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Crolàields' Pasturas.

The casual visitor to the fields will j

probably form the opinion that they j are only capable of producing gold. I Other products, be will conclude, ara j

impossible owing to the inhospitable i nature of the climate. The scant}- ? rainfall, of which he hears so much. | affords no possibility of agricultural ! or pastoral products for the use of the j

residents of these inland areas. A visit to the Menzies railway station would have undeceived a visitor whose

impressions were so hastily formed. He would have seen that this country can produce the golden fleece as well as gold in its mineral form. A first consignment of 20 bales of wool from the Sturt Meadows Station was j brought into the station per camel

train on Monday afternoon and loaded i into trucks preparatory to despatch

to the world's market. This is the j first consignment of wool from a gold- j fields station which has ever passed through these fields. It will be fol- lowed in about a month by another

consignment of from 25 to SO bales. '

The occasion was an historic one and ; , well worthy of record. Messrs. Manuel '

and Barrett, the proprietors of the : Sturt Meadows Station, have about !

5,000 sheep at present depasturing on j

their holding, in addition to about 300

head of cattle. The stock thrive re- j markably welL Situated as this sta tion is, in the midst of a large number of important centres, it is splendidly adapted for supplying beef and mutton of rare quality, at low prices, to th s

teeming population of the goldfields. ] The fat stock sold from this station ]

are not bruised and knocked about until unfit for human consumption, as is so frequently the case in beeves imported from the other side or from Kimberley. The station affords a splendid dépôt where fats can recuper- ate after their long sea or overland

voyage from .Queensland or the far ' north of this colony, as the case may be.-" North Coolgardie Herald."