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. Notwithstanding the unmeasured lengths to which the writer of the following letter has gone, we give it verbatim et literatim as a genuine burst of outraged patriotism on the part of the ' Ancient Briton' to whom, iudeinsr from the

national spirit evinced in the production itself, we presume we are indebted for the communication : — TO THE EDITOR OP THE SOUTH AUSTRALIAN REGISTER. ' Koringa, 10 July,.1851. The polling at the district of the Burra as passed of as was expected, the overpowering influence of the mining proprietry, backed by Paxton, has returned Kingston as a representative. The votes are about two to one in favor of the Burra director, but the cause of the people has ganed plumes, the beauty of which will never be forgotten by the   junior branches of every family in this district. Every description of influence and means have been used by the successful candedate to achieve his return ; money has been lavished in profusion ; power has been exercised where it was possible to bring it to bare ; timulation has been held a» a rod over the weak, and promises exlraordinry made to Lawn sieves, mennydons in office, discarded servants, and oppressed workers, to secure the return of the director. Liberty has recerroTa retarding shock; the rights of the

people will feel its influence; but the grand principle of I enquiry is established, and the determined opposition of the Independent people of the district will show that however the rights or soverignety of the people may be overruled for a time, yet it will ultimately rise as a pheonix and blazun fo^h i in this our Southren climes. Early on the morn of 1 ™y' °ne °f cheerinS brightness, the banners of Green and Bine were seen waving to the winds, which never be fore visted the spot ; and the occurrences of this day will never be forgotten by the future yeomen of our province. Children shouting, Bands playing, people gazing, all seemed to fancy a scene of amusement was at hand, and their ex pectations were met, for as early as nine Oclock in the morning some fifty Ancient britons from the smelting works, two by two, proceeded from the paddock (the place ofrendovous) to the place of polling, to record their votes for the Candedate the thought the most worthy of there support. It was a splended sight to sea men determined in the cause the advocated, proceed under or following a banner, the motto on which was, ' We fear not, We ca™ n0*-' Mildred aud freedom is our wish, and defy the oppression of our employers. During he first hour, Mildred polled about 100 votes; but^ alas !— not all that the sons of ancient Britons could do was equal to cope with the shackles of slavery rivetted on the necks of the unfortunate workmen of the mine, who laving received their orders, were obliged to bend (at least for the moment) to influences, mild or severe, according to the will of the sons of Tipperary, whose victory was con nonerated by £100 being distributed in Paxton's commo detier among the panderers to the hero of faded gteen. I must state, to the honour of the unsuccessful candidate, that whatever feeling induced partees to vote aganst him, yet nothing disturbed his equanimity; and whilst walking through the ranks of his opponent, he met with even more respect than the returned candidate. If corruption was demonstrated, surely we shall hear a long tale; and if Justice holds sway, Mr. Kingston will never take a seat in the House of Assembly. The people are in favor of the unsuccessfull candidate. Of that there can be no doubt ; every man, woman, and child, either shouts or mutters — ' Mildred for ever, and down with the Greens.' Yours, in hast, ^ ? KORINGEA.