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SATURDAY'S SALE. HORSES In'd CVTTLJE. ' „ SOLOMON & CO. REQUEST that parties wishing to Register Horses or Cattle for Sale by them, either at CHAMBERS'S NEW HOBSE BAZAAR, ; or at the CATTLE YARDS, it , both of which places they will sell on Saturday, February 5.h, will honour them with aa early call at the City Auction Mart for that purpose, CHAMBERS'S HORSE AND CATTLE BAZAAR, CURRIE-STREET. . SOLOMON & CO., AUCTIONEERS. THIS BAZAAR, replete with every convenience, and attended by men who really understand the way in which to bring a HORSE OUT FOR SALE BY AUCTION, will be OPENED on SATURDAY, the 5th FEBRUARY, it 11 o'clock, for the reception of Horses and other Stock intended far sab by SOLOMON & CO., who will hold Kales TWICE A- WEEK at this Bazaari Persons wishing to Bell Stock on any of the sale days, ire requested to call at Solomon's City Auction Mart, or Dhambets's JOHN BULL Inn, Currie-steeet, and register the particulars. Vehicles of every description will be on the premises in jrder to enable persons to give Morses a fair trial at time )f sale. The first sale will cimmence'on SATURDAY, February 5th, at 11 o'clock, with some of the finest Horses in the Province. That magnificent Grey Cart Stallion 'MILTON,' Sire ' Old Lincoln ;' dam by ' Ajax ;' granddam by 'Old Duncan Gray.' This Horse was awarded the First Class Prize at the Midland Agricultural Show, at Campbsllto— n, Van Die men's Land; also, the Prize at Mount Barker Agricultural Show. ' EGREMONT.' That celebrated beautiful Blood Horse, 'Egremont;' Bire, ' Old Little John ;' dam. 'Moss Rose.' by the im ported Horse ' Old Wanderer ;' grandam, ' Miss Grizzle.' ' Egremont ' won the Launceston St. Leger, beating a field of seven Horses. The same year he won the Govern ment Plate at Oatlands, beating 'Coronet,' 'Amelia,' and another. -'JIM BROWN.' . That splendid three-year-old Stallion ' Jim Brown,' by 'Forlorn Hope;' datn, 'Lucy Long;' 'Lucy Long' by 11 Rubens '—vide Stud Book. 'MOULTON.' That very superior and well-known cart Stallion 'Moul- ton,' bred by the Circular Head Company ; sire, the splendid imported cart Stallion ' Moulton.' 'Moulton' is a beautiful dark bay Horse. His stock are amongst the finest draught stock in the province; they may be seen working at Mr. James Chambers's, Carrie-street, Boucher James's, Esq., Yankalilla, or B. Rae's, Esq., Murray. ' WILBERFORCE.' That splendid Stallion ' Wilberforce.' Coloured chesnut Stock of this Horse's getting are so well known as to re quire no further notice. ' RAKF.SHAME.' That powerful chesnut Stallion ' Rakeshame.' This Horse's stock are really beautiful, and considered as the best carriage or hunting stock ii the province. He is strongly recicmended to any gentlemen wishing to breed stock of that description, especially for the Indian market. The Auctioneers need only remark that the Six splendid Stallions to be submitted as above comprise the finesi blood in the province; and are all calculated fir the getting [-f such stock as will improve the breed of horses in the solony. [n addition to the above, Solomon & Co. are instructed to sell at the same time, about 30 HEAD of very superior HOUSE STOCK, all broken, and comprising— Heavy Draught Horses Light Gig Horses Cobby Nags for Spring Carts AND Fine powerful Saddle Stock. The public will please to bear in mind that Sobmon ind Co., when instructed to announce any horse as good in harness, always give an opportunity for a trial. ? ? Remember — The ' John Bull' Horse Bazaar, Currie-street in connexion with Mr. Chambers's Stables. MONDAY. February 7 th. SURPLUS STORES AND FITTINGS OF THE UNITED STATES SHIP 'SHACK- AMAXON.' TO GROCERS, STOREKEEPEES, SHIPMASTERS, AND OTHERS. SOLOMON & CO. ire instructed to sell by public auction, on board the splendid frigate-built ship Shackamazdn, on Monday, February 7th, at 12 o'clock — rpHE whole of her very superior SURPLUS L STORES, FITTINGS, &c., consisting of all the requisites usually found in an emigrant ship, and all of the rery best quality and large quantities, amongst which will je found — Bottled Beer Wines, of first-rate description Tea Loaf and Fine Sugar Raisins Currants Pease Rice Sago Arrowroot i:; Barley Tapioca Spirits 'Vinegar Lime Juice Pickles i Mess Beef - Mess Pork Soap Buckets and Mess Kids r.A . . . linWare and Brushes Birch Brooms Water Casks xsd v An immense variety of sundries. - . . ' -AFTER WHICH, ' The very superior F.ttings of this fine ship, put up to ac commodate the large number of 700 passengers. ALSO, 200 Tons ENGLISH COALS 300 WATER CASKS, from 15 to 300 gallons. . also, Invoices of Arrowroot Lemon Syrup Ginger Wine : Blucher and Bush Boots. CARGO OF THE BRIGANTINE 'PACKET' HOURLY EXPECTED FROM 8INGAPORE WITH A SPLENDID ASSORTED CARGO. IMPORTANT TO GROCERS, STOREKEEPERS, AND OTHERS. SOLOMON & CO. HAVE the honour to announce that advices have been received from the bngantine J'acket, which may he hourly' expected from King' George's Sound, and that her cargo will be sold by auction immediately on .her arrival. ? ? PRELIMINARY NOTICE; LAND AT THE NORTH ARM, THE HARBOUR OF THE PROVINCE. SOLOMON &CO. Are honoured with instructions to announce that an ab : solute sale ? , . . APa NUMBER of the best situated ALLOT vJF MENTS in that splendid and capacious Harbour ?'.: THE NORTH ARM,' ' ^ will shortly take place. Particulars may be obtained of the Auctioneers, where plans of the Property sold, and to be submitted for sale may M imyotcd. -

MR. JOHN BENTHAM NEALES begs to intimate to 'the inhabitants of Adelaide and the Mec-antile Conanranitf connected with the Province, that, lie La* re-commenced his professional avocations in con ? unction with his successors, Mr. William Samsou, aud Mr. Frederic Wicksteed. In reference to the above, Messrs. Samson, Wicksteed, and Co. have great pleasure in announcing an arrangement of a partnership with Mr. J. B. Neales, and hope that the return of the original proprietor to the Mart at the corner of King William and Hindley-strects, will create an increased chum to public confidence. T0-M0BB0W. VALUABLE HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, PIANO, &c. SAMSON, WICKSTEED, & CO. Hare received instructions to offer, at the Mart (removed for convenience of sale), To-morrow (Saturday), February 5th, at 11 o'clock— AN assortment of superior FURNITURE (the property of a gentleman leaving the colony), con sisting of — Mahogany Dining and other Tables, Cheffonier, Book case, Chest of Drawers, Four- post and other Bedsteads, Washstands, Dressing Tables, Hair-seated Chairs, Shower Bath, Fender, Fire Irons, Glass, Earthenware and -?hina, Feather Beds, Mattresses, Bolsters, , Pillows, Blankets, Sheets and Table Linen, a set of Gig Harness, AND A superior Piano, by Broadwood, 6£ octaves, and metallic plate. Together with a great variety of articles for domestic use. ALSO, A number of valuable Books. also, ' A very handsome Four-Post Beadstead, with damask hangings, entirely new A very handsome Hair Cloth Sofa, with carved back and legs 4 pieces Hair Seating Very handsome Sofa, and Set of Chairs to match. T0-M0BB0W, Saturday, Feb. 5. SAMSON, WICKSTEED, & CO. Are instructed to sell at the^fart, at 11 o'clock — A SUPERIOR ALBERT CART, complete. ALSO, On Saturday, February 20, at the same hour — A Cab Phaeton. May now be Been at Cotterill's. On MONDAY, February 7th. CARGO OF THE ' JOHN HULLETT,' FROM MAURITIUS, AND CARGO OF THE 'MARCHIONESS,' FROM THE CAPE. SAMSON, WICKSTEED, & CO. Will sell as under, on Monday, February 7th, at 11 o'clock— 1 A HOGSHEADS BRANDY, Sazerac's Pale *?' 200 kegs, 7j gallons each, ditto ditto 100 cases Finest pale Champagne Brandy Scotch Whisky 150 cases Gin, four gallons 15 cases superior Claret 25 cases Sauterne 2000 boxes Sardines 25 cases, 50 dozen Pickles, pints 30 cases, 60 ditto ditto - ' ' 10 cases, 30 ditto fib. Mustardi 7 cases, ,14 ditto lib. dittos 29 cases, 60 ditto lib. jars, Jams and Jellies 26 cases, 78 ditto assorted Bottled Fruits 4 cases, containing 300 tins Sugar Almonds an Confectionary 20 barrels, 4000 lbs., Dried Apples 200 half boxes Raisins 105 boxes, 25 each, Sperm Candles 500 boxes, 56 lb*. each, best Liverpool Soap 500 packages, ditto ditto 30 boxes Tobacco 24 barrels finest Sporting Powder, lib. tins 5 barrels Carolina Rice 50 bags Coffee . ' 23 kegs Cod's Tongues and Sounds 2 kegs Salmon 3 kegs Mackerel 20 dozen American Buckets 4 cases, 24 large Clocks 4 cases, 24 small ditto 3 cases Clock Weights . 1 case Tandem, Carriage, and Gig Harness 1 case Four-in-hand and Pair Carriage ditto 1 case, 6 sets Gig Harness 1 case, 6 sets ditto ditto 1 case Tandem and Gig Harness 2 cases, each 12 Saddles and Bridles 1 case Gig Mats 8 bolts Tent Canvas 1 cask and 3 packages Zinc 50 barrels American Flour . 6 cases, each 6 dozen pints, Castor Oil 1 case Boots and Shoes - ? . 2 cases containing — 36 Single-barrelled MINNIE RIFLES 3 Double ditto ditto ditto With Moulds, Caps, &c. 1 case containing — 20 Double-barrelled CARBINES 4 boxeB Tin Plates 40cwt Block Tin 650 bags light Sugar, 4 Samples. On MONDAY NEXT. EX 'MAY-FLOWER.' LONDON 8OAP, BOOTS AND SHOES, HORSE SHOES, CART-TRACES, WASHING SODA, BUL LOCK-CHAINS, CART-HARNESS, NAILS. On Monday next, February 7th, at 12 o'clock— SAMSON, WIGKSTEED, & CO. WILL submit the above choice Goods to auction. . 60 boxes Pale Yellow Soap 80 ditto ditto ditto 40 ditto Bright ditto I cask— 10 and 12 Suits Cart-Traces 84 casks Soda About 4 tons Bullock-Chains II Sets Double Cart-Harness. * MONDAY. EX 'MONTGOMERY,' HOURLY EXPECTED. TEA, SALT, BRANDY. _ SAMSON, WICKSTEED, & CO. Will offer the Samples of the Goods an under, on Monday, February 7, at noon — FIVE TONS FINE LIVERPOOL SALT; the only lot in the market 8 octaves, 4 quarters, 2 hhds. Hunt's Port 25 chests Congou, No. 18, ex Aurora 25 do. do., No. 2, ' 80 half-chests, ex Anne. ' ALSO, 10 quarter-casks Sherry ? ,8 hhds. Cider. , ON MONDAY, February 7. SAMSON, WICKSTEED, & CO. Are instructed to Bell, at the Mart, at 1 o'clock — FIVE ACRES at the Reedbeds, known as Morris's Paddock, with three-roomed House, &c Acres at the Reedbeds, known as Gumprs's Part of Town Acre 667 &c. &c. &c. 50 tons of last year's Hay, on section 239 Lease of Premises in King William-street, by order of th&Official Assignee ASD Various other Landed Properties. ? ~~~ v Farther particulars in Begitter and Timet of Satudaj last, and will appear in future papers. / '

SA.U6UN;' WICKSTEED, Sr CO. ire instructed to sell, on Monday next, February 7, at noon — ' ALL that piece of LAND, portion of the Section of Laud No. 443, in the Provincial Survey letter B, md being the Allotment numbered 195, in the Township of Queen's Town. ' On MONDAY, February 7. SAM.1ON, WICKSTEED, & CO. are instructed to sell by auction, on Monday, February 7th, 1853— A TWO-ROOMED COTTAGE, substantially built of Stone with Brick quoins; good Verandah front and back; Sash Window; two French- polishel Side boards ; on a piece of Land 55 by 80 feet, with 30-foot road to front, and 10-foot road at back; closed fenced, partly trenched, planted with vines and fruit trees ; being part of Fown Acre 64, between Giles and King William-streets and South-terrace. _______ THIRD GRAND SALE OP LAND, AT HALF THE GOVERNMENT UPSET PRICK, TEN SHILLINGS INSTEAD OF TWENTY SHILLINGS PER ACRE. Fhe Directors of the Mount Remarkable Special Survey have ordered ME8SR3. SAMSON, WICKSTEED, & CO. to continue this auction, on Wednesday, February 9th — . TEN THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED AND EIGHTY ACRES of rich AGRICULTURAL LAND, PASTORAL LAND, MINERAL LAND, DAIRY STATIONS, SLATE QUARRIES, MAGNIFICENTLY TIMBERED LANDS, QUARTZ OR GOLD FORMATIONS, WATER-POWER CREEKS, AND OTHER APPRECIABLE ADVANTAGES. AND The romantic Township of MELROSE. . The business sites of BANGOR TOWNSHIP, AND The Water-side privileges of PORT FLINDERS, Where is reserved for ever the FREE WHARF Of this dc4rable and leading Port of SPENCER'S GULF. Buyers should' take note of' this, that 150 EIGHTY-ACRE SECTIONS »re still for sale at the highest bidding above the upset price of 10s. per acre. Messrs. Samson, Wicksteed, and Co. hopa the public will be punctual. ? Time — sharp 12. ? On THUBSDAY, February Wh. AT THE STURT, NEAR ST. MARY'S. SAMSON, WICKSTEED, & CO. Have been favoured with instructions from Henry Watts, Esq. (who is returning to England), to sell by auction, on Thursday, February 10th, 1853— 'PHE WHOLE of his HOUSEHOLD FUR 1 NITURE and Effects; Cows, Horse, Pony Car, Farming Stock, Garden and Kitchen Utensils, &c., &c., amongst which will be found — Dining Table, Loo Table, large Iron Bedstead Pallia* se and Hair Mattress, Chest of Drawers Deal Press, three Meat Safes, complete set of Dairy Utensils 3 dozen Ivory-handled Dinner Knives About 60 volumes of Books Plough, Scarifier, Patent Roller, Horse Dray &c. &c. &c. SAMSON, WICKSTEED, & CO. ~' Are instructed by Mr. Enoch Fry, to sell by public auction, at his Farm, near the Windwill, Great North-road, on Friday, February 11, at 12 o'clock — ILL his HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, _X. FARMING STOCK, IMPLIMENTS, HAY, &c, &c., &c, amongst which will be found — 45 tons (about) Hay First-rate Mare, Spring Cart and Harness Horse Dray, Ploughs, Harrows, &c. Pigs, New Side Saddle, two men's Saddles 2 sets of Harness Four-post Bedsteads, Tables, Chests of Drawers, Eight-day Clocks, Guns, &c., &c. AISO, At 1 o' clock precisely — The two best Allotments in Little Adelaide, being part of Country Section 348. ? ^^ On MONDAY, February Uth. LAND AND HOUSES. GLENELG, ST. LEONARD'S, NEW GLENELG. SAMSON, WICKSTEED, & CO. Are instructed to sell by auction, on Monday, February Uth, at 1 o'clock, at BRAY'S HOTEL, GLENELG— rpHE following valuable FREEHOLD LANDS 1 and HOUSES GLENELG— in lots to suit purchasers. A. — All those Sections of Land, in the Township of Glenelg, numbered 7 and 8, fronting into Durham-street, and those numbered 13, 14, 15, fronting into Sussex-street. These Blocks of Land are close to the Sea Beach, and fresh water is obtained by sinking a small depth, B. — A portion of Sections No. 42, 43, 44, having a frontage of 500 feet to Waterloo-street, by 96 feet depth fronting into a back street. This Land is situated close to the Church. C. — All those Sections Nos. 54, 55, 56, 57, having frontages to Chancery-lane, Adelaide-street, and St. Ann's-terrace, comprising upwards of 700 feet frontage. This Land is well situated, and has a good elevation. D.— A portion of Sections No. 66 and 79, having frontages to Rhine-street and Melbourne-street, comprising Three Allotments as shown in the map. These Blocks command a view of the Sea, through Cunning-street E.— The Southern Half of Section No. 91, having a frontage of 50 feet to Cordelia- street This Block of Land adjoins the property of Mr. Dchane, is well elevated, fenced, and has erected on it a well-finished Three-roomed Weather board Cottage. F. — A portion of Section No. 100, having a frontage of 55 feet to the Adelaide road, with a Pisd Cattage on the Land. (j, — a portion of Section No. 78, having a frontage of' 66 feet to the Adelaide road, by 100 feet in depth. This Block adjoins the property of Wm. Peacock, Esq., M.L.C., and is valuable as a business site. H. — A portion of Section No. 32, having a frontage of 62 feet to the Parade, by 100 feet in depth. This Block of Land adjoins the property of Mr. Barclay, and commands an uninterrupted view of the sea. I.— The adjoining portion of Section No. 32. This Block of Land has a frontage to the sea of 65 feet by 110 feet in depth, is fenced, and has erected on it a commodious Brick Dwelling-house of three rooms, being the first portion of an intended terrace of houses. This property is situaed close to Government Cottage, and the view of the sea is unin terrupted. ST. LEONARD'S-ON-THE-SEA. In Lots to suit purchasers. K.— A Portion of this Township, having a frontage of 1,200 feet to the Adelaide road by 2 JO feet in depth. This property is separated from Glenelg only by a road. NEW GLENELG. L.— A Block of Four Acres, numbered 247, 248, 249, 250, 251. This land is well situated, and near the residence of Dean Farrcll. M.— A very elegnnt Cottage, stone built, situated in New Glenelg, containing 3 rooms, porch entrance, with an Acre of Land. This property is within three minutes' walk of the sea-beach. N.— A Cottage, of the same design as the last described, nol quite complete — the walls up and the roof half com pleted ; doors and frames ready. O. — An Acre more or less, fronting the sea. P. — An Allotment fronting the high road to Brighton. Q. — Several valuable Lob, being the remainder of the unsold Lan I in this Township, varying from 50 feet to 300 feet frontages. For plans and particulars apply to R. B. COLLEY, Land Agent, King William -street Lunch on table, at Glenelg Hotel j on the day of sale, Monday, the 14th, at noon.

.' 0« MONDAY, February 14th, at 11 ©#«*.' -: AT THE RESIDENCE OF S. R. CLARKE, ESQ., WOODVILLE, OPPOSITE CHANDLER'S HALF WAY-HOUSE, PORT-ROAD. SAMSON, WICKSTEED, & CO. Have received instructions to sell by auction, on Mondav, February 14th, 1853, at 11 o'clock (if not previously disposed of bv private contract ; the premises boing to let)— rpHE whole of the HOUSEHOLD FURNI JL TURE, &c, consisting of— Fine-toned Pianoforte, and Musical Instruments Fashionable Couches, Chairs, Tables, &c. Library of Books and Music Valuable Paintings a ;d Engravings Superior Crystals, China, and Cutlery . Chests of Drawers, Four-post and Iron Bedsteads ? Spring Bed, Hair Mattresses, Bedding, &c Store-room, Kitchen, and Laundry ? . English Coals, Timber, Palings, Posts and Rails, &c. Tools, Builders' Materials Phaeton, Gig, Horses, Harness,' Hay, &c., &c, &c. On view on Saturday, the 12th February, between the hours of 11 and 3 o'clock. Printed Catalogues will be ready for delivery on Monday, the 7th February. ? On TUESDAY, February 15. FREEHOLD RESIDENCE AT WOODVILLE, AND HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. SAMSON, WICKSTEED, & CO. Have received instructions from Henry Giles, Esq., who* is about to leave the colony, to sell at his residence, Wood ville, on the Port-road, at 12 o'clock— ? ? 'PHE whole of his HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, JL consisting of — ? Iron Bedsteads, Horsehair Mattresses Pillows, &c., &c., &c., Tables, Sofas Chairs, Piano, Books . China, Glass, Kitchen, Garden, and Stable U;ensila Albert Cart aal Harness complete . Useful Mare . ' First-rate quiet Milch Cow &c, Sec.,, &O. . And, at 2 o'clock precisely on the same day — The Freehold Premises, occupying about 9 Acres of Land, whereon is erected a substantial Stone House of six rooms, silted and finished in excellent style, with cedar doors and fittings; the rooms are large and lofty. The Stables, Gig-house, and Offices 'are convenient, and in keeping. The Paddocks are well timbered, with abundance of water from two wells. The G-irden is trenched and stocked with Vines and Fruit-trees. The distance, three .miles from the Port, and four miles from Adelaide, is convenient for gentlemen engaged in business at either place ; it is neither too far' off nor too near. ? GASKMORE, ON THE TORRENS. IN BE MACDONALD. ? ' ' . BY ORDER OF THE OFFICIAL ASSIGNEE. ?? SAMSON, WICKSTEED, & CO. Are instructed to sell, on Saturday, February 19th, at thj Mart, at 12 o'clock— ' THIS BEAUTIFUL ESTATE, containing about 140 acres, ON THE RIVER TORRENS. The improvements consist of a ~ GENTLEMAN'S RESIDENCE, OF NINE ROOMS, erected of stone, and complete in all particulars. Also, a Gardener's Brick Cottage, Stabling, Well of WaUr^&c, A 30-acre P-iidock, with two acrd3 of Lucerne ; Timber of immense proportions, excellent Wells ;' SIX-ACRE GARDEN, ; massively fenced, and containing many hundred ORANGE, LEMON, AND OTHER TREE3, innumerable Vines, of all the best varieties. Amiinriad, with a proposed site for a bridge, is con nected with this valmble property, and the Frontage com prises nearly eight acres to tte river. . ? Conditions at time of sale. EIGHT SECTIONS OF LAND ON THE RHINE. MESSRS. SAMSON, WICKSTEED, & CO. Will sell, on Monday, Marsh 7 — THE PROPERTY known as POONA WARTA. Section 349—80 Acres, near Kaynes's Station, with ex cellent water, a very fine property. Section 353 — 80 Acres, same quality. Section 354—80 Acres, same quality, with Improvements valued at £200, and now occupied by Mr. Kaynes. Section 346—30 Acres ] , Section 347—80 Acres | Excellent Land, near good; Water, Section 355—80 Aeres S- and known to contain Mine ' Section 356-^80 Acres rals. . Section 357— 80 Acres J Terms at tune of Sale. SAMSON, WICKSTEED, & CO. Will sell by auction, at their Auction Mart, Adelaide, on Monday, the 7th day of March next, at noon— (By order of the Trustees for sale) — , 'T'HE following valuable FREEHOLD LAND, L namely — , ? Lot 1.— All that Section of Land, containing 80 acres,, numbered 573 in the Special Survey on the Source of the Rhine and Gawler Rivers, in South Australia. Lot 2. — All that Section of Land, containing 80 acres, numbered 579 in the above-mentioned Survey. Lot 3. — All that Segion of Land, containing 80 acres, numbered 591 in the same Survey. Lot 4. — All that Section of Land, containing 76 acres, numbered 556 in the same Survey. Lot 5. — All that Section of Land, containing 81 acres, numbered 3472, situated in the Meadows Special Survey in South Australia. Lot 6. — All that Suction of Land, containing 77 acres, numbered 7113, situated on the Eastern Sources of tho Torrens Special Survey. ~ ??-??. -Lot 7: — All that Section of Land, containing 86 acres, numbered 660 in the Wiltshire Special Survey. . Lot 8. — All that Section of Land, containing. 80 acres, situ ted near Port Adelaide, numbered 4 \»2 in the Provincial Survey marked with the letter B. Lot 9. — All those two Allotments of Land, situated in the village of Islington, near Adelaide, being numbered 263 and 264 in the plan of the said village. Lot 10. — All those two Allotments of Land, situated in Islington aforesaid, and numbered 803 and 809 in the plan , of the said village. ' For further particulars enquire at the offices of Messrs. Bartley and Bakewell, Solicitors, Adelaide. PRELIMINARY NOTICE. MARINE RESIDENCE AT GLENELG— THE FURNITURE, CATTLE, AND MUCH APPRECIATED LIBRARY OF JOHN RIDLEY, Esq., LEAVING FOR ENGLAND. SAMSON, WICKSTEED, & CO. HAVE received instructions to remove the valuable FUKNITURE, BOOKS, &c., of the above gentleman to the. Mart, King William-street ? And at noon on the day of sale, the ELEGANT MARINE RESIDENCE Will be put up. ? Day of sale— Wednesday, February 23rd. ' Amongst the Furniture will be found — Dining and Loo Tables, Tea Trays, nine hair-seated Chairs, Sofa, Vis-a-vis Coach, Square Piano, Mahogany Secretary, Massive four-post Bed-tea !.s, French Be tateads, Iron Bedsteads, Couches, Chest of Drawers,. Cheffbniers, Feather Beds, Hair Mattresses, Bedding, Shower Bath, Carpets, Rugs, &c., &c. The substantial House of brick and stone, contains five rooms and two collars, with a detached Cottage of three rooms : it is situated on 8£ acres of Land, rented from the South Australian Company for an unexpired term of 12 years, at £8 10s. per annum, with a right of purcbase at £20 per acre. Full particulars with catalogues will be issued in a few days. . '

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT. TO BREEDEl^jOF STOCK, «O!tSE -DBA I.Eli*, AND v ?-:-VtrtE PUBLIC. . MR. W. G. LAMBERT, AUCTIONEER and APPRAISER, begs leave most respectfully to ' announce to tha pnblic, that Uie Beach of Magistrates have this day granted him an Aucti-mi.vr'.H Licence. He will therefore ba prepared to Sell by Public Auction, upon tha following terms, every description of Stock and . '?? Farm Pro luce, Estates, Furniture, and Effects, on the pre-_ ??? ? mtses of gentlemen who may ba quitting their residence or leaving the colony : — Horses, Cattle, Farming Implements, Pro duce, &c. ... ? ... 2J per cent Furniture and Effects ? 2& ' . Valuations ? ? 2} M. Merchandise, on the Premises of the Pro- , : prietor ? ... ? 2} '. Ships' Stores at the Port... ? 2J . -«' Subject to a reduced arrangement, according with the ex tent of sale. Mr. Lambert, in making this announcement, begs to re fer to the assiduous and unremitting attention displayed by him in conducting the Out-door Sales of Messrs. Solomon and Co., whilo in their employ as Sale Clerk aud Auc tioneer ; and he confidently trnst) that the discriminating public will accord to him a portion of their patronage. Mr. Lambert will attend the Cattle Market every Satur day Morning enrly, and ho trusts Gentlemen who intend favouring him will ba particular in reserving their Horses and Cattle expressly for him, having engaged an experienced Assistant to mount horses intended for sale. :. Mr. Lambert, in conclusion, begs to add, that arrange ments are progressing, which he trusts w.Il enable him to establish a Ilirse Bazaar and Carriage Repository; and as it is contemplated making this branch of the Auction busi ness his particular study, it i3 not arrogant to assume, that if he. does not equal, his arrangements and style of con ducting business will be after the model of taa ' celebrated Tattersall.' . , ; A B gister of all Horses Stolen or Lost will be open for inspection by the public; aud a vary particular account of the brands of horses sold at auction will at. all titnoa be . kept for reference. . Auction Mart, Hindley-street, 13th Dec, 1852. ? SATDBDAY, February 5th, 1853, at 12 o'clock. FIRST SALE AT THE CATTLE MARKET. MR. W. G. LAMBERT Will sell by auction, at the Cattle Market, on Saturday, the 5th February, 1853, at 12 o'clock — A SPLENDID 5-year old DRAUGHT COLT, unexceptionable * A large Draught Horse equally good ? [ K A Bay Mare 4 years old A ditto ditto asd . ? , A great variety of Stock too numerous to particularise. Mr. Lambert attends at the market personally, and will bo happy to take entries for sale, there, or at his Auction Room, Hicdley-streot, opposite Mr. Colton's the saddler. ~~ SOLOMON & CO. ~~~ ' ?- . . Are instructed to offer by private contract, to a good tenant, - . on Lease — ' . ALL those desirable BUSINESS PREMISES, '. so universally known as ' '. ? MR. ROBERT VENN'S, PORT ADELAIDE. To say that these premises, conducted with the same in dustry and perseverance which have marked the career of Mr. Venn, will realize a 'fortune' in a short time, will only be saying that which must be known to every man. A connexion unequalled in the province, of 15. years' standing, is a consideration of no mean importance; and Mr. Venn now offers to let these premises to some one only who will determine to tread in his stops and conduct the business in like manner, and in whom he can feel confidence sufficient to recommend to the various Shipmasters with, whom he has been dealing. This offers one of those rare chances in a man's life not to be lost sight of; tl-e only reason for Mr. Venn's, retire ment from it being, that he considers 15 years' labour sufficient Any person closing for the premises before, the Stock is sold will have ah opportunity of making purchases at tho ?? auction suitable for the business. For further particulars apply to Mr. Robert Venn, or Polomon and Co. - . ; SOLOMON'S CITY MART ; . ' WOOL-AND PRODUCE EXCHANGE; TO THE SHEEP FARMERS OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA. IMPORTANT NOTICE. SOLOMON & CO. IN returning thanks to the SHEEP FARMERS of the colony for the patronage extended towards them last year, beg to apprise them that their Spacious and Subiteatlal WOOL STORES, capable of containing . 2,000 BALES, are again open for receiving WOOL, TALLOW, HIDES, and other COLONIAL PRODUCE, Upon terms fully at advantageous u those which gave such universal satisfaction last year. WEEKLY SALES Will be held of all produce entrusted to them by public auction. The only charge, if not sold, boing One Shilling per Bale, for In- , Burance against Fire, entitling tho owner to tho full value of' his Wool \ in the event of accident. The advantages of sellln? Wool and other Produce In this way an innumerable, bringing together all classes of buyers, and consequently obtaining better prices than by any other mode of sale. ? . These advantages, ' however, were proved so satisfactorily to thai parties employing Solomon ?& Co. last year, that comment thereon is . unnecessary. ? ? ? ' TO STOCKHOLDERS, DEALERS IN HORSES AND CATTLE, AND OTHERS. , IMPORTANT NOTICE. REDUCED COMMISSIONS. ^- NO CHARGE FOR ENTRANCE FEES.' : a SOLOMON & CO. ' CITY AUCTION MART, HINDLEY-STREET, DEG to apprise Holders of STOCK of every de- ' _J scrlption that they have determined upon opening a REQISfER for the entry of all ??? HORSES, CATTLE, AND OTHER STOCK, s intended for Sale by Auction, at the CATTLE YARDS, on - SATURDAYS, ^ . ? FREE OF CHARGE FOR ENTRY, - The conditions being No Sale, No Pay, and have also determined upon REDUCING THE COMMISSIONS oh sales effected to the low charge of TWO AND A HALF PER CENT. Persons having Stock for sale will do well, therefore, to call at the City Mart and place upon the Registry a full description, in order to give purchasers an opportunity of inspecting the same, and thus se curing a better chance of making a higher price for their Stock. The proceeds of all Hales will be paid by Solomon and Co. on the spot immediately after the sale. ? ? The respectability of that long-standing firm being a fufficiea guarantee for the satisfaction of Buyer and Seller, and the registry o Cattle and Horses for sale by their establishment being always OMn \ ' for Inspection, will prevent the risk formerly experienced of bnyiog ; cattle of questionable ownership. S'JLOMON & CO. Further beg jo announce that they have made arrangements with MR. JAMES CHAMBERS, for the establishment, upon a verv large scale.of a HORSE AND CATTLE BAZAAR upon the premises adjoining the JOHN BULL, Currie-street, when * every accommodation of Stock-yards, Goods Sheds, and Stable* will ba afforded to Horses, &c, for Ssle, aud where Hotscb will be shown by competent persons to full advantage, «nd their capabilities in Saddle or Harness tiled in the presence of the purchasers, ; which establishment ' win open about the 18th December. ' - ARR'S LIF¥pIlLS.— The extraordinary pro perties of this Medicine are described by an eminent Physician, who says:— 'After particular observation of the action of Pa tin's Pills, I am determined In my opinion that the following are their true properties;— 'First— They increase the strength, whilst most other medicines har« ,? a weakening effect upon the svKteni. Let any one take from three to four or six pills every 24 honrs, and, instead of having weakened, they will be found to have revived the animal spirits, and to have imparted a lasting strength to the body. ' . 'Secondly — In their operation they go direct to the disease. After you have taken six or twelve pills you will experience their effect; the disease upon you will become less aud less by every dose you take; and if you will regularly persevere in ivgnlRriy taking from three to six pills every day, your disease will peeJily be entirely removed from tha system. ' 'Thirdly — They are found, after giving them a fair trial for a few weeks, to possess the most astonishing and invigorating properties, and they will overcome all obstinate complaints, and restore sound health* ' . ' there is a return of good appetite shortly from tlie be^'inning-of their use; whilst their mildness nn a purgative is a desideratum greatly re quired by the weak and delicate, particularly where violent purglne is acknowledged to be injurious instead of beneficial.' These Pills are particularly recommended to all persons subjecting themselves to great change of climate. Officers of the Army and Navy Missionaries, Emigrants, &c, trill find them an invaluable appendage - to their medicine-che«ta, as a preventive of the attacks of those dise ascs no prevalent in our colonies ; and there is no country or part of the world where it will not speedily become an article of extensive traffic and general utility, as it may be had recourse to in all cases of sickness, with confidence in its simplicity and in its power to pro duce relief. * None are genuine unless the words ' Parr's Life Pills ' are in Whxta letters on a Red ground, on the Government stamp, pasted round each box; also, tho facsimile of the signature of the signature of the pro prietors, T. Roberts & Co, Crane-court, Fleet-street, London, on the directions. ? . On sale at the Offices of the Daily South Australian Register and the Adelaide Observer Weekly Newspaper, Hindley-street, and by the Local Agents. Printed and published daily by William Kyffin Thomas (for the Executors of the late John Stephens), at the office of the South Australian   Register, Hindley-street, Adelaide, South Australia, where orders, advertisements, and communications are received.