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On Saturday morning between 9 and 11 King William-street presented a lively appearance, it being by common consent the meeting and stflrhnp-nlftce for holiday -keeDers. who throncred

the footpaths preparatory to getting inside or mounting to the knifeboard of busses. Those and other vehicles were numerous, and many a trap looking likely to be such in another sense had been furbished up so as to pass niustor, when anything from the Leviathan to a sardine-box on wheels could com mand fares and fairs. The omnibus procession of the Oddfellows was the central attraction for sight-seers, and load after load of muslin frocked or white-coated pleasure-seekers turned the new Post-Offico corner, till the figure 34 or 35 on a pasteboard label was reached. The Bay conveyances had noarly all been prossod into the service of Oddfellowship, so that traffic was for the time in a measure diverted from Glenelg. People bent upon going there, how ever, were to be found, and behind or upon nags they managed to get there or to Honloy, Kirkcaldy, or other beaches. About noon the city seemed largely desortod, and although somo shops made a spasmodic attempt at looking busy, and others opened because nothing botter was found to be done, trade and commerce might safely be said to havo retired to roost till Menday. The Port Regatta attracted crowds and filled railway carriages. Thebarton Races allured the horsey men; our Teutonic friends firod and smoked away at Hope Valley; while a Wesleyan picnic at Fulham, and a Kechabito ditto at Wattlegrove had their atten dances and enjoyments. The roasting hoat of the pavements in Adelaide drove some who had not purposed or prepared for a regular holiday to rush away to some gully or another, stroll dreamily through the Botanic Gardens, or rush anywhere to have a ' dook' in tho water. About sunset, cabs, cars, and carts returned. Youths who had been -getting- 10s. worth out of poor screws of horses piloted them back, lumbering 'busses brought back those who had worked hard for pleasure with the thermometer at any figure desired, according to where it was placed. After dark the footpaths of Rundle and Hindley streets were filled till 10, when tho customary promenaders thinking that walking up and down before closed shutters was rather tame strolled away. A gas star or crown here and there shone -brightly out in honor of the birth of another year, and not long after Adelaide went to bed tired out. Subjoined are details of the various engagements of the day : — New Year's Day PacE Meeting. Stewards— Hons. J. Crozier, M.L.C., and J. Hodgkiss, M.L.C. ; and Messrs. W. K. Simms, M.P., P. Levi, \V. Blackler, and H. C. Gleeson. Judge— Mr. J. Chambers. Starter— Mr. P. B. Coglin. The history of the South Australian turf during tho past twelve months is a strange record of vicissitudes and incongruities. The extinction of a bankrupt Jockey Club was followed by spring: and summer sporting gatherings of a more than ordinarily successful nature. The contention between rival courses in the persistent devotion of leading turfites to Thebarton led to the latter being almost deserted by the public ; yet the meetings in October and on New Year's Day

drew thousands of the population to that course. When sporting seemed at its lowest ebb circumstances showed that it still possessed strong inherent vitality. The national pastime did not need to be galvanized into life ; it only required a call to roveal its hold on popular favour, to exhibit how abundant were its re sources, and how easily they could be called into requisition. There is no doubt that the success of the events on New Year's Day will stimulate exertion to provide the colony with a new Jockey Club, which is necessary to guard and promote the interests of the sport. Not withstanding the great variety of attractions elsewhere, the Thebarton Course was thronged on Saturday with several thousands of spectators. Within the enclosure were moat of the habitue*' of the- turf, while the Grand Stand, which was made .to look as gay as possible by a display of bunting, contained a number of ladiea, The weather, though rendered some what gloomy by the clouds overhead, was a vast improvement upon .'former Summer meetings. The aroma from the boiling-down establishment, which has never been popular deapite the persis tency with which it has hitherto been forced upon the .public, was suppressed, and the saddhng-paddock and its approaches were im proved by a plentiful distribution of tan. Betting was brisk, tho Melbourne bookmakers who wore present not being slothful in keeping the game alive. The usual concomitants of public demonstrations were not wanting, while a number of publicans' booths dispensed liquid refreshment to thirsty souls. A contingent of troopers and foot-police preserved order and kept the course clear. The catering at the Grand Stand was as usual under the efficient control of Mr. G. Aldridgo, who did nothing to invalidate his claim for public support. The Band of the 14th Regiment discoursed lively music at intervals during tho afternoon for tho entertainment of the assemblage. Tho sporting events woro eight in number; and owing to tho absence of heats, and the praiseworthy expedition observablo in calling them on, they were all disposed of by sun down. The Maidon Plato brought together a field of nine Those debutantes for public honours elicited a good deal of criticism. Tho quidnuncs were disappointed by the result, as a large proportion of tho knowing ones set down the event to Lonadale. The trotting race was considered by many a wise innovation on established usage. A protest which was lodged against tho winner, who had declared 3 stone over on account of his weighing in a pound or two under weight, was decided in her favour, much to the .satisfaction of the spectators. One of tho chief features of tho day was' the Handicap Steeplechase. Gipsy Girl preserved the renown .she gained at the October meeting, and carrying tho tip-top weight of 12 st. 1 lb.' tc the foro, she lias shown herself capable of greater things than she has yot accomplished. Launcelot, weighted at 11 st. 3 lb., closely pushed the 'winner at the finish. He possesses ninny good qualities and solid advantages which no doubt will yet win him fame. His jumping powers are undeniable. He has a good temper, and that he has en durance and fleetness is manifest from the manner in which he covered the- ground in the last half mile in the Steeplechase- on Saturday. The Selling Stakes were a gift to Mr.. Harvey's Ada, who, we understand, is related to tho Barb, and is not unlike ' tho Black Demon' in size aud appearance. In tho New Year's Handi cap Mr. Gilbert's Lapdog came to £hc post with the prestige of a reputation extending beyond this colony. Although carrying 9 st. 4 lbs., ho did not belie hii fame nor tho expectation of his backers. Midnight, who was the favourite of a certain class, ruined her chance by running against a post. In the Pony Race there were but two competitors. It afforded much diver sion, however. In the Handicap Hurdle Race Launcelot redeemod tho goneral confidence his merits have been held in. The tartan showed the way past the winning-post, the representa tive of chivalry cot having turned a hair. A : Hack Eace, won by Mr. Sedunary's Seawocd, , ivouud up the day's sport. Annexed is a do tailed account of the events : — i Maiden Plate of SO sovs. added to a sweep- : stake of 3 .sovs. On-; mile. Entrance 2 sovs. j Mr. J. Jackson's br.g. Duke of Wellington, 6 yrs., 10 st. lib. (Tothill) ? 1 Mr. W. H. Fomiby'o b.g. Loiisuule, 5 or 6 vrs. 10 st. lib. (Alford) ? !.. 2 Mr. P. McEnhill'3 b.g. Flying Dutchman, 3 jts. 8 st. Slbi. (Rowo) ? 3 Mr. 11. S. Low's b.g. Leapyoar, 5 yrs. 0 st. j lllbs. (W. Simpson) ' Mr. J. McEiihnTs Coquette, aged, 10 st. ! lib. (Tusrtall) | Mr. J. LaniVs b.rn. Kate, 5 yrs., 9 st. lilbs. j (Webber) ' I Mr. O. A. Baker's b.-j. Paul Jone?, 4 yrs., ! J' st. Tibs. (Oalvin) j Mr. J. Hra-vey's b.f . by South Australian, j out of Beda, Syr*./ S st. SIb5. (Hussev.) i Mr. J. Burgess's br.g. Tvpo., 6 vrs., 10 st. lib. i (Sh«SS) r ! Mr. -'. Ward's b.g. Billy Button, aged, 10 st. ' 33b. PrriTn. ' I A good start was effected, nearly all the horses ruining' in n. rick for a short distance, when thoy wero broken up into divisions. Loap year obtained a slight lead which he maintained j for SM»e time. Between the north-east \ corner and the turn the Duke of Wellington \ assumed tho lead, and although pushed on en tering- 'the straight by Lonsdale, he was never collared. He passed the Judge's box about a length aLead, Lonsdala second, and Flying Dutchman * g&A third. Time, 2 rains. 2 eecs. j Trottfof Rac», of SO sovs., in saddle or j

trap and harness. Three miles. One event. Entrance, 1 sov. . - Mr. E. WenzelTs b.m. Bay Judy, aged, list. (Owner) ? ... 1 Mr. P. Jewell's b.g. Dick, 6 yrs., 11 st. (Warren) ? ? 2 Mr. T. . B. Oliver's b.m. .Lass o' Gowrie^ aged, list. (Tunstall) ... ... ... 3 Mr. B, Corroll's b.g. Charlie, aged, 11 st. (Owner). Mr. A- Messenger's br.g. Railway, aged, list. (Owner). Mr. G. Bennett's ch.g. Harry, aged, list. (Bothwick). Mr. P. Dungey's g.g. Volunteer, aged, 11 st. (Owner). Mr. .8. Ferry's g.m. Nolly Grey, aged, 11 st. (Owner). All the field came to the post. As tho com petitors took their preliminary trot their merits and action were minutely reviewed. Tho country horses showed good pace, whilst their appearance was very much in their favour. Bay i Judy declared 3 st. ovor; Dick, 3 lbs.; Charley, ! lst.*llb.;andRailway,61bs. Mr. Coglinsucceedod in getting the animals well away together. Charley soon took the lead, Dick being second. The latter gradually crept up, and before half a mile had been traversed lie was hanging on the leader's quarters. Bay Judy in tho mean time was creeping up suspiciously. At the north-e^t corner Dick collared and then passed Charley. On nearing the straight Bay Judy likewise passed Charley. On passing the Grand Stand tho first time Bay Judy was slightly leading, with Dick second, and Lass o* Gowrio third. Shortly afterwards Dick broke, thereby confirming Judy's advantage. Tho position of these threohorses remained unaltered to the closo. Bay Judy by degrees increased tho distance between herself and her opponents, and came in an easy winner, not having brokon once. Dick was second, whilo Lass. o'Gowrie struggled bravely for third place. A dispute occurred as to whether Bay Judy declared 36 lbs. or three stone over. The Stewards after considering the matter, gave their decision in favour of tho mare, the announcement being received with loud cheering. Time, 9 min. 18£ sec. Handicap Steeplechase, of 50 sova., added to a sweepstakes of 3 sovs. About throe milos, over such jumps as tho Stewards shall dotermine. Nomination, 2 sovs. Mr. S. Ferry's b.m. Gipsy Girl, aged, 12 st. I lb. (C. Haslett) ? 1 Mr. Gordon'sb.g. Launcolot, aged, list. 3 lbs. (Pegler) ? 2 Hon. J. Raker's br.g. Monk, aged, 11 st. (Galvin). ... ... ? ? 3 Mr. W. Simpson's br.g. Forester, 6 yrs. or aged, 9 st. 8 lbs. ' (J. Hill). Mr. G. O. Cooper's ch.g. Pick Mo Up, (Lite Prince), 9 st. 5 lbs. (G. Alford.) The start was from the north-east corner, then past tho Grand Stand into Washington's pad dock, next over tho road into Pearson's section, past the Hilton Hotel, and then turning north ward, running through Paul's section, re-entering the racecourse at the north-east end, and ending with the usual brash fence noar the Judge's box —the leaps being in nil 19, most of them reaching the orthodox height of four and a half feot. This race rivalled tho other great event of the day in interest. The fact of Gipsy Girl having been handicapped at the full steeplechasing weight, and thus being compelled to yield heavy advantages to her opponents, did not damp the ardour and expoction of her backers, nor did she baulk their anticipations. Tho supporters of Launcelot, forming no inconsiderable section in tho sporting circle, were in high feather, and were equally sanguine. It could hardly bo said that their confidence was misplaced, as the way in which the bay shaped and pushed the winner, made the finish one of the finest that has occurred here for years past. Monk inspired hope in his adherents, but judging from his performances past and on the present occasion, he is a most unreliable beast. In this event he earned the unenviable distinction of being tho only horse who baulked. Later in the day he repeated the trick, and . ruined a good chance of securing victory. The field' started in regular order. Pick-me-Up' led the way over the first hurdle, Monk second. The latter then rushed to the front. On passing tho Stand the first time Pick-me;Up was leading, -with Gip«y Girl second, Monk third, and Launcelot fourth. On getting into the paddocks Monk seemed scared at the entanglements he had been led into, and baulked. On the horses emerging from the dust that had environed them, Gipsy Girl and Pick-me-Up were seen struggling for the mastery. When near the starting-point at the north-east corner tho Girl was leading, the chesnut being second. Launcelot, who had evidently been biding his time, then pushod forward and assumed second placo, aud by dint of an astonishing pace began gradually to lessen tho distance between himself and tho Girl, to whom up to this point the raco it was thought would bo a gift. Coming down tho straight the process of overhauling tho leader was continued, nnd with such succoss that it created a ferment of excitement. At the last hurdle tho Girl rose first, with Launcolot on her quarter. Gipsy Girl, however, led past tho Judge's box about half a length in advance of Launcelot. Both horses wore admirably ridden. We heard it remarked that if Launcelot had put on his spurt, a hundred yards or so .sooner he would have shown oven better at tho Tho winner was greeted with a cheer on her entering tho snddliug-paddock after her well earned triumph. Timo, 5 m. 53 sec. .Soiling Stakes, of 20 sovs., added to a swoep stakes of 2 sovs. One milo and a hnlf. Tho manor to bo sold immediately after the race, and any surplus over tho entered prico to go to tho funds. Entrance, 1 sov. Mr. J. Harvey's br.m. Ada, 5 yrs., X'30, S st. II lbs. (Hussey) ? 1 Mr. W. Petman's b.g. Doctor, need, £30, 9 »t. lib. (Johnson) ? 2 Mr. W. H. Formby's b.g. Lonsdalo, 5 or 6 yrs.. £30. 9 st. lib. (Alford) ? 0 Mr. T. B. Oliver's g.m. Jenny Liud, 5 vrs., £h',S st. 4 lbs. (Jackson) Mr. E. Ward's b.g. Billy Button, aged, £15. 8 st. 8 lbs. (Cracknell) ' I Mr. S. Ferry's b.m. Countess, aged, £15. 8 st. 8 lbs. (Fargar) Mr. J. Heed's br.g. Stag, aged, £30, 9st. 1 lb. (Tothill) Mr. R. S. Low's b.g. Leapvcar, 5 vrs., £30, 8 st. 11 His. After two false starts the field got off in good style, Ada and Lonsdalo leading past the Stand. After the pack had undergone tho usual changes in its progress towards the north-east corner, Ada was '-observed to have -a strong* lead, and increasing her advantage at pleasure, she camo in an easy winner. When close to tho post Doctor contrived to pull .slightly ahead of Lons dale, and so camo off with- 'second honours. Time, '2 min. 5tHsecs. The winner was offered for sale at auction by | Mr. S. Barnard, but there being no advanco on j the upset price she was returned to her owner, j Tho Now Year's Handicap, of 70 sow., added j to n sweepstakes of 5 sovs. Two miles. Nomi. \ nation, 3 sovs. i Mr. J. Gilbert's br.g. Lapdog, 5 yrs., 9st. 4 lbs. (Totlull) ... !.. ... ? 1 Mr. W. Simpson's b.g. William Tell, aged, 6 st. 13 lbs. (Tunstall) ? 2 Mr. J. Jackson's br.g. Duke of Wellington, 6 yrs., 7 st. 4 lbs. (Jackson) ? 3 Hon. J. Baker's b.h. Corsair, 5 yrs., 8 st. 4 lbs. (Hocking). Mr. E. Ward's br.m. Midnight, aged, 7 st. 10 lbs. (Crackuell). Tho favourite, of courso, was Lapdog', whoso past performances, especially at the last Autumn Meeting of the late Jockey Club on the Adelaido Course, have entitled him to the reputation of boing the best racer in South Australia. Ho added another laurel to his wreath on this occa sion. On passing the Stand the first time Lap dog was leading, with the Duke second, and Corsair third. The latter then got into second place. The Dog', however, could not be touched; and, improving his advantage at every stride, ho was landed an easy winner, hands down, the Swiss Wamw being second, and the Duke a good third. Time, 3 min. S6 sec. . Tha Boys' Own Stakes, of 5 eovs. For ponies not exceeding' 13 hands. One mile. Catch weights. Post entrance of 5s. Mr. Perry's Harkaway (Ward) ... ... 1 Mr. JE. M. Bagot s Lucy (Hill). A large assembly of ponies in the enclosure promised plenty of competition ; but on their being measured their height was found in nearly every instance to exceed slightly tho proper standard of 13 hands. The two diminutive com petitors ran well together for a considerable distance, and alternately took the lead to the amusement of the visitors. Harkaway, how ever, won eventually with comparative case. Handicap Hurdle Race of 20 sovs. added to a sweep of 1 80V. One mile and a half. Nourina tlonleov. Mr. A. L. Gordon's b.g. Launcelot, Aged. 11 et. 4lbs. (Peeler) ... ? ... 1

Mr. J. Burgess's br.g. Typo, 6 yr3., lUSt.. Hon. J. taker's br.g. Monk, aged, 11 st. i lbs. (Galvin) ... ? ? 3 Mr. E. Ward's r.g. Jolly Dog, aged, 8 st. 4 lbs. (Cracknell). . Mr. G. O. Cooper's ch.g. Pick Me Up ..(late Prince), 5yn.r9«MlbMAlfoird). ' Mr. G. Bennett's ch.g. Skyscraper, 5 yrs., 8 st. 7 lbs. (Rowo). Mr. S. Ferry's b.g. Sambo, aged, 9 st. 8 lbs. (C. Haslatt). Mr. W. Simpson's br.g. Forester, 6 yrs. or aged, 9 st. 8 lbs.— Drown. Sambo doclared 7 lbs. over. The course lay over six hurdles. Pick Me Up fell at tho first hurdle, throwing his rider heavily, without however seriously injuring him. Monk was leading well when he baulked, which was- most tantalizing to hia friends, aa it lost him his chance. Typo, who had boen thus loft in quiet possession of the lead, was soon pushed by Launcelot. Tho latter was not long in showing the rest the way over the fences, and camo in first without having turned a hair. Typo was a good second. Monk, who had gallantly striven to retrieve Ids disgrace, secured third place. Sambo was fourth. Jolly Dog, in emulation of his doings at tho Hunt Club Steoplochase3 in October, came in a bad fifth, amid derisive cheers; while Pick-mo-Up, who had boen picked up and ridden round by an outsider after his fall, brought up the rear. Time, 4 min. Hack Race of 10 sovs. One mile and a half; 8 st. ; post entrance 1 sov. Mr. Sedunary's Seawood (Rowe) ? 1 Mr. J. Harvoy's Octoroon (Hussoy) ? 2 Mr. Nation's Taglioni (Slmgg). Mr. Howie's Darkio (Hart). Mr. G. A. Baker's Pirate (Hocking). Mr. Pettmann's Cockcy (Jackson). ? A very indifferent start was effected, Octoroon being left far in the roar. Seaweed, who had early taken tho foremost position, won iu excellent stylo. The Stewards allotted Octoroon second place; Pirate and Darkie, who camo in before Tier, having ran inside a post whou coining down the straight. This closed tho programme of events, and after a fruitless attempt had been made to got up a hurryskurry, the company dispersod, all being apparently weU satisfied with the day's snorr .