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THE ORION DUE ON MONDAY First Sailiner of Tasmanian Season

THE Orient liner, Orion, under the command of Captain A. L. Owens, is expected to arrive at Hamilton Wharf from London at

10 a.m. on Monday, and will sail at 7 a.m. on Thursday. The steamer opens the series of ser vices to Tasmania by oversea liners, and from now on to the end of April ihere will be frequent sailings. The ship brought more than 1000 people to Australia. NOT CALLING AT BRISBANE Gibbs, Bright, and Co, agents for the Danish motor vessel Australien, advise that the ship, which left Goth enburg on September 25, will not call at Brisbane. The cargo will be tran shipped at Sydney 10 the motor vessel Momba, due here on November 28. Another vessel omitting Brisbane is the Arendskerk, which will tranship cargo at Sydney to the Tinana, due here on November 28. The cargo will be discharged at Dalgety's Wharf. The Italian motor ship Vlminale, due at Sydney from Genoa to-day, will tran ship cargo for Brisbane to the first available vessel. The Blue Funnel steamer Merlones will not call at Brisbane. The vessel will sail from Sydney on Wednesday

for Dunkirk, Antwerp, Liverpool, Glas gow, and Gdynia, via the Cape of Good Hope. 'Y' REEF LIGHT The unattended group' flashing white light, which was to have been estab lished on 'Y' Reef, Torres Strait, on November 21, will not be exhibited until about December 10. ' The Commonwealth Navigation and Lighthouse Service will notify ship ping interests when the light has been established. ARRIVALS, NOVEMBER 18 BAUAI.ABA, from Bundaberg. BINGERA. from Townsvllte. CIIANGTE, from Melbourne and Sydney. MOBETON BAY, from London. MURORAN MARU, from Japan. ORUNGAL, from Cairns and Townsvllle. DUE ON SUNDAY CARLISLE, from Melbourne and Sydney. DUE ON MONDAY ,4 AUTOMEDON, from Glasgow, at Mercan tile Whnrf (Wills Gllchrist and Sandersonl. BABINDA, from Port Kcmbla and New castle, at A.U.S.N. Wharf (Macdonald, Hamil BITTERFELD, from Hamburg, at Mercan tile Wharf (Wills Gllchrist and Sanderson). IIULOLO, from Sydney, a Dalgety's Wharf, 7.30 a.m. (Burns, Phllpl. CORINDA, from Adelaide, Melbourne, and Sydney, at A.U.S.N. Wharf (Macdonald, Ham HERTFORD, from Port Plrle, at Cold Stores Wharf (Wills Gllchrist and Sanderson). KATOOMBA, from Sydney, at New Farm Wharf (Macdonald, Hamilton). MACEDON, from Rockhampton,' at Howard Smith's Wharf (Howard. Smith). -MARRAWAH. from Gladstone, at Howard Smith's Wharf (Howard Smith). MUNDALLA, from Sydney. Port Kcmbla, and Newcastle, at Stanley Wharf (Adelaide S.S. Co. I. ORION, from London, at Hamilton Wharf, 10 a.m. lOrient S.N. Co.). roONBAR, from Sydney, at Burke's Wharf (John Burke I. PORT FREMANTLE, from Townsvllle, at Abattoir Wharf (Gibbs, Bright). SINNINGTON COURT, from Vancouver, at Brett's Wharf (Brett's). DUE ON TUESDAY CALEDON, from Geclong and Melbourne, at Howara Smith's Wharf (Howard Smith). NELLORE, from .Japan, at Hamilton, No. 2 Wharf (Gibbs, Bright). DUE ON WEDNESDAY MERKUR, from Singapore, at Dalgcty's Wharf I Burns. Philp). NIEUW ZEELAND, from Adelaide, Mel bourne, and Sydney, at Brett's Wharf. 7.30 a.m. (Dalgety's). DUE ON THURSDAY MANUNDA, from Melbourne and Sydney, at Newstead Wharf (Adelaide S.S. Co.).

DUE ON FRIDAY CANBERRA, from Cairns and TownsvINe, at Howard Smith's Wharf (Howard Smith). CANONBAR, from Mackay, at Burko's Wharf (John Burke). DEPARTURES, NOVEMBER J8 CANBERRA, for Townsvllle and Cairns. CHANGTE, for Manila and Hong Kong. MURORAN MARU, for Sydney. W. B. WALKER, tanker, for Palembang. DEPART TO-DAY BARALABA, for Bundaberg, from A.U.S.N. Wharf, at noon (Macdonald, Hamilton). BINGERA, for Maryborough, Mackay, Bowen, and Townsville, from A.U.S.N. Wharf, 4 p.m. (Macdonald, Hamilton). ORUNGAL, for Sydney and Melbourne, from A.U.SX Wharf, 1 p.m. (Macdonald, Hamll OTAIO, lor Liverpool, from Newstead Wharf (Birt's). TINANA, for Sydney, from Burke's Wharf, noon (John Burke). TOLKEN, for Sydney, from Newstead Wharf, 11 a.m. (Birt's). DEPART ON MONDAY BITTERFELD, for Hamburg, from Mercan tile Wharf (Wills Gilchrist and Sanderson). BULOLO, for Papua nnd New Guinea, from Dalgety'.- Wharf, at 3 p.m. and Pinkenba Wharf, 4.30 p.m. (Burns. Phllp). MACEDON, for Newcastle, Sydney, Mel bourne, and Adelaide, from Howard Smith's Wharf, at noon (Howard Smith). DEPART ON TUESDAY , CALEDON, for Geelong and Melbourne, from Howard Smith's Wharf (Howard Smith). CARLISLE, for Newcastle, Sydney, and Mel bourne, from Nixon-Smith's Wharf, 5 p.m. (Patrick). CORINDA, for Rockhampton, from A.U.S.N. Wharf, 5 p.m. (Macdonald, Hamilton). KATOOMBA, for Sydney and Melbourne, from New Farm Wharf, 4.30 'p.m. (Macdon ald, Hamilton). MARRAWAH, for Maryborough and Glad stone, from Howard Smith's Wharf, 5 p.m. (Howard Smith). MORETON BAY, for London, from Abattoir Wharf, 4 p.m. (Aberdeen and Commonwealth Line). NELLORE, for Sydney and Melbourne, from Homllton No. 2 Wharf (Gibbs, Bright). DEPART ON WEDNESDAY MERKUR, for Sydney and Melbourne, from Dalgcty's Wharf (Burns, Phllp i. MUNDALLA, for Mackay, Bowcn. Towns vlllc, and Cairns, from Stanley Wharf, at noon lAdelaide S.S. Co.). NIEUW ZEELAND, for Java ports and Singapore, from Brett's Wharf, 11 a.m. POONBAR, for Maryborough, Bundaberg, Bowen, Townsvllle, and Cairns, from- Burke's Wharf, 3 p.m. (John Burke). DEPART ON THURSDAY ORION, for London, from Hamilton Wharf, 7 a.m. (Orient S.N. Co.). DEPART ON FRIDAY MANUNDA, for Townsvlllc and Cairns, from Newstead Wharf, 8 p.m. (Adelaide S.S. Co.). SINNINGTON COURT, for Port Alma, from Brett's Wharf (Brett's). WHARF DIRECTORY ' A.U.S.N.: Orungal, Blngera, Baralaba. New stead: Otalo, Tolken. Burke's: Tinana. Dal gety's: Morcton Bay. Peter's slip: Innlsfall. INTER-STATE ADVICES Arrivals SYDNEY, FRIDAY.— From Port Plrlc: Hert ford. From Melbourne: Nleuw Zceland. From ; Japan: Melbourne Maru and Clan Campbell. From Western Australia: Westralla. From Rabaul: Malaltn. I MELBOURNE, FRIDAY. — From Fredrlk stadt: Mirrabooka. From Sydney: Port Gis borne. From Adelaide: Sydney Ward. From Launceston: Taroona. From New Orleans: Goslar. From Three Rivers: Tredinnlck. From Rotterdam: Arendskerk. From Calcutta: Queda. From Adelaide: Mulcra. From New castle: Coolana, Era. and William Macar , thur. From Sydney: Mamari. From Singapore: Pegasus. ADELAIDE, FRIDAY.— From Eastern States: Port Caroline and Ascanius. From Liverpool: i Essex. From Vancouver: King William. Departures SYDNEY, FRIDAY.— For Melbourne: Quer Mmba. For Tasmania: Ngaktul For Tasmania: , Talune. . MELBOURNE. FRIDAY. — For Brisbane: Cardross. For Newcastle: Kowarra. For Ho ? bart: Lanena. For Adelaide: Mulcra. For i Newcastle: Wear. For Launceston: Taroona. 'For King Island: Tambar. For Burnic: Nal rana. For San Pedro: Vora. For Burnie: Nal . rana and Mprnoo. For Adelaide: British Fortitude. ADELAIDE, FRIDAY.— For Whyalla: Adc long. For Japanese ports: Yae Maru. For Bombay: Loch Lomond. FREMANTLE, FRIDAY. — For Dunkirk: Tallyrand. SHIPS IN RADIO RANGE The following vessels are expected to bo within radio range of the undermentioned ports to-day: — SYDNEY.— Aeon, Akaroa, Awatea, Bltterfcld, Bulolo, Caradalc, Ceramic, Clan MacDougall, Corinda, Dllga, Empress of Japan, Esperance Bay, , Glenmoor, Hurdlngham, Hertford, H.M.A.S. Hobart, Iron Crown, Iron Prince, Kahlka, Kalwarra, Karepo, Karetu, Katoomba, Kopara, Korawal, Largs Bay, Llndenbank, Lo wana, Macdhul, Maloja, Mnngola, Manoora, Mariposa, Melbourne Maru, Mlldura, Monterey, Murada. Narkunda, New Zealand Star, Nia gara, Noora, Ombiiin, Orcades, Orama, Or ford, Orontes, Ormonde, Oronsay, Otranto, Pulganbar, Queen Mary, Ramsay, Rangltane; iRangltiki, Remuera, Romolo. Sinnington Court; .Strathcden, Strathnaver, Tamaroa, Wangan ella. Westralla. I BRISBANE.— Baralaba, Blngera, Canberra, I Carlisle, Changte, Muroran Maru, Orungal, Otalo. Sprlngbank, Tarifa, Tinana, Tolken. WYNDHAM.— Koolama.