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"Notes I

Register of Stud Merinos.-The Pre- sident of thc Royal Agricultural^ Society

has convened a meeting of "«b«-in Australian stud merino shcepbreedcrs to be held in the Society room \\ llhain

street, Perth on Wednesday, March 1, ut 7.30 p.m. to discuss the circular of the Now South Wales Shcepbreedcrs * Association and the new stud book which

is to published.

Thc Lynn Scholarships.-The Lynn Scholarship Committee met at the Ldu cation Department on Saturday morning last .-ind chose several boys from whom tlie final selection will be made, lt was ?decided to hold a further meeting on Monday next., at 2.:?0 p.m., when thc committee will interview thc boys still left in, and, if possible, make a final selection. The committee consists of Mr. Hope Robertson (acting Director of Education), Professor Shaun, Inspector Klein. Mr. J. Parsons (Principal of the Modern School) and Mr. J. T. Blair (Headmaster. o£ thc Fremantle Central Boys' School).

The Country Party.-The monthly con- ference of the executive of the Primary Producers' Association begau yesterday ut Emanuel Buildings under thc presi- dency of Mr, A. J. Monger. The meetings are open to any members of thc Par- liamentary Country Party who may wish lo attend in addition to their elected re- presentatives on the executive-Messrs. J. Greig. M.L.C.. and A. Thomson and M. P. Durack, M'sL.A. Many of the party were present including the Leader (Mr. T. H. Harrison). Thc three mem- bers of the party in the Ministry, how- ever-Messrs. J. Scaddan, H. K. Maley and F. T. Broun-were absent. In so far as the relationship of thc Primary Pro- ducers' Association to thc Mitchell Gov- ernment is concerned, it is gathered that the meeting was. devoid of political significance. To-day the executive will resume its deliberations and i tr- is this meeting which has prompted speculation. No result is expected, however, likely

to disturb the leadership or general per- ¡ sonnel of the existing administration.

Waroona-Lake Clifton Railway.-Ap- ! pointed Royal Commissioner to inquire

and report upon the purchase by the ; Government of the AVarooua-Lake Clif-

ton railway, Mr. C. L. Stawell. K.C., , commenced his investigations at Parlia-

ment House on Thursday. Sir Walter ¡ James, ICC, appeared on behalf of Mr.

R. T. Robinson, K.C., who was present, j

as also were thc Solicitor-General (Mr. W. F. Sayer), and Mr. J. Oakden, gene- ral manager of the W.A. Portland Cement Co. Mr. L. E. Shapcott. sec-

retary to the Premier's Department. ¡ was the only witness examined, and the proceedings were of brief duration. Mr. Shapcott, who said he handled all Cabinet papers, and that he recorded Cabinet decisions, produced a Treasury

file dealing with the matter under in- i quiry. To the Commissioner, he said j that after Cabinet meetings the files

were handed to him and all decisions j endorsed thereon were recorded by him. To Sir Walter James, witness said that questions might be discussed in Gabi

»ct, and a consensus of opinion arrived

at, but if a decision was not crystallised j in writing he might know nothing about iL Upon the completion of Mr. Shap cott's evidence, Sir Walter James said: --"We don't want to come here criticis- ing Mr. George, but you cannot read the debate in Parliament without seeing that he said unworthy things in regard to Mr. Robinson, and he ought to be at this inquiry." The inquiry was ad- journed until Monday, at 10.30 a.m., when the evidence of Mr. Oakden will be taken. Thc secretary intimated that Mr. George would be available on Mon- day. ' Sir Walter James said that Mr. Robinson would be his only witness, and the Commissioner expressed thc view that thc investigation would be com- pleted next week.

A Destructive Flre.-^-A fire which broke Out carly on Friday morning in premises owned by Shilkin and Co., bag merchants, of Money-street, practically destroyed the building nnd contents, the ' damage being estimated at £1,250. Thc

lire brigade received three calls simul- taneously from alarms in thc Btreet at about 2 a.m., and upon the arrival of the firemen the flames were in complete control of the building. Thc only pro- perty saved was a lorry and three spring carts. Solomon Morris Shilkin, of Bul

wcr-street, informed the police that h was the last person to leave the pre mises on Thursday at 6.30 p.m. Th origin of tho fire is unknowu. Insurance on thc building amounted to £600, an the contents were covered to thc exten of £1,500.

Crown Law Officer Arrestcd. Churgcd with having on various date stolen £6 12s., which {had come int his possession by virtue of his employ mont in the Crown Law Office, Thoma Michael Williamson (39) was arrested oi Saturday by Detective-Sergeant Purdue: It is alleged that a shortage of casi to the extent of between £250 and £301 was discovered in thc office.

Legislative Council Elections.-Satur day. May 13, has been fixed as polling day in connection with the Legislativ Council biennial elections. The Chic Electoral Registrar (Mr. E. G. Stenberg stated yesterday that the writs wouh be issued ira . Saturday, April 8, wini nominations would close on Friday, Ap ri oi Any claim for enrolment receive, after Friday, March 24, would not be ii time for the election roll. Claims shouh be addressed to the State Electoral Re gistrars at the following province cen j tres--Central Province (Geraldton) East (Northam); North (Roebourne) South and North-East (Kalgoorlie) South-west (Bunbury) ; South-Las (Katanning) ; Metropolitan, Metrópoli tan-Suburban, and West Province: (State Electoral Department, Perth).

Increase Campaign.-An increase campaign was begun in thc Guildfor« Methodist circuit on Sunday last follow cd with a week of prayer for power ant meetings in each of die churches. To day a circuit campaign Convention is be mg held at the West Guildford Churcl commencing at 3.30 p.m. when an ad dress will bo given by Mr. B. M. Kirk land, B.A. An informal tea will be hele at 0 p.m. Friends attending are invit ed to bring refreshments. The evening meeting will begin at 7.30 and th< address will be given by the Rev, C. A Jenkins. Thc object of the campaign if a nine weeks concentration on th« churches in the circuit for increases ir consecrations, congregations and conver-


Trade Exhibition.-The exhibition ir the hall of the Council of Industrial De- velopment, in Barrack-street, continues to be a lively source of attraction, 2.84C visitors having inspected the display dur- ing thc xveek ended Friday last. In thc course of the last few days several new exhibits have been placed iu position, all of them relating to local industries.

Soldiers' Memorial for Fremantle. Recently a number of Fremantle citizens I formed themselves into a committee for

the purpose of discussing ways and means I of raising funds to erect a suitable me-

morial to fallen soldiers. Tho commit- tee has proposed that. Monument Hill. I at the east end of High-street, is the

most suitable site for the memorial, which it is estimated will cost between £5,000 and £0,000. The memorial, it is understood, will take the form of au obelisk at the summit of the hill, while [ thc surrounding land will be reserved

for a park or gardens. The committee has decided to write to various firms and [ business men asking for suggestions as

to thc laying out of the ground and the design the memorial should take. It has been agreed to launch tlie first appeal i for funds on Anzac Day, April 25. with

the holding of a public meeting in the Fremantle Town Hall. The appeal will be by direct giving only. The Mavor (Mr. F. E. Gibson, M.L.A.) has given I the committee to uuderstaud that thc

council will undertake the maintenance j of the ground, and that improvements

would be effected each year. Captain R. Laurie, who is leaving for England shortly, will be asked to collect funds from Western Australians he meets dur- ing his travels, as thc committee is of thc opinion that the memorial to be erected at the chief port of the State will be of great interest to all Western Australians. Overlooking the surround- ing country and the sea for many miles, it is generally thought by those interest- ed in thc proposal that it would be. hard to find a more suitable site for a me- morial as an everlasting remembrance of those who fell in the great war. The committee is indebted to Messrs. Crossland and Hardy for preparing plans of thé proposed site. A meeting of thc committee is held in the Mayor's Par- lour every Friday evening.

Fatality in West Swan.-While riding on horseback in West Swan on Sunday Florence May Whiteside (38), daughter of Henry Whiteside, sustained fatal lu- juries through falling from a horse. Par- ticulars of the accident reached the office of Chief Inspector McKemu yesterday. Miss Whiteside was with ;v riding party, the other members of which were Harold and Nellie Whiteside, Pearl Edwards and Henry Smith. The horses were proceed- ing at. a walking pace when deceased, who was not an experienced horsewoman, leaned forward in the saddle and sen': off her horse at a gallop. Shortly after- wards ono of the stirrups became unfas- tened and the girl was thrown to the ground, and rendered unconscious. Sbe was conveyed in a motor car lo her home

where a doctor who had been summoned, pronounced "'life extinct. Death was due to a fracture of the base of the skull

R.S.L. Co-operative Trading Co.-Ac- tivities of the R.S.L. Co-operative Trad- ing Co., were transferred on Monday from the Soldiers' Institute, Perth, to pre- mises in Hay-street, close to the Town Hall. The scene at the opening of the new shop was a busy one, and might have indicated that shoppers, ns well as shop assistants, welcomed the change to quarters of more comfortable and gener- ous dimensions. The company, which has an interesting history, absorbed on December 31 last the substantial trad- ing enterprise of the Perth sub-branch of the R.S.L.. which, during its useful career extending from April 9, 1920, showed a net profit of £2,621 10s. 6d. on a capital of £625. The purchase price of the concern was £5,000, payable in wholly paid-up shares in thc com- pany. These shares are divided between the Perth and other sub-branches, and the State executive of the league for employment in R.S.L. work. The capita? of the company is £10,000, the other 5,000 shares being issued to those re- turned soldiers who expressed a desire to subscribe to thc co-operative scheme propounded when announcement of the payment of a war gratuity was made. Arrangements were made with the. R.S.L. executive whereby the services of Mr. J. R. Butler, D.C.M. (State sec- retary), whose business acumen and zeal built up the Perth sub-branch concern, could be secured as managing director

of the com nan v.