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ARRIVED COASTWISE. Frith y. Franruwv 19.

FKOWN1ING BEAUTY, barque. 365 tons, Marr, master, from Port Wallaroo February 1ft. Duffield, Town; Clelanil, Page, and Co.. Port, agents. Cargo —130 tons cooper. IB do. conner ore. Order.

XKAUkit, Bcnooner. iui tons, urciiaru, master, from Port Augusta. ? FOUR BROTHERS, barge. 40 tons, J. Johnson, master, from Port Wakefield. 'Cargo— 171 bags wheat; J.' Formby; 22» do. do., A. P. Christen and Co. ENTERED OUTWARDS. I'BIDAY, FEBRUARY 19. CONTEST, barque, 320 tons, Leighton, master, for Melbourne. -GREYHOUND, brig, 211 tons, Putt, master, for Sydney. T. E. BOYD. barque. 267 tons, E. J. Stock, master, for Melbourne. FROVrmSCr BEAUTY, barque, 365 tons. W. Harr. master, for Sydney. ATHOL, brigantine, 215 tons, Brown, master, for Melbourne. CLEARED OUT. Friday, February 19. FANNY, brigantine, 1S1 tons. H. Downing, master, for Melbourne. No passengers. ALWYNTON, barque, 491 tons, J. Hole, master, for London. Passengers— Mx. and Mrs. Hillier. Miss Talbot. 3Iis3 Green, Messrs. Clisby, Mente, Whittaker, and Ferrier, in the cabin. CLEARED OUT COASTWISE. FRfDAT, FEBR0ABY 19. KANGAROO, schooner. 70 tons. T. Cheeseman, master, for Port JIacDounelL OilEO, schooner, 40 tons, J. Yeo, master, for Port Pirie. WHO'D HAVE THOUGHT IT, barge, 30 tons, McKay, master, for Port Wakefield. - ? ^

PROJECTED DEPARTURES. LONDON— Elphinstone, Alwynton, Harwich, Indus, eariv. BOMBAY— Northumberland, early. CAPE OF GOOD HOPK-l'orniosa, early. MELBOUKXK-Barwon, February 23; Cooron?, Feb. 23; Ocean Bride, Summer Clou J, Wilhehuina, Guadalete, Fanny, Thomas E. Boyd, Contest, Athol. early. (JEELONG— Edith Smith. Cornelia, early. SYDNEY-Peterborough, Elizabeth Jumbal], Mary Bradford, Rose of Australia, Athol. Adieu, Helene, Greyhound, Frowning Beauty, early. BRISBA.NE-Kebecea, early. NEW ZEALAND-Malay, early. SATT,T!n Feb. 19— HAVTLAH, steamer, for Melbourne. 19-ADELAIDE. schooner, for Wallaruo. 19-OMEO, schooner, for Port Pirie. 1!--KANGAI:OO, schooner, for Port Mac DonnelL ? EXPORTS. FANNY, forMelbourne-57 bags bark, J. Dench and Co, : 200 do. flour, Becby and Dunstan ; 50 do. do., J. Kawlings; 500 do. do., I,«i)do. wheat, G. A. and H. Bartleet. ALWYNTON. for London-3 bales wool. H. L. BocandCo.; 8 do. do., J. 1L Linklatcr; 70 do. *do., Giles and Smith; 9 do. do., F. Clark and Sons; 13 do. do., J. Gilbert; 4 do. do, J. Hart and Co. : 157 do. do.. W. Younghusband. Jun., and Co.; 167 do. do.. Harrold Brothers; 9 do. do.. Anstey and Giles; 124 do. do., J. C. Marchant; 12 do. do., Dalwood; 72 do. do., vV. Duffield and Co.; 39 do. do.. D. Randall; 66 do. do.. H. Avers; 124 do. do., J. Darwent; 13 do. do., R. Holland: 173 do. do., Bogan ltiver Company; 12Sdq. do., W. J. and J. H. Browne ; (556* do. do., J. Stilling and Co! ; 10 do. do., J. Morphett; 15 do. do., S. Rogers; 8 do. do.. 3 bags tlour, IS qr.-casks 3 cases wine. G. Wilcox; 2 casks 1 case do., A. and F. A. Grant; 3 cases do., D. Kekwick; 2 qr.-casks 17 cases do., 4 do. janii, 1 pk^. apparel, 1 case specimens, D. and J. Fowler; 4j2 bags lead ore. Talisker Mining ? Company; 2W do. copper ore, Kamnantoo Mining Company; ;'G do. do., New Cornwall Mineral Association; £25!) pieces copper, S. A. Mininff Association: :{ hales leather, Jv J. Spence; 1 case apparel Kingston; 1 do. drapery,. Chad wick and Co.; 1 do. specimens, Talbot; 1 case, A. Webb; 1 do., Hodgkiss and Co.

PORT ELLIOT SHIPPLN'G. Arrived. Wednesday, February 17— Fortune, schooner, Itit tons, J. Paton, muster, from Wallaroo. In ballast. SameDay— Mauy Siuth, schooner.Fitzhardinge, master, from Melbourne. In ballast. Sailed. Thursday, February IS-Gar cutter, 52 tons, E. Jenkins, master, for Port Adelaide. Cargo— 26 bales wool, 5 bdls skins, 11 pkgs. tallow. Same Day— Swallow, schooner, Thompson, master, for Melbourne. Cargo— 312 bags wheat, 550 bugs Hour, 'JO bags bran. GOOLWA SHIPPING. Sailed. 'Wednesday, February 17— Lady Acgusta, steamer, W. Barter, master, for the Kiver Murray and Murrutnbidgee. Cargo— 45 tons tlour, 45 bales hay, and sundry stores for river settlers. MISCELLANEOUS. Passengers per Havilah (clearance reported yesterday)— Mr. and Mrs. Jones, in the cabin : J. wesrumulier, D. Eggers, J. Jfarshall, Mrs. Marshall and three children, H. Kuson, sen., H. Kuson. jun., Alex. Kuson. and Margaret Stevens, in the steerage. _ VESSELS IN HARBOUR ADIEU, brig (Swedish), Sjolund, master, from Melbourne. B. Amsberg, Town; Mocatta, Port, agents. Prince's Wharf. ALiiET. brig (British). 212 tons. T. Owen, master, from Port Wallaroo. Elder, Smith, and Co., agents. Queeu's Wharf. ALEXANDER, schooner (British). 3t5 tons, Schmidt, master, from Wallaroo. R. M. Tapley, aeent. Company's Wharf. ALWYNTON. bantue (British), 4!)1 tons. John Hole, master, from Auckland, N.Z. J. Stilling, Town; John Formby, Port, agents. In the Stream. AMELIA, schooner (British), 54 tons, James Le Ray, nuster. from Wallaroo. Robin and Le Alcssurier. agents, Company's Wliarf. ANALGISTA. sehooner (British). 30 tons, Wilson, master, from Cape Jetvis and Yanka lilla. R. AL Tapley, Port, agent. Company's 'Wharf. ANN AND JANE, barque (British), 2(2 tons, Thomas Smith, master, from Newcastle. Henry Simpson, agent. In the Stream. ANN AND MARIA, brin (British). 2t3 tons. Wm. E. Heard, master, from Newcastle. Dale, Fuller, and Co., agents. Queen's Wharf. ATHOL, brigantine (British), 215 tons, J. Brown master, from Newcastle. J. W. Smith, Port agent. Company's Wharf. ATKEVIDA, barque (British), 457 tons. Bissett, master, from Wallaroo. J. Newman Port, agent. In the Stream. JBALDKR. brig (Swedish), 314 tons, C. A. Sjoberg, master, from Melbourne. B. Anisberg and Co., Town: S. Mocatta, Port, agents. In the Stream. BEATRICE. Government schooner, JWtons, Com mander Hutchison, U.N., from a survey cruise. In the Stream. ..CAMILLA, brigantine (British), 191 tons, Brydge Whyte, master, from Uobart Town. Burnett Nathan, agent. Company's Basin. CONTEST, barque (British). 320 tons. Leighton, master, from Newcastle. Acraman, Main, Lindsay, und Co., Town; &. and R. Main, Pott, acenU. Queen's Wharf. CORNELIA, barque (Danish), 321 tons, S. Lin denhan. master, froin LiverpnoL Philip Levi and Co., agents. Company's Wharf. ECLAIR, schooner (British), 3tf tons, C. Heath, master, from Wallaroo. Company's Wharf. EDITH SMITH, brig (British), 171 tons, G. C. Watts, master, from Geelong. Elder, Smith, and Co.. agents. Queen's Wharf. ELIZABETH KDIBALL, ship (American), 1,000 tons, J. S. Grindle, master, from Puget Sound. Joseph Stilling. Town; Jno. Formby, Port, agents. In the Stream. ELPHINSTONE, ship (British), 950 tons. Macbeth, master, from London. E. Spiccr, Town; E. Harris, Port, agents. In the Stream. EMILY ALLISON, three-masted schooner (British), 133 tons, Charles liiley, master, from Newcastle. Elder. Smith, and Co., agents. DEVA, brig (British), 244 tons, G. Drevar, master, from Wangaroa, N.Z. J. Darwent, agent. FANNY, brigantine (British). ISi tons. Downing: master, from Melbourne. Heriot, Fullarton, and Co., Town; J. Kawlings, Port, agents. Company's Wharf. FIREFLY, cutter. 36 tons. Messervy, master, from Streaky Bay and Point Brown. FORMOSA, barque (British), 380 tons. J. Beaton. master, from Melbourne. C. Jacobs, Town; Mocatta, Port, azents. Company's Wharf. FOUR BROTHERS, barce (British). 40 tons, J. Johnson, master, from Port Wakefield. FROWNING BEAUTY, barque, (British), 365 tons, W. Marr, master, from Port Wallaroo. Duffield, Town; Cleland, Page, and Co., Port. GREYHOUND, brig (British), 230 tons. W. Putt, master, from Foochoofoo. Elder, Smith, and Co., agents. In the Stream. GUADALETE. barque (British), 277 tons, G. A. Findlay, master, from Mauritius. C. Jacobs, Town: b. Mocatta, Port, agents. In the Stream. HARWICH, ship (British). 613 tons, George Franklin, master, from London. Elder, Smith, and Co.. agents. In the Stream. HELENA, barque (Hamburg), 292 tons. P W. Waller, master, from Hamburg, via Cape of Good Hope. B. Amsberg and Co., Town; S, Mocatta, Port, agents. Company's Wharf. INDUS, ship (British), 615 tons. John Alsopp, master, from London. Abraham Scott, Town; - Cleland, Page, and Co., Port, agents. Com nany's Basin. LADY LYTTLETON, barque (British), ITS tons, John Hay ward,master, from Newcastle. Captain, LETTY, paddle-steamer (British), 93 ton* Joseph Cbleman, master, from Melbourne. J. Coleman, Port, agent. MALAY; barque (British), 328 tons, David Peters, master, from Newcastle. Dale. Fuller, and Co., agents. Copper Company's Wharf. MALTA, barque (British), SI7 tons, Edward Corn sill, master, from Negham (Baltic Sea) via Mel bourne. Elder, Smith, and Co., agents. Cccn pany's Basin. MARY BRADFORD, ship (American), S01 tons, W. H. Wilson, master, from Wallaroo. J. W, Smith, agent. Company's Wharf. NORTHUMBERLAND, ship (Britbh). 812 tons, D. Millar, muter, from London and Plymouth. Elder. Smith, ami Co., agents. Prince's Wharf. OCEAN BUIDE, barque (American), 2G1 tons. A T. Milton, master, from Melbourne. J. W Smith, agent. Company's Wharf. PETERBOROUGH, barque (British), ooO tons. B Orchard, mister, from London. Martin. Gae dechens. ami Co., Town: Dale, Fuller, and Co. Port, agents. Company's Basin. REBECCA, bartjue (British), ltJO tons. Marsh master, from Brisbane. J. Hart and Co. ajzeiits Levi's Wharf. ROSE OF AUSTRALIA, bris (British), 2t3 toru T. Allen, master, from Newcastle. Dale, Fullei and Co., asenu. Copper Company's Wharf. SARAH PILE, brigantine (British), 115 tons, J B. Smith, master, from Sydney. W. Duffiel and Co.. agents. Company's Wharf. SEA NYMPH, brig (British). 174 tons, Pendietot master, from Newcastle. Dale, Fuller, and Co, Port, agent*. Fletchers Slip. BUJIMHK CLGUD, barque (British), 355 tons, A E. Abbott, master, from Newcastle. Cowi- Town; Anthony and Bartieet, Port, agenta Queen's Wharf. SWALLOW, cutter (British), 40 tons, J. Lewi mister, from Lacepede Bay. Company's Whar T. E. BOYD. barque (British), 267 tons, £dwai ? -Joseph Stock, master, from Melbourne. EJd.a goitfi, and Co., agents, fcsyj's Wxut,

THKAOL&fr, ship (BritishX 5*7 tons. N. Tyack, master, from' London. ' Philip Lcvi and Co, agents. : Levi's Wharf. TOMATIN, barque (British), 322 tons, T. Grierson, ^master, from Auckland. H. Simpson, agent, ? In the Stream. TRADER, schooner (British), ICO tons, Orchard, rnastlr, from Port Augusta. UTOPIA, ship (British), !U9tnns. Stewart, master, from London and Plymouth. G. P. Harris, agenW In the Stream. WILHELMINA, barque (Brtish) 2S7 tons, Knar storui master, from Newcastle. Dale, Fuller, and Co., agents. In the Stream. YATALA, - fovernment schooner, Carson, master, f ruin'.the outpnrts. In the Stream. YOUNG AUSTRALIAN, neamer (British!. 9* ton3,.J. Creer, master, from Clinton. J. T. Creawell, Pott, agent. AT THR Ll«HT3HIP. COLONIST, brigantine (British), 124 tons, J. Scaplehorn, master, for Guam. H. Simpson, DRAGON, barque (British), 20 tons. W. Hay wood, master, for Sydney. Captain, agent.