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I n$2g^^J^*^JMiy ENSURE THE BflHlK TV i^dS^I^S^V^^H Seldom Is a private individual Hlltll^^. .^^HB^^^^^MlV*t ^^H (,iu?d t0 Perform the onerous 111 Hil^^^^HH^^^* *T W IJ -^Hi duties of Exccutorship. Such mat DflBll^^^HBPr*. 7Vi. *? *^]_—..^MI '? ters require knowledge and skill HHHl^^BP^ ^ S»*l!»iiCaJM^^B whlch ls only gained by experience. BUillH^^K. ^-*!^^6t§li3B^^^^B Trustee Company administration nllllll^^^^^ ^^KQw^^^H ? ? ? such as provided by Queens 1 1 IIIII^^^^^^^^DZCjfiPZ^^^^^^H 1 1 1 1 land Trustees Ltd. ... is the ideal Ml lllll^^^^^^^^KfyK^^H^^HHI 1 1 1 1 answer to this problem, for it ?I Ilill^^^^^^^^WtfVZ^HHI^^^^H 1 1 1 1 means that your Estate Is In the HI IIII^^^^^H^^^RQlH^^^H^^H^^HH hands of men specially trained to HI !||I|^^^^^^^|B^|R^H^^^^H^^I! 1 1 1 cope wlUl th0 intricacies of the Hnllll^^^^^^^^^^^^^Hj^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H 1 1 1 1 ' 'a-'^- and ensures that your affairs llllllll^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^l^^W///// wl' bo handled efficiently, and to Itllllfl^l^^^^^^^^li^^^l^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^//// the best possible advantage of your Illllll]^ I - beneficiaries. maVl^^t^^^K^K^mtBKttKKtMHIIII^^i^r/ Tna Manager Invites enquiries on :^=ggggy this most Important matter.

An TLveryday: \ Need . . . . a MODERN FOUNTAIN PEN AVrlllns task* can be turned Into S pleasure -with one of the ? very lftteSt pons ... . ; AVe stock the newest models (rurn all leading makers — in colours and styles to suit all Mates. OOXWAY STEWART. SWAX, E V K nSHARP, WATEHMAN, COMIUX, ONCJTO. PARKER, nuj MARS. Prices from 7/(1 lo D3/fl NOTICE TO BOTTLE USERS AND OTHERS ALL BOTTLES WITH THE TRADE MARK AM) BRAND MOULDED THEREON ARE THE SOLE PROPERTY OF THE BRISBANE BOTTLE EXCHANGE PROPTV.' COMPANY LIMITED. - -.- Sueh Bottles h»vc been hired from the oomnany solely for Ihc purpose of enabling Ihe contend lo be used ortlr once for rrtallin*. consuming or iislne Alo or Stout, or other fermented or bottle's''1- ll(1U0rii oontalnefl In such Permission has been granted only to Messrs. Casllemaine Perkins, Ltd., and Messrs. Queensland Brenerj Ltd. lo fill the said Bottles. No one is entitled to REFILL any of the snld Dollies. . Persons arc liable to have lc»al pro cccdlius inslitulcd against them If 'tJi 'vHf vei'' lhe ro«nP«ny* rhthls. I Thlj Notice supersedes and cancels I all others. ' I T. W. BIGGS A BIGGS, I Solicitors, Brisbane. 1.' C. .MATES, I Secretary.

? FOR PUBLIC INFORMATION ONLY This is not an invitation to subscribe for shares : - '? ' BRISBRIIE ICE SKflTHIG PfllifllS bTD. To be Incorporated under 'The Companies Act of 1931.' Location : WICKHAM ST., VALLEY CAPITAL. £35,000 divided into 35,000 shares of £1 each. 22.000 shares now offered for public subscription. DIRECTORS. BYRNE HART, Esq. (Chairman)' MALDWYN D. DA VIES, Esq. CHAS. V. L. MITCHELL, Esq. (Managing Director/ - i BANKERS. . THE NATIONAL BANK OF AUSTRALASIA LTD. ?EAGLE STREET, BRISBANE SOLICITORS. .CHAMBERS McNAB & CO. ? SANK OE N.S.W. CHAMBERS, 35 QUEEN STREET ' ' - - . SECRETARY AND REGISTERED OFFICE. ' ' W. R. HARTLAND, Esq. ROYAL EXCHANGE 'BUILDINGS, 74-76 EAGLE ST., BRISBANE ' OBJECTS: FOR THE FIRST TIME J To Give the Public of Brisbane AN ICE SKATING RINK j equal -to any other in Australia and so provide a SOCIAL ' 1 RENDEZVOUS FOR THIS MOST THRILLING PASTIME. j Anticipated Opening Date, May 1st, 1939 ?) All Particulars Available from any member of Chas. V. L. MITCHELL, ?' The Brisbane Stock or 129 Creek St.. Brisbane Exchange Phone: 8745? SPECIAL PRIVILEGE TO SHAREHOLDERS The issue of a free pass to The Company's Rink ;^ * V-. ;? '?'? ' ';) Application will be made to have the Company's Shares Listed ? . '?? . ]