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(2) J. McDiarmid.

Weighing 15 stone, and 5£t.. lOJin. in height, J. McDiarmid. of West Perth, is at present the most rugged and effective follower in the league. Confident, reliable, a great battler, with a knock of rising to the occasion, he is a tower of strength to the cardinals, and in the -interstate games early next month he will probably match in weight and ability the best Vic- torian followers.

Although only 25 years of-age, he has been vice-captain of West Perth for the last two seasons, and in a third-1027-he led the cardinals. A little more than six years ago Tony Tyson and Harold Boyd "discovered" him playing with the West Perth juniors in the West Australian Foot- ball Association. Without waiting to test


bini in "B" grade company, they induced ' him to join up with tbe senior team,

where, as follower and forward, he has played ever since. McDiarmid has been a member of five interstate teams, and has played in every interstate match since the Hobart carnival, in 1924.

Hiss massive shoulders and chest a^d "footballer's" thighs suggest that he is easily six feet in height. He can take a high mark with any other player in the league, and his kicks-with 15 stone of well-applied ' weight behind them-are ri- valled only by those of "Barney" Sheedy, Woods and Wimbridge. Although only spelled in the forward division, his fine marking and kicking always make him a source of the opposition... For his size and Weight, he js a remarkably clean player,.but he knows how to apply rugged methods wiien the ' occasion war- rants it. - He is almost the ideal type ot heavyweight footballer. .