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[From the Government Gazette, April 11.1


His Excellency the Governor has been in formed by the Right Hon. Earl Kimberley one of Her Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State that, as regards the following Acts hsmm^a ♦«

by llis Excellency on 26th October, 1871. in the name and on behalf of the Queen, tho power of disallowance reserved to Her Majesty will not be exercised, viz. : — No. 1. 'An Act for the further Appropria tion of the Revenue for the year ended Decem ber thirty-first, oae thousand eight hundred and seventy, and the year ending December thirty first, one thousand eight Imndred and seventy, one, respectively.' No. 2. 'An Act to enable the Corporation of Adelaide to lease a portion of the North Park Lands for a Cricket Ground.' No. 3. 'An Act to amend fThe Northern Territory Amendment Act, 1868.'' No. 5. ' An Act to amend the Law relating to Verdicts of * Felo-de-se.'' No. 6. ' An Act to Incorporate %the North parade, and - certain other Government Re serves, with the Town of Port Adelaide, and for other purposes.' No. 7. 'An Act to provide for the formation of a line of Railway from Lacepede Bay to Narracoorte.' Private Act. ' An Act to authorize the con struction of a Railway from Adelaide to Glenelg, and for other purposes.'

NEW JUSTICES. William Henry Bean, Esq., of Adelaide, John Bickers, Esq., of Port Adelaide, Thomas Goode, Esq;, of Cancwie, John Kelsh, Esq., of Chink ford, William Martin Letchford, Esq., of Ade laide, Michael Kingsborough, Esq., of Norwood, Thomas Sadler Reed, Esq., of Adelaide, and Frederick George Richardson, Esq., of Saddle worth, to be eight of Her Majesty\ Justices of the Peace. DESTITUTE BOARD A. H. F. Bartels, Esq., has been appointed a Member of the Destitute Board, vice D. Murray, Esq., resigned. POLICE APPOINTMENT. Foot Police.— To be Constable— Thomas Reid, vice Keegan, discharged, from 3rd instant. AGRICULTURAL AREA NO. 22, MAN NANARIE. Proclamation setting apart certain described lauds in the Huudrela of Mannanarie and Yongala as an agricultural area; the country lands to be open for selection on and after the 13th May next at 30s. per acre, on the 30th June at 25s. , and on the 25th August at 20s. per acre. DISTRICT OF LEFEVRE'S PENINSULA. Proclamation constituting as a district certain denned portions of the Hundred of Port Ade laide to bo called the District of Lofevre's Peninsula, and appointing the following rate payers the first Councillors : — Messrs. D. Urown, fl. C. Fletcher, J. Mead, J. N. Wills, and R. Jagoe, the younger. HUNDRED OF BOOYOOLEE. Proclamation rearranging the boundaries of the Hundred of Booyoolee. RESERVE, DISTRICT OF STANLEY. Proclamation placing under the care of the District Council of Stanley 12 blocks of land in the Hundred of Stuuley as water or other reserves. RIVER MURRAY TRADE. Proclamation substituting new regulation for No. 1, issued 31st May, 1871, respecting goods exported for drawback in other than original packages. SCAB DISTRICT. Proclamation revoking proclamation of 3lst May, 1871, establishing a Scab District under provision of Act of 1867. CONTAGIOUS DISEASES. A despatch from Earl Kimberley, encloses proclamation issued by the Governor- General of Netherlands India, to prevent the introduction of certain contagious diseases iuto the Dutch Indian Possessions, and for the enforcement of quarantine in certain cases. TENDER ACCEPTED. Eogineer-in-Chiefs Department. — Repairs, painting, &c, at Willuuga Police Station, Geo. Sara, £55 5s. ADJUDICATIONS. Robert Gurner Howard, of Norwood, plumber. William Wiles, of Auburn, storekeeper. Dominick Owens, of Virginia, saddler. Alfred France, formerly of Wallaroo, com mission agent, afterwards of Gambierton, com mission agent, and now prisouor for debt at Adelaide. ASSIGNMENTS. Thomas Donoghue, of Blakiston, farmer. Trustee— John Donoghue, of BlakLston, labourer. Edward Steer, of ^ Lake Plains, farmer. Trustees— John Cheriton, of Strathalbyu, farmer, and Albert Henry Landseer, of Milang, merchant. IMPOUNDED AT THE PUBLIC POUNDS. FOOTS CREEK, Section 154, Hundred of Neales (nearest Post-Office, Hansborough), Jamea Boxall, Poundkeeper. — One cbesnut borse, star on forehead, two whi^e hind feet, shod all round, like F with J over and M under off shoulder. Will be sold May 6, noon. KING'S BELT (nearest Post-Office, Sheaoak Log), Alfred Job, Poundkeeper. — One chesnut horse, branded like B . S with — under near rump; one black or brown mare, no brands visible. Will be sold May 6, noon. MINTARO, Aaron Smith, Poundkeeper.— One dark-brown colt, goo3e rump, long tail, star and snip, branded S near shoulder Will be sold May 6, noon.— One red and white bull calf, red heck, if branded not visible, about four months old; one white bull calf, red ears and red nose, if branded not visible, about four months old; one roan heifer calf, if branded not visible. Will be sold April 16, noon. CLARE. George Reece, Poundkeeper. — One brown horse, star, collar and saddle marked, branded LB near shoulder; ono white horso, branded H near neck; one chesnut filly, stripe on forehead, branded T near shoulder; one bay colt, star, branded T near shoulder; one chesnut colt, about three years old, stripe down face, appears to have an illegible brand like Foff shoulder; one black mare, star, collar-marked, shod, branded like M off shoulder; one rod and white poley bullock, branded M off rump. Will be sold Mav 6, noon. ANGASTON (Post-Office, Angaston), R. Hyoe, Poundkeeper.— One brown mare, star in forehead, lame off fore foot, A with -^ over and J under off shoulder. Will be sold May 6, noon. ROCHESTER, Section 347, Hundred of Hart (nearest Post-Office, Rochester), Wm. Hoskin, Poundkeeper.— One brown mare, blaze down face, near hind foot white, if branded not visible, with foal at foot; one iron-grey filly, about 18 months old, star, like C or 6 off shoulder; one chesnut mare, blaze down face, shod, off hind foot white, like JW near shoulder; one bay mare, black points, saddle and collar marked, no brands visible; one chesnut mare, star, saddle-marked, like G over — with 29 under off shoulder; one bay cob horse, star, black points, like B off shoulder; one chesnut horse, white stripe down face, headstall on, like C over C or C over 6 off shoulder; one brown cob mare, two hind fetlocks white, star in face, tfeod, like Q over y near shoulder. Will be sold May 6, noon. KOORINGA, Section 3040 (nearest Post Office, Redruth),LH. E. McNamara, Pound keeper.— One bay mare, jjq near shoulder. Will be £old May 6, noon.— One black mare, collar marked, like WW near shoulder. Will be sold April 15, noon. COMPANY'S TIERS, Section 141, Hundred of Onkaparinga (nearest Post-Office, Norton s Summit), Robert Ackland Poundkeeper.— One bay horse pony, a slignt star, bell on, near bind foot white, fore feet shod, like V or N off shoulder. Will be sold April 22, noon, MILANG, H. Balls, Poundkeeper.— Two red and white bull calves, no brand visible. Will be sold April 22, noon.

NORTH RHINE (noarost Post-Office, K^yito ton), Henry Miles, Poundkeoper.— One choanut horse, white stripe in forehead, light mane and tail, white spots off hip, broken wither, like HE conjoined near shoulder, IA off ueck. very poor. WiU bo sold Apiil 22, noon. PENOLA (nearest Post-Office, Ponola), W*. McDonald, Poundkeeper. — One grey horso, branded R with DC under noar shoulder; on* black horse, branded CI with 5 under near shoulder, four white feet, star in forehead; oa» bay horse, branded M near shoulder, star in forehead; one bay horse, branded EK Dear shoulder, star in forehead; one brown mare, branded ES near shoulder. Will be sold April 22, noon. BAGOTS WELL, Section 260 (nearest Poat Qffice, Bagot's Well), George Ball, Pouudkeepor. r°» *»7 a»wo, off hind foot little white, branded i like J and a heart near shoulder. Will be sold May 6, noon.— One dark browu or black mare, like G over W near shoulder, hind feet bTRATHALBYN (nearest Post-Office, StraUi albyn), John Tonkin, Poundkeeper. -One atrair berry heifer, no brand visible, but a tar brand on off shoulder, as if sold at a sale. Will be- sold April 15, noon. i^n^^n^'5! ?f d'nton (nearest Post-Office, Green's Plains), P. J, Kaiuer. Poundkeeper.-One grey mare, collar-marked' branded like H near and g and blotoh brand off shoulder. Will be sold April 15, noon. TRURO, Section 229 (nearest Post-Offioa, Truro), James Suodgrass. Jun.. Poundkoeper. ? Ono brown mare, star on forehead, saddle an A collar marked, branded JE with JxS uador near shoulder; one grey marc, four shoes on, B with over noar shoulder. Will be sell May 6, noon. KADINA, Section 3 (nearest Post-Offioo, Green's Plains), George Skipworth, Pound seeper. — One white cow, like illegible brand off ribs, red cars and nose, red spots on feet; on* red steer, JF off ramp; one red and white steer, WS off rump. Will be sold May 20, noou.