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ARRIVED. Monday, November 7.

CITY OF ADELAIDE, ship, 921 tons, David Bruce, master, from London August 6, via Ply- mouth August 12. W. Younghusband, Jun., and Co. agents. Passengers - Mr., Mrs., Miss, and

Miss B. Bray, Mr. and Mrs. G. Wilcox, Miss Methuen, Miss Dover, Mr. and Mrs. Suter, Mrs. Fairlie and three children, Misses Fairlie (2), Misses Letchford (2), Master Letchford, Messrs. Sims, Campbell, and Ringwood. Miss Bruce, and Dr. Nason, in the cabin; and Mr. and Mrs. Hillier, Mrs. Ruff, and Messrs. Henniker, Price, and Humbley, in the second cabin. PENOLA, steamer, 2B2 tons, F. P. Snewin. master, from Melbourne November 3, via Ports MacDonnell and Kobe. W. Younghusband, Jun.. and Co., agents. Passengers— Rev. J. Gardner, Kev. Mr. fiardin. Misses Gardner and Ititchie, and Messrs. Collie, Williams, Gilbert. Tileinann. and Anderson, in the cabin; and A. Herault, Ann Herault, Mary Herault, J. Jones, J. Wakeling, M. Lees, (}. Hugi, W. Mather, Airs. Mather, J. Mills, W. Rule, Mrs. Kule, K. Kennison, J. C. Turner, \V. Eymer, A. Kymer. G. Williams, C. Brown, C. Schmidt, A. James, T. Tenaee, J. Bumfrey, J. Goodridge, J. Laurence, J. Jackson, E. Straube, W. McFarlane, and J. Brown, in the ?teernge. RELNE, barque. 363 tons, A. Varangot, master, from Bourbon Septeniter 23. Philip Levi and Co., agents. Passengers-Messrs. J. Lahuppe and J. Joulwrt and servant, in the cabin. [By Magnetic Telegraph. I OOORONG, steamer. 304 tons, W. McLean, master, from Melbourne November 5, via Port land Bay. J. Darwent, Town ; J. Formby. Port, agents. Passengera-Dr. and Mrs. Benson, Mr. and Mrs. Barnard. Mrs. Gessner and child. Miss Stakeman, Messrs. Davenport, Torreuce, and J. Robin, jun., in the cabin; and 23 in the steerage. ARRIVED COASTWISE. MONDAT. NOVEHBBB 7. ANNffi BEATON, schooner, 85 tons. Henry Griffiths, matter, from Port Wallaroo November 5. Captain Griffiths, agent. Cargo-Original import* from Launceston, 8,000 feet sawn, timber, J. Newman and Son. CRINOLINE, schooner, 70 tons, H. O'Hara, master, from Coffin's Bay. Cargo— Wool. KANGAROO, schooner, 70 tons, T. Cheeseman, master, from Port MacUonnell. One passenger. Cargo-30 hides, A. Scott; 100 do., 4 casks, Kobin and Le Messu.ier; 1 bdl. skins, J. Dench ana Ca ; 5 do. do., J. Taylor and Son; 1 panel, Colton; a ?liiantity of iron. South Australian Government ; 4 empty casks, Primrose. LUBRA, steamer, 220 Uns, H. Ward, master, from Port Lincoln and Port Augusta. ENTERED OUTWARDS. Monday, November 7. ANNIE BEATON, scho.ner. 89 tons. Griffiths, master, for Geelong. J. Newman and Son, agents. PENOLA, steamer, 282 tons, F. P. Snewin. waster, for Melbourne, via Pott Robe and Port MacDonnell. W. Younghusband, Jun., and Co., agents. PROJECTED DEPARTURES. LONDON-Goolwa, Damio. Murray, Countess of Fife, Adamant, early. From Port Augusta Orient. Asshur, early. From Victor Haruour Clanalpine. early. From Streaky Bay-Shepherdess, early. BATAVIA-Oraagh, early. C ALL AO -Redan, early. MELBOURNE-Coorong, Nov. 9; Penola, November 9. GEELONG-Annie Beaton, early. SYDNEY -Kate, early. UBWCASTLE-Rose of Australia, early. BRISBANE-William. Atlantic, early. FJJEHANTLE-Oryx. Nile, early. CLEARED OUT. Monday. November 7. KATE, briz, 241 tons, Wm. Sinclair, master, for Sydney, No passengers. In ballast. ROSE OF AUSTRALIA, brig, 2(52 tons. Wm. O'Hagan, master, for Newcastle. No passengers. In ballast. OMAGH, barque, 352 tons, B. U. Barrett, master, for B-itavia. No passengers. CLEARED OUT COASTWISE. Monday. Novembek 7.! ALEXANDER, schooner, 3d tons, J. Reid, master, for Venus Bay. ADELAIDE, schooner, 70 tons, G. Coleman. master, for Wallaroo. SAILED. Nov. 6-PICARD. brigantine, for Hobart Town. 7- ADELAIDE, sehuoner, for Wallaroo. 7— ALEXANDER, schooner, for Venus Bay. IMPORTS. CITY OF ADELAIDE, from London-100 tons coal, Order; 30 lihds., F. Clark ami Sor.s; 410 deals, Elder. Smith, and Co. : «2l pkgs.. Heriot, Fullarton, and Co.; 2 cases, Hamilton Brothers; 3 do., It. Dodgson; 40*) kegs, W. Yuunghusband, Jun., and Co.; 17 bales, Harrold Brothers; 50 cases. Order; ldo.. Order: 21il bdk. 10 bales. D. juiilJ. Fowler; 21) ? cases, W. Younjjliusband, Jun., and Caj. ; S do., Order; 44 pkgs.. Order; 1 case. S. Mayfield and Son; 1 do.. U. U. Ivea; 50 do., Order; 4 casks, W. Rhodes; 2U drums, J. Sugg; 1 case, Order; 1 do., Acniman, Main, Lindsay, and Co. ; 2 do., Order; 1 do., F. Davison; 5» do., J. Robiu and Co.; 14 do, J. Hill; 2 casks. E. and W. Haekett ; 22:2 do., 7 bales. Elder. Smith, ami Co. ; 1 cue. Order; I do.. J. Newman and Son; 37 bales, IU, Abrahams and Co. ; 7 do., J. Witkowski; Upkji*., W. Schultz; 15 do.. Order; 1.151 pkes. Philip Levi and Co. ; 1W) casks, G. and R Wills and Co. : 537 pkus.. Officer Adininisterinir Govern ment; I box, Order; 1!»7 pkgs., Order; 3 casks, A. M. Bickford; 1 c;ise. Order; 8 pkgs., J. T. Church oudCo.;5do., W. D. Allott; 21 do.. Order; 40 do- W. (toddard; 5 cases, HuuUr and Stevenson; fiU bales, J. Hart and Co. ; 5 puncheons, 15 bales. 1OU cases, (50 pkgs., Order; 2 do., J. A. Hulden and Co. : 4-J casks, Giles and Smith ; 500 case*, Philip Levi aud Co.; 1 case. L. Gly.le; 21U pkps., F. Huslurk; 4 cases, Order; 10 bales, Hull and Sons; 5 pkj(8., S. Hart; J case, SI. Fooks : 1 -lo., :fi pkjr--.. Order; 1 do.. Vardy; IX) cases, Martin and Sach; 6 hhd*.. W. C. Builr, 3 cases, Chappell and (Sundry; 3 pkgs.. C. Pljtts; 2 cases, G. Phillips and Co.; 10 trunks Order; (TMJ pkgs.. (J. Wiicox; *J do., 1L G. Wiicox; 21 trunks, J, Stacy and Sons; ti pkg3., A. Scott; 4 case.*, W. and J. Harris; 1 do.. A. Scott; 25 boxes, Manuger South Austra lian Bank; fl pkgs., D. and W. Murray; 44 do., (joode Brothers; 24 do., McArthur, Kingsborough, and Co.; 4.1GU do., Harrold Brothers; 9 do., J. Hodgkiss sod Co. ; IS do., J. Robin and Co. ; 118 do., J. IL Kaines; 2!- cises, P. Sharp; 50 chests. Order; 1 case, J. Holnian; 5S pkgs., G. and R. Wills and Co.; 2 cases, Temple and Morey; 3 pkgs, Heriot, Fullarton, and Co.; 1.3(59 do., D. and J. Fowler; 22 do., O. Gooeh find Son; 10 do., Manager South Australian Bank: 7 pkgs., E. fipicer; 10 do., J. Skelton and Co.; 33 do., J. Ooltoa and Co. ; 15 do.. Main and Geycr : 6 trunks, T. O. Jones; 6 do,, M. Brandon; 6 do.. W, C. Urea: 4 cases, A. Jaflrey; 412 bdls., F. J. Beck and Co. : 2 cases, P. Falk and Co. ; 2 do., A. Atacgeorge; W trunks, E. Suter; 15 pkgs., T. O. Janes; 1 case, T. Reynolds; 50 casks. F. Clark and Sous; 4 cases, :W ptps.. 9 casks Order. PKNOLA, from Melbourne-2 pkgs, Goode Brothers; 1 do., J. Hodgkiss and Co.; 2 do, J. Kobin and Co. ; 20 Imxes bitters, 2S pkgs.. John ston, Kumiss, and Blakeway; 1 trunk, .1*. Johnson ; 1 case, McArthur, KiiiKsborough, aud Go- ! 8 pkgs., li. P. Harris ; til) boxes soap, 20 pkgs., Sinclair and Xiittle; 10 cases kerosine, W. Rhodes; 15 pkgs., D, and J. Fowler: 7 cases, P. Falk and Co. ; 15 pkgs., G, Phillips and Co. ; 6 do., 20 br's. pork, J. Robin aadCo.; 5e:ues, I. S. Henry; 15 pkgs., J. Robin mi Co,; W do. machinery, Tuxford Brothers; 4.85J stoves. Solomon and Co.: 17 pkgs., Order; 4 boxes tea. ldo.. H. Bray; 1 pkg.. Order; and 50 tons original cargo from Melbourne for Port Robe and Port MacDonnell. REINE, from BourboH-8119 bag3 sugar, 800 1Mb. pork. 1,(588 bags rice, 20 do. peas, 76 do. beam, 1,775 mats, 50,000 cigars, Joubert. EXPORTS. , OMAGH, forBatavia-42 horses, T. Whinnerah. PORT AUGUSTA SHIPPING. Cleared Out. Nftrember 5-Sc»BE4H, Lovell, master, for London. No passengers. Cargo -1,157 bags copDer ore, Propuetors Wallaroo Mines; 390 hides, 27 bags calfskins. K5 do. bones, 10 bales and 2 bags hoofs, 10 bales horns, 1.950 horns, 7 bass and 2 bales shank-bones, a quantity of loose bones, J. Taylor and Son; 302 bales wool, Philip Levi and Co.; 290 do. do., J. Taylor: 27 do. do.. T. Elder; 25 do. do., J. Hirst; 6 do. do.. R. Place; 9 do. do., W. Bakewell; 82 do. do., J. Morphett; 9J do. do., B. and J. Ragless ; 55 do. do., H. C. Swan; 2 do. do., D. McAUum: 101 do. do., J. Waller; 3tt do. da. 8. 81eep; 41 do: do., J. F. Hayward and Co. ; 42 do. do., Warwick and Lithgow; 8 do. do.. W. L. Marchant; 785 do. do.. Elder, Smith, and Co. MELBOURNE SHIPPING. Abeiveu. {Torembei 3— Goldseekeb, brigantine, from Wiilunga. dame Day— John McDouall Stdart, schooner, fromOnkaparinga. SYDNEY SHIPPING. Arrived. OetoLer29-PRiDEOF the West, barque, from Wallaroo. Cleared Out. » October 31— E. K. Bateson, brig, for Adelaide. Cargo-250 tons coal, 1,000 spokes, 15 casks beef. NEWCASTLE SHIPPING. Sailed. October 21-Koh-i-noor, barque, for Adelaide. Cargo— 440 tons coal. Same Day-DERWENT, brig, for Wallaroo, Cargo— 359 tons coal. Same Day— Sea Breeze, barque, for Adelaide. Cargo -345 tons coal. October 24-Exonia, schooner, for Adelaide. Carfto-320 tons coal. October 25 -Constance, barque, for Adelaide. Cargo— 350 tous coal, Bame Day-ToMATiN, barque, for Adelaide. Cargo-WO tons coal. Octotwr 28-GuaDalete, barque, for Adelaide. Cargo- 400 tons coal. HOBART TOWN SHIPPING. Sailed. N(wember2-EocAwrrus, barque, for Adelaide. Cargo-Timber. MISCELLANEOUS. Paiseugers per Aldinoa, for Mellwume (clear ance reported on Satunlay)-Mr. W. and Miss Uowman, Mr. and Sirs. Wadham and child, Messrs. McDougall, W. Morgan, J. Darwent, W. Coleman, Hewett, J: Johnston, Anderson, and J. 8. Hadlield. in the cabin: aud E. Dabkohler, Mr. and Miss Lamb. Messrs. H. Livesay, Nichols, E. UolUnd. Eldridgc, and Mrs. McNamara, in the tleerage. The City op Aoiz.AiDE.-It is many yean ago tince Captain Bruce took up his station on the berth from Adelaide to London, and after giving general latufactton in the Irene he resolved to build expressly for the trade a new vessel in which all the requirements his experience could suggest ehould be met The order was given to Messrs. Pile & Co.. tlie eminent shipbuilders of Sunder }mi, and the result has been the production of a fthip of which the colony may well be proud. The frame is of iron, with teakwood plankinfc 103 feet over all, 19 feet depth of hold, ani 33 feet 0 inches bean, with lines and proportions which will «nsuis fast sailing. Nor is speedy prog ess the onlyiim. for in her passenger apDointments every means hu« been taken to ensure perfection. The main salo m it a hamUome apartment decorated with white aud gold, and furnished with settees, tablet, and si-leboar4 u- polished teak. Minors and pianoforte add t« the esnaral effect; while aviait (o the gfate-roonu, of y^U fb$t9 are eix onw.h

side, show at a glance that nothing is wanting to promote the comfort Of wyageur^ even down to hot watet warming apparatus. While in tropical* reRionathereare large ports to afford ventilation and light, and two excellent bath-rooms for ladieB and gentlemen are provided— one under the break of the poop; and the other abaft tbe main saloon. Her appearance to a nautical man is extremely pleasfiif?; for while possessing the fine lines of a clipper vessel, there is a neatness about the spars ana rigging which adds materially to her appearance. In the matter of people it was a mare fac sunue of the old Irene-Captain Bruce on the poop, his son Lin the waist, and the Bame provider* (Mr. Claxton) in the cabin ; indeed it seemed from this but a resuscitation of the old blue-aided trader, though a glance at the craft decided her superiority and aroused pleasurable feelings that the .Fort Adelaide trade warranted the building of such a ship. Patent Bteering gear, patent topsails, wind lass, and pumps were adopted, and it almost seems as if CaPt3in Bruce had served his time tu the Irene but to produce the beau ideal of what an Adelaide trader should be-in cargo space liberal and ample for wool freight; in second cabin 30 and in saloon accommodation 35 passengers will find ample space. The excellence of the arrangement is highly eulogized by the passengers, of whom a number are very old colonists. » ho return with pleasure to Austraha, and testify to the merite of captain and ship in our adver tising columns. She left London on August «, and touched afterwards at Plymouth, trom which port she has made a passage of 87 days, having had light fair winds from the Channel to the Bay of Biscay; but in the early trades instead of a continuation of favourable weather it blew but three days from the N.E. Thirty-three days elapsed before aossing the Line, and the meridian of the Cape was passed on Octobers, without a single incident of importance to break the monotony of the trip beyond a hurricane which assailed the ship when off the Cape Vcrd Islands, in which she behaved admirably. She reached the Lightship on Monday afternoon, but as her draught of water is over 17 feet some days will elapse before she can cross the bars. The Rains is a fine French barque, which put in an appearance on Mondny morning, having ex perienced an extraordinary succession of very light variable winds till passing the meridian of Cape Leuwin, when on the 27th ult. in lat. 35' 2y, long. 121* if, a very violent N.E. gale set in, ac companied by a heavy sea, which at one time broke on board, washing away the deck gear, galley, and water casks, disabling one of the Bands, and causing the barque to labour heavily. It was not, however, of lonn duration, and soon light variables aud calms prevailed to the con clusion of the voyage. She touches here for orders, and it is probable she may proceed to Sjdney with the cargo, though from one of the gentlemen who was a passenger by her it is learned that the stock of sugar both at Bourbon and Mauritius was extremely limited till the return of the new crop, consequently there is every prospect of a discharge here. The Penola left Melbourne whaif on Thursday morning, but having experienced a heavy gale from the westward, she was obliged to anchor at Queenscliffe till the following morning, calling at MacDonnell and Guichen Bays. The concluding part of the passage has been marked by strong westerly winds and heavy sea. The Aldinga was passed on Saturday when oil' Cape Northumber land. TheOMAOH, for Batavia, was towed down the river on Monday afternoon. Whilst shipping horses in the morning one of them slipped from the slings, and was so much injured by his fall, between the vessel and the wharf, that he died in the course of the day. Loss op the Foam and Supposed Loss of the Ensign.— The following is an extract from a letter received by Messrs. JT Newman & Son, from a correspondent at Hobart Town :— ' The Foam was wrecked on the 2Sth of last month (September), on Clark'B Island, Bank's Straits. She was a total wreck; the crew had scarcely time to save them selves ? I am afraid tbe Ensign has suffered a worse fate. She sailed from Newcastle on the night of the 30th of last month, when so many vessels suffered by that heavy gale. Several vessels were wrecked, and all that have been heard of have suffered more or less; but no account of the Ensign. She is now 2!) days out, which gives us but faint hopes of seeing poor Bond again.' Vessel Spoken.— By the Reine, on September 2£ in lat. 24' 40'. lenp. 53° 42'. the British brig Sir Uominick Daly, 25 days out from Madagascar, bound to Mauritius, in want of provisions. The Rcine was hove to and furnished a supply. On November 6, outside Cape Borda. saw two barques outward bound, but not within signalling distance. VESSELS IN liARHOUK. ADAMANT, barque, 815 runs, Lieut. B. Lodwick. R.N.R., master, from London, via Plymouth. Elder. Smith, and Co., agents. Company's Basin. ANNIE BKATON, schooner (British), 85 tons, Henry Griffiths, master, from Port Wallaroo. Captain Griffiths, agent. Prince's Wharf. ATLANTIC, barque (British), 2tW tons, T. G. Kelly, master, from Sydney. .1. W. Smith, agent. Company's Wharf. COOKONG.steameHBritish). 304 tons, W.MfiLean, master, from Melbourne. J. Darwent, Town; J. Formby, Port, agents. Company's Wharf. COUNTESS OF FIFE, ship (BntUh). 510 tons, James Watson, master, from London. Elder. Smith, and Co , agents. Company's Wharf. CRINOLINE, schooner. 70 tons, O Hani, master from Cotlin's Bay. R. and R. Main, agents. Company's Whan. ECLAIR, schooner (British), 3(5 tons, C. Brown, master, from Wallaroo. Company's Wharf. ECLIPSE, schooner (British), 60 tons, J. Yeo, master, from Wallaroo. C. Lamb, agent. Company's Wharf, ELEANOR, steamer (British), W. Wells, master, from Clinton. G. W. Brown. Port, agent Company's Wharf. EURO PA, brig (British), 190 tons, John Lindsay, master, frrm Swan River. Robin and Le Messurier, agents. In the Stream. FROWNING BEAUTY, barque (British), »i5 tons, W. Marr, master, from Wallaroo. W. Outfield and Co., Town; Cleland, Pa^e, and Co., Poit, agents. Queen's Wharf. GOOLWA. ship (British). ?17 tons, Johnstone, master, from London. Joseph Stilling and Co., Town; John Formby, Port, agents. In the Stream. GOOLWA. steamer (British), lib' tons, Davidson, master, from Port Augusta and Purt Lincoln, Philip Levi and Co., aeents. Company's Wharf. HARRIET HOPtf, brig (British). 243 tons, Hammond, master, from Wallaroo. Dale mid Co.. agents. Company's Wharf. JOHN KNOX. ship (British), 29C tons, George Hay, master, from London. Elder, Smith, and Co., agont8. Oueen's Wharf. KANGAROO, schooner (British), 70 tons, T. Cheeseman, master, from Port MacDonnell and Port Robe. Robin and Le Messurier, agents. Company's Wharf. KATE, brig (British), 244 tons, Wm. Sinclair, master, from Newcastle. H. Simpson, agent. Copper Company's Wharf. LILY, brie (British), 248 tons, John Dalziel, master, from Newcastle. J. Bickers, agent. Copper Company's Whnrf. LUBEA, steamer (British), 220 tons, H. Ward, master, from Port Augusta and Port Lincoln. J. Darwent, Town ; J. Stilling and Co., Port, agents. Company's Wharf. LUCY, fore-and-aft schooner (British), 65 tons. W. Meyers, master, from Fowler's Bay. W. Younghusband, Jun., and Co., agents. Com pany's Wharf. MARQUIS OF ARGYLE, ship (British), 575 tons, James Monro, master, from London. Elder, Smith, and Co., agents. Company's Basin. MURRAY, ship (British), 902 tons, John Legoe, master, from London. J. Stilling and Co., Town; John Forraby, Port, agents. Prince's Wharf. OMAGH, barque (British), 352 tons. R. H. Barrett, master, from Newcastle. T. Whin nerah, Town : J. Formby, - Port, agents. Com pany's Wharf. ORYX, barque (British), 281 tons, P. (Jell, master, fiom Port Louis. Elder, Smith, and Co., agents Company's Basin. PENOLA. steamer(Bntish). 261 tons. F. P. Snewin, master, from Melbourne. W. Younghusband, Jun., and Co.. agents. Company's Wharf. PRINCESS ALICE, brig (British), 257 tons. J. Clarke, master, from Port Waikato, N.Z. E. J. Spencc. Town: R. and R- Main, Port agents. Company's Wharf. REDAN, ship (British), 850 tons, Evan Evans, master, from London. Philip Levi and Co. ? agents. Levi's Wharf. RETINA, brig (British), 157 tons. David Evans. master, from Wallaroo. Elder, Smith, and Co., agents. Company's Wharf. ROSE OF AUSTRALIA, brig (British), Wm. O'Hagan, master, from Newcastle. H. Simpson, agent, Quean's Wharf. SEA NYMPH, brig (British), 103 tons. W. R. Stevenson, master, from Sydney. Dale, Fuller, and Co., agents. Company's Basin. 8U&IMER CLOUD, barque (British). 355 tons, A, E. Abbott master, from Sydney. Captain Abbott auent. In the Stream. SWALLOW cutter (British), 40 tons, J. Lewis master, fiom Lacepede Bay. Company's Wharf WATERLILY, brig (British), 2«3 tons, J. Waldron, master, from Newcastle. H. Simpson, agent (n the Stream. WILLIAM, brigantine (British), 18S tons, Peter Dickson, master, from Brisbane. W. Younghus bamL Jun., and Co.. agents. Prince's Wharf. YODNG AUSTRALIAN, steamer (British) 98 tons, Wells, master. At Light's Passage. VTRGINIE, ship (Danish), 705 tons. F. Plehn, master, from Puget Sound. J. Stilling, Town; J. Formby, Port agents. at thk Lightship. CITY OF ADELAIDE, ship (British), 921 tons, David Bruce, master, from London. W. Younghusband, Jun., and Co., agents. REINE, barque (French), 363 tons, A. Varangot, master, from Bourbon. Philip Levi and Co., agents. VESSELS EXPECTED. From London. ALCHYMI3T, Dennett, master, loading Aug. 2a ALWYNTON, Hole, master, loading August 20. AM1CUS, Olsen, master, loading August 20. CONSTANTIA, Holmes, master, loading Aug. 20. EDINBURGH, Watt master, sailed August 2. HARWICH, Etching, master, loadtng Aug. 20. HEATHERBELL, Harmsworth, master, loading August 20. ROCKLIKF. Drew, master, loading AuRUot 20. ST. DUNSTAN, Wynn, master, loading Aug. 20. VERULAM, Angel, master, loading August 20. From Liverpool. CLARA NOVELLO, Kingston, master, sailed August 9. From Plymouth. SPITFIRE, with emigrants. TARQUIN, sailed with emigrants August 20. From Letth. JANE BELL, spoken at sea August 1. From Puget Sound J. W. A. LORENZEN, 673 tons, A. A. Jessin, master. From Foochoofoo. PHILIP, baroue.' §Fbom Sydnet. LANCHE, sailed October 11. UEETAH, schooner. E, K. BATESON, brig, cleared out October 31.' ELIZABETH, schooner, sailed October 19. From Newcastle. CONSTANCE, barque, sailed October 25. EXONIA, schooner, Bailed October 24. GUADALETE. barque, sailed, October28. KOH-tNOOR, baraxe, sailed October 31. PHILUS, brte. SEA BREEZE, barque, sailed October 21. ' TOMATIN, barque, sailed October 25. From Melbourne ALEXANDRA, schooner, sailed October 3L ANNA MARIA, brig, sailed October 28. goldseekeb: wiaabMrfortob's'-