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Opening Performance in May.

A private cible message was received on Saturday morning that Tott dal Monte Anngln Lombardi Francesco Merit Gae tano Bavagnoh (the principal musical con ductor) and otlicis who will bo with the \\ illninson Melba Grind Opera Company ni Australia were to sing at a command petformance it the opening of the ne»v lcitro lîcile m Rome The effect will be

to doini slightly the opening of the season of the Willnmson Melba Companj in Mel bourne» Mr Iiank Tait one of the direc tots of T C Willnmson Limited Bald on antilldij that owing to the inability of the utists to como to Australia on the ar ringed date the season would not open in Melbourne until May 5 or 12-two or t'ueo weeks later than the date ongimllj planned )

Signor fucci the chorus nias tot, and Su-nor Coined one of the musical condue tors are on board the Otranto which will armo at Ti omanile on Tuesday On reach ing Melbourne thej will begin pichmtnary woik in connection with the Benson

It is stated b\ the management that the seison will ptovidc th" largest repertoire pieicnied bj any grand opeia compm«, in Anitrilta Flench Killin mci German opens will be produced and two complete cast« of pnncipils are being brought out one fot the German operas the other for the Itilnn an 1 Ticndi The opening of the seison will be a gili performince of ' J urandot Puccini s last opera which will bo staged on the same scale as at Li Scila aMihn and Co\cnt Garden London