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Canberra as Second Hollywood.

SYDXEY, Friday. - Mr. Frank* Hurley, who lins piotluced several motion piétines, gave evidence before the lloynl commis- sion on motion piétines tn-ilny. Ho said Hint the complaint of film c-liibitois tin

Australian productions, genoinlly, weie not ui> to btnnduiil wns justified. He suggested Hint n bonni should be cr.iibt ¡tilted

judge the quality of Australian and British films, to determino whether they were worthy of presentation. It should consist of n member of the tindo, the Common- wealth censor, and an independent ni hi trator. It was not enough Hint Austin

linn films bhotild be up to n eel lain Stan- dard nn entertainment for Australian und cucos. Tho film stories should bato world-wide nppenl in order to obtain

world market for them. Of suitable stories there was,, at present, not a wide range, but if a market were created many capable writers would be found to supply the ma-


Mr. Hurley added Hint he would also recommend the establishment of a central studio at Canberra, where the climatic con- ditions were ¡deni. The btudiowould be tho menus of developing the city v

quickjy, ranking n second Hollywood of Canberra, in four or five years. At least £250,000. capital would be necessary to establish the studio. An ordinary pro- gramma picture suitable for a world's mar- ket would cost fiom £15,000 to £20,000, lind occupy a producer's lime for months. To assist the film industry in Aus- tralia he advocated that a tas of 1/ on every reel shown should be used as a Government'subsidy, for Hie industry, and that n, heavy duty should be imposed on the "positives," or actual copies, of films which were imported, in conjunction with a low duty on negatives, from which the copies were made. This would compel American organisation« to send the negu tives to Australia and so provide work for many persons in making the positives from them. He considered that the suggested quota of 50 British and 20 Australian films annually was too high.


All-Australian Season.

Starring Melbourne actois and actresses and forming the feature of a comprehen- sive' all-Australian moving-picture season, Hie film, "Environment" will be screened twice daily at the Palace Theatre from July 23. Australian music will be played at the screenings by an orchestra of ""Aus- tralian musicians, mid Australian songs will be sung by Australian singers, liven the projecting ' machine to be used is of Aus- tralian manufacture' It was made in Syd- ney, and is claimed to equal the best im- ported machines.

Mr. Vaughan C. Marshall.completed the production of "Environment'* in Victoria recently for Advanced Films Proprietary Ltd., which is un Australian firm.

As tile company is anxious to obtain nn Australian story by nn Australian writer for its next production, it ictends offering a £100 ensh prizo for tho best stoi"y (suit- able for a scenario). Mr. Marshall wishes lo emphasise on writers 1rs desire for a story synopsis, and not the siccnalio form. A committee of three well-known Mel- bourne citizens will be appointed to net as


Full details of the story competition, as well as the personne] of the judging com- mittee, will be uuiioiinced next week.

The leading roles in "Environment" nre played by Miss Beth Darvall and Mr. Hal Percy (now vvitli the Maurice Moscovitch company in "The Ringer"). Included in His cast arc Miss Phyllis Best, a daughter of Sir liobert Best, Miss Kitty Mostyn," nml Messrs. A. Scarlett and J. «Joyce. The story was written hy Mr. G. M. Hnyle.

Mr. Marshall will interview thoso who desire to net for the screen on the two Wednesday «mornings of the season at the Palace Theatre. Endeavours will be made to give*them pi ¡vate screen tpsls.