown the substantial help which they have all along been led to anticipate. In the past a portion of the funds had to be used for providing a roadway to and embankment around the large block of land which was presented. The general character of Port Adelaide foundations also prevented the erection of only j-artof lie building at first with a view to future extension. Much more internal accom modation than is at present required is consequently provided through the simultaneous erection of the entire structure. The Committee are burdened at the moment with an overdraft of £1,869. The interest thereon will in all probability be fully met by the rental from three rooms to be temporarily occupied by the Marine Board; but an early remittance of new donations would confer a favour. Large or small sums will be thankfully received by the Hon. Treasurer, Mr. John Formby, J.P.j or the Hon. Secretary, Mr. A. S. Neill, Port Adelaide. ? o ? SUBSCRIPTIONS, &c, RECEIVED TO 31st DECEMBER, 1871. £800 0 0 fO. F. Angaa, J.P. , . £600 0 O I In Land— Port Land -Company. £500 0 0 4 H.M. -Government. : .. ? . £200 O OjHon. J. Hart, CM. G. £150 O OsHon. T. Elder, W. W. Hughes, J.P, £100 -) 0^ J. Bickers, W. H. Charnock, A. L. Elder, South Australian Company. £50 0 0 His Koyal Highness the Bake of Edinburgh, H. Simpson, R, B. h- Smith. - £2815 2^Chas. Fenn&Son. J ' \ £25 0 0 D Bower, Giles & Smith, Harrold Brothers, Henry Hill, J. Newman & Son, { R. A. Tarlton, Henry Scott, G. & R. Wills & Co., Geo. Wills. ? £21 0 0-A. flail. £21 0 0— P. D. Prankerd. £20 0 0— J. H. Angas, Thos. Graves, Harris, Scarfe, & Co., Magarey & Co., Ogilby, Moore, & Co. - £15 15 0— Captain D. Bruce. £15 0 0— Mrs. N. Blyth (three years), J. Formby, W. Morgan & Co., A, 8. Neill, Ships of Orient line. £10 10 0— Andrews, Thomas, & Clark, Devitt & Moore, J. C. Dixon, J. Dunn & Co., Johnston & Murphy, Lawrence, Clark, & Joyce, National Marine Insurance Company, H. F. Shipster, Southern Insurance Company, T. Southey and Son, Townsend, Botting, & Kay, Captain F. Wagstaffe, G. D. Young. £10 o 0— Adelaide Marine and Fire Insurance Co., Anderson, Anderson & Co., J. Cotton & Co., Captain W. Elder, F. H. Faulding, H. C. Fletcher, J. Gilbert, H. C. Gleeson, Mrs. J ohnstone, W. M. Letchford, Thos. Murray, T. J. Mitchell, Randell & Johnstone, Robin & Le Messurier, F. Sach, J. M. Sinclair, S. Tomkinson. £5 5 0— Captain H. R. Angel, Carter, Tyas, & Co., Cleland, Mitchell, &Co., Donald son, Andrews, & Co., English & Australian Copper Co., Hazard & Calde cott, L. Hansen, J. Hodgkiss & Co., H. B. Hughes, Capt. J. Legoe, Capt. B. Lodwick, D. & W. Murray, J. Primrose, T. Reynolds, A. & A. T Scarfe and Co., Solomon & Co., R. Stuckey, J. Tidmarsh & Co., S. J. Way, Geo. 'Williams. £5 0 0— C. &. Bagot, J. G. A. Branthwaite, W. J. Brind, D. Brown, Mrs. E. G. Collinson, C. H. T. Connor, Rev. F. W. Cox, C. Farr, D. & J. Fowler, A Friend (T), H. Gawler, O. H. Gooch, G. W. Hawkes, A. Hay, W. Howes, B. & R. Main, Lieut. Markham and Officers Blanche, E. M. Martin, J. Neill, W. Purdy, J. Kawlings, F. Reynolds, D. W. Scott, Right Rev. Bishop Short, J. Stone, D. Tapley, R. Tapley, Universal Marine Insurance Co. £3 3 0— E. Alger, G. A. & H. Bartleet, R. H. Ferguson, S. Mocatta, C. B. Young. £3 0 0— Thos. Neill. £2 12 0— Unclaimed accounts per E. S. & Co. £2 10 0— Assistants at G-. & R. Wills & Co.'s, Rev. S. Green. £2 2 0— J. M. Anderson & Co., Hon. H. Ayers, F. J. Beck & Co., Bell & Cross, W. Blackler, W. J. Crawford, H. D. Cruttenden; H. D. Dale, J. Darling, Derwent and Tamar Assurance Co., Capt. J. C. Dixon, Jas. Dunne, Editor of Advertiser, P. Falk & Co., Jas. Fisher, Galloway & Clark, A. Gaedechens and Co., Goode Brothers, Dr. Gosse, Joshua Gurr, John Hains, James Hill, Rev. M. H. Hodge, C. A. Hornabrook, Capt. A. Johnston, Johnston and Furniss, C. L. Meyer & Co., New Zealand Insurance Co,, Capt. W. Orchard, J. Robin & Co., G. Shaw, E. T. Smith, J. B. Spence, W. & J. Storrie, H. L. Vosz, E. S. Wigg, E. M. Young. ? . . £2 0 0— Adamson Brothers, Deceased Friend (per Rev. G. J. Rechner), A. Gore, R. Jagoe, A. Macgeorge, S. Marshall, E. Spicer. £1 14 6— Capt. R. Phillips. - £1 14 0— Sergeant Bonning. £1 11 6-G. R. Debney. £1 1 0— Anonymous (one), Capt. Andrew, G. L. Anthony, Armbruster & Uhlmann, C. D. Aston, O. A. Babbage, W. Bakewell, BaUantyne & Co., T. Barlow ani Son, G. Baynton, Belt & Mann, ft. G. Bo wen, J. G. Brown, H. B. Bray, W. C. Buik, G. Cant, Capt. J. Catto, A. F. Christen & Co., Clarke, McKenzie, & Co., J. E. Clinch, G. A. Connor, R. Cooper, G. W. Cotton, A. Cunningham, two Captains, each, M. C. Davies, A. Dowie, Ellis and Chittleborougb, Rev. G. H. Farr, Gray & Schroeder, Dr. Gething, E. and W. Hackett, S. Haddy, C. 'Hains, A. Hallett, H. H. Haussen, R. Hutton, R. Kay, C. L. Klisser, C. Lamb, 3'. Lavin, Captain T. Louttit, W. Mair, T. F. McCoull, D. Melville, J. Menpes, H. Muirhead, H. D. O'Halloran. J. F. Pascoe, Paull & Meredith, Captain Pickhills, R. & B., S. Sach, P. Santo, C. Schilling, W. D. Scott, Captain Simmonds, A. Simpson, Captain T. Sivier, E. H. Smith, Jas. Smith, Jno. Smith, Syme & Sison, W. Sykes, R E. Tapley, C. E. Tidemann, A. Tilemann, W. B. Towler, Messrs. Tuxford, W. C. Uren, T. H. Vardy, T. Whinnerah, Dr. Whittell, G. Wyatt, Dr. Wylde, J. Yeo. £1 0 0— B. Amsberg, F. Calf, Rev. R. S. Casely, H. G. Crocker & Co, H. C. Ford, a Friend, J. R. Gurner, F. G. Harrington, J. A. Holden, F. Hustler, H. Hussey, W. Isbister, Captain Milbanke, Captain J. Munro, W. Neill, Rev. A. Rigge, J. Steele, A. D. Tassie, V. S. & Co., Captain D. Watson. £0 12 6— Dr. Knipe. £0 10 6— Captain W. Allen, T. Burgoyne, E. H. Butler, W. C. Carter, W. A. Cawthome, R. Cottrell, J. W. Egan, J. Evans, D. Gall, J. Galloway, J. C, Genders, W. Goode, G. A. Heseltine, T. Hack, A. Irvine, G. James, W. Johnson, A. Jones, R. J., S. King, M. MacLachlan, H. Mildred, T. Moyle, H. Noltenius, R. Ranford, T. S. Reed, W. H. Selway, Shawyer & Bowen, W. Wyatt. £0 10 0— J. Butterworth, J. S. Duncan, L. Fidge, A Friend (H. & S.), Gault & Scott, C. P. Glover, W. H. Godfrey, J. Kimpton, W. R. Lawson, Rev. J. Lyall, Captain Mowatt, Miss Phillips, S. Smith, J. T. Turnbull, H. H. Walters, J. M. Wendt, Geo. Wood. £0 9 0— Assistants at J. Hodgkiss & Co.'s. From Friends, £4 5s. 6d. Small SumB, £13 12s. ENTERTAINMENTS, viz., Amateurs (Port), £13: H.M.S. Blanche, £28 16s. 3d.; HindmarshSocieties, £14 10s.; Histrionic Society, £44 10s. 3d.; Juvenile Christy's, £7; Ship Liberator, £7 5s. 3d.; Captain Louttit's (twice), £15 13s. 6cL; Young Men's (Port), £22 7s. EXCURSIONS to Ships, viz., Arab Steed, £2 10s.; Collingrove, £9; Duke of Suther land, £5 17s. 6d; Hugh Fortescue^ £2 10s.; Orient, £12 15s.; St.' Vincent, £9 19s.; South Australian (twice), £58 2s. 6d.; Yatala, £6 5s. Interest on Deposits— Bank of Adelaide, £100 6s. 2d.; Savings Bank, £23 9s. lid. Total, including Land, £4,639 Is. ? A. S. NEILL, Hon. Secretary. Port Adelaide, September, 1872. 251w5

SEWING MACHINES. r. -J3lL BUY W™ MACHINES FROM A PRACTICAL %mp£3ll^ MACHINIST. uuSi^^ii^MsMF -^e Undersigned having just completed his NEW and Ml \ J | TOY COMMODIOUS PREMISES, respectfully invites the Public to fi \ Iffl U £84 iDSPect *»» LARGE and VARIED ASSORTMENT of MACHINES a It ^%9 |W Til by the following Makers:— HOWE, SINGER, WHEELER and I 11/ \ Is2S WILSON, ALBERTA, LA SILENCIEUSE, PROGRESS, LITTLE H/Il 71^5 STRANGER, WEIR, and others, at REDUCED PRICES. tri n'W SEWING-MACHINES REPAIRED. JLJl ?^gggggJUM ^ BRASS-FOUNDING and FINISHING carried on as usual at the Ijj^pjrir ADELAIDE MACHINE DEPOT. A. W. D O B B I E, Proprietor. GAWLER. PLACE. A. W*. D., having engaged a FIRST-CLASS GUNSMITH, is prepared to execute REPAIRS to[GUNS and PISTOLS of every description. N.B.— Satisfaction guaranteed. 188thscv HOLDEN & BIRRS, Having FITTED UP the WHOLE of the UPPER STOREY of their EXTENSIVE PREMISES, CORNER of GAWLER-PLACE AND RTJNDLE-STREET, J^m^S AS A SHOWROOM FOR s^™^^. U W n SADDLERY, HARNESS, CI1J \S? WHIPS, &a, VS/ ow invite their Friends and the General Public to Inspect the Stock, which will be found replete with every requirement in their line of business. ^ ' SADDLES, HARNESS, WHIPS, &c, MADE on the PREMISES. The LARGEST and BEST STOCK of COLONIAL-MADE SADDLERY and HARNESS in AUSTRALASIA. HO LDEN & B.I R K S. ™

DSAPEEY AJD CLOTHIHQ J.T.FICKLING, TAILOR, &o, 16, HINDLEY-STREET, Wishes to call the attention of HIS FRIENDS AND PATRONS to his NEW AND CHOICE STOCK of WINTER GOODS, nd would respectfully invite an inspection of the same. He would also remind them that SACH ARTICLE IS CUT BY HIMSELP and made under his own supervision by FIRST-CLASS WORKMEN. ? - ? lllthac JUPUt-ttSS HOTICEB FACTS FOR THE PEOPLE. THE WHEELER & WILSON SEWING-MACHINE (REDUCED PRICES) ETas recently attracted so much attention ana -ecome so great a favourite with the public that sellers of counterfeit Machines have in the most shameless manner advertised and exhibited their Machines under the well-known name, 'WHEELER & WILSON.' This is done in an artful manner, so as to avoid egal proceedings. No imitation Machine can compare with the )riginal. None work so well; None will last so long; And, at the rednced prices, None are cheaper. No Machines are genuine except they have ;he Trade Mark, ROBIN ¥ BIRKS, 38, RUNDLE-STREET, SOLE AGENTS FOR SOVTHA USTRALIA. ? 220cv /_DAMS'S PATENT DOUBLE- ACTION CENTRAL-FIRE BREECH-LOADING REVOLVER, As exclusively adopted by H.M. 'War Department. Fhe finest London Manufacture, and warranted. Sole Manufacturers by special Steam Machinery, fliDAMS'S PATENT SMALL ARMS COMPANY Contractors to H.M. War Department. JOHN ADAMS, Managing Director, 391, Strand, London, W.C., THE SOLE ADDRESS. This Company is now converting the Service 54-gauge Revolvers to this system for H.M. War Department. BBB9 _D___| Diagram of 24 shots at 30 yards' BBSB distance made at Woolwich with this IHsSM Revolver at a target one foot square. Reprints of the articles on the competitive trial at the Royal Arsenal, Woolwich, from the limes, Daily lelcgraph, Engiiuer, Pall Mall Gazette, together with Price Lists and other particulars, can be obtained on application. Breech-Loading Rifles, Guns, and Appur tenances of all kinds. Tftsfw DOUBLY RECTIFIED SPIRITS OP WINE. TO WINEGROWERS CHEMISTS, &c. h. lTnde, COPPERSMITH AND DISTILLER, 87, RUNDLE-STREET, having A LARGE STOCK OP SPIRITS, 60 oip. and over, distilled through his New and Excellent Still, from the best Grapes, offers the same at ERY LOW PRICES. 202mso SIMPSON & SO ITS ADELAIDE PATENT FIREPROOF SAFES, which have SUCCESSFULLY WITHSTOOD A MORB' SEVERE TEST as to their FIRE-RESISTING QUALITIES than any yet manufactured, are now beinp supplied by them at LONDON PRICES. Manufactory— GRENFELL-STREET and GAWLER-PLACE, ? 183wse ?yiCTORIA VARNISH COMPANY, MANUFACTURERS of VARNISHES. JAPANS, &c., * OIL BOILERS and REFINERS, LIST Pf Yabhishes and Prices on application* G. DODGSON, lSffhse Ag^nt for South Australia. ^

BUSINESS NOTICES , K^ POLLACK,^ CEELONGll^^^^fc) BALLARAT EXHIBITION^^^^^^XKIBITIOK 3r/ EUROPEAN EXHIBITION sl\3B FIHST PRIZE AWARDED AT THE SANDHURST EXHIBITION, Held 20th March, 1872. CUNNINGHAM'S, ADELAIDE, SOLE AGENTS FOR SOUTH AUSTRALIA. ? 146thscv PIANOFORTES. GENUINE INSTRUMENTS, BUILT EXPRESSLY FOR THE CLIMATE Other Makers' Instruments at Lowest Prices. Just received a small Shipment of ALEX ANDRE'S HARMONIUMS. P. FALK & CO., IMPORTERS AND MERCHANTS, 'Gawler-place. 181thsc PIANOFORTES ON EASY TERMS OF PAYMENT. On the system in vogae in Melbourne, viz., Twelve Monthly Instalments. Thus— A Piano, value £36, £3 per month. A Piano, value £42, £3 10s. per month. A Piano, value £48, £4 per month. A Piano, value £54, £4 10s. per month. PIANOS of higher value, HARMONIUMS and CABINET ORGANS in the same way. Large Supply of NEW MUSIC, MUSICAI MAGAZINES, and BRASS BAND INSTRU MENTS. At WOODMAN'S MUSIC ROOMS, 97thso Next the Globe Hotel. fTtHE Late Franco ? Prussian 1 WAR Having caused the Price of Roofing Iron to rise WITH fearful rapidity in AUSTRALIA, T. MARTIN & SON beg to inform the Public generally that they are SELLING ROOFING SLATE at VERY LOW PRICES. HEADSTONJB and MONUMENTS, MARBLE and SLATE MANTELPIECES, SLATE FLOORS, &c, exceedingly Cheap. T. Mabtin & Son, Builders, &c, Waymouth-st. ? - 198thsc TRADE SOAP. -jg_i SOAP, MARK. '- HIGHEST CASH PRICE given for TALLOW, BUTCHERS' FAT, &c, &c. G. SCHWAN, 188ths277v Gawler Steam Soap Wobks. ?pRAOTICAL WATCHMAKING. ?5 gig i^^m 1 * * REPAIRS CAREFULLY EXECUTED. WATCHES CLEANED, 3s. CLEANING, EXAMINING, & GUARANTEE fora YEAR, 5s. 172thsc F. HAGEDORN, 61, HIND LEY-STREET, 61 PLUMBER, PAINTER, GLAZIER, AND PAPERHANGER. Oils, Colours, Window-Glass, &c, Wholesale and Retail. PaperhasgiDgs in great variety. ^ Picture-Frame and Room Mouldings of every description. Nobles & Hoare and Manders's Varnishes. Kent & Co.'s Superior Plasterers' Distemper' ing and Painters' Brushes. All Orders for every description of Work, in Town or Country, punctually attended to, under the personal superintendence of P. H. 47thso TjlLINrS ALARUM CLOCKS, at 10a. J? 6d. and 1 3s. 6d. , warranted for 12 month?. FLINT'S COTTAGE CLOCKS from 83. 6U, warranted for 12 months. ' FLINTS EIGHT-DAY CLOCKS, with or with out Alarum, warranted for 12 months. FLINT'S IRON BEDSTEADS, a great variety to select from, and at very Low Prices. FLINT'S MATTRESSES and PALLIASSES, all sizes and various qualities. FLINT'S Polished CEDAR WASBSTANDS, 14s. FLINT'S CHESTS of DRAWERS, from £3. FLINT8 Strong Polished Back SOFAS, from 30s. FLINT'S Colomal-Made CEDAR CHAIRS at 8s. FLINT'S BRONZED FENDERS, from 63. FLINTS BASKET GRATES and REGISTER STOVES, at Very Low Prices. LAMPS, all Sorts, and Larap3 Altered and Repaired, at FLINT'S, 37, HlXDLEY-STBEET. ? 128thscv T EATHER WAREHOUSE, 1 J LEIGH-STREET, ADELAIDE. (Next Black Horse.) J. B. YEO begs to inform his Customers and the Public that he has (in connection with the TanneryNat Hindmarsh) OPENED a LEATHER WAREHOUSE, where he intends offering M3 Goods at the Lowest Possible Pbice for Cash. N.B.— HIDES, SKINS, WOOL, BARK, and TALLOW PURCHASED. 214thsc TEREOSCOP10 SLIDES.— A Consignment of the above of English and Irish Scenery, to be cleared at 83. per doz., the English price feeing 12s. They will be offered for one month only, after which all unsold will be returned. They are really First-class Photographs, 114q E. S. WIGG & SON,

BUSINESS H0TICE3 £1, GOOD ii''' WATCHES , AT LOW PRICES. Having been the first to adopt the plan o£ affording persons residing at a distance the opportunity of obtaining first-class Watches for their own use at Wholesale Prices, and being also the original inventors and sole manufac turers of the widely-advertised Oride Watches, of which there are so many imitations, and now the inventors and sole proprietors and manu facturers of the new material, which we have named the Norton Gold Metal (and secured ia legal form), superior to all other metals, and fully equal m brilliancy of colour, weight, wear. &c, to fine 18-carat gold, and to be obtained through no other source, we have concluded to resume the Retail Business bo successfully con ducted by us from 1857 to 1865 in connection, with our Wholesale Department, for the purpose of placing again a reliable line of our specialties before the public. Watches fbom £1 to £100 each. Watches for Farmers. Watches for Speculators. Watches for Tradesmen. Watches for Clkrotmen. Watches for Sporting Men. Watches for Rahboad Men. Watches for Trading Purposes. Watches for Personal Use. Watches to Make Monet Wim Watches for Presents. 1-*-i|) Watches that Wind without anyTDsy. Diamond Watches for Ladies. Watches for all Purposes and at all Prices. Watches with English, French, Swiss, and American Movements. Watches with Nickel, Gilt, Frosted, Engraved, and Plain Works, Thrce-Quarter Plate, Detached and Patent Lever, Compensation, Chronometer Balance. Duplex, Lepine or Cylinder Escapement, ana all other known styles. WATCHES AT ONE-HALF THE PRICE ever offered by OTHER DEALERS, A Large Line of European Watches, Chains, &c, now in Stock, for Cash, at prices never before known. All beautiful in finish, artistic in design, reliable for accurate time, durable, and of the latest styles. Every Watch will be retailed at less than cost of importation, and forwarded securely packed, prepaid, to any part of the world, on receipt of price. No matter how remote you may be from us, we can sell and send you any kind of a Watch as Bafely as if you were here. Watches sent by mail securely packed to all parts of the world, including Aus tralia, every three days. Among our list wiU be feund— A Beautiful English Silver, Solid Double-Caso Watch, genuine English full-plate jewelled movements, adjusted regulator, steel-cut hands, engine- turned norl, correct ..and serviceable article, large or small size, in completo running order, with an elegant Gent's Vest Chain, Locket and Key, all complete, per case of six (half dozen), £Q. Single one as sample, sent by mail, prepaid, carefully packed to any part of tho world on receipt of price, and 2s., sterling extra for postage, £1. A very Handsome Watch in fine 18-carat, gold-plated, double . case— imitation of a £20 gold watch— engraved or plain, genuine English, full plate, jewelled movements, adjusted regu lator, correct, and in complete running order, with elegant Gent's Vest Chain, with Locket and Key, per case of six (half dozen), £8. Single one as sample, sent free by mail to any part of the world on receipt of price, only £112s. PATENT STEM WINDER, or Keyless Watch. Winds up from the stem, requires no key, cannot be wound the wrong way, in heavy Oride Gold, double cases, three quarter plate, fine jewelled, lever movement, exposed action, accurate aa a timekeeper,, superior regulated, per case of six (half dozen), Single one, as sample, sent free by mail to any part of the world on receipt of price, only £28s. THE ORIDE GOLD WATCH, in massive Oride Gold, double hunting magic spring cases, elegantly engraved, or engine turned, genuine patent lever movements; full jewelled^ regulated and warranted to keep correct time, and -wear equal to gold, precisely like in appearance, make, finish, brilliancy of coIojit to a £40 gold watch. These Splendid Watches will be forwarded by mail free to any address, in handsome morocco case, lined wite velvet and satin, Lady's or Gent's Size Watch per case of six (half dozen), £14. Single ono, as sample, sent free by mail to any part of the world on receipt of price, only ' - THE NORTON WATCH. This widely-known, reliable, and elegant Watch, so long and fully approved of by Govern ment and railway officials, is now encased in the new improved Norton Gold Metal, the Very latest discovery in the science of ' metallurgy,'' which for hardness, durability, and brilliancy of colour and polish has been found to surpass all other known metal. It does not tarnish by wear, exposure to heat, moisture, change of climate, or the action of any acids or gases,, and permanently retains its beautiful colour fully equal to the finest gold, and never wears out. This celebrated Watch is in solid Double Hunting; Cases, of Norton Gold Metal, rich in design, artiste in finish, with magic spring push pin, imitation patent . self-winding stem, im proved bevel Swell, double joints, engine-turned nerl, extra fine full rubly jewelled lever movements, covered with engraved dust caps, accurately adjusted to all degrees of heat or cold, . ; with , all the latest fmDrovements, . cannot be surpassed for correct time-keeping qualities, and experts cannot detect the slightest difference in appearance from one of the flii'eat £50 gold watches/ and lasts as long, wears as well, and keeps as correct time. They are manufactured solely by us, and are thoroughly warranted in everv respect for. five yeafs. The above beautiful Watches 'mailed, prepaid, to any address, in velvet-lined morocco case, with key, &c, all complete, per case of six (half dozen), £18. ?????'.? Single one, as sample, sent free by mail to any part of the world on receipt of price, only £3. ' ?- ' ...' ? ????.?;? Watches fer Holiday Presents manufactured to order. Genuine American Watches of all grades, in. gold or silver cases, frcm£3 to £50. Other good Watches equally low. With every Club of Six Watches of any kind we send one extra watch of game kind, free as a premium to getter up of the Club. A Superior Stock of Genuine Oride Gold Chains, from 8a. to £2 each, war ranted fully equal to gold in brilliancy of colour,. wear,.&c. Send Cash in Cheques, Bank Drafts, payable to our order in New York, or Bills or Coin in- registered letters at our risk. Safe delivery of all Goods to any part' of Australasia guaranteed. Goods carefully selected, packed, and for warded, prepaid, by mail on receipt of price. All Cash Orders forwarded free of charges- - to destination. Catalogues free. Address all; . orders CHAS. P. NORTON & CO., Importers of Watches, &c, Norton Watch Factory, 86, Nassau-street, New York, U.8.A.. Established 1857. . 304sc /pURNITURE. FURNITURE. W. PEN G~I L L E Y'S, 190, RUNDLESTREET EA^^ NEW and SECONDHAND FURNITURE at VERY LOW PRICES, where every requisite for House Furnishing may 'be obtained equally low. Mark address, four doors below Jewisa Synagogue. 188tac nHHE ADELAIDE SOAP POWDEP& J. ARE SUPERSEDING ALL OTHERS. ? 195ec mHS ONLY WAY to ENSURE J. REFRESHING SLEEP is to have the SOUTH AUSTRALIAN FIBRE MATTRESSES, This Fibre is the natural product cf tko colony. It is a perfect Deodorizer, obnoxious to Insect life. In afflicting illness it has been found very valuabls, Can bo had of. most Furnishing Ironmongers; oratW. Mullett's, 276, Rundle* ftreeteait. . llthso