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Football Clubs in Training.

(By "Mentor/7)

Now that the Test matches are over and summer is drawing to a close, the sporting public is beginning to prepare for the more serious business of winter sports and many clubs are already in active training for the strenuous season that is ahead.

In all branches of winter sport there will be keen rivalry this 1 year for interstate selection "and, in view of past performances, | Western Australia should be well to the forefront for championship honours in all types of sport.

"pOREMOST among winter sports in

Australia is the national game-foot- ball. Here one finds keenness and determination at their best. One can-

not dispute the fact Ihat for the football club official the season is really never at an end. No sooner are the finals over than thoughts are turned to the follow- ing season, to the strengthening of the team by the inclusion of promising juniors and to the maintaining of a strong social standard. No matter whether the .team finished at the top or the bottom of the ladder, past failures are soon forgotten in a determination to do better, and all is optimism at the start of the new season. Football clubs in this State were quick to realise the value of keeping the players together during the summer months and have formed cricket and tennis teams which


compete In regular competitions, while in one instance at least there has been the formation of a swimming club. With- out a doubt a keen social side is one of the great factors in the success of any club.

In recent years in this State football clubs have sought to strengthen their teams by the inclusion of players from the Eastern States. This move brought success to several of the clubs and at the same time increased the all-round strength of the side. No doubt the bring- ing of key men from another State was a good move and one that resulted in an improved standard of play. The fact, however, remains that there are in this State players who are capable of filling the positions for which players were im- ported. This is shown* by the success which local players have achieved when they have joined up with clubs in Vic- toria. This year the clubs have empha- sised the fact that they intend to build up their teams from the juniors and that everyone showing promise will be given , a chance in the top grade. This in itself

is good news and should go a long way to maintaining the high standard that this State has achieved.

Among the Various


Now that the clubs have had their annual meetings and their reunions they are settling down to preparations for the coming season and on Tuesday night active training was commenced by seve- ral of the teams. Already seven of the eight, league teams have selected their coaches, the exception being East Fre-

mantle. The latter club are always late j starters-perhaps one might regard this as one of the traditions of this famous club-but they are always well to the front and in excellent condition when the serious games begin. The following are the coaches so far appointed:



Perhaps the only surprise appointment is that of the South Fremantle player, Jim Ditchburn, to Swan Districts. Last


season Swans brought over Bert Chand- ler from the Kastern States to take charge of the side, but he announced recently that he would be unable to continue with the duties this season and has since re- turned to the East. Ditchburn will be a severe loss to South Fremantle, for he has been their outstanding player for several seasons now. It is not known yet whether he will act as playing-coach, but should such be the case he will need to obtain a clearance from South Fre- mantle. While speaking of clearances it is said to be Claremont's intention to apply again to East Perth for a clearance for Dick Lawn. Last year, it will be re- membered, several attempts were made to get this clearance through, but East Perth refused it. Johnny Leonard was

the coach of West Perth in 1934 and 1935, and each time the club was suc- cessful in winning the premiership. Last year the position was offered to and taken by the former Victorian, Jack Cash

man, who is now back in Victoria. Leon- ard, in addition to bis experience in this State, has also done coaching in Victoria and as West Perth has a number of promising juniors in its district he should be able to form the side into a formidable combination.


The annual meeting of the West Aus- tralian Rugby Union was held last week, and, judging by the large attendance and the keen interest taken in the dis- cussions, the union should experience one of its most successful seasons. It was announced that arrangements had been made for a State side to play in Ade- laide and Melbourne. A significant move to maintain the standard, of the top grade was a recommendation to the management committee that the num- ber of teams in the "A" grade be limited

to six.


Last year competitive baseball was introduced to Perth by a band of en- thusiasts who were rewarded with the formation of a strong association and an ever-increasing number of teams. Public interest was not lacking, and although the matches had in most cases to be played on open grounds and on Sun- days a successful season was experienced. The visit of a Victorian team proved a great stimulus to the game. This year baseballers are looking forward to an even better season, and the fact that a State nine is to visit the Eastern States should make for a high standard of play right from the start. During the sum- mer the game has been kept before the public by the formation of the News- paper League comprising teams from

"The West Australian," "The Western j

Mall," "The Broadcaster" and the "Daily

News." A highly successful series will j be brought to a close today when "The [

Broadcaster" meets the "Daily News" in the grand final.


Soccer has always been a popular sport and has a large following in this State,

and everything points to another good j season, with keen contests in all grades j for the title honours. The players will j

also have a chance for State selection, for Western Australia is to be visited later in the year by a team from England.


Hockey is now well established and has a large number of enthusiasts of both sexes. Every year this game is increas- ing in popularity and adding to Its players. Both the men's and women's teams have an excellent record in inter- state games and the players will be on their mettle to maintain this high stan- dard.


Lacrosse, too, has its supporters and at the annual meeting last week it was emphasised that last year the member- ship increased while the hope was ex- pressed for another successful season. The intention of the association to bor- row a number of films from the Victorian association for lecture purposes is a good move and one that other sporting bodies might well copy.