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Several Vitally Important Games.

Every League match to be played to-     morrow will have its special, and   if the weather is good—fine Saturdays seem to be usual this season—the exhibitions of football should be excellent. A large crowd is expected at Melbourne, where   Melbourne and Collingwood, equal with two other teams for first place, will play   their semi-final and final games of last     season over again. Melbourne won each game and Collingwood will be keen to show that it is capable of defeating the premiers of last year. There will not be   many alterations from the teams that         played last season, and the play should     be most interesting particularly as both         Melbourne and Collingwood will be fighting    

for the lead.    

Another particulary keen match will       doubtless be seen at St. Kilda, where Carl-   ton will be the visiting team. Carlton,   in being defeated by Melbourne last Sat-     urday, is one game behind the four leaders,  

and with competition so keen cannot afford to lose many more matches. St.   Kilda is a lion in its own jungle, and   Carlton realises that it will need to play       very well to defeat the seasiders. There-     fore the match should attract a very large  


Fitzroy is an improving team, but it   will be severly tested when it meets Rich-     mond at Fitzroy. The visiting team is one     of the leaders and realises that the results of a defeat will be difficult to over-  


South Melbourne began the season bril-   liantly, but then lost form. It is gradually     regaining form, however, and will visit             Geelong with great confidence on Satur-    

day. Geelong however, realises the im-

portance of being equal first and will take       no chances. A splendid game may be ex- pected.    

Essendon, after eight successive defeats,     played a drawn game against Fitzroy last           week, but is confident of its ability to take   four points to-morrow at the expense of Hawthorn, which has not yet won a  


A "test match" will be played at North Melbourne between that team and Foots- cray. In Association days these teams were great rivals, and each will be keen to assert its superority. North began the season splendidly, then slipped rapidly down the scale, but is gradually regaining     its form. Footscary, on the other hand, is     steadily improving, and a keen struggle

should be the rule.

The programme is as follows:—   ST. KILDA v. CARLTON, at St. Kilda.


North Melbourne.  

HAWTHORN v. ESSENDON, at Hawthorn.



FITZROY v. RICHMOND, at Fitzroy.  

Matches in Sydney and Brisbane.

Geelong has continued negotiations in connection with the suggestion of Mr. Con Hickey (secretary of the Australian Foot-   ball Council) that the Geelong and Carlton     teams should visit Sydney and Brisbane   and play exhibition games during the   time the interstate games are being played     in Melbourne. Yesterday Mr. Ivan Moore,   secretary of the Geelong club, received advice from Sydney of a satisfactory     nature, and it is now considered very probable that the trip will be made to Sydney, but it is doubtful if the team will journey to Brisbane. Should the Brisbane   trip be eliminated steps will be taken to play an exhibition match at Albury. The Carlton club is also taking steps but every-     thing depends on the extent of the grant   received from the League or the council.      

Healing the Breach.

The Bendigo Football League is desirous   of bringing about a reconciliation between the Victorian Football League and the         Ballarat League in connection with the   position arising from the Colin Watson case. Arrangements are being made for     delegates attending the country football   organisations shortly to hold a preliminary meeting to consider means of bringing about an amicable settlement of the dis-  


Dispute in Geelong.

Between the senior football clubs in Gee-   long and the Geelong League, it is evident   that the best of lrelations do not exist. The Junior League has pointed out that     promised assistance by the Geelong League Club has not materialised but the most     serious complaint of the Geelong League   is thait last week it disqualified a player, who appeared it is alleged with the Geo- long Association club on Saturday. The     Geelong League has decided to communi-   cate with the Victorian Football Associa-           tion requesting that steps be taken to see that a player disqualified by its organisation is not permitted to play with the Associa-

tion clubs.

Club Notes.

MELBOURNE selectors were pleased when in-

formed that Vine, who received a severe blow on the thigh last Saturday had recovered. No altera-   tion, therefore, was made to the team. Deane and   Johnston, with seriously strained ankles, are still not able to train, although it is expected that Johnson will attend at the ground next week. Both may be available in a fortnight. Mollison, who   has rendered good service for the team in the past, was training during the week, and may be avail- able shortly. There is a feeling of confidence in

the outcome of the match against Collingwood, and a stern struggle, with a fine exhibition of the     game is anticipated.

SOUTH MELBOURNE. will journey to Geelong tomorrow with the firm intention of extendling     that team. Players officials will travel by the   11 o'clock train, and special trains for the su- pporters will leave Spencer street at 12.25 p.m. and     12.55 p.m. returning at 6 p.m. and 7.20 p.m. respectivelyi. Nicholls (who is new allowed by the     tribunal to assist his club), and Petchell will play     in the team instead of Bourke (injured) and McDonald.

RICHMOND is making one change to meet the improving Fitzroy team. At the last moment last Saturday Hayes was found to be inwell and Pincher was played in his stead. He did so well that he is playing again to-morrow, and to make room for Hayes Stainsby has been oin.tted. Hug- gard will occupy the full forward position.

NORTH MELBOURNE, the "test" match   against Footscray, is making three changes in

the team. Gregory Lock, and Stevens being omited in favour of Barker, Nolan, and Tre-

vaskis. The team is very confident, and hopes

to begin winning vein again. It is probable that a league record will soon be established, in that father and son will be in the same team Barker, captain and coach, has a son aged 16 years and 13 1/2 stone in weight, who plays with the fire brigade every Wednesday. He shows a

marked aptitude for the game, and all lie needs Is match experience.  

ESSENDON expects to defeat Hawthorn to-mor- row, but is taking no chances, and its players have been paying strict attention to training. There arc five chances In the team, Gregory (who has icurred the displeasure of the trlbnal), Walsh, Carman, Hudd, and Quinn (injured) giving way   to Speakman. Simpson, McSweeney, Nash, and Dolan. Row Salt is still on the injured list.

HAWTHORN has obtained the services of several

more new men, and one of them, Maxwell, from Geelong, will be tried in the seconds on Saturday. He is a half forward and centre man, and is a left-foot kick. Former players in F. Murpy and   Finch have returned, with P. Murphy, a second eighteen player, having his first League game, and Sharpley from Footscray, will play in place of Arnott, Sinclair, Crosier, and Logan (a     bereavement in the family keeping him away). There   has been a change in the positions, Shearer being     transferred to the centre.

GEELONG players and supporters have no ex-   cuses for their defeat by Richmond, whose players adapted themselves to the conditions better than Geelong, and whose back men gave a very fine exhibition in the last term. Steady training has been indulged in this week prepartory to the match against South Melbourne, which has every       indication of being a sterling struggle. Owing to J. Jones resigning, and Jarrett removing from the district, their names have been struck off the   training list. Fitzmaurice has not resumed   training operations, but is expected to do so im- mediately. Hall, Ferguson, Williams, and Hagger have all been suffering from injuries, but with   the exception of Ferguson, who is not yet better, have made a recovery and will be fit to play to-morrow. Hardiman will play in place of   Leahy..  

FOOTSCRAY is just as confident as North Melbourne about the outcome of the match be- tween the former Associattion rivals. It is making two changes. Glover and Chapple, taking the places of Wunbyn and Cahill (injured). Glover was formerly coach of the Hamilton team, and has       greatly impressed the selectors. He ¡s 6ft in

height and marks and kicks, splendidly. To raise funds for a holiday trip at the end of the year

the club is arranging a picture night at the Grand Theatre next Thursday evening.    

FITZROY players and supporters will be de- lighted to learn that Corrigan was found not   guilty of the charge preferred against him by

the umpires last week. Fitzroy will meet Rich mond with greater confidence, and a fine game   is expected. Only one change his been made     in the team. Lean (injured) being replaced by

Cashman. The social committee has invited the   players and officials to a social evening in the

pavilion on Monday evening.    

COLLINGWOOD is making three changes in the match against Melbourne, Millburn, Wilson, and Chessswas replacing Morell) (injured knee), Sneazewell. and Rumucy. Wilson will make a welcome appearance. He had the misfortune to dislocate his shoulder in the first match on     April 30 and has been an unwilling onlooker   ever since. With both Melbourne and Colling- wood fighting for the lead a line fine struggle is an-   tlcipated on Saturday, and a gate of ₤1200 is predicted if the day is fine. The usual social will be held in in the evening and on Monday Ed-     wards and Pergantas, the wrestlers, and others will be present at a gathering.

CARLTON selectors spent some time in choos-   ing the team for the important match against St Kilda but, as several of the players are unwell decided to select 20, leaving the final de-

cision until Saturday. After the defeat last

Saturday the team realises that it must play well to keep within distance of the leaders and St       Kilda is the first obstacle to overcome.

St Kilda is making complete arrangements for the defeat of Carlton. If they are successful there will be great rejoicing at the seaside, where hopes of being included in the four have       not been abandoned. Carr after an absence of three weeks has recovered from a leg injury

and with Dalton and Hepburn will replace leaper, Cormnck, and Brown. Forty who was operated on for appendicitis on Sundav is making   a splendid recovery and has been given a pro- mise that he will be able to see the match against   Hawthorn on Saturday week.


MELBOURNE - Backs- Tymms, Coy, Streeter, Half-Backs: Thomas, Chadwick, Corbet, Centres: Taylor, Collins, Barnes. Half forwards: Wittman, Vine, Davidson,. Forwards: Moyes, Davie, Aber nethy. Followers: Warne-Smith, Dunbar. Rover  


COLLINGWOOD -Hicks: Wilson. Dibbs. Wes- cott. Half backs: A. Collier, Clayden, Mukeham,

Centres: Millburn, Beveridge, Ross. Half.for- wards: Poulter, Murphy. Harris. Forwards: Chesswas, G Coventry, H. Colllier. Followers:

Howe, S. Coventry. Rover: Libbis. Emergencies: Rumney, Lander.


FITZROY. - Backs: Gordon. Hellwig, Milne. Half-Backs. Bols, Reeve, Wood Centres: Elliott. Toovey. F. Williams. Half forwards: Gibbs, Chap- man. Corrigan, Forwards: Cashman, Moriarty, Millen. Followers: MCracken, Wigraft. Rover.     White. Emergencies: Reichman, Foley, Batchelor.

RICHMOND - Backs: Harris, Don. Lilburne. Halfbacks: Murdoch, Spain, McCormack. Centres. O'Brien. Gallagher, Geddes, Half Forwards: Weid- ner, Rudolph, Baggott, Forwards: McIssac, Hug- gard, Fincher, Followers: 0'Halloran, Bentley.   Rover: Hayes.


NORTH MELBOURNE.- Backs, Lamb, Walsh, Lowe. Half backs: Watson, Nolan, W. Lynch   Centres: Russ, Dwyer, Cameron. Half-forwards: Trevaskis, Metcalf, McDowell. Forwards: Pitch- ford, Tyson, Dowling. Followers: Lewis, Barker, Rover: Healy. Emergencies: Britt, Gregory,


FOOTSCRAY.- Backs: Bult, Johnson, Green- halgh. Half-backs: Outen, Baker, Thompson. Centres: Glover, Valentine, Rowe. Half-forwards: McAlpine, Aked, Hopkins. Forwards: Scanlan, Chapple, Woodman. Followers: Gaudion, Stevens

Rover: McDonald. Emergencies: Wunhyn, Ul-



HAWTORN - Backs Keary, Black, Lonsdale.     Half backs: Pickford Hammond, Utting. Centres:       McCashney, Shearer, Barker, Half-forwards: Gill             F. Murphy, P. Murphy, Forwards: Finch, Hyde,       Sharpley, Followers Sellars, Thomas, Rover:       Pool, Emergencies: Arnott and McRae.    

ESSENDON - Backs Hammond Hunter Kidd   Half backs Dolan, Harrison, Rod. Watt. Centres Campbell, Stockdale, Irving. Half-forwards:     Simpson, Beckton, Carruthers. Forwards: Speak     man Dodd, Vosti, Followers: Nash McSweeney.         Rover: Maher. Emergencies: Carman, Walsh.


GEELONG, - Backs Smith, Todd, Mockbridge Halfbacks: Williams, Hickey Hickey, Hardiman, Centres   Hall, Greeves, Stevenson, Half forwards Rayson,   Lucas, Chambers. Forwards: Rankin, Hagger, Warren. Followers: Jarram, Coghlan. Rover: Baker. Emergencies: Laver and Comben.    

SOUTH MELBOURNE -Backs Scanlan, Wood- field, Berryman. Half backs: McKay, Stanbridge,   Fairley. Centres Wheelahan, Thomas, Robertson. Half forwards: Clarke, Brown, Cazaly. Forwards:   Petchell, Johnson, Pannam. Followers: Nicholls,       Ferguson. Rover Barlow.


ST. KILDA. - Backs Hepburn Gunnyon, Hutche-

son. Half-backs: Hayhow, Phillips, Matthews,   Centres: Vary, Mason, Carr. Half forwards: Dal- ton, Bryce, Sanneman. Forwards: Lomer, Shel-    

ton, Scully, Followers: Roberts, Lucas. Rover:   Bence, Emergencies: Wyatt, Brown    

CARLTON. - The team will be chosen from   the following 20 players: - Irwin, Watson, Gilby, Donoghue, Duncan, Beasy, Kelly, Collins,       Vallance, Clover, Dunn W. Johnson, Arthur,     Styles, Downs, Gough, L. Johnson, Connell, Brewis,  



Gregory (Essendon) Disqualified.

Two players who were reported for offences   arising out of incidents in the match between   Essendon and Fitzioy at Essendon last Saturday appeared before the independent tribunal of the   Victorian Football League last night.

charges were heard by Dr. W. C. McClelland  

(chairman) and Messr G.A. Moir and H. McL    


The first charge heard was against Gregory,

of Essendon, who was reported by the field umpire (C. Lewis) for having elbowed Millen, of Fitzroy.  

Lewis said that the incident occurred on the left wing in the last quarter of the game. Millen was running after the ball, when Gregory ran along behind him and elbowed Millen in the

small of the back. Millen fell to the ground,

and was awarded a free kick, and Gregor

was bumped heavily and fell to the ground, strik- ing his head. He did not think at the time that

he had elbowed.    

Gregory said that when he was running along-   side. Millen he attempted to bump him. As he   did so the ball bounced on the ground. Millen turned slightly and received the bump in the     small of the back and fell over.

The tribunal found the charge sustained, and disqualified Gregory for eight premiership


Two umpires reported Corrigan, of Fitzroy,   for having charged Maher, captain of Essendon. The incident was alleged have happened in the second quarter.  

T. C. Treloar, a goal umpire, said that after Maher had taken a free kick which he had been awaeded Corrigan charged and jumped into him.         Maher was "knocked out," and had to receive attention from the trainers and it was some time before he recovered. Corrigan ran backwards       into Maher as he was coming forward. It was

a wet day, and Corigan might have slipped and

collided with Maher when he was attempting to stop the flight of the ball.

W. Johnson, a boundary umpire, said that   Corrigan was watching Maher's mark. After Maher had kicked the ball Conigan jumped into him with his back and gave Maher a heavy bump in the stomach.  

Maher said that Corrigan was not the man on   his mark. After he had run around the man on

his mark Corrigan came across, to stop him and    

knocked him off his feet. The bump had looked bad because it had been mistimed and made a little too late.    

Corrigan said that when Maher began to move   with the hall he had turned around and met him with his side as he was kicking the ball, with the result that Maher was knocked off his feet.

Three persons who witnessed the incident gave

evidence in Corrigan's favour. They said that Corrigan had anticipated Maher's move, and had   attempted to make a fair "stop."

The chairman intimated that the tribunal had found that the charge had not been proved.

GEELONG, Thursday.-Arising out of the in-   cident in the last quarter of the Geelong West Chilwell match on Saturday. F. Coles (Geelong West) and W. Roberts (Chilwell) have been ordered  

by the Geelong League independent tribunal to   stand down for four Saturdays. Cole was charged     with having struck Roberts, and Roberts with   having retaliated.    


ELEVENTH ROUND OF MATCHES. Brighton Visits Port Melbourne.


There is only one match of outstanding in terest in the eleventh round of Association

matches to-morrow, when Port Melbourne will be   home to Brighton. Both teams were defeated last week, and each will endeavour to counteract its loss by winning on Saturday. Port, being on its own ground, should be in front at the bell. The other leading teams - Coburg, Northcote, and Preston should score heavily against Brunswick. Camberwell, and Prahran respectively. Geelong

may surprise Williamstown at Geelong.

Coburg is certain of a place in the four, and Northcote and Port Melbourne are unlikely to      

lose their position, leaving fourth place in doubt between Brighton and Preston. Assuming that the seasiders are defeated at Port Melbourne they will then be two wins below Preston. In the following seven games Preston has to meet, of the leaders, Coburg at Preston, and Northcote, Port Melbourne, and Brighton avvay; whereas Brighton has only to meet Northcote and Preston, and both   at Brighton. It is generally expected that Coburg and Northcote will defeat Preston, and that Brighton has an even chance of defeating Northcote at Elsternwick Oval, so that at the end of the 15th round Preston and Brighton   should again be level in premiership points. Brighton then meets Geelong, Camberwell, and Preston, while Preston has to face Williamstown, Port Melbourne, and Brighton, eo on picf-cut indications Piestoii will be the team tu drop


The draw for the 11th round is:




CAMBERWELL v. NORTHCOTE, at Camber- well.

PRESTON v. PRAHRAN, at Preston.


Return to District Fixtures.

The invasion of Victoria by soccer teams from abroad being at an end, a return will be made tomorrow to Metropolitan District League fix- tures. Much discussion has taken place recently regarding the action of the governing bodies in postponing district fixtures on each day of an

international or representative game. Players contend that by being idle for two or more con- secutive Saturdays they lost form, and also lose a certain amount of interest in the competition.

This contention has been proved in previous years, but the fact must not be lost sight of that inter- national games are of an educational character, and, unless the tours are made a financial suc- cess, Victoria would have very little chance of, future visits. To ensure this succes the best

players have to be taken from the league clubs, which, if they curried out their league fixtures on an "International" day, would be seriously handicapped. The trouble lies in having two visiting teams touring Australia in the same season, as so many playing Saturdays are lost   to the Metropolitan Distric League, The posi-

tion of district teams in the league table are as


District Team   Prahran. Box Hill. South Melbourne Preston. Footscray.. .. .'. Essendon. St. Kilda. Williamstown .. Collingwood.. .. Brunswick ,. ..


10 13-9  

8 15-12   16-15 18-17

7 9-21 18-24 11-30


Club Notes.

BRUNSWICK was narrowly defeated by Preston owing to a

Edwards is still on the injured list with knee trouble. The usual dance in the pavilion on Saturday night will take the form of "back to childhood" days. There are five changes in the team to meet Coburg-Evans (who has returned     from Birchip), Ptoudfoot, Hart, Newman, and   Parkes replacing Garside, Ryan, Sanders, Ray- mond, and Rusell.

COBURG supporters were delighted with the manner in which the team adapted itself to the conditions at Brighton. The side has every pros-   pect of going through the season undefeated, although it may have difficult games at Wil-     llamstown and Northcote. Ketley has recovered from his attack of pleurisy, and with Day, the former St. Kilda wingman, will replace Martin (injured) and Faust. The reserves are Faust,     Gosling, and Forbes.

NORTHCOTE made its position in the four secure by defeating Port Melbourne, and is now waiting its matches with Preston and Coburg, both at home, when it expects to turn the tables. It should succeed against Preston, although Coburg may prove too strong. Ahern and Reilly, who were on the injured list, have resumed training, but will not play this week. Two changes have been made Beeson (Coburg) and Whitaker leplaclng Powell and Doug Nicholls, who become the reserves.  

PRAHRAN won easily in "the mud against Geelong, and Harley, bv kicking five goals, be came the leading goal-kicker. The club visits   Preston on Saturday, and, encouraged by its second win, will endeavour to extend the nor therns. The committee is entertaining players and friends at the pavilion on Thursday night. Hall South Melbourne Juniors) and Rennols re- place Crossen (ill) and Howley.

PORT MELBOURNE went down at Northcote, but retrieved its position by a gallant finish, in which it added six coals to one, an honour shared by Coburg and Brighton to date. Two important social events will be held this month the annual ball on July 20, and the annual smoke night on July 30. Farnan who has recovered from injury, will replace Barnes (who injured his hand at work). Cunnan and Perritt are the


BRIGHTON gave a sorry display in the wet,   but if the side continues to show the form that defeated Preston it will again take one of the coveted final places. Walsh dropped back lo   second position on the list of goal-kickers but should do better in the following games. There is only one change, Carswell replacing Kolle, who ¡s injured. This is the first time Kolle has not played in nearly 20 matches. Dainty will be in goal.      

GEELONG players although sustaining a series of defeats, are not downhearted, and are con- fident of recording a win against Williamstown

to-morrow. Leighton. who has been playing good   football, has retired from the game. The ap- pearance of Singleton on Saturday gave general satisfaction. The team will not be selected till Saturday, but several changes will be made. Jones, who injured his Knee against Prahran.   and had to retire from the game at half-time, will not be available. McPherson, a follower from North Geelong, will very likley be played. Rush- ton has decided to again play, and Rankin will again he available. Farrelly is not yet well. The club is conducting a popular player com-     petition, and G. Harris is leading with 1700 votes, closely followed by Jones, Bushell and Cations.

CAMBERWELL is still playing with little luck.   Hower, it hopes to stop its run of losses to- morrow, despite the fact that it is up against a strong side in Northcote. G. Hendrie, an old club player, who in the past two years went to Hawthorn has returned, and should strengthen     the side. A fete is to bo held in the Camber-   well Town Hall on Friday and Saturday next. There are four alterations, McCormick, Hendrie, Lawn, and Le Strange replacing Karthaus (in- jured), Whitecross, Greenbury, and McCamsh. This is Karthaus's first absence from a game since Camberwell joined the Association. .

WILLIAMSTOWN's ¡mproved form in the last   four matches has resulted in a revival of in- terest in the district. Provided the club defeats Geelong, it should draw a decent crowd for its match against leaders. Scoones, who was in-   jured early in the last match has recovered. Parker and Johns replace Saynor (injured) and Chalmers, who, with Roberts are the reserves.  

PRESTON made two alterations to the team to meet Prahran. Coughlan and Skipper replacing Blundell (injured) and Cooper. The reserves are Gray and Cooper.

The Teams.


PORT MELBOURNE - Backs: Carpenter, Bol-i'nKI. Hol- man,Farnan. Half-backs Uren, Johnson, Cromp-   ton. Centres: Harvey, Garbutt, Roseman, Half. forwards: Burke. Kennedy, Barfoot. Forwards: Howey, Taylor, Wilson. Followers: Rudd, Forbes, Rover: Skilton


COBURG - Backs: Cox, Chapman, Brooks, Half-   backs: Charleston, Ford, Marchesi, Centres: New-

ton, C. Martyn, Day. Half-forwards: Hunting- ton, Everley, McAlpine. Forwards: Plant, Gar-      

diner, Harris. Followers: Jenkins, Walsh, Rover:        


BRUNSWICK. - Backs Wright, Harris, Eudy??, Half-backs: Bright, Hart, McMahon Centres:       Kennett, Warren, Parker, Half-forwards: O'Rourke,         Proudfoot, Rae. Forwards Warden, Carey, New-     man. Followers: Telfer, Evans. Rover: Ken-



CAMBERWELL - Backs: Le Strange, McCor- mick, H Harrison, Half-backs: Greenwood, Hen-       drie, Horne, Centres: Boothman, Caldwell, Trezise,       Half-forwards: Allberry, Elliman, Woodford For-         wards: Price, Whitehead, Connop, Followers     Elliott, Lawn, Rover: Page.

NORTHCOTE. - Backs Leffy, Long, Theobold. Half-backs: Whittaker, Perkins, Griffiths, Centre:       Judkins, Smith, Woods, Half-forwards: Leake,     Boyle, Adams. Forwards: Anthony, Whitefield      

Beeson. Followers: Carey, Rogan, Rover: Gall    


GEELONG - Team will be selected from: - Cations. Taylor, Wright, Singleton, Rankin, Fut-   relly, Harris, Noonan, McFarlane, Dean, McPher-         son, Bliss, Squires, Roach, Mallahn, Bushell, White       Coleman, Digby, McManus, Farr, Rushton, and  


WILLIAMSTOWN - Backs, Meehan, Clauseen,   Warren, Half-backs: Whitburn, Murphy, Sykes,     Centres: Waterman, Scoones, Johns, Half-for-            

wards: Grinhan, McKay, Hill. Forwards: Hayden, Parker, Drew. Followers: Lord, Quinn, Rover:  



PRESTON. - Back: Campbell, Connaughton,     Campbell, Half-backs: Lee, ?????, Robertson,   Contres: Watt, Ellis, White. Half-forwards: An-     derson, Miller, McMeekin,. Forwards: Coughlan,       Hume, Summer. Followers: Ludlow, Shaw, Rover:


PRAHRAN. - Backs: Vance, Russell, Jones Half-     backs: B. Smith, Short, Seach, Centres: Rennols       Bawtell. F. Smith. Half-forwards: Horton, McPher-     son, Hall Forwards: Snell, Harley, Diprose. Fol-

lowers: McRath, Proctor. Rover: Darvall, Steeth.


The following umpires have been appointed to officiate at the games of the Metropolitan Amateur Football Association which will be played on

Saturday: -

A Section.-Collegians v. Geelong Amateurs, Loughlin, Old Scotch Collegians v. University B. Cave: University A v.Old Melburnians, Hack- ing: Elsternwick v. Old Caulfield Grammarians, Quarry; Teachers' College A v. St. Paul's, Cox.

B Section.-Glenhuntly v. Sandringham, Pat terson: Brightonva v. Old Trinity Grammarians, Taylor: Sandringham District v. Old Xaviarns,   Smith; Hampton v. Old Haileyburians, McKenzie; Murrumbeena v. Naval Depot, Keating.  

C Sectlon. - Oakleigh Amateurs v. Teachers

College B, Greig; West Hawthorn v. Black Rock Amateur-, Turnbull; South Caulfield v. State Savings Bank, Brett; Kingsville Amateurs v. Glenhuntley B. Stubley; Brunswick Amateurs v.   Pascoevale, Kent. Reserve. Davy.  

Railways Competition

North Loco, 11 goals 7 behinds d Melbourne       Yard. 1 goal 4 behinds. Goal-kickers - Loco   McInnes (4) Ford (3) Sinclair (2) Millen, Keogh.  

Yard - Edmonds

Oakleigh, 8 goals 7 behinds, d Box Hill, 5       goals 8 behinds. Goal-kickers - Oakleigh - Beaton (5), McPherson, J. Lawless, Nash. Box Hill

Stack (3) Waterhouse, Peters.

Williamstown 5 goals 19 behinds, d Jolimont. 5 Bills 13 behinds Goal kickers -Williamstown - Berry (2), Law, Gorman, Healy. Jolimont McDonald (3) Jones (2)

Heidelberg defeated Flinders street


The following are the umpires appointed for   Saturday: - Flemington v Gleniris, Davies: South   Melbourne United v. Myer's, Williamson: St. John's v. Richmond Ramblers, Renfrew: North     Fitzroy Aamateurs v Spotswood, Barnett; Caul-

field Methodists v. South Melbourne United Juniors, Young: Seddon v. Royal Rovers, Ander-

son: North Fitzroy Juniors v. Junior Legacy Club Lonergan: North Melbourne Laurels

North Roses, Vines

MELBOURNE AND SUBURBS Umplres appointed for Saturday:-  

A Grade - Wattle Park v. South Yarra, at   Wattle Park. - Field, Watts: goal Douglas and     Allen. South Elsternwick v. Foy and Gibson's  

at Elsternwick Reserve. - Field, Batt: goal. Potter and Broadley. Elsternwick Juniors v    

St Kilda Baptist at Elstenmlck Park - Field. Dens go ii Millet mil Smith Balmoral » Vus

Irai nt Last Preston-Held Greig coal Janis

Gibbie and Cousell.

B Grade - Prahran C.C. v. Albert Park, at

Fawkner Park. Hampon; goal, Kent and  

Reserve, Walton. Four teams have byes—St.

Columb's, Alphington, Port Methodists, and Arma-

dale Juniors.


A Grade.-Maribyrnong v. Prestige, Hamilton;     St. Bartholomews v. Coburg Rovers, McDermott; Northcote District v. Brunswick Amateurs, Trompf; Dennis a bye.

B Grade - Ascotvale v. St Stephen's, Baker;

Fairfield v. Brunswick United, Constable; West   Coburg v. North Rovers, Roberts; New Ascot

a bye.

C Grade.-Batman v. New Ascot Juniors, Turn-   ham; Coburg United v. Brunswick Laurels, John-   son (played at Manchester's Estate, Coburg);     Coburg Methodists v. Myer's, Foster.      

Reserve umpire - Topham.  


Two Matches To-day.

The second round of matches in the public school competition will be begun to-day. Wesley   College and Scotch College will play at the Mel- bourne Cricket ground beginning at a quarter to 3 o'clock and at the same time Melbourne Gram-   mar School and Geelong College will play at Gee-   long. On Friday of next week Geelong Grammar       School and Xavier College will play at Geelong in the third match of the round. So far each   school has played one match, Wesley, Melbourne         Grammar, and Geelong College, being unde-


In connection with the match at Geelong to- day a special train will leave Spencer Street at 10.30 a.m., returning from Geelong, at 6.20 p.m.            


The 34th annual football match between stock      

agents' clerks and Newmarket drovers will be played at the Carlton Oval on Friday next, be- ginning at half past 2 o'clock.  


The second round of Schools Association of   Victoria matches will be played to-day, when       Carey Baptist Grammar School plays Box Hill   Grammar School on the Box Hill ground, and   Malvern C.E. Grammar School meets Berwick C.E. Grammar School at Central Park, East  

Malvern. Mentone Grammar school has the    


Chinese Win in Sydney

Sydney, Thursday.—The Chinese University   soccer team defeated a fairly strong metropolitan team at the Sydney cricket-ground to-day by four goals to nil.