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^^^QTEAM TO LONDON 202^ beduction^of passage money; Messrs. MONEY WIGRAM * SONS' (of Blackwall Yard, London) magnificent Clipper Steamship SOMERgBTgHIRE will sail on the 21st June. - - ? The following Reduced Rates have been fixed :— Cabin (every requisite provided), £55 to £70. Tween Decks, £16 and upwards. Special arrangements for Families. - For all particulars, apply to A _W. ?. WHITE k CO., 10, Elizabeth-street south, Melbourne. ? 96mhl70 ^Ck*. 'POR MELBOURNE. mj^^.J.— The Steamship ??^ - ALDINGA, John McLean, master, will tail on Tuesday, May 30. Passengers by the 2 p.m. train. i J. NEWMAN k SON, Port 14450 J. DARWENT, Town! &L&. 'E1OR MELBOURNE, STOZ&.X Calling at LACEPEDE BAY mmm^ and MACDONNELL BAY, re turning the same route.— The s.s. : . ROYAL SHEPHERD, EL Ward, master, will sail on Wednesday, Hat May. Passengers by 2 o'olook train. ? J. NEWMAN k SON, Port. 14951 : J. DARWENT, Qrenfell-street. 4»-£& TjIOR WALLAROO.— The HQJl^-JL Steamship : mm* lubra, k. McCoy,-master, will sail on Wednesday, 31st instant, at 4 o'clock p.m. , Cargo must be# alongside not later than 1 3'lock on day of sailing. 149-51 . J. DARWENT, Grenfell-street. ^1 TXT'ENT WORTH AND flBEj^. TY RIVER DARLING.-The W0- Steamer MARANOA, Messrs. Johnston & Murphy's, will leave Goolwa dii or about 1st June, calling at Milang and Blanchetown. For freight or passage, apply to 149w51 JOSEPH STILLING & CO. -&± /^RIENTLINETOLONDON. Vfflajfc VJ The noted China Clipper IK . FALCON, J9S tons, Captain J. L. Dunn, will have quick iispatch. Has room for a few Cabin passengers. JOSEPH STILLING k CO. l46''9mwfSc HENRY SCOTT. ? ^a, TflOR MOONTA BAY flnp^.J AND WALLAROO. - The m&SSSt* Schooner FREEBRIDGE will eail on Wednesday, 31st instant. For freight, apply tto 14951 - H. D. DALE, Port. O' NLY VESSEL FOR PORT . VICTOR.-The \ WHtir PRIMA DONNA, G. SimmoDdB,- master, will sail on Monday next; May 29. .'? : - I 147-'9] J. NEWMAN & SON, Port Agents. j IBST VESSEL FOR WALLAROO AND MOONTA; 9iC BAY.— The Schooner ! MARY KING, ' ; now loading, will sail in a few days. ; 149c *? ? . JONES & CO., Port. TTICTOR HARBOUR-GEORGE S.; V READ; CusiOMS, SHiPPiNa, and Gbnbral CoMMissioy Agent. ? 149'238 O SHIPMASTERS, MERCHANTS, AND OTHERS. The SHIPPING REPORTER attends to Tele grams or Letters, and his Boats are available for all purposes connected with Shipping in the Gulf. Boat Flag No. 3. RICHARD JAGOE. Beach Branch Office, Lefevrefs Peninsula. VWrgRCHAHDISE HHDS. STOUT, London and West . minster ? ALE ^ Byass, M. B. Foster k Son, Bass STOUT ? ( Devenish, Friend, Allsop PORTER (Bridges, Guinness, Barclay, Hurst BOTTLED; Dawson, London and Burton Co. ClaretJ Moselle, Sherry, Port, Brandy, Rum, Gin Malt, Cocoa, Oilmen's Stores, Bisulphite Lime White Lead, Paint, Matches, Vestas, Brooms 'Whiting, Glue, Black Lead, Drugs Organs, Harmoniums, Pianos Tallow Casks, Iron Tanks, Galvanized Iron Fence Wire, Sheepshears, Hoop Iron, Coke Woolpacks, Tarpaulins, Canvas, Cornsacks Flourba^s (100 lbs. ), Branbags, Twine. 209mhcvA; HENRY SCOTT, Adelaide. JrilRCULAR HEAD POTATOES. \J JUST ARRIVED. m : Sample equal to those so much appreciated afl46'5!fODROBIN&LEMESSURIER,Port, ? TUST RECEIVED, a Shipment of tl GUINNESS'S STOUT and Extra Strong 'WELSH ALE, Quarts and Pints, in Splendid Condition. . ; ' OAVrrn '- 104mfc ? P.SANTO. TAINES ALE, NEW BREW.— ELDER, SMITH, & CO. are now landing Shipments of Messrs. C. Ashby k Co.'s cele brated Staines Ale in Hogsheads. 95mwfe ON SALE, by the Undersigned Celebrated LION BRAND ALE (now brew), in hogsheads New Zealand Oatmeal and Pearl Barley Cornsacks, Branbags, Woolpacks. 93c J. DARWENT, Grenfell-street. i^NSALE, GAWLER-PLACE, \J EX FRESH ARRIVALS— Biding Saddles in all qualities Ladies' and Boys' Saddles Snaffle, Pelham, and Weymouth Bndlea Dandy, Horse Spoke, and Water Brushes Martingales, Breastplates, Cruppers, Spurs, &0, Woollen, Non-Galling, and Leather Girths Gig, Buggy, Cart, and Dray Collars German and English Gig Whips— Cheap Buggy, Jockey/Twig, and Cart Whips HogsklBS, Saddletrees, and Webbing Patent and Enamelled Leather, Patent Duck Gig, Buggy, and Wagonette Lamps Collar Check, 40 to 45 inch wide -; Saddlers' Serge— a very large assortment ; Black and Brown Harness Leather - Curled Hair, White and Brown Flock [ Manila, Melbourne, and Hemp Rope Shaft, Body, Leading, and German Hames i And the usual Assortment of Coach and Sad.* diers' Ironmongery. . . . __9cv ? JAMES A. HOLDEN. ; V~^A^ISHES.— Messrs. CHARLES TURNER & SON, Broad-street, Blooms r?' ,^°n^on- whose business has been esta blished 50 years, beg to inform Painters, Jiuilders, Decorators, Varnish Dealers, Mer chants, Railway Companies, and Carriage Manu ™pmSQST(LCK: of t^ir SUPERIOR VARNISHES, perfectly matured, and expressly prepared for exportation, and that they have CoK te f°r ^ Au^ralian ; - Messrs. FITCH & FRENCH ; Oil, Coloub, andP^KRHASQiNQS merchants, ? Melboubnb. 23*203v

MEBCSAVDI8S ~ /^OALS. COALS. COALS; BEST QUALITY. REDUCED PRICES. Screened House Coal, per ton ? £1 10 0 New South Wales Smiths' Coal ... 1 6 0 Tanfield Moor Coal ? ... 2 10 0 Delivered in Adelaide. , Wholesale Prices as per Agreement. THE SOUTH AUSTRALIAN COAL COM PANY, LIMITED, 71, Knro William-stbebt, Adblaidr. -? , . . THOS. E. BURY, Sec PORT AGENTS-LAMB k PAQUALIN. ' ? 1_ ? . ' 142mwf230 GAS COKE, FIREWOOD, COAL. i GAS COKE in any quantities. '- : COALS of all kinds.' ' : FIREWOOD, Best Dry, Cut and Split ;;; Orders received and Deliveries made on the; Shortest Notice for all or any of the above* j named description of FUEL. ' Address Orders to WILLIAM W. BLYTH, ' i Coke, Coal, and Firewood Yard, 137*228 NORTH-TERRACE. ? RICES OF COAL, BEST[ QUALITY, im. 1 Screened House Coal, delivered in any part, of Adelaide, at 30s. per Ton by the single Load. , A considerable Reduction on Wholesale Quan-, tities. Blacksmiths' New South Wales Coal, 25s. per Ton. | Tanfield Moor C«al, 50s. per Ton, delivered; in Adelaide. , . H. SIMPSON, Currie-street, Adelaide, ; 133c and Queen's Wharf, Port. piALVANIZED IRON, 5. to 9 feet \J' lengths. FENCING WIRE, Nos. 4, 5, 6. Best Annealed Drawn Wire, Nos. 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. : - PORTLAND CEMENT, Hoop Iron, &c. , &c. P, SANTO, i , 138mhcv Waymouth-street. I O MINING COMPANIES.-FOr| SALE, One New 30-Inch Single-Actrng'. CORNISH PUMPING -ENGINE, by Harvey and Co., with Wrought-Iron Main-Beam ana Forty Fathoms 10-Inch Pumps and Pitwork, complete; also, 40 Fathoms 12- Inch Pumps and Pitwork, complete. HARROLD BROTHERS. ; , Adelaide, August 27, 1868 . 244mo QABNIA TIMBER YARD, Steam Saw ^ Moulding, and Turnery Mills, Port Ade laide. Buflding Materials of all kinds. ' 265mwfn ROBIN k LEMESSURIER. ! - BTTSnTESS X0TICB8 ~~1 /Galvanized roofujg iron. VJT -? — .. : ? ? Just to Hand Ei Riflrman, - : 30' CASES OF THE WELL-KNOWN } G. O. P. BRAND, 5, 6, 7; 8, and 9 Feet Lengths, THIRTY POUNDS, PER TON. N.B.-A LIBERAL ?. DISCOUNT to THE TRADE, BUILDEBS, and CONTRACTORS. BEST. SCOTCH IRON, 6 to 8 Feet Lengths, TWENTY-SIX POU NDS PER TON. GOSLING'S BEST QUALITY PORTLAND: - CEMENT, 20s. per Cask. - FENCING WIRE, Nos. 4 to 10-Best Quality.! A few tons Nos. 7 and 8 DRAWN WIRE; slightly damaged— a BARGAIN. ; JAMES BROWN, AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENT STORES, Waymouth-street. 146mwfc mo BUILDERS k CONTRACTORS. JAMES RANKINE (lately in the employ of Messrs. Robin k LeMessurier.ef Port Adelaide), having TAKEN the STEAM SAW and MOULDING MILL lately in the occupation of E. Wentzel, Esq., M.P., he begs to solicit the patronage of the Trade generally. ? The Mouldings for which First Prize was given at the Exhibition of 1867 were made by1 him, and having a Four-Cutter Moulding Machine, with all the improvements, he will be able to execute Mouldings Cheaper and Better than any one else in the colony. ? Sawing of all Descriptions Executed en the Shortest Notice and at the Cheapest Rate. ; Fruit Boxes in any quantity, Is. each. Large quantity of Cedar on Sale. i JAMES RANKINE, / ADELAIDE STEAM SAWMILLS, 20mwf353 EAST-TERRACE, ADELAIDE. ! A. HOLDEN'S ADELAIDE* ? MADE SADDLES, ' Warranted Superior to any Imported from the other Colonies, i Are made of various shapes and qualities. ' Easy to Side upon. : Very Moderate in Price. ; ? Honestly made of the Best Materials by the Best Workmen, . . \ JAS. A. HOLDEN having Made and Sold many Hundreds of Saddles ia this Colony, as well as all used by the Mounted Police for 10 years past, lefers to all who have used his make for recommendation. J. A. HOLDEN'S HARNESS FACTORY. A Large Assortment of almost every kind ef ; Harness always on hand to select from. Carriage and Pair-horse Buggy Harness Buggy, Gig, and Wagoiiette Harness Spnng-cart, Dray, and Plough Harness American Style, Express, and Dray Harness. JAMES A. liOLDEN refers to the Large Quantities of various kinds of Harness lately supplied to the PORT DARWIN TELEGRAPH EXPEDITIONS, and to the very satisfactory reports received by him from the construction parties. ' J. A. HOLDEN, GAWLER-PLACE, will be glad to Execute Orders for Colonial : SADDLES and BRIDLjSS HARNESS, Light or Heavy WHIPS and THONGS ,- STATION REQUISITES MILITARY or EXPLORING EQUIPMENTS. 9ot ? I T^XHIBITION, FEBRUARY, 187L THE PRIZE CAYENNE PEPPER, Grown and Manufactured by M. A. Bilnst, Athelstone, South Australia. ; This useful Condiment (perfectly free from any adulteration) will be found to possess all the virtues of this well-known Pepper, and can be ebtained at the Grocers and Storekeepers. . Wholesale Agents-E. k W. Haokett, Seeds men, 73, Rundle-street, Adelaide. 7?mh254 ;

BTOIMBBS J0TIC18 TDURYKA, PHOTOGRAPHER ? By Appointment to H.R.H. the Duke of Edinburgh, His Excellency Sir Jambs Fkbqussoit, Bart Pbizb Medalust at the UMVEiflALKXHiBraoH, 1867, And Successful Competitor for the past three years at the Exhibitions of the Society of Arts in all Branches of highly-finished Photography. At the last Competition of 1870 Prizes were awarded him for Portraits finished in Oil Colour, Water Colour, Mezzotint, Black and Coloured Crayons, in addition to each Branch of Plain Portraiture. T. DURYEA will spare no effort to secure the most perfect results and to sustain the reputation awarded to him. '' * XB.-— Faded or Inferior Photographs Copied, Enlarged, and Finished in Oil, Water, 'or Crayons, from descriptive particulars, *; Just received, a large Assortment of English Celebrities. ,^ ? ; T. DURYEA, . ... 41mwfc 68, KING WILLIAM-STREET. SOUTH AUSTRALIAN BOOT FACTORY, 63, RUNDLE-STREET, ADELAIDE. A L E X A N V E R DO W I Ei MANUFACTURER AND IMPORTER OF BOOTS AND SHOES, Begs to call the attention of his Customers and the Public that, in addition to his Imported and Hand-made Boots, he has built the, above Factory adjoining his Boot Warehouse, 63, Rundle-street, for the express purpose of Manufacturing Boots and Shoes, with the aid of Machinery, having the latest improvements, also being a practical workman, 'and having had about 30 years' experience at the Trade, he has great advan tages for producing good articles, and is resolved to Sell at the Lowest Possible Prices. Sample Orders invited. A. D. begs to call special attention to his Stock of Imported Goods, which is the largest in the colony, and ha3 received by recent Ship ments 320 Trunks of Boots and Shoes, all Seasonable Goods, comprising nearly everything in the Trade, from the most approved English and Continental Manufacturers. [100mwl86v89 QEPPELTSFIELD DISTILLERY, fO, SOUTH AUSTRALIA. I the Undersigned beg to notify to the Hotel; keepers, the Trade, and the Public generally, that I will continue to supply, as heretofore, the following Superior COLONIAL-MADE SPIRITS, LIQUEURS, BITTERS, CORDIALS, &c., and in doing so wish to remark that my Business was established by my Father in 1851, and that at the Intercolonial Exhibition of 1866-7, held in Melbourne, Victoria, the large Bronze Prize Mebal was awarded to him for Spirits, Liquors, and Bitters; that at the Grand Royal Agricultural Society's Show, held in Adelaide, 1867, 1 obtained the Society's Gold Medal for Liquors and Bitters, presented by H.R.H. the Duke of Edinburgh; and that at the recent Exhibition, held in Sydney, 1870, I was awarded a First-class Medal for my Spirits; and I particularly wish to call attention to the recent very severe test my Colonial-made Rum has been subject to, arising from a state ment submitted to the Bench of Magistrates on last Licensing-day by Mr. Galbraith, Inspector of Public-houses, feeling assured that the most prejudiced will admit that I have fully esta blished the fact that the analysis then submitted' does not apply to my Rum, and that such Trash never left my premises. (For particulars, see' Journal, Admiiier, and Express of May 12th, the Megtster of May 13, and various other Local Papers throughout the colony.) / ' ? To those who need and can indulge in good : and wholesome Stimulants, I say— TRY my RUM, PALE and DARK BRANDY, SOUTH AUSTRALIAN GIN, WACHHOLDER, and KUMMEL, To the Ladies and others who prefer Sweet Liqueurs, I say— TRY my MARASCHINO, CURACOA, VANILLE, ROSOLY, PARFAIT D'AMOUR, LIQUEURS; also my CHERRY CORDIAL, AROMATIC WINE, GINGER BRANDY, &c. To those who suffer from Indigestion, Dys pepsia, &c, or are a little put of sorts and need something to give a tone, to the stomach, or to create an appetite, I say— TRY my STOMACH, DOCTOR, WERMUTH, ANGUSTORA, CAL-' MUS, or ORANGE BITTERS. To those who never take spirituous or strong drinks, and yet need something to refresh and not inebriate, I say— TRY my TONIC WINE, GINGER WINE, RASPBERRY, PEPPER MINT, CLOVES, and LEMON SYRUP, or MIXING BITTERS. To DRUGGISTS, I recommend my SPIRITS of WINE, Rectified and Unrectified. To all I say — Beware of Spurious Imitations. The whole of the above-named Goods I can and do with confidence recommend to the Public as sound good articles, free from all adultera tion or any injurious compound whatsoever. The Trade supplied in quantities to suit re quirements. Orders direct will receive immediate attention and quick dispatch. , . TERMS LIBERAL for CASH or , CREDIT. ' B. SEPPELT, *\ ' LICENSED DISTILLER and MANUFAC TURER, ; ' Steam Distillery, Seppeltsfield, near Greenock, South Australia. [135mwf93 J LYONS has ON SALE ? GROCERIES of every description— A Prime lot of YORE HAMS, just un packed, at unusually low prices. . ENGLISH CHEESE of superior Quality. ALSO, Prime POTTED BUTTER, same as last year. ? ? -?- FRESH-BUTTER always on hand from the best Dairies in the colony. : . 1 J. LYONS, 128mwc 43. HINDLEY-STREET. 48. - H O MA SWA UGH, Family Grocer and Provision Dealer, No. 115, HINDLEY-STREET, ADELAIDE. Goods Delivered in City and Suburbs. Country Orders promptly attended to. ? ,- ? 146mwf235, T UNCHEON FOR THE MILLION, o SeO^H~PIES. - Ltincheon, consisting, of Hhe above delicacy^ with a Cup of Tea or Coffee, for Sixpence, can only be had at ~ ? , ^ , ? SMITH'S RESTAURANT, « 146mwf221 22, Hindley-Street. SUNNING- HILL TINE YARD, CHAIN OF 'PONDS. Town Office and Cellar, Gilbert-place, Adelaide. ROBT. B. LUCAS, Proprietor. ? Fine Old Wines, Red or White, at 4s. per gallon, or 10s. 6d. per dozen. 33?mc {^1 OOD WINES NEED NO BUSH. J. GILLARD'S WINES of the SYLVANIA VINEYARD, Norwood, are UNSURPASSED for EXCELLENCE. Orders carefully attended to. 65mwfc nPHE Undersigned haying been AP JL POINTED SOLE AGENT for the SALE of J. GILBERT, Esq.'s Celebrated PEWSKY TALK WINES, begs to offer them at GREATLY REDUCED PRICES. ? E.B.HEYNE, 9& , ? 168, Bundle-street.

j rogngg joncp ? i JOHN TOEPY,1 FASHIONABLE AND ANATOMICAL . BOOTMAKER. ' Every article in the Trade at Prices which cannot fail to giro latisf action. Style, Neatness, Durability, and Fir ? ? i ? GUARANTKBD. RUNDLE-STREET, nkit Norfolk Asms. ; -- '? ?-? *?..',???-?' ? ? 91mwft88' LADIES' WALLABY ELASTIC-SIDE BOOTS; MILITARY HEELS. 12s; 6d. PER PAIR. i The Best Article of the kind ever produced in j '^ South AustraUa. HAND MADE and WARRANTED. BRAND.ON'S, 78TrUNDLESTREET. . WHOLSALE and RETAIL. [136mwfc j LIFE-SIZE PORTRAITS j ;v, ' '£3 EACH. . ^ Cartes de'Visite, 15s. per dozen; extra copies, ? Is. each. H. JONES, ' ? ? j late Operator at Duryea'a, i llmwft8vA :i OppoaiteTownHalL ; HEELER & WILSON'S! UNRIVALLED LOCK STITCH 1 SEWING-MACHINES! REDUCED TO . j ? ? ? r . -- £6. .?.:.?-,? -. ? - I i ' There is no Machine equal to it for General j Household Work.'— Englishwoman's Magazine. The enormous demand for the above ; UNRIVALLED MACHINES, and increased; facilities for their Manufacture, have enabled ' the Wheeler 4 Wilson Manufacturing Company to make a Further Reduction in the Price of their World-Renowned Lock Stitch Sewing- : Machines. : ,: PRICE REDUCED TO £6. i EASY TERMS of PAYMENT for those who need them , viz., 30s. per month. - Price List and Testimonials Post Free. ,. ; Beware of Spurious Imitations, and apply t the Sole Agenfs in South Australia, W. C. BUIK&CO., 47 & 49, RUNDLE-STREET, ADELAIDE. 97mwfc SUPERIOR PIANOS ON SALE at LONDON PRICES, by i 114mc It. B. LUCAS, Gilbert-place. ? I A N O S A T im PIANOS at TWENTY POUNDS. PIANOS at £20. 68c CHAS. PLATTS k CO. PIANOS/ PIANETTES, ; AND HARMONIUMS, A Large and well selected Stock from the principal Maters ' amongst which will be found' BROADWOOrS, POHLMAN'S, CHAPFBUi'S, Aucheb's, and Bord's. '' ' The Largest and Best-Selected* Stock' of MUSIC in the Colony. , ... - , I Just Publwhed, the Lover and Bird Polka Mazurka. ' -' ' ' -- '-ji ---:; ?'l - :i ??? ?- ?] ArS. MARSHALL'S, . 91ot r52tRUND;LE.STREBT. j niiOCKST C L O C KS.i W. T. FLINT k CO,, No. 37, HINDLEY-STREET,. Have just received a NEW STOCK- of AMERICAN CLOCKS, which they Guarantee as Excellent Timekeepers, at 8s.. 6d. each; Alarum Clocks at 10s. 6tt, 12a. 6d., and 13s. 6d.,| capable of rousing the heaviest sleeper; Large Striking Clocks at I5s. 6d.; Eight-Day Striking Clocks at 18s. 6d. ' !. W. T. FLINT & CO. have also some very nice COTTAGE DINNER SETS at 12s. 6d., which are really neat and serviceable, while their WHITE and GOLD TOILET SETS at 17s. 6d.; and Banded Toilet Sets at 18s. 6d. and 20s., are equal to London prices. v REMEMBER— : '- flint & up. : '„.?.:.:: ! SELL FURNITURE GOOD amd CHEAP. | ? ? ? ? . t ? ? ? -i ? __: ? i BUY HOOPER'S FINE WHITE an* GOLD TOILET SETS, at 17s. 6d. 1 BUY HOOPER'S Magnificent New Pattern Green and Gold Tubular Full-Size BEDSTEADS; at £4 17s. 6d. ' ' j BUY HOOPER'S Full-Size Tubular Green and Gold Four-Post BEDSTEADS, at £2 10s. BUY HOOPER'S Full-Sized Sound, Well made, Polished Cedar CHEST DRAWERS, at £4 12s. 6d. ? BUY HOOPER'S Polished Cedar WASH STANDS, at 14s. 9d. BUY HOOPER'S very Superiorlvory TABLE KNIVES, at 12s., 13s., and 16s. 6d. the half -:. dozen. . ; .' BUY HOOPER'S DINNER SET, at 12s. BUY HOOPER'S CHINA SETS, at 9s. and i2s.' ????' ' ? '. ? ':v ; All.Good| Carefully ^Packed and Delivered Daily in Town and Suburbs. , GENUINE -NON-EXPLOSIVE EER0SINEf Note— Now at the Port, a Large Assortment of very superior LAMP CHIMNEYS, aUsttet, . a -,r - r ? 97mwfc WI L L I A M T R A I N, ?WAYMOUTH-STREET SLATE ; -? -\'- ? .%** YARDS, .. , ' Corner of Young-street (lately 'occupied by.Mr. ?.?: ! T.Martin). : I HEADSTONES, MONUMENTS, MANTELPIECES from 15s. SALTING TROUGHS all Sizes. \ BATHS, SINKS, &c. Made to Order. ? At LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICE3. , ? ROOFING SLATES, - \ 24 x 12 at £10 5 . 0 ( 20 z 10 at £7 4 0 22 x 11 at' 8 15 0 1 18 x 9 at 52 6 N.B.— AQENT for T. MARTIN, Willun^a. ? ... . : ':?.',:, &-^.L:.J j :.-? ?? 130mwf77 j. A M E S H U B B L EJ F COACHBUILDER. r *' CARRIAGES of every description BUILTJ REPAIRED, Painted, Lined, &c, Promptly,1 Efficiently, and Economically. __ i I ' KINGiWILLIAM-pTREET S0UTH- } 62mwf+60 . Next the Supreme Court. . | RL A Y C O C K^ ? MONUMENTAL WORKS, ' Corner oe Wavmouth and Bentham Streets. For Cheap Monuments and Tombstones, go to R. Latcock's. A Large Stock of Chimney pieces, &c., at fJowestPossible Prices. 93mwf272 BIME MUTTON AND BEEFJ H.-Qr., 2d. per lb. Roasting Pieces, 4d. ;. F.-Qr., lid. ... Boiling do., 2d. Sides, lid. ... , i al31-60 At F. HINCE'S, East-End Market- j PURE TUSCAN SEED WHEAT.^f The undersigned havea parcel of. the above, of Port Lincoln growth, clean and good. Apply to ? ?? ...... ; ROBIN k LE MESSURIER, 136c Port Adelaiie. MANURE. MANURE -E. M, ? BAGOT, having finished Boiling Down for the Season, is now prepared to SUPPLY FARMERS and GARDENERS, on reasonable terms, with OFFAL MANURE from the Pits. ' ^ tfmwfo ,

RE M O V A L. WILLIAM H. HOLMES 4 CO. Beg to inform their Customer! that they hava REMOVED from their old Promises ioStepben* place to the more Commodious One*, lately Kcupied by Messrs. W. & J. Storrie, 19; Cmrio itreet, WILLIAM H. HOLMES k CO., IMPORTERS OF GENERALMERCHANMSB - ? 19, CURRIE-STREET. a86'17S iT E M 6 V A U FRANCIS CLARK k SONS and CLARK k CROMPTON lave REMOVED from Blyth-street to GREN'- ?ELL-STREET, between the RqisUr Office and SingWilliam-street. ; 145'58mwf72v68 . R. SAMUEL PEAROE, HOUSE, LAND, and GENERAL ' ? ESTATE AGENT, j Hnn-LBT-8TREET, ADELAIDE, S.A.- j RENTS, INTEREST, DIVIDENDS, and [)EBTS COLLECTED and REMITTED, or nvested in Freehold Estate, Government Bonds, kc, as instructed. Money to Lend. 93mwfo R. T. NIEHUUS, PARADE, NORWOOD, adjoining Baptist Church, ; laving been Appointed AGENT for the Evening : Tournol in KENSINGTON, NORWOOD, and Neighbourhood, will RECEIVE ORDERS for; ;he Reguiar Delivery of same in the above j District aS3o i ClOR SALE/ Cheap, ;one of! E WILDING'S PATENT WOOLPRESSES j | learlynew. Apply to . ' 1 144mwfcv '' T. W. BOOTHBYi ; SADDLES. SADDLES. SADDLES. NEW STOCK. NEW STOCK. ! SALEABLE SHAPES. JOSEPH G. GENDERS, ' MANUFACTURER OF SADDLES AND HARNESS, ; , 117, HINDLEY-STREET. Storekeepers and the Trade please ; Note. ... 96o ; r^YSTERS. OYSTERS. OYSTERS, CRAYFISH. CRAYFISH. CRAYFISH. GEO. MOSELEY begs to acquaint his Friends ; ind the Public that he has now om hand a: [-AB42i Sdpplt, Wholesale or Retail MOSELEY'S OYSTER ROOMS, 148o 85, Knro WouiAX-sTBiif ? ? MOHEY. MONET TO LEND at from Seven! per cent Interest. Every description jf Real Property Act Business transacted. PRICE k MACDONALD, 31*151 62, King William-street, Adelaide. T ARGEor Small SUMS at from 71 per JJ cent. TO be LENT on first-class Security. ' 198c G. MUMME k CO., Grenfell-street. , MONEY TO be LENT at 8 percent.,i if in moderately large sums and First* class Securities. ,V ? ' ; J 7 V: JG.W. COTTON, . : Licensed Land Broker, : ,-, . Queen's-Chambers, Pirie-street, : r 211cv adjacent to the Town HalL i MONEY TO LENtiJ . LOANS NBGOTIATED.- !' GREEN * CO., Exchange Land Offices, King William-street. ^ 242ov ; MONEY TO LEND on Mortgage,! All Business under the Real Property Act transacted. B. B. COLLEY, , * ? ?? Licensed Land Broker. '92a, King ^Ham-street. J '' 3cv i MONEY TO LEND on Freehold Security, whether under Real Property; Act or otherwise, at lowest rates. - ' . ANDREWS &B0NNIN, ; lOOcv Waymouth-street. MONEY to LEND on Security of Freehold Security or Government Bonds/: FREDERIC WICK8TEED, : Accountant, Leigh-street i Executors' and Trustees' Accounts adjusted and kept in order: periodical accounts prepared. t, - 133-364v I MONEY TO LEWD on Mortgage.1 All Business under the Real Property Act transacted. ' - ; . . . NATHL. OLDHAM, Licensed Land Broker. Imperial-Chambers, King William-street. - ? 232ov ; MONEY to LEND, in Large or Small Sums. . ; Loans and Guarantees Negotiated. ' ' KINGSBOROUGH k CHAPMAN, \ Licensed Land Brokers and Estate Agents, ! 126fl24r Advertiser-Buildings. j MONEY to LEND on Property under| Real Property Actor otherwise. BETTERIDGE k NICHOLSON, i ;? ..-??.?? Solicitors, ' ? ?;' ' 79cV ' . , 87, King William-street, Adelaide, j MONEY TO LEND at lowest rates : of interest on Freehold Security. All business under the Real Property Act conducted with promptness. ? BAYNTON & PIZEY, ' Land Agents and Licensed Brokers, ' ; , Waterhouse-Buildings, King William-street, ; 1 and at Mount Pleasant. 144mwfc j ONEY TO LEND, on First-Clasii ' Securities, at the Lowest Rate of Interest. MATHEWS, COX, & WADEY, | 20mfc Solicitors, Green's Exchange: 1IJ'ONEY TO LEND. Proper^ ixL brought under the Real Property Act; Mortgages, Leases, and Transfers drawn, - W. M. LETCHFORD, ' ; j Licensed Land Broker, Waterhouse*BufldIngsi 227mwfcr ! BOARD AND LODGING WANTED, by an elderly Gentleman j UNFURNISHED APARTMENTS and ATTENDANCE, in Adelaide or its Vicinity* The neighbourhood of Kent Town preferred; Address A. B., care of Mr. W. Goddard, Hindley-street, Adelaide. al49o i HORSES. CATTLE. VEHICLES, fto. TjlAT SHEEP.— The undersigned is J? prepared to Buy for delivery during the season, on behalf of the Adelaide Meat Pre« serving Company, Limited. ' j ? W; L. MARCHANT, j ?'' 93ml77vAl68 Green's Exchange. \ TJ1OB SALE, at BEDUCSD PRICES.. * WAGONETTE ! BUGGIES ': j 1 EXPRESS WAGON \ ' ' ' - AM) .'*- I ? . . DRAYS. ? ' ; ' j' H. JENNEE, OOACHBUILDEK;^ I W^ GOUGER^TREBTWEST.^ ' 3

LAID AUCT10 J JOnCKS GRBEN k CO.'S L_ NEXT MONTHLY AKD AUCTION SALE ? will be held in the LAND MART : On FRIDAY, SOra JUNE, 1971. Particnlars of Properties, are requested on or before 15th June. 147-54rmwfl6Q AMU8BMEHT8 NORTH ADELAIDE YOUNG   MEN'S SOCIETY. LITERARY AND MUSICAL ENTERTAIN- MENT. TUESDAY EVENING* MAY 30. *'; PROGRAMME.— pABf I. Duet, Pianoforte— 'Chant National dos Croatoa1' ? (Blumenthal). ' ^ Firates' Chorus, lt SataBella'^Balfe) -4 Mem* D«rS. ? ? ??.????.?? ./.' ?????: -J- ..\'' -..-.-:?- . Recitation, ' Beautiful Snow (Anon) Mr. H. Y. Sparks. Song, ' The Bold Marco'— (W. H. Monteomery-- -Mr. F. Searle. Recitatioa, ' The Boat Race'— (Bennett)— Mr^ A. Pomeroy. , , ,, Duet, 'The Gondolier's Good Night' — (SL Nelson)— Miss Stanes and Mr. F. SandersoiU Reading, *?' Generalship'— (George Roy) —Mr. J. Anderson. ? '* ?' .-.. k ????:???; ? ti', -. i Song, «« The Merry Bells of Eagland'-(Edney) — Mrs. Peryman;'' -i . ? -; (Interval.) - . .?'? ?' .''???? :?? .?'?? V&B.TU. ??. i -J ?:???.??.-. ?=.. Solo, Pianoforte, . *'? Cox and Box'— (Sullivan)— ' Mr. S. P. Needham. -.:.. « Chorus, ????{' The Wanderer's Song' — (Mea / delsshon)— Members. Song, ^My Own, my Guiding Star'.'— (Gi A. Macfarren)— Mr. S. P. Needham. Recitation/ 'The Legend of Horatius' — Macaulay)— Mr. F. Searle. ? Duet, 'The Siren and the Friar'— (Louis : . Emanuel) — Mrs. Poryman and Mr. A, Pomeroy^ , Recitation, from 'The Prisoner of ChilloaV— (Byron)— Mr. R. Whinham. Song, 'See yon Rose, so freshly blooming'-— ::..-? (Donizetti)r-Mrs. Peryman. Solo, Trio, Quartette, and Chorus— ' God Sav« the Queen.' Doors open at 7.30. Chair to be taken at .8 o'clock precisely by the Rev. James Jofforis, LL.B. Tickets, Is. ;: xk ] ' E; PARKS NESBITy Hon. Sec. THE GREAT WONDER OF THE ? WORLD. The SEA LIONS lately Exhibited with so much success in Adelaide will loave on Monday. May 29, on a TOUR ROUND the NORTHERN! DISTRICTS, calling at GAWLER, KAPUNDA, and the principal Townships on the Route. ?!±; H. PENNINGTON k CO. 8P0BTIHg ' THE LATE RACES.— .AU STAKES will be PAID on MONDAY next, the 29th May, at half -past 7 o'clock, at tho GLOBE HOTEL No admission without Tickets, which are to bo had at the Globe Hotel from the Proprietor, or the Secretary of the Races. , 147*'9 M.^L. CONNER, Hon. Soo. fTI' TUNSTAJiL, Prinbe of Wales, uX,« ii [CHALLENGES ANY MAN in Soutk Australia to CLIP a HORSE for from £1 to 20. LOST AJD rOUHD. LOST, on Monday might last, in Hindleypr King William Streets, Thro© Gold LOCKETS, attached to a ring.,- The finder will be rewarded on applying to tho offico of this paper. ' ? * al47'9 WAFTED WANTED, a competent MAN for the WILLUNGA FLAX MILL; must thoroughly understand flax scutching, watering, &c, and be able to take the management of tho Mill.. , Apply, by. letter or. personally, witb. testimonials, to T. MACDONALD, Dundee Tent and Tarpaulin Factory, 143c Freeman and Pino streets. WANTED, in a Gentleman's Family -near Kapunda, a GOVERNESS for two Children, with a good knowledge of Needlework. To a good musician and teacher of drawing & high salary would be given. Apply, with references, to A. B., General Post-Office. 146mw51 ANTED, LESSONS in WATER COLOUR PAINTING, between 10. 3* and 2.30 on Mondays. Apply A.B., General Post-Office., ? 149-51 /COMPETENT ASSISTANTS to the \J DRESSMAKING required at Palmer an* Tolley's, 55, Rundle-street. 147/50 RAPER'S APPRENTIOE.-Palmer and Tollcy have a Vacancy for a respect able Youth. ? ''. I44fm49 WANTED, a HOUSE for Six Months, Furnished or Unfurnished, containing Eleven or Twelve Rooms, with Stables ana Coacb-House. North or South Adelaide pre ferred. Apply T. J. Richardson, Hart k Co.\ Grenfell-street, Adelaide. 147 -'9 O?E VALLEY RESERVOIR.— WANTED, 40 to 50 MASONS for Pitch-. paving 20,000 (Twenty Thousand) Yards. 143c G. k R. E. FRY, Contractors. ANTED, Three ROOMS, with use of Kitchen. Apply T. M., office of this paper, stating rent. , al46*9 WANTED, a good OOOK and LAUNDRESS; also, a Young GIRL, German preferred, who- is able to take chargo of children, wait table, and do needlework. Apply A. B., General Post-Offico. 149-51 TXT ANTED, a GENERAL SERVANT YV for the Country; good plain Cook and Laundress. Apply to Mrs. Hardy, Strangways terrace, North Adelaide, between the hours of 1 and 3 o'clock. al47'50 |^1 ARDENER WANTS a SITUATION j VIJT accustomed to ' Greenhouse, Hothouse, and Pine Stove. Apply to Messrs. E. & W. Hackett. , r r : -t a!47-50 WANTED, COOIL .Apply RaUway Hotel, Port. 140-51 '\TTANTED, a MAN to Oook and T V make himself generally handy. Apply by letter only, stating wagea wanted, Ac, 'Publican, Box 17, Port Adelaide. al47*9 O A TEAMS more will Find EMPLOY &\J MENT CARTING METAL and BUILDING STONE from Mitcham Qnarries, by application to the Proprietor, J. Prince, Jun., Parkfields. Liberal prices given. 146mwfo TXTANTED, NATIVE CAT, |^I W- CAN, and other NATIVB SKINS. S. Lawrence, Fur Manufacturer, l^^0' street, opposite Mr. Debney'A 123mwf49