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ARRIVED Sunday, August 20.

CITY OF ADELAIDE, ship, 791 tons, J. Bruce, master, from London June 2. Harrold brothers, Town and Port, agents. Passengers— Mrs. Henry and family (3). Mr.. Mrs., and Miss

Fidge, and servant, Mrs. Crittenden, Mr. and Mrs. Miller, and Miss Davidson, Mrs. Martin and child. Miss Williams, Miss Towler, Mr. Binks, and Dr. Jay, in the cabin; Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Simpson, Mrs. Horn and child, Mr., Mrs., and Miss Naughton, Mrs. Rossiter, Mr. and Mrs. Aitcheson, Miss Smith, Miss Capener, Mrs Barnevelde and two children, Messrs. Richard Hall, W. Jennings, W. Mortimer, and John Aitcheson, in the second cabin. ST. MAGNUS, barque, 259 tons, J. Easter Incok, master, from Newcastle August 5. J. Darwent, Town; J. Newman and Son, Port, agent?. CONTEST, barque, 322 tons, Thomas Allen, master, frein Newcastle July 26. H. Simpson, afc'er.t. . ! ARRIVED COASTWISE. Saturday, August 19. MOOLGEWANKE, steamer, 80 tons, J. Peterson, master, from Port Gawler. Cargo— 430 bajrs wheat, H. Warren. YOUNG RECRUIT, cutter,, 15 tons, E. Thompson,, master, irom Port Wakefield. Cargo —80 bags Wheat. SUSDAY, AUGUST 20. AN ALGISTA, schooner, 30 tons, J. McLeod, master, from Yankalflla. SARAH, cutter, 15 tons, G. McKay, master, from Port Wakefield. Cargo— 25 basrs wheat, Anthony and Bartleet. CLEARED OUT. Saturday, August 19. SCOTIA, brig, 13S tons, \Y. Jew, master, for Melbourne. No passengers. CHANTICLEER, brig, 194 tons, G.A.Phillips, master, for Nelson and Wellington. No pas sengers. MARTHA AND JANE, schooner, So tons, Peter Brown, for Melbourne. No passengers. PROJECTED DEPARTURES. LONDON— The Goolwa, Carnaquheen, early. From Port Augusta— The Murray, early. JtfELBOURNE-Aldinga, August 22. FREMANTLE-Nile, early. Aug. SAILED. li-— BOSPHORUS, barque, for Newcastle. 19— MARTHA AND JANE, schooner, for Melbourne. IB-CHANTICLEER, brig, for Nelson and Wellington. 19— SCOTIA, brig, for Melbourne. 20— EXONIA, brigantine, for Aug. SAILED COASTWISE. 19— MOOLGEWANKE, steamer, for Port Gawler. 19— OMEO, schooner, for Yorke's Peninsula. 19— SECRET, cutter, for Tunbyand Coffin's Bays. 19— NORMANVILLE, cutter, for Port Pirie. IMPORTS. CITY OF ADELAIDE, from London — 27 cases, G. and It. Wills and Co. ; 1 ease, J. D. Hill; 9 cases, E. S.WiggandSon;2do., J.Howell; 46 qr.-casks, 27 bales, 1 case, 2,297 pkgs., E. Spicer; 1 case, S. White; 2 cases, Peacock and Son; 9 pkgs., J. C. Genders; 210 kegs, 102 casks, II. Scott; 1,355 deals, 16 tanks, 40 cask3, 200 cases, Elder, Smith, and Co. ; 1,483 pkgs., 143 cases, Order; 2,(523 deals, C. Jacobs; 10 cases, D. and J. Fowler; 1 do., W. Heise; b* do., W. H. Holmes and Co;; 1 do., 10 rams, 1 cow, J. H. Angas; 32 pkgs., 12 drums, W. DuffieH and Co.:2,7S2pkgs.,20 bales, Harrold Brothers; 2 1-kgs., Main and Geyer; 6 do., 1 case, C. F. Gunther; 1 case, G. A. and H. Bartleet; 10 do., J. Hill; 1 pkg., A. Blyth, 40 do., T. Graves; 50 do., W. Morgan and Co. ;164do , CIelaud,Mitchell, jumI Co. ; 249 do., W. an-iT. Rhodes; 2,854 tlo.,2U tons eoaJ, J. Colton and Co.; 15 pkgs., J, Miller, Anderson, and Co.; 43 do., 3 parcels, 1 case, Goodo Brothers; 13 pkgs., F. Hagedorn; 2 -lo., J. C. Genders; 70 do., F. Clark aiuVSons; 20 bales, Proprietors Adelaide AdeerUser; 27 cases, J. Ballantyne ami Co.; 19 pkg=., P. Cumming and Son; 20 do., J. Stilling and Co. ST. MAGNUS, from Newcastle— 400 tons t.-Oiil, J. Darwent. CONTEST, from Newcastle— 440 tons coal, II. Simpson; 1 hhd. claret, Order. EXPORTS. SCOTIA, for Melbourne— 1,497 bag=-- wheat, D. and J. Fowler. CHANTICLEER— for Nelson, 2,500 bags (lour, W. Duffield and Co.; for Wellington— 1,7Cd do. do., W. Duffield and Co. MARTHA AND JANE, for Melbourne— dte lags wheat, H. Warren. 3IISCELLANEOUS. The steamer Kangaroo having completed repairs was launched from the Dunnikier Slip on Friday evening. Fletcher's Slip is now occupied by the No. 1 ?Iredge, which is undergoing her periodical over haul and reiit. The KOHlXOOR, of Simpson's Black Diamond Line, has been out rather over the usual period of voyages from Newcastle. On Saturday by telegraph it was learned that she had put into Portland for provisions; therefore if the north west winds continue it may bo .some few day.j before she reaches port. The City of Adelaide showed a couple of rockets off the Station on Sunday moruiug, aud soon after anchored in the outer roads, having completed a fair voyage from London. The vessel is scarcely changed in the slightest degree, and in addition to some of the old hauds Mr. Robbins, the chief, seemed scarcely to have been absent so many mouths. In earga the City has not proved very fortunate, the greater part of the 'tween decks being taken up with deals, aud the lower hold has more than the usual complement of deadweight. This has rather put the vessel out of trim, but during the whole passage she has behaved extremely well. In the light northern trades some good days' work occurred, and, after rounding the Cape, although heavy weather supervened, in which immense volumes of water broke on board, no serious damage resulted. Moulding was washed from the quarter, and the main hatchway started, but none of tho deck gear was lost. Captain Bruce reports leaving Gmvesend on June 2, and on the 4th was oft' Start Point with tine weather and .light easterly wind. On the 12th he passed Madeira, and was becalmed in the vicinity for several hours. The north-east trades were ex tremely light ; but ou July 1 she crossed the Line in 27° west, and eight days after sighted ?Martin Vas. The south-east trades were very satisfactory, and on July 24 the vessel passed the meridian of the Capo in 393 south latitude. The passago of the Southern Ocean was made in about 433 of latitude, and some violent weather v;as the orily change itx the monotony of the voyage. From the Leuwin to Cape Borda east winds prevailed, aud after making the light she beat up to the roads, where tho ship anchored till tide time. Dunn? tho ebb the wind was fair for a trip up the' roads; but on tho ilood the breeze changed, and it was there ? fore necessary to signal for steam. This vessel »ives another proof of tho increased water secured by the steam dredge on tho inner bar mid seldom during the past few months has any serious detention occurred. The St. Magnus, in charge of a plucky captain who has knocked her about the coast at top speed, arrived ou Sunday afternoon after a foul-weather voyage. She left on August 5, and for a day or two had fiuo weather, but it soon changed to winter gales, against which she has hammered away, ultimately succeeding in concluding the voyage on the fifteenth day. The barque was compelled to anchor in Ante chamber Bay to wait for tide-time, or ou arrival sit the roads she would have had a slant of wind to tho Port. As soon as she cleared in the road stead she sailed through the Narrows, anchoring sit Mutton Cove to await the morning wind. Tho Contest, is deeply laden for a winter voyage, and on arrival in the roads a dry spot in the wake of the main hatchway ''nine delighted the seamen, for during the passage the deck has been like a half-tide rock. Being, however, a gcod vessel for tho trade, she has suffered no serious rtamnge, and will bo ready for her New Caledonian voyage as soon as the cargo is out. Capt. Allcu -reports that 'luring the. round voyage he never had two corisecutivo days of

fair wind. On the return trip the barque was for 10 days off and on the coast between Capes Northumberland and Bridgewater ; indeed, throughout nothing but gales and contrary winds prevailed. Vessels SroKEN.— By the City of Adelaide— On June 17, 23° N., long. 23° W., the British ship Hindostan, from Newport to San Francisco, 15 days out; on June 25, in lat. 8° N., long. 25° W., the British barque Charlotte, from Liverpool, lx-und to Valparaiso, 25 days out; on June 26, in lat. 7° N., long. 23° W., the British ship Sam Mendell, fro a Bombay, bound ito Liverpool, 68 days out; on July 4, in lat. V S., long. 27° W., the British barque Abbey Holme, from London to Brisbane, 32 days out; on July 22, 39° S.} long. 11° E., the barque Isurium, bound East. PORT CAROLINE SHIPPING; ] Arrived. . .. August 17— Resolute. . Sailed. August 12— Swallow, for Port Adelaide. la ballast. ;? : MACDONNELL BAY SHIPPING. ... Arrived. August 12 — Penola, steamer, Snewin, master, from Melbourne. No passengers. Sailed. August 11 — Royal Shepherd, steamer, Ward, master, for Melbourne. Passengers — Master A. Glen, in the cabin; and two in the steerage. Cargo— 300 bags flour, 400 do. wheat, Lord and Co.; 200 do. wheat, Must and Co.; 6 bales sheepskins, 1 do, kangaroo skins, 6 bags do., C. Weld and Co.; 2 bales kangaroo skins. J. Livingston. August 12 — Penola, steamer, Snewin, master, for Adelaide. WALLAROO SHIPPING. Arrived. August 17— Adelaide, schooner, 63 tons, Braid, master, frem Port Adelaide. August 18— Verulam, barque, 519 tone, Whiting, 'master, from Newcastle. Cargo— 707 tons coal, H. Simpson. Miscellaneous. The Verulam, which arrived at Port Wallaroo on the morning ef the 18th, left Newcastle on August 2, and experienced westerly gales tltfoughout the passage; which, on the 9th carried away her maintopsailyard. On the 8th she passed the brig Phillis, and the schooner Harriet King, bound for Adelaide; also two barques, stipposed to be the Kohinoor and Con test, for Wallaroo.— Wallaroo Times. MELBOURNE SHIPPING. Aug. Arrived. 18— Alhajibra, steamer, from New Zealand. 18— Zephyr, schooner, from Newcastle. 18 — Hilasder, schooner, from Richmond River. 18— Springbok, barque, from Newcastle. 18— Galatea, schooner, from Newcastle. 18— Melbourne, schooner, from Circular Head. 18— Kate Walters, barque, Irom Circular Head. 19— Sea Nymph, barque, from Circular Head. 19 — India, barque, from HobartTown. 19— Malcolm, schooner, from Hobart Town. 19— Swordfish, schooner, from Hobarfc Town. 29— Western, steamer, from Portland. 19— Chasca, barque, from Boston. Sailed. 18— MaCEDON, steamer, for Sydney. 19— Rosedale, ketch, for Sale. SYDNEY SHIPPING. August Arrived. 18— City of Hobart, steamer, from Hobart Town. 18— Jason, schooner, from Maryborough. 18— Ocean, brig, from Fiji. IS— Ann Dutiiik, ship, from Plymouth. 18— Duke of Edinburgh, barque, from Fiji. Sailed. IS— Lady 'Eowen, steamer, for Brisbane. 18 — Boomerang, steamer, for Cleveland Bay. IS— Policeman, schooner for Ri/er Thomas. 18— Hercules, schooner, for Lyttelton. NEWCASTLE SHIPPING. August Arrived. 19— Florence Irving, steamer, from Sydney. 19— Lady Young, steamer, from Northern Povt. 19— Hannah Bloomfield, schooner, from Adelaide. VESSELS IN PORT. ALDINGA, steamer (Br), 291 tons, J. McLean, from Melbourne. J. Darwent, Town ; John Newman and Son. Port, agents. Company's Wharf. AMELIA, schooner (Br), 30 tons, Hunter, from Myponga. Lamb and Paqualin, agents. Com-' pauy's Wharf. ANALGISTA, schooner (Br), 30 tons, - J. McLeod, from Rapid Bay and Cape Jervis. Company's Wharf. BEATRICE, Government survey schooner, Lieut. Howard, R.N., from a cruise. In tho Stream. BENGAL, barque (Br), 323 tons, J. F. Hummel, master, from Newcastle. Rawlings and Cave, agents. Queen's Wharf. BUNDALEER, ship (Elder liner) (Br), 921 tons, James Ramsay, from London. Elder, Smith, and Co., agents. Company's Wharf. CARNAQUHEEN, ship (Br), S25 tons, Wm. Colvillo, from London. Elder, Smith, and Co., agents. Queen's Wharf. CATON, brig (Br), 223 tons, Louis Davansant, from Port Louis. T. Graves, Town ; J. Newman and Son, Port, agents. Queen's Wharf. CITY OF ADELAIDE, ship (Br), 791 tons. J. Bruce, from London. Harrold Brothers, Town and Port, agents. In the Stream. CONTEST, barque (Br), 3*22 tons, Thos. Allen, from Newcastle. H. Simpson, agent. In the Stream. CORRIENTE3, barque (Br), 599 tons, Josta, from Liverpool. John Newman and Son, agents. Levi's Wharf. CULGOA, steamer (Br), 60 tons, and barge, A. C. Snnman, from Port Wakefield. Com pany's Basin. DARRA, ship (Br-, 999 tons, Benjamin Lodwick, R.N.R., from London. J. Stilling and Co., Town and Port, agents. Copper Company's Wharf. * ECLAIR, schooner (Br), 30 tous, J. Martin, from Yankalilia. Company's Wharf. EDITH, Governor's yacht, Lindsay, master. Government Dock Yard (refitting). ESSIE BLACK, barque (Br), 281 tons, Thomas Sivier, from Newcastle. If. Simpson, agent. Queen's Wharf, ELEANOR, steamer (Br), 120 tons, J. Craigie, from Coffin's Bay. Company's Wharf. ENDEAVOUR, cutter (Br), 20 tons, Gateson, from Port Wakefield. Company's Wharf. KANGAROO, steamer (Br), 180 tous, J. Gordon, master, from Port Augusta and Wallaroo. Company's Wharf. KANGAROO, schooner (Br), 53 tons, Thomas Cheeseman, from Port AtacDonnell. Robin and Lc Messurier, agents. Queen's Wharf. LIBERATOR, ship (Br), 690 tons, Alex. Levie, master, from London. Phillip Levi and Co., agents. Levi's Wharf. LUCY, schooner (Br), 70 tons, W.Tulloch, from Fowler's Bay. Company's Wharf. LUFRA, ship, (Br), 673 tons, James Hodge, from London. Philip Levi and Co., agents. Com pany's Basin. MAID OF AUSTRALIA, schooner (Br), 45 tons, 3lcGorm, from Port Wakefield. Company's Wharf. NILE, brig (Br), 121 tons, J. Walker, from Warrnambool. H. D. Dale, agent. Com pany's Basin. PHILLIS, brig (Br), 230 tons, W. Leask, from . - Newcastle. J. Bickers, agent. In the Stream. PEIvINA, ship (Br), 720 tons, Orchard, from London. Elder, Smith, and Co., agents. Company's Wharf. ^^Sr^'W8^ ^tons, G. McKay, from PortWakefceld. Company's Wharf SAILOR PRINCE, ketch (Br), 40 tons, A. Reid, from Yorke's Peninsula. Company's Wharf ST. MAGNUS, barque (Br); 259 tons, J. aSer. brook, from Newcastle. J. Darwent, Town* J. Newman and Son, Port, agents. In the Stream. STRATHMO11E, ketch (Br), 90 ton?, J. W. Garth, from Hobart Town J. Newmai ? and Son, agents. Company's JBasiu. SWALLOW, cutter , (Br), .40 tons, J. Lewis. from Port Caroline. Company's Wharf.

THUGOOLWA (Orient liner) (Br), 717 tons, A.! Johnson, ft din London. J. Stilling and Co.; agents, Towa and Port Copper Combany's Wharf. ?:::'?::. r \ ?. THE MURRAY, ship (Orient liner) (Br). 902 tons, Win. Begg, from London. J. Stilling and Co., To?m and Port, agents. Company's Wharf. ' ??? YOUNG CHIEF, cutter (Br), 15 tons, McKay, from Port Wakefield. Company's Wharf. AT THE AKCHOBAGE. BOSPHORUS, barque (Br.), 327 tons, Ward, for Newcastle. H. Simpson, agent. At Light's Passage. ? MARTHA AND LAVINIA, schooner (Br), 52 tons, Websdale, for Port Victor. R. Tapley, agent!1 vessels expected. ? From London. ANNE LAITY BANF1ELD, to sail August 31. ARAB STEED, to sail September 20. BELTANA, sailed June 3. CHAA-SZE, sailed May 15. COLLINGROYE, to sail September 30. COONATTO, to sail July 25. CRAIGENDARROCH, to sail June 30. GLEN OSMOND, to sail May 31. LADY ELIZABETH, to sail June 5. SOUIH AUSTRALIAN, to sail July 20. ST. VINCENT, to sail August 20. YATALA, to sail June 30. From Foochow. EMMA, sailed early in July. ADELHEID, to sail July 20. Fbom Hobart Town. CAMILLA, sailed July 31. FREETRADER, sailed July 25. LADY EMMA, sailed August 16. From Melbourne. CLAYMORE, sailed August 17.