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ARRIVED. Sunday, April 24.

UMUURN, barque, 403 tons, B. Hom, master, from London December 25, Downs January 1. E. Spicer, Town; F. B. Jones, Port, agents. Pas BeDger— Mr. Peddle, in the cabin.

MONDAY, APBIL '.£-. [By Magnetic Telesrapii.1 BANGATIKA, Eteamer, 750 tons. B. Paddle, master, from Melbourne April 22. Passengers— Hon. G. C. Hawker, Mr. and Mrs. Cameron and family «5) and two servants, Rev. Mr. Ironside, Mr*. Ironside and fire children, Mr. S. Tonier and servant, Mr. and Mrs. Kilball, and Messrs. Nathan, Herriott, Sochfort, King, and S. Kelly, in the cabin; and 21 in the steerage. ARRIVED COASTWISE. 8ATUBDAY, APRIL 23. 8WALLOW, cutter. 40 tons, J. Lewis, master, ?ram Lacepede Bay. In ballast. AMELIA, Bchooner, 60 tons, Le Bay, master, from Kangaroo Island. Cargo— 74 bags barley, 20 do. onions. '- ALBERT, schooner, 30 tons, Swiggs, master, from Hog Bay. ANALGISTA, schooner, 30 tons. Wilson, master, from Cape Jervis and Yankalilla. CLEARED OUT. Satubdat, April 23. SUNRISE, barnue, 257 tons, F. Duthie, master, forMelbourne. No passengers. HENRY ELLIS, ship. 412 tons, T. Phillips, master, for Adam Bay. Northern Territory. Pas- sengers— Mrs. T. Phillips, Messrs. B. T. Finniss, J. T. Manton, F. E. Goldsmith, E. Ward, W. Pearson, S. King, J. Davis, R. Watson, J. W. O. Bennett, Jas. Wadham, A. E. Hamilton, W. McMinn, F. J. Packard, J. R. Atkinson, F. R. Finniss. D. B. Wiltshire, C. W. Machell, M. E. Fitch, W. Read, W. Moorshead, J. A. Howe, Thos. Braman, B. Boucaut, Jas. Gilbert, R. J. Ware, J. F. Roberts, W. S. Murray, C. Hake, F. H. Litchfield, W. P. Auld, H. Baumgertel, S. Baker, A. Ward, Francis Edwards, H. S. Styles, John Bohn, T. King, John Cowie, W. Smith, John Dyer, and Stephen Chandler. cleared out coastwise. Saturday, April 23. LUBRA, steamer. 220 tons, H. Ward, master, for Port Lincoln and Port Augusta. ? ECLIPSE, schooner, 78 tons. J. Vco, master, . for Wallaroo. PROJECTED DEPARTURES. LONDON— Indus, Lusitania, eoriy. BOURBON-Reine. early. NORTHERN TEitRITOKY-Henry Ellis, this day, Joan Cunllo, early. MELBOURNE -Penola, April 25; Coorong, April 30; Sunrise, Ziska, early. SYDNEY— Summer Cloud, Omagh. Lawrence, Royal Exchange, Guadalete, early. NEW ZEALAND— Dunmore, Cassina, early. KING GEORGE'S SOUND-Rangatira, April 27. SWAN RIVER— Palestine, early. SAJLEU. April 23— LUBRA, steamer, for Port Lincoln and Port Augusta. 23-ECLIPSE, schooner, for Wallaroo. IMPORTS. NOTOS, from London— 3 casks, 5 cases, 13 boxes tinplates, 1 crate, G. Rhodes land Son; 224 casks, F. Clark and Sons ; 3 cases. Boord Brothers ; 75 casks Portland cement, 1 box samples, \V. Sowter; 17 bags coffee, (5 cases, 125 caaks bottled beer, J. Robin and Co.; COhhds. stout, 30 boxes candles, 200 cases bottled beer, 51 crates earthen ware, lcask, 28 tons coals, 33 cases, 1 bale, 1 tierce, 3 casks. 193 cases spirits, 35 crates, 1 cask, 32 tanks (each 200 Rails.) malt, 3 cases instruments, Order; 1 bag corks, 2 jars oilve oil. 1 tierce apothecaryware, 1 drum balsam, 1 do. cod liver oil, A. Scott; 3 tierces, 2 casks, u* cases apothecary ware, 4 drums methylased spirits, 1 jar olive oil, 1 case spirits of nitre, A. M. Bickforu; 22 do. con fectionary, D. and J. Fowler; 60 do., 10 hhds. beer, J. H. Kaines; 30 kegs gunpowder, Harrold Brothers; 1 case, A. Hallett; 50 iron rails, lease ?writing-desks, H. C. Fletcher; 4 hhds. rum, 8 half-brls. gunpowder. Dale and Co. : 1 qr.-brl. do., 1 case, J. Newman and Son ; 0* qr.-brls. gunpowder, Cleland, Page, and Co. ; 15 crates, M. G. Roediger; 2 hhds., 1 tierce, 240 qrs., 280 half-brls. gun powder, 12 cases, 18 crates, Alartin, Gaedechens, and Co.; 18 do., Acraman, Main, Lindsay, an Co.; 1 case, Lugg; 8 casks, Directors of South Australian Mining Association; lease, J. Scar borough; 8 do. galvanized iron, 1 box, 2 kegs, 40 bales, 1 case bread machinery, 1 do. haberdashery, 3 do. machinery, B. Adamson; 100 pipe-boxes, 4 casks nuts and screws, 2 cases paints, 1 do. paint mill, 1 do. machinery, Adamson Brothers; 6 tierces, 5 cases, 3 casks, B. Keiscy and Co. ; I0S pkgs., 8 half-brls gunpowder, U. P. Harris; 8 cases, 8 pkgs., 2 casks, 10 kegs, 13 casks. J. Col ton: 400 cases brandy, 150 casts porter, Philip Levi aud Co.; lease, J. Thomas; 5 do., 2 pairs liellows, 1 cask, 3 kegs nails, G. Phillips and Co. ; 21 cases, J. M. Solomon; 4 crates, W. Scliultz; GO casks pepper, 3u cases oil, 110 do. pickles, 10 do. salts, 10 do. matches, 10 casks ink, 200 drums oil, 18 cases plums, 50 brls. currants, 10 cases groats, 160 do. starch, 20 do. chickory, 10 do. blacking, 10 do. cheese, 40 do. sardines, 10 do. pills, 10 do. candy, 7 do. brooms, 4 bills, do., 1 case sample?, Abrahams ana Thompson; 1.C00 bales wire, P. Santo: 4 bales, 2 coses, J. Skelton and Co. UNICORN, from London-49 tons coals, W. W. Blyth: 105 casks, J. Stilling and Co. ; 1 case. Wren; 6 do., R. B. Lucas; 20 pockets, 1 case, J. Primrose; 60 cases, Martin and Sach ; 30 hluls., 10 pockets. 42 cases, Order; 3 do., Jones Brothers; 30 hhds. F.Clark and Sons; 105 pkg3., 49 do., J. Bobin and Co. ; 9 do., Mrs. Dollraan; 1 case, Miss A. E. Fickiing; 2 cases, J. Warren ; 1 do., C. Lowe ; ldo., E. S. Wigg; 3 cases, W. Duncan; 50 pkgs., D. and W. Murray; 15 pockets, J. Darwent; 9 pkgs:, 400 bills., 1 case, 6 tanks, 3 cases, 1 pkg., A. Scott; 156 cases, G. A. and H. Bartleet; 20,000 slates, 20 pockets, Elder, Smith, and Co. : 125 pkgs., 1 case. McArthur, Kingsboiough and Co. ; I do., Dale and Co. ; 1 do., Mrs. S. S. Jackson ; 51 do., J. H. Kaines; 49 pkgs., J. Robin and Co. ; 22 sheets, P. Santo; 3 do., F. H. Faulding; 141 do., Pierce, Wincey, and Co.; 8 do., J. Colton; 1 case, J. Watsford: 1 cask, L. Glyde; 30 pkgs., Cleland, Page, and Co. ; 15 do., J. Hodgkiss and Co. : 17 do., W. aud J. Storrie ; 3 do., Dal wood and Dunn ; 838 pkgs., Harrold Brothers; 3 do., S. Mayfield and Son; 17 do., Padmanand Co.; 204 do. and pieces, J, Colton; 24 do., J. Miller Anderson; 11 cases, 145pkgB., J. Skelton; 251 do., Armbruster and Uhlmann; 310 do., J. M. Linklater; 125 do., E. Spicer; 14 do., A. Cunningham; 3 crates, W. Schultz; 33 half-tierces, J. M. Solomon; 6^3 pkgs., Abrahams and Thompson; 1 box, T. Mayne; 2 cases, A. Macgeorge; 17 pkgs.. S. Hart. EANGATIKA, from Mellxjurne— 20,000 sove reigns, National Bank; 3 cases, 3 bags, 2 half tierces tobacco, Hackctt; 1 case, Hill: 3 cases plants, Hawker; 8 wheels, Barlow and Son; 24 (jr. -casks wine, Order; 12 do. do., A. Scott; 40 bags pepper, J. Robin and Co.: 10 boxes tobacco, Amsperg; 3 cases. Elder, Smith, and Co.; 2 do., Kelsey; 52 do., Hasluck; 16 brls., 17 bags coffee, Bake well; 37 cases, 2 tubs, 1 bale, Robin and Le Messurier; 1 case, McArthur, Kingsborough, and Co. . EXPORT3. SUNRISE, for Melbourne-750 qrs. wheat. J. W. Smith; 788 do. do., 13 tons flour, W. Duftield and Co. : 7 do. bran, Giles and Smith. HENRY ELLIS, for Northern Territory— 14 horses, 10 bullocks, and sundry stores. YANKALILLA SHIPPING. Arrived. April 18— Analgibta, schooner, 30 tons, R. M. Wilson, master, from Port Adelaide. Cargo Sundries. Same Day— Sarah, brig, 121 tons, D. Jones, master, from Melbourne. In ballast April 21— Daphne schooner. 65 tons, W. Crocker, master, from Port Adelaide. Cargo— Sundries. Sailed. ^ mr April 21— Analgista, schooner, 30 tons, R. M. Wilson, master, for Port Adelaide, via Cape Jervis, with part of original cargo from Adelaide, and 14 bags oats, T. Wdlson; 75 do. bran, 25 do. wheat, W. Fergusson; 2 hhds. wine, Yideon. Same Day -Daphne, schooner, 65 tons, W. Crocker, master, for Venus and Streaky Bays. Pas sengers—Mr, and Mrs. Diprose and family. With original cargo from Adelaide, and 19 bags flour, 7 do.- bran, 20 pkgs. sundries, Diprose. Same Day— Sahah, brig, 121 tons, D. Jones, master, for Sydney. Cargo— 1,324 bags wheat, T. Wiilson. ? MISCELLANEOUS. The Noros ia a Hamburg barque, which suc ceeded in making a very good passage from London, having left the Downs on January 25, and arrived at the anchorage in 88 days. She cleared the British Channel on February 3, and crossed the Line on the 23rd of the same month during a con tinuance of light weather to April 1, when she was in 45* S. 5? E. At this juncture heavy gales net in, which blew furiously from W. to S.W., accompanied with occasional hail showers; and equally disagreeable weather continued till on the parallel of King George's Sound, when the wind veered to N.E., and to the time of making Kan garoo Island it was light and baffling. During the period of strong breezes the vessel made excellent progress, which compensated for the detention by light airs and calms. Captain Jebson reports that the Ocean Bride, bound from Melbourne -to Fre montle, had been struck by lightning, which shivered the head of the foretopgallant mast, but did oo further damage. Tha Unicorn is a very handsome iron barque, which deserves more than passing notice, from thfl fact of being now on her first voyaee Bince launching from the yard of Messrs. Richardson, Duke, and Co., Stockton. Her commander super intended the construction, which is based on long nautical experience ; so that slie is gifted with every property and appointment known, to render her as penectas possible. She is classed 20} ears at Lloyds, and is a perfect exposition of patents and modern improvements. Iron masts, with Cunningham's jtopsails aloft, patent blocks, and wire rope are prominent features in her outfit, while on deck from stem to stern the observpr will nutice with interest very many clever contrivances of recent introduction. The anchors, the windlass, steering apparatus, and .patent distiller are amongst those; but the pumps are a greater novelty, for they can be adapted to multifarious purposes, being so con structed as to setve as ships pumps in the ordinary capacity, or to throw a jut of water to any port of the vessel. By some trifling alteration they also answer asaventilatonn case of transporting stock— » couple of boys at the rotatory handles being all that is required to supply a column of air to the hold, In anticipating the requirements of the colo nial trade, she is capable of carrying about 615 tons on 15 mt draught of water, ana the hull is addi tionally strengthened by extra bilge stringers, so as to reader bar adapted to the carriage of copper ore; Nor has the attention of her builders been solely confined to the useful, for in the tasteful decorations of the cabins a degree of ornamenta tion is accomplished which renders the passenger accommodation equal to anything hitherto seen here. In the ceiling mouldings gold pnd white are beautifully blended, while the panels, pilasters, and doors are specimens *f highly-pojishea cabinet work, such as would do credit to a yacht. Indeed, throughout the vessel is a credit to the builders, and will afford much pleasure to the few who take an interest in nautical matters, while from a casual visit Captain Horn appears to be possessed of more (ban ordinary courtesy, which, doubtless, will bo exhibited in explaining to visitors the various points of interest in his vessel. She was boarded ghorUr after midnight on Saturday, and sailed to the naff on Sunday moming's.tide. TheHJHBF Ellis completed the shipment of htrnrfr on Saturday, and was hauled into the il] M in on Bandar morning. She will probably be iowtfto the Lightship early this morning. The Drops received her passengers on Saturday,

wish them' farewell/ The ship was tewed down the river to the Lightship anchorage the Bame after noon, bit in consequence of the strong southerly wind, blowing, Bhe had not sailed yesterday evening. The Ranqatiba arrived at the anchorage at an early hour this morning, after a rough passage, having experienced head gales all the way. The Hadlets, which sailed on Sunday morning for Melbourne, put back to the anchorage at sun set through stress of weather. Vessels' Lights.- It would be advantageous to the welfare of the nautical community, and perhaps the means of preventing some catastrophe, 11 anchor lights were more effectually insisted on. It is a fact that when four vessels were lying out side not a week back, there was but one', light visible. Of course it can scarcely be expected that they may be seen from the shore, but surely the gleam of a lantern should be perceptible at naif a mVa3SEL8 8POKEN.-By the Noros-On Feb ruary lUn lat. 22' N.,long. 241 W., the Bntah ship Dewa Gungadhur, from London, boundto Calcutta; on February 29. m lat Iff S., long. 30' W the Swedish brig Frederick, from London, bound to Akyab: on March 2. in lat, 21' S.. long. 30' W , theBritish ship City of Cashmere, from Glasgow, to Calcutta; on March 5, in lat 28-8.. taw 31* W., the British ship Veniha,. from London, bound to Adelaide: on Apnl 17, in lat. ww? long. 12T E., the British barque Ocean Bride, from Melbourne, to F remantle .By ^the UNicoRK-On Jamiary 5, in lat. 42 . long. 14 30* W the British barque Arundel, from London, boundto Alexandra; on January 10, in lat. 29. long 20' W., the British ship Jane Henderson. 110 days out from Rangoon, bound to Glasgow; on January 20. in lat. 14° N., long. 25° W., the barque William Edward, 20 days out from Liverpool, bound to Bahia; on February 16, in lat. 16° 40', long. 31° 18', the Hamburg barque V anquehn, 43 days from Chester, bound to Hongkong; on February 18. in lat 21° SO1, long. 31° if, the Sweedishship West Indie, from Colonist Island, destination un known. ? VESSELS IN HARBOUR. AGNES, schooner, 82 tons, W. Taylor, master, from Warrnambool. R. and R. .Mam, agents. ALEXA^RA, brigantine (British), 240 tons, A. E. Prescott, master, from Melbourne. John Newman and Son, agents. Queen's Wharf. ALBERT, schooner (British), 30 tons, Swiggs, master, from Kangaroo Island. Company's Wharf. AMELIA, schooner (British), 60 tons, James Le Ray, master, from Kangaroo Island. Robin and Le Messurier, agents. Company's Wharf. ANALGISTA, schooner (British), 30 tons,E.M. Wilson, master, from Cape Jervis and Yan kalilla. R. M. Tapley, Port, agent. Company's AKTHUB MCKENZD3, brig (British), 227 tons, R. Scott, master, from Newcastle. Dale, Fuller and Co., agents. Copper Company's Wharf. CASSINA, barque (British), 254 tons, T. Lockyer, master, from Newcastle. Captain Bickers, aeent. Copper Company's Wharf. CRINOLINE, schooner. 60 tons, C. Ries. master. from Wallaroo. J. Darwent, Town; R. and R. Main, Port, agents. Company's Wharf. CUBA, barque (Hamburg). 435 tons, Hamann, master, from London. Ripley Webb and Co., Town: S. Mocatta, Port, agents. Company's Wharf. DRAGON, barque (British), 243 tons, Walter Hayward, master, from Newcastle. Dale, Fuller, and Co., agents. In the Stream. DUNMORE, barque (British), 439 tons, John Robertson, master, from London. G.P.Harris, Town: E. Harris, Port, agents. In the Stream. ECLAIR, Bchooner (British), 36 tons, C. Heath, master, from Wallaroo. Company's Wharf. ELECTRA, barque (British), 380 tons, Bishop, master, from Newcastle. Dale, Fuller,. and Co.,, agents. In the Stream. ELLEN LEWIS, barque (British). 336 tons, S. Helon, master, from Puget Sound. W. Yountt husband and Co.. agents. In the 3tream. EJROPA, brig (British), 190 tons, Bromley, master, from Liverpool. Philip Levi and Co., agents. In the Stream. FERONIA, barque (British), 329 tons. T. Sullivan, master, from Liverpool Philip Levi and Co., agents. Levi's Wharf. GEORGE WASHINGTON, Bhip (British), 404 tons, Weatherburn, master, from London. Henot, Fullarton, and Co., Town; J. Rawlings, Port, agent*. Levi's Wharf. GRATIA, brig (British). 175 tons, W. Jacobs, master, from Newcastle. J. H. Ledsam, agent. Company's Wharf. GUADALETE, barque (British1, 277 tons, E. Underwood, master, from Melbourne. Heniy Simpson, agent Queen's Wharf. GUNDAGAI, steamer (British), 90 tons, King, master, from Goolwa. Fletcher's Slip HENRY ELLIS, ship (British), 412 tons, Thomas Phillips, master, from London. Elder, Smith; and Co.. agenrs. In the Stream. JOAN CUNLLO. barque (British), 298 tons, Jones, master, from Newcastle. In the Stream. LAWRENCE, barque (British). 309 tons, J. Bamsden, master, from Wallaroo. Cleland, Page, and Co., agents. Company's Wharf. LETTY, paddle-steamer (British), 93 tons, Jose Coleman, master, from Melbourne. J. Colem Port agent LUSITANIA, brig. 207 tons, Wm. Edwards, master, from Newcastle. Captain, agent Com pany's Wharf. MARGARET DAVIS, barque (British), 290 tons, Wm. Davis, master, from Newcastle. In the Stream. MARY E. RAY, barque (British), 459 tons, H. Gre;n, master, from London. Elder, Smith, and Co.. agents. Prince's Wharf. 81\RY STEWART, schooner (British), 65 tons, John McDonald, master, from Wallaroo. Robin and Le Messurier, agents. Prince's Wharf. MARIA, three-masted schooner, 161 tons. John Morgan, master from HulL Ripley Webb and Co., Town; S. Mocatta, Port agents. In the Stream. OCEAN CHIEF, ship (British), 930 tons, S. Duder, master, from Plymouth, Philip Levi and Co., agents. Prince's Wharf. . OMAGH, barque (British), 352 tons, W. Davidson, master, from Newcastle. Whinnerab, Town; J. Formby, Portagents. Queen's Wharf. OMEO, schooner (British), 40 tons, Wills, master, from Lnuth Bay. C. Lamb, Port, agent Com pany's Wharf. OMEO, schooner(British), 40 tons, A. Reid, master, from Yorke's Peninsula. Company's Wharf. PALESTINE, barque (British), 427 tons, John Sinclair, master, from London. Elder, Smith, and Co., agents. Company's Basin. PENOLA, steamer(Bntish), 261 tons, F. P. Snewin, master, from Melbourne. W. Younghusband, Jun., and Co.. agents. Uompaay'ff Wharf. REINE, barque (French), 363 tons. A. Var ranger, master, from Sydney. P. Levi and Co., agents. Levi's Wharf. ROBERT DICKSON. barque (Swedish), 776 tons, Boo Hjarne, master, from Gottenburg. Charles Jacobs, Town; S. Mocatta, Port, agents. In the Stream. ROSLYN, schooner, 337 tons, W. M. Turner, master, from Wallaroo. Elder, Smith, and Co., agents. Company's Wharf. ROWENA, barque (British), 319 tons, L. J. H. Stapleton, master, from Newcastle. Dale, Fuller, and Co., agents. . Levi's Wharf. ROYAL EXCHANGE, brig (British). 222 tons, E. Hill, master, from Newcastle. Robin and Le Messurier. agents. Company's Basin. SEA NYMPH, brig, 173 tons, W. R, Stephenson, master, from Newcastle. Dale, Fuller, and Co., agents. In the Stream. SPARTAN, brig (British), 213 tons, Francis Thomas Davies, master, from Melbourne. Acraman. Main, Lindsay, and Co., Town; R. and \ R. Main, Port, agents. Company's Wharf. SUMMER CLOUD, barque (British), 355 tons, A. E. Abbott master, from Geelong. Captain Abbott agent In the Stream. SWALLOW, cutter (BritishX 40 tons, J. Lewis master, from Lacepede Bay. Company's Wharf. UNICORN, barque, 4u3tons, R. Horn, master, from London. E. Spicer, Town; F. B. Jones, Port agents. VENUS, brig (British), 183 tons. Wm. Kean, master, from Gothenburg. Dutton, Town; Corbin Lamb, Port agents. Company's Basin. rOUNG AUSTRALIAN, «teamer (Uritunt. xfl tons, J. Creer, master, from Clinton. J. T. Creswell, Port agent YATALA, Government schooner, Humbert, master. On the Slip. ZISKA, brig (British). 185 tons, W. Croucher, master, from Port Louis. T. Graves, agent. Queen's Wharf. AtthbLiohtbhip. HADLEYS, barque (British), Wm. Pain, master, from Port Louis. J. Darwent Town; J. New man, Port agents. (Put back). INDUS, ship (British), 615 tons, John Alsopp, master, from London. Abraham Scott, Town; Cleland, Page, and Co., Port, agents. NOTOS, barque (Hamburg). 480 tons, M. Jebson, master, from London. Heriot Fullarton, and Co., Town: J. Rawlings, Port agents. SUNRISE, barque (British), 257 tons. Findlay Duthie, master, from Melbourne. J. W. Smith, agent vessels expected. From lotoos. AS3HUR, Collie, master, loading February 25. CALPHURNIA, Davidson, master, loading February 25. COD AN, Davidson, master, sailed February 8. COONATTO. Bemmaster, loading February 25. EASTERN EMPIRE, Jury, master, loading February 25; to sail with Government imnu (rrants about the 9th March. EXONIA, Stevenson, master, sailed February 6. FRANKLYN, Schwartz, master, loading Feb. 25. ORIENT. Harris, master, loading February 25. ORYX. Cell, master, sailed end of January. SHEPHERDESS (for Port Augusta), loading February 25. SOUTH AUSTRALIAN, screw steamer, 1,200 tons, J. Pam, master, to leave (under steam) in March. SUNBEAM, Barge, master, loading February 25. THOMAS CAMPBELL, McKelvie, master, sailed February 25. TROSSACHS, Toshach, master, sailed January 18. VENHJA, Pa^ge, master, sailed in January. FROV LlVXRPOOL. NORMAN, Williamson, master, sailed Feb. 12. Frok Glasgow. NYANZ A, Anderson, master, loading Feb. 25. From Hamburo. ISERBROOK. From Caldobsia. JOHN JAY. ? FromStdnkt. MARY SMITH, brigantine, sailed March 25. KESTREL, brig. SORATATbarque. From Melboubse. DEVA, brig. GEM, schooner. NAUTILUS, barque, cleared out (via Port Fairy) April 13. NIGHTINGALE, barque, sailed April 15. THOMAS BROWN, barque, sailed April 19. From Newcastle ARMISTICE, barque, sailed April 11.