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TWENTY-SEVEN people died when  

the airliner Amana 20 minutes out   of port, crashed in flames near York     on Monday night. Throughout Australia     the immediate public reaction was one of     horror that such a thing could happen to     a well found, fully-manned airliner of the     most modern kind. What miraculous     freak saved the one survivor of this aerial     holocaust?     Cause of the disaster offers a wide field     of speculation with very little chance of     a satisfactory explanation. At the    

moment when the tension of take-off had     lifted the strain from the pilot's shoulders,      

when passengers were settling down after     the excitement of preparation and depart-     ure to comfortable relaxation on their     flight through the night-a flight made     secure by daily repetition over the years     since 1929-death struck. Twenty-seven     individuals each with a purpose before     him, each with responsibility extending     widely into the community plunged to     swift destruction in the hull of a marvel     lous machine evolved to help each occu-     pant to play his part in living.     What did happen? This is the question     being asked today throughout Australia     not only by people charged with finding     explanations for such disasters but by     thousands of others upon whom the news     has caused dismay. Did the pilot dive his     charge violently to choke flames in an     engine turned faulty and dangerous by      

fatal stress at a frail point and strike     a hilltop before that purpose was     achieved? Were all those things done that     human beings on the ground were re-     quired io do to make the aircraft ready       for flight? The former question is mere      

speculation. Perhaps the sole survivor     will have light to throw on the fatal events     in the air; the latter will be the subject     of searching investigation by experts in     preparation and loading. The whole grisly     business must be turned inside out for     that cause without which there can be no     remedy.