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The Coldstream, 756 tons Captain W. Q. Kennedy, sailed from Plymouth for Adelaide on the 3rd March with immigrants. The names 0f immigrants are given in the annexed list: -  

English — William Amear, William Ames, Margaret Anderson. Sarah Bartlett, Benjamin Beeby, Thomas Bemdell, Edward Berry, Peter, Kleanor, George, Fleda, and Emma Bird, John Bolwell, Wm. Borlace, Alfred Box, Francis and John     Bray, Thomas Broad, Isaac Brooking, Margt. Brown, Joseph Cadwallader, John and Ann Callard, Samuel and Catherine Carne, Margaret, John C., and John Casby, Richard Clemas. Jas. Clements, John Cliff, Fred., Eliza Elizabeth, and Mary Cullen Sarah Curtis, Francis, Sarah, Louisa, Samuel, Alfred, Henry, and Fancis Dellow, Sophia Denms, Eliza Dobin, John Eades, William Eason, Elizabeth, Jane, Elizabeth, and Matthew Eddy, Samuel Ellis, Mary Ferguson, Joseph Ford, Ephraim, Maria, William, and Hannah Freeman, James Gayland, Thomas Goldsworthy, John Gornall, Samuel, Hannah, Fred, Mark, Thomas, Betsy, and Kate Grey, Jane Grenfell, Mary Gwynne, Albert and Elizabeth Hanson, Thomas J. Harvey, William and Fanny Harvey, Mary Hawes, Robert Hawker, John Healey, Elizabeth Hicks, Richard Hicks, Samuel Hood, John, Mary A., Edwin, and Loveday Hoskin, John Hore, Elizabeth, Fanny, Henry, George, Joseph, and Harriet House, Jas., Mary A., Sam., and Thos., Hucker, Sampson, Mary, Jessie, Sarah, and Selina Ivey, William Ivey, Elizabeth Jenking, William John, Mary J. Johns, Samuel Johns, Henry Johnson, Charles Jones, John Jones, Leonard Jones, George Julian, John Jury, Richard, Mary, William, Richard, and John Kessell, Edward, Grace, and Edward Kessell. Lavinia King, Pat, Amelia, Sarah, and Emma Kingston, John Lawey, Walter Lock, Thomas, Jane, Thomas, Elias and John Martin, William, Angelina, and Elizabeth Martin, Richard, Maria, Betsy, Mary, William, and Catherine Martin, Elizabeth Martin, Albert Mawler, Solomon Mill,

Christina Moorish, Thomas Nankervis. Thomas   and Jane Nankervis, Thomas Newell, Henry Panell, Walter Pearce, Walter Peddell, Francis Phillips, Matthew, Sarah, John James, and Wm.   Pentland, Alice Pickthorne, Henry Pink, William Polkinghorne, Samuel Poore, James Price, Mary Prout, Thomas Rashleigh, Thomas, William, Giles, and Elizabeth Richards, Henry Robins, Robert, Hannah, Frederick, Janette, and Charles Robinson, Richard and George Rowe, William Ruberry, Clifford Sage, Robert Sampson, James Sawtell, George Scriven, Francis Simmons, James Smith, John Smitherham, Stephen and Mary Spargo, Matthew Stephens, Ann Stokes, John B. Stone, William Strongman, James Sullivan, Henry and Elizabeth Sweet, Simon and Ann Symons, Edwin Tann, Henry and George Taylor, Susan Thomas, Thomas, Jane, and Catherine Tonkin, James Trengrove, John Trevena, Jane and Margery Trezise, Caleb Triggs, William Walker, Margery Wallis, Louisa Ward, James, Mary A., Cynthia, Francis, and John War- ren, Emily Waters, Margaret Waters, Ed- ward Waters, Jane Webb, John, Charlotte, Charles, Eliza, George, and Elizabeth Webb, Edward, Whale, William, Richard, and James White, Richard, Nanny, and Nanny White, Thos. and Phillis White, Nanny and Elizabeth White, Sarah Whitford, Samuel Whiting, John Wilcocks, Thomas Williams, Ann Williams, Annyer Williams, William Willis.   Scotch.— David and Jane Allan, Bertha Camp- bell, William Dinwoodie, Agnes Ferguson, John and Marion Foggs, James Gallocher, Thomas and Margaret Glynn, Ann Horrell, James John- ston, Jane Knight, Thomas, Maria, and Ann Manning, James, Elizabeth, and Ann Maguire, Thomas, Bridget, and Mary McDermot, John and Anne McKenna, William, Agnes, Agnes, Jessie, and William McGregor, Peter and Ellen Mulholland, Andrew and Elizabeth Nother- well, Mary Sand, Peter Sinclair, James and Mary Ward, Elizabeth Waterman, John, Jessie, and John G. Watson. Irish.— Thomas Bennett, Pat. Donohue, Simon Guinney, Maria, Herbert, Alfred, Adelaine, and Edith Holden, John Murray, Matthias O'Hal- loran. Summary.— English— Adults, 197; children be- tween 1 and 12, 34; infants, 8; total, 244. Scotch-Adults. 34; children beetween 1 and 12. 3; infants, 4; total, 41. Irish-Adults, 6; children between 1 and 12, 4; total, 10. Grand total. 295; equal to 260 statute adults. Industrial Classification.— Miners 26, labourers 63, servants 32. dairymaids 2, gardeners 5, farmer 1, carman 1, housekeeper 1, carpenters 3, shoe- makers 4, tindresser 1, masons 3, painters and glaziers 3, blacksmiths 4, sawyers 2, farm labourers and servants 5, dressmaker 1, grooms 4, engine- driver 1, wheelwright 1, smelter 1, bookbinder 1, baker 1, cooks 2, nurse 1, porter 1, ploughmen 2, engineer 1.