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i esterday morning, at 9 o'clock, the polling 'for CAlder nen and Councillors for the above Ward commenced at the Blenheim Hotel, and continued till 4 o'clock, rwhen the state of the poll was thus declared :— . ?'?' '

juaan moss Bolomon ... ..64 ' William Paxton ... ... ... 62 - R. A. Fiveash ... ...; ... 48 C. G. E. Platts ... ... ... 32~ J. G. Coulls ... ... ... ... 32 R. B. Lucas ... ... ... .... 12

HINDMARSH WARD. Mr. Rowlands attended as Returning Officer at the Free mason's Tavern. At 12 o'clock Mr. Faulding was at the head of the poll, followed by Messrs. Glandfield, Fisher, and Thomson, after whom came Mr. Paxton ; but at 1 Mr. Paxton ran a-head of Mr. Thomson, and at 2 was at the top of the poll, Faulding, Fisher, and Glandfield following. At 3 his majority was increased, and Mr. Fisher had more votes than Mr. Faulding. At 4 o'clock, when the poll closed, the numbers were as follows : — W. Paxton ? ? 40 D. Fisher ? 33 E. W. B. Glandfield ? 29 F. H. Faulding ... ... ... 28 A. Thomson ? . ofi C. Whitford ... ? * ,' 22 J. M. Solomon ... .. ... 7 A. Murray ... .;. ? g J. Munio ? ... ... 3 Mr. Paxton, therefore, is Alderman of the Ward, and Messrs. Fisher, Glandfield. and Faulding, Councillors. Mr. Paxton having been returned, also, for the Gawler Ward, will have to make his election between the two within three days. We are authorised to say that he will sit for Hindmarsh Ward. .-.--? GREY WARD. A good deal of method and no little enthusiasm marked the proceedings in Grey Ward. Very active measures were taken, and a tabular statement exhibited the state of the poll at each hour of the day. During the early part of the day it was generally sup posed that,the supporters of Mr. Isaac Breaker would come forward in a body between 12 and 1 o'clock* and place their favourite candidate in that enviable position which should secure to him the honourable title of Alderman. It may be seen, however, on reference to the table alluded 'to that his opponnent, Mr. Peter Sherwin kept close by his side up to 2 o'clock, after which hour Mr. Sherwin dis tanced the competitors in the race for the civic crown. At about 2 o'clock it became generally known that Mr. Armour had declined in favour of T. Y. Cotter, Esq. ; but as will be seen by the final result the concession was made too late to ensure the return of the last named gentleman. The proceedings throughout the day were, with one ex ception, conducted with great decorum. At the close of the poll the numbers were as follows : — P. Sherwin ... ? 77 F. Hairc ... .'. ? 72 Isaac Breaker ? '... 61 W. Slatter ... ? , *58 T. Y. Cotter ... ... ... 42 A. Armour .. ... ... ...? 19 ROBE WARD. The polling for the election of an Alderman and Council lors for this Ward commenced at 9 o'clock at the British Tavern, North Adelaide ; F. Veysey, Esq., acting as pre siding Officer, and William Williams, Esq.., as Polling Clerk on the occasion. The proceedings in this Ward were want ing in interest, and the votes 'came slowly in' from the opening of the poll, until about about 2 o'clock p.m., when some little stir became mauifest, not more, however, than forty votes out of 515 were recorded, and the result of the polling at 4 o'clock, the close of the poll, was as follows :— Peter Cumraing ? 33 Capt. Beevor ? ... ' ... 26 Samuel Stocks ? 23 Edward Lawson ... ... ... 23 Charles Davies...' ? 21 E.S.Wigg ... ... -. ? 7