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ATTACK ON "THE COMBINE." Australian Producer's Allegations,

SYDNEY, Thursday -A vigorous attack  

on what he described as " the film com- bine " was made before the Royal commis- sion on motion pictures to-day, by Mr.   Raymond Hollis Longford, a film producer, who said that he had had 17 years' experi- ence in the writing, direction, and produc- tion of Australian pictures. " I have been made the subject," he said, "of attack by Australasian Films Limited, and had it not been for the activities of that firm in its endeavour to crush it in infancy the Aus- tralian picture would now be 10 years at least advanced to the height now attained   by the Amaricans. "  

Replying to the statements that Aus- tralian pictures were a losing proposition, witness quoted the success of several earlier films, " Captain Midnight," "Cap- tain Starlight," and "The Fatal Wedding," the success of which induced Mr. C. Spencer to purchase property at Rush- cutters' Bay, and build and equip a studio at a cost of £10,000 Several productions were made by winess for Mr. Spencer, but afterwards the combine was formed. There was dissension on the board over the policy of Australasian production. Mr.   Spencer resigned the studio closed, and witness's services were dispensed with

Mr. Longford also said that he produced a picture in New Zealand, but he could not release it, owing to the actions of the com-


The inquiry was adjourned.