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  • doug.butler 11 Oct 2011 at 20:59
    The Lipson "Cleared Out" may be Berry Lipson released and disgraced

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Monday, February 28— The brig Flash, 180 tons, Adams, master, from Melbourne 83rd ultimo. Passengers — Messrs Whitefield, Fergu ?on, Shaw, Wallace, Joiner, Callea, Mrs Goodend, in the cabin; Messrs Lamartine, Smith 2, Ferres, Stratford, Dane, Wood, Virtue, and Giles,

In tne steerage. Same day— The brig Maid of Erin, 152 ton, Walters, master, from Melbourne 23rJ ultimo. Passengers— Messrs Moore and Biyth, in the steerage. Same day — The barqne Augusta Schneider, 450 tons, Williams, master, from Melbourne 23rd ult. Passeiigers — Mr and Mrs Birch, Messrs Snarly, Bentink, Twining, Cooper, Pieston, Fearley, Nixon, Manson, Thomas, Griffin, Carron, Crayea, Koach 3, Houston, Scot , Symes, Ben jamin, Richardson, Elendar, Scarce, Hoare, Weatherly, Walter, Skelp, Crawley, Anderson, Kennedy, Formby, Blaud, Kelly, Edwards, Clisby, Bennett, Solomon 2, Mann, Solly, Manton, Seaton, Jeffreys, Ridley, Connell 4, Watson 2, Carman, Johnny, Thomas, Tyrell, Moyle, Wyatt, Oates, Kick, Rails, Crain, Clements. Cobham, Kerr, Gnmphret, Sonns, Jones 3, Macgregor, Drew, and Porton. A schooner and a brig were in sight last night, one the Onkaparhtga from Melbourne, and the other supposed to be the Yatala Government schooner from sur reying.

CLEARED OUT. Monday, February 28— The schooner Amicus, 164 tons, Tapp, master, for Melbourne. Passengers — Messrs Cox 2, Garrett 2, Painting, Every, Morton, Arthur, Johns 2, Meyer, Thilker, Ward, Birbeck, Lipson, Un- gar, Birkenhead, Gard, Pipei, Mealman, Dicks, Pohlman, Tonlbridge, Powell, Gibbons, Hearing, Williams, Sanderson, Smith, Tory, Wilson, Reynolds, Mercator, Knight, Robertson, Price, Clark, Builder, Birney 3, Barbett, Pippelt, Brown, Walker, Moore, Rap, Powell, Willoughby, Forster, Williams, Hull, Stevens, Parker 2, Davies, Lewis, Donaldson, and Campbell. ' Same day— The steamer Phcenix, 450 tons, Pockley, master, for Mel bourne. Passengers— Mr and Miss Belairs, Mr and Mrs Butler and two daughters, Mrs Powell, Messrs Clark 2, and Wright, in the cabin ; Messrs Page, Dodds, Pearce, Rodgers, Richards, Gloys, Davies, Evans, Boose 2, George, Barrett, McKennon, Tcstrail, Symons, Roberta, Crow, Barton, Jase 2, Samson, Simpson, Browning, Milchoring, Thompson 3, Prince, Harley, Briggs, Findeisen, Beyer, Master, Davies, Williams, Wilson, Schutt, Cains 2, Jones, Long, Manson, Phillips, Stevens, Hop Una, Cox, Lnke 2, Heath, Bowles, July, Hall, Kid, Bertram, Hawler, Noble, Neverne, Pangerton, Louks, Rice, Mailer, Mutchinson, Simms, Glimby, Williams, Worsley 2, Alfred 2, Hughes, Priest, Fry, Calwell, Weeks, Barrett 4, Paris, Turner, Jervis. Hopkins, Victor, Lanyon, Wil liamn, Reynolds, Craig, Overall, French, Gedina, Davies, Andrews SL Eyvil, Anderson, Reynolds, Clarke, Rowe, Kinder, Harding, Dick, and Stanley, in the steerage.

IMPORTS. Cargo of the Flash— 72 cases furniture, 1 pkg, 200 brooms, Order; 1 case, Phillips ; 436 bars iron, 1.9 bandies do, Stilling and Co. EXPORTS. Cargo of the Arnica*— 6,000 bricks, 182 bags bran, Luxmore; 29 bags flour, 1 case, Scott ; 8 bales corks, Elder and Co ; 4 casks, Acraman and Co; 16 pkgB, Bagot; 818 deals, Paxton; 1 c*-e. Lnxmore. MISCELLANEOUS SHIPPING. The Arnicas and Phtenix sailed yesterday afternoon. The Henrietta, Eagle, Gold-Seeker, HirondeUe, and several others bound for our port took their departure from Melbourne together with Two of the men belonging to the Packet were traced through the bush from Snapper Point to the Reedbeds by two natives of King Georges Sounds, and given into custody of the police, who conveyed them on boardon Saturday night, at the Lightship, a few hours before the Packet sailed. PROJECTED DEPARTURES. Henry Tanner for London GoUtmg ' Macedon for Calcutta, John HulUtt for Melbourne Dreadnought ' Timbo ' Chilian ' Mary Clarke ' Lord Montgomery for Singapore Perseverance for Sydney Charles Carter ' Joseph Lee Archer for Port Elliot Bandicoot for Port Lincoln Vessels at the Lightship— Geelong, Orpheus, and Louisa.

VESSELS IN HARBOUR. Augustus (barque), laid up for repairs. Captain Daft; agent. In th» stream. Bandicoot (schooner). 75 tons, Hay, master, from Port Lincoln. Captain French, agent. Prince's Wharf. Candahar (ship), 606 tons, Gosa, master, from Melbourne. A. L. Elder and Co, Town, and Hall and Co, Port, agents. Company's Wharf. CharUs Carter (brig), 200 Hocking, master, from Sydney. G. H. Fox and Co, Port, agents. Queen's Wharf. Chilian (barque), 300 tons, Hodgkin, master, from London. J. De Pass and Co, agents. Company's Wharf. Drtadnoug ht (barque), 338 tons, Laurie, master, from Melbourne. R. Tapley, agent. Company's Wharf. Daphne (schooner), 56 tons, Martin, master, from GuichenBay. B. Venn, agent. Prince's Wharf, flgoiun-a (Government schooner), on the patent slip. Empress (brig), 230 tons, Newman, master, from Canton and Shanghai. P. Levi, Town, and E. Levi, Port, agents. Company's Wharf. Henry Tanner (barque}, 388 ton*, Vaggars, master, for London. A. L. Elder and Co, agents. Company's Wharf. John HulUtt (barque), '^50 tons, Crenaux, master, from Mauritius. A. L. Elder and Co, agents. Princs's Wharf. Lady Sandys (barque), 322 tons, Pentreath, master, from Cape Town. E. Dacomb and Co, agents. Company's Wharf. Lapwing (cutter), 65 tons, Duncan, master. H. Simpson and Co, Port, agents; In the stream, refitting. Lord Montgomery (brig), 159 tons, Frances, master, from Melbourne. E. G. CoUinson, agent. Prince's Wharf. Macedon (barque), 730 tons, Taylor, master, from London and Plymouth, Capfc Dufl; agent. In the stream. Margaret (barque), 236 tons, Thomas master, from Melbourne. A. L. Elder and Co, Town, and Hall and Co, Port, agents. Company's Wharf. . ' . Marg Clarke (brig), 189 tons, Bickers, master, from Melbourne. B. A. McEuen, agent Queen's Wharf. 2Tem York Packet (barqne), laid up. F. J. Beck, and Co, agents. In the stream. Perseverance (schooner), 83 tons, Marshall, master, from Sydney. . J. Stilling and Co, Town, and J. Newman, Port, agents. Queen's Wharf. Sylph (barque), 350 tons, Thompson, master, from Sydney and Mel bourne. A. L. Elder and Co, Town, and Hall and Co, Port, agents On the Patent Slip. Timbo (brigantine), 100 tons, J. Wilson, master, from Melbourne. W. Gill, Town, and R. Tapley, Port, agents. Queen's Wharf. Victoria (barque), 250 tons, Murphy, master, from Mauritius. Com pany's Wharf. Wahtich (ship), 73) tons, Schutt, master, from London. Elder and Co., Town, and HaU and Co, Port, agents. Company's Wharf. Washington (ship), 1,600 tons.. A. L, Elder and Co., agents. In the Stream. . ?