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SALES BY PUBLIC AUCTION. GREEN'S LAffD MART. SALES OF LANDED PROPERTY BY PUBLIC AUCTION. . FRIDAY, February 18th, 1863. GEORGE GREEN :...:. * Will Bell at Ma . LAND AUCTION MART, On Friday, February 18th, at half-past 12 o'clock pre ' :...? ? cisely — - . LOT 1.— All that SUBURBAN RESIDENCE, situate on 8ection 292, at the base of the Hills, near the Fourth Creek, known as ' 8PRING GROVE,' re cently occupied by P. J. Tod, Esq. The House is sub stantially built, and contains seven rooms, having out builduigs, &c. attached. Land comprises eleven acres, all fenced, including Garden of two acres. Good Well, with strong spring of water, &c. Lot 2.— A Four-Roomed substantial Stone HOUSE, with Verandah, Garden, &c., in Angas-street, near the Court-house ; Land, 30 feet frontage by 85 feet deep, portion of acre 413 ; is fenced in front and rear. The whole is well finished, and in good order. GEORGE GREEN, Land Agent. - Land Auction Mart, King William-street SAME DAT. '. GEORGE GREEN Will sell, at his Land Auction Mart, on Friday, February . 18th, at half-past 12 o'clock precisely— TJ1IGHT QUARTER ACRES in NORTH ADE JLj LAIDE, being contents of Acres 872 and 929 respec tively — dimensions as follows :— ' .. ? 52 ft 6 in. on to Gover-street by 210 ft. deep. 52 '6' do. do., ' do. . 52 .' 6 ' do. do., do. 52 ' 6 ' do. do., do. 52 ' 6 ' on to Childera-street, by 210 ft. deep. 52 ' 6 ' do. do., do. 52 ' 6 ' do. do., do. 52 ' 6 ' do. do., do. Price moderate. Title a Land Grant. GEORGE GREEN, Land Agent. Land Auction Mart, King William-street. ~~~, ~ SAME DAY. GEORGE GREEN Will sell, at his Land Auction Mart, on Friday, February ? 18th, at halfjast 12 o'clcHsk precisely— NORWOOD.— HOUSE and LAND, aituate sear the Maid and Magpie— Brick Cottage of four rooms, with French windows, well finished. Land 50 by 10O feet. J GEORGE GREEN, Land Agent Land Auction Mart, King William-street ~ SAME DAY. ~~~ GEORGE GREEN Will Bell, at his Land Auction Mart, on Friday, February 18th, at half-past 12 o'clock precisely — DAIRY FARM on the UPPER WAKEFIELD. . A Bplendid Block of Five Sections, numbered 198, 199, 301, 302, 309, situate as above, comprising 400 Acres in alL There is a good Wo den House (cost £500, built by Mr. Bowen, of Adelaide) of six rooms, 15 feet square each, with hall, servants' hut Also, Dairy and Storehouse of stone, Stockyards, and all other requisites of a Dairy Farm complete; good water ; three sides of one section are fenced in. The Land is for th j most part good arable soil, and timbered. The property is situate 2£ miles from Mintaro, 25 miles from the Burra, and 4 miles from Watervale. Should the above not be sold in the block, the sections will be offered separately, thus affording every possible facility for obtaining just so much of this fine property as may meet the views of intending purchasers. Section 309 — House, Buildings, and improvements. Sections 302, 301, 198, and 199. For farther particulars, apply to GEORGE GREEN, Land Agent Land Auction Mart, King William-street SAME DAY. GEORGE GREEN Will sell, at his Land Auction Mart, on Friday, February 18th, at half-past 12 o'clock precisely— HOUSE and LAND, SOUTH ADELAIDE.— All that substantial two-story House, of Brick and 8tone, stuccoed, containing ten rooms, situate in Logan street, Start-street, laud 30 feet by 90, being portion of Acre 550. The owner of these valuable premises being about to quit Adelaide, they will be sold at an exceedingly low price, or will be exchanged for Country Lands. GEORGE GREEN, Land Agent Land Auction Mart, King William-street. SAME DAY. ~ GEORGE GREEN Will sell, at his Land Aucthn Mart, on Friday, February 18th, at half past 12 o'clock precisely — ALL that Valuable SECTION of LAND, situate near Rapid Bay, being numbered 1520. con taining 77 acres, with improvements thereon. This Section is recommended to the attention of purchasers, hi ving been selected by ah excellent judge. It. is now offered for. sale in consequence of forfeiture through default of payment on the part of the purchaser. GEORGE GREEN, ' Land Agent. Land Auction Mart, King William-street SAME DAY. GEORGE GREEN Will sell, at his Land Auctiou Mart, on Friday, February 18th, at half-past 12 o'clock precisely — pOTTAGES and LAND in PIRIE- STREET.— \J All those Three Cotages situate opposite the Free mason's Tavern, at present in the occupation of Mr. Higgins and others. These Cottages contain three rooms each, have yard at the back, are wall built of brick and stone, neatly stuccoed j they are let for 10s. a week each to respectable tenants. The land measures ab rat 40 feet to Pine-street by 45 feet in depth, or thereabouts, and is held on Iea3e from the South Australian Company upon an unexpirod term of fourteen years, at £5 7a. 6 L per annum, giving a dear yearly profit of upwards of £70. GEORGE GREEN, Land Agent Land Auction ;Mart, King William-street '~~ ' SAME DAY. r GEORGE GREEN Wfll seU at his Land Auction Mart, on Friday, February 18th, at half- past 12 o'clock precisely — PORT ELLIOT.— All that SECTION of LAN D numbered 82, situate near this important township. The Section contains 80 acres, well fenced, anl has excel lent water. The premises situate thereon consist of a good brick House of four rooms, with passage and excellent cellar; also, Outhouses, Washhouse, Bakehouse, Stable, 8tockyard, Pigsties, &c., in first rate order. The Garden is enclosed and planted with fruit-trees, &c. There is also a very good brick Barn, floored with sawn wood. This most desirable property is situate near the River Inman, between Newland's Steam Mill and the sea beach, . And the Auctioneer need only request the special attention of all parties to the a'-ove to ensure it a certain sale, its valuable locality and great a Ivanta^es being undeniable. For further particulars, apply to the Auctioneer, or to E. A. WRIGHT, .'..'.- Land Agent Exhange-buildings, King Will am -street. \],^y' SAME DAY. ~~' GEORGE GREEN ; vWfllsell, at his Land Auction Mart, on Friday, February x V. 18th, at half past 12 o'clock precisely — NORWOOD.— Two splendid 2J Acre BLOCKS, well situated on the Kensington-road, being Blocks -.'.j and 9, Section 261, the latter frouting on to Elisabeth -, street, as well as to the Kensington road. ALSO, That splendid 2£ Acre Block, numbered 39, with double f ontage, Section 276. This desirable Block is situate near Kensington, and fronts on the Parade. GEORGE GREEN, Land Agent. Land Auction Mart, King William-street.

Sj -??-'^?-?: '-':?' SAME DAY. - ' : ' -'-';??''' i ?-... GEORGE GREEN Vilt sell, at hiB Land Auction Mart, on Fri lay, February h : : 18th, at half-past 12 o'clock precisely— LOT 1.— All that AGRICULTURAL and DAIRY FARM, sixteen mil-s from Adelaide, and line miles from the Port, and in the immediate vicinity of he proposed line of railway from the North Arm to the Hurra Burra Mines and the northern districts. The whole somprises 313 Acres of Land, being Sections 5030, 3031, mi, 5033, Hundred of Port Adelaide, 289 acres of which ure fenced in with substantial fences, and about 70 acres tnder cultivation. Ou the land is erected a good SIX JOOMED weather-board and frame HOUSE, with Veran lah, Garden, &c. The rooms are sitting-room, three bed ooms, kitchen, and store-room. There is also a DAIRY, lonsidered one of the best planned in the colony, having louble raised roof, and thorough ventilation, with great leight and depth above aud below ground, suppli.-d with ixcellent water, pump, &c. This is the only goo;l writer or miles round. There are Labourers' Cottages, btockyard md Milking-places, Pigsties, &c., &c The land is partly imbered and partly plain, with fine clumps of trees growing it intervals, so as to give it a park-like appearance. The 'took and Farming Implements, Dairy Utensils, &c, may -e taken at a valuation. When the North Arm becomes the port of the colony this jroperty will be considerably enhauced in value. Title, Land Grant Terms, half cash, balance due on a term at 10 per cent. Lot 2.— All those TWO COTTAGES, situate in NILE STREETj PORT ADELAIDE. The houses are substan ially built of Brick, and contain three rooms each, well inished, with cedar fittings. The land has a f: ontage to Mle-street of 25 feet, by a depth of 56 feet to the south of ;he same. The yards are all fenced in. One of the houses Irom its position could be turned into a shop or store at little -r no expense. . . GEORGE GREEN, , Land Agent. Land Auction Mart, King William-street. Same day. geo. green , Will sell, at his Land Auction Mart, on Friday, February 18tb, at half-past 12 precisely— POTTAGE PROPERTY, situate in HOBSON'S \J PLACE. Cottage of Brick, 3 rooms, Verandah, small Garden, with vines and fruit trees. Land, 100 feet by 50 feet This property is freehold* and: if desired, a piece of Land adjoining, held on a lease for 999 years, can be had at a low figure. . .,' GEO. GREEN, Land Agent ' Land Auction Mart, King William -street : SAME DAY. GEO. GREEN Will sell, at his Land Auction Mart, on Friday, February 18th, at half-past 12 precisely— MARINE RESIDENCE at GLENELG.— All that well-situated commodious family Mansion, containing 7 rooms, the property of B. A. Kent, Esq., M.D. This property, to any one desirous of possessing a sea-Ride residence, offers unequalled advantages ; its situation, the superiority of the building, and the excellent arrangement of the interior, are too well known to require comment. The Land consists of Fve Acres well fenced in. GEO. GREEN, , Land Agent Land Auction Mart, King William-street IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT. TO BREEDERS OF 8TOCK, HORSE DEALERS, AND THE PUBLIC. . . . \TR. W. G. LAMBERT, AUCTIONEER 1YJL and APPRAISER, beg3 leave most respectfully to announce to the puolic, that the Bench of Magistrates have this day granted him an Auctioneer's Licence. He will therefore be prepared to Sell ty Public Auction, upon th-i following terms, every description of Stock and Farm Pro.luce, Estates, Furniture, and Effects, on the pre mises of gentlemen who may be quitting their residence or leaving the colony: — ? - ? Horses, Cattle, Farming Implements, Pro duce, &c. ... ? ... 2J per cent. Furniture and Effects ? 2} ' Valuations ? :. ... ... 2J ' Merchandise, on the Premises of the Pro prietor ... ? ... ... 2£ ' Ships' Stores at the Port .... ... ... 2f ' Subject to a reduced arrangement, according with the ex tent of sale. Mr. Lambert, in making this announcement, begs to re fer to the assiduous and unremitting attention dUpliyod by him in conducting the Out-door Sales of Messrs. Solomon and Co., while in their employ as Sale Clerk and Auc tioneer ; and he confidently trnsts that the discriminating public will accord to him a portion of their patronage. Mr. Lambert will attend the Cattle Market every Satur day Morning early, and he trusts Gentlemen who intend favouring him will be particular in reserving their Horses and Cattle expressly for him, having engaged an experienced Assistant to mount horses intended for sale. Mr. Lambert, in conclusion, begs to add, that arrange ments are progressing, which he trusts w.U enable him to establish a Horse Bazaar and Cirriage Repository; and as it is contemplated making this branch of the Auction busi ness his particular study, it is not arrogant to assume, that if he does not equal, his arrangements and style of con iucting business will be after the model of tne ' celebrated TattersalL' A Roister of all Horses Stolen or Lost will be open for inspection by the public; and a very particular account o f the brands of horses sold at auction will at all times be kept for reference. Auction Mart, Hindley-street, 13th Dec., 1852. TWO DAYS' SALE. THURSDAY and FRIDAY, 17& and 18& of Fehuary. AT THE OLD SPOT, GAWLER TOWN, KNOWN AS CALTON'S OLD HOU8E. EXTENSIVE SALE OF FURNITURE, FIX TURES, STOCK AND EFFECTS, AT GAWLER TOWN. MR. W. G. LAMBERT Sas been favoured with instructions to sell by public auction, on Thursday, tho 17th, and Friday, the 18th February, at 12 o'clock each day— 'A LL the very superior and useful FURNITURE, J\_ BEDS, BEDDINGS, BEDSTEADS, together with ill the various FIXTURES, and S i OCK-IN-TRADE of ;his very large Establishment, consisting f— Chairs, Tables, and Carpets of every description Table Linsn, Bed Linen, Counterpanes, Blankets Feather Beds, Horsehair Mattrasses and Wool do. Feather PMows, Toilet Covers and Towels Sofas, Couches, Cheffoniers, and Chests of Drawers Wardrobes, Dressing- Tables, Washhandstands, Ac. Chimney Glasses, French Bedsteads, and Iron do. Chamber Setc, Dressing Glasses Hair-seat :d Chairs and Sofas Mirrors Glass in every variety and of endless description Dinner Services, Breakfast Services, and every article in useful Crockery Plated Articles, in Cruets, Spoons, Candlesticks, 4fcc. Ivory-handled Knives, Phved Forks, and Common do. Kitchen Requisites, all of the most useful kind Lodge-room Furniture Mess room do. Office do. Billiard-room do. AND Furniture for 15 Bedrooms All the Bar Fittings Four-pull Beer Engine Counter Shelving and Cedar Panelling ' , Handsome Clock and Case ' '' All the remainder of the Stock-in-Trade Pigs, Turkeys, Ducks, and Geese 1 ot of Hay Stable Furniture &c. &c. 4c Catalogues are in the course of preparation and may be lad at the office of the Auctioneer, and of Mr. Pile, at the 31d Spot, Gawler Town, on and after Tuesday, the 15th February.

|TR. JOHN BENTHAM NEALES begs to IJjL intimate to the inhabitants of Adelaide and the lercantile Community connected with the Province, that, le has re-commenced his professional avocations in con unction with his Euccessors, Mr. William Samson, and t.r. Frederic Wicksteed. In reference to the alnve, Messrs. Samson, Wicksteel, and Jo. have great plp.wire in announcing an arrangement of . p:ut:ie;-s'uip with Mr. J. \\. Ntu'es, and hope tiiat the eturn of the original proprietor to t!io Mart at the corner of ting William and Hindloy-struets, wiU create an increased laim to public confidence. 8AMSON, WICKSTEED, & CO. rHIS DAY, Tuesday, February 8-— At the Mart, at 12 o'clock, the schooner Lmrd; and re mainder of cargoes of the John HuUett and Marchioness. I'o-morroWi Wednesday, February 9— At the Mart, at 12 o'clock — Mount Remarkable. rhursday, February 10— At the rear of Mr. Green's Land Auction Mart, at 12 o'clock— Building Materials. Same day and hour, at the Sturt— Household Furniture, Fanners' Implement^ &c, of Henry Watts's, Esq. Same day, at Port Adelaide—Surplus Stores of the Macedon. Friday, February 11, near the Windmill, North road, at Mr. Enoch Fry's— Hay, Farming Implements, Household Furniture, &c., at 12 o'clock. Same day, at Port Adelaide— 600 Deals. Saturday, February 12— Usuil Miscellaneous Sales; Pro perty of Thomas Smith, by order of Official Assignee, at 12 o'clock. ifii .-t Monday, February 14— At S. R. Clarke's, Esq., Woodville— Household Furniture, &c. Same day, at Bray's, Gleuelg Hotel, at 1 o'clock — Freeholds at Glenelg, St Leonard's, and New Glenelg. Tuesday, February 15— At Woodville, Port-road— House* hold Furniture and Effects of Henry Giles, Esq. Wednesday, February 16— At the Mart—Mount Remark able. Saturday, February 19 — Gaskmore; and usual Miscel laneous Lots. Wednesday,' February 23— At the Mart— Marine. Residence of Mr. Ridley, Library, and Furniture, and Effects, at 12 o'clock. Monday, March 7— At the Mart, at 12 o'clock— Important Freehold and Leasehold Properties. . Further particulars in this day's Times, and in to-morrow1* Register. THIS DAY. FINE CLIPPER SCHOONER 'LAUREL.' SAMSON, WICKSTEED, & CO. Are instructed to sell by public auction, This Day . (Tuesday), February 8tb, at the Mart, at 12 o'clock— 11HIS FINE SCHOONER; burden, 90 tons . register, n.m. Carries 100 tons at a draught of 8& feot. Shifts without ballast She is not yet three years old, and is coppered with heavy copper, over patent felt. She is abundantly found with Sails, Ropes, Anchors, Chains, Boats, &c. She is well adapted for the Coasting trade. THIS DAY. SAMSON, WICKSTEED, & CO. Will sell, immediately after the sale of the schooner Laurel, This Day (Tuosdiy), February 8th— 'pHE remaVing CARGOES of the 'JOHN X HULLETT,' and ' M ARCHONESS,' consisting of— Sugars, Gin, Brandy, Ha ness, Fish, in kegs, Tobacco, Raisins, Guns, Pistols, &c, &c. ~ TOMORROW. THIRD GRAND SALE OF LAND, AT HALF THE GOVERNMENT UPSET PRICiS, TEN SHILLINGS INSTEAD OF TWENTY SHILLINGS PER ACRE. The Directors of the Mount Remarkable Special Survey have ordered MESSRS. SAMSON, WICKSTEED, & CO. to continue this auction, To-morrow (Wednesday), February 9th — TEN THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED AND EIGHTY ACRES of rich AGRICULTUKAL LAND, PASTORAL LAND, MINERAL LAND, DAIRY STATIONS, SLATE QUARRIES, MAGNIFICENTLY TIMBERED LANDS, QUARTZ OK GOLD FORMATIONS, WATER-POWER CREEKS, AND OTHER APPRECIABLE ADVANTAGES. AHD The romantic Township of MKLROSE. The business sites of BANGOK TOWNSHIP, AND The Water-side privileges of PORT FLINDERS, Whose is reserved far ever the FREE WHARF Of this desirable and leading Port of SPENCER'S GULF. Buyers should ' take note of' this, that 150 EIGHTY-ACRE SECTIONS are still for sale at the highest bidding above the npset price of 10s. per acre. Messrs. Samson, Wicksteed, and Co. hope the public will be punctual. Time — sharp 12. On MONDAY, February l\th. ~~ LAND AND HOUSES. GLENELG, ST. LEONARD'S, NEW GLENELG. SAMSON, WICKSTEED, & CO. Are instructed to sell by auction, on Monday, February 14th, at 1 o'clock, at BRAY'S HOTEL, GLENELG— nPHE following valuable FREEHOLD LANDS X and HOUSES— GLENELG— in lots to suit purchasers. A. — All those Sections of Land, in the Township of Glenelg, numbered 7 and 8, fronting into Dnrham-street, and those numbered 13, 14, 15, fronting into Sussex-street These Blocks of Land are close to the Sea Beach, and fresh water is obtained by sinking a small depth. B. — A portion of Sections No. 42, 43, 44, having a frontage of 500 feet to Waterloo-street by 96 feet depth fronting into a back street. This Land is situated close to the Church. C. — All those Sections No* 54, 55, 56, 57, having frontages to Chancery-lane, Adelaide-street, and St. Ann's- terrace, somprising upwards of 700 feet frontage. This Land is well situated, and has a good elevation. D. — A portion of Sections No. 66 and 79, having frontages to Rhine-street and Melbourne-street, comprising Three Allotments as shown in the map. These Blocks command » view of the Sea, through Canning-street E. — The Southern Half of Section No. 91, having a frontage of 50 feet to Cordelia- street. This Block of Land idjoins the property of Mr. Duhane, is well elevated, fenced, ind has erected on it a well-finished Three-roomed Weather board Cottage. F. — A portion of Section No. 100, having a frontage of 55 feet to the Adelaide road, with a Pise Cattage on the Lund G.— A portion of Section No. 78, having a frontage of 66 feet to the Adelaide road, by 100 feet in depth. This Block adjoins the property of Wm. Peacock, Esq., M.L.C., and is valuable as a business site. H.— A portion of Section No. $2, haviig a fronttge of 82 feet to the Parade, by 100 feet i i depth. This Block of Land adjoins the property of Mr. Barclay, and commands an uninterrupted view of the sea. I.— The adjoining portion of Section No. 32. This Block of Land has a frontage to the sea of 65 feet by 110 f«et in

depth, is fenced, and has erected on it a commodiotis Brick ] Dwelling-house of three rooms, being the first portion of an I intended terrace of houses. This property is sitaa-ed close . to Government Cottage, and the view of the sea » uuin- ! terrupted. ST. LEON ARD'S-ON-THE-SEA. In Lots to suit purchasers. , .1 K.— A Portion of tliia Township, having a frontage or 1,200 feet to the Adelaide road by 200 feet in depth... Inis property is separated from Glenelg only by a rdad. NEW GLENELG. '-?..: L.— A Block of Four Acres, numbered 247, 248,249,250, 251. This land is well situated, and near the residence of DeanTanwll. .. -V\ '??-..-. M. — A very elegant Cottage, stone built, situated in New Glenelg, containing 3 rooms, porch entrance, with an Acre of Land. This property is within three minutes' walk of the sea-beach; , -i j N.— A Cottage, of the same design as the last described, not quite complete-*the walls up and the roof half com pleted ; doors and frames ready. - ' . O. — An Acre more or less, fronting the se*.' ? P.— An Allotment fronting the high road to Brighton. Q,_^3everal valuable Lots, being the remainder of the unsold Lan I in this Township, varying from 50 feet to 300 feet frontages. For plans and particulars apply to R. B. COLLEY, Land Agent, . King William street. Lunch on table, at Glenelg Hotel, on the day of aale, Monday, the 14th, at noon. ' THURSDAY. ;SURPL1JS STORES OF THE ' ' MACEDON.' SAMSON, WICKSTEED, & CO. Will sell by auction, at the stores of. J. F. .Duff: P«rt Adelaide, at 12 o'clock— -' /'?' rpHE SURPLUS STORES of the Macedon JL consisting of— Oatmeal Water breaker MessKitta Mustard Pots Oval Tin Dishes Round Ditto ' ( Mess Baskets Tin Hook Pots . Swing Stoves , ' Safety Lamps Coffee Mills BedPans ; Empty Oil Tint - .. : : , PotatoeTins Biscuit Mill Water Casks ' -.?'?????? Porter Casks ?.?:?[??'? Curtains . ?' . Emigrants' Cooking Apparatus ' Pickles Mops and Brushes ALSO, To close an invoice About 100 White Drill, &c., Jackets About 100 pair unbleached Drill and Duck Trousen About 1 ton old Muutz Metal Sundry half- worn Sails, ex 400 ton ship a1 per yard A quantity of Second-hand Ropo. . Positively on TUESDA1, 8th inst., at 12 oclock. TO TIMBER MERCHANTS, BUILDERS, AND OTHERS. NOBLE'S HORSE CIRCUS, (Western side of Light-square.) ARTHUR FOX Has received instructions to offer to the highest and besi bidder— THE WHOLE of the MATERIALS comprisec in the erection of. the CIRCUS. The timber alone in cheap times cost £300, and was bo framed and put to gether in the original scantling as to enable* the proprietor! I at any future period to convert it to any definite purpose. Terms— Cash. ' ' ™ TO-MORROW. BOOKS! BOOKS! BOOKS! | ARTHUK FOX Has received instructions to sell a small select Library, the property of a gentleman leaving the colony, To morrow (Wednesday), February 9th, at 2 o'clock, comprising— ?M VOLUMES PENNY MAGAZINE, new j -*'* series % ' ... [ Milton's Poetical Works, illustrated, 8 vols.' Hogg's ditto . ditto 4 ditto j Wordsworth's ditto ditto 4 ditto i Illustrated London News, Chambers's English Litera tare, Arabian Ni^bta, 3 vols. Shakspeare, Byron's Childe Harrold, ? ' AFTER WHICH, 1 Writing Desk, 1 Brace Pistols, Tables, Chairs, 1 Feathei Bed, 1 Bedstead, and sundry other articles. [For Messrs. Solomon & Co.' 's Auctions, see the Supplement to the South Australian Register of this day. \ . : 1 ? F. LEWIS, VETERINARY SURGEON ? near the Golden Fleece. Horses shod. i HORSE BAZAAR, | CUER1E-STREET, DIRECTLY OPPOSITE DORAh'S HOTEL. RRADPORD, ever desirous of meeting the ? ' requirements of the Public, begs leave most respectfully to : announce that he has at great expense engaged and prepares i EXTENSIVE PREMISES ! WITH ' EXCELLENT STABLING, PRIVATE STALLS, LARGE STOCK YARDS AND CAPACIOUS SHEDS for 'the reception of ' HORSES AND CARRIAGES INTENDED FOR IMMEDIATE I . SALE, with efficient attendance in every department. ' ': ; R. Radford will open his establishment immediately after the Gawlei ' Town Races, as ' ' COMMISSION STABLES, where gentlemen may at all times forward their Stock, with the assn ranee that every care and attention will be taken in stabling and | preparing them for sale. : R. Radfbrd begs leave also to announce that he has engaged the services of MR. LAMBERT, THE AUCTIONEER, who will attend regularly for the purpose of holding A WEEKLY SALE OF HORSES AND CARRIAGES AT THE BAZAAR. R. Radford finally trnsts that all his arrangements are such as to ensure the satisflaction of the Public, and COMMAND THE HIGHEST PRICE; he therefore respectfully solicits the patronage of all who are desirous oi promoting so convenient a receptacle for carrying out the object desired, ! which in all the other colonies has met with universal support and ! approbation. PHO3N1X HOTEL. RICHARD MARTIN respectfully begs to in form his friend* and the public that he has Removed from his old boose, the King's Head, King William-street, and taken the PHfflNIX HOTEL, Hindley-street, West The Phoenix Hotel has been thoroughly repaired and repainted, and R. MARTIN respectfully begs to draw the attention of his old friends and the pnblic at Urge to the superior accommodation ho can now offer them. Good Beds; a Porter up all night; Wines, Spirits, apd Liquors of the very best quality; and a first-rate Ordinary every day at 1 o'clock. Good Stabling, &c Moderate charges. YOUNG~QUEEN INN~LIVERY STABLES. HENRY CARR begs to inform bis friends and the public that he has taken those large and commodious Stables and Stockyards adjoining Mr. Letchford's, and known as the Young Queen Inn LIVERY and BAIT STABLES. H. C. trust* by always giving plenty of good hay and corn, combined with moderate charges, to gain a share of the public patronage so liberally accorded to his predecessor. Horseb bought and sold ; also broken in to saddle and harness. January 20th, 1853. GFISH takes tbis opportunity of informing his ' numerous Friends and the Pnblic generally, that he has taken that well-known House the GENUINE OLD BLACK BULL INN, Hindley-street, where they may always rely upon getting good accom modation'; and though his predecessor has never yet omitted to serve goo-i cheer, he G. F.) is determined that no one shall ever say he haa been beaten, as it is his intention to keep a fiwt-rate stock of Wines, Spirits, Ale, Porter, -tc. The whole of the houne having been thoroughly cleansed and re paired, render ?; it one of the best hotels in the city. The Stables and Stockyards will be kept a» liberally as ever they were by A. Malcolm, when he took the Bull by the Horns. It is the express wish of A. 31. that all his Country Friends will con tinue to patronise tha ' Old Bull,' as he is quite sure they will have the same accommodation as ever. : Adelaide. January 29th, 1863. '1TI7' E. MUNRO will be happy to meet his TT ? Musical Friends and all lovers of social harmony at Oil Black Bun Inn every WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY -EVENING, when the utmost attention will be paid to older and propriety.

?''! NOTICE OP REMOVAL. ,_,_,-« TTILTON & CO.. GENERAL PRINTERS,. l~i respectfully beg to announce to their supporter*. . and the public, that, to accommodate their increasing business, «ey6«ve Removed from the office next door to the IieffUtir nnd Observtr offices, to the old Publishing Office of the OaseM* and iTmxng ^oumaf,ncK Messrs. Younguuslund'n Stores, Kir«S William-street, where, n*v»* secured the services of an efficient staff, they hope, by Neatness ana Despatch in the execution of orders, and reasonable charges, to mem , a continuance of the support of their Friends and tho Public. # N.B.— Orders will bo received on their behalf at the RegiiUr MM . Observer Office. ? - ACCOUNT-BOOK MANUFACTORY, AND COPPER- , PLATE PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT, - OAWIiEn-PLACB. ,: ? TBRENT/OM, in acknowledging the farours he ? h« received since commencing business in this colony, bew to .-_..- state that l-e is prepared to execute orders for ACC0UNT-B00K8. ^ , .. of every description (equal to any imported) ruled and printed to any. ^Orde^r^rinting Cards, Bill-heads, &c, will be duly attended to. :?? Plain and Ornamental Bookbinding. ? , ?- ? ;. . .. Music-bwks bound in appropriate stylo. ? .? «_i_ . Bills of Lading, Bills of Bxchauge, and Acceptance forms from t Copper-plates made expressly for this colony. , ? ! .' ; T AST SATURDAY'S /'OBSERVER,' ; 1 J among other Articles, contains— ? ?? Late and Important English and Foreign News to w6,'* November-- . Opening of Parliament Lying in State and Funeral of ttw late Duk» - of Wellington, Louis Napoleon Emperor of **«**' *%,*£_,. K_ ' Late News from the Cape of Good Hope, Mauritius, Victoria, Mew S^uth Walel, Van Diemen's Land, NewZealand, and other quarters. &*^^KffSb^ta a letter from the O^. -** #. liXgdArt\cieS on the South-Eastom Districts, the ShackamaxM A. ArStK^^^ qSSS^£S^SS^^ «*« Council. Act-Public Pr^&Vr£!Cnicipal Council, Central. Boad Board, LawW-. Th^South'Austrarian AgrtcuHurist-Masson's Patent Dried and Coln--v, pressed Vegetables. ,, ? ._j ?_?' The South Australian Govmment Gastlte, with Resignations and Ap pointments, Insolvency and Impounding Notices, &C -m_' ' .' '' Crown Lands sold on Thursday last; Lands for Sale on Thursday next, 10th Febuary; and Land Sale from last GautU. ^_ ' - rrr . Local and Shipping Intelligence^ Latest Markets, Poetry, *-*, *c, wita _ all the News up to the hour of publication. ? ? - ? ' *. . ON SALE, at the Office of this paper— ^ Emigration Forms Forms of Applications for Crown Land* . Depasturing Forms ?? . ?-? ?? ; Seamen's Advance Notes . ..??'? . Agreements for Masters and Servants Writs, Subpoena , ? - Writs of Summons. , . ? T\y|-cKINSEY'S GOLDEN OINTMENT.— JLv JL This Ointment Is a certain cure for all wounds; sores,' and en ^ * No person going to the Gold-fields should be without this lsvaloabV remedy. ???.?' ' . - . ? v To be had at the R-gisUr and Obmetr Office, Hlndley-itreet Ade HERE IS ;YOUR REMEDY I HOLLO WAY'S OINTMENT. A HOST M1RACDLOU3C0RK OF A BAD LEO, AFTEB 43 VEAHS' BUFFERING. Extract of a Uttlr from Mr. William Galpin, of 70, St. Jfary1! Street, Weymouth, dated May 15th, 1851. To Professor Holloway. Sir -At the age of 18 my wife, (who is now 61) caught a violent cold, which settled in her legs, nud ever since that time they have been more or less sore, and greatly inflamed. Her agonies were distracting, and for months together she was deprived entirely of rest and sleep. . Every remedy thut medical men advised was tried, but without effect; her health suffered severely and tha state of her legs was terrible. I had often read your Advertisements, and advised her to try your Pllla and Ointment; and, as a last resource, after every other remedy bad proved useless, she consented to do so. She commenced six weeks ago, and, strange to relate, is now in good health. Her legs are painless, without seam or scar, and her sleep sound aud undisturbed. Could you have witnessed the sufferings of my wife for the last 43 years, and contrast them with her future enjoyment of health, you would Indeed feel delighted in having been the means of ho greatly alleviating the sufferings of a fellow creature. (Signed) WILLIAM OALPIN A DREADFUL BAD DREA8T CURED IN ONE MONTH. . Retract of a Letter from Mr. Frederick TurntA of PenshurtL Kent, dated December ISth, 1851. ^To Professor Holloway. Dear Sir— My wife had suffered from Bad Breasts for more than six months, and during the whole period had the best medical attendance, bnt all to no use. Having before healed a large wound In my own lev by your unrivalled medicine, I determined again to use your Pills and Ointment, and therefore gave them a trial in her case, and was I did so, for in less than a month a perfect enre was effected, -and the benefit that various other branches of my family have derived from their use is really astonishing. I now strongly recommend them to alt my friends. ? (Signed) FREDERICK TURNER. A PERSON 70 TEAKS OB AGE CORED OP A BAD LEO OF THIRTY TEARS1 BTAND1NO. Qopy of a Letter from Wm. Abbs, Builder of gas event, of Rtukdif .near Huddertfield, dated May 31s(, 1851. To Professor Holloway. : *8tr— I suffered for a period of thirty years from a bad leg, the remit of two or three different accidents at Gas Works ; accompanied by scor butic Hvraptoms. I had recourse to a variety of medical advice, without deriving any benefit, and was even told that the leg must be ampu tated, yet, in opposition to that opinion, jour Pills and Ointment have effected a complete cure in so short a time, that few who had not wit nessed it would credit the fact (Signed) WILLIAM ABBS. The truth of this statement can be verified by Mr. W. P. England. Chemist, 13, Market Street, Hud'dersfleld. AN INFLAMMATION IN THE BIDE PERFECTLY CURED. Copy of a Letter from Mr. Francis Arnot, of Bredhouse, Lothian Boad Edinbro', dated April 29th, 185i. To Professor Holloway. Sir— For more than twenty years my wife has been subject, from time to time, to attacks of inflammation in the side, for which she vaa bled and bllsteied to a- great extent, still the pain could hot be removed. About four years ago she saw, in the papers, the wonderful cures effected by your Pills and Ointment, and thought she' would give them a trial. To her great astonishment and delight she got immediate relief ftom their use, and after persevering for three weekv the pain in her side was completely cured, and she has enjoyed the best of health for the last four years. (Signed) FRANCIS ARNOT. A WONDERFUL CUBE OF A DANGEROUS SWELLING OF THE ' . KNEE. Copy of a Letter from John Forfar, an Agriculturist, residing at Sew borough, near Bexam, dated V.ay 25M, 1861. .Tj Professor Holloway. Sir— I was afflicted with a swelling on each side of the leg, rather above the knee, for nearly two years, which Increased to a great sin. I had the advice of three eminent Surgeons here, and was an inmate of the Newcastle Infirmary for four weeks. What is more remarkable . althongh I was engaged twelve hours a day In the Hay Harvest, and I have had no return whatever of my complaint. (Signed) JOHN FORFAK. The Pills should be used conjointly with the Ointment in most of the following cases — Bad Legs Chlego-foot Fistulas Bad Breasts Chilblains Gout Bums Chapped hands Glandular swelling! Bunions - Corns, soft Lumbago Bite of Mosquitoes and Cancers Piles Sand-flies Elephantiasis - Rheumatism Coco-Bay - Sore throats Scalds Sore Nipples Soreheads Skin diseases Scurvy . Wounds Tumours. Ulcers Sold at the Establishment of Professor Holloway, 324) Strand (near Temple Bar), London; and by Mr. GEORGE DALE (late Paxton), Wholesale and Retail Druggist, Medical Hall, Hindley-street, Adelaide, Sole Agent for South Australia. M ORISON'S PILLS THE VEGETABLE UNIVERSAL MEDICINE.-In corroboratlon of the sound ness of the Hygeiau or Morisonian System of Medicine as opposed to the Organic theory pursued by Doctors, the following proofs are offend g to the world :— . ' 1. All animal bodies consist of fluids and solids.' ... 2. While in a state of embryo all animals consist entirely of fluids. 3. It 1s from and by the fluids that the solids are formed. t ' ' ? 4. The fluids contained in the hnman body are four times the weight of the solids., , ' ' * 5. The chief of the fluids is the blood, from which all the others are derived 6. The blood not only repairs every part of the human machine, but also carries with it all the rubbish, or decayed parts, to be deposited in the intestines, previous to being expelled along with the excrement. 7. The blood is the life — the primum mobile— the first agent from * which all others derive their origin. 8. Health depends upon the purity of the blood. ' 9. The purity of the blood deiwuds upon its having fre»«utleU for iu , decayed particles. 10. Disease is induced by the choking tip of these outlet* In the bowels, by reason of an accumulation of glary mucus on the inner sur face of the ir.tcstines, &c. U. This accumulation is occasioned by anything that weakens the ' circulation or hurts digestion, bnt chiefly by the poisonous drujp and bad treatment of the faculty. ' , * 12. The impurities thus detained In the blood occasion every species of disease, according to the quality of the humour or the particular Jo cality in which it i3 lodged. 13. All diseases proceed irom one source, therefore they must all be Cured by one medicine. 14. This medicine must be a ve^table purgative, innoxious in Itself; yet sufficiently powerful to pervade the whole system, clear away the ♦bove-mentioned mucus, and purify the blood. 15. The discovery of a vegetable compound, capable of being digested and mixing with the blood, so as to impart to it that energy requisite for rid ling the body of all superfluous humours, was a desideratum. 16. This discovery has been msde by James Motison, the Hygeist, in the composition of the Vegetable Universal Medicine, commonly known as Morison s Pills, of the British College ol Health, Ham 1 1 ton-place, New-road, London. There cannot be a stronger proof of the rise and progress of the Mo risonian System than the number of vegetable purgative pilla which we ste daily advertised under different names in tho newspapers, all «t which proceed upon that system. «? No Chemist or Dru^'lst is authorized to sell Morison's Medi cines; and owing to the liumeitms counterfeits which are sold in va rious parts of the world, the public are requested to see that the word* 'Morison's Universal Medicines' are engraved od the Government Stamp, in white letters upon a red ground, without which none can be genuine. They are to be had only at the Offices of tho Daily South ' Australian Register and the Adfiaidf. Obterv.r Weekly Newspaper, Hindley street, Adelaide, and the local distributors appointed in the settled districts of the Province. ___________ Printed and Published daily by William Kyffin Thomas (for the Executors of the late John Stephens), at the office of the South Australian Register, Hindley-street, Adelaide. South Australia, where orders, advertisements, and commu- nications are received.

J. RICHARDSON, 8HABE AND MONEY BROKEB, -- HOUBB AND LAHD AGEHT. \^I E MONEY LENT on* Mortgages and approved f ^NDS^E^^D^d^SR^IicTIONaBOUaHT for PURCHASE. N B _The Hi(?hest priCe given for Gold Offices—King WUliam-atreet. ? ? '?? ' ? - ibOR^SALErrAT'. RICHARDSON'S LAND J?WLETMlERINO..XL^lTSV«ly Ml with C-£ OAWLEBRIVbK ? ^ge^otherimiirovementsjlandfirBt-rate '1 ' '- and permanent w»ter. ' '^ ; . v k vrrm A ? Three Sections of Agricultural Land, rftnated I KAPUNDA...... ? near the Kapunda Mine. MACCLESFIELD... ? Five Sections of first-rate Land, with perm*- - . nent water. ? -_ .1 BRIGHTON '. ? A block of four acres, fenced and crroped.; NOMBLADEI.AID15 ...8everal Allotments, some with Park frototages, MUKitt^t. beautifully Kituated. ^_ * .. ? Au Acre delightfully situated on Strang ways-terrace, commanding a fine -new ox 1 . the hills. ? u . ]'? SOUTH ^^^'^Z^^C^^o^T^ . : ' Houses, and Warehouses, some of them situated iu the best business positions. PORT LINCOLN ? Allotments in the Township. « I.;.'.-. *.:.:., Three Sections near the Mine. ,.,.„' LITTLE PAXA.J ? 132 Acres, -.fronting the river, and first-rate - PORT ADELAIDE ? Three'l&*cre Blocks, on the roadto the North ! GAWLEB PLAINS .....Two'sections of fiwt-rate Land for agrlcultn .;. ? ; . ... ral purposes. ? I ? 'i~~ ? POivT-BOAU. ,. ~~~~, 'I^OR SALE, a block of TEN ACRES of first JP rate LAND. Apply to j./juoHABDSOH, ' ' ' : ' Land' Agent, RingWiniam-utrcet. For further particular* apply to ^ RICHARDS0N; Land Agenl^ Xing William-street. 17th January, 1863, ? — '. ? ' ? ? ? ? ??'? TO CAPITALISTS. / T?6R SALE, a first-rate PROPERTY, in jan T^FfTcES to be LET in King William-street V; f^f..* J. RICHARPSON, King WMlam-rteg. p ~7. . GEOiGE GREEN,1 ' ' -'- ' ' LAND AND BULLION AGENT. LANDS SURVEYED AND PROPERTIES VALUED. -????? ' ' QOLD BUSTi ? ' MELBOURNE NOTES, or SOVEREIGNS, PUKCHASED ASli fOLD. ASSAriffiCElPTS OR ESCORT RECEIPTS BOUGHT, , ob cMrktirjiscBD 6n them. ' LOANS-NEGOTIATED. GOyERNMENT~LAND SALES. B ARTIES desirous of buying SECllUJMb at ^tWiliive SALES at GOVERNMENT price, and requiring nvti&A SwhoKf part payment thereofpnav obUiu the same iSo^'of the UNDERSIGNED^ : : AND KO^fv ?«***.- ?S!:]ir« SOUTH r CITY OF ADELAIDE: WEST* TO be LET, RESIDENCE at the BAY^ con* Lmd Offices, King Wilitam-s'treet ? BREWEKY FOR SALB. # ;? ALL those well-known complete Premises, situatt a week. F«f further particular, apply to ^ ^^ ^ Agent Land Officea; tinglWUfam-street ? _^_ LAND AND COMMISSION AGENT JBXCHASGlS-CHAMBERS, SECT THE 8AVINO8 BASK. J AND SUHVEYED1 and LAID OUT fo GOVERNMENT SECTIONS selected or examined, and reports ^^^ERNMnBNT SECTIONS bought for parties 'desirous of rentin ^CAS^ANC^D^Taid of purchases or on Property placed i ^^a^lfSSrClKSTATOH) on Escort Becelp «nd Assay Certificites.. £ A WBIGHT. Exchange-chaml-erar'Klng William-street, . . Next the Savings Bank. ? _ doappWttf E A W. has made trraiigements for the SALE of PROPERTIE BY AUCTION without any additional charge to the proprietor.- ,1, '

f6r.«A1»E;'AT'eI;'a'.' WRIGHT'S. UNLEYl...i....Orie'C6ttagei'arid two Cottages ...««ra«p«^josW^i|^.^.ii5^ with House1, Garden, Dairy; and numerous 8TJB0BBAN to NORTH . Outbuildings, water and abundance of ADElTlDE ? 1 timt-er.: One or thfr snuggest and most ADBLAiut ? complete properties In the :colony, veil ''?'- ':''' I adapted-for Dairy purposes. ' - SOBWOODU.-;.; ? Two Fonr-roomed Cottages. -_: . BUBNSIUE. ? House of five rooms, and Stable, aUof brick 'H51. .^w. . .*- ? and stone : Garden, and five acres of Land, ' ? fenced, with nmning.water. all the year. BOWDEN ? WeW-bnilt brick Cottag^and OntbuUdings. mTCHA*C'.'..'!..~.One mile from the QhnKh-TwelveJAcWs en , .. ?—???? closed ? . .??.__!' ? ' TOKENS '. ? .........t en Acres^ with frontage to the river WALKERVILLE.. ? :ffig.SS££S35? '- t jkoRPHETT VALE ...SecHopSOi, with slab honse1 and permanent ' aii \.u'.'-- .'? i 8eet!on*68i,'near Chandler's HU1! ' . YA»KALILLA ? .....SeetlobstOee, 1087; water «U fte year 1 ENCOONTER SAX ^ L..EJghtyiAe^ Section, enclosed, with capital . 11.- :;;.t' ' ..'.?? ?'? : hooJeJ'te.' ? HUNDRED ' -if P6RT to end . ~': ADELAIDE ......«~.. . ? -,. . . . , S AMSBUBY ? ........Two Sections near the Township. * TO BE LET. -.?/ ; GA'w'liERfeiVEB, North, Sections 166, 169, and 170. LIGHT SURVEY-- .....:8eetloh No. 1153 ' NUMOOTPA'.^:/......;.«Seetkm.No..8t» c ? LIMESTOKBVALLEYVggjjg^ajj^ ao2ij gOO— about three miles ? near — -- — ??--?? fronf GaWlerTown ' ? ? - ? oS^^plAINsJ;.'s^on^.315r,near'^mlth^CTWkJ ? . .^fif / u * -; ? Sections 3134,3136,313^3128,3146 1 itOKPHETT VALE ...Lease of Section, with right of purchase— -— ? -? ? for Sale YANKALli£LA:...........Section» Nos. 1136, lliS, 1147, 1149. ? ??;--' ???? cottages; ' 170R SALE, two Brick COTTAGES, of three LaR.'* C8ntnIl3r Sit^E^wUdHTfL^Xynitm Exchange Chambers, King WiUiam^troet . ? ON SALE, at MacgUl, a three-roomed COTTAGE, with one arre of Garten and a one-acre Paddock^ with goodWell .. ofWatarr Applyto EDWARD CARTER, StnrHtreet. riKO be LET, WOODVILLE ESTATE, the . . JL residence of S. R. Clarke, E^., beautifully situated in the i talt£ ? tiek* opposite the' intended RaUway Station and Chandler's Half-way Horns*. PORT-ROAD. . ,; ThU propertv consists of a large Family Besidencc, comprising «nthuie« 1 ha^breakfest, dining, and drawing rooms, library, five bod »oms,-i»«wery, laundry, store-rooms, cellars, and kitchen; with exten ' rive stablteg, Whhoase, loft, stock and poultry yards, piffgeries, and outbuildings; one of the largest verandahs in the colony, slatc-rooTed and paved with Seotch flags, forming a beautifully cool promonade of 70 yards round the mansion. At the back of the premises, a 3 lOO-jallon tatakl£:raised to receive the rain-wator from an expansive slated roof, f&tendcd to snpply bath rooms, Ac, to bo fitted on the verandah. The-gronnds in the front are tastefully laid out with carriage drives and walks-, and stocked with choice flowers, tulbs, &cy and enclosed : at the back are exteusive and well-planted orchards, vineyard, and kitchen gMdenif'with- snfflcientcrop of lucerne for two horses and a cow all the T^T*e'estate further comprises TWO neat COTTAGES, well finished with.iinstdfl fixtures, and adjoining ia a very productive 15-ACRE ' PADDOCK Kithanotherthree-romedCOTTAGE— thewhoTeof thepro- *^rtabeine. abundantly supplied with excellent water from four well* ?^Befnflrt premises will be let at the annual rent of £236 {the three «ttagea and the paddock yielding £79 12s. per anuam, if retired); or Semteelpal residence, with grounds, stabling, and outbuildings, will ? to let separately at the annnal rent Of £180. j *?_.. ?' TftWra wishicg:t6 inspect can be. admitted by order,, and farther . wiictieM glvfln «n appUc&tion to Mr. Henry Gilber^ SoUcitor. Ado t^^*a Mr.Charles-Rowlaad, Land Agent, King William-street. N^The^ouseiold^unntureis advertised forpubUc auction,^ M«d»T.*he 14th instant. In the interim a good tenant may be treated -: wKr&Pttreh^aerf the aame (on Uberal credit with good security, * ^Fx^4lr^amn»iBatdappUaitic»neces^ r ^ ,

B. B.COLLEY'S LAND-OFFICE. I OT 1.— FOUR-KOOMED HOUSE, with 26 k acres of Land, fenced, 8ection No. 2075, near Port Adelaide. I I i— Good Honse with Land at Norwood. , , I J 3 —Five-roomed House, with 2i acrea, at Burnside, cW»p. I ql 4.— Three Cottlges at Unley. ?'? V-' I 6^-Two Houses at North Adelaide. ?*)- I 7.-28 - acres, Sections 304. 305, 307, 303, near the Torrens. p 8^-80 acres, Section 261, Goodwood-road. I a 9.— 20 acres, Sectiou 172, Bay-road, good water. I H.— 40 acres, Section 480, near WalkBrviUe.^ _^ I r 13^-18 acres splendid Garden Ground, at Fullarton, close to town. 14.— 20 acres, Findon, Port-road, good water. - lc lo.— 1 to 10 Acres, Beverly, Port-road. I 17.— Acre 286, East-terrace. . I £ 18.— Acres 270, 1011, (pirtions of,) North Adelaide Wooaford 19.— 134 acres. Section No. 3»1, nnder the Hills, known as Woodloro, I magnificent land for Gardens, &c., &c. . I SO^LandStBeaumoiit, Walkerville, Glenelg.^Norwood, &C. ^ 21.-Three-roomed Cottage, Tynte-street, North AdeWde, a nice i 22,-loTcreITpart «f Section 418, Port-road, with 'House, Land -, m-Pa^having Properties for Sale f'*^^?^61' ^ neat my office. No charge for insertion in above list I January, 1853. ~ ? - ? ? ? I i E. B. COLLEY'S LAND OFFICE. TO BE LET. . , i rjINE FOREST— Section; 70 acres,^mA excel Cl lent Dwelling-house, containing eight rooms, t631^**??^ mnts' rooms, da^y, &c', sUbling aud '^W-gggj^gJ. ires well stocked with choice fruit trees, good.water. Right of pur inse will be given if required. _.. ? [rThiram manfully pw'PES,1;1^11^^ to i FOUR MILES FIIOM ADELAIDE. ipOR SALE, by Private Contract, the remainder t?3^A'retfe^outi,arn half of Section No. 4, fenced, ad- ! ^SftwA^, ^ part of Section No. 43, Sontb-road, fe«ced( ^heLand on all the above Sections Is of first-rate quality, and water a both plentiful and good. : , ? ? . ,£._?„. of tlio „»« of N.B.-Half the purchase money may remain at hiterestat the rate 01 I percentperamium,'f6r3;5, or 10 years. - ; . ' .' ' Apply M. : ? ' - ' r. B. COLLEY, Land Agent, ' King William-stroet, -r toMr.H. Manfoll, atthe Farm.. . ? BAKING ANI) GENERAL STORE FOR SALE, SITUATED IN ALBEltT.TOWN. ^ , . FOR SALE, a Freehold STORE and BAKE . HOUSE: -with the GoodwUl of ^ the E Business. An excellent Ba kef's trade fa' doing of 20 iacks per1 week,' also, a good: General S^e ^ThlsTs an excellent onpo'rtunitj for any small capitalist wishing:*) embark in a steady prohtable trade. I For particulars apply.^ ^LLEY, King William-street; or to ! Mr. 8. .MAB3DEN, Albert HoteL Albert Tqwn, A FORTUNE IN THREE YEARS-f: , fT^HE BEST PUBLIC-HOUSE in South Aus X ? tralia to-'be-LET 'The business now doing not' to be equalled bj WANTED1 TO PURCHASE,-;; =. , . , J; A Cottage, with rVtrr2 ;A*res.;df ^ Land, situated; la Nor Cottages with Land attached, of 5 to 20 Acres, situate! Applyto ™thinlOma*£^ T70R SALE.— A FIVE^QOMED HOUSE JL? ' withGatden, Well of Water, &c. The House is detached,. ha a VerSdahTand *% sitaated on section' 240, adjoining the Patk -Land, and is withta-:0 mihntes' walk from' the centte of the town. . i m*&i^ttx*fg^d0!fa'Ai^ King WUliam-street, Febrnary^l85^ ? TO LIVERY STABLEKEKPERS, -VfATERCARRl^ ANDpTflERS. TO be LET, in King William-street, a larg YARD, with Stables -and' two ;Cottages, weU adapted for Ltvery Stable Applyto pmLIp LEYI, King William^treet. TO be LET.— The undersigned .are prepared t ' erant LEASES upon liberal' terras for the following 'TOW ACRES and COUNTRY SECTIONS, viz. :- - H . Acre 326 In Grote-street ' 331 in ditto ditto ' ; 339 Jn Wak^field-ftreet : ..,,.' ' 916 Bnrton-terrace,.North Adelaide ' 917 ditto ditto ditto' ?????? ' 918 O'Connell-terrace, ditto ' 978 Mann-terrace, ditto Section 1042 on the Murray «. ,1131 on the Light « 1175 on ditto.-' .' ? „_,?,__ Apply1 at the counting-house of G. H. FOX and CO.. Currle-strei Adelaide, 20th' January,' 1853^ ? - ? '

|?OR SALE, all tne i'iti^ivij.ocis- kiiwwu » ' ' iHEBARTON BREWERY, together with a well-finished Four loomedBrick HOUSE; also, thejadjoining PROPERTY, of a arge and convenientMALT-HOUSE, and a good Four-Roomed Bnck IOUSE. with a well of good water-the whole forming a complete HALF an ACRE fronting the Park Land, near the Turf HoU-1. . ttA CHAS. ROWLAND, Agent, King WiUianmtreet. r^N SALE, in'Sturtstreet, near the Rose Inn, a L-. STORE; with House adjoining, containing five Rooms; also, 5^1^ T?0R SALE ?? or : LEASBJi'a SECTION on M.' Echunga Creek, 8t acres, between the farms of Mrs. Cavanagh inL'r'TWOeALLOTMENTSat'thePort;each having 60 feet ^frontage to ijuebeo and St Vincent-streefe witiva,depth of 238_feet ? & ' ? Apply at;the Counting-hpnse:ofc -.?? ?..?? . 'v^ !«*?« ^v- Adelaide; 20th. January,;! 853... . . .,...:. ? ? ? : . * TO be LET, in North. Adetaidej, a good Sit ?L . : honied HOUSE,: with Stobling for 12 horses, a large Yard, and a TO be SOLD, a bargain, a HOtJSE o£ seyen ?»? Booms, Stable, Outhouses,' arid Four Acres of Ground, or there abouts.' Apply t?G. Styles, Groeer,&cJ,Unley; ?? ? -? ? ?? ? February 3rd,' 1853. ' ? ! - ? ' ;' ~TO- STOREKEEPERS AND SMALL, BREWEiiS., TO be^SOLD, ihe LEASE of'.a STORE,. with ?*? ? Fixtarcs and Two Acres of Fenced .Gmnnd, seven, years to run, waterTunnlng through all the year. A capital opening for a small Breweryibelnginoneof the best agricultural districts iu the i colony, 26 milS from town. ? Apply to Mr. Wilson, Storekeeper, GrenfeU-street, near the Woodman. ? ' - ? - TOlie SOLD, or LET, with. Right of Purchase, *? ' TWO SECTIONS of LAND, Nos. 44 and 57, in the Currency Xfrff*8*™* PHILIP LETJ, King WiUiam^treet ; 170R SATE, a TWOANDrA-HALF-ACRE I?-' BLOCK1 In the township of KILKENNY,, on the .. : Port- road For further particnUrs apply.'to Mr.George -3ant,,Royal Adnriral Livery-Stables, or to John Lalntoll, Wakefieldrstreet ? FIVE HUNDRED ACRE FARM ON THE LITTLE .'?; ?.,'??.- PARA. TO be LET, the FARM on the LITTLE PARA now in the occupation of the undersigned, consisting of 60tt ACRES, with a good substantial Stone House, two Acres of wel 1 itockerand irenched, Garden ground, Stables/and Outbuildings com pl^lSrtTlieJand is all fenced into paddocks, and more than one half is now! nnaBr cultivation. ./..rou fAmn T!tnap»« ?February, 1853. JOsEPH GOULD, Little Para. ONE OFr^HE^BESTTEGTLONS IN THE PROVINCE, NEAR ADELAIDE. M' R 'W G. LAMBERT has been favoured with instructions to cell by private contract SECTION No. 833, con taining 114 ACRES of rich alluvial soil, and beautifully timbered. It SSte near the Montacutc Mine, about eight or nine miles from Adelaide, has tv-atcr running all the year round, with the Sixth Creek onone side and Spring Gully on the other; altogether presenting one of the most delightful Sections for occupation or investment Splendid f6K notdLSsed of in a few days it will be sold by auction Apply to 1 u *^ Mr, W.G. LAMBERT) Auctioneer, Hindley-street rr-0 be SOLD, TWENTY-EIGHT ACHES of I the best rotate LAND in the colony, known as A. M, Camp bell's- the name of the owner is quite sufficient warrant of its quality,, as the' crops he has grown from year to year could not be surpassed by ? 'TherSs SYbont from 10 to 12 Acres of Potatoes in full growth, worthy of inspection, that can be either bought with the land or taken atThereUtsia'yooden House, with five apartments, servants' house, stockvard, pig-nonse, witi: fowl-house attached. A Garden well-stocked with fruit trees, such as apples of different kWs, plums, different kinds, necwrines,, gooseberries of kinds, red and black currants,.jasp berrfe8,andstn.wbe4ies; also, cherries of sorts The garden coutaifls about three-quarters of an acre of ground, and is well stocked wift tives It isolanted wiib poUtoes, beans, and peas in full bearing. : There' alsoa^utAree^quartew of aS acre of Orchard, planted with choice fruit trees as before mentioned, such as apples, pears, plums, cherries: aprimts, nectarines, peaches. &c andanuisery bed, containing abolufrom 2to 800 choice treeVof different kinds ready for placing opt ^A^m^Egti^odWorking Bullocks, bow* yokes, chains and draVill complete; a good wooden Plough, and pair of Harrows all tat newAko eiKht Milch Cows, two Steers four years old, reared by hand, and one three years old, witli three calves. Ttes7pp'y of Sg and running water: is -not surpassed npon any estateta the w lony; iA it has the. further, advantage of a very ax Snrive cattJernn of several miles in extent, including a weU-watered G^emm^tr^rve just opposite thefgate wherein several good Bpnng. afford extraorciuary. accommodation for watering cattle. Apply to A. ^.Campbell, near Cox s Creek. POjtT ELLIOT. T^OR SALE or LEASE, with the Right of _T Purchase, Sections Ko. 88 and 141. Applyto the Rev. John WN3°-AU wSa're hereby cautioned not to remove any Timberor StS' ftSn\^a*™ Seetio^ or from fleetioo. Bo* 86, », 2889' .aaw. ., ? - ?. '???.

THOMAS POWELL, I LAND OFFICE, No. 1, EXCHANGE COLONNADE. . J AND SURVEYED, and reported upon. J A REGI8TER of aU. Properties to be «^8posed of, or re- I red, kept open for inspection. . .-'?*«? t :. I 'ROPERTIES of all descriptions bought or «old;. on ComndMton. I iOVERNMENT SECTIONS bought, and 'leased; witS right of ?chase, or MONEY ADVANCED to complete purchases of the I tve. I (ales of Land by auction, either private or pnblic, attended for parties J iding in the country, . I PROPERTIES will be submitted by Public Auction, without extra i u*ge. * ' j? I mortgages effected and money advanced on bjrali :curities. The following Properties are now for sale s — . . : South Adbijudk. To be LET, a Ten-roomed House, with GardeH, and Paddock. To be LET, on Building Leases, two Acres frontage in Pirieand renfell-streets. ; F-|r SALE, Acre 335, Victoria-square. For SALE, Acre 348, Robert-street' . For SALE, Acre 195, Morphett-street. For SALE, Allotments m Stephen-street and Hanson-place. I NOBTH ADELAIDK. For SALE, on Mackinnon-parade, a five-roomed Brick Honse, with table, cellar, well, pump, &c. FbrSALE, 85 feet frontage to Mackinnon-parade. . Fbr SALE, Two well-built Brick Cottages, on a quarter of an Acre. Fpr SALE, several Building Plots. Park Lakdb. For SALE, the Acres on Devonshire-terrac*. Uklkt'. ' For SALE, Land and Cottages. . Kbnsikotok. For SALE, Building Allotments. ! Plimpton. For SALE, Ten Acres, block. : Goolwa. For SALE, Town Allotments. SECTIONS for SALE at Mount Barker, Goodwood, Wellington Currency Creek, Victoria, Light and Port Gawler. ' -...'., GawlbbTowh. ; . ? For SALE, Allotments Nos. 67, 153, 161, 174, 183. For SALE, a splendid Section, with double frontage to river and roa( — ijne of the finest in the colony. . I PRELIMINARY NOTICE. ~ TO be LET, the; PA.STURAGrE of the REEDT -?- (CREEK , SPECIAL SURVEY, , containing 20,0.0 ACRES, tc gether with the rights of 'Commonage attached thereto. The. feurve; will eltherbejet in blocks adapted, for dairy farms,' or entire,. as may t found most suitable. ' . ''„„__ Also, about l,30- acres of good LAND at ALLEN'S CREEK, nea Kapunda, on which first-rate buildings Are erected. Further particulars will be given'in a future advertisement MATTHEW FORSTER, Reedy Creek. February 3rd, 1853. ? ?'?' ? H/rR. FRANCIS MASON, late of McLarei

from bis Father, Mr. James Mason, and of his iate Mate, Mr. Th6mk8 Colliaon, through ithe Adelaide Observer. ? ? ' WANtEP,.aquantitrof, SHEAiQAK;;SPOKES, '' aridBLUE GUM FELLOES !and NAVES.. Apply. to : , G. H. HER^^NG, .Weymouai^treet ; toirQti. i'AJJT TO SETTLERS AND OTHERS.,. MESSRS. TUCKEY & ROBERTS beg most respectfully to annbiinte,!tbat'fn 'consequence of the very in effichsut means afforded £migrant« in obtaining SituapMjBOn- arrival ta this colony, and with, a view of rendering the public greater facility in procuring suftabfe Servants, they tave aetermineduponopening.a general 'REGISTRY OFFICE for every. ' de.jcriplJon '.of jMechanics, Household,' and Farm-Servants'. ' ' ' ' . ' ' . .'_?.,? Messrs. T.&R., in making this announcement, beg to referto.tMir extensive experience in tbe above, combined wifh the great advan tage of residing at the Port- wWdi enables them to receive the first intelli gence as to arrival- and trust, by. the most assidnous and nnremittlug attention to business, to merit a share of public patronage. N.Br^Persons, desirous of obtaining passages; to rMelboujme ^ ^or else where, may d6 so; by applying to .Mps^rs, T. & R^ at thefjr office, Port Adelaide ; and' all letterspre-paid, addressed as above, wiU be'punqtuallj attended to. ? ' - ' ? __ ; ... TO SCHOOLMISTRESSES. A1 GOOD SCHOOL is now for DISPOSAL producing a comfortable livelihood with a small outlay. Term! easy.' Apply to Mr. E. S.Ayigg.Rniidle-Btreet; ;' - ' :' : ? TO ^MERCHANTS, BROKERS, &c. . » -RESPECTABLE YOUNG MAN, lately arrived from on( A* :of the: neighbouring colonies, who is thoroughly conversan wffli mensaritfle iinattersy and 4s well acquainted with the Lon don, Mauritius, and Cane markets (having been : to the Above mentinned places recently), wishes to meet . with au engagemen in a Merchant's or Brbkef s establishment,' or would proceed to any o the before-mentioned potts Jo purchase Goods for this' market' .'Unex ceptlonable reference can be' given as to character and ability.' Addrtji to M, M. P^,' at the office pf this paper. ? * . : : ? TO PARENTS AtfD GUARDIANS. A N eligible opportunity presents itself for a YOUNG LADi whe A. desirous of completing her educatioo, will, in return, make hei selfusefnlln a respectable SCHOOL, sithated seven miles from Adc laide. Moderate remuneration will be given. Address, if by lettei post-paid, \o A^ office of this paper. . ? ^_____

' object Apply to John ^Vymer, back of the Theatre; Weymouth itreet ? - ? WANTED, a COPPERSMITH at Hindmarsh Brewery. '/'??', CRAWFORD jBROTHERS. riT ANTED, a COUPLE— the Man to milk, work In the garden, and W m»ke himself generally useful ; the Woman to wash and cook. \pplyto CapL Bagot, North Adelaide^, or to Wm. Jacob, Esq, Mop; ?ooroo. ' ' ? ,; - WANTED, ONE HUNDRED NEEDLE WORKERS, of the first class. The prices paid for making Shirts are as follows:— 5s. each, 4s.6d., 4s, 3s. 6d, at, and 2sJ6d. Various descriptions of Plain and Fancy Needlework paid for in pioportionL ' Needlewomen who object to have their work examined need not apply. ' Obsbbvk !— The AlbioaHouse, No. 6, Rundle-street Adelaide. : ^^ JAMES DOBSOS, Proprietor. WAKTED, a WET NURSE. Apply to Dr. Kent, at Mr. Main's, King William-street, between 12 and 2 o'clock. . WANTED, a respectablcand experienced HOUSEKEEPER; also / a COOK. 'ApplyatCleveandCo, Currie-street ? .,-''?'? PRINTING PAPER. WANTED to PURCHASE, DOUBLE ROYAL, DOUBLE ME ?DIUM, or DOUBLE DEMY PRINTING PAPER. Apply at the BtgisUr and Obser ver Offices, Hlndley^treet r OST a DEPOSIT RECEIPT on the Bank of South Anstralla for Li £80, payment of which has been stopped. TAny person .bringing the;same to George Buckhurst, Walkerville,. will receive .£3xewar^. . ?, ? ? ? : ? TWO POUNDS REWARD. , OTRAYED from Tanunda, the end of January, a small LIGHT BAY rt 'MAKE, aged, branded. M under saddle, switch tail, off forefoot a little KreV; Supposed to have gone in the direction of Ericpunler Bay. The fibove reward will be pafa oh deliverjr of the above mare at the Alliance Hotel, Tannnda: ' THOS. RJONEs! TEN POUNDS REWARD. LOST, between Adelaide and the Port on Saturday, the 5th instant, between 12 and Lo'clock, a BROWN LEATHER POCKET-BO.QK «jutalninB£50innotes,three£10,three£5,two'£2,and one £l notes, all of which are stopped at the Banks. Also, Certificates of Brandy and Geneva (stopped at the Custom-House.) ..... : Whoever will return the above to Mr, Thomas Ottaway, Adelaide, or to Mr. Charles Catchlovc, Port, shallTeceive £10 reward. aUUTn AUrti'KALlAJN AliitlUUL lUUAL. AND HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY. A PUBLIC DINNER will : take place in the Exchange, on THURSDAY, the 17th, instant, the Uvening Of tif Show, at. which His Excellency the Lleutenant-Goverhor has :*^eMha1x, wiirbe' taken by John Baker, Esq, M.L.C , at . 6 o'clock P^lcl!;eteiiOs.:eacl»,tobehadp^ihfi members of tiftComnilttee,orof the Secretary. ^^ Committee, ' J. THAIN JUST, Secretary. . Adelaide. 3rd February, .1863, ? ? ? ? 'SOUTH AUSTRALIAN AGRICULTURAL A.^D HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY'S SHOW. PUBLICANS and OTHERS who wish to erect 'BOOTHS at the Show are requested to meet the [Secretary on the gronnS; --a WEDNESDAY NEXT, the 9th instant,' if ,'2. o'clock afternoon, for the purpose of balloting for places. . The Fair will be held asusual. By. order of the Committee, ?- ? ? ? '' ' J# THAIN JUST, Secretary. Adelaide. 2nd February, 1853. -_ ? .... ?