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ENTERED INWARDS January 16-S eamer Royal Shepoird,?l30o tons, WV. H. Saunders, from Melbourne ; 0. Fisher, agenat. P'asengers-Sir Richard Dry, Lady Dry and serranl, lisls flRiehardlon. .Master Lyor, fMr. and MrI. D1lelotl, art. and Mrs. Claude Palrio and two servants Misses C, aod MI. farie. Air. Ollicer, Nil, Frank., Mr. John lliman. Mr. and Mrs. Cum. mings, Mrs Tolmil. Mis, McKinnon and servant. Messrs. Kntish. Ellialton, and Danis. Air. J. L. Clarke, alr. Ilarrlison, Mr. ,lut tlebury, Ilr. W. J. Clarke, Alessrs. Dickson and leauchanlp, Master Foley, Master Black wood, iMr. Horno. Mr. and Mrsi. Hooke, Mrs. L.ake. lr;. A. GOlles; 20 steerage, and 14 bounty immigrants en Hilton. (IMPORTS. ..tea.merRoyal Shepherd, from Melbourne. 2O baro sugar, 2 cases cigars, 8 cases planli. 1a0 sheep, order; I rase fancy goods, J. Cohen and Co.; 3 cases hooks, Welch and Sons ; 18 cases sarsaparilla, W. Johnstone I . COASTERIS-2INWARDS Janaar ;|14.-Steamer Tilania, from N.W. Coaat. Cargo-From Circular f ead-l8 bag. fofaltos, order. From Emu iayi-14 bags oats, I.,a.e wl. no E Roberts. Janualy I7--schooner Jane & Ellsabeth 22 n ons. W. William. from the Forth. Cargo 12 bag whealt, order. COASTERS-OUTIWARDB January 17.--Steamer ''lianla. 10 ltons, ,'. aobaon. for Circular Head and N. W. Coasi. Cargo for Port Sorell-b bags flour. I cask ale' Wm Johnstonoe ; I barrel ale, Dltcham & Co ; 6 bags sugar, l Reading; 2 cases gin, 2 kena rum, Bo Hyrons. For Ihe Mersey-lO bags flonur, l Gaunt; 2 hhds ale, Dilcham and Col 7 bags sugar, Ilrand & Co ;'2 ?hetls S3ialt. dinto lea. \n, Johnltloe; 2-rcses gin. J1'nce " brandy, Hohklirk and Co; 2cases wina. CJ ifsine. For Emu Bay--lO bags flour 2 krgs rum. 3 cases in, Green and Coa ; Ih ale. - Fawns; 4 Fluas sugar. 2 hal-ehhels tea. E fobeer ; l caste brandy, 2dliLo wine, J. Il'eers. Fir Circular Heod-'20 bags Rour, .,l. Gaunt; J!hhd ale. Scott & Co-; 1 hhd. stout, 6 bngs sugar, halfflchesrs tee, J. Pe'ters; I hhd. brandy, W. Johnstone; 3 cases wine, Idilto giu, IV. Cleveland;i 2 kegs rum, C. J. Ifelne. I-.