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? SHIPPING. _____ j -_-K.-v CJTBA.M TO KING GEORGE'S ?feli^. O SOUND.— The A.S.N. Co.'s ___?_!_?__-* Royal Mail Steamship ?^mUmi^- RANGATIKA i will be dispatched, as above, oa Friday the 29th November, with Mails and Passengers .for the Bombay. For freight or passage, apply to Q.A.&B. BaRTLEET, Town. 331-'3 ? ANTHONY &BABTLEET, Port. 'Tv-i. ? AUSTRIAN LLOYD'S *%-L$h^ A. STEAM NAVIGATION J&flflTjiP- COMPANY. ? laiuufii- The undersigned, Agents for the : above Company, beg to intimate that a REDUC TION of FARES has taken place between ALEXANDRIA and TRIESTE, and rice vena. l This Company's Steamers ran in correspon dence with the arrival and departure of the Penin sular and Oriental and French Messagerie Lines of Steamers between India, China, Australia, and the port of Suez. Handbooks and all necessary information may be obtained on application to G. A. & H. BARTLEET, Grenfell-Btreet, 263c ? Agenta. ____k~k T?OR MELBOURNE, VIA *i™i5fev JP VICTOR HABBOUB. - The ? jjrijfr' Steamship i ^*aaBfc' O00RONG, Vm. McLean, commander, will sail, a3 above, on ' Friday, November 29. Passengers by 1.40 p.m. train. J. NEWMAN & SON. Port 325'33 J. DABWENT. Grenfell-street. - 'k-i T?Xj;UKSION TO MELBOURNE. #_]iSk_ MJJ -RETURN TICKETS will be Mg£i&zt~ iMUed bZ tne s-8- COOKONG and from 10th December. Cabin ? £3 Steerage ? £i J. DARWENT, Grenfell-street. November 26, !Sb7. ? 331c _iSv-k T?OR PORT LINCOLN AND PORT WtN^^ AUGUSTA.-The Steamer ~«iU*.BW Captain McCoy, will sail for the above ports on Saturday, 30th instant, at 4 o'slock p.m. ELDER, SMITH, & CO., \ Town ar.d J. STILLING & CO., J Por:. J. DARWENT, Grenfell-street. ? 32?3_ ., _K-k T710U DARLING RIVER.— The ^rW1v3i\. *. Steamer ?ff-jXJ-jT' LADY AUGUSTA. ?'i**11 Captain Ritchie, will rail from Goolwa on Wednesiliy next, callinjz at Milang. _ 333'6 ? WM. I-BISTEB, Currie-street. A-»A. I?OR LONDON, Callinj:at the CAPE ?gSSS^. I1 OF GOOD HOPE.— The favourite ?SOiBy clipper Ship 1 1'fi!«fa CITY OF ADELAIDE, Captain Bruce, 791 ton3 register, will be dispatched on the 15th December. The First and Second Class Accommodation of this Vessel is well known, the Cabins beinsr roomy and well ventilated. Dr. Lane will proceed in her as Surgeon. For freight or passage, anply to Captain Bruce, or 258mwfc ? ELDER, SMITH, & CO. Yk&A. T70R LONDON, VIA THE CAPE ^eSS^-i-1 OF GOOD HOPK.-T0 Sail on M^Hajy' the 1st January.— The new IS years '*'?'?'**' AI Clipper Ship ST. LEONARDS, 1,000 tons register. Inspection of the Saloon Cabin of this fine vessel is invited. For freight or passage, apply to Captain Franklin, on board; or to „ 331mwfc ? ELDER, SMITH, & CO. ,-&.,, T ON DON, Calling at the CAPE. d«3HhK JLi The Orient Line Clipper a^SSpy YATALA, ***3H_i' iti27 tons, Captain Legoe, will Fail positively on the morning of the 20th December. Has superior accommodation for first and second class passengers, and carries a Surgeon. To be followed by the DARK A. JOSEPH STILLING & CO. 205mwf3cv HENRY SCOTT. ? aSt rv T^OR LONDON.'Caflinir at thf CAPE HSrfJSWl'* OF GOOD HOPE.-The new 45W clipper ShiD ?BBaaSr ** ST. VINCFNF, just arrived from England, will be loaded and dispatched punctually on the lt)th January. The Cabins of this Vessel for airiness and comfort are unrivalled. Carries an experienced Surgeon. Anply to Captain Louttit, on bn.wl : or to 327mwfc KLDISK, SMITH, & CO.,

j&a. 13 LACK WALL LINE OF 4§a^v 13 PACKETS FOlt LONDON ?J^OSgar DIRECT. —To sail positively on 'EffKHfry Wednesday, the ISthDecuruber.— The inagnilicent new river-built clipper Ship SUPER a 1. 151 tons repister, Al at Lloyd's, Edward Jone?, Commander, belonsring to Messrs Green, of Black wall. Passage-money, £16 and upwards. For irculars and all particulars, apply to W. P. WHITE At CO., 10, Elizabeth-Btreet south, Melbourne. ? _____ _ 31213 Uf_47_ ~~^7 T?OR PORT WAKEFIELD.-The mVrtFjfw Goods Stored for Shipment Free of Charge to Shippers by Scott & Little, Port Ade laide, and by Scott, Little, & Horn, t'oit Wake fl3alfff33 ? SCOTT & LITTLE. ,-3,- 170RYANKALILLA, RAPID BAY, -SS^B^l1 AND CAPE JERV1S. — The 'jDtBar Schooner ?utUSlttr NANCY, J. Simmons, master, will sail on Saturday, No vember 30, weather permitting. Apply on board. ,-i. THIRST VESSEL Ft )R L« )UTH AND ^ggSis.Jr TUNBY BAYS. -The regular 3Q__-py trader Cutter «BW&r NORMANVILLE i3 now loading. Apply on board to 322c ? J. PENMAN. ,_W tlOR PORT WAKEFIELD.-The j__H_£s_ JC Schooner iff3S»' CREST OF THE WAVE, 4flBm5W- W. Mortess, master, will fsail on Saturday, November 30. ?EKT'T0 ? J. NEWMAN k SON. ~k-k T70R VICTOR HARBOUR.-The ^?iH^v JL? Steamer IQy^^- WENTWORTH, '^sSw^'' B. Varcoe, master, having been un unavoidablv detained, will sail on Saturday, November 30, at 2 p.m. Apply to 329'31 ? F. B. JONES A CO., Port. A~i__ 1?OR PORT CAROLINE AND _§@l_k.-r PORT MACDONNELL. - The ?§»__& c ooner kangaroo, T. Cheeseman, master, will sail on Saturday, November 3U. Apply to ROBIN icLEMESSURIKR, 33Q''4 ? Town and Port_ X&?k T70R WALLAROO.-The'Schooner jS^^. V TRIUMPH jfcllijy' will have immediate dmpatch. Apply ?''?'' * to J. MoniRe, on board. ? 330c A^A. T^OR FREIGHT OR CHARTER. jfiGj3tfcL.-l? The Al Barque j^rtSSP' ALBERT, ?*=5Sntr p. Ho!ku3, master. Apply on board. 330c ANTED to CHARTER. VESSELS to LOAD WHEAT for England in January and February neit Applvto A. F. CHRISTEN & CO. November 22, 18C7. ? 329mwf54 AJ. LIDDELL (late Foreman to . F. J. Thwaites), SHIP and ENGINE SMITH, Manufacturer of Anchors, Shackles, Chain Cables, Ties, and Sheets, Marryat-street, Opposite the Police-Station, Port Adelaide. Horses carefully Shod. Every description of Smith's Work executed with neatness and dispatch, 2Xtowfc D. DALE, AVERAGE STATER, . PORT ADELAIDE. ? 252341 WA. EATON, GOVERNMENT . and MERCHANTS' PRIVATE TELE GRAPHIC AGENT, POINT DE GALLE. Teleftraim sent to all Parts of the World Fee, 15a. erch Messsage, in addition to cost of transmission. 50c SIDNEY HAKE, SHIPPING and CUSTOJl-HOUSE AGENT, GOOLWA. Consignments carefully attended te at Goolwa or Milanf, and forwarded with all possible dis patch. . ? 2S7cv TO SHIPMASTERS, MERCHANTS, AND OTHEftS.-The SHIPPING RE PORTER attends to Telegrams or Letters, and h'£ Boats are available for all purposes connected with Shipping in the Golf. Boat tia/. No. 3. RICHARD JAGOE. Rfiach Branch Office. Lefevre's Peninsula.

MEECHAJTDISE. A LVANCES made on Shipments of Jti. WOOL, WHEAT, or other Pro.luce. INDENTS Executed for all classes of Goods, and on especially favourable terms for BOOTS and SHOES, DRUGS and MEDICAL GOOD*, IRON BEDSTEADS, SADDLERY, HARNESS, and WHIPS, STONEWARE, and GENERAL IRON MONGERY. FIRE, LIFE, GUARANTEE, and MARINE INSURANCES effected. FBANC1S CLARK & SONS, 288-358v355 Elyth-street, Adelaide INTERCOLONIAL AGENCY.— JL The Undersigned is prrpared to execute Obdeiis on Commission, and conduct every description of Aqejct Business in Melbourne or throughout the Colonies. Indents taken for all descriptions of Iron and General Merchandise. Sole Wholesale Agent for the following Manu wctures :— Oos3age Brothers' Prize Medal Soaps and Purified Candles; Swallow & Ariel's assortedPrize Medal Biscuits; Leonard, Geraud, & Co.'s French umfectionan ;; Sir James Murray's Fluid Majrae sia, v &J. Hemmon'a Still Quinine Champagne; to \j n '?t.s 9lnuine -lamaica Sarsaparilla; BoWson Brothers' Lead-Piping, from 1-in. to 5-in. The absve Goods are constantly on Sale in wholesale quantities. - ' «Slmwic M. 0. DAVTES. Gilbert-Blaee. rpo SQUATTERS AND SHEET X FARMERS 8HEEP WASH TOBACCO, 'in any quantity, on Bale, duty paid and destroyed, or in bondL Sftmwfc M. 0. PAVIES, GUbert-plwe,

? MERCHAITOISE. , JOHNSTON & FURNISS, J WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANTS, , iiOHE, and Adelaide No. 1 Bonded Stoke, ! Grenfell-street, Adelaide, i Beg to inform Hotel-keepers and the Trade renerally that, purchasing all their Goods in the . British and Continental Markets on the most ' favourable terms, and having the convenience of a '? Bonded Store, they arc in a position to SUPPLY . the BEST BRANDS of SPIRITS, BEER, &c. at the LOWE3T 1UTE3. IN BOND. Brandy, } Rum, (in Eulk or Case; most approved Gin, ( qualities. Whisky, ) DUTY PAID. As above, and Ale in Bulk- Joules and Marrian. Stout do.-T k W and 10T, hhds. and barrels. Ale in Bottle— Bass, Tennant, Morice Cox & Co. Quarts and Pints. Stout in Bottle— Byass and Guinness. Do. Dublin, bottled by Burke, splendid quality and condition. WINE. Particular notice is requested to the very Superior Wines in Bulk and Bottle. A concession to Purchasers for Cash will always ? bejnade^ ? 294c SELTZERWATER FOR SALE, at the Undersigned's, in Quarts and Pints. A. TILEMANN & CO.. 30fl-'34 29. Grenfell-street. S~~HEPTON MALLETT PALE ALE, in Quarts anil Pints Byass^s Bottled Porter Tennent's do. ^.— Champagne— '.Uua de MoRtebgllg' _ Do., No. 2, Moselle. On Sale at the Stores of 303mwfcv34 ELDER. SMITH, & CO. SCREW PRESS, suitable for Woof, for Sale by gglcv ? HALL & CO., Port. f \REBAGS, BRANBAGS, Woolpacka, V_/ Cornsacks, and Fencing Wire. For Sale by 277cv ? HALL & CO.. Port. ON SALE, at tht Saleroom of the undersigmed— That splendid Colonial-made SECRETAIRE, which, received the Prize Medal at the late Exhibition. C. E. TIDEMANN. Auctioneer. 329mwf40 ? 3t-, Currie-stieet. N SALE by the Undersigned— 3S0 Tons FENCING WIRE, 4. 5, 6, 7, and 3 gauge Plain and Corrugated Monvood's Iron, best best Horcesh es, Axie Blocks, Stocks aud Dies Single Taps and Dies for Stocks Boiler Rivets and Plate3 Orders taken for any sizes and description of Boiler, Angle, Girder. Plate, or T Iron. Indiarubber Packing. Waste, and Oils Boiler, Roofing and Sheathing Felt Indiarubber Hose, George Price's Patent Fire proof and Resutinc Safes, Walker's Guncaps SportinR Powder, Twist Tobacco, all kinds Ilnstetter's Bitters, Bristol's Sarsaparilla and Pills, Perry Davis's Pain-Kilicr, Hood's Corn Solvent, and a variety of other Goods too numerous to particularise Best Tasmanian Hops, 1SS7 (Riddocli's and Terry's), growth. New Norfolk. 254mwfj M. C. DA VIES. Gilbert-place. ON SALE, at Flinders- street Timber yard, near Government Oifices, and at Port Victor Saw-Mills— GALVANIZED IRON of all brands. Ou'ters, Riil^eciip^, Screws, and Naili. Ceilar, Deal, and Pine Worn!. Stringybark Felloes, Spokes, and Naves. L'oors and Windows in all siza3. Cabinet Turnery and Mouldings. Orders executed with despatch, at lowest prices. 2if.)c ? E. WENTZEL. MILNE U'» FLUKPUOOF SAFES.— The Umlcrsijmed have always a Stock of these on hand. They are acknowledged to be the mn-t successful Fire and Thief Proof Safes manufactured, l'tiitfel ACR AMAN. MAIN. LINDSAY, & CO. THRE E P R I Z ' E~~ M E D A L S*, JL Paris, 1S67. PICKLES, SAUUfcf, JAMS, &c, Fkee mum Ahult?.«.vtios, Manufactured h\

CROSS K .sc BLACK WELL. Purveyors t-» the tjtieen, Soho-si|i!.ire. London. CKOSSSi v*c BLAOKWhlLL'S wel! known Manu factures are obtainable from every respectable Provision Dealer in tin; World. Purchasers should see that th(\v are Hipjiiied with C. & B.'s genuine goods, and inferior articles are not substituted for them. To ensure th.'routJi ivholefomenes?, their Pickle' ;ira nil prepareil in Pure Malt Vinpjiir, boiled in o;ik vats, by meaps of Platinum Steam Coils, and are precisely simi'ar in quality to those supplied liv them for use at Her Majes:y's Table. U. & B. a-e Agents for I,K.\ ec PKUKIN'S Celebrated WORCKSI'KIJSHIKK SAUOB, and are Manufacturers of every description of Oilmen's Stores of the highest (iuality._ ? ]3fifaU'2_ ''PHOM AS BE i Alt'S 'Celebrated' VIR ?L GINIA SHAG & BIRDSEYE TOBACCO. Trade Mahk- Thk Ki.ephaxt. The Proprietoroftliese justly celehated Tobaccos begs to call the attention of the public to the follow ing varieties, manufactured and prepared with great care from the pure Virginian and ( -i iental Tobacco. And in onkr that v.o adulteration or fraudulent attempts at' imposition should_ !:ike place a'tT it has left his manufactory, he wishes to inform tl e public that it is never soM except in packets and canisters of various sizes, bearing a fae-simile of his sitrnaturc upon them. Virginia Shag Tobacco Havana Tobacco ' Bird-ej'e ' Persian ' ' Cut Cavendish Latukiih ' ' Returns Tol)ai:co Oronoko ' York River ' Imperial ' Carolina Rose Snicking Mixture. Sold by the principal Storekeepers and Dealers in the Australian ami New Zealand Colonies and throughout the world. Manufactory— High-street, Borough, London. ? i:iuftis-2 HARNESS, SADDLES, WHlfS.— BOR S.VLK, at veiy Low Prices for Cash— 100 Sets Plated Gig anil Bustry Harness, in every variety of qu-dity; Black or Brown Spnns-t^irt andCart Harness inany quantity. SW Assorted Saddles, with Bridles, Martingales, &c, to match. A very large Assortment of Jockey and Twig Whips, Carters' Whips and Crops, Tandem, Gig. and Buggy Whips, Thongs, &c, English and Colonial make. And the usual Assortment of Coach and Saddlers' Ironninuzrery. JAMES A. HOLDEN, 143cv Oawler-place. COAL S.— English and New South Wales, for household, steam, and black smiths' use, of best quality, forS-leinany quantity at lowest price. Mr. W. A. PAQtfAUy, Green's Exchange, is ap pointed my Salesman in Adelaide. HENRY SIMPSON, fiflc Queen's Wharf. Port Adelaide. pOALS. COALN COALS. COALS.— \J FOR SALE, in any quantity, at the Offices of the SOUTH AUSTRALIAN COAL COMPANY, LIMITED, 1», King William-street. Adelaide; and of Messrs. Scott Ac Little, Port Adelaide. 214mwft32 THOS. E. BUliY, Secretary. BTTSINESSlfOTICES. TJRIZE MEDAL HAMS. X PRIZE MEDAL CHEESE. PRIZE BACON. We begto inform our Customers and the South Australian Public that we have 90 of the Prize Medal Hams: also, 93 Sides or Flitches of the Prize Bacon, all equal to Sample as exhibited at the Great National Show. An early inspection is invited. W. A. WluUT & CO.. 320c ? Late Mr. Tho3. Graves. F~ROM PURE MALT AND HOPS.— SIMMS & CHAPMAN' have succeeded i producing a Beautiful LIGHT B1TTEK ALE, superior to any imported. B1DDLE3&8UNS beg to intimate to the Public that they have a large quantity m pint and quart bottles, ready for delivery. Orders addressed to | them at their Store, Gouger-street, or the West : end Bawety, will le promptly executed. S:)7c RANDALL'S' w'lNE 3. — GLEN PARA RED. GLEN PARA WHITE. MEDALS have been AWARDED for these Wines at the EXHIBITION, LONDON*. 1RC2; at MELLMUKNE. l%-\; an-l at PAKIS. 1S67. Bottled and Sold Wholesale and Retail by JOHN E. CLINCH, Wholesale aud Retail Grocer, 67, j Eundle-street, Adelaide, 3L7mwfc

TTARVEST WINES, in any quantity, IX For Sale. Applvto CLARK &; CROMPTON, Blyth-strect. ? 2S7mwf:j:«v3:U T C E. ICE. I C E.— ?M- ICE delivered in South and North Adelaide ; Daily and Suburbs 83 heretofore. Price, from 2d. to 4d. per pound according to ijiiantity. Adelaide Ice Works, Franklin-sTeet. 317cv ? F. C. RLTS3ELL. rp H O S. WAKDLE, Merchant, -L Maclaren Wharf, Port, and Unley. References— James Hamilton, Esq., Manager E. and A. Copper Co.; Alfred Hallett, Esq.; Joseph Darwent, Esq. ? 2S9c QHERKING'S PRINTING OFFICE O is REMOVED to i THE NORTH SIDE OF CITIIRIESTREET, j Four Doors from King William-street. j 3i5''3S 0. 12, BUNDLE-STREET, No. l£ j E. S. W1GG, j iMPOETEIt OF ABTI3T8' MATERLVLS, Has just received a fresh supply of— I OIL COLOURS, in tubes \ Prepared Canvas and Miliboard3 j Oils, Varnishes. Brushes Palettes, Mahl-sticks, kc. A selection of Chromo-Lithpgraphs after the best Water-Colour Art ists always in stock. Also, always in Stock — Whitman's Drawing Paper TurnbulPs Drawing and Monnting Boards ] Beeves & Son's Pencils and Colours Camel Hair, Siberian, and Sable Brushes And every requisite for the practice of Drawing and Fainting in then- various branches. ft a WIGG, NO. H, EUI«)LE-STBiEC No. X2. 179q

BTTSDTESS NOTICES CUNNINGHAM'S. PREPARATIONS Now Making for our Annual CLEARING-OUT SALE. [mmense quantities of New Goods now unpacking for the Season, forming one of THE LARGEST and FINEST STOCKS , CHINA. GLASS, ami EAKTHENWAEE, FUKNISUING IRONMONGERY, and every description of BRITISH and FOREIGN FANCY GOODS to be found in the whole of the AUSTRALIAN COLONIES. The Sale Commences on the 1st of December. KESERVE YOUR PURCHASES FOE CUNNINGHAM'S, ? 31, RUDDLE-STREET. ? 332c CUNNI NU H A M'S. Have just unpacked a superior Assortment of TABLE, TEA, DINNER, AND CALL BELLS, The latest »ut; also, BREAD PLATTEES AND KNIVES AND BUTTER DI3HEi, Handsomely Carved. Wholesale a-t- Retail-31, Ruxdle-street. ? 329mwfc DARIS EXPOSITION, 1867. The Sewixg-Macheje Result. w h e e l e k & wilson carry the day! THE OXLT GOLD MEDAL for PERFECTION in SEWING-MACHINES has been AWARDED to WHEELER & WILSON. There were 82 Competitors, and the greatest interest attended the announcement of the result. At the present Reduced Prices theie ia no excuse for havini' inferior machines. Fkoh £10 10s. Testimonials and Illustrated Circulars sent Post Free. LONG & CO., 166. Buurke-street east (three doors below the Eastern Market), Melbourne, Agents f. rthe Australian and New Zealand. W. O. BUIK, 47 aud 49, Rundle-street. ? Agkst for Adelaide. 290H05 PIANOS ON SALE.— Rosewood Piano, by Seager, 7 octaves, fret front; 33 pnineas. Elesiant Walnut Piano, by Brinsme^d, 7 octaves, French desk frout, movable sconces; 45 guineas. Elegant Walnut Piano, by Cadby, 1 octaves, 3 unison; 4o guineas. Elegant Waluut Piano, by Seager, carved trusses and scwuces, newly invented circular-fronted keys; 4S guineas. An elegant Rosewood Piano, by Cadby, semi cottage, carved shell door; 55 guineas. An elegant Rosewood Piano, by Cadhy, 3 unison, carved mounted fret, carved trasses on plinth ; 65 guineas. 257(1 ? PLATTS-Established 1S39. T3IAN0, a BARGAIN.— TO be SOLD, XT a very superior PIANO (by Luff), in ^o!id Oak Case. The tone is remarkably sweet, and the name of the Manufacturer is sufficient truarantee of its durability. Cost 55 guineas in England, has been very little used, and is to be Eo!d for £33 cash. May be tried at Platts's, No. 1, Hindley street- ? 308q_ rP DURYEA, Artist Photographer X . by appointment to His Royal Highness the Dcke ov L'Dixcur.cH. His Excellency Sir Dominic Daly, Governor-in-Chief of South Australia, and Puize of the Guasd Exhibition, November, 1807. Mr. Ouryea has much pleasure in announcing that His Koyal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh has honoured him by sitting for his Photograph, and that he is prepared to supply Photographs of His Koyal Highness from Carte-de-Visite to Life size, finished in Mezzotint, Water, Senuot3T)e, or Oil. A SERIES of VIEWS, comprising all matter of interest in connection with the visit of His Royal Highness, from the Landing at Glenelg tj the Embarkation at the Port, are now re:uiy, and for the convenience of the Public Mr. Dukyea will supply Albums containing a Set, or they may be had suitably Mounted on Cards or in Frames. ? 322m»fc THE ONLY MEDAL for 'PHOTO- GRAPHY, at the GRAND EXHIBITION, November. 1^7, was AWARDED by the JuDGlii to T. DURYKA. an.l Presented by H.R.H. the DUKE OF EDINBURGH. ? 322mwfc

VTOTICE TO COUNCILLORS ASD IN COMMITTEES OF INSTITUTIONS OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA. Mr. DURYEA wishes to notify that he is now prenarrd to execute Orders for LIFESIZ15 PORTRAITS of the DUKE OF I.D1N L*.!JK(»H, primed direct on Canvas, aud finished in Oil. &o auJ 6% King 'W'illura-street, Adelaide. 3i2mwfc MR. DC11YEA wishes to notify to his Friends and the Public that, in consequence if the crent demand for the PHOTOGRAPHIC- ! PORTRAIT cf H.R.H. the DUKE of EDINr- j BURGH, it will be necessary that orders for the same be forwarded at once, to ensure its early delivery. Prices varying from 2s. tid. upwards. Co, King Wiiliam-street. ? 327cv THE -SINGER' NEW NOISELESS JL LOCK-STITCH FAMILY SEWLNG MACH1XE. The Machine best suited to the wants of a family.— Sunday Times. April 14. 1SU7. The best and cheapest Machine in the market.— Coiu-t Journal, August IS, 18'kj. Combines in itself all desirable features.— Lady's Own Paper, April 20, 1S07. This Company have arrived at perfect ion. Their . Machine well deserves the sobriquet of the ' Noiseless Machine.'— The Cluuxit Times, April 27. 1S67. Our preference ha? fallen upon the ' Sin?er' as the one capable of performing more varied opera tions than any other.— Globe. August 31, lfcti'J. FKKDK. HASLUCK.. 15, Hindley-street, Ageni for Adelaide. ? :Wi)-'3Sv3t WATCHES AND JEWELLERY.— MUIRUEAD k CO. having now received their NKVv STOCK, to meet the times have i REDUGKDthe PRICES. Silver Hunting Watches, £3 to £5; Gold Watches, £5 to £10. THE DUKE 6FEDIX3URGH. Daring his Visit to Adelaide, and to meet the times, Muirhead &Co. will allow a very Liberal j Discount from the previous prices. 270mwfcv92 j WHOLESALE AND RETAIL LEATHER AND GRINDERY ESTABLISHMENT, 25 and £7. King William-street, Adelaide. ARTHUR BEAN begs to inform his Customers and the Trade that he is prepared to Execute Orders for Leather, Grindery, and Boot-Uppers to any extent, having in September last pur chased from Messrs. Bean Brothers their Whole sale Leather and GrinderyBusines.3^ ? 320cv L'EAVES~fM~WAX and PAPER FLOWERS, in great Variety, Just Un packed, at S. MARSHALL'S, SISmwfc 52. Rnndle-street. VTATIOXAL MARINE INSURANCE XI COMPANY OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA. Temporary Offices, Gilbert-place. gfimwfc ? H. COWHi. Secretary. QaIiDEL MARSHALL,52,Rundle-st. O ORGAN BUILDER, and IMPORTER of HARMONIUMS and PIANOFORTES, and other MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. A Large aad Well-Selected Stock always on hand. Large and Small Organs suitable for Churches an-l Chapels. Tuning and Repairing properly executed. [l-19tfc WAITED to PURCHASE, Full-sized BILLIARD-TABLE, New or Secondhand. Address, letter only, to A.B., Crampton's Exchange Hotel, Hindley-street, Adelaide. ? 322c FOR SALE', a'First-class COUNTRY KTOKE and POST-OFFICE. For par ticulars, apply to Messrs. G. & R. Wills & Co., A'leiiiMe: to Messrs. W. Morgan & Co., Adelaide; or to Can.ivan it Ryan, Rhynie. November 14. 1807. 319''3-Jr20 ~~ BRAPEIlYlirD'CL0THIN6. ~ TIMES DRAPERY MART, JL 14, RUNDLE-STKEcT. GAULT & SCOTT having PURCHASED the ENTIRE STOCK of DKAPEltY GOODS and BOl'K-DEBTS of Mr. J. S. GREKR, Dbapek, Bundle street, who is retiring from Business, at a GREAT DISCOUNT OFF COST PRICE, they will oiler the same (for Cash) in a few days at CLEARING PRICES. ? 333cv

'PHE BEEHIVE. JL MERCHANT TAILORS. CLOTHIERS, HATTERS, AND GLOVERS. I. SIMMONS & CO., PR0PKIET0B3. Tailors on the Premises. Orders executed with dispatch. 325c ? MEDICAL. ? HOMCEOPATHIC PHARMACY AND CONSULTING ROOMS. No. 31, KlNQ WlLUAM-STREHT. ADELAIDE. E. S. WIGG, Proprietor. *n consequence of the increased and increasing demand for Homoeopathic Meittcmeit has been found nccessr.ry to engage separate Premises, as above. .Every form of Homoeopathic Medicine will be kept in stocK and due care taken to ensure their purity. .Note the Address— 34, King William-street, first door north of Kundle-street. 73c HOOPING COUGH. HOOPING COUGH. Loving Mothers need not stand trembling with fear and anxiously watchinsj the agonizing pains experienced by their Children whilst suffering from the effects of Hooping Cough, when tliey can pur chase GODDAED'S HOOPING COUGH CURE for 2s. a bottle, at Dak's Medical Hall, Hindley Btreet; or from any Storekeeper in Town or Country. 32towff22 BOARD AND LODGING. BOARD and RESIDENCE for a Gen tleman hi a Private Family four miles from Adelaide. Also, Accommodation for a Horse. Address A. G,, office of this paper. 332*54

PUBLICATIONS AND STATIONERY WMULLETT, 29, Rtjndie street, ? having disposed of his present premises to Mr. A. Cunningham, has TAKEN the PREMISES lately occupied by Messrs. W. Younghusband&Co., GILBERT-PLACE, King William-street, where he intends to CARRY ON the BUSINESS of a COMMERCIAL and SCHOOL STATIONER; and. previous to moving, he will for a Fortnight continue to SELLJUFF his MISCELLANEOUS STOCK at GREATLY REDUCED PRICE3. Account Books and Stationery, Photo, and Drawinst-Room Albums, Workboxes, Tunbridge ware, Ladies' Bags in great variety, Music and Music Books, Gift and Prize Books, Silver-Mounted Cigar Cases, Meerschaum Pipes, and a variety of Articles adapted for Presents. ? 332c THE PRINCE ALFRED WALTZ. THE GALATEA POLKA. THE DELIGHT OF THE BALL GALOP. G. H. EGBEMONT-GEE, 32Q'33 ? 68, Bundle-street. DOOTHBY'S BOOK ALMANAC and -D TOWN and COUNTRY DIREClOBYfor 1S6S will be readjr shortly. Storekeepers are respectfudy requested to forward their orders without delay to the Under signed. W. C. RIGBY, Publisher, 53. Hindley-street, N.B.-RIGBY'S SHEET ALMANAC, with all the usual amount of useful information, shortly also. Ordera can be sent to prevent delay in dispatching them. ? 327q VfEW BOOKS, EDITIONS, -fec— X* London Journal, vol. 45. Reynoids's Miscellany, vol. 3S. Once a Week, vol.3. London Society, vol. 11. Argosy, Midsummer vol., 1S67. All the Year Kound, vol. 17. The CIvlTards of Clyffe, by the Author of Lost Sir Massenjiberd, &c. Thomas's Walter Goring, cheap edition. Masson's La Lyre Francaise. Odds and Ends, second series. Yates' The Forlorn Hope. Guy Livingstone, cheap edition. Woods, Mrs., The Curate's Friend. Bradford's Bible Opened for Children. The Boy's Wonder Book. Piddinstton's Sailor's Horn Book. Routledge's Popular Natural History. Valentine's. Mrs., The Heine Book of Pleasure and Instruction. Bowell's Life of Dr. Johnson (Routledge' Standard Library edition). Blaikie's Counsel and Cheer for the Battle of Life. ? Kingsley's Leighton Court. The Art of Making Capons. Cassell's Illustrated Penny Readings, part 2. Ok's Art of Manufacturing Soap and Candles. 33:)q W. C. RIGBY, 33, Hindley-street. rPHE EARLY YEARS of H.R.H. the X PRINCE CONSORT. Compiled under the direction of Her Majesty the Qdeen by Lieut General the Hon. (J. Grey. 20s. Ex Yatala, LETTS'S DIARIES for 1868. The Kev. William Taylor's Favourite MusicBook-The MELOUEON. 2s 6d. NEW VOLUMES— London Journal, London Society, Belgravia, Once a Week, Cornhill Magazine, All the Year Round. &c. Hymns, Ancient and Modern, with Music. United Presbj terian Hymns. New Congrega tional Hymns, Wesley's Hymns. S.P.C K. Prayer- Books, to arrive bv theDarra. Mr. Charles pickens's Editions of Pickvvick. Oliver Twist, aud Martin Chuzzlewit to hand; others shortly. The Electric Telegraph,' edited by Bright, with 140 illustrations. Wright's Practical Guide to the Management of Poultry. North-West Passage by Land from the Atlantic to the Pacific, by Milton and Cheaiile. Adam ISede, cheap edition, illustrated. Sir Walter Scott's Novel?, unabridged, 9J. each. Australia as It I.«, by a Clergyman. Our Cousins in Australia. Life's Work, by Mrs. Neville. Vermont Vale aud Emily's Choice, by Mrs. Evans. The Colony of Victoria, by Westgarth. The History of New South Wales, Flanagan. 91q JOHN HO WELL. 4. Eundle-street.

Q UBSCRIPTIOXS for 1808 Periodicals O will be taken at a very Considerable Reduction on the Kates of Previous Years if Orders are given by this Month's Mail. Lists wiil be forwarded on application. Leisure Hour, in monthly parts, per Mail, 8s. 6d. per annum. Good Words do. do. Sa. 6d. do. Sunday at Home, do. do. Ss. 01. do. Family Herald, do. do. Ss. fid. do. London Journal do. do. Ss. frl. do. Home News do. do. l'2s. lid. do. and all other Magazines and Serials at pro portionate rates. PLATTS. 2Slq ? Established 1S39. ATURDAY R EVI E W. PUBLIC OPINION. A few Copies open to Subscribers, or in single Numbers. PLATT'8, 266q ? Established 1S39. A NTHROPOLOGICAL MUSEUM, ii. AND GALLERY OF ILLUSTRATIONS Melbourne, Victoria. EIGHT HIGHLY IMPORTANT LECTURES. Neatly boun-). As delivered at the Anthropological Museum, Entitled 'THE PHILOSOPHY OF MxUlRIAGE/' Parties unable to attend can have them for warded, poit free, on receipt cf six twopenny stamps. Address. Secretary Anthropological Museum and Gallery of Illustration, 172, Bourkestreet east, Melbourne. 301c QONG OF THE KOOYANNX 0 AVonls by Eixie, Music by Mrs. W. P. A. Price Ss^L ? 315mft3S f ILLYWHITE'S SCORING-BOOKS -Li for CRICKET M \TCHES. 291q ? E. S. WIGG. 12. Bundle-street. LETTS'S DIARIES, 180 8. LETTS'S DIARIES, 1S6S. LETTS'S OFFICE CALKNDARS, 1S6?. LETTS'S POCKET-BOOKS, 18*5. 2SSq ? E. S. WIGG, 12, Rundle-street pHOICE EDITIONS of CHOICE vy BOOKS, beautifully Illustrated, and bound in Cloth or Morocco elegant. The Holy Bible, illustrated by Gustave Dore, 2 vols. complete, price £9 Tennyson's Elaine, illustrated by Dore Bums's Poems and Songs, new edition Casaell's Illustrated Penny Readiugs, complete Christian Lyrics Original Poems Pictures of Society, Grave and Gay Two Centuries of Song Watts's Divine and Moral Songs Bloomfield's Fanner's Boy Campbell's Pleasures of Hope Coleridge's Ancient Mariner Gray's Elegy in a Churchyard Goldsmith's Deserted Village Uoldsmith's Vicar of Wakerield Koats's Eve of St. Agnes Milton's L' Allegro Eogerss Pleasures of Memory Shakspeare'8 Songs and Sonnets Tennyson's May Queen Wordsworth's Pastoral Poem3 Poets of the Elizabethan Afe. 32'?q E. S. WIGG, 12. Rundle-street. PRODUCE. CLARE STEAM FLOUR MILLS. NOTICE TO FARMERS. The Undersisned begs to inform Farmers in the neighbourhood of Clare that he has greatly en larged his Mill, and introduced into it all the most recent Improvements for making the Finest Flour, and desires to notify to Parties requiring Grist work done that he guarantees to return, if de sired, per the same dray, the whole of the Ptoduce of the Wheat brought in, thereby saving them the trouble of coming a second time for the same parcels; and also, that he ha3 reduced his Price for Grinding to lOd. per Bushel. He trusts his endeavours to keep pace with the times will be duly appreciated. Wheat purchased to be delivered at the Mill or at Port Wakefield. Best Comsacks for Sale or lent on conditions. _325c ? C. KIMBER. V1700L, HIDES, SHEEP5KLNS, &c 1 * » PURCHASED at the Highest Market . Price by ll.icv JOHN TAYLOR, Thebarton.

WOOL. — The Undersigned are Buyers or will Advance on Shipments. 326r21vtl8 ? F. J. BECK & CO. W' OOL, HIDES, SHEEPSKINS, BARK, GUM, SHANK-BONES. TAL LOW, &c. Purchased by the Undersigned in Adelaide. 277cv ? W. PEACOCK & SON. GUM, HONEY, BEESWAX, BARK, and TALLOW BOUGHT at Highest Market Prices for Cash; delivery taken in Ade laide, Port Adelaide . or Gawler. 326tS0v74 J. k G. WILCOX, Gawler. OTICE. — HIGHEST MARKET PRICE given for HIDES, SHEEPSKINS, TALLOW, Kc., at the HindmarshTanneiy, or at ;U. King Wiiliam-street 114c JOHN PENCE & CO. LOST AMTFOuTn). FOUND, a White POODLE DOG. The owner can have the same by paying the cost of this advertisement, and apply Frearson's Store, Bundle-street. Kent Town. ? x 'I1HREE POUNDS REWARD — -L LOST, from near Mount Barker, one Chesnut Yearling COLT, no brand, a light pony breed; one Dark Brown MARE, with Bay Filly Foal at foot, branded B with — over near shoulder, white face, with long tail. The above Reward will be paid to any one giving information or bringing the same to th : undersigned. ? WILLIAM WALKER, Contracted 329'31v48 near Mount Barker. TWO POUNDS REWARD.— LOST, from Hill River, in September last, one Chesnut MARE, branded 3 with 5 under, near shoulder ; Bay MARE, blaze down face, near nine foot white, KS near Bhonlder. The above reward, will be paid on delivery at Hill Eivsr Station.

MUNICIPAL AND DISTRICT ? COUNCILS ? CITS' OF ADELAIDE.— On the first day of December ne\t the MAYOR, H. R, Fuller. Esq., M.P.; the AUDITORS, Messrs Wicksteed and Oldham; indthe following COUNCILLORS. viz.:-Gawler Ward, Councillor Raphael: Hindmarsh Ward, Councillor Pul.-ford; Grey Ward, Councillor Hill; ind Kobe Ward, Councillor Winter, will go out of jffice; and the NOMINATION of CANDIDATES to supply the several vacancies will take place at the Council Chamber, Town Hall, Adelaide, at noon of Friday, the 2!)th instant. Letters of nomination to he lodged in the office of the Town Clerk previous to such named hour. Should more candidates be nominated than are required to be elected, all further proceedings will be adjourned to Tuesday, the third of December, and notice thereof given. Forms of nomination can be obtained at the Town Clerk'e office. Dated the 20th day of November, 1887. By order, 327tf33 W. A. HUGHES, Town Clerk. 'PO P. B. COGLIN, Esq., M.P.— A Dear Sir— We the undersigned, being Citizens of the City of Adelaide, request that you will allow yourself to be Nominated to the Office of Mayor for the ensuing year, believing from your past public career that you «ill fill the office of Chief Magi strate of the Cay with honour to yourself and credit to the citizens generally. [Signed by 472 Citizens.] Adelaide, November 23, 1S67- Gentlemen— In acceding to your request I thank you most cordially for your flattering requisition, and will, if electtd, fulfil the duty impartially, and I trust to your entire satisfaction. I have the honour to be, Gentlemen, vours faithfullv. P. B. COGLIN. To Messrs. Jas. Addison, A. Hubble, T. W. Wolff, W. McNaraee, Fredk. Goldring, J. Cronin, John Kamford, Geo. Loder, and the 4W citizens signing the Requi sition. ? 3%)''333 fVO MR. HENRY HILL, Councillor JL for Grey Ward. Sir—We the undersized. Electors of Grey Ward, having watuhed your career durinz the past two years, and being satisfied that you have used your best abilities for the interests of the Ward, request that you will allow yourself to be again put in nomination at the ensuing Elections, and we pledge ourselves to use our utmost endeavours to secure your re: urn :— T. English. M.L.C. W. W. Tuxford, E. Solomon, M.L.O. M.L.C. J. C. Woods, B.A. Jno. Dunn, M.P. Jas. English, J.P. Jas. Maughan William Owen Luke Murphy C. Farr Henry Brown F. J. Bottinjr J. B. JSeales, M.P. Jno. Buliock Jas. Whiting D. Mahncke O. Rankin G. Scrymgour A. J. Baker JL Goode H. li. Wigley G. Wildy M..J. Solomon J. H. Sherring H. H. Haussen William Hill D. Fisher, M.P. Jas. Scott Jas. Duncan O. Rankin W. Martin Thos. Hall T. Austin And 228 others. Adelaide, November 25, 1S€7- Gentlemen— I ha»e to acknowledge the receipt of your nup.icrously-dgned Requisition, calling upon me to allow myself to be again nominated to represent you in the City Council, and in acceding to your request must express my great satisfaction for eo marked a testimony of your approval. If again placed in the honourable position you would confer upon me I shall endeavour, by con tinuing to cursue a straightforward line of conduct, to merit your confidence and esteem. I nm, Gentlemen, Yours faithfully, HENRY niLL. To the Hon«. Thos. English, M.LC, E. Solomon, M.L.O., W. W. Tuxford, M.L.O., l.'ev. J. C. Woods. Rev. Jas. Mauchun, Messrs. J. Dunn, M.P., Farr, Baker, and the other Gentlemen signing the Requisition. S30c

PO JOHN PULSFORD, ESQ. J- Sir— We the uiiilcrsijined, ltatepayers of liulmarsh Ward, having watched with satitfaction j he manner in which, for the last two years, you | lave discharged the duties of Councillor, respect ully request you to allow yourself to be again put ' n nomination at the enduing election. Should you consent to our request, we pledge rtirscives to use our best endeavours to Eecure your etuin. IHere follow the signatures.] Grenfell btreer, November 22, 1S'~. Gentlemen -I beg to acknowledge the receipt of our requisition, and hasten to thank you for your kind appreciation of my past services, should the ratepayers of llindmarsn Ward again honour me vith their suffrages, I shall endeavour (as I have I o the best of iuy ability done during the past two ! :ears) to promote the best interests of the c'uizius !enerally, and these of Hindmarsh Waid in par- , icular. Again thanking you for this mark of your kind :onh'dence, I have the honour to remain, Gentlemen, Your obedient servant, JOHN PULSFORD. To the lions. H. Avers, Thos. Elder, J. II. Barrow, J. T. i-agot, and J. Hougkias, T. G. Wateihouse, Esq., J. Howard Clark, E-q.. W. O. Gerke. Esq., and the other gentlemen signing the requisition. ? 332c TO MK. W. F. GRAY, Gawler-place. —We the undersigned, Ratepayers of Hind- | narsh Ward, respectfully request that you will illow yourself to be nominated for office of Coun cilor at the ensuing election, and we pledge our selves to use our best efforts to secure your return. James Thomas R. C. Castle & Co. J. M. Stacy E. S. Wif?g Viigoe. Son, &Co. GustavMumme Thos. Macdonald II. Ch. Uhlmann And a large number of other Gentlemen. Gawler-place, November 27, 18G7. Gentlemen— I beg to acknowledge the receipt of i four complimentary but unexpected requisition to stand for Cou*cillor for Hindmarsh Ward. I at ? ance consent to place my services at yoar ilisposil, with the full intention, if elected, of carrying out the onerous duties the appointment will entail ivith earnestness and integrity that I hope will justify our selection. I am, Gentlemen, yours, W. F. GRAY. To the Gentlemen signing the ? Requisition. ? H32'3 TO MR. R. O. FOX, Sturt-street.— Dear Sir— We the Undersigned, Citizens of Urey Ward, respectfully request that you will allow yourself to be nominated as Councillor for the said Ward, you having filled the office previously to the satisfaction of the ratepayers. Our endeavours will be to secure your return. F. Spicer, M.D., J.P. D. O'Leary A. Treuer, J.P. J. Mann AV. Sowter W. S. Whitington P. Fox G. W. Cotton Jas. Hoslunrr And 191 others signing the requbhion. November £7, 1S67. Gentlemen— In complying with your request I feel myself highly honoured by your appreciation of my conduct when I had the previous honour to represent you as Councillor, and if returned will use my best endeavours to merit the confidence you have reposed in me. I am, Gentlemen, Yours faithfully, 332'3 ? ROBT. O. FOX. A MEETING of the FRIENDS and SUPPORTERS of Mr. W. F. GRAY, who are desirous of Securing his Return, will meet at the HOTEL EUROPE THIS (Friday) EV'ENING, November 21), for the purpose of forming them selves into a Committee. x pOUNCILLOR for GREY Y/ARD.— V-/ A MEETING of the FRIENDS and 8UP PORTKRS of Mr. HENRY HILL will be held at the WAKEFIELD HOTEL, Wakefield-street, on Friday Evening, 29th inst., at 8 o'clock. Committee respectfully requested to meet at half -past 7. E. SOLOMON, Chairman. 332'3 C. R. DARTOX, Hon. Sec. pREY WARD. —A MEETING of the VJ FRIENDS and SUPPORTERS of Mr. l{. O. FOX will be held at the PRINCE OF WALES, Angas-street, THIS EVENING, at 8 o'clock, x

I7LECT0RS of GAWLER WARD.— J2i VOTE FOR SIMMS as COUNCILLOR - an Old Resident in the Ward. 331*7 TO the ELECTORS of the TOWN of KENSINGTON AND NORWOOD. Gentlemen— I beg to tender you my sincere thanks for your very liberal offers of support, and to intimate that 1 have retired frcm the contest for the Mayoralty in favour of E. T. Smith, Esq. x F. N. SCARFE. TOWN OF GLENELG.— NOTICE is hereby given that the ELECTION for COUNCILLORS for the Town of Glenelg will take place on Monday, December 2, 1S67. St. Leoxabds Wabd. Candidates — Thomas Parry Jones, William Rodolph Wigley. Polling-Place — St. Leonards Inn. Gletelg Wabd. Candidates— William Hitchcox, John Eichards. PoUing-Place -Council Office, Nile-street. New Olk2»'elg Wabd. Candidates — James Virgo, William Whyte. Polling-Place— Mrs. Skull's Cottage, Scarborough street. By order, - J. SOAL, Town Clerk. N.B.— The Poll will commence at 9 a.m., and close at 5 p.m. 333''6 ? PROFESSIONAL. ? A CARD.— Dr. FERGUSON, Legally XIl and L'uly Qualified Physician, Sueceon, and Accoucheur, bees to give notice that be has COMMENCED the PRACTICE of his PROFES SION at MOUNT PLEASANT, and raav be Consulted at his own Residence, or Mr. Bicnard son's, chemist, hi the Township. [319mwf33v3i AMES GUMMING, ARCHITECT, SURVEYOR AND LICENSED LAND BROKER, Tembers-Chambers,20, Cume-Btreet, Adelaide. 59mwfc

PUBLIC NOTICES. SOUTH AUSTRALIAN LSSilTOTE. LECTURE. The NEXT LECTURE of the present SERIES will be delivered in the Reading- Uoorn en FRIDAY, the 29th instant, bv the Rev. Caso.v Kussei-l. Subject— 'Mary Queen of Soots in Exile ana Captivity.' Admission— Members, as usual ; non-members, Is. each. The doors will hi opened at 7.30, and the chair will be taken at 8 p.m. P.S.— The Institute will be closed on Friday, at 5.3) p m., a:id the Reading-Rooni will be opened on Saturday, at II a.m. By order. 3:fi'3 ? ROBERr KAY, Secretary. SOUTH AUSTRALIAN INSTITUTE. ELOCUTION CLASS. The NEXT MEETING of this CLASS will be held at the Institute on Saturday evening, November 30, 1667, when a large attendance is requested. By order, ' T. MACDONALD, 327f 33 ? Hon.Sec.,S,A.I.E.C. fPO H. R. FULLER, M.P~ -L MAYOR OF ADELAIDE. Sir- If any remarks made in the heat of debate at the meeting held at the Theatre on Friday, 15th November, by me should lead the public to think that you were ever subjected to imprisonment, 1 most heartily withdraw them, as having spent nearly the whole of ray lifetime in South Australia I could not personally have known anything of your antecedents, but was prompted to make the statement that 1 did by other parties who pro fessed to know you. 1 now feel, after hearing your evidence in the Police Court on Wednesday hbt, that the inuemio thrown out by me had no foundation. 1 make this statement without threat or request from von, and state that I attended the meeting held at the Town Hall last night to make this statement, but could not do so on account cf the noise and disorder. 1 am, Sir, iScc, b. j. McCarthy. November 28. 1S(17. ? x_ rpiJE INQUEST ON THE FIRE IN X KING WILLIAM-STREET. TO THE EDITOlt. Sir — A short time before the conclusion of the above inquest I had to leave on business, and on returning was informed the verdict was ' The shop was set on fire maliciously,' although in the ab sence of the slightest particle of evidence in sup port of such a conclusion ; but what astouisiied me most was the rider attached that my evidence was unsatisfactory and evasive! In answer to this, I beg to say I went to the inquest with the full desire and intention to find out, if possible, the cause of the fire, and cave my evidence accord ingly. Cut I was so taken by surprise at each of the Jurymen cross-questioning me about my private business that I hardly knew whether to answer or not, especially as many of the questions were in no way connected with the subject in hand. At that time I had not the remotest idea that the ol ject in view was to endeavour to lix suspicion on myself, or on anybody; but consider ing the questions were merely put to satisfy private curiosity, I was naturally slightly indignant. Hence the damaging rider. Added to the above, I was a Lt'le confused, not having recovered from the severe excitement caused by suddenly seeing my shop iu flames. I am, Sir, &c., ARTHUR BEAN. ? November 2S. 1S67- ? 333c FIFTY POUNDS REWARD. — I hereby offer the sum of Fifty Pounds to any person who will give infornia'ion as to the ORIGIN ol the F1UK which took place at my premises in King William-street on Tuesday evening last. 332c ? ARTHUR BEAN. f HENRY FISHER hereby APPOINT JL Mr. KD WARD W RIGHT as my AGENT, to RECEIVE all MONEYS due to me during my aL-en^'C. HENRY FISHER, Fishcr's-place, Adelaide. November 2S. 1S(!7. Thomas Reeves, )ir-f.,ntI.nK George Page. /Wltnwses- x

NOTICE.— The Undermentioned Men, late Privates in the (J5tli Regiment, JR. DVNJ.S, JOHN FIl'ZSDIJIONS, JOHN NEVl^, are rf quested to communicate their Address to this Office with as liltle delay as possible. Ai-y person who can :1F rl any information concerning these Men will oblige l»y communicating with the Undex&feued. R. D. ROSS. Deputy Assistant (,'om.-GeneraL Commissariat Office, Adelaide, South Australia. November IS, l?-!-7. :!21c NOTICE.— All' CATTLE, HORSES*, SHEEP, &c. found TRESPASSING on Sections 410, 431. 132, 4.53. 4M. 4U-. aud 4t«, Hun dred of Grace, wiil be I vt POUNDED, and Damaaes charged according to law; mid all PI(J-, POULTRY, &c, will be DfcSTKOYED after this notice. EDMUXI) IURTLRTT. 'W I L LI A M B A I :T LETT. 333-Mvll THOMAS BART LETT. RELIGIOUS NOTICES. T7-VA~NGELICAL PREACHING.— J2i Mr. T. J. GORE, ,\I.A. (from America), is Preaching on Lord's Day Evenings, at the GROTE STUEEr CHAPEL, a Series of Sermons on ' Conversion, the True Basis of Church Member ship.' lie will (D.V.) preach at the above Chapel on Lord's Day Evening, December 1, at 0.30. This Discourse will have special rtfcience to the 'Con- version of the Samaritans.' XW4 ^ZlfflE^' NOTICES. rPHE REMAINS of ihelate Mr. A. H. JL K AESEH A- i FN will leave the Residence of Mr. Vosz, North-terrace, on Friday at9 a.m. for the West terrace Cem-tery. x ? JULIUS EITZEX, Undertaker.

MASONIC, ODDFELLOWSHIP, &o^ 1 OYAL APOLLO aSd' HERCULES JU LODGE, A.I.O.O.F.-The Brethren of the above Lodge and of the Order are respectfully invited to FOLLOW the REMAINS nf the late BROTHER KAESEHAGEN to the West-terrace Cemetery, This Day (Friday), at !l o'clock a.n1. Brothers to meet at the Lod^e-room, Norfolk Arms, Rundle-Etrect. x ? By order of the N. G. 'COMPANIES AND SOCIETIESr' A ERATED BKEAD COMPANY, x5l limited. A MEETING of SHAREHOLDERS will be iel'1 at White's Humns on Friday, £9th instant, at 2 o'clock, on urgent business. A good attendance is important. By request of several of the Shareholders. 331?3 ? U. B. YOUNG. rpHE SOUTH AUSTRALIAN DE J- LABOLE SLATE COMPANY, LIMITED. NOTICE is hereby given that the ORDINARY GENEKAL HALF-YEARLY MEETING of the SHAREHOLDERS will be held at the Offices of the Company, on Friday.the^nliNovemberiustant. at 4 o'clock, to icceivo the Directors' Report and Balance-sheet, am! to elect three Directors iu place of Messrs. H. Brown, J. Pulsford, and J. Alien, who retire by rotation, but who are eligible for re-election, and for sueh other business as may be brought forward. JAS. S. SCOTT, Sec. Temple-Chambers, Currie-street, November 21, 1-C'. 32^rawj'33v27 ~~ MONEY. TWENTY-FIVE HUNDRED JL POUNDS TO LEND in one amount, or in Sums not less than £500, on Pastoral or Agricul tural Land, improved or otherwise. FUEDEK1C WICKS CEED, Leijrh-street, Adelaide. Also, several smaller amounts. 333 'tiv F~ OUR~THOUSAND POUNDS TO LENTD: also. snviKerSums at current rates. WRIGHT BROTHERS, Land Agents. Imperial-Chambers, Adelaide. 293tfc S~ IX THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED POUNDS TO be LENr on Freehold Security. W. H. BUNDEY. Solicitor, U27cv King William-street.

MONEY L£NT ON MORTGAGE, fOANS NEGOTIATED LJ GREEN & WADHAM, Icvl Enchanee Land Offices. Kins-Williatn-street \T0NEY TO be LENT, at Reduced l'JL Rate3, on Freehold Seruiities. Aeencies requiring confidence and dispatch attended to. All dealinss in Land under Torrens's Act transacted by G. W. Cotton, Licensed Land Broker Adelaide. ? 31fev VfONEY TO LEND on Freehold i.'i Security. ANDREWS & BON5EST, 4ct ? Solicits, il. King William-ctreet MONEY TO LEND. Property brought under the Real Property Act. Mortgages Leases, and Transfers drawn. \V. AL LETCH FORD, Licensed Land Broker, Waterhouse's-buildings, 24Kcv jVf ONEY to LEND, Land brought l'-l- under the Real Property Act, Mortgatres, Leases, «c, prepareil, the Sale or Purchase of Landed Property, Bank Stock, Insurance or other Shares Negotiated, and every description of Agency Business transacted by HENRY RYMILL, Licensed Land Broker, Imperial-chambers, 15knwfcv Adelaide, next National Bank. aWsement£ ' T7VERY EVENING during the Visit XL of H.R.H. the DUKE of EDINBURGH, a FREE BALL will be.given at the SHAM BOCK ASSEMBLY ROOMS Currie-street. A Full Band of Six Musicians. 310-'34 Proprietor-THQ3. BODDINGTON. 'spdiaTCTcT' SOUTH AUSTRALIAN JOCKEY OLUB.-SUJIMER AIEETIXG. The BOOTH of the GRAND STAND and SITES for Others will be SOLD by Auction at the Globe Inn, at 4 o'clock p.m., December 3. 331-7 E. M. BAGOT, Secretary.

? TENDERS. ? . QOUTH AUSTRALIAN RAILWAYS. ' KJ— TENDERS wi'J be received at Ofs Office , until noon of Monday, the 2nd DeceinWr. for thu , Supply of GOODS and MATERIALS required for ' the use of the Railway Department for 12 months ; ending December 31. ISO'S. The Goods and Mate- ! mis to be of the best quality, in accordance with I the specification Lis:, which can be seen at tlm ? oflice on aud after Monday, the llth instant, ' where also particulars as to probable quantities ? canbe obtained. Neither the lowest nor any Tender will neces sarily be accepted. The following are the general classes of Goods : required, viz.:— Building 51aterials Iron and Steel Brushware Ironmongery Bolts leather Blasting Powder paints and Oils Carriage Fittings Pilings Clings Posts and Kails Chemicals Timber Coals (Smiths') kc, &c., &c Fencing-W ire By order, H. C. MAIS, General Manager. Manager's Office, Adelaide Statiau, Novembers 18G7. 310 '38 Government Architect's Department, Adelaide, November 21, lSbT. HHENDERSfor SDNDUY FITTINGS -L and FURNITURE at the ADELAIDE POLICK COURT will I e received al this oiHce until Friday, the 29th iustant, at li o'clock noon. Specifications can be inspected at the same place during the usual c/fiee hours on and after the 22iid day of November. No Tender can be received except in accordance with the printed forms to be supplied, nor will the lowest or any Tender necessarily I12 accepted. R. G. THOMAS, 326mwf33 ? AssistauUVrchitect. Marino Board Otlices. Port Adelaide, S27th November, 1SI-7. EALED TENDERS, in duplicate, will lie received at thN Office until on Monday, the 9th proximo. i'ur SUJ'PI.Y of STOKES and TIMBER to this Department f.'r the year ending 31st December. IMS. Forms of Tender can Le ulttiiued on applicition. fomlers will likewise In; received for thu Supply of about 1.1W0 Tons of New South Wales Coals, and about UK) Tons of Kuglkh Smiths,' Coals, at per ton, as required ; and about HO Tons of Small Firewood, in eight-inch lengths, as re quired. 332-41 GEO. E. DeMOLE, Secretary. 'FENDERS FOR SADDLERT -I- STOCK.— TENDKRS will be received by the Undersigued till noon Wednesday, 4th December, for the SADDLEI1Y STOCK vt the late Firm of SOLOMON BROTH I Rs. comprising a fine Assortment of all New Goods lately imported. Stock-Sheets may be seen on tippliiMtion to the Undersigned. The highest Tender not necessarily accepted. Rl. J. SOLOMON, At Mr. E. Solomon's Otlice, Currie-street. ? 32.)'3S TO BUILDERS.— TENDERS will bo received by the uiidmijmed for ADDITIONS to a HOUSE at NORTH ADELAIDE, until Saturday, the 30th instant, at noon, from persons who may he willing to contract for same. Lowest not necessaiily accepted. Plans, &c, at this Office. WikiUlir, WOODS. & HAMILTON, Architects, &c. Imperial-Chambers, November 25. 331''3 THE AERATED J'.READ COM PANY, LIMITED. TENDERS are invited for the PUKCIIASEof the Plti'MIHES, PL A NT, Bi X llv DKBTS. G- )OD WILL, and other ASSETS of the above Company, the Business of which continues to be earned oh, and will lie handed over in full working order to the Purchaser. Couditious, Inventories, and other particulars are ready for inspection at the OiiiK-s of the Company. Whj 'nictith-strcrt, and of S. J. Way, Es'.i., Kiiik William-street Tenders

win ue received uptoaiH inclusive ot Monday, llie lGtli December ni-xt. JAMKS IIARDMAN, Liquidator. Adelaide, November 22. IN1™. :i27'*50 MINING NOTICES. rPHE WHEAL JAMES MIXING JL COMPANY. 1.1MITK1). NflTICHis hereby uiveii that the ORDINARY (SKNEKAL HALl-'-YKARLY MEETING of the SHAUEUOLDE1W will be held at theOHice of the Company, Templc-l'hu;ubers, Curiie-street, on Friday, the 2l)th November inst., nt 2 o'clock. JAS. S. SCOTT, Secretary. Temple-Chambers, Novcmbtr 21, 1S-I7. ? _32(iinwmv27_ r\mK NATIONAL (JOLdHTnINU JL (X-MPaNV, LIMITED. NOTICE is hereby fciven Unit a CALL of Two Sui_UNG3 and Sixi'K.vci: per Slur, has been a^reetl upon at a Meeting --f the Directors of the above Company; and all Shares in the pnid Company in respect vt \yliieh the said (-'all remains unpaid after the exnirition of Tweuty-oue days from the date hereof -hail be absolutely forfeited. JAS. S. SCOTT. Secretary. Temple-Chambers, Novi-mUt li». IHI7. :j.'J,27,21),3{,:fl,15v_7 HOTELS AND LIVERY STABLES.' 17 X E T Kit II (IT EL, 11 U N 1) L E \. J STREEr.-KhlNT TOWN l'ALE B1J Tl'R ALL'. ? ;i2!r'31 WANTED, a Sinuil PUliLlC-HOUSE in or out of Town. Apply by letter to A. K., office of this paper.'ti ? CONVEYANCES. ?

COBB -fe CO.'S C.LENELG AND BRIGHTON BUSSES. SUMM ER A HJIA NGE.M KNTS. On and after Wednesday, the 20th instant, anil until further notice, Lus^s will start promptly at the following hours, culling at the Booking Oflice, King William street:— GLENKLG LINE.- WEEK DAYS. Fr.011 Anici.AiDE. Fuoa Glknh.(!, 7 a.m. 8 a.111. ID a.m. (I a.m. 11 a.m. 10 d.m. 2 p.m. 12.3. p.m. 4.30 p.m. 2 p. 111. 5 p.m. 4 p.m. IS p.m. u p.m. SUNDAYS. 0 a.m. I 9 a.111. 11a.m. I 9.30 a.m. 2 p.m. 12.30 p.m. 0 p.m. 4.30 p.m. til), in. BRIGHTON LINK-WEEK D VY.S. Via Glenelft 10 a.m. 7.30 a.111., via Glenelg. ' Marion, 5 p.m. 8 a.m., via Marion. ' Glenelg, C p.m. 1.30 p.m., via Gleuelg. SUNDAYS. 11 a.m. I 0 a.m. (ip.m. I 4 p.m. 3?5. RTOS' AND STOCK.' SH :« K P FOR SALE. BUNGAREH-CiO first-c!_s- Rams. COW two, f(i!ir. s x, ;;ntl ei.'it tooth Ewes. 4,-t()0 six anil eiiiht tooth Wethers. CANOWIE-SjU fiiht-clii-i* Ram „ 4,(Ktii twoand eialit tooth Lives. 2.000 Mixeil J.ainb^. BLACK POINT— 3.UUU two, four, six, and eight tooth Ewes. 2.000 Mixed Lambs. 1,500 six-tooth Wethers. BINNUM BINNUM-7.00J two, four, six, and eifrht tooth Em es. 3,000 sis-tooth Wethers. HENRY SCOTT, Cornwall Fire and .Marine, and Easle Life 213mfcv Insurance Offices, Adelaide.

HORSES. CATTLE, VEHICLES^ jgg rPO HAWKERS, STORE KEEPBR8, JL and Other».-FOR 8ALK, a FOUR WHEELED VEHICLE, nearly new. On view at It. C'ottrell & Son's Coach Factory, Kundlc-ntrcet. Price £35. :;30 '4 EMPLOYMENT WANTED. ~ WANTED, by a respectable YGUI13 Woman, a Slf UATION in a Family poing to England. Apply at Mrs. Phillips't llitfixtr Office, 184, Eundle-street. 3:j2'4 ~ PERSONS WANTED. WANTED, a good BARMAN for Town. References required. Address X.T.. office of this paper. ? 327c WANTED, a WHEELWRIGHT, 7wl General Workman. Apply to J. Spratt, Chre. ? I ? 322c WANTED, a good GENERAL SEItVANT. Apply at Mrs. Dawsoii'g, Brown-street. 331'4 WANTED, a thorough LAUNDRESS. Good referencea required. Apply to Mre. G. 8. Kingston, Grote-strett, between the hours of 9 and 1. xjio WANTED, an Retire Young MAN, * » ia a Grocer'n Htore. Apply, statinu reference, addressed 'Grocer,' Green's Exchange ? ; ? :wc ' VU ANTED, a HOUSEMAID. Apply _^J__Clarence Hotel. King William stieet. x WANTED, a ^CTCOOKI^L . LAUNDRESS, llespectablc references retiuired. Apply to Mrs. Jcaepli Fisher. Fid larton. -m. T'O BAKERS.— WANTED, a good I , SECONDHAND. Apply to E. Fu!ke», Berkshire Hotel, Glenelg. ? 3;i3 'H WANTED, IMPROVERS to the ! TAILORING BUSINESS. Apply imme diately to J. Moss, Temple of Fashion, Kundle street. ? x_ WANTED, a WHEELWRIGHT; must lie a good hand, either a Body Maker or Wheeler. Liberal wngrs. Apply to Pearce, Wincey, & Co., North- terrace, Adelaide: or Wallace ft Bush, Sprin jton. 3J2-'3?

LAND AUCTION NOTICES. A BSTRAOTofaREEN-bWADHAM'S tX DECEMBER LAND AUCTION BALE, To he held in THE LAND MART. ADELAIDE. FRIDAY. 6TH DECEMBER, 1S67, AT 11 O'CLOCK PKEC1SE-T. M TOWN PROPERTIES. H. VALUABLE COHNEK AGUE (No. 583). 9. TO -VN ACRE 585, 0. PORTIONS of iOWN ACRE 582. SUBUUBAN PROPERTIES. 1. DESIRABLE BUILDING SITE, UNLEY. 1. RESIDENCE. LAND, &c, NORWOOD. COUNTRY PROPERTIED 3. VALUABLE FAEM. MUNXO PARA. 4. StCTION 1073. PARA WIRRA. 2. BLOCK of LAND, TAM O'SIUNTER BELT. 5. RKCTION 441 (part of), SURVEY B. 6. SECTIONS IS. 19, and 20, RIVER MURRAY (Special Survey). 7. SECTIONS 1421. 14_5. 1120, 1427. and 1123 RIVER MURRAY (Special Suiivkv). For full particulars, see current Adrertlsementa in Register and Obacrvcr Newspapers on Monday, rhur_d-v. and Saturday. LAND AND HOUSES. pKOH (B W'A li Jl A iU, UT LAND AOENT3 AND LAND AUOTIONEERB. LANDED PROPERTIES VALUED. LANDED PROPERTIES RURVTCVRn PLANS Furnished and TOWNSHIPS LAID OUT. Plans of Town.hlpa, Hundred!. &c, &e. throughout the COLONY alffays open for ln»pcc- Lou. HOUSES STORES, LAND SECTIONS, Ac.. LBT or LEASED. EXCUANOK LAND MART And Land Ollices, Kino WiUiom-Btro LAND, LOAN, Aim GENERAL COMMISSION OFFICES. GOVIi'R'VArRNT ) Purchased In accordanie with SKClSs I the Inetructions of portioi s_,_ilOJSS I absent from Adolaide; GOVERNMENT \Purchased and Lot on Loaso, SECTIONS j with Right ot Purchaaa. RPKOTAL NOTIOE. GREEN & WADHAM'3 ADVERTISEMENTS appear in the 'KE(HSTEK' Newspaper nil MONDAYS and TJ1URSDAY3, and in tho 'OBSKI1VER' of Saturday. lev GKEBN & WAD1IAM, Land AKCiita. PROPERTIES FOR SALE or TO ho - LKT.— Town Acre 500, iu Block* to suit pur nsern, from 15s. per foot upwards. Three-Ronnied Cottage, Lowe-street, oil' GouRer-Btreet, cheap. Seven-Honmed House, CarrinKtan-Rtrcot, with Bath-room. Four- Uooined House, fiast-torracu. Country Public-House, 10 Rooms. Mne Acrcn with lloueeon, four miles from town, prico _!l.r-i-. Cottage of Three Rooms, GouKer-Ntreet. Sectionx 0130. PuraWirra: 2419, Goolwa; 4 and 1002, Knn caroo Inland. Allotments 3, KJ, 82, 153, 15!i, 1KI, S4. 202. -IX, and 277, Township of Moonta. Allot ment 58, Port JliiKhea. Half-Acre, Port KllinU AllotmeuU 51 and 52, Purt Elhnt. Hulf-Acre, 'roauect Village. Quarter-Acre, North Adelnide. Block, Gilhert-strect. AllntmentM,'ld street, near Kust tenncc. Also, Kuhurlmn Kchi denccti. Money to Lend, l^ians Negotiated. R. BARNES, Licensed Land Broker, Jvin_ Williamttrect. xvk

AN LEASE, or FOR SALE— \J SEUTION No. 50, at TEATREE GULLY, containing 88 Acrou. ALLOTMENTS Noa. CG and 07, MARION TOWNSHIP. ALLOTMENT No. 10!). Mason-street, PORT ELLIOT TOWNSHIP. TO lie LliT on Hun.DiNci Leahe ACRES in ADELAIDE, Urn. 313, 332, 303, (il.'». 317. and KtiRtern Half of HIS. Auply to ALFitKD HARDY. Licensed Surveyor and Laud Agent, 111, King WilliiuiiHtrect. 32;-4Sjr2»mwf57 pAWLER.— TO ho SOLD or LET vJT cither with or without Riulit of Purdia-so the Property known us 'YENDA,' silimti) nt GAWLEli, bclqiigitiK to uml occupicil by Mrx. Mahony, compri«iuK DwellinK-lioiiHP, cnutainitiK DrawiiiK-Hoom, Kiiiin^Kuoin, Four Ik'dronins, Dressing-Rooms, Kitchens, Servants' Rooms, iVc. ; nlso (juoil Stabling, OoucIiIiouhch, \c, a liirito Underground Tank, uml Paddocks contuiidiiKubout 40 Acres on the North Para River. Thu I'uiIiIocIih will be Let or bold either with thu Ilou»o or separately. For particulars, apply to Mrs. Miibony, on the premises; or to Mr. F. F. Turner, Kolicitor, Uawler. ? I7MR SALE or TO bo LET, SECTION i f«7, Hundred of WILLUNGA; 57, Yalitln; 2113. Port Elliot; 571, 572, 573, 574, 675, 57U, 577, 57N, C79, North Kliiiic; IKS, Nourhinirn. J-TTc ? THOM. MAGARKY. POR SALE, a SnbHtantial UOUSK «F i- Seven Rooms, with Ofliccfi nttnehed; Si v Actcb of Land, consistitiK of a Vineyard of fniir acres, n Garden of one ncre, and a Paddnck of -mr acre, situate within live mile* of Adelaide, licur the Glynde. For terms and title, npply to BAGdT k LAB ATT. Solicitors, Insuruuce-Chambers, King Willinin-Rtrcct, Adelaide. 3£linwf,r-(

pOR SALE or TO bo LET, tlm r RIVKUTON STEAM FLOUR-MILL, iu it complete state of repair. There arc Two Pairs of Stones. Kilk-Drcsser and Boiler were new Inst. season. Apply to ? OLIVER HOKNKR. ? X.i verton, November M867. ? 3 18tfJI3\ _7 170R SALE, about 4,000 Acres' of . Superior AGRICULTURAL LAND, com prised in two Blocks, and subdivided into Seven l'adi]o-:ks, situate near KALANUADOO, together with Ri^ht of CommonaKe, and the following Stock, viz. :— 7,250 Sheep (exclusive of Lamlm), ISU Horses, and 50 head Dairy Cattle; alio, nowl Dwelling-Home, and other Improvements. Apply to 2.'t8mwfc J. DA It WENT, Grenfell-itteet. I70R LEASE or SALE, tho HOUSE JL nnit GARDEN known as Mr. Vnnsittart's, B'*TTMOVT. Apply to 331mwfcv SAM. DAVENPORT, Adelaldo. 1/ ENSINGTON.-TO bo LET, a IV Commodious FAMILY RESIDENCE, con. tain ing Nine Rooms. In good condition, witlt fruitful Garden, &c. Rent Low. AIho, a Houhc, containing Six Rooms, in Rood condition. Rent, 12s. per week. Apply to K. S. Lipsett, Ken* sjnKton. ? __?___!?*__ M1TCI1AM.— FOR SALE, tbo Ex cellent FAMILY RESIDENCE, lately in the occupation of Win. Moritan. Esii., contuiniiiK VI ikooins. with Four-lStull Stable, Double Coach' house OHices, and (iardeu, with or without Six Acres of Land, situate in the best part of the Town-hip, next the Church. WRIGHT BHOTHERS, Land Agents. Imperial Chambers, Adelaide. 214tfu QEVERAL LAND and HOUSE PJtO O PERTIK8 FOE HALE and TO be LKT at PORT ADELAIDE, OUKENBTOWN, ALUER TON. and near BRIGHTON. W. W. LESLIE. Queenstown, . x ? Agent for the Proprietors. QUBURBAN RESIDENCE k LAND. O -FOR SALE or LEASE, Substantial RESIDENCE, with 80 Acres of Land, subdivided into convenient paddocks; Vineyard of 11 Acich and good Garden; within fire miles of Adelmtlo. WRIGHT BROTHERS. Land AgcntH., Aaemiiie. xxnnwc OWN AOftE*6607EAST-TBRRACis[ FOR SALE in Blocks, from 15s. per foot. Plan can be seen at my office. K. BARNES, Licensed Lntid Broker, 310 '17mwfc King William utreet. ? 'TO bo LET, as a Whole or in A It ABLE ± and PASTURE BLOCKS, the 20,000-Acro SPECIAL SURVEY of TUNOKILLO. For pur ticulars, apply to 330'4vx 8A5L DAVENPORT, Adelaide 'T'O bo LET, the CHARLTON MINE X PROPERTY, consisting of 51)6 Acres of rood Arable and Grass Land, Well-watered, with House and Outbuildings, Garden, ami Paddocks. Possession can be given on the 1st December. For particulars, apply to 327-'34vj H. DAVENPORT, Adelaide. TO be LET, BOSTON COTTAGE, KING WILLIAM-STREET, containing Six Rooms, Pantry, and Cellar. Rent, £62 por annum. Apply at Brecknock Arnm, King Williain-Kticet ; or Terminus Hotel, North-tetmce. 315mwfc ri^O bo LET, PREMISES occupied by raBi.ff^irP-0niiii^''HikDLK** 3-3hnwfc S. BAKEWELL, Rumlle-strcct. TO be LET, in Main-street, KA. PUNDA, that Large and Oniinodioii* STORE known as KANGAROO HOUSE, with DWULLlNGof Five Rooms, and large Tank of Water attached. For pnrticufnrs, apply to 278c JOSEPH GREENOUGil, Kapuinla. O be LET, a SHOP in TvlNtt WILLIAM-STREET, lately occupied by Mr. John Clark, tailor. Apply to Mr. J. Scott Young, opposite the Town Hall. ? 234c ANTED, a HOUSE with Five'or Six Rooms, with small Garden and Stable, good Water indispensable, within three or four miles of Town. Apply by letter to A. B . Engle Tavern, Hindley-Etrett. Adelaide. ? 33r';l /CELLAR iu each Wing of the Register \J and Obtcnxr Buildings, Grenfell stieet, TO be LKT. 225cv ANDREW8. THOMAS. & CLARK. REGISTER CHAMBERS, next to the RegitUr and Obterver Offices, Orenfell itreet-TO bo LKT, OFFICES writable for BROKERS or ABOai_-ECTS, and CHAMBKRE, TSS^ftBti*^ f0 wumoti 226cv ANpBtnYS, THOMAS, & CLARK.