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SALES BY PUBLIC AUCTION. [Continued from Uutpage.\ (nTTTATaCTioifMART. TN consequence of Alterations and Improve X ments to the City Auction Mart, it will be closed on SATURDAY, March 26th, aud will reopea on MONDAY, March 28th. Goods intended for Saturday's General Sale will be held over till the next Saturday, unless otherwise ordered. SOLOMON & CO. March 24th, 1853. Any person having business to transact will please to apply at the back of the Mart. TUESDAY, March 29th, at 12 o'clock. IMPORTANT TO DRAPERS, CLOTHIERS, AND THE TRADE IN GENERAL. SOLOMON & CO. Are instructed to sell by auction, at the City Mart, on Tuesday, March 29th, at 12 o'clock— U CASES Splendidly Assorted SLOPS and DRAPERY, just imported— EL in dmd. S, § 198—1 case— 5 pieces Black Lutestring Ribbon 17 ' Bandanna Handkerchiefs 30 Fancy Silk Vests 15 Black Satin do. 12 Superfine Black Frock Coats 13 Cashmere Coatees 45 pairs Doeskin Trousers 84 ' Black do. 36 ' Superior do. do. AH in dmd. 87 — I case — 71 Gentlemen's Black Doe Coatees 33 do. Fancy do. 15 do. Dark *-- 20 do. Check do. 60 pairs Colonial Tweed Trousers JT in dmd. 58—1 case— 58 pairs Fancy Doc Trousers 39 ' Engirsh Tweed do. 86 ' Colonial Tweed do. BH in dmd. 101— 49 Gentlemen's Coatees, Jackets, and Coats 20 dozen Worsted Half-Hose 9 pieces Black Uandanua, Brussels, and Satin Handkerchiefs E in dmd. M, 27 — 1 case — 116 pairs Gentlemen's Black Doe Trousers 12 ' do. Black Doe Coatees 88 and 100—2 cases — 27 5-12 dozen very fine Cabbage-tree Hats 19 — 1 case — Coatees Sarsnet Ribbons Silk Handkerchiefs 170 and 171—2 cases White Shirts, linen fronts, &c, washed and boxed Ditto, various, do. do. Regatta do., fancy do. do. 1 case — Boys' and Youths' Regatta Shirts Ditto do. White do. Tartan Worsted Frocks Dressing Combs .Fine Tooth do. TUESDAY. UNEXPIRED TERM OF LEASE OF DRAPER'S SHOP IN HINDLEY-STREET. SOLOMON & CO. Will sell by auction, at the City Mart, on Tuesday, 29th March, at 12 o'clock— THE UNEXPIRED TERM of LEASE, being eight months, of all those desirable Busi ness Premises in Hindley-street, lately occupied by Mr. George Shaw, draper, and being in a most cen tral situation. For further particulars apply on the premises, or to the Auctioneers. TUESDAY. TO DRAPERS, BOOT AND SHOEMAKERS, SILK MERCERS, HABERDASHER*, AND OTHERS. NINE CASES SUPERIOR NEW GOODS NOW LANDING. SOLOMON & CO. Will sell by auction, on Tuesday, 29th March, at the City Mart, at 12 o'clook— Din dmd. 1509 /T\NE CASE— \J 42 splendid assorted Silk Dresses 72 doz. 7, 7J, and 8-inch stained Dressing Cases 36 do. do. do. S in dmd. 2418—1 case— 9 doz. Men's Scarlet Guernseys 6 do. do. do. 5 do. do. White do. 10 do. do. Blue do. 10 do. do. Scarlet do. 6 do. do. Lilac do. S in dmd. 188—1 case— 4 doz. Blue Worsted Cap3 10 Llama Shawls 5 Paisley do. 72 Printed do. 22 Barege Scad f do. 4 doz. Ladies' Neck Ties 7 assorted Robes 5 pieces Fancy Alpacas 18 doz. Women's White Hose 48 Fancy Silk Vests 54 Toilenet do. 22 doz. Cotton Gloves 46 yards Satiuetto 54 do. China Satin. S in dmd. 189—1 case— 83 doz. Children's Patent Strapped Shoes 72 pairs Coloured Cashmere Boots Sin dmd. 19 — 1 case— 50 Embroidered Delaine Dresses 118 Muslin Dresses 37 do. do. 32 Print do. 12 Tweed Coats 63 Silk Parasols, No. 1 99 do. do., No. 2 S in dmd. S, 21 — 1 case — 33 pieces (857 yards) Organdie Muslin 23 ' 643 ' Ginghams , .1 ' .Damask 47 lbs. Black Thread WC in dmd. 400 over, 171 — 1 case — 319 Brab Hats BM in dmd. 20—1 case— 35 Tweed Coats 12 Shooting Coats 4 Boys' do. do. 1 Paletot 21 pairs Davis's London-made Gentle men's Dress Wellingtons. 8 in dmd., SO over, 12, 1 case — 61 Men's Superior Doeskin Coats . . ' . 84 pairs do. do. Trousers 20 Splendid Drab and Black Chester fields 6 Best l'ilot Coats 2 ''' - Coddingtons. . TUESDAY, 29th March, at 12 o'clock. SUBSTANTIAL TWO-ROOMED PORTABLE WOODEN HOUSE. SOLOMON & CO. Are instructed to sell by auction, at the City Mart, on Tuesday, March 29th, at 12 o'clock— (To be removed from where it is now standing, near Crafer's Inn, Glen Osmond-road)— ' A SUBSTANTIAL WOODEN HOUSE, ^\. built of Stringy Bark Plank, Shingle roofing; so arranged as to be easily taken into four parts. It is divided into i wo compartments, 12X12, and 12 X 9; with an excellent trellis- work Veran dah in front and round the gables, Doors of Sydney Cedar, and the whole being well and substantially Jmilt. , To any person wanting a comfortable residence, capable of being removed at a small expense, an opportunity is now afforded which should not be lost sight of.

. - TUESDAY.' - : BOOTS, SHOES, AND LEATHER. SOLOMON & CO. Will sell by auction, at the City Mart, on Tuesday, March 29th, at 12 o'clock— 'pHREE CASES SUPERIOR BOOTS JL and SHOES, consigned to the order of Mr. P. E. Mackay, and manufactured by Hornan & Co. ALSO, 8 bales of Kip Leather, ex Yarmouth, from Sydney. WEDNESDAY, iOth March. IMPOBTANT TO THE TRADE. WINTER WINES. WINTER WINES. EX 'LADY SANDYS,' FROM THE CAPE OF GOOD HOPK SOLOMON & CO. Will sell by auction, at the City Mart, on Wednesday, - March 30th, at 12 o'clock— 1 50 QUARTER-CASKS superior quality LO\J PONTAC, equal to many samples of Port Wine in the market 100 balf-aulms do. do. do. All just landed direct from the Cape. SATUBDAY, 26tt March. CATTLE YARDS. HORSES, MULES, CART AND HAENE5S, DRAYS, AND CARTS. SOLOMON & CO. Will sell by auction, at the Cattle Yards, on Saturday, March 26th, at 12 o'clock — A PAIR of splendid MULES, very young, and well broken, perfectly quiet in harness or saddle, together with CART and HARNESS, the whole just imported from the Cape of Good Hope. May be seen at Unley Farm Paddock, Unley, and will be found a most invaluable acquisition for an overland party in the worst season. 4 superior upstanding Draught Horses, well tried, and staunch 2 excellent Gig or Carriage Horses 2 strong Horses, broken to spring cart 6 strong Colts and Fillies, broken to saddle And the usual cumber of Horses registered on Solomon & Co.'s Register, at the Mart, where parties having Horses, Cattle, &c, for sale, are respectfully requested to register the same. Proceeds paid over in cash immediately after the sale. SATUBDAY, 2nd April. VALUABLE LEASEHOLD LAND AND HOUSES IN CURRIE-STEEET. BY ORDER OF THE DIRECTOES OF THE TOWN AND COUNTRY LAND AND BUILD ING SOCIETY. To be Sold by Auction by SOLOMON & CO., At the City Auction Mart, Hindley-street, on Satur day, 2nd April, at 12 o'clock— THE LEASE, having 14| years unex pired, of all those Two desirable Allotments ot LAND, in Currie-street, Nos. 7 and 10, part of Town Acre No. 120. Allotment No. 7, having a frontage to Currie-street of 21 feet by a depth of 105 feet, and having erected thereon two substantial Two-storey Houses 'with shop fronts, and a Baker's Oven at the rear. No. 10 has a frontage of 23 feet to Currie-street by a depth of 195 feet, abutting in the rear upon Hawdou-ctreet, upon which is erected a substantial Two-roomed (louse, with frontage to Currie-street Conditions with all further particulars at time of sale. CITY AUCTION MAET. SALES on SATURDAYS, for the Dis posal of SUNDRIES, LANDED PROPER TIES, &c, &c, will be Resumed at the City Auction Mart, Hindley-street, On and after Saturday, 15th January : and, at the suggestion of various friends, the Com mission on FURNITURE, KNICK-KNACKS, WEARING APPAREL, SHOP GOODS, LANDED PROPERTIES, &c., for Sale on Saturdays, will be Reduced the same as Goods sold on any other day. Remember- SOLOMON & CO., City Auction Mart, Hindley-street. MONDAY, 28th March, 1853. ='' TO PUBLICANS AND OTHERS FURNISHING. MR. W. G. LAMBERT Will sell by public auction, on Monday, the 28th March, at 12 o'clock, on the premises known as the Britannia Tavern, at the corner of Norwood, adjoinin? the Racecourse — A VERY Superior lot of LARGE CEDAR TABLES, CHAIRS, and PUB LICANS' FURNITURE, CESAR SKATS with Backs, and a lot of SUNDRIES. Without any reserve. T RICHARD BULLOCK ANDREWS, -Lj late of Eppiug, in the County of Essex, in England, and now of Brighton, in the Province of South Australia, At torney at Lav, intend to apply on the last day of this term, or of some subsequent term, to be admitted a Banister, Attorney, and Proctor of the Supreme Court of this Province. RICHD B. ANDREWS. Dated this 11th day of March, 1853. NOTICE. ~~ A LL PERSONS having any Claims against JLX. the undersigned, either on his own account or jointly, are requested to forward particulars of the same to Messrs. G wynne aud Lawrence, solicitors, on or before the 4th iday of April next, when, if found correct, immediate payment will b« made. Adelaide, 24th March, 1853. W. H. CLARK. . ALL PARTIES INDEBTED to the late Firm of S. R. CLAKKE& CO, Wharfingers, Contractors, Ship Chandlers, and General Commission Agents, are re quested immediately to pay their Accounts; and all claims against the 6aid Firm are also requested to be addressed to Mr. S. R. Clarke, Exchange, Adelaide, or to Lipson-street, at the Port. 1st March 1853. ? ALL PERSONS INDEBTED to Mr. . GEORGE BEAN, Tanner and Currier, are requested to pay their accounts to Mr. J. H. Marshall, Leather-seller, King William-street, whose receipt will be ? sufficient discharge, otherwise legal proceedings will be taken for the recovery of the same without further notice. Dated Jannary 27th, 1853. . G. BEAN. ~~ A CARD. 1ITR. HENRY AYLIFFE, Surgeon, having -Li J- just arrived from England, has the honour to inform the gentry and public of Adelaide and its vicinity that he has resumed his professional duties at his residence, Grote-street, close to the Catholic Chapel. f T PITMAN, BUILDER, &c., Rundle O ? street East (established 1838). Works designed or executed with economy and dispatch. ~~ CITY IRON WORKS, CCRRIE-8TREET, KEXT TO THE WHITE HORSE. MATHER BROTHERS & GATHER COLE, ENGINEERS, SMITHS, TOOLMAKERS and TURNERS. Orders executed with accuracy and despatch. MAIN'S CASTOR OIL POMADE.— Patronized by Lady Young, See. This Pomade is de lightfully perfumed, and is superseding the use of all other preparation'1 for the growth and nourishment of the Hair. Prepared only by W. Mais, Family and Dispensing Chemist, King William-street; and sold in pntu at 1«u and «w. wieh. TO PARTIES PROCEEDING TO THE DIG GINGS. pARLETON'S invaluable BAKING V-/ POWDER, best known substitute for Pre pared and void by JAMES PARKINSON, Successor to C. J. Carieton, Chemist Bundle-street Dii pessary. JOHN MARRABLE, BUTCHER, begs V to anuonnce to the inhabitants of Adelaide and its vi cinity that he has taken the business and premises of J. CRAIG, Bundle-street where he intends to continue the busi ness in all its branches. J. Marrable respectfully solicits a continuance of the patro nage so liberally bestowed upon his predecessor, and to ex press his grateful acknowledgments of the support he has al ready received. Hams, Corned Beef, Pickled Tongues, fine Pickled Round* of Beef, Minced Collojn, and Sausages, always on band.

'??m' .;'?'? GEORGE GREEN, ! ? LAND AGENT. LANDS SURVEYED and PROPERTIES VALUED. LOANS NEGOTIATED. GOVERNMENT LAND SALES. Parties desirousof buying SECTIONS at the above SALES tt GOVERNMENT price, and requiring assistance in the whole or part payment thereof, may obtain the same at the Offices of the uudersigned. LANDS and LANDED PROPERTIES For SALE, For LEASE, For RENTAL, - NORTH ) within, the EAST ) or J-ofor ? or J-ofor SOUTH ) CITY OF ADELAIDE. WEST ) GOVERNMENT SECTIONS. Parties requiring GOVERNMENT SECTIONS can have them purchased by the undersigned, and lease them with a right of purchase. NOTICE. The undersigned begs to announce to his clients and to the public of South Australia generally, that from and after this date he will hold AUCTION SALES of LAND and LANDED PROPERTIES on the first and Third Friday in each month, «t his LAND AUCTION MART, King William-street GEORGE GREEN, I and Agent Land Auction Mart, King William-street THE LATE FIRE IN G REN FELL STREET. THE STORES which were injured by the above are now nearly ready for re-occupation. For terms, &c, apply to GEORGE GREEN, Land Agent Land Agency Offices, King William-street ? HILL COTTAGE, NORTH ADELAIDE. TO be LET or SOLD, tbat convenient and elegant residence of C. S. Penny, Esq. known as HILL COTTAGE. GEO. GREEN, Land Agent Land Agency Offices, King William-street UNDEKDALE. FOR SALE, ALLOTMENTS on Section No. 96, situate near the Reedbeds, on the Banks of the Torrens, now laid out as a Township, and named ' Underdale.' To persons desiring Market Gardens, the good soil and other advantages possessed by thin locality are undeniable. Plans may be seen and particulars learned on application to GEORGE GREEN, Land Agent Land Agency Office, King William-street. ?? TO be LET, an eight-roomed HOUSE, at GLEEVILLE, with OUTBUILDINGS, consisting of four-stall stable, and coach-house, and detached stone kitchen, WELL of WATER, 7i Acres of Land, fenced in, partly planted with fruit trees, in bearing, and including kitchen and flower garden; known as late in tlie occupation of Captain D&shwood. GEORGE GREEN, Land Agent Laud Agency Office, King William-street A. WRIGHT, LAND and COMMIS ? SION AGENT, Exchange-chambers, next the Savings Bank. LAND SURVEYED and laid ont for sale. GOVERNMENT SECTIONS selected or examined, and reported npon for intending purchasers. LOANS negotiated; and Land and House Property Valued for parties desirous of lending money thereon, or making purchases. A register kept of Land or Houses for Sale or Lease. SECTIONS for Sale and Lease in various parts of the colony. SUBURBAN LAND, HOUSES, and TOWN PRO PERTY for Sale and Lease. GOVERNMENT SECTIONS bought for parties desirous of renting them with right of purchase. CASH ADVANCED in aid of purchases or on Property placed in the hands of the undersigned for Sale. GOLD BOUGHT and CASH ADVANCED on Escort Receipts and Assay Certificates. E. A. WRIGHT. Exchange-chambers, King William-street, Next the Savings Bank. E. A. W. has made arrangements for the SALE of PRO PERTIES BY AUCTION without any additional charge to the proprietor. FOR SALE AT E. A. WKIGHT'S. UNLEY ? One Cottage, and two Cot tages. ' KENSINGTON ? ...Two Cottages. 'I 32 Acres of Land, enclosed and sub divided, with House, Garden, Dairy, and numerous Outbuild SUBURBANtoNORTH y ings, water and abundance of ADELAIDE ? timber. One of the snuggest and most complete properties In the colony, well adapted for Dairy purposes. NORWOOD..................Two Four-roomed Cottages. BOWDEJi ? ;. ? Well-built brick Cottage and Out buildings. . MITCHAM ? One mile from the Church— Twelve Acres enclosed TORRENS ? Ten Acres, with frontage to the river. MORPHETT VALE ...Section 682, near Chandler's Hill. YANKALILLA ? Sections 1086, 1087, water all the year. ENCOUNTER BAY ...Eighty-Acre Section, enclosed, with capital house, &c. GAWLER RIVER ? } . PEACHEY BLLT ...... | Sections for Sale or Lease, with LITTLE PARA ? I right of purchase— good water, and I timber, and sections that may be HUNDRED of PORT ploughed from end to end. ADELAIDE ? I SALISBURY ? Two Sections near the Township. TO BE LET. THE STURT ? Six-roomed stone house, with 80 acres of land, six miles from Adelaide. GAWLER RIVER, North, Sections 165 and 169. LIGHT SURVEY ......Section No. 1163. NURIOOTPA ? Section No. 80. LIMESTONE VALLEY ) g^^ ^.3021,2025-about three LYNDOCHVALLEY... j miles {rom Ga*ler Towl1 GAWLER PLAINS......Section No. 8157, near Smith's Creek Sections 9134, .3135, 3186, 3128, 3146 YANKALILLA ? Sections Nos. 1136, 1146, 1147, 1149. T RICHARDSON, SHARE and MONEY O ? BROKER, HOUSE and LAND AGENT. MONEY LENT on Mortgages, and approved Securities, and BILLS DISCOUNTED. LANDS SURVEYED, and COUNTRY 8ECTIONS BOUGHT for parties who wish to lease the same with Right of Purchase. SECTIONS for SALE and to LET iu most parts of the country. HOUSES in NORTH and SOUTH ADELAIDE to LET and for PURCHASE. N.B.— The Highest Price given for Gold. Offices— King William-street FOR SALE, AT RICHARDSON'S LAND OFFICE, KING WILLIAM 8TREET— GAWLER RIVER ......200 Acres in a block, partly fenced, with Cottage and other improve ments; land first-rate and perma nent water. KAPUNDA ? .Three Sections of Agricultural Land, situated near the Kapunda Mine. MACCLESFIELD...~....Five Sections of first-rate Land, with permanen twater. BRIGHTON ...............A block of four acres, fenced and cropped. NORTH ADELAIDE ...Several Allotments, some with Park frontages, beautifully situated. An Acre delightfully situated on Strangways-terrace, commanding a fine view o( the hills. SOUTH ADELAIDE ...Several Properties, worthy the atten tion of tho capitalist, consisting of Shops, Public Houses, and Ware houses, some of them situated iu the best business positions. PORT LINCOLN ? Allotments in the Township. Three Sections near the Mine. LITTLE PARA ? ..132 Acre*, fronting the river, and first-rate land. PORT ADELAIDE ? Three 13-acre Blocks, on the road to the North Arm GAWLER PLAINS ......Two Sections of first-rate Land for agricultural purposes. PORT ROAD ? A block of ten acres of first-rate Land. NORWOOD.— TO THE CAPITALIST. DIGGER, GARDENERS, AND OTHERS. FOR SALE, in lots to suit purchasers, all that BLOCK of LAND immediately adjolningthe Wes Ieyan Chapel,' at Norwood, part of Section No. 223. - Land first-rate, and water permanent For plans and particulars, apply to -, J. RICHARDSON, Land Ageat, King William-street OFFICES to be LET in King William street Apply to J. RICHARDSON, King William-flteet FOR SALE or LEASE, a SECTION on Ecbunga Creek, 81 acres, between the farms of Mrs. Cavanagh and Mr. Sanders. Also, TWO ALLOTMENTS at the Port, each having 60 feet frontage to Quebec and St. Vincent-streets, with a depth of 236 feet Apply at the Counting-house of G. H. FOX & CO. Adelaide, 20th January, 1853. TO be LET. — The undersigned are prepared to grant LEASES upon liberal terms for the following TOWN ACRES and COUNTRY SECTIONS, vi*.:— Acre 331 in Grote-ntreet ' 339 in Wakefield-street ' 916 Burton-terrace, North Adelaide ' 917 ditto ditto ditto ' 918 O'Conneil-terrace, ditto ' 978 Mann-terrace, ditto Section 1012 on the Murray ' 1131 on the Light ' 1175 on ditto. Apply at the counting-house of G. H. FOX and CO., Cur rie-street. Adelaide, 20th Jannary, 1853. ? FOR SALETtWO SECTIONS of LAND, situate in the hundred of Munno Para, being Nos. 4128 and 4133. For particulars, apply to C. Ford, grocer, Hindley street OR SALE, at Yankalilla, 105 Acres of LAND, with substantial stone House thereon. For par ticulars, enquire of Mr. Jas. Chambers, Mail Contractor. TO be LET, that beautiful Mansion Public house, the FORESTERS' AND SQUATTERS' ARMS, Thebarton, with large Yard enclosed, aud six-stalled Stable, with a good Well of water; command^ g a picture*}* view of the Hills, West-terrace, North Adelaide, the Gulf, t.he Reed beds. and the surrounding country; the first house from the city to the Port, commanding the post lucrative business of any other honse is South Australia. Trade principally aver the counter. The above premises will be let for the term of seven yean from the date of agreement, npo« s«ch terms as may be agreed on. Application to be made to the owner, on the premises, PATRICK McCARROH.

B. B. COLLET'S LAND AND HOUSE-OFFICE. ' . HOUSES FOR SALE. N0RW00D...A— Three - roomed Cottage, with half an acre of Land, Gar den, centre of Norwood, good water. i . ' B-rThree-roomed Cottage and Store, si tuated near the Golddiggers1 Arms, C— Two four-roomed Cottages, adjoln -.:???? : ? ' ? ing each other, with an acre of Land; also, 30,000 Bricks intended tor building a store. D— Eight-roomed House, with two acres of Garden, &c. A gentleman's re : - skdence complete. MSGILL ? A— Four-roomed verandah House, with Cellar, two and a-half acres of Land, &c A remarkably fine pro . spect from thin House. B— Eight-roomed Stone House, with verandah, &c.. Vineyard, Orchard, Ac, a Paddock of 14 acres, creek of running water through the pro perty. KENSINGTON .........A— Fonr-roomed House, with Garden, Well of water, &c, in & good si tuation. B— Three-roomed Cortege, with 16} acres ot Land adjoining Kensing ton, good Water. UNLEY. ? A— Five-roomed House, Garden, &c B— Three Cottages; a good investment NORTH ADELAIDE .A— Fonr-roomed stone House, with a quarter of an acre of Laud, well situated. B— Three-roomedCottageinCambridge- street C— Two Houses adjoining, in Tynte street stone-built D— Two Houses adjoining, in Union street ALBERT TOWN ? A— Three-roomed brick Cottage. B — Two roomed wooden Cottage. NEW GLENELG ? A— Three-roomed stone Cottage with Porch, and an acre of Land. B— A second Cottage similar to the above, not quite finished. Shop and Bakehouse with the good-will of the trade for sale, situated at Magill. Garden Land near Adelaide, and Country Sections for sale. N.B.— Parties having Properties for Sale are invited to Re gister the same at my office. No charge foi insertion in above list VALUABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTY t for SALE, situated on the SOUTH SIDE of the PORT ROAD, adjoining to the City and the Port. Lot 1.— All that 80-acre Section, No. 433, with Dwelling House and Homestead thereon, in the occupation of the pro prietor, Mr. J. S. Duncan. The arrangements on this Farm comprise Stockyards, Sheds, Piggeries, Poultry-yards, &c— in fact everything the English or Scotch farmer could de«ire. The quality of the Land is equal to the very best in the colony. Water is both plentiful and good. Title, a I*and Grant Lot 2.— All those Sections, Nos. 440 and 441, comprising 160 Acres, adjoining the above. These Sections are particularly valuable to the occupier of Section 433, as the possesionof them ensures a good Run for Dairy Cattle. Title, a Land Grant Lot 3.— Portion of Section 425, containing 20 Acres of Land (less the road on the north side), with Three Cottages thereon, yielding a rental of £20 per annum. The Land is of a very supetior quality. Lot 4,— All the Dairy Cows and Fanning Utensils ; but these will be sold by auction in about three weeks, unless taken by the purchaser of Lot 1. The above properties are admirably situated, being close to two markets, well watered, and combine the necessary qualifi cations for an Agricultural or Dairy Farm. Half the purchase-money may remain at 8 percent interest, for any term to 14 years. . For further particulars, apply to J. S. DUNCAN, on the Farm ; or to ? R.B.COLLEY, Land Agent, Adelaide. A FORTUNE IN THREE YEARS. THE LEASE of the BEST PUBLIC HOUSE in South Australia to be SOLD The business now doing not to be equalled by any other house in the colonies. Any person having £1,00.) to £2,000 may apply for particu lars to R. B. COLLEY, King William-street THOMAS POWELL, LAND OFFICE, No. 1, EXCHANGR-COLONKADE. LAND SURVEYED, and reported upon. A REGISTER of all Properties to be disposed of or required, kept open for inspection. PROPERTIES of all descriptions bought or sold on Com mission. GOVERNMENT SECTIONS bought, and leased with right of purchase, or MONEY ADVANCED to complete purchases of the above. Salex of Land by auction, either private or public, attended for parties residing in the country. PROPERTIES will be submitted by Public Auction, without extra charge. MORTGAGES EFFECTED and MONEY ADVANCED on REAL SECURITIES. South Adelaide. - To be LET, on Building Leases, two Acres frontage in Pirie and Grenfell-streets. To be SOLD, a well-built 4-roomed Brick and Stone Cottage, with cedar fittings, lately erected ; and a two-roomed ditto, with verandah and cedar fittings, in Gilbert-street For SALE, Acre 335, Victoria-square. For SALE, Acre 195, Morphett-street For SALE, Allotments in Stephen-street and Hanson-place. For SALE, rour-rauiiKii Driuk. liuuno in uilbert-Aireet. North Adelaide. For SALE, 85 feet frontage to Mackinnon-parade. For SALE, several Building Plots. Park Lands. For SALE, three Acres on Devonshire-terrace. Uklky. For SALE, Land and Cottages. Bukkside. To be SOLD, beautiful site for residence— 15 Acres of Land delightfully situated, commanding a fine view of the Gulf. Also, 3 Acres, with Garden, Stabling, &c, and a large House partially erected. Kensington. For SALE, Building Allotments. Goolwa. For SALE, Town Allotments. SECTIONS for SALE at Mount Barker, Goodwood, Wel lington, Currency Creek, Victoria, Light and Port Gawler. Gawleb Towh. For SALE, Allotments Nos. 67, 153, 161, 174, 183. For SALE, a splendid Section, with double frontage to river and road— one of the finest in the colony. Strathalbtn. SECTION watered all the year, fenced. MAC XE8FIKLD. SECTION, with Honse and good water. A DAIRY FARM. TO be SOLD, an 82-acre SECTION, near the Sod Hut Inn, and about five miles from the Bum on the main road, of which about eight acres are broken up and all the. land tillable. There are on the Section a Slab Hut and good substantial Stockyard six panel, square (four rails and capped), 1,100 Rails, and 100 Posts bored and morticed, a Plough and llartow, SCO Paling, and 28 head of Milking Cattle on the farm. As the owner Is leaving the colony, intending purchasers must apply before the 6th of April n^xt To any one wishing to settle on a farm this is a most desirable investment and should be speedily embraced. There is a tenant on the farm, whose term expires ou the 13th of September next. For further particulars apply to THOS. W. POWELL, Post-office, Kooringm. FOR SALE, TWO BRICK COTTAGES in Norwood; 57 J feet frontage, 150 feet depth; cedar fittings and verandah. THOMAS POWELL, Exchange-colonnade. TO be DISPOSED OF, a first-rate HOTEL BUSINESS, in tho best part of South Adelaide. This in one of the best opportunities lately offered for a person of moderate capital of entering a lucrative and gpnteel business. The visitants are first-class, and the tar business may be made the first in the colony. For further particulars, apply ti ? THOMAS POWELL, Exchange-colonade. TO be LET or SOLD, TWO first rate AGRICULTURAL SECTIONS. Apply to Edward Giles, near Noarlnnga. TO be LET, a dry WINE CELLAR, in good repair. For particulars apply to Mr. G. Cant, Admiral Yard. Q be LET, an 80-acre SECTION of LAND, divided into two Paddocks, fenced, with Cot tage, Yards, &c^ &c . For particulars, apply to Messrs. J. Dunn and Son, Mount Barker Steam Mills; or at their Store in Pirie-street. TO PERSONS SEEKING BUSINESS PREMISES. TO be SOLD, the LEASE of a HOUSE and SHOP in the heart of the City, suitable for a whole sale or retail Btore. Apply to Mr.'Robert Hawkes, King Wil liam-street ? ^^ F~ OR SALE, an ACRE of LAND in G tiles-street near St John's Church, with the Dwelling House and other buildings thereon, lately occupied by the Rev. Mr. Jenkins, The situation is eligible, and the House, which has a Garden attached, fit for the accommodation of a large family. Apply to D. MELVILLE, ' ? Exthange-friildingg, Adelaide. ' YATALA SMELTING WORKS. HAVING been obliged to suspend opera tions during the present Mining stagnation, the Proprie tors are willing to treat for the disposal of the same. There in a good Steam Engine with spare Boiler, and ample room for adapting the same to a Flour Mill, without any detriment to the smelting furnaces. Apply to John Baker, Esq., or Mewir». H«rt and H'f?hes. PORT ELLIOT STEAM FLOOR-MILL OOM PANY. rflENDERS will be received for the erection X of a STEAM FLOUR-MILL at Port Elliot until Saturday, 2nd April. Persons contracting for the same will be required to nnder take the building, preparing the engine of not less than twelve horse power, with gear, two pairs of stones, dressing and grind ing machines, and putting the whole in efficient working condition. The Company will not bind themselves to take the lowest tender, but will take the most advantageous to the interests of the Shareholders. C. A. HULL, Secretary to the Committee. ~~ COMFORT IN WRITING. A QUANTITY of GOLD PENS, in 8aver plated Holders, at E.S.WIGG'S,Rsmdle-rtreet

MINING ADVERTISEMENTS; BURRA BURRA MINES. THE DIRECTORS of the South Aus tralian Mining Association beg to {intimate that on Thursday the 28th day of April next they propose resuming the underground operations In the deeper levels at the above Mines by holding a Public Survey at 12 o'clock at noon on that day, when the Pitches will be offered to enable Tributers to earn Forty Shillings per week. By order, HENRY AYERS, Secretary. Adelaide, 3rd March, 1853. ? - NOTICE TO TEAMSTERS.— INCREASED RATE OF CARTAGE. NOTICE is hereby given that the Patent Copper Company have fixed the RATE of CARTAGE between the Burra Copper Works and Port Wakefield at 35s. per ton, and between the Burra Copper Works and Adelaide at 40s. per ton for the ensuing season, say until 31st March, 1853. The Company will also be willing to enter into arrangements with parties who may be desirous of hiring teams to work in their service on the Port Wakefield Road. Adelaide. 22nd Novflmher. 1 KS--. COLLEGIATE SCHOOL Ut1 ST. I'ETEK'a, - ADELAIDE. INCORPORATED BY ACT OF COltSClt. UNDER the management of a Council of fifteen Governors. Visitor— The Lord Bishop of Adelaide. Acting Head Master and Superintendent of Boarding Establish ment at Norwood— Rev. Edmund Jenkins. Assistant Masters— Rev. Fred. Platt and Mr. R. Reid. Professor of Modern Languages— Mr. H. Nootnagel. Terms, quarterly, payable in advancr. : Board and Tuition, including washing and mending of linen Boys above 12 years of age ... £10 per quarter. Boys under 12 years of age ... £9 per quarter. Day-scholars ? £2 12s. 6d. per quarter. Library fee, on entrance, £1 Is. Pupils admitted at any time. The charges commence from the date of admission, and a quarter's notice required previous to the removal of any pupil. ?For further particulars apply to the Secretary, G. W. Hawkes, Esq. Adelaide, December, 1852. ________________________ RIVERSDALE HOUSE AND BOARDING SCHOOL, NEAR GUMERACKA. THE REV. S. P. R. ALLOM receives a limited number of Pupils, exclusively Boarders. The course of study includes the usual Classical, English, and Mathematical subjects, with their practical application to   Book-keeping, Land Measuring, &c. Also, Singing in classes, and Lectures (with experiments) on the Natural Sciences. Terms.— For boys above 12 years of age, £40 per annum ; under that age, £36. Drawing, with Landscape and Flower Painting, £6 each per annum. Terms to be paid quarterly in advance, and a quarter's notice given previous to the removal of a pupil. Vacations at Easter and Michaelmas. ____________________________ BRIGHTON.- EDUCATION. THE REV. W. NICHOLLS informs his friends and the public generally that he will re-open his     School on the 1st of April, when he will be happy to   receive a limited number of young gentlemen. The course of studies to be pursued will embrace a   useful, polite, and classical education. Terms, payable quarterly in advance : Under 9 years of age ... ... ... 25 guineas   Above 9 and under 12 do. ... 30 do.   Above 12 and under 15 do. ... 40 do.   A quarter's notice will be required previous to the   removal of a pupil. Brighton, March 8, 1853. _____________________ ADELAIDE EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION. THE SECOND QUARTER commences April 1st next Terms, Ten Guineas per annum payable quarterly in advance.           JOHN L. YOUNG, Stephens-place. ____________________________   ADELAIDE EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION. A LIMITED number of BOARDERS will be received in connection with this Institution on and   after April 1st. For terms and further particulars apply at the School, Stephens-place, between the hours of 4 and 5. J. L. YOUNG. _____________________________ EDUCATION. MRS. POLHILL and DAUGHTERS, who have recently arrived in this colony from Eng land, where they conducted a Ladies' School for many years, will be happy to receive a limited number of Morning PUPILS for Instruction in the usual branches of a good Education. Terms and further particulars may be known at their residence, Victoria-buildings, Franklin-street, near the Post-office. ____________________________________ TO-MORROW'S 'OBSERVER,' amongst other articles, will contain— News from Great Britain, America, India, and the neighbour ing Colonies. ? ? Another Letter from the Observer's Special Correspondent in Victoria. Leading Articles on Compensation to Tenants for. Permanent Improvements; Mr. Elder's Resignation of his Seat in the ' Council, &c. Full Reports of the Civil Sittings of the Supreme Court, the Local Court, Bench of Magistrates, Bible Christian Mission ary Society, Total Abstiuence Society, the various Meetings respecting the District Councils AcV&c. ' Tho «J-mth A'urtnllnn AbHcuHuiIBI — FUU XUjpUrt OI 1116 Gumeracka Agricultural Show and Dinner. .. Correspondence on the Cathedral Acre, Humane Society at the Port. Most Important Discovery of the Cure of Scab in Sheep— Its Trial and proved Efficacy. The Arctic Expedition. The Government Gazetto, with Appointments, New Depasturing Regulation* for tho Hundreds, New Assay Office Rales, In solvency and Impounding Notices, Ac. Crown Lands sold on Thursday last ; Lands for Sale on Thurs day next, 31st March; and Land Sale from last Oauttn. Local and Shipping Intelligence, Latest Markets, and all the News up to the hour of publication. FIRST OP APRIL GAZETTE, or SOUTH AUSTRALIAN TODDY (being not quite equal to Punch).- To be published on 1st April next No. 3 of this fascinating periodical, regular published now and again. OPINIONS OF THE PRESS. ' If those skits which are purely local are an clever as those of more general character, our contemporary's talents are equal to his modesty.'— Punch In Veritable; or, Punch ipse, not tipsy.' Edited by Rioutm Fu.vnidos, for whom contributions will be received at Platts's. Advertisements, if sufficiently spicy (but not In the grosstrie line), will be admitted graciously. ' MELBOURNE MORNING HKRALD.' rilHE Melbourne Morning Herald of the JL latest dates may always be had at PLATT8/S. ?Advertisements and' Subscribers' names received. ~ ' SCHOOL BOOKS. ~ ~~~~ McCULLOCH'S First, Second, and Third Books j. ' MpCulloch'8 Lessons McCulloch's Reader Reid's Atlas Lennie's Grammar Simpson's History of England Arithmetics by Gray, Bonnycastle, Ingram, Hutton,&c. PLATTS'S. THE MOST APPKOPK1ATE PRESENT TO A LADY IS A WORK BOX. THE only place to buy one — to obtain a selection from a' choice and varied stock, replete with designs, simple, elegant, or gorgeous— is at PLATTS'S Showrooms, Hindley-street STEPHENS^ WRITING FLUIDS. MR. PLATTS is appointed AGENT for tho sale of STEPHENS'S INKS. Also for 8TEPHENS'S PATENT PROPELLING PENCILS. Tho novelty of these Pencils is that nearly the whole length of the interior contains Lead, which is propelled to the point by a turn of the cap at the upper extremity, thereby preventing the waste and loss of time which occurs in cutting the common Pencils ; aad by containing within itself a large reserve of Lead, it will not need such frequent re-filling as is required in the ordinary Ever-Pointed Pencils. They are manufactured in Wood and Ivory, and are of different lengths to suit the Pocket and the Desk. ? HOLLO WAY'S PILLS and OINTMENT. —The only place at which HoUoway's Pills and Oint ment can be had is ' PLATTS'S. GOLD SCALES. M OR DAN'S PATENT DOUBLE ACTION BALANCES, adjusted to the thirty-second part of a grain, expressly adapted for WEIGHING GOLD. To be seen at PLATTS'S, Hindley-street. GOLD SCALES AND WEIGHTS. FH. FAULDING has received Gold ? Scales and Weights in sets, from 64 ounces down. Bundle-street, March 23rd. DRAWING - PAPER, from Demy to Antiquarian, at E. 8. WIGG'S, Bundle-street p^OOKBINDING, PORTFOLIOS, BILL JD CASES, &c, made to order, by E. S. WIGG, Bundle-street COPYING PRESSES, large and small quarto Ditto ditto ditto fotfo Copying Book, folio and quarto Copying Paper ditto ditto Copying Ink Just received by ? E. S. WIOQ. Handle-street : ACCOUNT BOOKS. ES. WIGG, ACCOUNT-BOOK MANU ? FACTURER and MACHINE-RULER, Bundle street ' Orders executed promptly, and as moderately as the times will permit ILTON & CO., GENERAL PRINTERS, respectfully beg to annonnoe to their suppmtera and the public, that, to accommodate their increasing business, they have Removed from the office next door to the Register and Observer offices, to the old Publishing Office of the Gazette and Mining Journal, next Messrs. Younghusband's 8tores, King William-street where, having secured the services of an efficient ttafl; they hope, by Neatness and Despatch in the execution of order*, and reasonable charges, to merit a con tinuance of the support of their Friends and the Public N3.-Ordera win be received on their bshalf at th» BtfUter and Obtervtr Office,

A PUBLIC MEETING of the Inhabitants of Thebarton, Hilton, Cowandilla, Richmond, Beedbeds, St Leonards, and Plympton will take place »t the Foresters' and 8quatters' Arms inn, Patrick McCarron's, Thebarton, THIS EVENING, Friday, the 25th Instant, for the purpose of oon sidering the propriety of adopting the District Councils Act for tho said district ? C. S. HA»E. TOTME LANDHOLDERS AND INHABITANTS OF PORT ADELAIDE, ALBERTON, AND QUEENSTOWN. IN consequence of a Meeting having been called by Delegntes from Hindraarsh, Brompton, and Bowden, at Bentley's White Horse Cellar, Port Adelaide, the . 22nd March, 1853, requesting to kuow if the inhabitants of the Port were willing to join them as a District under the District Councils Act; there being so few in atte dance, and being, deemed by them a matter of so much importance, they resolved most respectfully to call the attention of the residents at the above places to a Public Meeting, to be held at Bentiejra Misonic Hall, Port, on Monday, the 2Sth March next, at 6 o'clock, to take the subject into consideration. G. DURF1EIJ), Chairman. TO THE ELECTORS OF EAST TORRENS. , I HEREBY give Notice, that I shall attend at the Local Court House in Adelaide every day, until - the Slst day of March next (Sundays excepted, between the hours of 2 and 4 p.m.. Also at the Robin Hood Public-house in Norwood, on the evenings of Wednesday the 23rd, Saturday the 26th, and Wednesday tho 30th of this month (March), be tween the hours of 7 and 9 p mn for the purpose of REGISTER ING all parties (not having been already registered) entitled to vote in the Election of a Member of Council to serve for tho: District of East Torrens. WM. CHARLES WILLIMOTT, Collector. . Any voting papers left at tlie office of the Morning Chronidc, In Ciirrie-street, will be received by the Collector. SOUTHERN RACES. ~~ J?s WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY, the 13th and 14th April next the meeting having been postponed from the 30th March, in consequence of the Northern Races being advertised for that day. Jtufye— Chas. J. F. Campbell, Esq. Steuards: ?'' ' : Alex. Brodie, Esq. i John V. James, Esq. ? ' ;: FIRST DAY. .;?:--.., Maiden Stakes— One guinea entrance, with — sovs. added. ? For all horses dropped in the colony that have never won public money. One mile and a distance, Weights same as at ? ~ Adelaide. The winner to pay onnenl''* tntho *'«™'-i -?.-?;- Jfoarlunga Town Cup— Open to horses being the bond fid* property of settlers south of the Start three months previous to the meeting. Entrance, two guineas. One and a half mile heats. Town Plate weights. The winner to pay two guinea* to the Fund. Brewers' Purse— Entrance one guinea, with— ? sovs. added. Open to all horses. Three miles' nice. Weights, 8 years, 10 st, 4 do, 10 st 7 lb, 5 do, ! 1 st « and aged, 11 Rt 7 lb. The winner 0 pay one guinea to the Fund. Hack Stakes— One guinea entrance, for all horses that never started for public money but Hack Stakes. One and a half mile heats. Catch weights. Post entrance. SECOND DAY. Diggers' Purse- One and a half culneas entrance, with — sovs. added. Three miles' nice. Open to all horses. Weights same as Brewers' Purse. Tho winner to pay one and a half guineas to the Fund. Hurdle Race.— Entrance, two guineas, with — sovereigns added, over four post and rail hurdles four feet high. Heats, one mile and a half. Weights same as Brewers' Pone. The winner to pay two guineas to the Fund. Beaten Stakes.— One guinea entrance, with — sovs. added. Two miles' race. To be handicapped by the Stewards, or whom , - they may appoint Post entrance. Hack Hurdle Race. — One guinea entrance, with — sovs. added, over four post and rail linrdles, 4 feet high. One and ? ? half mile heats. Catch weights. Post entrance. GENERAL KULE3. That the Races bo under the rules and regulations of the South Australian Jockey Club. That no person bo allowed to start a horse nnleas a sub scriber of at least two guineas to the Fund, except for the Hack Stakes and Hack Hurdle Race. That no person be allowed to erect a booth, or sell grog, Ac, . &c, from a cart or other vehicle, unless a subscriber ot at least hree gutn as to the Fund. That the start for the first race on each day shall take place at 12 o'clock ; half an hour allowed between each heat ' . That jockey costume and punctuality be strictly Insisted upon. .??'?. That the entrances tako place on Tuesday the 12th April, at the Horseshoe Inn, Noaxlunga, between the hours of . o ,- and 8 p.m. - JOHN NORMAN, lion. Secretary. ~ EASTER MONDAY. RACES at the Cross Keys, Lower North, road, will take place on Easter Monday, for a nsw ' Hogskin SADDLE and BRIDLE, for all horses that hav* never run for public' money. Entries to take place at 11 . o'clock, and other arrangements made the same day.' 1 ^ ? W. RAINS, Cross Keys, Lower North-road. ~ CHALLENGE. - ' '?' TWELVE MEN of Westmeath offer to PLAY at FOOTBALL Twelve Men from any other County. In Ireland, or Six each from any two Counties, at The barton, on Easter Monday. Play to commence at 12 o'clock. ' ? - ? .' ? PATRICK McCARRON. TO LICENSED VICTUALLERS— COUNTRY AND TOWN. Avery ;mpo-*«»D.*-*xEiirEii-Ta «^ dud LICANS will take place at the Star Inn, Hindley-straet on TUES DAY, March 29th, at 3 o'clock, to take Into considera- . tion the adoption of certain measures calculated to socure their present and future interests ; and as it is of the roost urgent im portance to one and all, it is requested that all who possibly can will attend without fail, and be in time. ? . N.B.— A Chairman will be voted to the chair. . At 3 o'clock, remember. . , March 24th, 1853. ? / ADELAIDE BRANCH OF THE. ALLIANCE FIRE AND LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY. CAPITAL— FIVE MILLIONS. ? HHHE undersigned hold a power of attorney -L from the Presidents and Directors of this Company, and, as their authorized Agents, are prepared to issue Fire tod Life Policies at tho reduced rates of premlntn. Full particulars of rates, &c, may be obtained on application. GEO. H. FOX & CO, Agents. AlHanoo Assurance Office, Currie-street. . W 'ANTED, a Situation by a young married man, as Warehouseman, Light Porter, or in any other ?? capacity where he can be useful to his employers: has had nearly four years' experience in the colony, and can Lave first rate 'recommendation from his late employers. Address, by letter prepaid, to G. at Morewood, Rogers, and Co's, Lcigh gtreet. ? ? ? 'ANTED, a LAUNDRESS. Apply at Government Uonse. A good character required. 'ANTED, a NURSEMAID. Apply to Mrs. Green, Melbourne-street North Adelaide, or to Mr. Green, King William-street ' 'ANTED, a Bet of Five MEN, atliberal wages, to work a Hay Press In the country. Apply to Mr. William Bruce, Currie-street ?.-.:.- ANTED, a BLACKSMITH. Apply at Harwood's Iron Works, Hindley-street West ~r~~ TO SHOEING SMITHS. '' WANTED, a SHOEING SMITH ; a first rate hand will have constant work and goo I wages. Apply at the Brewery offioe, Ilindmarah, auy rooming from 6 to3afn, ? CBAWFORD BROTHERB. 'ANTED, two good SHOEING SMITHS^ To competent hunds wages will be no consideration, pply im-n edlately to W. Crane, King WiUinm-street. ~~~ TO COACHMAKERS. ' : ' WANTED, by the undersigned, Coach smiths, Body-makers, and Painters. Average wages, £4 per week. ROBERT COTTRELL. Kundle-street Coach Manufactory, Adelaide, ? March 21st 1853. ? ' WANTED, a LIGHT PORTER. Apply . to Marks and Co, drapers. ANTED, a GHOOM. Apply to Mr.' . Sharpe, Veterinary Surgeon, Plrie-ctreet r-00D TAILORS WANTED. Apply im ' mediately to Messrs. Crocker & Hamilton, Regent .Honse Clothing Establishment, Hindley-street. 'ANTED, TWO COMPOSITOR. S, ? Apply at the office of this paper. ' PRINTING PAPER. : f~^ WANTED to PURCHASE, DOUBLE ROYAL, DOUBLE MEDIUM, or DOUBLE DEMY PRINTING PAPER. Apply at the Register and Observer Offices, Uindley-street ANTED to PURCHASE, several spe clmens of MALACHITE. Apply to B. B. Collar Esq, King William-street ™«7t 'ANTED to KENT, for a Term of Year?. a HOUSE, at or In the vicinity of N.orth Adelaide Possession to be given within two monthsfrom the present, Apply to Mr. S. Mocatta. - ? f .« . Port Adelaide, March £l, 1853. ? WANTED, by the undersigned, DRAYS t- ^ J* 'iiTf,7 1OOu toTW FIour' linn- &ci from Mount ? Barker Steam Mills to their Store In Town. ? ? J. DUNN & SQN,, ' FIREWOOD. ~ WANTED, 800 TONS of FIREWOOD, at Mount Barker Steam Mills. ? J. DUNN & SON. LFIVE POUNDS KEWAED. OST, from the Sod Hut, a Light Bay ' MARE, mealy ttnxslo, branded nn near shoulder, WC fwntonoff hbonlder, small star in forehead, switch tall, and - HWJe saddle-mark on each side of back-bone. THREE POUNDS REWARD. L'-st, one Chesnut HORSE, white face, branded CI underthe saddle near side, long switch taU, formerly the property of Mr. Whoever will give such information as will lead to the re covery of either of the above shall receive the respective »? wards attached thereto by applying to THOS. WRIGHT, Koorin^a,