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The Adelaide Morning Chronicle has appeared for the last time. Its yesterday's number contained its editorial ' Farewell ' address to its readers. The event has not taken the

public by surprise. Several recent intima tions in its columns, as well as, we may add, in some degree, the doctrine of probabilities and the nature of things, conspired to prepare the public for its early or immediate dissolu tion. Our late contemporary was at all times a sincere and an honourable member of the ?profession; and it is certainly a matter of regret, if not even of public disadvantage, that any paper entitled to eulogy on that score should not have been enabled to stand its ground. The distinguishing principle which the Chronicle was professedly established to advocate was that of State Aid to Religion. But that principle had been already put to the vote of the constituencies, and its adoption quite recently declined by the Representative Legislature. The reopening of the vexed question at that particular moment could not possibly conduce to the peace and welfare of the community, and the attempt to sustain a paper upon the agitation of a settled question could scarcely fail to terminate in disappointment. Still it would have been agreeable to all par ities if the Chronicle, as the representative successor of the old South Australian, which was established in the very early days of the colony, could have contrived to secure to itself a sufficient amount of public patronage and support. We observe that it is in contempla tion to supply the gap thus created by the im mediate publication of another weekly paper. Perilous and anxious though such an under taking will doubtless prove, still if the ad venturing parties intend to conduct it in a respectable manner, and to avoid those faults which render any paper that is guilty of them a disgrace to the colony and a pestilence tc families, we shall most cheerfully welcome its appearance, and congratulate the public or possessing another well-spring of useful in formation, and another channel for the ex pression of public opinion.