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Friday, August 9— The ship Duke of Portland, 533 tons, Cubitt, master, from London 10th, April, and Isle of Wight 21st April. Passengers— Mrs Cubitt, F. W. Zabell, Esq.   and Mrs Zabell, Henry Stephen Hulkes. Esq. and Mrs

Hulkes, Mr A. Stillman, Mr R. C. and Miss Mead, Mr H. McLeod, Miss H. Cumming, Miss Anne Dodd, and Mr E. Johnson, in the cabin; and the following passengers: Thos Clarke, M C Cropley, J Cropley, S Cropley, C Callahan, J Fitzgerald, Maria Friend, J Favell, Sarah Favell, Elizabeth Favell, H and G Favell, E Fowler, S Grosmyth, J Favell, E Favell, G Harley, W Hall Agnes, Joseph and Sarah Hague, John Hurry wife and five children, Miss H Hurry, R Hall, A M Johnson, Anne Johnson, J Keley, R Sand wife and five children T H, J W, and J H Matthews, P Malony, Mr and Mrs Matthews, A Meane, A C Truscott, Ellis Theobald and wife, Gamaliel Theobald and wife, H M, M, N and C Theobald, W J Turner, E Beaumont and wife, Sarah Beaumont, S L Edwards wife and two children, Arthur Stellman G Smith. D Reece. J Webb, H Young. James Bennett, John Richards, Edward Edwards, W Ben- ham, William Behan and wife, Anthony Allchin, J H Box wife and three children, J Bilham wife and five children, E Brookes, E W Beazley, G Brown wife and four children, C E Brackett, W Biggins, W Butcher, A F Butcher, A Con-   stable, and Mary Constable, and 63 needlewomen, in the   steerage. The deaths, Mrs Johnson 29th June, and Miss Hague 4th July. Same day— The ship Francis Ridley, 635 tons, Danford, master, from Plymouth 13th April. 90 passengers. Same day — The barque Sophie. 272 tons, Wilcken master,   from Hamburg 28th April, with 134 passengers. CLEARED OUT. Friday, August 2— The schooner Daphne, 55 tons, Ro- berts, master, for the River Forth- One passenger. Same -day — The barque Fanny Fisher, 238 tons, Harrold, master, for Launceston. Passengers—Mr and Mrs Fred. Fisher. Mrs Harrold, and Mr Nathan. Same day — The cutter Roseanna, 35 tons. Heard, master, for Guichen and Rivoli Bays. Passengers — Six shepherds. Cargo — Sundry stores for settlers. IMPORTS. Cargo of the Duke of Portland— 4 bales Order; 2 cases, 43 packages. Stilling and Co ; 12 kegs, 4 casks, G Phillips and Co ; 9 bales, 10 cases, P McNicoI and Co; 15 cases, M and S Marks. For Port Phillip: 400 kegs, 14 cases, Order; 1 box, McMuller; 1 box,   A Wilson. Cargo of the Sophie -6 cases, Elder and Co ; 25 cases, 1 box. Order; 1 case, Bollenhagen; 3 packages, Krichaff and Fischer ; 6 cases, Meyer; I case, Tanks ; 2 cases, Amsberg; 1 case, M Whyle ; 1 case, 1 box, Beyer; I parcel, Gro-sman; 2 boxes, Stakemann ; 9 cases, Isaacson ; 1 box, Meyer; 100 hams, 60 baskets, 22 casks, 25 cases, 31 baskets, 30,000 bricks, 26 cases, Elder and Co. EXPORTS. Cargo of the Daphne- 300 bags flour. 31 bass oats, 2 boxes pipes, 2 bags dates, I cask currants, S kegs nails, case 'larch, 1 case blue,   I bucille, 1 bag, 5 cases, 1 bug, 3 casks, 30 boxes raisins, 20 boxes soap, 5 kegs vinegar, 100 bags sugar, 40 boxes soap, 5 tons potatoes, J F Bennett. Cargo of the Fanny Fisher— 10 hhds mm, 50 cases genera, F Fisher and Co. MISCELLANEOUS SHIPPING. The Francis Ridley spoke the Henrietta bound to Port Natal, with emigrants; also, the Cecilia, to London, in Lat. 4-55 N., and Long 25 30 W. A boy named McKay, belonging to the Francis Ridley, fell overboard while reefing topsails, and was drowned. The Grecian arrived in the Downs, from Adelaide, on the 16th April, and the William on the 1 7th. VESSELS IN HARBOUR. Alexander Harvey (barque), 292 tons. Smith, master, ar- from Leith 29th May (seized for smuggling).     Amicus (brigantine), 150 tons, Arthur, master, arrived from Launceston 21st July; about to sail for Hobart Town. D. P. Gaffney, agent. Apollo (cutter), 44 tons, Harrison, master, arrived from Hobart Town 3ilth July; discharging cargo. G. M. Waterhoase, agent. Arzac (brig). 191 tons, Lennine, master arrived from St. Denis 25th June; about to sail for L'De de la Reunion.   J. F. Joubert, agent. Boyne (ship), 561 tons, Sabiston. master, arrived from London 13th July; discharging cargo. Acraman, Cooke, and Co., agents Captain Cook (schooner), 74 tons, arrived from Circular Head 20th July. H. Athorn, agent.   Daphne (schooner), 74 tons. Roberts, master, arrived from Circular Head 2lst July ; discharging cargo. J. F. Ben- nett, agent. Duke of Portland (ship), 533 tons, Cubitt, master, arrived from London 2nd August. Elizabeth (schooner), 127 tons, Foyle, master, arrived from Melbourne 27th July ; discharging cargo, R. Tapley agent. Eliza Frances (barque), 290 tons, Allan, master, arrived from Bristol 25th July; discharging cargo. Acraman, Cooke, & Co , agents. Empress (brigantine), 114 tons, Meritt, master, arrived from Swan River 24th July; discharging cargo. E.G. Collinson, agent. Fanny Fisher (barque), 2S0 tons, Harrold, master, arrived from Newcastle, N.S.W., 18th July; discharging cargo. F. Fisher & Co., agents Fatima (barque), 521 tons, Ray, master, arrived from London 11th June; about to sail for Calcutta. A. Thomp-   son, agent. Francis Ridley (ship), 635 tons, Danford, master, arrived from Plymouth 2nd August. Harlequin (schooner), 137 tons, Walsh, master, arrived from Singapore 27th July; discharging cargo. A. L. Elder and Co., agents Hero (brig), 169 tons, Dale, master, arrived from Mauritius 1st August. John Souchay (bri£), 231 tons Fal'.enstein, master, arrived from Hobart Town 7th July ; about to sail for Hobart Town. T. Padman, agent. Joseph Lee Archer (cutter), 35 tons, Heath, master, arrived fron. Kangaroo Island 25th July; discharging cargo from the Lucy. Lady McXaughten (barque), 650 tons, Hibbert, master. arrived from Lomion I5ih June; about to sail for Ceylon. A. L Eider & Co . agents. Lapicinq (cutter), 74 tons, Duncan, master, arrived from Circular Head 30th July ; discharging cargo. J. Newman, agent. Lucy (ship), 1129 tons, Parsons, master, arrived from Liverpool 25th July; at the Light-Ship; discharging cargo. Clark, agent. Midge (cutter), 15 tons, Dowsett, master. Minerva (schooner), 84 tons, Reid, master, arrived from Circular Head 20th July; about to sail for Launceston. A. L. Elder & Co., agents New York Packet (barque), 270 tons, Drin?, master, ar rived from London 17th June; loading for Swansea. C. and F. J. Beck, agents Petrel ( cutter), 15 tons. Mills, master, arrived from Po:l Lincoln 31st July ; discharging cargo. A. Maclie, agent. Roseanna (cutter), 35 tons, Heard, master, arrived from Encounter Bay 27th July; about to sail for Guichen Bay. J. F. Bennett, agent. Rother (brig). 1S9 tons, Morris, master, arrived from Mau ritius 30th July: discharging cargo. J. Hart, agent. Sophie (barque), 272 tons, Wilcken, master, arrived from Hamburg 2nd August. Stag (ship), 678 tons. Baker, master, arrived from London 11th June; at the North Arm; about to sail for Bombay.   A. Thompson, agent. Sultana (barque), 588 tons, Mainland, master, arrived from London 26th July ; discharging cargo. A. Thompson, agent. Waterwitch (barque), 284 tons, Michon, master, arrived from Guernsey 5th July; discharging cargo. N. P. Le Bair, agent. Will Watch (barque). 300 tons, Thomson, master, arrived from Newcastle, N.S.W., 22nd July; discharging cargo. J. H. Barlow, agent. VESSELS LAID ON FOR THIS PORT. The following vessels, destined for this port, may be ex- pected in due course : — FROM THE UNITED KISGDOM. Albatross (ship), 1026 tons, ----------- , master (for Adelaide, Port Phillip, and Sydney). To leave Liverpool April 20th.

Bengal (ship). 5?2 tons, Cunningham, muster. To sail from Plymouth 20th April. Marshall & Edridge, brokers Bernicia (ship), 54S tons, Arnold (for Adelaide and Port Phillip). To sail from Plymouth 10th May. Pirie and   Co., brokers. British Empire ( ), 610 tons, McEwen. To sail from J Plymouth 23th April. J P. Charles & Co . brokers. Candahar (shin), 612 tr-rs, Goss (for Adelaide, Port Phillip, and Sydney). To sail from Plymouth 10th April, with Government emigrants. Hall Brothers, brokers. Ceylon (ship), 776 tons, Custard. Sailed from Plymouth 26th March. Marshall & Edridge, brokers. Delta (ship), 1000 tons. W. Morris (for Adelaide and Port Phillip). To sail about the end of April. Edmond (ship), 1000 tons, Robertson (for Port Phillip,   Adelaide, and New South Wales), with passengers and cargo. To sail from Liverpool on the 1st April, Gipsy Queen (ship). 839 tons, Hutton, master. To sail   from Plymouth 25th April. MarsheII & Edridge, brokers.     Jane Morrison (ship), 800 tons, Muir (for Adelaide and Sydney). To sail from Plymouth about 3rd May. H. M . Bowden & Co., brokers. Lysander ( ), 800 tons, G. A. Luthorne, commander. To leave Plymouth 25th May.   Madawaska (ship). 1000 tons, Robertson (for Adelaide and Port Phillip). To leave Liverpool April 25th. Maid of Auckland (barque) 320 tons, Shepherd, master. To sail from Plymouth about the end of April. Hodg- kinson & Co., brokers. Moselle (ship) , 500 tons, to sail from Leith in all February, with passengers and cargo. Princess Helena ( ), (950 tons. J. Giles, commander. To sail from Gravesend 16th May, with passengers at a Uniform rate of £21 Standeringt (barque), 271 tons, Standerings. To sail about the end of April. Devitt & Moore, brokers Tory (ship), 482 tons, Row (for Adelaide and Melbourne). To sail from Plymouth 15th April. J. W. Gull, broker. Trafalgar ( ), 528 tons, Walter Wright, master. To leave June 15th. William Stevenson (ship), 1200 tons. To sail from Ply- mouth 16th May. FROM GERMANY. The following vessels are to be regular traders between Hamburg, Adelaide, and Port Phillip, and were to have commenced running on the 1st April last. Agents at Ham- burg. J. C. Godeffroy & Son (owners) ; Bremen, E. Delius ; and at Adelaide. A.L. Elder & Co. :— Peter Godeffroy, 1050 tons, Cramer, master. Ceesar Godeffroy, 1050 tons, B..... master. Emmy, 910 tons, O. Meyer, master. Australia, 750 tons. Sleboom, master. Alfred. 750 tons. Decker, master.     Victoria, 550 tons. J. Meyer, master. Dockenhuden, 500 tons, E. Meyer, master. Stenwurder. 500 tons, Muller, master. Alfred, 450 tuns, Daun, master. FROM GOTTENBERG. Julia ( ), daily. FROM LAUNCESTON. Arabian (barque), 500 tons, McLeod. master, in a week. Queenstown (brig), 336 tons, in a week. FROM CIRCULAR HEAD. Ariel (schooner), daily. FROM NEWCASTLE (N.S.W.). Cadet (barque), 400 tons, in a week. Julindur (barque), Capt. Burns, in a week. William and Henry (brig), daily. FROM THE CAPE OF GOOD HOPE. Wanderer (brig), dailv.